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This page last updated:  Monday, November 15, 2010


Trees:  The Gift of Shade to the Horses!

Here in Florida it gets very hot and humid long before Summer officially starts.  The heat can be unbearable.  Some of our pastures did not have any trees to help shade the horses.  In April, 2009, our rescue was offered some very nice oak trees, installed, for $150 each - a price that is exceptionally good.  It was only with the help from others that we were able to have eight lovely trees installed.  We appreciate very much any and all help to provide these trees for the horses possible.  When I went to look at the trees, they were so beautiful and tall, I went on faith and a prayer and bought eight trees.  Funds for these eight trees and for four additional trees have been received!  We also had to buy garden and soaker hoses and timers for each tree.  These items ended up costing more then the trees!  Any assistance with this project would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!

Update: 04/17/09:  Eight trees have been donated and have been installed!  We have received donations for four more trees, and they will be installed in about two weeks.



In memory of Tiny Tim
"Always in my heart."

Marie Riordan


Dedicated to Rock N R Farm

Robin and Don


In memory of Nikki

Susan Young


In memory of Bucky
Mel Dundon

In memory of Morgan
Judith Vanderkay

IMO __________
Jennifer B.

IMO __________

IMO __________
Jen Stein



In memory of Barbaro

Chris Bontemps



IMO __________
Kathy S.

 In memory of Tinkerbelle and Kiwi
Dinger & Slugger

In memory of Point to Ponder
and Charlotte
Barbara & Kevin

IMO __________




"In honor of Magic, for his courage
to trust and love again."

Robin W.


Tree to be delivered and
installed in about 2 weeks.

For Bernice
In honor of Mother's Day
Mike, Tommy, and Katie
and husband, John


Tree to be delivered and
installed in about 2 weeks.


Dedicated to our hard working
and wonderful volunteers.
The Batchelor family.


Tree to be delivered and
installed in about 2 weeks.
Tree is for Nicky's grave site.

In loving memory of Nicky:
"Our Beautiful Arabian Prince, you will forever remain in our Hearts."
Jeanne B.


Tree to be delivered and
installed in about 2 weeks.


This tree is being donated by
 some of the volunteers.

We are also very grateful to those that have donated to help with the "lifelines" to the trees (soaker hoses, garden hoses, timer, staking).

Michelle/VA                  In honor of Moon and Morgan
Bill & Blodwyn Newton        
Sue & Mike Sharpe       

Please check back - being updated....

We can't keep the trees alive without additional garden and soaker hoses and timers.  Funds received in addition to those needed for a tree will be applied to the lifeline (water) items for the trees.


Those that have been here know how much these trees will help the horses.
It is a real blessing to have others care enough to help make dreams like this possible.


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