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This page last updated:  Monday, November 15, 2010


Tiny Tim's House, a project to build a much needed shelter for the horses, is almost complete!  The frame is up, the roof is on, and the north side wall is up!  We only have the east and west side walls to finish.  Next will be the dedication name plate containing the names of those who have contributed to making this shelter possible.  

This came together at a perfect time, right before temps dipped into the low 40's.  The final work on the shelter will be installing lightning rods.  Tiny Tim will always be remembered:  he was a spunky baby whose life was cut short because of human negligence. 

We now have a shelter in a paddock where there was none.  Momma Sue and the babies are able to be turned out, and it will be much safer around the barn for us humans!  On the really cold nights, they will still be tucked into the stall, though.

Thank you to everyone that contributed in some way to making Tiny Tim's House a reality.   God bless you all! 

Yesterday the north wall went up!

Huge thanks to Ken and the many volunteers that helped build Tiny Tim's House!

We didn't manage to get a group picture before people scattered, but here are a few.

The volunteers work hard -- they deserve a lot of thanks -- we appreciate them all, very much.


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