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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

(September 2010)
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09/30/10 Hi, everyone!  We had a HUGE storm yesterday evening which turned the rescue into a huge pond!  There was so much rain!  Many areas got washed out, mostly on the west side of the property next to the lime rock road.  This picture was taken about an hour after the storm -- most of the water had seeped into the ground or traveled to the middle of the property.  Amadeus loved it and ran all around having a good time.  The paddock he is in had the most water remaining after the storm.  That's him down by the shelter in the middle of the pond.

We picked up two pallets of sod today that were sponsored (thank you!), and we ordered a load of sand.  Tomorrow we start filling holes, moving sand, and laying sod.  I know we won't have enough sod to fix it all, but we want to at least get the fence lines safe.  This is the QT paddock.  We've locked Armani and Little E out of it until we can make it safe again.

This is the southwest paddock:  we will at least fill this 18" deep hole tomorrow and put some sand in the big pit that formed.  We likely won't have enough sod to put down in this area -- it will likely wash out again, but at least until then it will be safer and some of the run off will be slowed down by the sod we will be laying north of this paddock, which is where the water travels from into this area.

You can see on the bottom of fence posts how deep the water got, all the way up to the bottom of the bottom board!


Momma Sue is no worse; she is truly a beautiful mare with the kindest eyes.


Dr. Das worked on Princess today.



She got chiropractic and acupuncture.



Casper was next; he is doing better.  He also got chiropractic and acupuncture (thank you to his sponsor!).  Dr. Das didn't have time to work on LadyBug today, but she will be back in a couple of weeks.


And here are Kandi and Baby Ray talking about something.  Baby Ray is getting a little chunky!

Barbara has been busy getting ready for Saturday; she'll be setting up a BHFER table at the Vegifest that is being held in Tampa.  We'll be busy here for the next few days fixing the washed out areas and doing our routine chores while praying we don't have any more heavy rains and that the new sod does well.

Our heated buckets have been ordered:  thank you to our bucket sponsors! Please don't forget about the Kami Christmas Cards!  We're trying to come up with a fundraiser to replace our poop spreader, which is about to fall apart -- Bob has fixed it as best as he can, but it's only a matter of time before it can't be mended any more.  It's a Newer Spreader Model 200 and is one of the most valuable and used tools we have that we can't go without!  It's held up well for the last three years or so and is used throughout the day, every day.  If anyone has any ideas, please let us know.  We will be offering some items on eBay in the next couple of weeks.

We do hope everyone is having a good week -- I can't believe that it's Thursday already!  Have a good night, everyone, and thank you for caring about the horses and helping when you can.  We appreciate all of you:  without you and your support, we couldn't do what we do.  God bless!

09/28/10 Hi, everyone, I'm making time to get an update out tonight!  I tried to do it last night but, by the time I got to the computer, I was done for the day -- the brain just wasn't working.  We've been very busy, as usual.  The weather has been a bit better, and we've had some much needed rain.  I'm very happy that we don't have any bad news to report in this update.  Casper still needs prayers, but he is feeling better and that makes us feel better.  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

Baby Ray and Legacy run and play, and sometimes they get others running around, too.  They're big boys now, only Baby Ray is big in a compact sort of way.  He must be able to see something -- light and shadows maybe.  You'd never know he's supposed to be blind if you were to watch him run and play!

And here is Reva standing over her baby, Kami, and Kandi.  She's a good mom.

Asiya and Shaker had been sharing Captain's paddock.  A few days ago, I moved Asiya from Captain's paddock to the main paddock and left Shaker in Captain's paddock -- they could still "talk" over the fence, and all was good.  Then we let Joy out into the main paddock so she could spend some time with Asiya; that went OK.  Then we moved Joy into Captain's paddock with Shaker, so now we have the two pregnant mares together.  Our concern was that Asiya would be upset about being separated from Shaker, but we were pleasantly surprised when we moved her into the paddock with the Starla, Fancy, and Lana that she did just fine.  The first day that Asiya and Shaker were totally separate, they talked back and forth quite a bit -- but now they both do their own thing.  Shaker and Joy get along really well.  Here are Asiya and Joy.

Here is Joy after getting a much needed bath. She's a pretty girl.


Chris and Pat came up on Saturday with their parents to help out, which we really appreciated!  I wasn't feeling well (got up sick at 3 AM), and they did all the poop scooping -- and that's a lot of work!  They all loved the babies, and the babies loved the extra attention!

The new shelters are quite a blessing:  the horses love them!  Construction is about done; the windows still need to put in, which will be done over the next couple of weeks.  We really like the mats (made by Stall Savers) that we put in a couple of them.  Liquids go through them, and the mats cut down dramatically the amount of dust that gets stirred up when the horses walk under the shelter, which makes it a healthier place for the horses.  There are still five shelters we'd like to put the mats in, but that will be a project maybe for next year.

Here are Fancy, Lana, and Starla grazing.


Here is Legacy trying to convince Robin to let him into the barn area.


On Thursday Dr. Das is coming to work on Casper and Princess, and possibly LadyBug (time permitting -- if not, we'll schedule an appointment for her). Casper seems to be doing better.  Well, he has days that are better then others; but he is getting around more since his abscess popped.  Now it appears he may have an abscess trying to pop in each of his back feet, too, at the coronary band; and he is stocking some up in both back legs.

Heart and Sayan are doing well at their foster home.  Momma Sue is no worse, so that is good.  Ruby's leg seemed to be bothering her a bit today, but she did some running around last night.  We had some pretty bad storms that got many of the horses running around.

We're still getting very nice compliments on the Obstacle Challenge fundraiser. I'd say it was a huge success!  Here is the link to the news coverage: http://www.wcjb.com/news/7631/beauty-havens-farm-fundraiser

The farrier is coming tomorrow to trim 10 horses ($35 each), so we're looking for "hooficure" sponsors again!  It seems like we just did this, but it's been 6 weeks -- where did the time go?  We did get sponsors for the heated buckets, which we truly appreciate!  Every bit helps, and all donations are tax-deductible and are very much appreciated.

Thanks so much for your continued support -- we hope everyone is having a really good week!  I'll update again probably on Thursday evening.

09/26/10 Aaleyah Belle is doing very well at "school."  Here are a few pictures of her taken yesterday.  Jennifer said that Aaleyah got to play in water from a sprinkler splashing on a tarp, which I'm sure Aaleyah liked once she got used to the tarp -- she loves water!  She still slimes and likes to keep that tongue hanging out!

I'm surprised she didn't try to slime the noodles and play with them!



She must have been really thinking about this task -- I don't see her tongue!



Peek-a-boo!  There's that tongue!


Aaleyah is due to come back in a couple of weeks, but we'd like to continue her in her training for 30 more days.  We'll see what we can do.  Jennifer is doing a great job with her.

09/23/10 Armani and Little E had a great time this evening running together!  It was nice to them having a good time.  Armani misses Kandi, but she is just too small to be his playmate any more -- she's in the paddock across from him, which opens up to Reva's paddock.  They talk across the fence a lot, but Kandi and Kami seem to be pairing up.  Armani has grown so much in such a short time!  So far Little E is the only horse that hasn't picked on Armani.  I hope to let them be turned out around the house together for a good part of each day.

I have no idea why Armani was so interested in the contents of the poop cart! That's Legacy and Baby Ray in the background.

When Little E and Armani were running, it reminded me of Buttercup -- she used to run with Little E, too.

Armani is just beautiful and would make an awesome hunter/jumper.

After a bit I told Armani it was time to go back to his paddock for the night.  I tapped the side of my leg twice and said "come," and he complied right away -- this is something I try to teach each of them.  We walked back to his paddock, and he got extra scratches for being such a good boy.  He is a quick learner and would do very well with someone that has time to spend with him while he is growing up.

While Armani is just over 6 months old, he is going to grow to be a very tall boy -- he really is gorgeous!

Please share these pictures with others; perhaps by networking we can find Armani a perfect forever home! Thanks!

09/21/10 Here's Casper yesterday after blowing an abscess in a front foot and having it treated -- you could tell he felt better which made us feel better!  He's always the happiest when Baby Ray is close by.


I finally had to pull Kandi out of the QT paddock -- Armani was getting a bit too bossy.  The first evening away from Armani I put her in the paddock behind the barn with Kami, right across from the QT paddock so Armani wasn't very far away.  And Reva and her baby are just on the other side of this paddock.  I'm not sure what Kami was telling Kandi when I snapped this picture, but I'm sure it was something to the effect that she's lead baby here!


Then they chased each other and ended up looking like they were in a stand-off.


They calmed down and ended up happily grazing together.



The next day I opened the gate that goes to the paddock where Reva and her baby are.  The kids are really cute when they all get to running playing.  But then Armani feels left out and gets upset.  I just don't know what to do about him.  I'm trying to spend more time with him, but it's not nearly the same as having a full time pal.


To give you an idea of how big Armani is ...


It's like he has the huge growth spurts!  He's doing better being handled but still shies away from strangers.


LadyBug melted my heart today and Robin captured it on camera -- Dr. Ryan was X-raying one of her feet and LadyBug literally laid her head against my chest and left it there for a bit -- it was the sweetest thing!  I'm very happy to report that her X-rays were OK!  She has thin soles and needs to lose weight. Ola, one of our farriers, was here to see the X-rays and discuss LadyBug's feet with Dr. Ryan, which was good.  Dr. Ryan was suspect and palpated LadyBug again just to make sure there was no baby in that belly of hers, and there isn't -- whew! We don't have a dry lot to put her in, and she hardly gets anything -- she has been on Thyro-L for quite awhile.  She's just an extremely easy keeper.


LadyBug didn't care very much for her new boots and pads today -- got pretty upset wearing them so we took them off -- she walks much better without them and appears much more comfortable.


Kathy, Sharon, John, and Savannah visited today.  It was really nice to see them!  Kathy has designed a beautiful Christmas card featuring Kami on the front of it!  I'll get an email out tomorrow with pictures, price information, and how to order them.  You're going to love them!


Reva's baby loved all of the extra attention and behaved quite well except for a few nips here and there.  We still don't have a name for him yet, but it will come.


Here is Sharon meeting Kandi.  Kandi is like a little teddy bear, and she loves to talk!  She has a cute little nicker and is just a doll to be around.


Bouie, as always, greeted everyone by trying to give kisses!


And here are a few pictures of Beanie Barbaro during his short stay with us. Enjoy!


Hay, Gman, please don't take a side step, OK?


BB meeting Asiya before she got a good bath on Sunday.  She's put on weight and is doing well.



BB chatting with Barbara and me while we were doing our poop-scooping duty.


BB grazing with Frodo and Bouie:  they're a little more his size.  They were good for their hooficure this morning.




BB talking with Magic.



Kandi trying to give BB a hug and kiss goodbye.



The evening before BB left I took him up to Frosty's Knoll so he could get a good look out over all of the horses -- it was quite peaceful after a busy weekend, and he seemed happy and content.  We enjoyed our time with him and hope he makes it to his next destination without any delays.

I'm very happy about LadyBug's X-rays today.  And I'm happy to report that Momma Sue has been moving around a bit better lately.  We started her on a new supplement about three weeks ago.  Casper is feeling better.  Ruby is doing OK but will always be weak in her front right leg -- she still goes out at night and comes in during the day.  Everyone else seems to be doing well.

OK, this may seem like a strange request; but we're trying to plan ahead to the cold months.  Country Supply has heated buckets (yes, here in sunny FL we have hard freezes -- last year was horrible!) for $19.99 each, and we need to order five of these -- one of these five has already been sponsored, so we are looking for four more heated bucket sponsors.  If you'd like to sponsor one, please let me know -- we'd like to place one order for five buckets, and shipping would be about $13.  If ordered individually, shipping is about $7.

Have a great week, everyone, and thanks so much for your continued support!

09/18/10 Yesterday morning started out with a trail ride, and then we rode up to check out the obstacle courses and to set up the tables.  I rode Princess and Katie rode Peaches.  The horses seemed to enjoy the day very much, too!


It was a beautiful day:  it was hot but there was a nice breeze most of the time.


Beanie Barbaro had a very busy day; there was lots to do and watch and many people to meet!



This is my daughter, Katie, riding Peaches and one of our volunteers, Diane, getting ready to go through the first obstacle course.


Katie and Peaches going through another course -- they had a blast!


And another.



And then through the "haunted" obstacle course.



Can you find Beanie Barbaro in the picture?



He's at the top of the bridge watching everything going on!


It was really fun watching participants go through the Alligator Alley course.  I thought for sure I'd see at least one horse drop and roll in the water.  Some thought about it, I'm sure, but none did.  And no, there were no alligators present!  This is Katie and Peaches.


Beanie Barbaro thinking up his strategy for the egg carry.

Katie had such a great time going through the courses with Peaches that she asked if she could go again on Princess!  Can you tell she was having a great time?  Look at that smile!  Katie works hard at the rescue, and I am really glad she had a great time.  Peaches and Princess went through the entire course, and they ended up with the exact same score!  Princess would have done better if she hadn't hesitated so long going through the Alligator Ally course ... I tried to tell her that there really weren't any alligators in the water!

Beanie Barbaro got stuck trying to go over the rail, but we helped him and he was fine.  He was actually going the wrong way, but we didn't tell him that!  He is quite the sport!


A couple of long-eared participants and their humans.



Beanie Barbaro checking out the course instructions:  he decided to skip this one!


A brave participant at Alligator Ally!



Beanie Barbaro safely watched close by.



Here are a couple of our volunteers, Lynda and Jean, having fun at the entrance -- they helped Jessica direct traffic and did a great job!


We had a great turn out - over 70 participants!



We had great food:  breakfast and lunch cooked up by Blue Collar Catering.


Beanie Barbaro didn't hesitate going over the tarp!



This is Jennifer from Painted Star Equine Rescue on Moxy.  If the Challenge is held again next year, maybe she'll ride Aaleyah Belle!  Aaleyah is at Jennifer's for training and is doing well.  She can be a bit stubborn, but Jennifer says she's learning and coming around nicely.


Beanie Barbaro checking out which way to go.



We were surprised to see Dani and Wayne from HOPE Equine Rescue (Dani is in the background wearing pink)!  I had no idea they were coming!  They said the boys, Evan and Jedediah, are doing great.  We had a really great crowd:   people came from several hours away!

And here is Beanie Barbaro getting ready for one last ride before calling it a day. This is Diane with her horse, Crystal, and Jessica, her daughter.  Katie and I didn't want to leave and would rather have stayed another night so we could ride the trails again today.  But, we had to get back to the rescue -- there's always much to be done.  We appreciate Marie helping Bob out at the rescue while we were gone; they did a great job!

And one last look over the pasture where Peaches and Princess were staying for the event.  We really had a nice time.  I enjoyed the night away and spending some time with Katie and friends.  Katie and I hope to get away for at least a couple of hours one Saturday or Sunday a month to ride the trails at Black Prong Equestrian Center -- it's only 15 minutes from the rescue.  The facilities are awesome and well maintained; the trails and surroundings are beautiful!  We are truly grateful to the Aulsons for allowing the Challenge to be held at their facility.

Jean posted more pictures in our Yahoo Group photo album: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BHF_Equine_Rescue/photos/album/0/list

We're very thankful to Cheri and Lucy for putting this event together and to all of the volunteers and people who helped make it a big success!  It was a very blessed day -- no injuries and lots of horses, smiles, laughter, and horse loving people.  I heard many great compliments, even the question, "When is the next one?" several times!  I know it had to have been a lot of work, and we truly appreciate everyone who participated and made it such a wonderful time to remember.  All proceeds from the event are going 100% to help the horses at Beauty's Haven.  My only regret was not taking Kami!  She would have had a great time and would have loved the attention that I'm sure she would have received.  As soon as I get the link to the news clip that was aired, I'll post it.

We hope everyone had a great weekend, too.  We did receive enough donations to cover x-rays for LadyBug and for the load of shavings.  Dr. Ryan will be out this week.

09/17/10 Good morning, everyone!  It's Friday already!  Sorry, I don't have any pictures for this update;  will try to get one out later.

But I need to get this post out because we need help, and I'll be away from the computer most all day.  We need Dr. Ryan to come out next week to x-ray Ladybugs front feet.  Ladybug is the mare that lost her ear to some sort of animal attack.  Would anyone like to help sponsor this? It will cost about $145.  She's been treated her for an abscess, but it didn't help.  I talked with Dr. Ryan again yesterday, and she really needs to be x-rayed.

As I said, I'm going to be away from the computer most all day today -- we're getting ready for the Obstacle Challenge -- I hope to take a couple of horses and go tonight with my daughter to spend the night in a cabin at the Black Prong facility.  This way we'll be there bright and early for the Challenge.  We're hoping maybe Princess will find a forever home - she's such a sweet mare.

LadyBug needs $145 to get her x-rays, and we also still need help with a load of shavings ($272 -- we needed $297 but there was a $25 donation made to help).  Please consider helping. Any amount will help, and no amount is too small.  All donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated.  The number to the vet's office if you'd like to call a direct donation in to them is 352-237-6151.

Thanks, God bless, and have a wonderful day!

09/15/10 Beanie Barbaro arrived this afternoon!

While I was explaining to Reva about BB and that he was in the box, Miss Kami decided to go snooping.


Well, snooping wasn't enough:  she wanted to do the unpacking!  But I told her to be careful!!


She got the packing paper out in no time.  She was like a kid opening a birthday present!



What's in here, mommy Theresa?  I smell a horse and shhhhhhhh -- listen!!!  I think I hear a little nicker -- quick!!!  Let's get Beanie Barbaro out of the box!  It must be hot in there -- hold on, BB -- we're going to get you out!


He's smaller than me; how is that possible?  He's really cute -- I like him -- can we keep him?


I promised Kami she'd get to spend a lot of time with BB before he has to leave for his next destination.  She pouted at first but then came around.  Dr. Bess arrived and we had to get right to work!  Kami wanted to snoop through the rest of the box, but I told her she had to wait until tomorrow.

Sorry, Kami, I have to go meet Dr. Bess now -- see ya later!  OK, I'll ask Mommy Theresa to take your blanket off -- you don't need to wear that here!  We want you to be comfy -- have a good time visiting with Dr. Bess!

Dr. Bess worked on Momma Sue while BB held her lead rope.  What a great helper he is!


Hey, Dr. Bess, let me up there on your shoulder so I can see Momma Sue's face, please?  Wow!  She's got beautiful eyes!



Thanks for letting me help you, Dr. Bess!  Casper is the perfect patient!  The horses are right, Dr. Bess, you're awesome!  I hope to see you again before I leave!

BB had quite the day.  He has quite a bit of travel memorabilia in his box -- I'm sure he can tell quite a few wonderful stories of his adventures!  We hope he will have good memories from his stay here with us.  More tomorrow!

09/14/10 I've been having computer problems but wanted to try to get this update out before anything else happens!  I've been busy backing up my data, and I haven't been feeling well -- I've been running a bit slow myself, which has put me even more behind on many things.

This past Friday, Ola trimmed Starla after Dr. Bess gave Starla a little medication.  Starla is still untrusting with humans, and she really needed her feet done.  We don't want anyone getting hurt, human or horse.

Princess got her teeth done in Dr. Bess' really nice and specially equipped dental office on wheels.

All done and exiting the trailer.  Princess is such a sweet mare.  If all goes well, my daughter will be taking her to the Obstacle Challenge at Black Prong on Saturday, not to participate but to watch and do a little riding.  And I hope to take Peaches.  We may be staying over on Friday night -- we'll see how it goes. There's just so much to do here, and I need to make sure someone is here to cover the chores.  Black Prong is only 15 minutes away, which is nice; so we'll likely just go over on Saturday morning.


Then it was Peaches' turn.  She did really well; she's a good girl and has quite the personality.

Dr. Bess had to go to another appointment but will be back on Friday to do Ruby, Momma Sue, Casper, and Jake.


Gentleman had quite a few visitors on Saturday -- birds everywhere!


And here is Casper with "his boys" late yesterday evening.

Casper's blood work came back late Saturday and indicated kidney issues and his liver is not functioning well.  He is anemic and has some other things going on.  He has equine fibromyalgia syndrome, which makes sense:  his muscles aren't just sore, they are fatigued.  I would watch him use every bit of energy to walk from "here" to "there" thinking he looked so tired.  Casper is 42 years young.  We started him on milk thistle and a couple of other things.

We're keeping Casper in the barn area during the day; he usually stays under the shade of the tree where he can keep an eye on the boys.  At night we are letting him out with the boys.  In just the last couple of days, we've seen an improvement, which makes me feel better.  Casper has been through a lot in his lifetime.

Momma Sue is no worse, so that is a good thing.  The Naples horses are doing well.  We're still trying to work out the huge tangle in Fancy's tail.  I think we may just have to cut it out.  Armani and Kandi are still in the QT paddock together, but I may have to pull Kandi out and put her in with Reva and her baby.  Armani can get a bit pushy at times and, if it gets worse, we won't have a choice but to move Kandi.  This will devastate Armani, but I don't want Kandi to get hurt or to feel stressed.  Armani will be very stressed if I pull Kandi, but it isn't fair to Kandi if he's picking on her.  Armani doesn't like to be alone; he needs a home.  He's a big boy and awesome mover.  He will make someone a very nice horse.

Princess and Peaches could use help with their recent dental work.  Momma Sue, Jake, Casper, and Ruby's dental treatment has been covered; thank you to their angels!  We can always use help with hay and grain -- we go through a lot of it! We also need a load of shavings ($297) by the end of the week.  Any amount will help and be very much appreciated.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  We'll be busy here the rest of the week, but I'll try to post another update in a couple of days.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but will be leaving the farm in good hands with Bernice, John, and Bob.  I have to run now -- lots of things to do before calling it a day. God bless and thanks, everyone, for all of your continued support!

09/09/10 Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days.  The farrier came yesterday but didn't finish and will be back tomorrow.  Dr. Das came today and worked on Casper.

Reva and her baby and Kami were turned out to play in the main paddock for awhile yesterday -- it was really fun to watch them run and play and meet the other horses.  Reva needs some exercise:  she still has a bit of a belly!


Her baby is so beautiful and, so far, he seems to have his mom's disposition. We don't know anything about the sire.


Kami strutted the main paddock like she owned it!  That's Momma Sue in the back background.


Classy getting a hooficure.












Casper seemed to really enjoy his chiropractic/acupuncture treatment by Dr. Das.  He was sore just about all over.  Blood work was done and we hope to have the results by late tomorrow.


Dude and Chloe really enjoyed meeting Reva's baby today.


Kandi and Armani sure looked like they were conspiring about something when I snapped this picture!  It's hard to believe they are about the same age -- Armani is so tall!  Kandi is going to grow to be pony size; her mom isn't very big either.

Tomorrow is going to be a long and busy day:  the farrier will be here in the morning as well as the equine dentist.

We would greatly appreciate donations to help with the dental expenses.  Would anyone like to sponsor part, or all, of any of these horses having Dr. Bess do their teeth ($100 - $125 each)?  We hope to get the following horses done: Casper, Jake, Peaches, Momma Sue, Nash, Ruby, and Princess.

Thanks, everyone, God bless and have a wonderful day tomorrow!

P.S.   We hope to have an update on the "lost and found" dog tomorrow!

09/08/10 Read the wonderful news about two great grants that Beauty's Haven has just received (one from Thoroughbred Charities of America and another from LUSH Handmade Cosmetics)!  Just click on the icons below ...



09/07/10 Remember Annie and Adiva?  They were adopted together last year.  They are doing great, and both are progressing with their training.  Just look at how beautiful they are!




09/05/10 We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful long Labor Day weekend.  We stayed busy here.  Saturday we laid a pallet of sod with the help of some very nice people.  We still need to lay quite a bit more.  Every bit we lay helps to control erosion issues.

Casper got a bath yesterday; I hoped it would help make him feel better.  He's not very active, and he looks like he's just tired.  He doesn't have a temperature, his breathing is fine, he's eating and drinking.  We'd like to have Dr. Das work on him and pull blood work if we can find enough angels to help with the bill ($165).  He still keeps close guard over the boys but doesn't run with them any longer.  He's 42 years young, and I'm afraid his age is catching up to him.  Casper is never far from Baby Ray who is about the same size as Casper now.

Princess got a good bath yesterday, too -- she's such sweet girl.  She seems very pleased that Peaches is back; she came back from her foster home on Saturday.  Peaches seemed pleasantly surprised when she first met Reva's baby. She talked to him quite a bit over the fence.  It was really cute.  Reva didn't seem to mind at all, but she kept close watch.

Yesterday was a very sad day with the loss of Doc.  He was such a good boy.  But we accept that God had other plans for him and called him home.  He's now running with Sunny, his best friend.  We'll love him, always.  I'll never forget the day I met him at the auction -- he was so thin and weak in his hind end but was ridden through the auction anyway.  Barbara attended the auction with me.  We brought home both Sunny and Doc that day.  This picture was taken on Easter Sunday, the day after we brought them home.  Doc looked so exhausted and relieved to be somewhere other then where he was.

Kandi and Armani are now sharing the small QT paddock, but this may not last long.  Armani is getting a little pushy with Kandi and we won't allow that.  Since Kandi has been weaned from her mom, Shaker, and Asiya, she seems much more at ease.  And so do Shaker and Asiya.  When they were all together, there seemed to be uneasiness at times with the two mares seeming to argue:  she's mine -- no, she's mine -- over Kandi most of the time.  Shaker is filling out and looking more pregnant each day.  So is Joy!

It's hard to believe that Armani and Kandi are about the same age.  He's so tall! She's going to be pony size -- she's a small girl.

Some of you may have seen pictures from a visit that Mel recently had with Buttercup and Silver Belle.  Here are a couple for those that didn't see the pictures.  The girls are doing great and are as beautiful and sweet as ever!


Some have asked about Aaleyah Belle:  she's been in "school" for the last month.  She's doing well but has a ways to go.  She can be stubborn at times. Notice the tongue sticking out of her mouth in the first picture -- that's our Aaleyah Belle!


I apologize for not getting many updates out lately.  Since the Naples horses arrived, we've been super busy.  Every afternoon I try to spend time with each of them. We're working on picking up feet, moving off pressure, manners, etc.  I have to say that, so far Kandi, has been the best student with Lana coming in close.  Starla needs much more one-on-one work and is going to take some time but she, and the others, will make really nice horses.  Trisha and Bandit left this past week for their new home and are doing great.  Duncan has settled nicely into his new home also.

We have been working on trying to help some horses that are on several acres near the rescue.  While it may look like they are on beautiful green grass, they aren't -- they are on mostly weeds, and nobody lives on the property.  There is one little chestnut mare in the group that I am really concerned about -- she appears to be pregnant and, should she foal where she is and need help, she wouldn't get it.  Her feet are horrible, and she's having a tough time walking. The owner is willing to surrender the horses to us, but we are maxed out. Authorities are giving the owner time to place the horses or provide proper care. If authorities seize them, they'll likely end up going to a backyard auction and that is a risk we don't want to take -- horses sometimes go for as little as $15, and they could end up anywhere, including the slaughter pipeline.  I've been making lots of calls and networking trying to find homes, but no luck so far.  If we can find a home for Armani, it would free up the QT paddock; and I could bring in the mare if we had sponsors.  Please, everyone, spread the word about Armani needing a home and let's find him a great human family and then work on bringing the mare in.

We have some immediate needs...

Weanling, colt, yearling, and cob size breakaway halters. 
Funds to have Dr. Das work on Casper and run blood work. ($165) 
Hooficure sponsors -- another 10 horses are being done this week. ($35 each = $350 total)
Funds to resupply our Banamine. ($35)
We can always use help with grain and hay.

Information on how to make donations can be found on our website at http://beautysequinerescue.org/donate.htm.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated:  no amount is too small.  Also, credits for grain can be called into Sanders Farms of Ocala at 352-873-8660.  Credits for hay can be called into Larson Farms at 352-867-8333.  Donations can also be called directly into the vet's office at 352-237-6151.  No amount is too small, and any amount would be greatly appreciated!  All donations are tax-deductible.

Please remember, we can't do what we do without your help; and the horses that find their way here need help for as long as they're here -- not just in meeting their immediate needs upon arrival.  God bless, and thank you for your continued support!


09/05/10 We lost a dear family member today:  Doc left us to join his best friend, Sunny, with the heavenly herd.  Doc had been adopted out this past May along with Velvet by a human family (Ruth and RC) that loved them very much.

Doc was blessed to have his own family and lots of love and attention in his final months.  Doc was 20+ years old; it's likely that his heart gave out.  He crossed before the vet arrived, about 15 minutes before I arrived.  He crossed with both Ruth and RC beside him.  They are taking it pretty hard -- we all are. We are truly thankful to Ruth and RC for opening their home and heart to Doc and giving him his own human family.

Here is Doc with his adopted human mom, Ruth.

Doc when I recently visited with him and Velvet.

We love you Doc -- you're our beloved "Wookie."  You'll be in our hearts, always.

09/01/10 Where did August go???  Only three weeks left of summer!  Things have been calm here for a change; calm can be good!  Kandi is on Day 2 of being weaned from her mom, Shaker, and Asiya.  All three are doing just fine.  Kandi is just on the other side of the fence around the barn area, and she's come to really enjoy human interaction.  Shaker and Asiya are in the paddock behind the barn.

I thought you all might enjoy this picture of Reva and her baby boy that is growing like a weed:  total beauty and elegance!


Armani needs to find his forever home:  for some reason, the others here pick on him, including Legacy.  For the last couple of nights, Legacy has been staying in a paddock with Baby Ray and Casper but has been out with Armani during the day in the main paddock.  I thought they'd become friends, but I'm starting to wonder.  They run and play now and then but not much.  If I'm out near Armani and Legacy comes around, he'll run off Armani and try to take a chunk out of him.  Legacy is almost twice the age of Armani, but they are almost the same in height -- Armani is a tall boy!

The evenings are getting cooler.  Here are Joy and Lana grazing together.  Joy has really put some weight on.  She is due to foal in the spring.


Here is Joy a few days before coming to the rescue.  She's come a long way, and we're very proud of her!

I've been working on getting some of the website updated but have much more to do.  There just are not enough hours in a day!  The Obstacle Challenge fundraiser has 50+ registered participants!  Cheri has been working very hard on this, spending many hours pulling this together with the help of Lucy and others -- we truly appreciate all of their hard work.  And we have some items we're planning on putting up on eBay soon.  As cooler weather rolls in, we are reminded that we are going to need lots of hay to get us through the cold months when the grass is dormant -- and hay isn't cheap!  We'll be offering holiday card sets featuring none other then Kami by early October!  Wait until you see the card -- you're going to love it!

Many thanks to Dawn Diovera for making BHFER the recipient of the Bucket Fund for the month of August via her awesome blog, which resulted in $567 in donations!!!  Visit Dawn's blog at http://horseandman.com.  Many thanks to everyone that donated!

Thank all of you for your continued support -- we hope you're having a wonderful week!


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