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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(September 2009)

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I'd like to thank everyone for the prayers, posts, emails, calls, and good thoughts for Sunny.  He was a very kind and caring horse and is greatly missed.  I find comfort knowing he is no longer in pain.  I was very blessed to have been able to hug him and tell him how much he was loved before he crossed. 

Buttercup and Silver Belle are still here.  Their transport was delayed, but we expect them to leave within the next few days.  I'm glad because it gives me time to get some video of them -- my camera has been in for repair but should be back in a couple of days.  I've been using my daughter's camera which isn't a very good one.  I can't help but wonder and worry what Momma Sue and Aaleyah will think when Buttercup and Silver Belle are gone.  Amadeus will be joining them along with Layla.

Our three girls and Momma Sue still love the water. 

Here Jessica and Diane were showering them with water (and love), and they loved it!

Jessica and Val.

Amadeus is simply handsome and huge.  He gets a little crazy at feeding time; he thinks there are ghosts everywhere that are going to take his food.  We have to work on this.

This is one of the two colts we recently helped after getting a bath.  He is an absolute sweetheart; they both are.

Looking back at some photos, you can tell Baby Ray really has come a long way -- this is about a month ago.

This is about a week ago.  We still need $615 for his surgery -- we have another week to get there.  I applied for some grants and am disappointed because none have come through.  Don't forget about the custom horsehair bracelet!

Ruby monitors the barn aisle way on sunny days.

Little E is always close to the barn.  He doesn't want to miss a thing!

The weather is getting cooler, especially at night.  This will help Granny some with her COPD.  She starts taking Spirulina in a couple of days. 

Please keep voting on the Animal Rescue site for us.  We're in sixth place now in the state, but I have faith that we can move up.  I actually have an appointment for a massage tomorrow here at the farm for ME!  I'm really looking forward to it.  My sciatica is better, but my body aches all over.

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It was another busy day here -- this is a short update, but I wanted to share some pictures.

How CUTE is this little one???  VERY!  And look how tall he is getting!

And Sunshine is so very beautiful and a good mom.

Baby Ray ran and jumped around and played like a baby should this afternoon.  He makes us all smile when he acts like a little jumping bean!  We're counting down the days until his surgery.

And what is one of the most blessed things to find at the end of a rainbow?  Yep, Baby Ray!  And what could be even better?

Yep, Baby Ray with his mommy!

Haley is getting pretty plump.  Val is her best friend.

Val is doing great, but we have to clean her out daily.  She still can't push her poop out.  She really likes Haley and, if you separate them, they both let you know they are not happy about it.

It was very good to hear that the Pryor mustangs auctioned today by the BLM all went to good homes.  Here is the update.

Updates from Carol Walker:

1)  Great news from Pryor Mountain Adoption!  All 57 horses either adopted or sold to good homes.  Big Thanks to all Freedom Fund donors and supporters, and I say great work Ginger, Makendra, and all of the Cloud Foundation.

2)  Conquistador gets to have his mare Cavaletta with him, and the four bands of Forest Service horses, including Floyd, that the Cloud Foundation was trying to keep together, will be together, all 15 going to a ranch of Laura Pivonka.  Conquistador went ... for the highest $ value as someone was trying to outbid the Cloud Foundation -- $2500!

3)  Ember and Image get to stay together at a great home.  Ginger took Sax, other great homes were found for Rain, Arrow, Sage, Helena Montana, Stiles, Cassidy, and the lame foal and mare -- the foal is looking better by the way.  Again thanks to all who helped.  This is a wonderful outcome!

We hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Oh, and the Ibis bird is doing OK.

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Dr. Das worked on Angel Baby this past Wednesday.  Angel Baby is a stunning mare, very kind and caring.  Her body sores are healing nicely and she has the brightest and kindest eyes.  We hope to have Dr. Das work on her again in two weeks and then monthly after that.  If anyone would like to help sponsor her next treatment by Dr. Das. please let us know.

Baby Ray napped while waiting for his turn in line to be worked on by Dr. Das.  Sunshine is never far away.

Ouuuuu that feels SO good. Dr. Das!  You've got the touch!  See where Dr. Das is rubbing. Auntie Bernice?  Can you remember this spot and rub me there sometimes. too?  Baby Ray was so relaxed I thought he'd fall over!

Sunshine watched as Dr. Das worked on her baby. 

He's got the cutest little baby face -- I think we should make him a beanie baby!

Baby Ray is just so precious. and he really has grown.  He runs down the aisle when he hears a bucket of grain coming.  He still tries to get into the tack room.  It won't be long until he will be able to see his mom's beautiful and loving face and all around him.  I can't wait!

Mystic left for her new home this past week -- the last hug and I love you before they leave is hard, very hard.  Mystic settled into her new home nicely and is happy.  One of our volunteers, Diane, has already visited with her and agrees that Mystic has found the perfect human family.

Here is some of the herd saying goodbye to Mystic.  Velvet kicked, bucked, ran. and just threw a fit as Mystic was leaving.  It's amazing the bond some horses establish.  Gentleman's whinny goodbye was the loudest -- it shook the ground!

We hope everyone has a great weekend.  I don't know where the week went; I spent most of it in bed with sciatica but hope to be back up and about soon.  I felt better yesterday, but I made the mistake of doing too much too soon and am paying for it today.  I know I have a bazillion e-mails to answer, and I apologize but I'm not able to sit at the computer for long.

Thanks to everyone that is helping with Baby Ray's surgery.  We take him to the hospital on October 6, surgery is on the 7th, and I hope he can come home on the 8th.  I hope and pray the surgery will be successful.  And I hope my camera is back from the repair shop before then.  I want to video his first few minutes of waking up after surgery.

Please don't forget Conquistador and the other horses that were rounded up and removed from their families and home -- they will be auctioned off tomorrow by the BLM.  I hope and pray for a miracle that they can all somehow stay together.  If not, I'd love for little Image to find his way here.  I hope and pray that the horses that remain on the mountain have recovered and are doing well.  It had to have been so traumatic for many, especially the little ones.

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09/23/09 The countdown begins!  Baby Ray's surgery is scheduled for October 6, and we have about two weeks to raise the remaining funds (about $1,000) by his discharge date of October 7.

For each $10 donation received between now and October 5, we will drop your name in a hat.  On October 6, we will choose a name; and that person will get a very special Horse Hair Bracelet (like the example pictured on the right).  It is very special because the winner will get to choose an adult horse from Beauty's Haven: we will snip the hair from that horse's tail, and your bracelet will be handcrafted and mailed to you.

You can donate by using this link on our website:

Please be sure to send us an e-mail letting us know that you are helping with Baby Ray's upcoming surgery: 

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9/23/09 We are honored to tell you that Knights Helping Horses, a team of UCF college students joined together on a mission built out of love and compassion for all animals, has selected Beauty's Haven as its nonprofit client of choice.  This wonderful organization's motto is:  "Love an animal, save a life, make a difference!"

To visit their website, please follow this link.  And be sure to be watching for their fundraising events that will benefit Beauty's Haven!  We will list them on our Events page.

Thank you, Knights Helping Horses!  We are so grateful!  Please consider sending them an e-mail to thank them, too, by using the "Contact Us" link on their website.


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Mystic had a couple of visitors this weekend, and it appears she will finally be going to a new home where she will have her own human mom and dad that will give her lots of love and TLC.  Mystic was a broodmare before she came here, and before that she was on a mounted patrol unit.  Before that, she'd been raced a few times.  She wears scars from pin firing on both front legs. 

Mystic is a big girl and is a joy to be around -- she loves to be loved.  She has a warm and wonderful personality, and seeing her interact with her potential new family really made my heart feel good.  They will be back again this week to visit with her.  In the meantime, we're processing their application.

And here are our big baby girls:  Aaleyah Belle, Buttercup, and Silver Belle.  They all love to have their pictures taken.

Aaleyah look!  Here comes mommy Theresa with the camera!  S-M-I-L-E!  OK, now let's go see what she has in the golf cart!

Wait, Aaleyah, I want to be the first one to greet mommy Theresa!  I saw her first!

Look Buttercup there is something under this tub.  Maybe we can find something fun or a treat or something!

You two keep looking, I'm going to try one more time to see if I can fit in the cart -- there has to be a way.

OK, so I won't fit.  Well then, let's just have fun with the cart and anything we can find in it!  Just DON'T eat the seats--  we're still in trouble for that even though it wasn't me.

Two of our big girls will be leaving on or about the 27th for their new home.  I cry thinking about it, so I'm trying to not think about it and to just enjoy the time I have left with them.  They will always be our babies and will always have a home to come back to.  But their new human family is excited and has promised to send pictures and updates.  We're very blessed that they've found a wonderful home together.

For those that don't know, the story of these babies started when we got a call on May 3, 2008 (Kentucky Derby Day), about a newborn and her mother that were going to be shot if we didn't come and pick them up right away.  The baby had a wry nose and couldn't even nurse.  We didn't hesitate and little did we know at the time that the newborn, that we named Aaleyah Belle (after Eight Belles), would have such an impact on so many people.  Her IGG was only 17 when she arrived -- she's our miracle baby.  She had surgery to correct her wry nose at the UF vet school in Gainesville.  Her story is on our website.  http://beautysequinerescue.org/aaleyah_diary1.htm

Aaleyah's motto:  Life is about determination.  You don't give up just because of the obstacles.  Regardless of what obstacles face you, just keep going.  Go through, go around, jump through.  But never give up.

All three girls followed me back to the main paddock.  Buttercup wasn't happy because she was stuck in the middle; she wanted to be first in line.  She always wants to be first.  The rest of the story of these girls is on our website.  I read through it today and had to get out the tissues.  These girls have taught us so much.  They've given us many smiles and brought us much joy.  We will always treasure our memories and look forward to the rest of their lives. 

Angel Baby's bed sores are much better.  She spends days in her stall under fans and goes out in late evening.

Baby Ray wasn't very comfortable in a long-nosed flymask.  He kept sneezing and shaking his face trying to get it off.

Ummm, mommy!  I don't like this thing it; has something in it that tickles my nose.  Please ask Mommy Theresa or Auntie Barbara to take it off!

Well, we exchanged his long-nosed mask for his short-nosed one and then he was happy.  He is growing and starting to fill out.  He's such a doll.  Every time I see him, I cant help but to think that he should be saying:   "Gotta love me!"

Ouuuu a little lower Jessica!  That feels really good!

We hope everyone had a nice weekend.  It's been very busy here.  Diane, Jessica, and Harry came out yesterday and helped with chores and getting ready for the upcoming Peanut Festival.  They brought their mower and mowed, and it looks so very nice!  

The weather has been extremely hot and humid.  Trying to keep the horses cool has been quite the task.  The barn is full during the day and a couple of horses stay in the aisle.  I'm so glad Barbara was here this weekend.  I am having quite a time with sciatic pain which I really don't need right now.  

Ruby hasn't gone poop since about 11 am.  The vet was out tonight and she was oiled.  Granny is still being treated for Pharyngitis, and her breathing is still pretty labored.  Dr. Das is coming on Wednesday to work on Angel Baby and we'll likely start Granny on Spirulina then -- she's been taken off the Ventipulmin.  Casper isn't happy that Granny is in the barn and he isn't.  

Haley is getting very plump.  Captain and Zaynah are toughing out the heat each day under their little tree with a mister.  Amadeus is still huge and hangs out with Layla; he enjoyed the sprinkler today.  Angel Baby is doing OK, she's bright and alert and I could almost swear she smiles at you sometimes.  She's very appreciative of every little thing done for her.  Jake's front feet are ouchy and he may have an abscess, so Ola came out this evening and soaked his feet.

I'll update via Anne or Jeanne tomorrow -- it's difficult for me to sit at the computer when I'm feeling like this.  Please say prayers for Ruby -- thanks, everyone.


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09/19/09 A quick update -- and a good one!  Dr. Brooks at UF has said he wants to personally do Baby Ray's surgery!  This is AWESOME!  He spoke with Dr. Porter yesterday, who spoke with Dr. Ryan, who has spoken with Dr. Das.  Unless Baby Ray has a set back, and we don't expect any, he is scheduled for surgery on OCTOBER 7! 

He will be admitted on October 6 and will have to stay for at least another day after the surgery, so he will be gone for a minimum of two nights, along with his mom.  I'm so excited - I can't wait!

I still must make time to tally up where we are on donations, but more good news is that since Dr. Brooks learned of the case and spoke with Dr. Porter -- the cost is estimated to be around $4000.  Since his mom is going with him, it will be a little more; and it usually is a little over.  So I'm guessing around $4300, significantly lower then the first estimate.

I'll tally as soon as I can.  Jake has been having a few bad days, and I'm trying to get the vet out.  Dr. Ryan is off this weekend.  Granny needs a stall but they are all full, but the clouds have rolled away and it's very hot -- so we're going to try to get Jake out of his stall (he doesn't want to budge) and let Granny in the stall under the fans.  Jake's legs are pretty stocked up so we're going to try again to get him moving.  I had to give him some bute, and we are just giving it time to work.


Baby Ray is doing much better.  When the vet tech at UF asked me if he was strong enough yet, I laughed.  He does the cricket dance and runs all back and forth in his paddock from one side to the other.  Sometimes he doesn't stop soon enough and gingerly runs into the fencing, but most of the time he stops just in time.  We will be verifying the amount donated over the weekend to see where we are on funds.  I'm just behind on many things, but this has to be done.  We will likely have another raffle to help with remaining needed funds.  We will schedule the surgery as soon as possible, but UF doesn't allow us to have 30 days to pay like our vet does.  We have to have the full amount, half due at check-in and the balance before check-out.  I can't wait for Baby Ray to see!!

We think Angel Baby has decided she likes it here.  She had a full tummy in this picture, shade, and a bucket of water right next to her.  She has a tough time with her front feet, but she has a tremendous will.  Using shredded cardboard vs. shavings in her stall is working well.  There is no dust with the shavings, and they are fluffier and easier to clean. 

We'd like to ask that you include Jenny in your prayers.  Her father passed away yesterday, and she is flying to Panama today.  It's never easy when we lose a loved one especially when we don't get to say goodbye. 

It looks like the two colts will have a safe place to go and, hopefully, a way to get there!  If so, they will be gelded next week.  These two have really had me worried.  Angel Baby is the mom to one of the boys.  If it works out, and I'm sure it will, it is one more case to prove that, by working together, we can save more lives. 

Have a great night, everyone, and please don't forget to vote for us every day on the Animal Rescue site!

babyray_091709.jpg (51982 bytes)

angelbaby_091709.jpg (42582 bytes)


Mommy?  No, you don't smell like my mommy -- you must be Angel Baby?  I'm Baby Ray and I can't see, so please don't let me run into you, OK?  Do you know that Dr. Ryan is coming today?  Our human mommy says I'm going to go to a place soon where they can fix my eyes so I can see!  I cant wait!  

Dr. Das was supposed to come today to help me and you, but she hurt her back and can't come until next week.  You're going to like her; she makes you feel really good with her hands.  And Dr. Ryan is really nice, too.  I have to go find my mommy now -- oh, I hear her, she's looking for me.  Welcome home, you'll like it here.  It's nice to have a home; I went to a lot of places before I was brought here.  I really love it here!  And guess what mommy Theresa did after I got here?  She found my horsey mom and, with the help of other nice humans, they were able to bring my mommy here to me!  The day I got here I'd walk and walk the fence line trying to find my mommy; I'd call for her but she wasn't here.  A human took me away from her a couple of months ago when I was only a month old.  Then one day not long after I got here I could smell my mommy near me, and we touched noses and then she whinnied at me -- I had my mommy back!  It was the best day of my life!  And my mommy says we're not numbers here, we're horses and we're loved!

Robin had to stay home today, one of her horses isn't feeling well -- prayers for Tiger would be greatly appreciated.  Diane somehow got away from her job and came out for a bit.  And she brought us a prepared dinner of pot roast, and OMG was it good!  Dr. Ryan and Jay took x-rays of Angel Baby's feet.  She has rotated in one of her front feet, and the other has an abscess that is about ready to blow.  The rotation has been there for a long, long time.  Dr. Ryan said she's somehow learned to cope with the discomfort and has bright eyes that are full of life.  Recently, she had been bred and then stitched up.  Supposedly, she did not take which, IMO, is a very good thing:  she is in no condition to be bred, and she never will be again.  Ola will look at the x-rays tomorrow, and we'll go from there.  Angel Baby is comfortable though.  She went on walkabouts today and got to know Baby Ray and Sunshine; they seem to really enjoy each other's company.

Psssssttt.  Angel Baby we want to show you where the food comes from, OK?  Come on!

OK, Angel Baby, do see those doors right there?  That shiny door knob thing is what you turn to get it open.  That is where the goodies come from!  I've seen Baby Ray open the door, so maybe you can figure it out, too.  If you do, give me a whinny, OK? 

Thanks Sunshine!  I think I'm going to like it here.  The humans here seem to really care; I like that.  And guess what I heard them say, that neither you or me will be bred again!  That's OK by me, I'm a bit too old for any more youngsters and my feet aren't well.  I'll just be an aunt and babysitter to Baby Ray, if that's OK.  Anytime you need me to watch over him, just let me know.  I've had so many of my own, I've got lots of experience.

So there stood Angel Baby - she stared at the door knob for quite a while.

And then Angel Baby called for Baby Ray to come to show her how to open it.  And he tried he tried hard! 

Shucks, Aunt Angel, I just can't get it right now -- sometimes our human mommy locks it to make sure we don't get in.  She says we could eat ourselves sick.  I think that's silly, I just want a little grain.  We'll have to try again later.

Not long after, they did get fed.  And then Angel Baby wandered out to take a nap.  She seemed very comfortable and content.  I was pleasantly surprised that she moved as well as she did today.  Much better then yesterday.

She's such a sweet mare.  We're not going to try to put much weight on her until her feet are better.

We tried some new bedding that worked really well -- it's shredded cardboard.  It's soft, and there is no dust.

babyray_091509.jpg (25465 bytes)

angelbaby1_091509.jpg (28104 bytes)

angelbaby2_091509.jpg (28091 bytes)

angelbaby3_091509.jpg (25150 bytes)

angelbaby4_091509.jpg (26410 bytes)

babyray2__091509.jpg (27972 bytes)

angelbaby5_091509.jpg (28497 bytes)

angelbaby6_091509.jpg (42607 bytes)

09/14/09 The case against Krystal Knirsch was heard in court today.  She was found guilty and sentenced to one year's probation, 50 hours community service with Salvation Army, 30 days on the Sheriff's Work Gang, $2,500.00 fine, and approximately $500.00 in court costs; and she cannot own or shelter animals for one year, with the exception of "Choppy," her mother's cat.  We are very thankful that justice was served in Red's (Sienna's) case -- thank you, Marion County!  Now, that precedence has been set, the court itself has determined that Red was abused; we expect more charges for the other horses.  Red was in bad shape but Dingolay (Layla) was even worse, and Tonka died.  Brook and her baby died.  It's more than apparent that there is a case for the others that suffered.  What do you think?


Good evening, everyone!  Theresa had an extra busy day and is beat.  It rained like crazy yesterday, and today Theresa didn’t have any volunteers at the farm to help with chores.  Jake received his first treatment of Adequan yesterday, and he is noticeably better today.  Captain’s diarrhea is back, and tonight Baby Ray has diarrhea also.  Dr. Das will be here on Tuesday to do more blood work on Baby Ray.  Dr. Ryan will likely be at the farm tomorrow.

We had a visitor stop by the farm today. 
A man had heard about the rescue and wanted to know if we would be interested in three horses – all TBs.  Two of them are young colts.  One has been trained under saddle but is too slow to be a race horse.  The other colt is a bit more spunky but very nice – he has a condition known as “Roaring,” so he will not make a race horse; but he would make a very nice pleasure horse.

The third horse is a lovely broodmare.  When Theresa went in the stall to see her, her heart sunk until she saw the look in the mare’s eyes – her eyes are bright and full of life.  The mare has bed sores, and there is no doubt that she has foundered.  Even though she is 19 and in this condition, the owner tried to breed her again but she didn’t take,
which is a blessing for her.  She is a multiple stakes winner and has produced some impressive foals.  One of them has won over $350,000.  He sold as a two-year-old for $500,000.  Other foals have sold for well over $250,000. Theresa called Ola, the farrier, out to assess the mare and she, like Theresa, felt this mare deserves a chance.  Ola has worked on some very bad cases and feels this mare can be made comfortable to live a good quality of life as a babysitter or pasture pal.  She’s given so much for so many years, it is a shame that she has ended up like this.  About an hour later, Theresa and Ola had the mare settled into a stall at the rescue; and Ola has already done some work on the mare, which made her more comfortable.  Theresa found sutures above the mare’s vulva, and this is something that Theresa will ask the previous owner to explain tomorrow.  We are calling this mare Angel Baby -- she has a beautiful baby face.

Right foot from the side.

Right foot from the front.

Left foot from the side – you can see the nail holes from when she wore shoes.

Baby is very vibrant and full of life – and she gives hugs.

These three horses were scheduled to be shot and picked up by the rendering company on Tuesday, September 14, but the owner is hoping that through our rescue we can find homes for them.  The mare is safe –- she is here at the farm.  If anyone is interested in either of the colts, please let us know ASAP.   They are both very nice movers.   The man has agreed to let us leave them on his farm and have them gelded, but they can’t stay there long.  They can’t come to the rescue as we are not set up for studs, and we are full.   These are two sound and beautiful horses, and it would be a shame to end their life -– please help us to find homes for them.   If we can find a home for them, we will have them gelded ASAP.

This colt is a great grandson of Raise a Native (dam’s side) and a grandson of Storm Cat (sire’s side).  He is three years old, trained under saddle, but too slow to race.  He is very sweet and not stud-like at all.  He’s very much a “people” horse and likes human attention.  He is in very good shape and appears sound.

This colt is the roarer.  We don’t know how bad and if only one side or both are involved.  He is four years old.  This colt was a little skittish when Theresa went to rub him but, once she did, he was fine.  He is a beautiful mover.

And just a couple of other pictures from today. 

angelbaby1_091309.jpg (12177 bytes)

angelbaby2_091309.jpg (20104 bytes)

angelbaby3_091309.jpg (20541 bytes)

angelbaby4_091309.jpg (25437 bytes)

angelbaby5_091309.jpg (22236 bytes)

angelbaby6_091309.jpg (30367 bytes)

angelbaby7_091309.jpg (29073 bytes)

colt1_091309.jpg (27680 bytes)

colt2_091309.jpg (21854 bytes)

layla-amadeus_091309.jpg (36248 bytes)

babyray1_091309.jpg (32469 bytes)


We hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We have quite a bit of information to share.

Buttercup and Silver Belle will be leaving within the next two weeks for their new home.  There will be a lot of tears here -- my heart will be breaking.  Hearing the whinnies as they pull out always knocks me to my knees.  Saying goodbye is never, ever easy.  We are very thankful for their new human family and will most definitely share future updates about them.  They will still be our babies and part of our life, forever.

A change in plans -- Layla will not be leaving next week.  I won't go into details but will simply say we believe it would be in her best interest to remain in our adoption program -- we have a no-breed policy.  So, Layla will be on our website on the Available page for adoption.  She will make someone a very sweet horse -- she's very smart and loves to please.  She has been trained under saddle but never raced.  She won't be hard to re-train, I'm sure.

Baby Ray is doing very well.  He's getting stronger and reminds me very much of Aaleyah Belle doing her cricket dance.  He's getting good at it!  He is a bundle of energy at times, and it is heartwarming to see.  Dr. Das will be here on Tuesday to run blood work and work on him a little.  We will discuss his condition with her and Dr. Ryan; but we feel that, unless there is a set back, he will be strong enough for his surgery in the next couple of weeks.  We have applied for grants but have received no responses.  We need to get going on his fundraising now; we can't schedule the surgery until the funds are available.  I'm afraid he will be ready long before we have the needed funds raised.  We are holding a couple of local fundraisers and will keep applying for grants.  To summarize, as soon as funds are available, we will schedule his surgery.

Captain is doing well -- no more diarrhea, finally!  Little E still has a touch of it but is better.

We are in need of a few items for some of the horses.  We just restocked with Banamine and Bute thanks to an anonymous donor, so we're good there.  We still have some Bio-Sponge left.  Here is what we need:

1.  Previcox
available with prescription only.  Donations to help with this would need to be snail-mailed or via Google or PayPal.  We normally order 2 bottles at a time, but if we can order even one it will help.  We have 5 horses on this product -- it works great.  We order this from Allivet.  http://www.allivet.com/PREVICOX-p/25119.htm

2.  APF We use this on many of the horses, including Baby Ray.  A 12-ounce bottle will last quite a while, but we'd be happy with even a 4- ounce bottle.  This product is available via many online sources.

And now a few pictures.

Jake scratching his tummy.

Frodo playing in the water.  He loves to break sprinklers!

Baby Ray has the cutest face.  When you talk to him sometimes he makes you think he's really listening, and understanding, what you are saying.

Baby Ray and Sunshine looked beautiful after their baths today.

Baby Ray is finally as tall as Haley, the pregnant mini mare!

Val got a bath today, too.

Thanks to everyone for your support.  We're very happy that Baby Ray is doing so well, and we can't wait for the day when he will see his mommy's face and all around him.

babyray1_091209.jpg (31216 bytes)

jake_091209.jpg (40389 bytes)

frodo_091209.jpg (33319 bytes)

babyray2_091209.jpg (33377 bytes)

babyray3_091209.jpg (39259 bytes)

babyray4_091209.jpg (46493 bytes)

valentine_091209.jpg (27489 bytes)


This is how the day morning started out.  Captain was very dehydrated and too weak to get up.

While I was on the phone with Dr. Ryan, Captain started showing signs of colic, so he got some Banamine to hold him over until Dr. Ryan arrived.  Once the Banamine kicked in, he got up and walked a few feet and went down again.  We put up the umbrella to shade him, but then he got up again and we took him to the barn, Zaynah in tow.

Dr. Ryan arrived and checked Captain out.  He didn't have a temperature.  His heart rate was OK.  The blood work showed nothing to be worried about; everything was within normal limits. 

Captain got a few bags of fluids via IV.  After a couple bags, you could see his eyes start to brighten -- this was a welcome sight.

Bob and I had discussed this earlier, and we had decided that we weren't going to oil Captain or do anything that could cause him stress.  He is 30 years old, but he perked up with the fluids and looked like he wasn't ready to go anywhere.  Dr. Ryan and I discussed it, and we agreed he would do OK with the oiling and he did.  Dr. Ryan knows, if a horse is suffering and there is little hope and we cant make the horse comfortable, then helping the horse to cross is something that we will do.  But Captain just plain wasn't ready to go.

Zaynah stayed outside Captain's stall all day.

You can see the light in his eyes.

Eilene and her brother visited today and didn't know what to expect when they arrived -- she only knew before she left home that Captain was down.  When she arrived, she said she knew by the look on my face Captain must have been better.  And she gave me hugs sent from others which came at a good time -- I needed them, thank you!

Baby Ray got a big hug from Auntie Eilene.

And then he decided he wanted to run and show off and play.  I'll put a video on YouTube later tonight.  He's definitely feeling better!

And then I dropped my camera, so it's toast.  But I did get one last picture, sort of.

I was a bit wiped out from the early morning activities by the time Eilene and her brother arrived -- which I felt bad about -- but we walked the property and visited with all of the horses.  They got to meet Layla before she goes home, which will be later this week.  Amadeus enjoyed his carrot treats.  The girls greeted them and Aaleyah slimed them, as usual.  GMan was being showered by his mister.  They didn't recognize Velvet:  the sun has bleached her coat terribly.  Granny loved the extra attention; she's in a stall during the days now and her breathing is better; she looks really good.  When we got to Val and Haley's paddock, they were playing ring around the feed bowels of forage.  It was a nice day, though, with a breeze almost all day.

Tonight, Captain is doing OK.  We now need to pray that the diarrhea is over and he doesn't colic anymore.  Prayers are appreciated.  I'll update tomorrow.

I'm so glad the Pryor Mountain round-up is over, but I have many mixed feelings about it all of it.  It was such an unnecessary evil, and I hope and pray nothing like this happens again.  Cloud has had the majority of his herd taken away from him, and I can't imagine how he must be feeling tonight.  For an update you can go here:  http://thecloudfoundation.wordpress.com/.  We can't let this just go away.  There are 57 horses (including three babies) that were taken that will be auctioned off or sold.

captain1_090909.jpg (28663 bytes)

captain2_090909.jpg (28000 bytes)

captain3_090909.jpg (33385 bytes)

captain4_090909.jpg (38605 bytes)

captain5_090909.jpg (34840 bytes)

captain6_090909.jpg (39007 bytes)

captain7_090909.jpg (48282 bytes)

babyray1_090909.jpg (57188 bytes)

babyray2_090909.jpg (50659 bytes)

babyray3_090909.jpg (21623 bytes)

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our "hooficure" raffle -- to pay for our latest farrier bill -- is Chris N.  Congratulations, Chris!  And thank you, everyone, who participated!


Oh, Baby Ray, we need you to come and draw the name of the raffle winner!

Do I have to, Mommy Theresa?  My mommy and me just got done eating lots of hay, and I just want to take a nap.

OK, you don't have to do it now -- but if you're going to nap, please go nap in your stall -- there is a surprise!  Aunties Chris and Pat just got finished sanitizing it and putting all new fluffy shavings in it!  You''ll feel much better there under the fan.

Oh!  You're right!  Mommy, check it out!  All new soft shavings and no flies!  This is awesome!  Thanks, Aunties Chris and Pat!  Mommy Theresa, can I please pick a name after my nap?  I've never drawn a name before, and I don't know what it means.  I'm really too tired to learn right now.

He's awake and up!  OK, Baby Ray, it's time!  Just pick one!

I want this one!  Do I get to eat it? 

Mommy Sunshine watched the whole thing and looked as us like we were aliens or something, but she knew we'd never do anything to hurt her baby.  She's a good mom.  I snatched the name out of his mouth just before he tried to munch on it and replaced it with a couple pieces of grain as a reward.

And the winner is:  JENNY N.!!  Thank you Jenny!  And to all of you that participated, thank you!  We'll let Nash know he helped to replace the broken pressure tank to the well pump.  Sammi and Joy's beautiful drawing by Kathy Baker is just beautiful!  Congratulations, Jenny N.!

That was easy, mommy Theresa -- if I do it again, do I get a little more grain? 

No worries, Baby Ray, it's feeding time anyway!  You're a good boy, and you did a great job!

raffle1_090809.jpg (44546 bytes)

raffle2_090809.jpg (34187 bytes)

raffle3_090809.jpg (39871 bytes)

raffle4_090809.jpg (35406 bytes)

raffle5_090809.jpg (26818 bytes)


Pictures from the long weekend and today ... 

The best news of the day is that Little E just went poop at about 7:30 pm!  And it wasn't a diarrhea poop!  It wasn't perfect, but it was much better than it has been all day.  Dr. Ryan came today to see E and Captain.  He drew blood on both, but we didn't get results back this evening.

Baby Ray and his mom still munch on all the hay put before them.  Layla is in the background.  Sunshine is wearing Rhythm Beads in her mane to help Baby Ray find her.

Baby Ray is a bit more active.  On Sunday he actually ran back and forth from one side of the paddock to the other a few times, jumping around like a foal does -- it was great to see!  He is such a sweet boy, and he has started to put on a little weight -- and we're even seeing some muscling up in the shoulders.

Silver and Buttercup saying hello to Chris and Pat.  Buttercup had to be first, of course.

Momma Sue and Aaleyah coming in to say hello.  Momma Sue got a good bath that she really needed.  The horses stand under sprinklers during the day and then roll in the sand.  They are all filthy! 

Silver Belle with a mouth full of carrots.  She's so funny when she naps -- she snores loudly and moves her legs a lot -- you'd almost think she was running a race!  I'd love to sleep as soundly as she does!

Buttercup is as gorgeous as ever and she still knows it!  She is really a big girl and still growing.

Gentleman got a bath and loved it -- he loves the water and the attention!

Captain is the same:  he still has diarrhea.  You can see that he has lost weight.  We hope to get the blood tests back in the AM.  Zaynah is doing really well.  Her knee gives her a time, but she's perky and happy.

And then there is sweet little Valentine.  She still can't push her poop out, and we clean her out each evening.  She's another that loves to roll in the sand.

little-e_090809.jpg (26772 bytes)

babyray1_090809.jpg (35990 bytes)

babyray2_090809.jpg (44842 bytes)

silver-buttercup_090809.jpg (31161 bytes)

momma-sue-aaleyah_090809.jpg (37754 bytes)

silver-belle_090809.jpg (47612 bytes)

buttercup_090809.jpg (37381 bytes)

gentleman_090809.jpg (28430 bytes)

captain-zaynah_090809.jpg (33365 bytes)

valentine_090809.jpg (44397 bytes)

09/07/09 I'm sorry -- no pictures or story tonight -- my heart is too heavy.  What is happening to Cloud and the horses at Pryor Mountain is horrendous.  Please, everyone -- call the White House in the morning -- flood them with protests and demand that they put the horses back on Pryor Mountain and return their freedom to them.  The BLM must be investigated!  We can't let this continue or happen again.  A national treasure is being wiped out by our own government.  Phone:  202-456-1111 or 202-456-9000, and fax: 202-456-2461.

Tonight, we pray hard.  Tomorrow we have to be strong in our rightful demands for these priceless horses -- we must not let up.  Can you imagine how 19-year-old Conquistador must be feeling?  It is truly a crime.  He has lost everything -- his home, his family of 19 years.

Also, please include Captain in your prayers.  He is still not well, and it's been almost a week.  He has lost weight he couldn't afford to lose.  The medications are not helping.  I spoke with Dr. Ryan again today.  He will be out tomorrow.  Captain's symptoms remind me too much of what happened with Charlotte, and I admit - I am worried.


A few pictures from today -- the heat and humidity were horrible!


Hi everyone!  I'm Baby Ray!  I like to eat and sleep most of the time.  Mommy Theresa takes lots of pictures and someday I'm going to be able to see them!  I'm going to go to the hospital as soon as I'm strong enough, and the doctors are going to fix my eyes so I can see -- I can't wait!


Mommy, I think I'm ready for another nap; but this hay is SO good!


There is usually a breeze that blows through the center aisle, so we try to put their hay in the breeze.  Sunshine is doing really well.  She's a bit more protective of Baby Ray with a couple of the other horses that have come through the barn.  She's OK with Granny.  Granny has been staying in under a fan to help keep cool during the days.


Ruby went down to visit in GMan's paddock this evening.  I think he likes her, but she isn't so sure if she likes him!


She ran around him a couple of times and then took off to go visit with Bud and the others in the paddock next to her.


We hope everyone has a safe and blessed Labor Day weekend!  


babyray1_090509.jpg (36021 bytes)

babyray2_090509.jpg (39636 bytes)

babyray3_090509.jpg (35373 bytes)

ruby1_090509.jpg (24589 bytes)

ruby2_090509.jpg (28114 bytes)

09/04/09 Please enjoy the photos below.  Theresa was wiped out tonight, so there are no captions.  We hope you all had a wonderful Friday, and please have a safe Labor Day weekend!

Momma Sunshine enjoying her hay while Baby Ray takes a siesta.  Casper is in the background.

Baby Ray…

Momma Sunshine and Baby Ray enjoying some alone time.

Jake playing peekaboo.

Layla and Amadeus enjoying each other’s company.

Rusty is such a handsome fellow!

babyray1_090409.jpg (36608 bytes)

babyray2_090409.jpg (39264 bytes)

babyray3_090409.jpg (30328 bytes)

jake_090409.jpg (35760 bytes)

layla-amadeus_090409.jpg (23769 bytes)

rusty_090409.jpg (33024 bytes)


Today has been very busy, and I'm wiped out but wanted to get this out before calling it day.  I had a doctor's appointment myself today after Dr. Ryan came and had to drive to Gainesville and, on my way back, I got pretty sick.  Dr. Ryan was out early this morning to examine the horses and draw blood.  He called late this evening to give me the results of blood work.  All CBCs came back OK.  Little E and Captain are better but will stay on Bio-Sponge for a few days.  Granny has COPD and is on Ventipulmin indefinitely.  She is also on antibiotics to ward off pneumonia at this time.  She seemed more comfortable this evening.


Well, today has not been a good day at the rescue.  In fact, it's been pretty upsetting.  Why?

This morning we found the pressure tank at the well is broken and the well pump is running 24/7, which is not good and makes the electric bill go way up.  This tank needs to be replaced ASAP (we don't want to burn up the well pump) at the price of about $550 - $600 (installed).

Later in the day, we found that Little E has diarrhea and a temp.
  Not long after, we found that Captain has diarrhea and a temp.  Explosive diarrhea!  He had to get washed down.

I called Dr. Ryan and he told me to give Bio-Sponge to E and Captain and, fortunately, I had enough for today.  They also got bute.  On my way back from giving them their meds, I noticed Granny.

Granny hadn't moved in quite some time; her front feet are really bothering her.  She was breathing pretty heavy, so I put my cheek on her to feel her body temp (I have no sensation below my neck) and it felt warm.  I asked Bernice to feel Granny to see if she was warm, and she was.  We took her temp and it was about 103.  She is also stocked up in her back legs.

I called Dr. Ryan again.  He advised me to give Granny some Banamine.  I go back out to give it to her, and she has a huge white glob of mess coming from her nose.  Yuck!  I called Dr. Ryan again, and she's been given some Ventipulmin to see if it helps for tonight.  If any of these three gets worse, Dr. Ryan wants me to call him.  If not, he will check all three of them along with Baby Ray in the morning.  He has to pull some more blood on Baby Ray.

I checked Casper's temp when we were done with Granny, and it was OK but I found a new melanoma under his tail.  This is the second new one in two weeks.

While Bernice was driving the go cart (it pulls the poop spreader), it broke, again.  So now we have nothing to pull the spreader with.

Jake's front feet are bothering him, and it was all we could do to get him up to the barn before the storm.  

With all of this going on, I'm trying to keep the sickly away from the barn and making sure to clean up before having to handle the baby or anything at the barn.  Baby Ray and his mom are fine munching away at hay under the front of the barn.  Jake is settled into a stall.

I'm not going to ask what else can go wrong!  When Dr. Ryan is out in the morning, if E and Captain aren't better, he will tube and treat them.  He will also pull blood.  He'll examine Granny and pull blood; she may have pneumonia or pleuritis.  She's had a cough off and on but mostly when she physically exerts herself.  But lately the cough has been for no apparent reason.  Her breathing is shallow and rapid.  She does not feel well.  I just hope her heart is OK.  So, another vet bill for tomorrow.  It never ends.

If anyone has any spare tubes of Bio-Sponge paste, we could surely use them.  We're getting low on Banamine and Bute also.  Bio-Sponge is available at Valley Vet.  We try to keep 12 tubes on hand; they are cheaper by the dozen, and it's a weeks worth of treatment for a horse.

If anyone has a golf cart they would like to donate that could pull the poop cart, it would be an answer to prayers.  The go cart keeps breaking down, and I can't drive it -- it is too bumpy for my neck/back.

We could really use prayers for the horses and humans.  I've got solo barn duty the rest of the day/night and will pretty busy.  

Sorry, this is the only picture I have of Baby Ray today.  He was in his stall munching on hay with his mom this morning when I got to the barn.  His bright little face is just so full of life you can't help but smile when you see him. 

I hope to have good news after Dr. Ryan comes out in the morning.  I don't like it at all when the elderly ones get sick.  I'll update tomorrow.  Thanks and have a good evening, everyone.

babyray_090209.jpg (43462 bytes)

09/01/09 To read the latest about Baby Ray's visits with his doctors, and to learn whether he is a candidate for cataract surgery that will hopefully restore his sight, please visit this webpage.

babyray3_090109.jpg (39481 bytes)

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