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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(October 2010)
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10/31/10 Thanks to everyone for your emails, phone calls, donations, good thoughts, and prayers regarding Savannah.  I wish we had of been able to help her long ago, and I get very upset when I think about her pain and suffering.  I truly, truly hope that at some point in her life she was loved and properly cared for.  She had such soft and beautiful eyes.  I picture her running pain free and grazing on green grass, which she loved so much.

Savannah was laid to rest just south of the tree on Frosty’s Knoll yesterday.  Just on the other side of the tree is Point to Ponder.  Frosty’s Knoll is a very special place, and there is a lot of love that will be there always.

Now for some good news:  Aaleyah Belle is finally better -- her temperature was normal today for the first time in days!  She is more alert and active. Gentleman’s eye looks much better.  The raw, scabby area on his sheath appears to be slightly better.

Here are Asiya, Legacy, and Baby Ray grazing yesterday on what little grass there is – we need rain badly.  The slightest wind picks up and carries dust all over.  We keep sprinklers going in many areas – especially where there is recently laid sod.  The grass is brown and dusty, and we are now buying hay for all of the paddocks – there is not sufficient grass to sustain the horses.  We have a gorgeous quilt fundraiser coming up in the next few days to help with the cost of hay; stay tuned for more information!

Heart came home from his foster mom’s yesterday and looks great!  Of course, the first thing he did was drop and roll.  Thanks, Cheri, for taking such good care of him!  We have a family coming to meet him, and Nash, next weekend.


Casper pretty much stays around the barn.  He is moving around well – some days are better then others.  He seems to like watching the babies play.  He still watches the boys, but I think he understands he can no longer keep up with them and that he is better off watching them.


Armani tries to get Prince to run and play with him.  When they, and Little E, get to running around the house, you can feel the ground shake! That’s OK except at night when you’re trying to sleep.


Starla enjoys some hay at the barn.  She’s not the same skinny horse she arrived as!



Armani and Legacy.



Armani looking for someone to play with as the sun goes down.  He’s simply stunning and carries himself beautifully!


Magic at sunset -- he, too, is simply stunning.  He watches over the rescue from the highest point of the property.

We wish everyone a blessed and wonderful week!


10/30/10 I peeked out at Savannah through the night and she was steadily grazing – she loved the grass.  Early this morning, she lay down to rest; but when she was ready to get up she just couldn’t.  She tried a few times, but her body was just too weak.  Her temperature started going down.  We wrapped her in blankets and gave her water via syringe.  She was in pain.  I gave her more meds until Dr. Ryan could get there.  Her heart rate kept increasing.  I gave her horse cookies, which she gobbled right up.

She slurped up water via syringe.  She lifted her head and looked at me as if to say “thank you”.  I hope she saw the love and respect I felt for her but not the pain that was in my heart.  I held her and prayed.  I sang to her and told her happy stories of some here like Reva’s son.  The light in her eyes was fading, but I kept talking, rubbing, and praying.  Bob and Katie had to leave to go to a school function that just couldn’t be rescheduled.  Diane and Jessica arrived and, shortly after, Dr. Ryan arrived and gave Savannah more meds for her pain.  After he examined her and assessed her overall condition, it was determined that the most loving thing we could do for her was to let her go.  I held her and told her how much she was loved she as she crossed.  Diane and Christina were there, too, and Savannah knew that she mattered.  She went peacefully – she earned her angel wings.  No more pain.  I only hope and pray that, in her early years, at some point in her life, she was happy and had a good life.  We don’t know how long she’d been neglected and how long she has suffered ,but it had been quite a while.

I’m so sorry that we weren’t able to give her more time.  God had other plans for her, and we respect that.  She had a beautiful heart and kind eyes. She’d suffered for a long time – at least we were able to release her from her pain.  But it hurts.  The heart gets heavy, and sometimes I just want to say “that’s it – enough – I can’t do this any more!”  Just how much can a heart break before it crumbles?  I have to believe that God led Savannah to us for a reason – if only to give her a full tummy, let her spend her last few hours grazing on grass which she just truly loved, and to come to know that she mattered to many and that she was loved.

Fly strong and free sweet girl – we love you, always.


Oh what a long day this has been!  When we arrived to pick the mare up, she had her head buried in a feet bucket eating some sort of lettuce.  I’d given her some Banamine when I met her earlier hoping it would help relieve some discomfort. We put a bucket of grain in front of her, and she followed into the trailer.  I didn’t tie her – I was afraid she’d go down on the way to the rescue.  I checked her water bucket, and she hadn’t drunk any since I’d been there earlier today.

I drove slow but imagine the ride wasn’t easy on her.  But leaving her where she was wasn’t an option – she needed help.  Sure enough, on the way to the rescue she went down.  We got her out of the trailer and my heart just went out to her – her condition didn’t happen overnight.  This mare has suffered for a while.  It’s odd, but the pain in my right arm was nothing while all of this was happening.  We gave her all the time she needed to rest.

I asked her to please hang on and promised her Dr. Ryan would help her to feel better.  I didn’t like the distant look that was in her eyes.  We took advantage of the time she was down to take some toe off her very long front feet, which hindered her walking.  Bob and I talked to her, rubbed on her, and treated her bed sores while waiting for Dr. Ryan.  She has old, dried-up poop in her tail and has rain rot. She’d been on her left side for a while, so Bob and Mikey rolled her over onto her other side.  We gave her electrolytes in water via syringe - she slurped them up and slowly we started seeming some life in her eyes.  What a good feeling that was!  She was truly exhausted, and we just encouraged her to just rest.

Diane arrived and took over so I could give my arm a break and just breathe.  The emotions that are felt in cases like this are just overwhelming.

After a bit, the mare went sternum and we all smiled!  As soon as she went sternum, she was very happy finding grass around her and started grazing - it was likely the first time she’d had grass in a long time.  We put a little alfalpha in front of her, but she pushed it out of the way as she preferred the grass.

Dr. Ryan arrived, and just as we started to talk about her Prince whinnied to the mare and it was nice, very nice, to hear her whinny back.  It was just after that she managed the strength to get up.  We were all relieved.  Watching her get up was hard – it was hard on her, and we all breathed a sigh of relief once she was up and somewhat stable.

Dr. Ryan says she’s 20+ years old and is in discomfort.  Her heart rate is high – likely from pain.  The injury to her knee isn’t new, and she’s suffered for quite a while.  She doesn’t like to put weight on it, but can you blame her?  When she does walk, the foot on the bad leg seems to get somewhat stuck behind the good leg or in the way of the good leg when she moves forward.  It took a while to get her to the QT paddock, and she almost went down twice – she would have if she hadn’t had a human to help support her.

We don’t know what happened to her before I first saw her today.  This is what I was told:  Someone stopped at the people’s home (that called me) last night and asked if they wanted a free horse.  The folks looked in the trailer and saw that she was skinny and didn’t want to refuse her at least a home where she’d get hay and some grain.  It was dark, and they didn’t know about her bad leg until the person that gave her to them had left.  This morning, seeing how bad she was and knowing they couldn’t provide proper care, they started calling around to see if anyone or a rescue could take her.  Someone gave them our number.  The rest is history.

I truly don’t know how long she will be with us.  We don’t know how she endured the trailer ride (if there was one) last night or if she suffered any injury then.  I do know she went down on the way to the rescue this afternoon, and it was only a 15-minute ride.  She has a couple of freshly chipped front teeth – she likely hit her mouth when she went down in the trailer today.  We know it’s difficult for her to walk.  We don’t know if she can lie down in order to rest her overworked good leg. We don’t know how bad she will be tomorrow from today’s events.  I do know that, for now, she is in the QT paddock with hay and grass and water and she’s been given medications for pain.  Dr. Ryan mentioned euthanasia upon examining her but then, as we discussed it, we realized that we really don’t know what kind of shape she was in before yesterday and how the events of the last two days have impacted her.  We agreed that we’d give her a couple of days and see what her comfort level is, how mobile she is, and then regroup to review her abilities, prognosis, comfort level, and quality of life.  If nothing else, we will give her a few days of TLC and try to keep her comfortable.  She will know love.

I named this sweet girl Savannah.  I don’t know why but, when Dr. Ryan asked me her name, it just came to me.  Please say prayers for Savannah and thank you to everyone that is helping her.  We will do our best for her, treat her like a queen for as long as she is with us, and do what is in her best interest.  We’re not a rescue that makes a quick decision but we won’t allow her, or any horse, to linger and suffer.

God bless Savannah and all of you for caring. I t’s only because of help from others that we can do what we do. I’ll update tomorrow.  If anyone would like to call in a donation directly to the vet’s to help, the number at Peterson & Smith is 352-237-6151.  Just tell them it’s for “Savannah” at Beauty’s Haven.  She likely won’t be in their main computer before Monday evening.


(early PM)
This is the mare – she’s in pretty bad shape.  I don’t think she’s very old.  Her injury is to her knee/leg and not her shoulder.  She is a 1 on the Henneke scale has no fat or muscle tone, but she has very soft eyes that look “lost.”  She didn’t want to move an inch.  I’m not sure she’s in any shape to be transported, but she’s not far from us.  I’m going to have Dr. Ryan look at her and see what, if anything, we can do to help her.

The folks that took her in last night do not have the means to do anything for her; but she is getting hay, water, and some grain.  She hasn’t been drinking and that has me concerned – she does seem dehydrated.

We won’t be able to do anything for the mare without help – would anyone like to pledge to help her?  I don’t know what I’m asking for yet, but I do know that we will need help from others in order to help her, even if it means that helping her cross is the most humane thing for her.

Thank you, and I’ll update again and have specifics for what kind of help we need after Dr. Ryan advises.  He got held up on other calls today, so he’s running quite a bit behind.


10/29/10 One of the issues we’ve been working on here for the last week is Aaleyah Belle’s health.  A week ago we found her with an elevated temperature, and she just wasn’t herself.  Dr. Ryan examined her and did a nasal swab.  We didn’t start her on antibiotics – Dr. Ryan wanted to wait for the lab culture to grow.  He thought it was strangles. But her nose was clear, her lungs were clear, she was eating and drinking. She didn’t appear to have any discomfort in her neck area. 

We waited for the culture and no strangles, but on Monday AM an abscess ruptured under her jaw; and Dr. Ryan came out and did took a swab from the abscess.  He still thought it was strangles.  In my heart of hearts, I never thought it was strangles but we didn’t want to take any chances. 

Today the most recent culture confirms no strangles.  She has a terrible bacterial infection; and yesterday the left side of her face, from her jaw down to her muzzle, was swollen.  We didn’t want to start her on antibiotics until we knew for a fact it wasn’t strangles – that could have lead to bastard strangles and put her at high risk of getting worse.  With this morning's lab confirmation that it isn’t strangles, we have started her on antibiotics.  Her temp has been very high every morning, and she has been getting Banamine.  I’ve been a very worried mom and anxiously waiting, watching her not improve, which was driving me nuts!  So now she has received her first round of antibiotics and is hopefully on her way to recovery.  She’s had me very worried.

At feeding this morning, I noticed Gentleman’s eye right away. It’s the one the cyst was removed from.  It’s very swollen – almost shut – and is draining.  And just a few minutes ago, I found his flymask with a wad of blood on it from the left nostril; but when I cleaned his nose – nothing. Dr. Ryan is on his way out.

And I just got a call about a mare that was dropped off at a lady’s home last night in the dark. It was a “free” horse that she was looking forward to having, but she’d never seen the mare. This morning when she went out to see her new mare, she couldn’t believe she found.  The lady says that the mare is skin on bones, and it looks like she has a broken shoulder.  They have no money to have a vet out.  I will save my comments and thoughts on this for later.  The lady is very upset, and you could just hear it in her voice that she is desperate for help.  I will try to go see this mare as soon as Dr. Ryan leaves.

Please say prayers for Aaleyah’s recovery and that GMan’s eye will be OK.  Hopefully it’s just an allergy and nothing more.  I’ll update when I can.

So much for “resting” the arm.

10/28/10 I just want to let everyone know we’re still here and why I haven’t posted an update lately.

I haven’t been able to sit at the computer to put together an update or do much else. I injured my arm/shoulder this past Saturday and I went to the doctor yesterday. I have bursitis, tendonitis, a new arm sling and physical therapy for six weeks.

I’ll try to post a real update tomorrow with some pictures.

10/24/10 Sorry this is such a short update, but I strained my right arm/shoulder yesterday morning and have been pretty much out of commission since – I’m not handling the pain very well.  Actually, I’m not handling not being able to do much very well.  I felt horrible abandoning the volunteers yesterday – they all worked very hard.  Yesterday two more pallets of sod were put down and the barn got a really good cleaning – I wish it would stay looking so nice.  The spiders and cob webs take over so easily.

Don’t you just love little baby Arabian ears?  Reva’s baby is so handsome!  Reva, well, if you didn’t know better you’d think she was still pregnant!  She’s being exercised almost daily now.


Reva’s baby is getting some hands on, too.  He’s getting to be a big boy – he’s almost as big as Kandi and she’s about seven months old!



Prince is doing well.  He’s gained some much needed weight but has a long way to go.  He’s really a sweet horse.



Shaker and Joy are really getting big – we’d sure love to find them homes so they could settle in well before their estimated foaling dates.


Friday, trying to coax Magic into letting Dr. Ryan listen to his lungs and draw blood.

No amount of coaxing would have helped.  That’s Dr. Ryan in Magic’s stall advising me that it would be best for me to draw the blood.  At least Magic didn’t get too upset when Dr. Ryan walked into his paddock this time.  He’s come a long way but still has a long way to go.  We’re very happy his blood work came back OK.

Remember Sammi and her little Joy?  Look at how big Joy is now!  Sammi is a pretty big mare – Joy looks like she’s going to be big, too.  Their human mom, Kara, loves these girls terribly; they are healthy and happy.  This is what we want for all horses that come here. Thank you, Kara!

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I likely won’t be at the computer much until my arm/shoulder feels better – this is pretty frustrating.

10/22/10 When Bernice and I were feeding this morning, we noticed Aaleyah Belle had a much snottier than normal nose, she was warm, and she wasn't too interested in her food.  Dr. Ryan was came out to draw blood on Magic; I had to sedate Magic in order for Dr. Ryan to get near him, and even that didn't work.  While we were waiting for the sedation to kick in, Dr. Ryan examined Aaleyah and found that she had a temp of 104.  He did a nasal swab and gave her some Banamine and Bute.  Then Dr. Ryan came back up to Magic's paddock to draw blood, and I wanted him to listen to Magic's lungs; but Magic wanted nothing to do with Dr. Ryan, so I ended up drawing the blood.  Magic was very happy when I took his halter off of him and let him go.

The blood work results came back this evening, and Magic is fine. It's been really dry and dusty; we haven't had rain in weeks.  The lime rock blows across the property terribly, and Magic's hay has been dustier than usual.  So, we switched hay; and I'm going to start him on the same supplement we get from "Feedmark USA" that worked wonders for GMan when he was breathing heavy through the summer.

Aaleyah's blood work indicates that she has some sort of infection going on. However, when I took her temperature around 8 pm tonight, it was normal, she was eating her hay, she was alert, her eyes were bright and beautiful, and she didn't have a snotty nose.

I have pictures from today but misplaced my camera and will have to find it in the daylight.  I had to move several buckets of sand this evening with the tractor to prepare for laying sod tomorrow.  Our Friday volunteers, Bernice and John, stayed late in order to make the trip to Ocala to pick up two pallets of sod, which we truly appreciated -- there just are not enough hours in the day! Thanks to Diane (another volunteer); JROTC kids will be coming out in the morning to do detailed barn cleaning and lay sod.  It's going to be a very busy day so I'm going to try to get to bed early.  I feel much better knowing that Magic is OK, but I am concerned about Aaleyah.

Classy is a little better as is Princess.  GMan is doing well, and the area on his sheath is no worse but no better.  Prince is doing really well.  Reva and the little ones are all doing well.  Joy and Shaker, two pregnant mares from the Naples case, are starting to get really big!  Bouie, Frodo, and Val are all doing great.  Amadeus is still huge and still growing!  Peaches is doing well as are Beauty, Chloe, and Nash.  We have a possible adoption on Nash!  Here are two beautiful girls, Beauty and Chloe -- I took this picture a couple of months ago and just love it and wanted to share.

If anyone would like to help with today's vetting, it would be greatly appreciated.  I don't know how much the bill is going to be but, when I find out, I will post it -- I likely won't know before next Tuesday or so.  Any amount is greatly appreciated, and no amount is too small.  Donations can be called directly in to the vet's office at 352-237-6151.  All donations are tax-deductible. We've also started to buy a lot more hay as we have had no rain and the grass just isn't growing.

Have a great weekend, everyone -- I'll try to update tomorrow and post some pictures.  I still have pictures I want to post from the Vegifest in Tampa where Barbara and Kevin set up an awesome booth for the rescue ; lots of people stopped to ask questions and look at pictures and were provided informational handouts.

10/21/10 What a beautiful day it was at the rescue!  We had a new volunteer start today:  welcome Marcia!

Momma Sue got a good bath today. She's no worse so that is a very good thing.


We'll be pulling blood on Magic tomorrow.  He's been coughing for the last couple of days, and we just want to make sure there's nothing wrong.  His hay has been dustier so I'm hoping that is the reason.  We had a new load of hay delivered today, so hell start getting it instead.

Princess was better today.  Classy was still ouchy but a little better in her front feet.

I meant to get a picture of Kami in her new halter but ran out of time -- will try tomorrow -- she's a pistol!

Have a good night, everyone, and a blessed day tomorrow!

10/20/10 Reva and the three little ones are doing well.  Kami got a new halter today -- what a cutie!  Casper has been doing OK; he has had to stay in the main paddock since Princess is in the barn paddock with her fee.  Casper can be a bit grumpy at times and will charge her.  Princess seems to be walking a little better today; Ola touched her feet up yesterday before we soaked her foot and wrapped it again.

Baby Ray is growing up!  If you were to watch him play and run around, you'd never know he is supposed to be blind.  I think he can see things at a distance but not focus very well.  His ability to see things up close isn't very good.


Armani and Little E visited the boys in the main paddock today; just a few weeks ago he was too small to go out with the boys.  I've never see a baby grow as fast as he has:  he's at least 14.3 already!  He does remind me of Buttercup at times:  his facial expressions and body movements.

Little E decided to play a bit, too.  Remember a couple of years ago it was Momma Sue and our three girls?  Now it's Little E and our three boys!  Although, I'm not too sure Little E likes it.

When Little E and Armani first went out, Armani would get a bit nervous with the boys and he'd hide behind Little E.  Little E would pin his ears at Legacy and Baby Ray; Baby Ray could care less because he can't see them!  It was fun to watch!

Reva's baby must have had some conversations with Legacy -- he got somewhat stuck in the fence today -- Legacy is famous for doing this!  Like Legacy, he doesn't panic, he just lays there and looks around like:  could someone get me unstuck, please?

Classy is walking a bit better today.  Ola touched her feet up yesterday and that seemed to help.

Yesterday morning Ruby came in a bit more lame on her bad leg.  On nights of good weather, she stays in the arena -- we don't turn her out with others because of her leg -- we're afraid she'll run around and make it worse.  She stays stalled during the days.  Then, yesterday evening, Ruby charged Armani through her stall window in the barn and slammed her shoulder with bad leg into the wall.  She had to stay stalled last night; it was really giving her a tough time.  She was better today and was able to go out into the round pen tonight.

Prince is doing well; he seems a little "brighter" each day.  Dr. Bess came on Monday to do his teeth but decided to wait until he is stronger and puts on some weight.  Ola trimmed his feet yesterday.  He's a good boy.

I hope everyone is having a good week -- it's Wednesday already!  Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support -- it's only because of your support that we are able to do what we do -- the horses and humans of Beauty's Haven appreciate you!

P.S. Spread the word - Armani is still looking for a home!!!

10/17/10 It was a nice weekend, busy but nice!  The weather was awesome; I wish it were like this all year!

On Saturday we were presented with funds raised by Kaitlin from a project she did for school.  It was obvious she worked hard, and we think it's really a great thing that her school, and her parents, encourage her to become involved in helping animals.  Thanks so much, Kaitlin!


The boys got some extra attention, which they really enjoyed!


But then Kami let us all know that she demanded to be the center of attention -- she was full of herself when they were here!  We're definitely going to have to start working harder on her manners!  She is starting to act like her mom more and more!

Marie gave Kami a bath yesterday and what was the first thing Kami did after?  ROLL!!!  Gotta love her!


Prince has received lots of attention since he's been here; he's got a really super personality.  He's doing well, and today he even trotted a bit.  Dr. Bess will be out tomorrow to do his teeth; and Ola, the farrier, will be here on Tuesday.  This is Vikki, a volunteer, giving him a good grooming.



Asiya and Casper are doing well.  That's Legacy poking his head around from the other side of the shelter.


Gentleman is also doing well.  The area on his sheath is no better but no worse. He looks really good.


Aaleyah Belle came back today from a couple of months of training, and Dude left for 30 days of refresher training.  Jennifer does a great job!  Notice the tongue hanging out -- that's Aaleyah Belle!



And here is Katie, our daughter, on Aaleyah.  Jennifer said that Aaleyah Belle is a little lazy, but that's OK with me!


Dude loaded up just fine and was ready to go to school.  He's going to make someone a really nice horse!

Princess didn't have a very good day yesterday but, thankfully, today was better.  She likely has another abscess that needs to drain.  We're still soaking and wrapping.

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10/14/10 Today's findings with Gentleman are good -- we'll know more once the biopsy comes back, but Dr. Hughes feels it will be OK.

Under closer observation, Dr. Hughes recommended not removing the lump at his eye because it would effect the tear duct, which would cause him issues the rest of his life.  When she did the biopsy, she determined it to be a cyst and drained it. I t may have to be re-opened in the future.  If it is cancer, it would be injected with Cisplatin over a period of time.  We're thinking positive that it will be just fine!  We are to keep an eye on him and, if he starts rubbing his eye, we will put his mask with a cup in the right eye on him to protect it.  So far, he hasn't rubbed it.  The area at his scrotum we're to treat for 2 to 3 weeks, and Dr. Ryan will reassess it.  If it is no better, then a biopsy will likely be done.  The lump on his penis was a scab that was removed and is fine.  Learning this was a huge relief because it really looked bad.

It's so good to have him back home!  And he was more then ready to leave the hospital!

Princess is still in discomfort, but we're doing the best we can to help her. We're still soaking her left foot, packing it with Magna-Paste, and wrapping it.  She won't let us work on the right foot because she doesn't want to put any weight on the left foot.  When she lies down, I work on it then.  We'll continue to soak and pack and wrap until the abscess resolves.  We were very relieved to learn there was no rotation.

I don't know when the biopsy will be back on Gentleman, but I'll update when I get it.  We truly appreciate everyone's prayers and support.  I won't have a total for GMan's vetting until tomorrow.

Thanks, everyone, it's not been a great day because Princess is hurting; but it's a good day because its an abscess and not rotation and because GMan is home; and hopefully the biopsy will be back soon, and all will be good and the area at his scrotum will heal.

Here are Princess and Gentleman recuperating at the barn.

10/13/10 Oh what a day it's been here!  The need to be in two places at once haunted me all afternoon!  I wanted to take GMan to the hospital, but Princess was having a really tough time so Bob took him.  Princess has a sore front left foot and doesn't want to put any weight on it.  Bute didn't help, and I truly don't like to see any animal in pain; and she was clearly uncomfortable.  Dr. Das rearranged her afternoon schedule to come to work on Princess to try to bring her some relief, and she did.  We hope it is an abscess, but Dr. Das suggested X-rays be taken; so Dr. Ryan will be back out in the morning to do them.  Dr. Ryan had been out early this AM and, by the time we knew Princess was having a tough time, he was on the other side of the county.

Here is Dr. Ryan checking out "Prince of Hearts."  He scored a 1 on the Henneke scale.  He is about 8 years old.

GMan loaded OK for the trip to the hospital.  I always wonder what horses think when they leave here.  I assured GMan he would be back and that he has many, many people praying for him and thinking of him.  I wasn't happy when it was time to load him, but I tried to be upbeat about it.



Armani even told GMan it would be OK and that he'd see him again tomorrow afternoon.

GMan settled into his stall at the hospital OK.  His surgery is scheduled for morning; I need to be two places at once again!  They don't have a time yet for GMan's surgery, but someone is supposed to call me in advance to give me time to get there.  If all goes well, and we are praying it will, we'll be able to bring GMan home tomorrow afternoon.  Blodwyn visited with GMan this afternoon and will be going back later this evening to check on him -- she lives just down the road from the hospital.  She'll give me an update when she goes back.

The new arrivals had a great time in the sprinkler today.

"It's my sprinkler right now -- come back later!"  Morgan from HPAF picked up the pony this evening.

It's been a very long and tiring day here.  It isn't the same without Gentleman.  I hope he understands that we are trying to help him and tackle the tumors before they get any worse.  We will be saying lots of prayers that the biopsies come back OK and that the tumors are benign.

Thank all of you for your good thoughts, prayers, and donations. I 'll update tomorrow when I can.  I'm hoping Dr. Ryan gets here and X-rays Princess before I get the call that GMan is being prepared for surgery.  And I hope and pray that Princess has an abscess and not laminitis.  If you've sent me an email and I haven't responded, it's only because I haven't had much time at the computer. Please continue to keep Princess and Gentleman in your prayers.

P.S.  Momma Sue is doing fine.

Someone stopped in at the rescue today to alert us to a starved horse not far from the rescue.  I took a ride and found not one, but two geldings.  They were living on sand and desperate for food.  A neighbor said that the owner had left them there months ago and had not been caring for them.  We made a complaint to the county, a Deputy responded, the owner was tracked down, and the horses were surrendered.

This Arabian is in the worst condition.  He's very thin and has quite a bit of rain rot.  But I think, with a few weeks of proper care, he'll bounce back to be a healthy and happy horse.




When he came walking over to me, thoughts of Nick came to mind -- the way he carried himself and the look on his face, his demeanor.



The second is an older pony.



He was so hungry he was eating dried up poop.  He also ate green sprouts off of this little tree.  The Arabian just stood off in the trees with his head hanging down like he'd lost all hope.



This guy gave me a look that said, "Please, don't leave us here!"

It's a blessing that neither had sustained injuries; the fencing was in shambles and they could have easily stepped on a nail or cut themselves on broken wire fencing that was rusty and sharp.


Tonight they are happily eating in the QT paddock.

I'm glad they won't be hungry tonight.  And I'm glad they will be properly cared for during upcoming cold season.  It was truly pathetic to watch them sift through the sand looking for any morsel of anything to eat.  I don't understand how anyone can leave a living being to fend for itself with nothing to live on. I'm very thankful to the person that alerted us to these horses and to the Deputy; it was a pleasure working with him.

We contacted HPAF to see if they would take one of them because we are just full.  We are very thankful that they will be picking up the pony in the morning. Would anyone like to help with the Arabian's immediate needs or be a monthly sponsor for him?  Dr. Ryan will be out in the morning to examine him.  If anyone would like to call in a donation directly to the vet's office (Peterson & Smith), the number is 352-237-6151.  No amount is too small and any amount greatly appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible.  Donations for other needs (farrier, equine dentist, feed, etc.) can be made via our "Donate" page or via snail mail to P.O. Box 53, Morriston, FL 32668.  Thank you!


10/12/10 Dr. Ryan came out today and looked at the tumors on GMan again -- the tumor at the eye was worse than he initially thought.  Tomorrow we will be taking GMan to the hospital.  If all goes well, we will be able to pick him up on Thursday.  We're going to miss him so much; he carries a strong presence here. We rushed around today and were able to find and buy a mask with an eye cup protector on it today; he will need it after the surgery.

If anyone would like to help with GMan's hospital/surgical expenses, you can call a donation directly to the vet's office (Peterson & Smith) at 352-237-6151.  No amount would be too small and any amount greatly appreciated.  The estimated cost is about $600, which includes the surgery, overnight stay, and biopsies of both areas that tumors are being removed from.  I don't know about medications or follow-on needs yet except that Dr. Ryan said that GMan may have to have chemo after the surgery -- we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks, everyone, God bless and please keep Gentleman in your prayers. A nd Momma Sue, too -- I'm sure she will miss him.  We're all going to miss him.

10/11/10 Dr. Ryan will be removing the tumors on GMan's eye and penis this week.  A biopsy will be done on both.

The one on his eye is thought to be a sarcoid.  The one on his penis could be squamous cell carcinoma -- let's pray this isn't the case.

Please keep him in your prayers.  I'm happy to report that Momma Sue continues to do well.  She and GMan have become quite the pair.

10/09/10 Here's something to smile at:  we need more smiles!  Momma Sue actually lay down and took a nap today!  It's great to see her moving around better.  That's Jake standing over her.  Gman was standing under the shade of the tree.



Mommy, please get up and play ball with me!


I just want to take a 5-minute nap, OK?  Watching out for so many little ones is tiring!


But mommy, I'm bored and the girls won't play with me! Reva gave in and got up -- the baby has all of us wrapped around his little hooves!  And no, we still don't have just the right name for him yet.


Bouie checking out the hay in the tub.



Dude and Princess enjoying the shade of a new shelter.


The boys taking a nap.



Reva and the babies.



Armani enjoying scratches from Laura.  This boy has growing spurts overnight! He's about 14.3 hh already!  He's taller than Little E!


Legacy after a much needed bath.



Here's Ladybug after her bath.  It looks as though she has found a forever home!


Cheri, Jo, and Deanna visited today.  It's the first time Jo has seen Starla since she transported Starla and Passion to the hospital for us in the wee hours of the night/morning after they were released to us.  It was very nice to finally meet Jo in person!


Asiya is doing wonderful -- she's a very sweet mare.



And last but not least:  GMan and Momma Sue.  They've been quite a pair for the last week or so.

We hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful day tomorrow.  We're tucking in early tonight.  We're worn out from last night's activities with Taco.  I'm so glad he is better, but he still falls on his right side.  Hopefully that will get better. Thank you all for your good thoughts, prayers, and continued support.

Reminder!!  There are less than two days left to bid on a Parelli Partnership Kit we have listed on EBay!

10/07/10 I was hoping to put out an update tonight, with pictures, but I'm beat and need to get to bed at a reasonable time.  Our son's 22nd birthday was today, so we had dinner and cake -- it was nice to have both kids at home again for a couple of hours.

So, a quick update on Momma Sue and GMan...

Momma Sue:  She is doing better than she was before the treatment but wasn't as active today.  She stayed in the shelter with GMan much of the day.  Continued prayers for her would be appreciated.

Gentleman:  The lump that burst is better.  The areas of concern are no worse, so that is a good thing.  His blood work came back OK.  We'll continue to treat the areas with Veterycin and SWAT and pray that they heal.  Dr. Ryan wants to give him time to see if the areas get better with treatment.  If not, a biopsy may be done.  GMan is up there in years and could use continued prayers.

If anyone would like to donate some Veterycin, we could really use it. We're on our last bottle.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's prayers and support!  Some donations have come in to help with Momma Sue's vet bill -- thank you very much!

Have a good night, everyone!

10/05/10 I want to share a good, heartwarming story.  We’ve been working for the couple of days on trying to find a safe home for this horse.  He is Aaleyah Belle and Silver Belle’s sire.  I’ve been wanting to get him out of this place for 2+ years. Today we did just that!

This is where he had been living for a few years -- he didn’t seem very happy.


He was living in a pasture of overgrown weeds, sand, wild grown watermelons, and broken boards with nails sticking out.


I picked him up and transported him back “home” today -- “home” to where he was born!


He was greeted by people that haven’t seen him in about 9 years -- his human mom and the farm manager that was there when he was born.  He seemed a bit unsure at first.

We gave him some time to think about what was happening.  And then his human mom took him and put her hand on him and welcomed him home.  He settled down and he seemed overcome with relief.  I cried; I couldn’t help it.

When we turned him out into a paddock, he walked out about 30 feet and stopped, turned around, stood tall, and looked at us as if to say “thank you,” and then dropped his head and started grazing.  It’s the first time he’s been on grass in years.  He will live out a good life here with quality care and lots of love.

After two years of trying, he’s finally where I dreamed for him to be.  This horse means a lot to me -- because of him we have Aaleyah Belle, Silver Belle, and Momma Sue.  These two girls and Momma Sue have brought us much joy.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to find responsible people that welcome their own back home if needed.  His human mom didn’t know where he had ended up and, when we contacted her about his situation, she didn’t hesitate to offer him a forever home.  She is a really nice and caring person.

He has acres and acres of green grass and a beautiful barn that he will share with two other horses.  He’s not far from us, and we get to visit him, which I look forward to doing.  His personality is like his daughters -- he’s very pleasant and has the kindest eyes.  I’m very happy but exhausted -- this effort has been mentally taxing. But it was a very good day.

10/04/10 When Dr. Ryan was here today to examine/treat Momma Sue, he also checked out Gentleman. Yesterday, one of our volunteers found a wound between his thighs that didn't look right, and there was really no explanation for it.  It looked like it had just "popped" and was oozing a bit. GMan's temp was OK, and he seemed fine; but I didn't like the looks of it.  We treated it with Vetericyn.  I brought him up to the barn this morning and got a better look.  There is more than just one area in question.  There are other places on and near his sheath and on the inside of his back legs.

Dr. Ryan pulled blood (CBC/SMAC) on GMan.  He wants us to continue to treat the areas with Vetericyn and to monitor them.  He doesn't want to do a biopsy at this time -- he wants to see what the blood work reveals and if our treating it helps.

Please keep this big, beautiful, and loving horse in your prayers.  I'll update when we know more. Thank you!

10/04/10 Dr. Ryan just left a few minutes ago.  Here’s a short summary…

Dixie:  She definitely has COPD and likely Cushings.  She’s not drinking, so we’re giving her electrolytes via syringe and in her feed.  She gets soaked alfalpha cubes throughout the day.  She’s a very sweet mare.  She’s gotten so many hugs and just loves the attention!  Dixie is being treated for her COPD and monitored closely.  A CBC was also pulled.

Heart:  He has an impaction colic – this isn’t good.  He doesn’t feel well.  Dr. Ryan gave him fluids and oiled him again.  A CBC was also pulled.

Prince:  I’ve been observing him, and now he is giving me cause for concern; so I’m going out now to take his vitals and see what is going on.  I hope it’s not another colic.

The change in weather here in the last day has been significant, and tomorrow night will be worse – in the “feels like” 30’s. Colic’s are not uncommon when this happens.  We’ll be unpacking blankets to prepare for tomorrow night after I go check on Prince.

Thanks to everyone for caring.  Please say prayers for Dixie, Heart, Prince, and all of the horses and us humans here.  I have a feeling it's going to be a long couple of days.  I’ll update when I can.  God bless, and have a great day.

10/03/10 It was a busy, but quiet, weekend at the rescue.  Friday we prepared the QT paddock for sod, and then it took a couple of hours to actually lay the sod.  We hope and pray it roots well.


We were able to fill in the sink hole and other ruts/holes from the washout, but we weren't able to get any more sod -- it won't be available until late this week. Let's hope and pray the fill-in sand doesn't get blown or washed away before we can get the sod.  We've still got a lot of work to do.


Here's Classy getting her trach cleaned yesterday.


Almost all of the horses got groomed today.  Legacy was determined that Baby Ray wasn't going to get any attention!


Reva and her baby boy are doing great.


Chloe and Dude.



Kami and Kandi sharing hay today.  They all love the new shelters!



GMan and Jake today with yours truly! I t was a beautiful day -- tonight is actually pretty cool!



And our sweet Momma Sue.


Some of you may remember Misty, Tiny Tim's mom.  Here she is:  pictures were taken last week by her adopted human mom.

Have a great week everyone!

10/02/10 Here are some pictures of Aaleyah Belle at "school."  Our little filly has grown up!

For those of you that don't know Aaleyah or her story, please visit her many diary pages.  She and her mom, Momma Sue, were almost shot only a few hours after Aaleyah Belle was born -- the day that Eight Belles crossed Rainbow Bridge. 

Aaleyah was born with a wry nose and couldn't nurse.  Click here to read her story.  We're very proud of her. 

And Momma Sue -- what a mare she is!  She raised not only Aaleyah but also Buttercup (an orphan foal) and Silver Belle (another orphan foal).  Momma Sue has been having weakness issues in her hindquarters from an old injury for quite some time.  We're trying to keep her comfortable, but I'm sorry to report that she does seem a bit worse these past few days.  Please keep Momma Sue in your prayers.


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