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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

(October 2009)

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Princess is not doing well; her cornea is close to rupturing even though we have been aggressively treating it.  We have been treating her eye for several days now.  It got better but then, later in the week, it got worse.  She is on quite a few meds, most administered via the lavage.  We may have to take her to the hospital, and I'm trying to find someone with a truck we can borrow since the rescue truck is broken.

In the meantime, we need to raise some funds for Princess.  Her vet bills are pretty high, already over $600 so far and we're far from done.  Her bills will likely be over $1,000 before this is resolved.  I just hope and pray for a miracle and that her eye gets better.  Eye injuries, even those that look so small, should never be taken for granted; they can take a dive for the worse in no time at all.  I did ask Dr. Eric about her pain; he said the most painful part is likely past -- for that I am thankful.

We're offering these really nice horseshoe decorations (made by Jessica and Diane) for $15 (+shipping) each.  You can pick out any horse here, and we'll insert the picture behind the horseshoe; or you can insert one of your own.  Hang them on the wall, use them as a paperweight, and more.  I'll post pictures of different shoes later today, but here is one example.  They'd make really nice Christmas presents.  I'll try to get a better picture later to post.  We have a couple of other really nice items, like barn signs, we'll be posting soon -- so stay tuned.

horseshoe_103109.jpg (22006 bytes)


Well, today was pretty eventful with what happened with the truck.  I'm sure the emergency responders weren't too happy having to wear their full protective gear in the hot weather today.  Both tanks of gas in the truck had just been filled this morning.  The drive shaft broke and bounced from the road back up to one of the gas tanks and punched a couple of holes in it.  The diesel fuel poured out.  The smell was nauseating.  I'm so thankful nothing blew up and that passers by didn't toss out a lit cigarette!  I was really relieved when the fire department and HAZMAT team arrived.

Thank God it didn't happen yesterday with Baby Ray in tow!  Can you imagine?  It's a terrible, scary thought.

We desperately need a dependable truck.  I have no idea how much today's damage is going to cost, and I have no idea how we are going to pay for the repairs.  Without a truck, we can't tow the trailer to take horses to scheduled vet visits.  I just hope and pray we don't have an emergency with Princess or any of the other horses.

The end of the year is coming -- surely that has to be a dealer or person somewhere that would be willing to donate a truck as an end-of-the-year tax deduction to help the rescue?  Please help us find that person or dealer!  We've approached our local dealers and more for months now -- but nothing.  Any and all help from everyone in searching for a good truck that can pull the trailer would be so very much appreciated.

truck1_103009.jpg (37426 bytes)

truck2_103009.jpg (38271 bytes)

truck3_103009.jpg (32530 bytes)

Sorry these pictures are so late coming, but it's been pretty busy here.

Baby Ray wasn't as willing to load to go to the hospital this time.  Blodwyn, Marie, and I tried coaxing but it wasn't working; and the clock was ticking.  We knew Dr. Brooks would be waiting so ...


I decided to give Baby Ray the option of backing in, and he did it very gracefully!


Hey, Miss Lisa!!!  How are you??  Is Dr. Brooks coming to see me?  Are you going to take these lavage things out of my eyes?  I still can't see much, but it hasn't been very long since my operation -- my eyes are OK right?  They just aren't learning to work as fast as we want them to, right?  Ummm, can you please get Dr. Brooks now?  I need to hurry and get back home; my mommy misses me when I'm gone and she worries.


You aren't Dr. Brooks; I don't think we've met.  I'm Baby Ray -- I guess you already know Miss Lisa.  She takes good care of me when I come here, and I feel better when she's around.  Are you going to do something to my eyes?  Can Dr. Brooks come now, please?  I need to get back home to my mommy.


Finally!!  Dr. Brooks!!  How was your trip?  I missed you the last time I came; I'm glad you're here today.  I heard you say that everything in my eyes is working really well, so how come I can't see?  Maybe it's just going to take a little more time?  Thanks, Dr. Brooks and Miss Lisa, for caring about me.  Someday I'm going to see what you look like, maybe the next time I come back in a few weeks!  Can we finish up now?  I want to get back home to my mom.  Can you do what mommy Theresa does and say prayers that my eyes will start working?  Thanks for everything; now can I go home to my mommy, please?

Baby Ray was whinnying for his mom before he turned on the road to the rescue.  Sunshine heard him and she started to whinny back.  Neither one of them handled the separation as well this time as they did last time but the day was a bit busier and rushed.  We'll make sure on the next trip we have more time to load. 

Yahoo!  Hey, mommy, I'm home!  Be careful, mommy Theresa, don't trip going down the ramp.  Hurry, though, my mom is waiting for me; I can hear her dancing around.  I'm coming, mommy!  I'll always be so thankful that I got my mommy back.  I missed her so much after they took me away from her when I was only four weeks old.  She's a good mommy and I love her to pieces!  I love all my humans, too; Im a very blessed boy to have so many that care about me, aren't I?  I hope all babies are as loved and as cared for as I am.  Come on, mommy Theresa ,faster!



It's become obvious to us that, when Sunshine is reunited with her baby after his trips to UF, she is so happy what does she do?

She has a good roll!!  Each trip back from UF always brings lots of rolls! 

Hey, mommy, what are you doing down there?  Come on, let's go find a good hay pile!  I'm hungry!  How about the feed room door -- let's go peek in the window and see if anyone is in there -- maybe we'l get a treat! 


Look at me, everyone, I'm Baby Ray!  Everyone says I've grown a lot!  I know I'm going to see my mommy someday!  And I'm going to see the clouds, the green grass, and all of the other horses and the humans here!  It's just going to take a little longer than we thought.  But like my friend Aaleyah Belle says, never give up!  Thank you all for caring and keeping up with my progress.  I have a favor to ask, OK?  Please say prayers for Princess.  She is having a bad time with one of her eyes.  My human mom and dad are working around the clock to help her, and volunteers are helping, too; so is Dr. Ryan.  I heard Dr. Ryan say that he's taking his wife on a nice vacation starting tomorrow, but he already talked to Dr. Eric about Princess.  Dr. Eric will be checking on Princess while Dr. Ryan is gone.  Have a good night, everyone!

babyray1_103009.jpg (33542 bytes)

babyray2_103009.jpg (36002 bytes)

babyray3_103009.jpg (31488 bytes)

babyray4_103009.jpg (26612 bytes)

babyray5_103009.jpg (26639 bytes)

babyray6_103009.jpg (29459 bytes)

babyray7_103009.jpg (41272 bytes)

babyray8_103009.jpg (38708 bytes)

babyray9_103009.jpg (57966 bytes)


I thought I better get an update out tonight; tomorrow is going to be very busy.  Velvet isn't as lame today, and she hasn't run and bucked for a few days now.  I've had some people ask why we don't just add a small paddock for her here with a shelter (and thank you to those that have offered to help fund this).  This was a consideration when we started looking at options and what would be best for Velvet.  We did try putting her in a smaller paddock many weeks ago, and it didn't help.  When the other horses would start running, she did, too; being in a smaller paddock only made her turns sharper and faster and scared the daylights out of me!  Keeping her in a stall is no life, and she becomes stiff in no time.  What she really needs is a home where she is a friend to maybe a goat or donkey.  Living in an environment where there are few to no other horses -- the better her chances of not reinjuring her knee, or worse.  While we truly appreciate Jim's (Tierra Madre) offer to give Velvet a home, we are still looking for options here in the immediate area.  I personally don't think a long transport trip would be good for her.  By long, I mean no more then a couple of hours from us.  We'll be talking with Dr. Ryan about Velvet tomorrow.  Our goal is to make her as comfortable for as long as possible in an environment where she will be closely monitored, well cared for, loved, and where she is the least likely to make her injury worse.  She is young and full of life.  

Baby Ray managed to break the lines going to the lavages in his eyes last night.  It wasn't a problem; I applied the meds via a syringe today.  He doesn't seem to see me with the syringe, and he's really good about it.  But I do think he can see larger objects from a distance.  We'll know more tomorrow.  Dr. Brooks is back in town and will be seeing Baby Ray tomorrow at 1:30.  Baby Ray will be going again without his mom; she will be slightly sedated when he leaves.  It worked out well last time and didn't seem stressful for baby or mom.  At least not until Baby Ray got back and started to whinny that he just couldn't get out of the trailer and back to his momma fast enough!  We'll update tomorrow evening after he gets back from UF.

Here are a few pictures from today.

Is that you Amadeus?  It smells like you.  Guess what??  Someday soon I'm going to get to come out and play with you and Miss Layla!  Come back, talk to me for a few minutes.  Maybe we can play games over the fence?

Hey look, mommy!  Amadeus came back to play!  Yeah, I know Amadeus, you're trying to take off my face mask, but it's got double velcro on it and mommy Theresa says you won't be able to take this one off me!  At least it doesn't wrap up all around my ears like the other one does.  But go ahead give it a try; I get them off all the time!  And last night I got those silly lines out of my mane that were rubbing on my neck all the time.  I hope Dr. Brooks takes these lavage things out of my eyes tomorrow and I don't have to keep getting the medications.

Sunshine and Layla spent some time grooming each other.  Amadeus is just on the other side of Layla, and that's Princess in the background with Captain.  They're both doing very well.  They made it through the hot summer months much better than I thought they would.  Now, let's pray we can keep them comfortable through the cold months.  


Smile for the camera Mommy Theresa!  It isn't often that you're not the one taking pictures!


Bill is doing a great job with the horses.  Sunshine is so much more relaxed being around other people, and she's doing well under saddle.  Baby Ray usually gets some exercise running around his paddock when Sunshine is having her sessions with Bill. 


Bill is patient with them and listens to them.  He teaches the horse to trust.  The horse has a clear understanding of what is being asked, and there are no reprimands:  only rewards of rubbing and praise.  The horse finds enjoyment in what he/she is learning and doing and slowly progresses.  It is a pleasure to watch them progress.  Bill's website is:  http://www.listentoyourhorse.com/


Magic ran around and showed off his beauty this evening.  He runs and plays throughout the days and nights.  When the weather is cold, he usually likes to run around between 5 - 6 am.  

I'm glad to report that the swelling in Princess' eye is better tonight, but I am concerned about its appearance with a more distinct cloudiness over it.  We will ask Dr. Ryan to look at it tomorrow, too.

Have a great evening, everyone!

babyray1_102809.jpg (31486 bytes)

babyray2_102809.jpg (31070 bytes)

babyray3_102809.jpg (36728 bytes)

babyray4_102809.jpg (18436 bytes)

sunshine_102809.jpg (29942 bytes)

sunshine2_102809.jpg (33223 bytes)

magic_102809.jpg (21560 bytes)


Baby Ray and Sunshine are both are doing well.  Baby Ray will be going back to UF this Thursday; hopefully the lavages will be removed and we'll have good news to report.  I can't tell you that he can see like we hoped he would, but I can tell you he can see something -- and it could be that it still is too soon to know.  He may see fuzzy objects at a distance and as they move, but I don't think he can see well up close.  He still runs into things, but at times he does stop short of running into something.  No matter what, we're doing all we can to help give him the gift of sight thanks to the help of so many.  

Even though Baby Ray is growing up, he'll always be our little Baby Ray.  I still want to take him in the house with me.  He still does his awesome Ray Charles impersonation.  I'm thankful to be able to say that whatever ills humans did to him, or didn't do for him, before he came to us, he has turned out to be a very trusting boy.  When I think of the day we first saw him, in the corner of a stall, all alone, and look at him now, I'm just overwhelmed with joy.  He paced the fence morning, noon, and night after he arrived here until we were able to find his momma and bring her here.  It was nothing short of a miracle.  I really don't know if he would have made it without her.  He was very thin when he brought him here in the middle seat area of our mini van that day, and he was very sad.  His body had started to shut down, and it wasn't able to absorb the nutrients it needed to grow strong.  He seemed very lost and confused.  I'm very glad all of that is just a memory.  Baby Ray and Sunshine both have a good future now -- thank all of you for making this possible.  

HighTower is such a nice boy.  He's like a big puppy.  We don't know his history, but we know his future is much better than it was before he came here.  He, along with Cheyenne, had been abandoned for several months on a large piece of property.

HighTower is available for adoption.  He has the kindest eyes and makes us laugh.  He's got the disposition of a QH and is as inquisitive as a young baby -- he makes us laugh.  He is four years old and will make someone a very nice horse.  

Princess' eye is not much better.  As much as I didn't want to, we started her on Dex today.  She keeps rubbing her eye against her leg causing it to be inflamed.  We run cold water over it, which she does like.  While it isn't much better, it isn't worse so that is good. 



I always love to watch the horses play.  This is Chloe playing with Cheyenne in the front.  Aaleyah Belle wanted to get in on the games, but Momma Sue wasn't too happy about it.

We hope everyone is having a great week!

babyray1_102709.jpg (43847 bytes)

babyray2_102709.jpg (35850 bytes)

hightower1_102709.jpg (42795 bytes)

hightower2_102709.jpg (35462 bytes)

playing_102709.jpg (62556 bytes)


I just spoke to Theresa, and she is so truly sorry that she does not have photographs for the update this evening.  Theresa is totally exhausted due to the many needs of her equine patients. Thankfully, Blodwyn and Marie were at Beauty's Haven today to assist Theresa with all the chores.  Thank you both, so very much!

Princess' eye is still swollen and has shown no sign of improvement, and Velvet is still in pain following last night's visit by a pack of coyotes.  The minis will have to be moved closer to the barn this evening in the event that the coyotes return.

Thursday will be an extremely busy day at Beauty's Haven as Dr. Ryan will be out to check Princess' eye as well as Velvet's knee, while Baby Ray will be transported to the University of Florida for his follow up examination.  Dr. Ryan will also evaluate Velvet to ascertain whether she will be able to endure the long journey to Arizona but, at this point in time, it truly looks doubtful.

Thank you all for your continued love and concern for Theresa and her Precious Herd, and please remember to vote.

Fondly, Jeanne


Hope every one had a safe wonderful week.  Dr. Jennifer came out to ultrasound Ms. Haley today.  Our sweet girl is fat, very fat; and we were advised that we should start foal watch on December 1!!!!!!!!!  We do believe the baby is going to be a big baby.

Princess is doing a little bit better with her eye.  She is getting medication twice a day.  She stays in her stall during the day, and she is allowed to go into the paddock behind the barn with a fly mask at night.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below: 

Sunshine and Baby Ray are doing very well.  Baby Ray's appointment is on Thursday back at UF.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Bill working with Misty. She is a beautiful sweet, big girl with the most gorgeous amber eyes.



Our big boy Amadeus.  Amadeus and Aaleyah Belle enjoy playing horsie games.



Ms. Haley and Theresa while Dr. Jennifer ultrasounds Haley.



Ms. Haley!!!!!!!  She is ALL baby. 




Auntie Marie trying to tell Haley everything is all right while Dr. Jennifer does the ultrasound.



Sunshine being a good student for Bill while Baby Ray keeps grazing.

Dr. Das is sick but hopes to be out early next week to treat Haley and to run blood work on her.

Thank you always for your support and good thoughts. Please do not forget to vote for us: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3

babyray_102409.jpg (34965 bytes)

misty_102409.jpg (66132 bytes)

amadeus_102409.jpg (32492 bytes)

haley1_102409.jpg (35049 bytes)

haley2_102409.jpg (27398 bytes)

haley3_102409.jpg (40112 bytes)

sunshine_102409.jpg (46593 bytes)

(early evening)

Dr. Ryan thinks Princess' eye will be fine.  She was wearing a flymask when she injured it, which is likely a good thing.  Princess and the others in her paddock routinely wear flymasks to help protect their eyes from dust that comes off the lime rock road next to their paddock.  Princess somehow traumatized her left eye and then made it much worse by rubbing it on something -- the cornea has an abrasion.  She is confined to a stall for a few days, and she is on medications that she will let me apply; she didn't need a lavage.  Her vet bill was $131.  I thought it would be worse; I thank God it wasn't.

Dr. Das will be coming out to treat Haley and run blood work -- I'm waiting on a call back from her to set up an appointment.  I have to call Dr. Monroe tomorrow to set up a time for her to come to ultrasound Haley.  We'd still like to take pledges for Haley's needs, which are likely to run around $200.

princess1_102109.jpg (14722 bytes)

princess2_102109.jpg (20994 bytes)


I have been working on an update for a few days, and each night the Earthlink sever has been going down; so I'm sending out what I have now but it is not finished -- but better than nothing. 

Baby Ray is doing well.  I can't really say he is seeing any better, but it's no worse.  I will be happy when he doesn't have to have the lavages in.  He's tired of being treated but is still good for his daily meds.  

Haley is due in February, but we want to have her ultrasounded again and have some blood work done.  Something just isn't right but I'm not sure what it is, her thyroid maybe.  We're going to schedule Dr. Monroe to come out to do the ultrasound and Dr. Das to come work on her and do the blood work.  A treatment by Dr. Das would likely do her a lot of good.  She really should never have been bred, and we just hope and pray the birthing will go OK.  She is huge really huge!  

We'd like to ask for angel help with Haley's and Princess' needs.  Haley's will be at least $200 (ultrasound, Dr. Das treatment, blood work), and I don't know about Princess, but we'd like to ask for pledges for now for her.  I think her vet bill will run about $175 - $200 but will know after Dr. Ryan leaves.  We're working on a few items for a raffle and other items that will be on our website for sale -- really nice items.  We've been applying for grants with no luck so far.  It gets frustrating, but we can't give up.  We've had to start giving out hay; the grass isn't growing so we have a pretty big increase in our hay expense already.

Here are some highlights from the last few days.

These past few days we have been blessed with having a local trainer donate his time to help us out.  His name is Bill Holman, and we are so very pleased with his work -- what he has done in just a few days is amazing!  The horses enjoy working with him, and I enjoy watching him work with the horses.  He is very patient, and the horses are very at ease with him.  Even Sunshine has made great progress!  She came to us leery of humans, but she has come out of her shell and seems to be enjoying her time each morning working with Bill.  If you get a chance, check out his website by clicking here.  Bill is near Ocala and I highly recommend him.  So-called problem horses are not a problem to him; he really has a way of communicating with them, and they are happier horses because of him.

Misty has been spending time with Bill each morning, too.  She's absolutely beautiful, and Bill agrees that she will make a nice pleasure horse.  Although, she did share with the camera what she thought of having her picture taken with lines over her ears.

Bill even took time this past weekend to teach Katie how to work with Misty, and they both did great.  Katie had a blast!  


Nash has had issues with his ears for 3+ years.  We think he was likely hand-twitched terribly at some point.  We have never been able to get a bridle with a brow band on him; anything around his ears would set him off.  A few other trainers said they could fix the issue but didn't.  Bill had Nash accept the bridle, with brow band, in less then 10 minutes.  Nash is an awesome horse and is available for adoption. 




Come on, HighTower, walk!  Follow me do something!  Don't just stand there!  Let's go!  HighTower has an ouchy front right.



We had a couple of pretty cold nights and some got blanketed.




Baby Ray looks so cute in his blankie!  His mom is very proud of him.



Good morning Mommy Theresa!  It's a beautiful day; we're hungry for breakfast, can you feed us now, please?



Baby Ray somehow manages to get his fly mask off at least four times a day.  He's getting big and even more beautiful each day.



We had to buy a new door knob for the feed room.  Baby Ray got his halter caught on the old one (it had a long handle on it) when I was watching him try to get the door open early one morning.  We replaced it with a plain round knob, but he still tries, very hard, to get it open.


Lots of blankets got inventoried and hosed off this past weekend. 



Baby Ray likes to be in the middle of everything.  Yep, he plopped down on the concrete where all the activity was going on.



Again, I apologize for being out of touch.  I have some personal things going on that I have to get taken care of.  In the meantime, things stay busy with the daily care of the horses.  Please say prayers for Princess, and I will call Jeanne and/or Jenny to put out an update later tonight.  Anne's computer is still down.  

We've extended the drawing for the horse hair bracelet until the end of the month.  A suggested donation of $10 a ticket is requested.  

Any help with Haley's and Princess' vet needs, as well as hay, would be very much appreciated.  I admit I've been pretty overwhelmed lately, and I've been so busy at the barn and trying to take care of personal issues that I haven't checked on the status of rescue funds for a few days -- until today -- and we need help.  One of the local training farms donated some hay to us today, but we need to buy at least two tons to get us through the weekend.  Thanks to those that provided for the Previcox. 

Thanks, everyone!

sunshine_102109.jpg (25573 bytes)

misty_102109.jpg (26821 bytes)

katie-misty_102109.jpg (38234 bytes)

nash_102109.jpg (25291 bytes)

hightower_102109.jpg (33700 bytes)

blankets_102109.jpg (41750 bytes)

babyray_102109.jpg (33862 bytes)

babyray2_102109.jpg (39370 bytes)

babyray3_102109.jpg (27236 bytes)

babyray4_102109.jpg (34431 bytes)

blankets2_102109.jpg (42198 bytes)

babyray5_102109.jpg (37936 bytes)


Update on Bracelet Fundraiser for Baby Ray:

Baby Ray had so much fun drawing a name for our last raffle that we have decided to extend the drawing until October 31. 

If you would still like to join in, please let us know.  Funds raised beyond the amount of his surgery will be applied to last month's vet bill ($2,300). Thank you so much!

bracelet.jpg (31706 bytes)


Sadly, Angel Baby crossed Rainbow Bridge this morning.  She foundered 3+ years ago, but the owner continued to breed her.  She was hauled to a breeding farm in June of this year and bred three times but didn't take.  The owner scheduled the local rendering guy to shoot her and two colts that could not make him money at the track.  We were asked if we wanted the two colts.  When I went to look at them, a couple of days before the rendering guy was to get them, the owner then told me about the mother of one of the colts; she was in a stall and Moses was going to shoot her, too.  You know me -- I had to go look at her -- my heart said so. 

I found the mare standing in a corner with her head down.  She had many bed sores.  She looked defeated, and you could tell by her feet (which hadn't received care in ages) it wasn't good; but I couldn't leave her there.  We had her settled into a stall at the rescue within an hour.  She was so sweet; I cant describe how kind, caring, gentle, and loving she was -- being around her just made you feel good.  When we brought her to the rescue, we didn't know if we could help her -- but I wasn't going to let her die with a bullet to the head along with one of her babies.  She had delivered many babies, including a stakes winner; she'd made her owner lots of money.  She deserved to be pampered and to leave this world knowing she was loved and with her dignity restored and her head held high. 

We had x-rays taken of her feet, and her front right had grossly rotated; it amazed all of us that she was able to get around as well as she did.  She had strong will and an obvious love for life and for babies.  She became good friends with Baby Ray and his mom.  She watched Baby Ray with loving eyes every day.  After seeing the x-rays, we talked with Dr. Ryan, Dr. Das, and Ola (our farrier); and we all felt that we could give her some time by making her comfortable, and we did.  We agreed that when she was ready, became at risk of more injury, or was in too much discomfort, we would help her cross.  This is just what we did.  We had a few good weeks with her, and she did know genuine love.  She knew she meant a lot to all of us.  We all doted on her; you couldn't help it.  Over the last couple of weeks, her body started to fail her more.  In the last few days, she had more trouble getting up and she tripped a few times and almost fell a couple of times.  We saw a look of worry come over her.  Last night, she let us know it was time.  This morning she confirmed it. 

Here is Angel Baby grazing last evening.  Most all of her bed sores had healed.  She would put little, if any, weight on her bad foot except for when she walked.  Her left foot worked overtime, most of the time, and that was not good.  We didn't want to risk her foundering on that one. 


This morning Dr. Janine did a nerve block on Angel Baby's bad foot and, when Angel Baby found out she could walk on it and not feel the pain, walk she did!  She almost trotted up Frosty's Knoll!


She grazed on the Knoll for a bit.  She left this earth quietly and gently,  like the gentle soul she was. 


I held Angel Baby for a while, Diane said prayers, and we all cried.  I didn't want to let her go.  Bob and Diane cut off a lock of her tail for our memories box.  It grew cloudy and rainy.  This is usually the case when we have one cross the Bridge.  It was such a shame -- Angel Baby truly has a beautiful soul and didn't deserve what had been done to her.  This was a very hard day for all of us here.  We love Angel Baby so much, enough to release her from her pain.  Some people hold on to their horse because they can't imagine life without them.  Believe me, we know that feeling very well; but we also know that, if they are in pain that can't be helped, it is selfish of us to keep them here for our own satisfaction.  We love them enough to release them when we must.  We find comfort in knowing that, once they cross, they are no longer in pain and that they are running, without worry or pain, on the other side of the Bridge -- and they will greet us someday. 

Angel Baby rests close to Grandma on Frosty's Knoll.  She, like all of the ones that have crossed, will forever be in our hearts.

Our life is forever changed with each and every horse that comes into our life.  They are all a blessing.  They give so much and ask for so little.  

You are loved, Angel Baby -- you will always be loved.

We did take the two colts into our Adoption program.  They were gelded and have since been placed in loving homes. 


angel-baby1_101609.jpg (27143 bytes)

angel-baby2_101609.jpg (25345 bytes)

angel-baby3_101609.jpg (24061 bytes)

angel-baby4_101609.jpg (36062 bytes)

angel-baby5_101609.jpg (17168 bytes)

angel-baby6_101609.jpg (20722 bytes)

10/15/09 For the latest update on Baby Ray, please visit his webpage.

And here are Sassy and Kitty Cat -- what a life!  

And here are Silver Belle and Buttercup settled into their stalls at their new home.  Thanks for the picture, Christine, we'll BOL for more!

Thanks again to everyone for caring and your support.

sassy-kittycat_101509.jpg (25665 bytes)

silver-belle_buttercup_101509.jpg (33992 bytes)


Aaleyah Belle and Momma Sue waiting for their hooficure today.  They are both absolutely beautiful!



Layla and Amadeus have settled in nicely with Momma Sue and Aaleyah Belle.


Kathy and Little E having some quiet time with treats, of course.  They don't get spoiled here, not at all!  "Auntie Kathy, I know there has got to be a speck of crumbs left in there look harder, please!"



Cheyenne being tubed on Monday evening by Dr. Ryan.  He's doing fine, and his feet were done today. 



Sunshine getting her hooficure today.  Baby Ray was just outside her door munching on hay.



John had lots of company today from Cheyenne and HighTower when he was cleaning the arena.


Sunshine and Baby Ray got a good bath this evening.  Baby Ray is going back to UF tomorrow for a follow-up with Dr. Brooks, and hopefully the lavages will be removed.  Diane brought out a new volunteer, Lynda, this evening; and it's going to be a pleasure having her as part of the team.

We'd like to ask that Angel Baby be included in prayers.  She was treated by Dr. Das last week when I was at the hospital with Baby Ray but still seems uncomfortable.  We are very concerned that she is putting most all of her weight on her front left foot the majority of the time.  She hasn't been as perky, but we're hoping it's because of the weather.  The high temps are supposed to go down by the end of the week so maybe that will help.  

We'll update tomorrow after Baby Ray gets settled back at the farm.  Thanks to everyone that helped with the hooficures today!

alleyah_momma-sue_101409.jpg (39051 bytes)

layla-amadeus_101409.jpg (53325 bytes)

little-e_101409.jpg (43934 bytes)

cheyenne_101409.jpg (39567 bytes)

sunshine_101409.jpg (23322 bytes)

cleaning-arena_101409.jpg (53000 bytes)

babyray_101409.jpg (33855 bytes)


These pictures were taken over the weekend.  

Ouu, Auntie Barbara, that feels good!!!  More, please!  I'll entertain you with my Ray Charles impression if you keep scratching!  Mommy Theresa says Mr. Ray was a very good entertainer.


Is that you Mommy Theresa?  How do you like my mask?  It's a little big, but my mommy said is makes me look cute.  Are you taking pictures again?  I'm smiling, go ahead!


Umm, mommy Theresa, I think something isn't right with this mask.  Somehow it moved and I feel like I'm playing peek-a-boo!  Can you fix it, please?  I think I like the other one better; it snuggles around my ears.



We had a big rainstorm earlier in the evening -- we needed the rain.  Maybe we'll have some grass grow overnight, I hope.



Sunshine tells me frequently throughout the days that she's glad to be here.  She didn't like her stay at the hospital at all.  She's just very unsure of most humans.  I don't know anything about her past, so we just give her time and she'll come around.  She does love to be scratched on her butt and neck and rubbed on her face.  She does keep watch over Baby Ray and lets us know when he's been out of sight for too long if he wanders off.  Their whinnying back and forth is really cute.


Here are Layla and Amadeus weathering the storm.



Granny enjoying the cooler temps in the rain.



Sunshine and Baby Ray seemed to be just fine in the rain.  Although at first he did some pretty fancy moves.  Check them out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y7d0f0q7fo



There was a double rainbow after the storm.



Aaleyah tried to get Silver and Buttercup going after the storm; they were all three energized.  They rolled and ran and played and kicked up their heels.  Here's a short video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-3nzwirkvg






There was enough time left in the evening, barely, before the sun went down for me to give Buttercup a quick grooming.  Knowing it was my last day with the girls, it was a bittersweet time.  I miss them terribly already.


Our girls are off to their new human home.  It's a long journey and they should arrive tomorrow.  But they are in good hands, and their new human family is very excited.  Christine, the girls' new human mom, will keep us updated on them.  She knows how much they mean to so many people, and we can look forward to updates and pictures.  

I have some pictures from today, but I'm just exhausted.  Marie came this morning, and I'm so glad she did.  It took two hours to load the girls, and the whole time she worked and took care of other chores.  I wasn't worth a hoot after the girls left but, between her and Bob ,the day carried on.  We have been having to have someone come in to help with the nightly chores, though, since Baby Ray's surgery and will continue to until after he goes back on Thursday.   

Dr. Ryan came this evening to treat Cheyenne for a gassy colic ,and he was tubed.  He's only three yrs old and is full of himself.  He's had no training but is smart as a whip.  He and HighTower were both oiled.  Cheyenne is better tonight.  HighTower is a turning 5-year-old TB that is tattooed but never raced.  Dr. Bess did their teeth yesterday (thank you angels that helped with their teeth!), and they both got a good bath -- they were more than filthy.  Their feet are horrible as you can see.  Cheyenne has an ouchy front right, and HighTower has an ouchy back left.  They haven't had proper care in a long, long time.  The farrier is coming on Wednesday -- would anyone like to angel their trims ($35 each)?

Here are Cheyenne's feet.






This is barbed wire that we got out of HighTower's tail.




Teeth that were causing HighTower much discomfort.  He had a huge old blister in his upper lip from a sharp tooth.


HighTower's front feet.


What did they do to us, HighTower?  Dr. Bess gave me something that made me feel strange, and it was all like a movie! 

I don't know, but my mouth feels better and the sharp thing isn't cutting into my upper lip any more!  I heard the humans say we're going to get a trim on Wednesday, whatever that is.  I hope that is something that makes us feel even more better! 

I think I like it here, HighTower!

When Dr. Ryan came this evening, I asked him to look at Baby Ray's eyes.  They are healing nicely, but Baby Ray didn't respond well to the flick test -- but it's still too early to know how well he will be able to see.  We're keeping the faith, and we'll know more on Thursday after our appointment with Dr. Brooks.

Have a good night, everyone, and thanks for caring. 

babyray1_101209.jpg (31100 bytes)

babyray2_101209.jpg (28834 bytes)

babyray3_101209.jpg (33923 bytes)

babyray4_101209.jpg (34768 bytes)

sunshine_101209.jpg (37728 bytes)

layla-amadeus_101209.jpg (23761 bytes)

granny_101209.jpg (37125 bytes)

babyray5_101209.jpg (44751 bytes)

rainbow_101209.jpg (19340 bytes)

aaleyah1_101209.jpg (30029 bytes)

aaleyah2_101209.jpg (26125 bytes)

buttercup_101209.jpg (28152 bytes)

girls_101209.jpg (34389 bytes)

cheyenne1_101209.jpg (29108 bytes)

cheyenne2_101209.jpg (26687 bytes)

high-tower_101209.jpg (24336 bytes)

hightower2_101209.jpg (18805 bytes)

high-tower3_101209.jpg (17557 bytes)

high-tower4_101209.jpg (30379 bytes)


This morning I found Sunshine snoozing at the fence line with Baby Ray just behind her and Angel Baby snoring.  It was a beautiful morning even though it was a long night.  The baby gets meds every four hours.  Barbara is here tonight and will be doing the 4:00 am treatment so Bob and I will get to sleep a bit.  Baby Ray tolerates the medications, but he doesn't like them -- I wouldn't either!  Baby Ray's eyes are still swollen, but throughout the day the redness in the right one got better.

The left eye.



The right eye. 



Sunshine waits outside of Baby Ray's stall door when he is having meds in his eyes.  I think she's really glad to be back.  She's a good mom but just isn't comfortable around most humans.  I don't know what has or hasn't been done to her in the past, but we don't push her.  She knows there is nothing to fear here.  With time, she'll be better.  She reminds me of Magic in some ways.


After meds were given to Baby Ray this morning, he went out with his mom behind the barn to graze.  Not long after, just as breakfast was being made, Baby Ray must have heard grain being dropped into buckets in the feed room.  You could here the little feet hitting the concrete.

Come on, mommy!  I hear somebody in the feed room!  I bet its breakfast time, let's go see!

Ah ha!!!  See, mommy, there's a light on in there!  I can't tell who is in there, but someone is there!  Things are still bleary, but I know we're going to get breakfast really soon!

Mommy Theresa, are you going to put more medication in my eyes now?  I don't like them, but I'll be good because I know they are going to make my eyes better.  Maybe after we go back to visit with Dr. Brooks on Thursday I won't have to have them anymore?  Have I told you how glad we are to be home?  My mommy feels much better here, and I don't have to worry about her.  She was pretty uncomfy at the hospital.  I like being home, too.  It's really nice to have a home, especially with my mommy!  And soon I'll be able to see her clearly!

Casper doesn't like it when Granny goes into the barn but, on hot and humid days, Granny stays in a stall under a fan or in the aisle way where there is usually a breeze blowing.



Angel Baby got some pampering today -- she's such a sweet mare.  She whinnied goodbye to Chubby as he was leaving.


Chubby's new family picked him up early this morning.  He's such a sweet and handsome boy.  I always feel bad when I have to load them, though.  I always wonder what they are thinking.  I hope they come to realize it's because we love them that they go to their own human family where they will get lots of one-on-one love and attention.  


And here are the three girls all sharing a little sand pit at the far end of the property.  It's Buttercup in the front, then Silver Belle, then Aaleyah Belle.  Momma Sue was standing in the much cooler shade off to the left of them.  Monday is going to be a bittersweet day -- the two' girls are going to their new home.  I remember the day that Buttercup arrived like it was yesterday.  She hadnt been handled before she arrived here, only about two weeks old.  I got the pleasure of putting her first halter on her and rubbing her all over.  It didn't take long for her to wrap all of us around her little hooves.  Buttercup and Aaleyah Belle became sisters almost immediately.  Their bond is strong as is with Silver Belle.  And Momma Sue raised all three of them -- they are a family.  I know I've said it before but it's such a blessing that Buttercup and Silver Belle are going to a forever home together.  God does answer prayers.  Aaleyah Belle will have Momma Sue, and they will get new pasture pals, Layla and Amadeus.  

Have a great night, everyone.  Dr. Bess rescheduled today's dental appointment until tomorrow, so it's going to be busy and miserably hot.  The two abandoned horses are here now.  I feel much bette;r I was so worried someone was going to steal them.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I uploaded a short video of Sunshine rolling yesterday after she got off the trailer.  Her happy roll!  It's short but enjoy!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC5XlrTktYk 


babyray1_101009.jpg (34846 bytes)

babyray2_101009.jpg (16624 bytes)

babyray3_101009.jpg (11267 bytes)

babyray4_101009.jpg (30259 bytes)

babyray5_101009.jpg (29148 bytes)

babyray7_101009.jpg (42728 bytes)

casper_101009.jpg (39405 bytes)

angelbaby_101009.jpg (35911 bytes)

chubby_101009.jpg (21814 bytes)

girls_101009.jpg (29432 bytes)

10/09/09 For the latest updates following Baby Ray's surgery, and to see how happy he and his mom were to return home today, please follow this link to visit their diary page.

babyray4_100909.jpg (46167 bytes)

10/08/09 I spoke with the attending vet tonight, and they are planning on releasing Baby Ray and Sunshine tomorrow afternoon around 2:00 pm.  It will be a few days before we know how well he can see.  Everything is going to be a bit blurry to him for a while.  He's getting meds in his eyes, and they will be swollen for a few days.  What a blessing it is to have such knowledgeable, caring, and experienced people caring for Baby Ray.  Dr. Brooks rules!

Marie started her first day volunteering (welcome Marie!!) today, and what did I do?  Robin came in for a bit this morning, too, and after I got done feeding I made a list of a few things and asked Robin if she'd mind spending some time with Marie -- I was so tired I just could not stay awake!  I didn't get to sleep last night until after 3:30 am, and I was just beat.  So, I went in around 10:00 am and came out at noon -- and I actually slept for over an hour, and it felt SO good!  Marie has visited a couple of times and had met the horses, but today she enjoyed grooming Captain, Zaynah, Val, and Haley; and she took Granny's braids out and groomed her, too.  The horses love her already!  Marie understood and didn't mind -- I'm sure the bags under my eyes spoke for themselves.  Thanks, Robin and Marie! 

This picture was taken a week ago; he really HAS filled out!  He has the cutest face that always seems to say, "I'm the baby, gotta luv me!"

babyray_100809.jpg (52113 bytes)

Update on Bracelet Fundraiser for Baby Ray:

Baby Ray had so much fun drawing a name for our last raffle that we have decided to extend the drawing until he comes home.  A winning name will be drawn by Baby Ray five days after he arrives home.  He will come home tomorrow or Saturday, so we will plan to draw a winner one week from today. 

If you would still like to join in, please let us know.  Funds raised beyond the amount of his surgery will be applied to last month's vet bill ($2,300). Thank you so much!

bracelet.jpg (31706 bytes)



Here is Baby Ray napping while Dr. Brown and staff prepare to start surgery.  Baby Ray looked so cute with gloves on all four feet!  There were about 12 people in the operating room most of the time.  Dr. Brown is in the green scrubs.  They made sure I had a good view of the TV screen and we had contact via a phone.  Here is some info on Dr. Brooks: http://www..vetmed.ufl.edu/directory/dennisbrooks.html.  I can't say enough good things about him, the staff, and the students at UF.  They have always done great by every horse we have taken there.  They really care about each horse, and when we can't be there they keep us updated throughout the days and evenings via phone.  Dr. Cleary even stopped by after Baby Ray's surgery and asked about him.  Dr. Cleary helped perform Aaleyah's surgery.

Surgery took about 45 minutes or so per eye.  It seemed like forever to me!


This is the left eye.  



The cataract was broken up and extracted.  The doctor put three stitches in where the incision was (at the top of the eye).



It was pretty amazing and looked very tedious.  My hands would have been shaking terribly, but his were steady as a rock!  Dr. Brooks has been doing this for years, and we were very confident that he would take good care of Baby Ray.


Once the left eye was done Dr. Brooks gave me a thumbs up and then they rolled Baby Ray onto his other side to do the right eye.



If you compare this eye to the right eye, you can see the difference in the appearance of the cataracts.  Dr. Brooks said the left one was that of a 30 year old.



After Dr. Brooks was done, a lavage was placed in each eye so that antibiotics could be administered.


After recovery, Baby Ray was taken back to his stall with his mom.  Once he found food in his bucket, we didn see his face for quite a while.  He finished his grain in no time, but he was wishing for more.  Sunshine looked tired but was very relieved to have him back.  Just look at how big he is!

Mommy Theresa, is that you?  Can I have more grain, please?  I still feel a little funny, but my tummy is growling!  How come I'm wearing this thing on my face again?  At least it doesn't cover my nose and make it itch!  I heard people say that my eyes are fixed and that tomorrow we'll know more about how well I can see.  Things are a little bleary right now.  I wasn't afraid -- all the humans here are nice to me and tell me what they are doing.  They even talked with my horsey mommy and reassured her I would only be gone from her for a little bit and they would bring me back.  But they had to give her something to help make her feel better.  I can't wait to see her face more clearly!  Thank you ,Mommy Theresa, for coming today and for letting me and mommy know that a lot of people are asking about us that care.  Tell them we appreciate them, please?

Sunshine looked really tired, and I bet she's more then ready to come home with her baby.  The hospital was very busy, and I'm sure she wonders what is going on all around her.  They sedated her today before taking Baby Ray from her.  Baby Ray's braids were used to keep the tubes to the two lavages in place.  There is one going to each eye like when Buttercup had an eye infection; antibiotics are flushed into the eyes via the tubes.

I was told that as long as there are no problems -- and none are expected -- we can pick them up on Friday!  This made me smile!

We'll update again tomorrow -- thanks to everyone who made this possible -- God bless you all!

babyray-surgery1_100709.jpg (38846 bytes)

babyray-surgery2_100709.jpg (37274 bytes)

babyray-surgery3_100709.jpg (23196 bytes)

babyray-surgery4_100709.jpg (20512 bytes)

babyray-surgery5_100709.jpg (30534 bytes)

babyray-surgery6_100709.jpg (31038 bytes)

babyray-surgery7_100709.jpg (22905 bytes)

babyray-surgery8_100709.jpg (39017 bytes)

babyray-surgery9_100709.jpg (47988 bytes)

babyray-surgery10_100709.jpg (49756 bytes)

babyray-surgery11_100709.jpg (41434 bytes)

babyray-surgery12_100709.jpg (49769 bytes)

Good morning, everyone!  I'm Baby Ray and I'm getting ready to leave with my mommy to go to a hospital where they are going to fix my eyes so that I can see!  I'm a little afraid, but my human mom says it will be OK and that my horsey mommy will be with me the whole time.  Look how big and strong I'm getting! 


Wait up for me, mommy!  We're going to ride in a trailer together this time!  But you get to get on first and Ill follow you, OK?  That's right, baby, I'm not being left behind this time!  I'll be with you every step of the way until we get back home.  You will have your own stall in the trailer and I'll have mine right next to you -- we want to make sure I don't accidentally step on you.  And we both have hay to eat all the way to the hospital.  No worries, OK?  Jeff let us use his trailer today -- the partition in ours wouldn't have been safe for Baby Ray.

Baby Ray stood and listened as Sunshine loaded first.  


I led Baby Ray to the trailer and, when his leg touched the trailer, he hopped right in!  Diane went with me to the hospital, which was a good thing -- I needed about a dozen hands, and Baby Ray and Sunshine are very comfortable with her.  Diane arrived to the rescue early this morning in order to exercise Chubby and hose him off before leaving for the hospital.  He's doing really well, and he is leaving to go to his new home on Saturday!!


Unloading was a little challenging for him, but he did OK and followed his mom to their stall.


Baby Ray did sweat quite a bit during the 35-minute ride and was pretty thirsty when we got there.  Everyone that met him, or even passed him in the hall, loved him!  Sunshine was very good even though she was unsure of everything that was going on. 


Baby Ray weighed in at 199 lbs!  That is double what he was when he arrived at the rescue!



Dr. Brooks, Miss Lisa, and others checked Baby Ray's eyes out.  Dr. Brooks feels the left eye will do well.  The right eye has some inflammation, but they hope to have that under control by morning.  If not, they may not be able to operate on the right one but, as of now, Dr. Brooks thinks it will be OK.  Miss Lisa promised us they'll take good care of Sunshine and Baby Ray while they are at the hospital.


After the exam, Sunshine and Baby Ray went back to their stall.  It's always hard to leave them behind, but there was a lot to do at the farm and others that need us.  The doctor called me late this evening and said Baby Ray is doing well and his blood work is fine.  Sunshine, well, she got a bit nervous after we left.  After all these two have been through I can imagine she has concerns about what is going on.  

While we were getting Sunshine and Baby Ray settled in their stall this morning, Dr. Cleary came by to say hello.  She and her staff took very good care of Aaleyah Belle and Momma Sue when they were at UF for Aaleyah's surgeries.  I know everyone there will take good care of Sunshine and Baby Ray, too, but is sure doesn't seem right here tonight without them.  

I will be at the hospital in the morning at 8:30 am -- surgery is scheduled for 9:00 am.  Please keep Baby Ray and Sunshine in your prayers.  I'll update tomorrow after surgery.  I'm calling it a day soon, I'm beat.  Thank all of you for caring -- Baby Ray is going to see tomorrow!

babyray1_100609.jpg (29627 bytes)

babyray2_100609.jpg (37530 bytes)

babyray3_100609.jpg (36932 bytes)

babyray4_100609.jpg (28135 bytes)

babyray5_100609.jpg (37504 bytes)

babyray7_100609.jpg (21377 bytes)

babyray8_100609.jpg (21826 bytes)

babyray9_100609.jpg (37897 bytes)

babyray10_100609.jpg (39003 bytes)


I apologize for not posting lately -- it's been really busy here.  Here's a quick update for the past few days.

Diane and Jessica set up a couple of booths at the Peanut Festival this past Saturday to raise funds to help with Baby Ray.  The weather was good, and they had a lot of folks stop to talk and ask questions about Baby Ray, other horses, and potentially volunteering.  They made posters and decorations for the booths -- a lot of hard work went into this that we truly appreciate.  Thanks, Jessica and Diane!

Baby Ray's vet bill for last month (not counting Dr. Porter's mobile unit coming here,hich was paid) is $562.75!  This included his plasma treatment and blood work.  The total vet bill is $2204.89 ,and we have until the 15th to pay it.  A lot happened last month:  Captain, Ruby, Angel Baby, Chubby, Little E, Granny Jewels, and TC were all examined/treated.  Chubby was gelded today and is doing well.  TC (the other colt (gelding)) went to his new home this past Saturday and is doing great.  Now we just need to get Chubby into a good home ASAP.

Chubby before his gelding.  He is a beautiful boy with a disposition that is just awesome.



Chubby after still a little tipsy.



Baby Ray is READY for his surgery!  He's a little jumping bean that is getting bigger and faster, and he really needs to see where he is going!  He almost sideswiped his mom today.  He is such a doll, but he is definitely growing and getting some muscle on him. 


I had a little talk with Baby Ray today to tell him about going to the hospital and reassured him it will all be OK, that his mom will be there with him the whole time, and that they will be coming back together later in the week.  We're a little worried about his taking the ride to the hospital, but we are borrowing a trailer and he will have a box stall right next to his mom.  He is much stronger than when he arrived here in our mini-van!

OK, Baby Ray, smile for the camera!



His mom is very proud of him.  In this picture Layla and Amadeus are in the background.  

My sciatica is better, but I have to admit that I'm exhausted.  The month of September was a busy one with the colics and other vet needs.  There were a lot of long, very long nights; and it catches up to you.  At least it does me!

Angel Baby is doing well and seems to be a bit more mobile.  She had to stay in some today because we finally had some rain.  Captain and Zaynah are doing OK.  Well, Captain is moving rather slowly; but his spirits are good.  Layla and Amadeus still play and hang out together in the main paddock with Granny and Casper.  Buttercup and Silver Belle are being picked up on October 12th to go to their new home.  Their adopted human mom has already purchased a big ball like the one they have here, so they will like that!  Haley looks like she is ready to pop anytime, and she still has four months to go!  Everyone else is doing OK.  

We are working on helping two horses that were left behind when a tenant vacated property that isn't far from the farm.  The owner of the property has asked us to remove the horses.  In the meantime, we are feeding them daily and treating the wounds on one of them.  We are looking for sponsors/angels for both of them.  They both need their feet trimmed badly, and they need an appointment with Dr. Bess, the dentist.  She is coming out on Saturday and, if we can find sponsors for them, we can take her to their location and get their teeth done.  One of them has a big ulceration in his upper lip from a very sharp point.  We wormed them both over the weekend.  

Would anyone like to angel either of them?  No amount is too small.  These two have basically been on their own for months now.  One of the horses bit the new tenant of the property twice last week, so the owner of the property wants them gone ASAP.

The tractor was repaired today.  We have a reputable company that comes to the farm now, so we no longer have to pay $150 to haul the tractor to the repair shop.  Today's bill was $444 ,and the tractor is a tool we need available at all times.  We really had no idea when we built the farm that the maintenance on the farm equipment would be so much.  Any help with these needs is also appreciated, very much so.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your support; and we'll update tomorrow after we get back from the hospital.  Diane is coming in the morning to hose Chubby and exercise him while I do morning chores.  We expect to leave the farm around 11:30 to go to the hospital in Gainesville.  Prayers for this little one are greatly appreciated! 

peanuts_100509.jpg (150073 bytes)

chubby_100509.jpg (22735 bytes)

chubby2_100509.jpg (21633 bytes)

babyray1_100509.jpg (27325 bytes)

babyray2_100509.jpg (26274 bytes)

babyray3_100509.jpg (26853 bytes)

babyray4_100509.jpg (39190 bytes)

babyray5_100509.jpg (37879 bytes)

2horses1_100509.jpg (33067 bytes)

2horses2_100509.jpg (20828 bytes)

10/01/09 Thanks, everyone, for all of your continued support and caring for Baby Ray and Sunshine.  The little guy is getting big!  He is feeling good enough to do a very impatient "dance" if you don't hang his feed bucket fast enough!  And he gets more impatient each day when he tries to open the door to the tack/feed room and it just won't open.  Sunshine stands over him and watches and I just know she's cheering him on - hoping he is successful.

Baby Ray is still scheduled to go to UF next Tuesday.  He checks in on Tuesday, surgery is on Wednesday, and he may be able to come home on Friday.  Sunshine will be with him.

There is one concern.  Baby Ray's liver enzymes were high on his initial baseline blood test and, on the most recent test (got the results yesterday), they are double the initial figure.  Dr. Brooks got a copy of the tests today and is reviewing them.  It is possible that he may want to push the surgery out some, but we're praying that doesn't happen.  We're working against time -- babies six months and younger have the most success rate after surgery.  As they get older it does go down. 

We truly appreciate funds that have been donated to make his surgery possible -- you are all giving this baby a chance to see -- what an awesome gift that is!  God bless you all, and I'll try to have pictures to post tomorrow.

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