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This page last updated:  Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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 Hi Everyone,
Beauty’s Haven has just listed the first of many Precious
Moments Figurines on eBay.  All proceeds will help support the horses
during the cold winter months.


Thank You.



Dr. Ryan thinks that Prince’s foaming at the mouth and head turning thing today was from an episode of choke – which apparently did clear.  We will have his blood work back tomorrow.  Prince hasn’t been grinding his teeth anymore, but I will still keep giving him the ulcer medication for now.  I’m keeping close watch on him (and so is Dixie!).  He’s eating and drinking ok, but his temp is still somewhat elevated.  Dr. Ryan will be coming back to check on him and to geld Morning Star tomorrow. 

Here are a few pictures from the last few days.  Many of our wonderful volunteers have been off for Thanksgiving so I haven’t had much time at the computer.  We’re sort of getting back to normal this week – Christina came this afternoon to help out.  Marcia and Robin will be back this week.  Marie, John, and Bernice will be back next week.  Yesterday, Ruth came and shoveled poop for over 3 hours!!!  It’s been taking me about 3 hours each morning to feed, give out meds, and treat boo boo’s.  We hope to have new volunteers that will be starting in the next couple of weeks.  We truly appreciate all of our volunteers – those that work hard here at the rescue, as well as from the computer, or in other ways. 

KamiKami’s itty bitty foot is better but we are still looking for anyone who may have an itty bitty pair of boots they would be willing to donate.  We made her one from vet wrap and duct tape, but even duct tape doesn’t hold up for this little girl – it lasted all of 6 hours!  She says she wants a pink pair with glitter but I told her she couldn’t be so choosy. 


Dixie ColdIt got very cold the night before last – into the low 30’s!  Here is Dixie all tucked into her new blanket.  We have another very cold spell moving in on Wednesday night.


Dixie InhalerI can’t remember if I shared this picture or not – if this is a dupe – sorry!  This is Dixie getting her first inhaler treatment last week.  We’ve had a change in weather – it’s been cooler and we even had some showers.  Dixie seems to be doing a little better.  She coughed up a lot of mucous yesterday - Dr. Ryan told us that this may happen. 




Legacy and Baby RayHere are Legacy and Baby Ray playing in the sprinklers – they love the water!  Actually, this was proof that they are the ones guilty for breaking so many sprinklers – caught in the act!



Morning StarAnd here is Morning Star trying to take Kami for a walk but the farrier was trimming her at the time.  He’s full of himself!  He, Kami and Kandi get to running around playing and when they do – we get out of the way!!  Morning Star did the cricket dance a couple of days ago and I have to admit – he out did Aaleyah Belle!  He jumped straight up into the air about 4’ and seemed to hang there for a few seconds!  It was incredible!  He has beautiful moves!

Heart I’m very happy to report that Heart is doing very well.  A family is coming to meet him this coming weekend!





RubyHere is our lovely Ruby enjoying some turn out time in the arena.




Aaleyah Playing BallAnd here is Aaleyah playing with a ball.  I always think about Buttercup and Silver Belle when Aaleyah plays with the ball.  Amadeus is in her paddock now and they play together.




Gang at SunsetSome of the gang at sunset - Casper, Baby Ray, Legacy, Reva, Morning Star, Kami, and last but not least – Kandi.



We had a couple of horses go to what we had hoped would be their forever homes but it didn’t work out for either of them.  Dude came back today and Nash will be back by the end of the week.  I’m a firm believer that there is a reason for everything.  Both are now looking for monthly sponsors to help with their care.  Any amount would be very much appreciated and all donations are tax deductible. 

StarlaStarla is doing very well in “school.”  We’re very proud of her!  Bobbi and Gary said Starla was very good for the farrier today.  She’s building more trust and confidence - it’s great to see Starla relaxed and paying attention to her teachers and wanting to learn more!



We want to thank Jo for the new Newer Spreader that she donated – it arrived this past week!  It’s the best tool on the farm, IMO!!  Thanks Jo!!  Our old Newer Spreader has been patched up many times – it’s on its last leg - but we’re going to keep it as a back up.  We just can’t be without it for even a day!

Thanks everyone for your continued support - God bless and I’ll try to do better about getting out updates!


Dixie made HorseAndMan.com today!  Thank you Dawn!

Check it out:  http://horseandman.com/bucket-fund-stories/dixie-our-final-stocking-stuffer-story-and-the-certificates-are-in/

Dr. Ryan will be coming out to see Dixie, hopefully tomorrow - she’s having a really tough time breathing.  She’s on Ventipulmin and Dex but she’s not doing well - it’s been so very dry here.  Dixie has put on some needed weight and is looking better.  She is a doll with such a very sweet nature – a wonderful and wise older mare.  At 22 years old - she is a forgotten mare no more – she is very much loved by humans and horses!  Please keep Dixie in your prayers.  Thank you!

Dixie and Prince


Dixie and Prince today.



I’d like to ask for prayers for Prince.  He isn’t feeling well.  He’s had some sort of infection and has been on antibiotics for a few days.  He has been getting Banamine and GastroGuard (he’s been grinding his teeth).  His temp has been elevated.  But blood work run a few days ago was normal. 

This morning after breakfast when I went to give him his meds I found him foaming at the mouth.  He’s wobbly walking and is twisting his head back and forth in slow motion.  It makes me think he got into some sort of toxic weed but the little paddock he is in has no weeds – not much grass either.  Dr. Ryan will be coming out.  I’m very worried - something just isn’t right.  I’d really like for Dr. Ryan to run a full chemistry panel on Prince. 

I’d like to ask that you please say a prayer for Prince.  Thanks!

11/22/10 Dr. Ryan came out to examine Dixie today; she started coughing over the weekend.  Her temperature was OK, but her HR and RR were elevated.  A CBC was done.  We will be starting her on an AeroHippus aerosol inhaler system as soon as it arrives – it should be here tomorrow.  She has also been started on antibiotics.  She also gets Dex and Ventipulmin.  Dr. Das is coming to work on her on Wednesday.  Dixie could use prayers.


Dude went to his new forever home today and settled in really well.  He’s simply stunning!  He’s going to be a happier boy now that he has his own family to dote on him daily.  Congratulations, Dude!


And here is Reva’s “Morning Star” having fun with a rope.  Star is very inquisitive and loves to run and play.  He keeps Kami and Kandi very busy!



He was having so much fun he didn’t want to give it up!






He likes playing with the ball, too.



What does Starla think about being in school?  I think she’s having a great time! She’s gaining more confidence and is finding more security in humans – doing lots of licking and chewing, which is a very good thing.

So what is up with the tongue thing?  Well, she could have learned it from Aaleyah Belle; but I think it’s more of her showing how comfortable she is being handled.  She’s relaxed and it shows -- she’s learning to trust and respect humans.

Starla has been working through obstacles and is learning to recognize the difference between cues and when to be calm.  She’s learned to follow a feel and give to pressure from the halter.  She’s enjoying many ground games.  She’s doing well, and we are very proud of her!

See the below links for some short videos of Starla:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw22gnvaBWU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9yx16OHbAQ

Heart is doing OK.  There have been no more soupy, oily poopsl but he is passing poop.  He’s drinking more water, which is a good thing.  Dr. Ryan thinks the impaction is resolving. Yeah!

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support!

I’m sorry the updates have been few and far between, but it has been very busy here. I 'm not sure, but I may have good news.  Dr. Das worked on Heart yesterday; she did acupuncture and electrical stimulation.  After the treatment she did hear more gut sounds than before she worked on him.  We reviewed his diet and made a couple of changes.

This morning we found him to be more alert -- his eyes were bright, and he seemed to feel better, mentally and physically.  Tonight his poop had some shine to it inside and out - oil?  Let's hope so!  It definitely wasn't an explosion like we were looking for, but it's something.  Poop has been passing around the impaction all this time.  We know what it is like when a horse gets (and gets rid of) 1 gallon of oil - Heart got 5 gallons!  I can't explain what's going on with the oil, but I know that today he seemed better and for that I am grateful.  So maybe I won't keep praying for the oil explosion - 5 gallons would make a huge, huge mess!  But I will keep praying that the impaction is breaking down and will be resolved soon.

The farrier came on Wednesday and did 10 hooficures.  Asiya is really looking great and is a very, very sweet mare.



Fancy and Lana got their hooficures.



Casper is doing great – he’s another sweetie!



Magic got some extra attention this week from Ann, which he really enjoyed.  He liked the extra carrots, too!


And here is our handsome and debonair Armani!  He settled right into his new home and has even experienced his first snowfall!

His new family stays in touch almost daily, and I am so thankful to them for opening their home up to this beautiful boy.




Here is Armani in his stall waiting for breakfast to be served.  He really did well transitioning to his new home, and we’re so happy for him -- he will always be one of our babies, even if he will grow to be close to 17 hh!

We have some really good news!  Nash is going to his new home on Sunday, and Dude will be going to his new home by Tuesday!  Neither will be far away, and we’re so happy for them, too!  A forever home for the holidays – our BH family continues to expand!  Congratulations, boys!

A trip down memory lane … here is Aaleyah Belle upon arrival at the rescue in May 2008.  Look at Aaleyah’s beautiful face!



Silver Belle the day she arrived in October 2008 with a gaping wound to her chest and one on the left side of her left knee.


And now there is another filly - she has the same sire as Aaleyah Belle and Silver Belle, but she’s a year older.  We got a call to “come and get her.”  She is a beautiful and a very sweet girl.  We’d like to give her a safehaven for the holidays.  Nash will be leaving on Sunday; we’d like to pick this girl up on Monday.  Would anyone like to be her angel for a month or two or more?  Any amount will help – she’s going to need to see the dentist and farrier, and then there is her routine feed and care until she finds a forever home, which adds up.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s good thoughts and prayers for Heart – please keep them coming.  I think we took a turn for the better over the last 30 or so hours.  We’re still short ($900+) on Heart’s vet bill.  Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be called in to Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151 or made via the “Donate” page of our website.

Also, we are going through a lot more hay now that the cold has arrived.  A ton of Alfalpha is $410, and a ton of T&A and timothy is even more.  Donations can be called directly in to the hay stores (Larson Farms at 352-867-8333 or Berrettini Hay at 352-629-1447) and, again, no amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend.  Please don’t forget about the beautiful quilt fundraiser and, in a couple of days, there will be “Precious Moments” collections listed on eBay!  All proceeds will go to vet bills and care of the horses.  Please remember that we couldn’t help these magnificent horses without you – it’s only because of your support that we are able to help them -- God bless and thank you!


Holiday Fundraiser

We have a wonderful item for our next Holiday Fundraiser:  a beautiful quilt that was lovingly made and donated by Kathi Bruneau of Londonderry, NH.  The quilt measures 57” wide x 80” long.  It is one of a kind and is simply stunning!  The long arm quilting pattern is called, “A Horse with No Name.”  If you look closely (just click on the thumbnails for a larger image), you can see horses quilted into the pattern.  Kathi’s friend, Lynette Fowler, guided her through the making of the quilt.  The long arm quilting was done and donated by Dan Russell of Finely Finished Long Arm Quilting of Westminster, MA.


For each suggested donation of $10, you will become eligible to own this incredible work of art.  All donations will go 100% toward the feeding and care of the horses.

A name will be selected at Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, is located in Morriston, FL, at 9:00 pm on December 20, 2010.  The quilt will be shipped to the winner on December 21st – just in time for Christmas!

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Fondly, Jeanne

11/18/10 Just a quick update on Heart – he’s no better but no worse.  Dr. Das is coming to work on him this afternoon.  She has been successful in the past helping horses work out an impaction.

Dr. Ryan says that somehow poop is making its way around the impaction.  There are 5 gallons of oil in Heart that haven’t come out yet -- Dr. Ryan says it has to be in there somewhere – it’s not leaking out anywhere!  On Nov 4, the large bowel impaction was on left from pelvic flexure cranially.  The impaction has shifted, according to Dr. Ryan, to the right of the dorsal midline. Dr. Ryan thinks we should be having an oil explosion any day now (we hope!) -- he says he's never had a case just like this and that the longest case he's had, somewhat similar to this, went for 14 days and then the impaction and oil all broke loose.

Heart gets soupy mashes, electrolytes, Probiotics, and a couple of other things, including Banamine.  He is getting exercise.  The good thing is that he has not demonstrated pain or discomfort since the first couple of days that this started.  If he had been in pain all this time, I'm not sure things would be the same; we couldn't let him suffer.  He hasn't gone down and tried to roll, which is good; we don't want him to twist his gut.  He isn't demonstrating pain, his HR and RR have been normal.  What we don't want is for the impaction to shift and block the bowels -- that would be bad.  He's 25 - 30 years old, and he isn't a candidate for surgery. He’s in good spirits – just hungry!

Heart’s vet bill, to date, is $1292.72 and today’s treatment by Dr. Das is $125.  Today’s visit by Dr. Das has been covered (thank you to the donor that sent this in), and $350 has been donated toward the vet bill. That leaves $942.72.  Would anyone like to help with this? Donations can be called directly in to the vet’s office at 352-237-6151.  No amount is too small – all donations are tax-deductible and very much appreciated.  We also have to buy 2 tons of hay this week and restock the Banamine supply. 

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support.  I’ll try to update tonight from Dr. Das’ treatment today.

11/14/10 We hope everyone had a great weekend -- it went by so fast!  As usual, it’s been busy here.  Please don’t forget to order your Kami cards – the last day to order is November 16th.  Many thanks to Kathryn Baker for donating her talent, time, and the cards to benefit the horses – and to everyone that bought a set(s)!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

Legacy still loves the water! He’s had a growth spurt recently and is getting to be a big boy.

Here are Heart and Nash chatting.  Heart is no better, no worse.  I’m sure Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow or Tuesday to examine Heart again.  He’s got 5 gallons of oil in him somewhere that needs to come out.  I know that come Thursday it will be two weeks that Heart has had an impaction.  Dr. Ryan says that is the longest he’s had a horse in this condition is 14 days.  On day 14, everything broke lose and everyone was happy.  I haven’t asked Dr. Ryan what happens if nothing happens on day 14.  I’m staying positive that things will pass.  There is a 12-year-old that is lookng forward to meeting Heart – possibly a new family to go home to.  We’ve cancelled their meeting him these last two Saturdays because of his impaction.  Let’s pray they will get to come this weekend to meet him.  Continued prayers for Heart would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Bess did Prince’s, Dixie’s, and Nash’s teeth on Friday.  Surprisingly, Dixie’s weren’t too very bad.  Dixie and Prince don’t like to be apart.


Prince’s teeth were horrible.



Dr. Bess with Dixie after her power float.  Dixie looked like she felt special!  She gets a lot of attention and she really enjoys it.  Her COPD is the biggest thing working against her, but fortunately the next few months will be easier on her than if it were summer.


Dixie and Prince have become the best of friends.



Aaleyah Belle was anxious to meet Prince and Dixie – or maybe it was just Prince she was interested in?  Dixie didn’t seem very comfortable about the meeting.


The three babies – led, of course, by Miss Kami herself.

We had a family come out to visit with Joy today – they all hit it right off.  It’s possible she may have a forever home for Christmas!  An application was submitted and approved for Nash – he also may have a forever home – before Thanksgiving!

The farrier is coming on Wednesday for 10 hooficures – would anyone like to help sponsor one or part of one?  They are $35 each.

Heart’s vet bill is over $800.  If anyone would like to help, donations can be called in directly to the vet’s office, Peterson & Smith, at 352-237-6151.  No amount is too small -- all donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated.

God bless, and we wish everyone a wonderful week ahead!

11/09/10 Just a quick update before calling it a day here -- sorry it’s short but it’s been a long day. Unfortunately, I spent most of it in the office working until this evening, but I got caught up on some things that needed to be done.  Still have lots more to do, but tomorrow is another day.  I know there are many emails that I haven’t responded to – please don’t give up on me, and I’m not ignoring anyone. The paperwork had backed up, and I had to get some of it off my desk today. We have applications for new volunteers (yeah!) and an adoption application being processed.

We were very pleased to learn today that Laura, one of volunteers, was accepted into the Internship program at Peterson & Smith!  Maybe she’ll be riding with and assisting Dr. Ryan in the future!

Heart received more fluids tonight.  I have to say his tummy made more grumbling noises than I’ve heard since his colic started a week ago, so maybe this is a good thing.  He’s a sweet boy and is just a love.  He may have a clogged tear duct – we’ll check it out in the morning.  Thanks, everyone, for keeping him in prayers.

Dixie is doing great – she’s a very vocal mare and has really perked up -- she’s even started to run around a bit!  Dr. Bess will be coming to do her teeth on Friday.  Dixie isn’t eating much, and it likely has to do with her teeth.  Dr. Bess will likely do Prince’s, too – he’s put on some weight and is coming around nicely.

Tonight when I was coming up from the barn, I looked up into the sky and it was breathtaking! The sky was so clear and the stars were so bright.  I thought about Savannah, Passion, Nick, Precious, Charlotte, Nuvita, Tiny Tim, and all of the others that have crossed.  I felt a great peace come over me when I saw those bright stars twinkling away -- everything in life was right for a few moments in time – it was a feeling I can’t describe.  It was simply wonderful.

Have a great night, everyone, and a blessed day tomorrow!

11/07/10 It’s been a while since I’ve updated -- I don’t know where to start!  We have been very, very busy.  The weather took a dive, and it’s been in the mid- to low 30s at night, so we’ve been blanketing these last few nights.  The time change really made a difference today – we ran out of daylight way too early!

Some wonderful news – Armani has settled into his new home!  Yes, that’s right – our regal boy has a wonderful forever home!  He has a family all his own now including a human mom, dad, brother, and two horse friends!  This was such a special adoption – we couldn’t announce it because it was a surprise to the human mom!  I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that he is in a wonderful home with a wonderful family.  He just loves his new human brother!  Our BH “family” continues to grow!  We’ll continue to share updates of him and his adventures.

It’s hard when they leave for their new home – they take a part of my heart with them, always.  But this is what we want for all of them – for them to settle into a good home where they have their own human family that will love and care for them.  It is truly a blessing to be able to bring them here when they need help, to nurse them to health, help the babies learn respect for humans and teach them what we can, to experience “growing up” with them while they are here, to give them all TLC, and to see them off with lots of love knowing they are on their way to starting a new life which we helped make possible.  We are only able to do this because of the support that we are blessed with from others. Armani and I shared a few minutes before he loaded up to go home.  He’s a big, beautiful, and brave boy with a whole future ahead of him with his new family!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy …

Here are all of the babies napping in the sun – even Mocha, the puppy!

What’s wrong with this picture?  Reva and the babies have a shelter now and where are they?  In the pouring rain!  And that is Marie, one of our awesome volunteers, braving the rain to open the gate that accidentally closed, which left Reva and her baby in different paddocks.

Dixie is doing well.  She is gorgeous and has a beautiful whinny!  She now holds her beautiful head up high and proud!  Her whinny is stronger.  When we groomed her and put a blanket on her a couple of nights ago, she was a doll. Her eyes spoke volumes of the appreciation that she must have felt for the warmth of a blanket – even if the blanket was a little small on her.  A new blanket that fits her has been ordered.  She had a hooficure, and her feet look much better.  I’m so thankful that we were able to bring her here before the cold arrived - I hate the thought of her being cold and with an empty tummy.

Here are Kandi and Kami checking out their blankets and getting ready for their first cold night this year.  Kami is sporting a new hot pink blanket.  Kandi is sporting a 2009 model courtesy of Legacy - she doesn’t mind being dressed in blue!

Are they cute or what?



Here are Heart and Prince the day that Prince had a gas colic.  They certainly didn’t feel well.

Dr. Ryan set up a catheter for Heart this past Friday so that we can administer IV fluids.  Heart is a very good patient.  He is about the same, only he did start drinking water today so that is good.  He passes some poop, but the impaction is still there.  I’m sure Dr. Ryan will call in the morning to check on him and possibly oil him again.  We had a family scheduled to come to meet Heart yesterday, but we felt it best to postpone the meeting until Heart is free of the impaction.  Please continue to keep Heart in your prayers – thank you.

Here is Dr. Ryan treating Prince for gas colic.  He was also a good patient.  He is doing great and has put on some much needed weight.


Here are the babies playing in the main paddock a few days ago – it was like a day at the park for them!  Does this picture remind you of anything?

Watching this playtime brought back many warm memories of Momma Sue and her three girls – Buttercup, Silver Belle, and Aaleyah Belle!  Kami was the one, of course, to take off first when I let them out of their paddock; and she looked like a ping pong ball all over the place!  Kandi and Reva’s baby couldn’t keep up with her!

More good news (maybe):  a family came to meet Nash and Princess today, and I think (and hope and pray) that they may adopt both of them!  It really is nice when we can place two friends together in a forever home.  Both horses were very comfortable with the family.  It was a windy and cold day, but they did really well and seemed to enjoy the extra attention.

I have many emails that I haven’t responded to, and I apologize.  I’m far behind on office work, including emails.  I’ve been at the barn most of my days and into the nights.  I’m trying to get caught up, but it seems like each day something happens that we didn’t plan for.

I’d like to thank everyone for caring and for helping to make Beauty’s Haven a success.  It is a lot of work, 24/7/365, but we love what we do; and you all make it possible – we can’t do it without you.  God bless and have a wonderful week!

11/05/10 Dr. Ryan left not long ago.  Heart was oiled again and more IV fluids were given.  While Heart has passed a little poop, Dr. Ryan did a rectal; and there is still a significant impaction, so we’re not out of the woods.  We’ll be running him IV fluids twice a day over the weekend unless the impaction clears.  Please keep Heart in your prayers.

To date we’ve incurred over $600 in expenses for Heart’s vet care.  If anyone would like to help Heart with this, you can call a donation in directly to Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.  No amount is too small, donations are tax-deductible, and every donation is greatly appreciated. God bless! I’ll try to post some pictures later.

Dixie is doing very well!

11/04/10 Dr. Ryan just left a few minutes ago.  Here’s a short summary…

Dixie:  She definitely has COPD and likely Cushings.  She’s not drinking, so we’re giving her electrolytes via syringe and in her feed.  She gets soaked alfalpha cubes throughout the day.  She’s a very sweet mare.  She’s gotten so many hugs and just loves the attention!  Dixie is being treated for her COPD and monitored closely.  A CBC was also pulled.

Heart:  He has an impaction colic – this isn’t good.  He doesn’t feel well.  Dr. Ryan gave him fluids and oiled him again.  A CBC was also pulled.

Prince:  I’ve been observing him, and now he is giving me cause for concern; so I’m going out now to take his vitals and see what is going on.  I hope it’s not another colic.

The change in weather here in the last day has been significant, and tomorrow night will be worse – in the “feels like” 30’s. Colic’s are not uncommon when this happens.  We’ll be unpacking blankets to prepare for tomorrow night after I go check on Prince.

Thanks to everyone for caring.  Please say prayers for Dixie, Heart, Prince, and all of the horses and us humans here.  I have a feeling it's going to be a long couple of days.  I’ll update when I can.  God bless, and have a great day.





11/03/10 I’m sorry to be so late updating, but after we got Dixie here I had to stay with her until she settled in and then do some chores – it was a very busy day here. Dixie had lived on the property we picked her up from for the last 20 years.  She loaded right up, didn’t hesitate.  Unloaded OK but unsure.  She is in new surroundings, and it will take her some time to adjust.  I had Mike go with me – my shoulder/arm are still pretty much out of commission.  Doesn’t she have a lovely face and the kindest eyes?  Welcome home, Dixie!

She paced for quite a bit, and we had to put a lead rope on her to walk her to keep her from running the fence line.  After an hour or so, she finally calmed down.  But I did finally hear her cough, and she does have a nasal discharge. The owner said she’s been coughing for the last couple of years and losing weight.  He doesn’t know why she is losing weight – he feeds her a scoop in the AM and a scoop in the PM and she was on grass but not given any hay.  Well, obviously something is wrong.  We will be checking her hourly or so tonight.  She has stopped pacing and is standing in the corner watching the paddock where the babies are.  She’s a big girl with eyes that make you melt.

I’m looking forward to Dr. Ryan coming tomorrow so we can find out what is going on and get her on her road to recovery.  The farrier will also be coming out tomorrow.  She’s tripped a few times, and I’m not sure why.  Her feet are long, but I don’t think that is the issue.  She’s malnourished and unhealthy.  Neighbors said she’d just stand under the tree and hang her head.  There have been complaints to the Sheriff’s Department, but the response has always been she’s an old horse, therefore she is thin.  Just because a horse is older, it doesn’t mean they have to be thin.  Casper is 42 years old and doesn’t have but six back teeth -- he’s not thin. I t just takes a bit more time and care for those with special needs.  But don’t they deserve it?

I just can’t imagine watching a family member waste away and not doing more about it.  To me, all of our animals are family members – they are not tools that can just be discarded or turned out to fend for themselves when their “useful” days are over or they are not needed any longer.

I learned this evening that Dixie had one foal many years ago.  She hasn’t really been handled in the last five years.  She’ll get lots of hands-on here!

I haven’t gone through my emails yet, but to those that have committed to help or that have already donated – thank you.  I will try to go through my emails tomorrow and figure out where we are with funds for her.  I’ll update after Dr. Ryan leaves and I get a chance – it’s going to be a busy day.  Good night, everyone – thank you for caring.  God bless.

IMO Savannah. She will be with us, always.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Heart is feeling better.  He went down this morning with colic symptoms.  Dr. Ryan came and examined him and treated him for colic.  He thinks it was gas colic.  Tonight Heart is feeling much better.

Some good news to share – Starla left for “school” yesterday!  She had pretty bad trust issues when she arrived here.  I really don’t think she was ever physically abused – neglected terribly, yes.  I don’t think she has ever had much, if any, human handling.  Her previous owners couldn’t get a halter on her – she was basically just turned out on many acres with many horses.  She made good progress here but is ready to move forward in her training.  She’s young, smart, and willing to learn – she needs someone to take her further and I’m physically not able to. 

She never kicked or did anything of the sort – she’s not a mean mare by any means.  But there were two times in the first month that she was here that she did bolt when she was startled by something going on around us when I was working with her, and I just can’t move fast enough!  Horses can read our emotions very well, and she likely felt me being uncomfortable not knowing when she would bolt, which didn’t help our situation.  I do have physical limitations, and she needs someone willing and able to help her work through her insecurities.  And I’m sure she will be happy with her forever human when she is ready.  It may takes weeks or months – but it will take as long as it takes.  She really does want to learn to trust – her eyes and demeanor made that clear. 

I’d like to thank everyone for your support for Savannah.  There been many tears these past few days thinking about the pain and suffering that she experienced.  Tears knowing how she must have wanted to graze on green grass but could only see it on the other side of the fence, and tears of satisfaction of seeing her graze throughout the night.  Tears for how soft and loving her eyes and soul were, tears in remembering the look she gave to me before crossing, tears for the pain I feel when we witness and experience something so tragic and feel so helpless.  Tears of gratitude for our volunteers that help in any way they can and for my family that sacrifices and supports my passion.  And there are tears from emails that bring me comfort in knowing I’m not alone on this journey, and tears for losses that others have had.  We’ve all experienced loving and having to let go.  It hurts like hell.

I hope this makes sense -- I haven't been very good with words lately -- but what we do at Beauty's Haven is for the horses and the people that care about them from near and far -- and it's for me too -- I can't imagine doing anything else.  We are their voice, and they deserve to be treated properly and to know kindness, love, and respect.  We share our experiences to raise awareness for what horses endure at the hands of humans -– for others to learn and perhaps be moved to help those that can’t speak for themselves -– not just horses but all living beings.  It’s never OK to look the other way when you can clearly see suffering.  And we share our journeys of happiness and joy.  Each journey can bring about many emotions, not just sadness and anger, but also joy and happiness.

We have success stories like Baby Ray’s and Legacy’s –- we shared tears for what they endured, we share happy tears for their accomplishments, and we still share tears when we see them run and enjoy life –- they are happy and healthy because of all of us working together. And when they leave for a forever home, we will share tears again, I’m sure.  Then we have tragic stories like Nick’s and Savannah’s.

It’s because of support from others, be it emotional, monetary, physical, prayers, etc., that we are able to do what we do.  Without this support, more lives would be lost, more would continue to suffer, more babies may never live to run and play in fields of green, more would shiver in the cold and become a statistic that we would never know about.  Together we make a difference, one life at a time.

While we couldn’t turn back time and take away the pain and suffering that Savannah endured, we did give her a dignified and loving crossing with lots of love surrounding her.  She didn’t die alone; and she was surrounded by green grass, which she adored.  This coming Friday the temperature is supposed to “feel like” 32 degrees – the arthritis in her knee was horrible, and she had no fat or muscle to help keep her warm and no shelter from the elements where she was -- I thank God that she found her way to us when she did and that she no longer suffers. It is never easy to let any go, but death is part of life; and when you see suffering that can’t be helped, the most kind and loving thing you can do is to let them go – with love and dignity. Knowing that we’re not alone in our journey is a true blessing – it is very comforting, and we appreciate all of you.  Thank you for making our journeys possible - God bless all of you.

P.S.  Dr. Ryan just left.  Heart appeared to be trying to colic, so I gave him some Banamine per Dr. Ryan.  Dr. Ryan examined Heart and says it’s likely a gas colic.  Heart was given Buscopan and oiled and appears to be a bit better.  It's been so dry here and no rain for a month.  Dr. Ryan says there have been a lot of colics lately.  Please say a prayer for Heart.

I’ll update later this evening – I do have some good news to share. Thank you.

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