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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(November 2009)

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11/29/09 Today was a good day for Legacy!  He ate like a baby horse and drank more than usual.  In fact, he did so well he didn't get any fluids today!  Dr. Ryan and I spoke, and he's very pleased with Legacy's progress and is amazed that Legacy has made it through this far.  We're not out of the woods by far. Dr. Das will be out tomorrow to work on Legacy, and Dr. Ryan will be out later in the week to pull blood again.  I'm encouraged that the light in Legacy's eyes was brighter today.  I hung a wreath in the aisleway, and the little squirt kept trying to take it away from me!  He didn't run today, but his movements were ever so slightly better.  He's very weak but, again, I'm very happy with what I've seen over the last 24 hours.

Mommy Theresa, I think Baby Ray is afraid I'm going to get the door to the feed room open before he does.  Please tell him I haven't even tried to open it -- it's nice outside, and I want him to go out with me.  His mommy is calling for him and pacing, and I don't want her worried.

Baby Ray, will you be my friend and go outside while it's sunny and warm and graze with me?  Besides, your mommy is looking for you.  I don't have a horsey mommy here -- my mommy died, but I know she still watches over me from heaven, and I know she loves me like your mommy loves you.  You're really blessed to have your mommy, and I don't want her to be worried about you, so please come outside.  I know you get worried when another horse gets near you because you can't see them but, if you come out with me, I promise I won't hurt you -- I can't move very fast anyway, I'm still weak.  How about if we go out and I'll be your eyes?  If Haley comes near us, I'll let you know, OK?  Come on, your mommy is getting worried.

Baby Ray had on his :thinking" face but looked like he wanted to give it a try.

I encouraged Baby Ray to go.  Go on, Baby Ray, little Legacy is a good boy. He misses his mommy, and it would really be nice if you would be his friend. Just try it, OK?  Here comes Legs, now go on outside with him for a bit.

OK, mommy Theresa. I'll go out for a little while.  Besides, I'm thirsty and want a drink of water. Come  on, Legs, let's go so my mommy calms down -- I hear her pacing the fence.  No fast moves though, OK?

The boys went out and, after Baby Ray got his water, they grazed for a while and Sunshine did calm down.  Then Baby Ray walked over to the gate to the paddock where his mom was, and we let him back in.  It was time for Legacy's meds, so he had to go in anyway and then he took a nap.  I think the boys may become pals, over time.  Sunshine doesn't like Legacy (or any horse) near Baby Ray; but I'm going to try to resolve that slowly and safely. Sorry the picture below has spots on it -- my camera is actually broken and the lens is exposed all the time.  I'm trying to hold off sending it to get fixed until after the New Year.

Captain and Zaynah enjoyed the warm sun today, too.  Blankets came off, and it really was a picture-perfect day.

My daughter and I actually took a few minutes out of the hectic day to hop on Midnight and Riley this afternoon, and it was very nice.  It wasn't more then five minutes, but it;s the first time I've ridden in a long, long time.  The farrier was out today and trimmed their feet, and it was such a beautiful day that, on the way back to their paddock, I said, "OK, let's hop on!" and we did!  The boys were great!

I want to thank everyone for all of your support.  I know the holidays are almost here, and I'm so far behind on many things.  Time goes by here at the rescue and days run together. I'd hoped to have a lot of items posted on our website for sale by now that are absolutely beautiful.  We'll also have some nice items on eBay soon.  There will be some very nice handmade items, drawings of the some of the horses, note cards, and lots more.  The horseshoes are all made and ,because I'm so far behind on getting them out and getting the items on the website, I'm actually sending all items to Jeanne tomorrow so that she will have them -- she will be much better at getting items posted and mailed out to people than I am.  I'm pulled in so many ways each day -- for those that ordered horseshoes, I do apologize for being so late getting them out.

We hope to have a Breyer item listed on eBay tomorrow.  We need to pay the November farrier (Ola) bill on Tuesday, and our other farrier is coming this week, and that is going to be another $300.  Of course there are the daily expenses of grain and hay and I'm happy to report that Legacy needs another bucket of milk pellets!  And last week we had to bring back one of the horses that had been adopted out (Doc), which is another added expense; but we are happy that he is here and fine, but he could use a few angels -- a treatment by Dr. Das would do him a lot of good.  And I am sure the electric bill for the barn is going to be outrageous with all of the heat lamps we have going for Legs!  Baby Legacy's vet bills are high:  each bag of plasma was $350. He's still on antibiotics and has had many IV fluids.  These past few weeks we have had the extra expense of shavings, which are $4.95 a bag; and we go through about five bags a day.  Ruby is confined to her stall due to her tendon injury for a few more weeks.  With her in, Haley being stalled at night and during bad weather, and little Legacy being in a stall the majority of the time, we are going through a lot of shavings.  Since I've been out at the barn almost around the clock, I haven't had time to really look in detail at funds and bills -- but tonight I did, and it's pretty scary!  All donations are tax-deductible and very much appreciated -- and no amount is too small.

Here is one item that will be on eBay. It is a Breyer "Noelle" 2008 horse still in the box.  It's the twelfth in a series of Breyer holiday horses.  All proceeds will go 100% to the horses.  And thank you to the person that donated the item to help the horses!

Have a good night, everyone -- I'm off to take a shower and get back to the barn.  Tomorrow will be here before we know it!

P.S.  I forgot to mention, but donations can be called in directly to:

Vet bills: Peterson & Smith, 352-237-6151

Grain, milk pellets, shavings, hay, alfalpha cubes, beet pulp:  Sanders Feed: 352-873-8660

Hay: Larson Farms: 352-867-8333

If an order is placed directly with the vet's office or feed store, please send us an email to let us know so that we can be sure to thank you and issue a tax donation receipt.  We're still behind on getting these, but Bob is working on it daily.  We hope to have all issued by the end of the year, which is only a month away!  Where did the year go???

Again, thanks, everyone -- have a great day tomorrow.  Baby Legacy is up and munching on his milk pellets again.  He's really been more active today, which makes me feel very good.


11/28/09 Baby Legacy was able to get out for a bit today to soak up some sun. HighTower walked and grazed along the fence line with him a bit.  HighTower really "towers" over the baby!

Hey, little guy, welcome to Beauty's Haven!  I haven't been here very long myself, but I can tell you it's a nice place to be.  Where I lived before, we didn't have any humans that would feed us -- we just had lots of land to roam on, but it was mostly weeds.  And then the humans left and there was nobody to care about us.  Here, the humans talk with us, brush us, and rub all over us -- we even get sprayed with stuff to keep flies off of us!  Oh, and they like to put icky stuff on pink noses, too, so they don't get sunburned!  I heard about your mom and I'm sorry she was so sick. But you'll be OK here, and I know the humans will do all they can for you.  And when you are stronger maybe you can come out and graze with me.

Thanks, HighTower.  I have lots of human friends but they're not horses.  I know they care a lot about me -- they're always fussing over me to make sure I'm comfy, and I am.  But I miss my momma, and I'm glad to have you for a horse friend now.  I thought Haley would be my friend, but she doesn't want anything to do with me.  If I get near her, she goes the other way.  Did anyone ever tell you that you're a really, really big horse?

Bernel dropped by today and brought the baby a fleece blanket to go under his weatherproof blanket.  It's a little big, but it works and it's warm!  Bernel was surprised at how little Baby Legs is -- he looks bigger in pictures than he really is.

Mommy Theresa, Im tired again -- I think I'm ready to go in for a nap now. Did you see HighTower grazing next to me?  Someday I'm going to be big and strong, too!  Thanks for being my friend, HighTower!  I'll see ya later, OK?

And Baby Ray is as cute as ever!  Bernel said he looks like a Koala bear, and I think she's right!  He's getting muscular and has filled in nicely.  It's hard to believe he was all bones with no fat whatsoever when he arrived.


Doc is so cute -- he was very happy to get his new ˝ pasture bale (a 700+ lb compressed) of O&A today.  It will last him for a couple of weeks, at least. We're not sure what breed he is -- TWH/Clyde/Cross????  I asked Bernel what breed she thinks he is, and she couldn't figure it out either.  We just know that he's a sweetheart!

We bought six more heat lamps today for the baby's stall.  It's about 65 degrees in there, for now.  There's supposed to be frost on the ground in the AM, but I think we'll be just fine in his stall tonight.  I'm taking first shift; Bob is taking second so I need to get to the barn.  Legacy got a ˝ liter of fluids about an hour ago and is now up and munching on his pellets.  I bet he wishes he could go to sleep in the dark, but the heat lamps are necessary.

Have a good night, everyone, and a blessed day tomorrow!


11/27/09 Baby Legacy went out for a few minutes in the sunshine today when the winds were down.  He is just beautiful!  Dr. Ryan was out this AM, and we went over his care plan. We are doing everything as we should be.  Legacy's temperature maintained in the normal range almost all day.  He is drinking and eating today, which makes me feel better.

He did have me worried when he tried to imitate a cheetah during his outside time -- I thought for sure he was going to take a rolling tumble.

Hey, mommy Theresa, look at me!  I can run fast -- I may need a little practice, but I can do it!  Oops -- yikes!  I'm ok! No worries!


OK, I'm a little tired now.  It was really nice to be out, but I think I'm ready for a nap.  I know you told me I wasn't supposed to run around because I'm still not well, but I wanted you to see that I can do it!  Can we go back inside now, please?

Xan is spending the night tonight along with her puppy, Kelly -- this means we'll be able to get SLEEP!  Much needed sleep!  Legs and Kelly have made friends already.  It will be getting pretty cold again tonight but, with all the heat lamps on and the stall all buttoned up, it stays comfortable.

Have a great night, everyone!



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11/26/09 We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  While we had our ups and downs here with Baby Legacy, we did share in Thanksgiving dinner and prayers with our kids, thanks to an awesome home-cooked meal by Diane and her family.  Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and the list goes on!  And our daughter, Katie, made a carrot cake for desert.  I ate way too much and just wanted to curl up and take a nap, which I'm going to do with the baby very soon.

Legacy's temp and HR are lower than we'd like, but they are better then earlier today.  He is drinking, but not nearly enough.  We gave him a ˝ liter of IV fluids not long ago and then, with a little help, he got up and is now munching on milk replacer pellets and forage.  We filled in more cracks with foam where cold air was coming in his stall.  He's got 9 heat lamps, 2 blankets, and we were going to give him an electric blanket but the controller isn't working -- but he does have a heating matt on order.  It does get toasty under the heat lamps but, by morning, it will be in the upper 30s and we'll have to see how warm it stays in his stall.  We have an electric heater if needed.  Diane loaned us a zero gravity fold up recliner that is very nice and helps us humans to be more comfy in the stall.

It was a sunny day but there were cold winds off and on.  Legacy was able to get out for a short time to soak up some sun.

Baby Legs has a long uphill road to recovery.  With intensive care, lots of love and prayers, and his strong will, we are staying positive and keeping the faith that these things combined will get him through.  He likes to lay his head in my lap and have his neck scratched.  His eyes tell you very clearly when he isn't feeling well.

Here is Jake grazing today. In the background are Gentleman, Chloe, and Velvet.

I have a ton of emails that I haven't responded to -- please know that I just haven't had much time at the computer, but I appreciate each and every one of them, and it's comforting to know that others are thinking of us and are sending good thoughts and prayers.  God bless you all!

Have a good night, everyone. I have to get back to the barn.


11/26/09 We have so much to be thankful for!  Baby Legacy is, indeed, out at this time basking in the beautiful sun.  It's a bit cool ,but the sun is warm and healthy.  I think the plasma gave him a much needed boost.  He is drinking, and he munches on his free choice milk pellets mixed in forage.

It's going to get very cold tonight so we are moving hay bales into his stall to put against the two outside walls for insulation.  Last night the temperature in his stall didn't go below 55; it felt much colder to me.  Tonight it is going down into the 30s.

We are very blessed to have the morning chores almost done already!  Marie, Diane, Jessica, and Molly were here bright and early to help out.  The new (used) golf cart came back from the repair shop last evening, and it pulls the poop spreader just fine - yeah!

Haley's lip is healing already -- it looks funny, but it doesn't seem to be painful for her.

Doc, the horse we brought back on Monday, is doing fine; but he's lonely in the QT paddock. He looks so cute in his winter coat.  He even has a mane now.  When we brought him to the rescue from an auction the day before Easter in 2008, his mane had been completely shaved off.  He found a home only a few months later.  He's doing well, and I will be very glad when we can give him a bath - he really needs one!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day!

11/25/09 I just got off the phone with Dr. Ryan a few minutes ago.  He came to examine Baby Legacy and administered plasma.  He did blood work and, based on that, it is possible that Legs has a liver abscess.  Dr. Ryan took Legacy off a couple of the meds he was getting, which I'm sure Legs will appreciate -- one of them was oral and awfully bitter.

Baby Legacy seemed pretty depressed when Dr. Ryan arrived.  He hadn't drunk much all day and was a bit lethargic.  He had a tough time getting up without help.  When you see them like this, it is disturbing that you can't make them feel better right away, at least it is for me.

As the plasma was dripping, he started to perk up.

I feel a little better now, mommy Theresa.  Can I come out now? I don't like being inside so much!

Baby Legacy is sleeping now.  We modified his stall a bit -- covered the grill and lowered the heat lamps to help keep him warmer.  It is getting very cold tonight and colder tomorrow night.  We had to blanket a few of the horses. Precious seemed to glow in a coat -- like she felt really special, and I assured her that she is.

Poor little (but very pregnant) Haley was run off by Sunshine tonight when Baby Ray got too close to her.  Haley ran and slipped and fell down, splitting the front of her lip.  She's tucked into her stall now and will be OK.

Thank you all for your good thoughts, prayers, and support.  We continue to pray for a miracle for Legs, and we give thanks for so much.  God bless all of you and, if I don't get a chance to get back on here before tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone -- may you and yours have a blessed day!


11/24/09 I'm sorry for the delay in an update -- I waited to post pictures -- my email quit working again tonight for a few hours.  Today was very busy -- we had visitors and a few things broke (like the go-cart that we use to pull the poop spreader with), which made more work for us.

I'm very happy to report that the last 24 hours for Baby Legacy have been calm -- his vitals have remained constant and in the normal range.  He is eating and drinking, and I have not had to give him any fluids.  He is far from out of the woods but, for the first time (and I say this with reservation because I know how quickly babies can crash), I think I can say that we are on the path to recovery.

It rained most of the day, and Legacy didn't get to go out.  He visited with others in the barn from the center aisle.  He and Haley hold little conversations that make me smile -- they can't see each other since they're both small and the bottom of the stall doors are solid.  When Legs wakes up from a nap, his whinnies are a bit stronger -- he likes to let everyone know he's awake!  His eyes are somewhat brighter.  Nothing will change for us -- he will be constantly supervised.  We hope tomorrow brings a beautiful day and that he can get out and enjoy the sun.

It's time for my meds again!  I'll take them like a good boy, but I still don't like them!

Here is Carol, one of our visitors today, meeting Baby Legacy.  Look at those long ears!

Baby Ray gave us all a much needed laugh today.  He and his mom were out in front of the barn grazing when it started to rain.  He looked like a little bucking cricket!  He was all over the place running and kicking -- it was so good to see him feel so good!

Have a good night, everyone -- I have to get back to the barn to relieve hubby.  Baby Legs is up and eating right now.  I have a monitor next to my computer screen at my desk where I can watch Legacy from the camera in his stall.


11/23/09 Dr. Ryan examined Baby Legacy today and ran more blood work.  The results show his WBC to still be very low but not as low.  His RBC is in the low end of normal, which is better than it was.  He “appears” to be doing better but really, not much has changed.  In his condition, he could crash really fast. We will continue to do everything we can, and we will keep the faith.  It’s been a week now and he’s still holding on.  He’s a true fighter, and we give thanks for every minute he is with us.

“Hi Dr. Ryan. You want to see my gums again?  My heart sounded good – didn’t it?  I’ve been a really good boy at taking my medicines. A re you proud of me?  My mommy Theresa and my aunties say they’re proud of me!  I miss my mommy, but she was very sick and sometimes, I can feel her with me even though I can’t see her.  I’ll be OK, right?”

After a good nap and a little snack and drink, Baby Legs seems almost “normal” at times.  But we know this is far from the case, and we never let our guard down.  It was a beautiful day today, and he really enjoyed being outside more.

“Mommy Theresa, can I come out now? It was so boring yesterday with all the rain – all I wanted to do was sleep.  But today I want to go out in the sunshine and see some other horses, OK?”

Ruby’s tendon was too swollen to get a good ultrasound done today.  Dr. Weller did some acupuncture on her, which she really needed.  Dr. Weller will be back next week to try again.  In the meantime, we’re cold hosing and wrapping – something I’m all fingers at!


Baby Ray had on his natural “gotta luv me” face for a visit by one of the neighbors today.  Everybody loves Baby Ray!  Sunshine, being the good mom she is, wasn’t far away.


I received pictures today of Cash, a mare we adopted out this past year, that made me smile.  Her human family loves her terribly, and she loves them back. She is happy and healthy, and we are so proud of her!


Precious is truly precious! Now that she’s had her teeth done and her mouth isn’t sore, she’s eating like a horse!  We expect her to start putting on the pounds!

Everybody loves Baby Legs, too, and we so very much appreciate all the good thoughts, prayers, and support.  He’s taking a nap right now, and I’m washing his blue blankie.  It’s a little snug on him, but it keeps him warm under his bigger blanket.

Have a good night everyone. I’ll update more tomorrow. 

Sincerely, Theresa


11/23/09 Hi, Everyone, Dr. Ryan was at the farm this morning and removed the lavage from Princess' eye.  We are thrilled to report that Princess' eye is healing nicely and her vision appears to be normal!!!

Since a portion of Princess' veterinary fees are still outstanding, please consider a donation of $10 for a chance to win the lovely Kathryn Baker drawing of Sunshine and Baby Ray (pictured at right).  Please visit our Events page for more details.  The winner will be selected on November 30, 2009.

Thank you all for your continuing love and support of Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue.

Fondly, Jeanne


11/22/09 Hi, Everyone, I just received a call from Theresa.  Baby Legs was sleeping soundly under a blanket and several heat lamps as we spoke.

Baby has had his ups and downs throughout the day.  Earlier this afternoon, his temperature was steadily dropping below normal, so Theresa heated his IV fluids to 100 degrees and, after administering them, his temperature rose to normal.  Afterwards, he did get up to eat a bit of hay and drink two ounces of milk. This was a most positive sign as he is eating very little and sleeping a great deal.  Theresa constantly monitors Baby Legs' condition and checks his temperature at least once every two hours.  He is still on IV antibiotics as well.  Dr. Ryan will return to the farm in the morning to check upon Little Legs' progress.

Please continue to keep this Precious Baby Boy in your thoughts and Prayers.

Fondly, Jeanne

11/21/09 Baby Legs got out some to enjoy the beautiful day. His appetite is down and he's got a touch of diarrhea, which is likely a side effect from the new antibiotic.  Dr. Ryan will be back out on Monday morning, unless we need a vet out before then. Please keep Baby Legs in your prayers.


Precious had her appointment with Dr. Bess today. She had huge waves, and Dr. Bess could only do so much on this visit.  It's going to take some time to get her teeth as good as they're going to be.  She'll be getting pretty soupy meals for the next couple of days.  Dr. Bess agrees that Precious, if she is a QH, is a TWH/QH cross.

Baby Ray is doing well. He's got a healthy belly on him now along with a fuzzy winter coat.  He is brighter and more alert -- the change in diet has helped.  Unfortunately, his vision is no better.  He appears to still see shadows at times.  I'm hoping that, as Baby Legs grows, that he and Baby Ray will become friends.  Sunshine is doing great.

Granny is about the same although she did cough a little more today. Captain and Zaynah are doing really well.  Ruby is still stuck in a stall with her tendon injury but getting hand-walked throughout the day and night. Amadeus and Layla are in with Momma Sue and Aaleyah, and they are all doing great.  HighTower has filled out nicely and is absolutely one of the most pleasant horses I've ever met.  Classy has good days and not so good days -- today was a not so good day.  Her right front is still giving her discomfort at times.  Velvet is doing OK but is still looking for a home where there is less activity in hopes she wouldn't run around and stress her knee.

Kimba has settled in wonderfully at Paula's and is making new friends -- here he is meeting Max (Max is a mini).  We'll be getting updates about Kimba, and I'll make sure to share them.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!



PRAYERS NEEDED FOR BABY LEGS!  Hi, everyone, I just spoke to Theresa, and the news is not positive.  Dr. Ryan was out this morning, and we just received the results of Baby Leg's blood work. His white blood count and platelets are significantly lower than yesterday, while his red blood count is about the same.  Dr. Ryan is on the way to the farm as we speak to administer a plasma treatment and to change Baby Leg's antibiotics.

Please Pray for this Precious Little Boy who is so critically ill.



Please visit eBay to view and/or bid on a beautiful painting of Baby Ray and Sunshine by Alice Berkman (pictured at right)!  The link is below.  Please note that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue.

Thank you!



11/19/09 Dr. Ryan just called with today's blood work, and it wasn't good news. Legacy's WBC count is lower today as is his RBC; and a few other things were off.  We're far from being out of the woods.  I hope and pray that he has a long lifetime of knowing love here on earth with us but, if it isn't meant to be, we know he was showered with it during the time we were given with him.

He is alert, eating, and drinking. His heart rate is better -- low 60s. Yesterday it was in the 40s.  He gets his meds as scheduled.  He has times where he has a small burst of energy, and you can tell he just wants to be a normal healthy little baby.  But then, when he tires, he really fades and we worry -- we pray often.  He could take a dive at any time; someone is with him at all times.

Please keep Legs in your prayers. We need a miracle here, soon.


11/18/09 We would like to inform everyone that Kimba will be leaving for his new home at H.O.R.S.E. by the end of the week. This decision was not taken lightly and is based upon several factors. With the around-the-clock needs of Maga's Legacy (Legs) as well as those of Baby Ray, coupled with Precious' tendency to constantly drive Kimba away from his feed, we felt that it was in his best interest to be placed, at this time, with Paula Carver of H.O.R.S.E.  Please be assured that he will be loved and nurtured by Paula, her family, and her volunteers.  We invite you to visit Paula's website at http://www.horseincorp.org/.

We would also like to thank Dani Horton, who has been on standby and is currently working with us to help a pregnant mare.  Please visit Dani's website at http://www.freewebs.com/hopeequinerescue/.

On another note, we learned today that Precious, thankfully, is not pregnant!

Have a wonderful evening, everyone, and please keep Leg's in your prayers.


11/17/09 The baby's WBC is very low -- it could be from an auto immune disorder, infection, etc.  Dr. Ryan came out early and administered antibiotics via IV. He left a catheter in, and I have to give the baby meds four times a day for the next week.  Little ones such as this can take a dive rather quickly, so you can bet we're monitoring him closely.  I have fluids to administer if he needs them.  He nibbles on milk replacer pellets and hay. So far, he will only drink water when I offer him a bucket.  I hope and pray that he'll be OK.  His mom was very ill when carrying him and at the time of his birth. I have to wonder how much this affected him.  I'm sure his immune system isn't very strong.

He reminds me a lot of Aaleyah Belle when she first arrived.


Here you can see his hernia.  He appears tired and weak but not as depressed as he was yesterday. He loves to give kisses!

The vet bill for this baby, to date, is right at $600; but I have to buy more Gentomyacin.  Dr. Ryan says we got him here just in time.  Thank you all for caring.  Please keep him in your prayers along with Baby Ray. As for me, I survived the tumble yesterday but feel the after-effects from head to toe!

Will update more later. Have a great evening, everyone!


(early evening)
The baby has settled in although he is dehydrated and very depressed.  Dr. Ryan administered two liters of IV fluids and 16 ounces of milk replacer through a tube. A CBC was taken as well. We will be monitoring the baby, who is currently in the birthing stall, throughout the night.  He is very lovable and sweet, and he truly reminds me of Aaleyah Belle when she first arrived at Beauty's Haven. Dr. Ryan believes he is no more than three to four weeks old.  He does have a hernia that will need to be repaired when he is much stronger. We are very thankful to a third party that called us today to ask if we could help this baby -- she probably saved his life.

Baby Ray's blood work indicates that he is anemic, his adrenals are stressed, and the most bothersome thing is that he is not absorbing nutrients properly.  He, too, appears to be depressed, but his treatment by Dr. Das helped considerably.  Dr. Das will be back to treat Baby Ray again during the first week of December.  We changed Baby Ray's diet a week ago, which will hopefully help with his absorption of nutrients.

Dr. Ryan looked at Princess' eye tonight and it has continued to improve. We now will be treating it every 4 hours vs. every 2!

There are two more horses at the farm where the baby came from that we have been asked to help with.  One is an expectant mare, and the other is a stud.  Both are in very good condition, and they have very nice dispositions.  I'll share more about them tomorrow.  Right now I just want to take a hot shower and get back to the barn.  I'm already sore from my little spill this evening.  I was quickly reminded that I have four herniated disks!

We named Precious' baby "Kimba."  The first time I met him, the song from an old Saturday cartoon came to me.  The cartoon was "Kimba the White Lion."  Kimba was a beautiful white lion cub that was very brave.  Like the lion cub, Precious' baby has been very brave, and he is very beautiful -- he was days old before humans learned he was even born -- they didn't know that Precious was pregnant!  He lived out in the paddock with Precious and four other horses including a stud.  They took his mom out of the paddock about two to three weeks ago because she was so thin and left him with the big horses and stud.  I'd say he is very brave.  He is going to make someone a very nice horse.  His mom will run him off of his food, so I have to stay with them until they are both done eating to make sure he gets his.


(late PM)

Just a quick update -- Dr. Ryan should be here any minute.  The little colt is weak, confused, dehydrated, and his eyes aren't bright like they should be.  He did try to drink out of bottle, but it wasn't nearly enough.  My heart hurts for him.  I'm sure his mom, having cancer and dying, must have been horribly saddened and concerned about what would happen to her boy.  I hope and pray she's looking down at him and is at peace knowing he is in a good place now.  Like Baby Ray when he first arrived, this baby paces and cries. 

I had to go out and move a couple of horses just a few minutes ago and, as I was quickly walking backwards, I tripped and fell with three horses running towards me (I had carrots in my hands).  I bounced a time or two and said a prayer; and then there was sand in my face.  When the dust cleared, all I saw in front of me were four legs and a huge body.  Chloe had been one of the ones running towards me, but she had made it to me first.  She had beat the other two and then turned and stood in front of me, staring down the other two horses with a look that said she dared them to come any closer.  They put on the brakes -- Chloe may be a brat but she's a good girl.  But then she had to share the carrots anyway.  

Please say prayers for our latest arrival -- and for Baby Ray.  I got the blood work back on him yesterday, and it wasn't good news.  And a little request for me to be able to get out of bed in the morning -- well, that would be appreciated too -- I'm already sore!  Have to get back out now.  Thanks, everyone, and I'll update tonight.


(early PM)

I just got a call about a baby in dire straights.  The mother died early this morning from cancer.  The mare and baby were jointly owned by a man and woman that recently split.  When the woman left the residence, she left the horses behind until she could find a place for them.  The man knows little about caring for a baby.  The baby was born only a few weeks ago -- I am told he is only a month old!!!  We don't know the condition of the baby, but I know he's in dire straights. 

We need to ask for help again -- angels to help with his initial care.  I'm on my way to get him now.  I just hope and pray he's OK and will make it.  He's been without his mom or any care since the wee hours of the morning.  Please say prayers, and I'll update when I get back.  God bless all of you for being the caring people that you are!  Any amount of help will be appreciated.

11/15/09 Finally -- the video of Baby Ray uploaded!  Here is the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70SaLa0e_6A.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend! 

Hi, everyone!  Me and my baby boy arrived here yesterday evening.  We were a little nervous at first, but we've settled in just fine.  We get lots of hugs, scratches, and hay!  And today, we both got a warm bath!  I had lots of sticker things in my ears, but they're all gone now and my coat is shiny!  One of the ladies that gave me a bath, Ms. Lynda, called me "precious" today.  I know I need to gain some weight, but almost everyone that I've met here tells me that I'm beautiful and precious!  I feel special!  This evening when mommy Theresa was feeding me she said that "precious" fits me perfectly, so I've been named "Precious!"  Thank you to everyone that is helping me and my baby.  This Thanksgiving will be my baby's first, and we have a lot to be thankful for.  I have a couple of older babies that stayed behind and I miss them, a lot.  Mommy Theresa invited them to come here, too, but they weren't allowed; maybe someday that will change.  In the meantime, all I can do is pray for them and keep them in my memories. 

Precious got a bath today and seemed to really enjoy the attention.  

The baby was really good about his bath, too.  He's not used to having a halter put on him and being led around -- he has had no training.  But with just one day he has accepted the halter and is doing well with leading.  He approaches me now for scratches, and I'm sure as he gets to know others he'll be the same way.  He's got the cutest whinny, and he and Baby Ray did some talking today -- I'm not sure what they said, but I hope Baby Ray made him feel comfortable.   

He ate a very small piece of carrot from Jessica today.  We don't spoil them here at all, nope, not us!   


Ola, the farrier, will be here tomorrow to trim Precious. 


Here are HighTower, Layla, and Amadeus today.  Layla is a 6-year-old TB mare and she is a big girl.  HighTower is a 4-year-old TB gelding and is bigger then Layla.  Amadeus is a 7-month-old WB and was born huge -- compare his hocks to those on HighTower -- they're almost as big already!!!


Kathy (in Michigan), the winner of the horse hair bracelet raffle, chose Val -- so Val got a much needed bath today, too.  Now, to figure out how to make the bracelet!  If we're successful at this, we will be offering a limited number for sale in the near future. 


Little E got caught on camera today one-third of the way into the workshop that attaches to the feed room (also where we store bags of feed).  BUSTED!  He's a hoot!


And here is little Haley at the barn today.  She's staying in the birthing stall at night now.  Behind her is HighTower, and Barbara was walking Princess to the round pen.  Princess' eye appears to be a little better and is still being treated every two hours.  Dr. Ryan will be back this coming Wednesday and, if it has improved, I believe Dr. Ryan said we could then go to every 4 hours.  She's still being very good about it.


Zaynah is as beautiful as ever.  She and Captain are still quite a pair!


Here is Chloe mixing it up with Midnight and Riley yesterday.  Chloe is a big show off -- she's beautiful and she knows it.


And the boys, Midnight and Riley, are quite handsome! 



Treatments from Dr. Das are very relaxing.  Yesterday I caught Sunshine trying to nap on Baby Ray as he was relaxing! 


He still does the Baby Ray dance.  Back and forth, and back and forth!  I've tried uploading a video to YouTube for a day now and just can't get it there.  Our Internet connection leaves a lot to be desired.  I'll try again later tonight. 

That feels soooo good, Dr. Das!  More, please!


And then it was Haley's turn.  She was body sore from head to toe!


Haley is as wide as she is tall!


UFCC's "Knights Helping Horses" team came out today and spent hours helping out -- they did hours of back-breaking work, in the sun, picking up rocks that washed onto the property from the lime rock road!  We installed a fabric barrier along the worst section of the fence to stop the rocks from coming in, but have about 900' more to do.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate this awesome group of people and all of their hard work!  Here is a link to their website that explains their project:  http://knightshelpinghorses.web.officelive.com/default.aspx.  This team of young adults sets a great example of people that care about the welfare of animals and the world around them -- they make a difference!  We are very blessed that they chose Beauty's Haven for their project.  If anyone would like to send them a quick email thanking them, we'd greatly appreciate it; and I know they would, too.  Please take a moment to thank them through this link: http://knightshelpinghorses.web.officelive.com/ContactUs.aspx.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Just a few more hours before momma and baby arrive!  We'll need to think of names for them once we get to know them a bit.

The girls and Cheyenne loaded up wonderfully this morning like they were going on a big adventure. 

Ruby isn't happy.  She came in yesterday with a sore tendon.  She's stall bound (some hand walking) for a few days. 

Granny is well this morning.  Classy is still ouchy in her front right.  Jake felt good enough to go out exploring in Momma Sue and Aaleyah's paddock this morning, so he's visiting with them for a bit.

Here are Cheyenne, Aaleyah Belle, and Chloe all demanding attention.  They are all beautiful! 

I'll update after the mom and baby get settled in.  Dr. Das is coming this afternoon, too, to work with Baby Ray.  He seems to be feeling brighter.



Hi Dr. Ryan!  Do you hear my heart?  It's bigger than the last time you saw me because I'm growing up!  Mommy Theresa says I look like I don't feel good and she's worried.  I think maybe the change in the weather is strange.  I'm still waiting to see my mommy and the trees and grass and other horses.  I'm not giving up -- maybe my eyes just need to learn how to work. 

Hey, mommy, what are they doing?  Classy, is that you?  I got to see Dr. Ryan first and I heard him say that he was going to look at your feet.  Don't be afraid, OK?  He's a nice doctor and it won't hurt.  He'll try to make you feel better. 

Baby Ray, there's a lot of important equipment out there -- be careful not to step on any of it or knock it over, OK?  Why don't you just come stand by my door and wait, OK? 


OK, mommy, I'm coming but what is this thing?  Oops!  I didn't mean to knock it over!  Is it OK?  Did I break it?  I'm sorry! 


No worries, baby, you didn't break it.  But stay here so you don't accidentally break something or hurt yourself.  They'll be done soon and then we can go graze.

Whew!  I'm glad I didn't break anything, mommy, I just like to explore, you know?  Classy has an ouchy in her foot but Dr. Ryan thinks she'll be OK.  Uh oh, I just heard mommy Theresa say that Momma Sue is down and looks sick!  Well, I guess if she had to get sick it's good that she did it while Dr. Ryan is here!  I hope she'll be OK.  

Hey, Dr. Ryan, I haven't slimed you in months!  Look how BIG I am!  How's my mommy?  We had some rain this morning and we all rolled in the sand -- can you tell?  But then mommy didn't get up!  She has a tummy ache but you're going to make her better, right?  That's not Tyler with you -- what happened to Tyler?  Did you warn your new helper that I'm spoiled and like to slime everyone?  Mommy -- you have to get up and go with Dr. Ryan to the barn and when you feel better then you can come back.  Ask mommy Theresa to put you in a stall on this side of the barn so you can see me from the window, OK?  That way you won't worry about me.  I love you, mommy, and no worries -- I'll keep Chloe and Cheyenne straight.  Momma Sue was tubed and oiled -- she felt better within a few hours and was happy to get out of the barn.  We were very relieved.

I took this picture to give you all a better idea of the blowing dust that we get coming off the road and just from the paddocks when the winds blow.  I have asthma, and there are times I have to go inside.  We've tried to get the county to pave the 1500' length of road that goes down our property line, but they aren't interested.  What have we learned?  Never buy a home on a road that isn't paved! 

Granny is about the same but she's no worse; so, for that, we are thankful.  

The horse shoes were finished, and now I just have to take pictures to insert behind them and get them mailed out.  Please don't forget about our raffle for the beautiful drawing of Sunshine and Baby Ray.  It's very soft and was a very tender moment between them.  One look at it and we're quickly reminded how blessed we are that these "throw away" horses are in our life. 



Please take a minute to visit the care2 website and vote for Beauty's Haven.  Each week a random shelter wins $500!  The ultimate prize for the winning shelter is $10,000! 

It doesn't cost anything to vote for us at the care2 contest.  Please share the info with co-workers, friends, and family and ask them to vote -- they can all make a difference to the many horses here that depend on us.  Thank you, and God bless you all!

$10,000 could buy enough hay to feed the horses here for about three months!  This is the time of the year when donations go down and my worry level goes up!  The holiday season is approaching, and we need help more at this time of the year than at any other.  The season is a joyous time of year for many but, for some of us that have to find ways to make sure those in our care continue to be properly fed and looked after, it can be -- and is -- a very stressful time.

Please help to relieve some of this stress and donate what you can.  All donations are tax- deductible, and no amount is too small.  All donations are greatly appreciated!


Well, another one saved!  Yesterday I received a call from a farm that had a 2-year-old filly they no longer wanted.  Even though I was sick, and hadn't been out of bed for much over the last four days, I felt an urgency to see this filly.  Diane, a volunteer that was here with her daughter, Jessica, went with me to meet the filly.  When we arrived, we found that the filly had a chest injury (nobody knew about it -- must have just happened, yeah, right) and was demonstrating signs of colic.  Turns out this filly is out of Mystic (MJ), a mare we saved last year!  I was very worried about her condition.  I called Jeff, and he came out and hauled her to the rescue for us (our truck is broken).  You could tell the filly hasn't been handled much, and she seemed pretty leery of humans:  she was head shy and nervous.  

Dr. Tara treated her for colic, and the injury was cleaned up.  The injury was from a nail.  Although we are full, I just could not leave this girl there -- she could have died from colic or infection.  She's a sweet girl and has calmed a lot already.  This picture was taken of her while we were waiting for Jeff to come with the trailer to haul her to the rescue.  She'd get up and down and paw and turn her lip up -- you could just tell she was trying to colic.  We got her up and into a stall where we hosed down the injury while we waited for transport.  

Once at the rescue, she was tubed and oiled.  It was likely a gas colic.  It seemed apparent that she'd never been handled by a vet.  Taking her temp, oiling her, just being handled it seems -- all of it was new to her.  She did well.   

Here is the chest wound after it was cleaned up.  

She looks like her momma!  She's going to be OK and will make someone a very nice horse.



This is her mom Mystic (MJ).


Today the filly seems much more at ease.  She's pooping fine and met me the gate this morning.  She's also pretty vocal.  The vet bill was $190 -- if anyone would like to help, any amount would be appreciated, and no amount is too small.  All donations are tax-deductible.  We are quite behind on issuing our receipts but hope to get caught up this month.  Bob is now helping with this -- Anne's computer is still broken.

Granny's been having it tough -- she started getting worse a few days ago and did receive more Dex on Friday.  The winds are high, and the dust from the road and property is horrible today.  We haven't had any rain and everything is just dry and dusty.  She's resting in the shade behind a shelter today where she is somewhat protected from the blowing dust off the road but yet cooled by the winds.  The blowing dust from the lime rock road irritates eyes and lungs, and there isn't much we can do about it.  We've asked the county to pave 1500' of it down our property line, but it isn't in their plans or budget.  And when it rains, the rocks from the lime rock road wash into the pasture that goes down that property line, and then horses walk over the rocks and sometimes get bruised feet.  That road is EVIL!  

Princess is about the same.  We don't pull her eyelids apart to look into her eye to see how it is, but when she does open it a little I try to get a good look.  It does look there are more blood vessels moving across the eye, which is good.  We are now treating her eye with meds every two hours.  Dr. Ryan will be back out this week, likely on Wednesday, to examine her eye again.  Yesterday I had to start treating my mare, Beauty, for an irritation in her left eye.  She's very good about letting me apply ointment though, thankfully!  

Baby Ray is still a doll!  His vision is the same -- he doesn't appear to be able to see up close and still runs into things.  I do think he can see objects from a distance, but his depth perception isn't great.  We're still praying for a miracle and holding onto hope.  I found him napping this morning, flymask long gone and buried in the sand.

I was very excited to talk to Jeanne after her trip to visit with Buttercup and Silver Belle yesterday.  I could tell by looking at the pictures that her visit was during their usual siesta time, and I was right!  They are doing well and have adjusted to the weather there.  They have blankets and stay in the barn at night and during bad weather.  Oh, and I was advised that their new mom has ordered a big ball like the one Silver Belle loves to play with so much; they're just waiting for it to arrive.  I miss them so much!

I'm still not feeling well, and the blowing dust gave my asthma and my contacts a fit today when I was out feeding and doing chores all morning, which took me several hours.  By the time I got done, it was time to feed some all over again.  I'm glad Bob is better.  Katie is a little better, too.

Have a blessed day, everyone!  Oh, one more thing:  congratulations, Zenyatta!!!  Her personality in the first clip below reminds me of Buttercup a lot!  Buttercup is a bit prissy and always wants to be first and the center of attention.  Zenyatta is absolutely stunning!

Zenyatta prior to the race....  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzEICzL0PLs&feature=sub

Nice coverage... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwVXX7GKANY&feature=sub

filly1_110809.jpg (32489 bytes)

filly2_110809.jpg (22487 bytes)

filly3_110809.jpg (24542 bytes)

filly4_110809.jpg (34062 bytes)

mystic_110809.jpg (30829 bytes)

granny_110809.jpg (29256 bytes)

babyray_110809.jpg (38381 bytes)

11/07/09 Jeanne went to visit today with the girls, Silver Belle and Buttercup, in Connecticut.  Here, from Jeanne, are pictures from "My Day With Les Girls" ... 

girls1_110709.jpg (142242 bytes)   girls2_110709.jpg (183719 bytes)   girls3_110709.jpg (187785 bytes)   girls4_110709.jpg (142943 bytes)   girls5_110709.jpg (184789 bytes)   girls6_110709.jpg (146524 bytes)

girls7_110709.jpg (134829 bytes)   girls8_110709.jpg (154741 bytes)   girls9_110709.jpg (160604 bytes)   girls11_110709.jpg (150760 bytes)   girls10_110709.jpg (126505 bytes)  

girls12_110709.jpg (144462 bytes)   girls13_110709.jpg (144650 bytes)   girls14_110709.jpg (146013 bytes)   girls15_110709.jpg (187205 bytes) 

11/06/09 I want to update everyone on Princess.   Dr. Eric just left, and he was still scratching his head.  When he last saw Princess, her eye was on the verge of literally melting.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being worst), it was a 10 last week when Dr. Eric examined her.  We've been working around the clock for days to save her eye, and it's paying off!  Today he rated her eye at about a 6!  It's going to take continued around-the-clock treatments for the next week before another exam and then, hopefully, we'll get down to four treatments a day.  The eye cup is a huge tool in keeping her from causing more damage to the eye. 

You can see the new blood vessels at the top of the eye and some starting to the left of the ulcer traveling right -- OMG it's awesome!  It's nothing short of a miracle!  The ulcer is in the bottom left of her eye, and it has improved remarkably!  I may be sick from many long nights and lots of stress, but just look what the reward is!  I can't imagine if we'd had to have done this without the help of our volunteers -- they have been putting in extra hours, too, and we are so very grateful.  And to everyone that has kept Princess in good thoughts and prayers:  thank you!  God bless you all! 

Vet bills for Princess' eye care have already reached $1,000 and, to help with some of these costs, we are holding a special drawing at the end of this month for a beautiful framed 11" x 14" sketch of Sunshine and Baby Ray by Kathryn Baker (please see the image at the right).  Just follow this link to our Events page for the details


princess-eye_110609.jpg (41458 bytes)

baker_drawing.jpg (27466 bytes)

Dr. Das came to pull blood on Haley today.  Foal watch will start on her in December, which will be here before we know it!


While Dr. Das was here, we asked her to work on Princess.  She said Princess was pretty sore all over and responded well to chiropractic and acupuncture.  Dr. Eric will be out in the morning to reassess Princess' eye.


Robin, Blodwyn, and Marie were here today; and I can't thank them all enough.  It's day 3 for me being in bed sick and it's driving me nutty.  When I think I'm feeling better, I get up and start to move around and then in about 15 minutes I'm ready for bed again.  I'm so glad that Bob is better.  Katie, our daughter, is also sick.  I'm trying to avoid volunteers and visitors so I don't potentially get anyone else sick. 


Baby Ray seems to be growing inches everyday.  We still haven't seen any change in his vision, but we aren't giving up hope.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Congratulations, Kathy, for winning the horsehair bracelet!

das-haley_110509.jpg (40617 bytes)

das-princess_110509.jpg (31297 bytes)

das-princess2_110509.jpg (32095 bytes)

babyray_110509.jpg (40316 bytes)


Tried to get the below out last night, but I was too sick to stay up to wait for the ISP to start working.

It was a beautiful day today.  The temps were down and there was a nice breeze.  Granny was better, thank God!  Thank you all for your prayers.  I'm a true believer in prayer, and I can't tell you how good it was to see Granny better!  

Blodwyn and Marie were here all day to help, and Mel visited.  Here she is with Amadeus; he really is a big boy!  Layla is behind him.  The area below her right ear where the cyst was removed has healed beautifully.  She still has the cyst thing under her left ear, and a droopiness to her ear and eye, but she's fine and healthy, a really sweet girl.  Layla and Amadeus are good friends.  He's almost as tall as she is.


Mel visiting with GMan, MJ, and Velvet.


Velvet was feeling good today.  As always, she's a beautiful girl.  She's still looking for a good home within a couple of hours of the rescue that has a lot less activity going on.  Less activity means less chance of her reinjuring her bad knee.  Here, when a couple of others get to running or playing, she gets to running and bucking and jumping around -- and then she is in discomfort for days.


Awwww, Auntie Mel - I love you, too!  The last time you saw me I was pretty small; look at me now!  What took you so long to come back to visit?  I'm so glad to see you!  Don't stay away so long this time, OK?  It isn't the same without my sisters, Buttercup and Silver Belle.  But I have a new friend that wants to meet you!

Hey, Aaleyah!  Your slime thing makes everyone smile -- let me help! 
Cheyenne is a 3-year-old paint gelding that is looking for a forever home.  He's absolutely beautiful and has an awesome personality.  He reminds me of Buttercup at times; he loves attention and loves to please.


Princess' eye cup has been a lifesaver.  I'm convinced that, without it, she would have lost her eye.  She's not out of the woods yet -- we're still aggressively treating it and will continue to do so as long as it takes.  We had to buy refills for two of her eye meds today, and I'm sure we'll have to buy a lot more before this is over.  This is going to take weeks to get through, and we continue to pray for a good outcome.

We bought her another mask/cup today so, when this one gets dirty, we can change it out.  Bob drilled holes in the cup for ventilation.  If you leave it off her for just a few seconds, she will try to rub her eye on her leg, the door, window, anything.



Zaynah likes to stay in the shade of the shelter when there's a hay rack of alfalpha.  She's such a beautiful mare.  She's all Arabian!



Captain is doing well.  I'm sure he's happy that cooler temps have arrived; let's just hope they stick around.



Mel shared an apple with HighTower.  He's such a nice horse, he's like a big puppy dog!

It was a very beautiful day.  I wish I had felt better; as the day went by I started to feel worse.  By late this evening, this bug really kicked me.  Bob is better, though, thankfully.  I'm off to bed now and will likely be there all day tomorrow.  I need to shake it before Thursday when Dr. Das comes.  She's coming to pull blood on Haley but, if we can raise enough funds for her to treat Granny, that would be awesome! 

Here are Mel and Tim, Blodwyn, and Marie. 


Baby Ray's vision seems unchanged, but we hold onto hope.  He was tired when Auntie Mel met him; it was nap time.  He's really growing up!  He's such a love.  I'd love to write a children's book about his story and have it come with a little stuffed toy that looks like Baby Ray; I think it would make a nice Christmas gift for kids. 


Haley shook her mask off, and it surprised her.  She stared at it for a few minutes like she was wondering if it was alive!



Well, it seems HighTower has decided to be keeper of the gate.  I don't know what Little E will think about this -- Little E is the official meeter and greeter for the rescue, and he does a great job.  Well, maybe Little E will welcome everyone, and HighTower will see them off?  We'll let them work it out.

I really do have a bad cold and will likely be out of touch tomorrow.  I'm getting achy all over.  I can't afford any time to be sick especially with Princess needing around-the-clock care.  I'm not good at staying in bed, but I really do feel bad.  Bob is going to have to pull most of the shift tonight; I'm so glad he feels better.  

Have a great week, everyone, and I'll update when I can!

amadeus_110309.jpg (48714 bytes)

mel1_110309.jpg (40242 bytes)

velvet_110309.jpg (40471 bytes)

mel2_110309.jpg (40676 bytes)

cheyenne_110309.jpg (47743 bytes)

princess1_110309.jpg (36440 bytes)

princess2_110309.jpg (31456 bytes)

zaynah_110309.jpg (41879 bytes)

captain_110309.jpg (47434 bytes)

hightower_110309.jpg (46990 bytes)

mel3_110309.jpg (56807 bytes)

babyray_110309.jpg (66493 bytes)

haley_110309.jpg (51032 bytes)

hightower2_110309.jpg (40785 bytes)


Hi, everyone ...

Thankfully, with the cooler weather, Granny is much better today, and her breathing rate is normal.  Princess' eye remains unchanged.  Thank you, Blodwyn, for picking up her renewed prescriptions today.  In addition to Princess' previous vet bill, the cost of her prescriptions today was an additional $95.00.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Princess' veterinary fund -- thus far, we have already received $420.00 in donations!!!

Mel visited Beauty's Haven today, and I was told that Miss Aaleyah Belle slobbered on her from head to foot!!!  Whatever are we going to do with our feisty girl?  Mel also took a number of photographs while at the farm.  At right is an adorable image of Sweet Baby Ray.

Since Theresa will be unable to assist Baby Ray with selecting a winner for the horsehair bracelet, I am going to attempt having my Maine Coon cat pick a name from a hat tomorrow -- how I am going to accomplish this, I honestly do not know, but it should be most interesting to say the least!!!

Please keep Theresa, her family, and all the precious horses at Beauty's Haven in your prayers.    Fondly, Jeanne

babyray_110209.jpg (180619 bytes)

Granny has COPD and has been having a really tough time.  Even though it was overcast much of the day, and it was cooler, Granny had been lying down most of the morning with Casper standing over her.  She was under the shelter where there isn't much air circulation.  The others (Layla, Jake, and Amadeus) were all under the shelter, too, kicking up dust; so I thought I'd better go check on her -- she or Casper will usually run them off, so I figured something was up.  When I saw her breathing, I thought it best to get her out of the shelter and up into the center aisle of the barn where there is usually a constant breeze.  Bernice helped me get Granny to the barn where she could stand in the breeze of the center aisle.  Then I went up to the house for something and was in the office when I looked in the monitor and she was down in the center aisle.  She'd never done this before.  Bernice took her temp while I checked her vitals.  None were good.  Dr. Adam was on call today, and he came right out.

Poor Casper watched anxiously at the gate as I listened to Granny's heart and lungs.  Once we got Granny up and into a stall, we let Casper into the barn paddock so he could be near her.  

I never wanted to have to make a decision about Granny like I did today.  She had foundered and rotated before coming to the rescue almost three years ago.  But her breathing was so bad today -- and she was so uncomfortable -- we opted to give her Dex.  I've tried to avoid this because of her chronic founder, but cooler temps and lower humidity are due so we're hoping and praying that the Dex will give her a couple of days of comfort until they arrive.  Currently, it is down to 57 degrees; and she is out and about the barn grazing, with Casper.  Her temp is normal, her breathing is better, and her HR is much better.  Anyone that has visited with us knows how beautiful Granny is both inside and out.  We hope we can keep her comfortable and will do all we can for as long as possible, but we won't let her suffer.  Again, please pray that cooler temps and lower humidity come, which will help her.  For those that don't know her story, she had been abandoned on about 20 acres about three years ago.  She'd foundered and had a horrible skin condition.  She has always been a fighter, and everyone loves her.  She's a big mare with big beautiful eyes and a big heart. 

While Dr. Adam was here, he checked Princess' eye.  In earlier updates I reported, I think, that a few days ago Dr. Ryan rated the injury at an 8+ on a scale of 1 to 10.  Two days ago it was much worse; Dr. Eric rated it at a 10, and we expected the eye to rupture at any time, which it still could.  Today, Dr. Adam felt the injury isn't quite a 10; and we even saw a couple of wee new blood vessels.  We will continue to treat her eye as we have been every hour, and we keep saying prayers.  John and Bernice came in this morning and stayed until Marie arrived around 3:00 PM.  I still haven't had a chance to get any rest, but tomorrow when Blodwyn and Marie are here I hope to get to bed for a bit.  Bob is still sick.  I think Princess' crankiness this morning was due to being in estrus, her eye irritating her, and having Granny lurking in the aisleway.  Thankfully, Princess did calm down after she got her Banamine.  If anyone has any extra tubes of Gastroguard, Princess could sure use them!

The raffle for the horse hair bracelet was over at midnight last night -- thanks to everyone that participated!  We intended to ask Baby Ray to draw a name today, but it was another very busy day and it was over before we knew it.  And with the time change, darkness arrived sooner than we expected.  We'll have him pick the name tomorrow.  Please keep Princess, Baby Ray, Granny, and all of the horses in your prayers.  Thanks, everyone.

granny_110109.jpg (34132 bytes)

granny2_110109.jpg (21105 bytes)

princess_110109.jpg (24436 bytes)


Princess' eye appears unchanged, but she is much more uneasy today.  She seemed to be trying to colic earlier today, but is OK now.  Granny was at the barn at the time and Princess is in estrus -- being around Granny made her uneasy.  She's in estrus and just isn't a happy girl.  Princess has been under a lot of stress for the last several days.  She's still getting her meds hourly.  The vet will be back out tomorrow unless she gets worse in any way.

Granny has COPD and is not doing well at all.  Please keep her in your prayers along with Princess.  We have our hands full here, that's for sure.  I'm so thankful that Bernice and John came today.  Marie is also coming later.

There are three pictures below.  The bottom picture may be graphic to some.  I like sharing pictures so that people that have never experienced eye injuries can have a reference.

Here is Princess today.



Here you can see the outline of the hard eye cup that covers her left eye.  She has a fly mask on with another mask below it that has a hard eye cup sewn into it.  Without the hard cup, she rubs on anything she can, which is probably what caused the ulcer to get worse in the first place.



GRAPHIC:  This was taken yesterday.  The ulcer is in the bottom left of her eye.

princess1_110109.jpg (33637 bytes)

princess2_110109.jpg (36715 bytes)

princess3_110109.jpg (22251 bytes)

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