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This page last updated:  Monday, November 15, 2010



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06/01/07:  El Dinero, a 27-year-old Arabian gelding, arrived today.  He is a very, very nice horse.  He's underweight (just under 600 lbs), but we have a great track record for putting weight on horses!  Dinero has very good manners and seems truly appreciative for anything done for him.  He has the cutest little knicker and whinny.  He got a good warm bath today and was an absolute gentleman about it.

It's possible he may have Cushing's or some other health issue(s).  We did get some ticks off of him and think he may be anemic.  We'll get an SMAC and other tests done to find out if there is anything we need to be aware or concerned about - if there is any special treatment, medications, or supplements he may need. 

We'll have the dentist and farrier see him on Wednesday as well.  Our holistic vet, Dr. Das, is very busy, but we'll call her Monday to make an appointment for him.  He's weak in his hindquarters; but Dr. Das has hands that work miracles, and the horses just love her.


06/02/07:  Galadriel Billington held a "hands-on" class at the farm today and some of our volunteers came out.  Everyone that met Dinero thinks he is wonderful.  He got a lot of attention and TLC and he just loved it!  He got tagged with the nickname of "Nick" with the thought in mind that he got to us just "in the nick of time."

He had many people sign up to be his angels today!  This means they are going to help with his care which will be greatly appreciated because his vet, related care, and rehab is going to be costly. 

Here are Nick's immediate needs:

Vet:  Dr. Ryan Meeks (Peterson & Smith)
        SMAC:  $58 and CBC:  $37 
        Cushing's/other tests:  $173.50
        06/04/07 vet bill total for above:  $268.50

Next vet visit:  Vaccines:  $ TBD

Farrier:  $30
Dentist:  $75
Holistic Vet:  Dr. Das, Acupuncture/Chiropractic
                    $125 per visit (discounted)
                    (likely at least 3 visits)

Senior Feed
Beet Pulp

From www.smartpakequine.com:
    APF (Advanced Protection Formula), $59.95

From www.countrysupply.com:
    MicroTek Medicated Shampoo and Spray
    Power Pac wormer (needed after vet check)
    Endure Flyspray and SWAT
    Corta-Flx Solution (gal)
    Our Country Supply Care Code is:  BHFER

Orders can be placed via
credit card by contacting:
Vet's office:  352-237-6151
Feed store, Berritini:  352-629-1447

Monthly feed costs will be about $400 per month until Nick is at a good weight (not including supplements).  We have a pretty good track record with horses as underweight as Nick is and getting the weight back on them - not too fast, and in a healthy way.  It takes some extra time out of our day but it is well worth it.

Needed from www.myfineequine.com :
  ProBiotics, Pro-Zyme, ABC Plus Vitamins
  Mention Beauty's Haven and we get a 5% discount.

Information about how to donate to Nick can be
found on our "Donations" page.


06/03/07:  Nick was up and grazing this morning when I got to the barn.  He came right over to me and put his head right in front of my chest like he was expecting a hug.  Which, of course, he immediately received.  He is eating good and his eyes have more of a shine in them today.  More people have signed up to angel Deniro - thank you!

He greets me at the fence or gate when I go to the barn like he did in the picture to the right.  He lets out a little whinny when I get out of his sight that is cute, but sad.  Cute because it is there and sad because it is weak.  But it was stronger today then it was yesterday!  It's hard to get a picture of him at times because he follows me and I have to keep backing up.

He developed a bit of a green/yellow snotty nose this afternoon.  Not much, but enough for me to have the vet out in the morning.  His temp and resp are fine.  He's eating great.  I just want to make sure nothing is brewing.  I'll post tomorrow after the vet leaves.

Thank you to everyone sending good thoughts, prayers, emails, and contributions to help.  They are  all greatly appreciated.


06/04/07:  When the vet arrived this morning he looked at Nick, got a dismayed and perturbed look on his face, and said "bones" and shook his head.  He assured Nick he'd get the best of care here.  Our vet is awesome and horses seem to genuinely like him from the first time they meet him. 

Nick's nose was clear this morning, and the vet found nothing to be concerned about there.  The vets comments:  Horse is very thin, grade 1/10.  Backbone, ribs, pelvis, all easily visible.  Molars are worn.  Left side systolic murmur.  Good appetite. 

The vet did a CBC, SMAC, and also pulled blood to test for Cushing's.  We'll have blood work results back late this evening but the Cushing's will take until Friday.  The vet  thinks his overall condition - the poor coat and skin conditions are a result of poor nutrition but again, we won't know until tests come back.  He was amazed that Nick is as bright and alert as he is.  Nick never stopped eating alfalfa while the vet was here - only when we lifted his head and asked him to stand still.  He's a good boy.  


06/05/07:  Proud and beautiful Dinero got a body clipping today.  He seemed happy to get rid of the heavy coat.  He stood perfectly still, even without a halter and lead. 

It took quite awhile.  It was the first time Katie had clipped a horse.  It was not an easy task as his bones were so prominent. 

Thank you to everyone that has been sending good thoughts, donations, emails, and even calling to wish Nick the best.  He's got a lot of people praying for him. 

The vet feels he has a good chance of recovery.  Not great - but good.  We think he'll be ok with time, a good diet, and lots of TLC.


06/05/07:  The farrier and dentist were here today to see Nick. 

He did good for the farrier - a bit unsteady but the farrier was very patient and took his time.  He had thrush in his 2 back feet which were treated.  He'd been so weak the first few days after he arrived we didn't push him to pick up his feet.  

The dentist was very kind and patient too.  She said Nick has teeth, here and there, and did some work but she said he really needs to get stronger and to build up his immune system a bit more before she does anything more to him. 



06/08/07:  Dinero got a bath early in the day.  He's still eating and drinking good but he is weak.  I called the vet about the Cushing's test and the results won't be in until the middle of next week.  Ugh!

We've been keeping a very close eye on Nick all day.  Today is the most hot and humid day we've had this year.  His respiration has been up (40 - 60).  His temperature is up slightly (but still in the normal range). 

We've had him under a mister and/or fan most of the day.  He has a look on his face that something is bothering him - I wish he could talk!  His feet seem fine - we put the hoof tester on them and didn't find anything.   

We're going to get a barn cam in order to keep an eye on him 24/7.  If I'm not at the barn, one of us makes frequent trips to check on him.  If he were to go down I'd want to know right away.  I have fresh memories of the many times when Grandma (a 27 yr old TB mare) went down last fall and couldn't get up.  I can't stand the thought of him going down and being all alone and not able to get back up. 

Dinero is very blessed to have so many caring people sending him good thoughts, prayers, and donations to help with his rehab which is going to take quite awhile.

He has grown somewhat attached to Granny Jewels and doesn't like her out of his sight.  We have to lock Granny in the paddock behind the barn at night so that Nick can eat his alfalpha.  Granny has foundered (30+ degree rotation) in both front feet and can't have alfalpha.  During the day we let Granny out so she can have use of the center aisle of the barn and fans along with Nick.



06/09/07:  The holistic vet, Dr. Mani Das, was out this morning to treat Nick and he is doing much better.  Dr. Das did chiropractic and acupuncture on him and got him started on Spirulina, flax seed, and Triple Crown Safe Starch.

Dr. Das says his immune system is very low and decided to be very conservative in her treatments today in order to not precipitate a "healing crisis" by trying to do too much too soon.

She wants to ease him through the recovery process in stages, in order to help him regain his strength and health steadily.  He will have a few more treatments by Dr. Das to help him reach his optimum health.

Dr. Das said it was very difficult to put the acupuncture needles in because there is so little flesh covering his bones - and as an equine chiropractor she said that he is a living example of an anatomy lesson in bone structure as you can see just about every single bone in his body!

He is sore along his right side of his body from chest to hips.  This could because he was very weak the day we picked him up and he fell 3 times trying to load onto the trailer. 

Dr. Das feels he may have been experiencing an allergic reaction of some type yesterday, and that giving him the Spirulina and building up his immune system is a good way to help him get past the allergic reaction.

She was very pleased to note that after the acupuncture treatment, his pulses and respiration and gut sounds were normal and much stronger than she expected them to be. His eyes were much brighter and softer, and he looked a lot more "energized" than before.

She has good hopes for his recovery barring any major health crises happening, but it is going to take time and it is going to take a fair amount of money to do all the things necessary to bring him back to solid good health.



06/14/07:  Nick's test results for Cushing's came back today and our vet said it is the worst case he's ever seen.  He is being started on Pergolide right away.  He is still fighting an infection - his white blood cell count was higher than it was last week and he has been on antibiotics.  We're starting him on a different antibiotic and will run blood work again in a week.  We're revamping his diet. 

Nick's hammock (sling) arrived today thanks to the FOB's!  What a relief it is to have that on hand should he need it!  Nick did fall down yesterday by the fence but before he hit the ground, his hindquarters seemed to fall into the fence and it somehow helped him to regain his balance so he didn't go all the way down - which is a very good thing. 

The holistic vet, Dr. Das, will be back tomorrow to work on Nick again.  He seemed to really find some relief last Saturday when she worked on him.

Nick is very blessed and has many people that have signed up to be his angels.
We'd like to thank everyone that has sent good thoughts, prayers, donations, emails, and even called. 
Here are his angels from the Fan's Of Barbaro: 
Vonda Sines & Paul Lemons, Karen (hersheylab), Jenny, Doe, Jeanne, Jen Stein, Linda,
Karen, Bonnie, Kathy, Michie, Colette, Betty, Carol Ann, Susan R.,
Linda from Maine, Seabiscute, Amanda, Melissa, Maria

Angels that have signed up through our angel program are:  Judith and Marie!

06/16/07:  Dr. Das worked on Dinero again today and he got lots of TLC from many visitors.  Dr. Das said she definitely notices a tiny little bit of weight gain.  She said he appears a bit stronger and the light in his eyes is a bit shinier. 

He's now on Milk Thistle to help his liver.  His whinny is  stronger which is a good thing.  He had a lot of visitors today, and he seemed to love the attention!




Update 06/22/07:  We're working with the vet, the holistic vet, and Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD who is the veterinary editor for the "Horse Journal."  We received results from his iron overload study and his iron level indeed very high.  Here are some excerpts about what we learned:

"Starting with the iron studies, he is definitely iron overloaded.  His ferritin obviously is high, but his transferrin saturation (iron divided by TIBC x 100) is over 87% which is also sky high.  This is iron overload.

The white count looks on the upper end of normal but I'm sure he was somewhat dehydrated.  That makes all the values higher than they truly are (he's probably actually anemic to some degree).  The 94% neutrophils can be from infection, but it can also be a stress response compounded by the Cushing's.  I'm inclined to put stress response and Cushing's at the top of the list because of his blood glucose level.  He's diabetic. 

There's a good chance that he's laminitic, if not actually foundered and rotated or with sinking.  I think he's a very strong candidate for Jiaogulan, but that is icing on the cake.  Have to get the basic program underneath him.  There's a bit of a rush to get his Cushing's under control because by mid August there is a seasonal rise in the hormones that can send a Cushing's horse into a terrible spiral.

As for his other blood results, much of it is compatible with starvation, such as the low albumin, low calcium (goes along with low albumin), low magnesium.  The mild elevation in CPK is partially from Cushing's and mostly because of the simple fact he was "eating" (literally) his own muscle tissue. The GGT is a very sensitive liver enzyme.  Anything over 100 is felt to represent a liver problem.  In his case, it is probably fatty liver from his metabolic disruptions and starvation, plus the iron overload places a sizeable strain on the liver.  His liver is still functional (e.g. bilirubin is normal), but it's taken a few "hits".  I expect that to be reversible. The liver is an astonishingly resilient organ."

Even though he's not having any problems with his feet at this time, we are going to have x-rays done to establish a baseline for his feet.  He's getting stronger by the day.  His mental attitude is a very positive one. 

06/23/07:  Our rescue held the 2nd of a series of shows to benefit the horses.  Between two of the classes I got the notion to walk Dinero around the show arena as our "Ambassador Horse".  Half way through we stopped in the middle.  He stood tall and proud and let out a weak but forceful whinny - his spirit seemed to be soaring!  We then walked back to his paddock and I could tell he was tired.  He laid down!  It was nice to see him finally give his body a rest.  I stayed for awhile and waited for him to get up before I left.  From what I've been told, he had a nice show career many years ago.  Maybe today brought back memories of those days.  I think he truly enjoyed it and I think it made him feel important.  The mental healing is just as important as the physical, IMO.

06/28/07:  We had Dinero's front feet x-rayed today.  He had foundered at some point in his past - not recently.  His feet actually look pretty good taking all things into consideration. 

His whinny is getting a little stronger.  You can actually see he's gained weight under his tummy.  He still gets his 5 special meals a day.  With the heat index at 100+ degrees on most days now, he spends a lot of time in the center aisle of the barn in front of a fan and mister.

The vet will be back in a couple of weeks to check his cortisol levels again.  He really is doing good but his hindquarters are still weak.


07/11/07:  Test results from Tuesday came back and his ACTH levels are dramatically down – from 550+ down to 126!!!!!  The normal range is 9 – 36 so we still have a ways to go.  His insulin level is now 19 which is at the high end of the normal range (9 – 20).  So this is better too! 

The vet said whatever we're doing to keep doing it!  Now, if we can get his feet better and get him stronger.  He may get to use his sling this weekend to give his feet a rest.  It’s so hot here – I can imagine he’d be miserable in it, but giving his feet some rest may make him feel better. 

Dr. Das treated him today.  She was very pleased with his progress – she said there was actually something between his skin and his bones for her to put the acupuncture needles in!  When she checked various areas on his body he actually responded!  The last couple of times she treated him there was very little reaction so yes, he is better.  She gave him more B12.

Another thing that is positive, and Dr. Das agrees, is the number of flies he  attracts.  When he first got here they were all over him.  It was like fly spray did nothing.  Over time, we’ve seen less and less flies.  Dr. Das said this is very good – that his overall condition has improved – it’s not just that he is gaining weight, but he IS healthier. 

And his mental attitude – he’s much more alert and seems more interested in what is going on around him.



07/12/07:  The farrier trimmed Dinero and found abscesses brewing in BOTH front feet today.  He is still very skinny and we’re having to help him gain weight at a slow pace.  His muscles need to grow stronger to support the weight gain.  His hindquarters are still weak and now that he is “tip toeing” on his front feet it is a bit scary. 


With so much discomfort in the front feet it will slow progress down.  We’re not mentioning the “L” word - I really don’t want to go there.  He’s been coming along so well - I’m staying positive and he’s a tough horse with a lot of will.  When you look in Nick’s eyes – you see the determination of Barbaro.  But, I have to say we're very glad that he has his sling. 


07/13/07:  Nick received an awesome gift today - a beautiful set of Rhythm Beads from 2 anonymous ladies! 

We took his slippers off this morning to wash and dry them and you can see he didn't feel comfy coming out of his stall without them.


Nick is getting a new pair of slippers from angel Jeanne and a barn cam from angel Linda!  We'll be able to keep an eye on him 24/7! 

07/14/07:  Today he felt better - you can see it in his face.



07/17/07:  It was a rough day today.  Nick fell down in his stall.  His body is weak - his muscles need to get stronger to support needed weight gain.  With his front feet being so uncomfortable and his hind legs swelling it is hard for him to be very active.  He almost fell down two more times in the evening which was very scary.  We hosed down his back legs and rubbed them with liniment and then wrapped them to try to help the swelling.

We moved his sling into his stall in case we need to put him it.  He needs to walk around, get the blood flowing, keep his body moving. We're just going to have to take it slow.  We'll feel much better after the barn cam arrives and we can keep an eye on him around the clock. 


07/19/07:  Today was better.  Dinero, our proud Arabian, was more alert and seemed less stressed.  He didn't eat all of his last meal yesterday or his first today.  But he did gobble up his other meals today.  He is drinking good.  I did find shavings on him when I went to the barn to check on him today - it appeared to me that he laid down.  I don't think he fell this time.  He didn't seem any more weak or uncomfortable.  His back legs still get swollen but he seems more comfortable on his front feet and we've been hand walking him when clouds come over.  Today was miserable.  Temps were 101+ degrees and there was no breeze. 

We're installing the barn cam this evening and Nick's new slippers and pads have arrived.  These will fit him!  Thanks Aunties Linda and Jeanne!


07/20/07:  Nick loves his A/C and it arrived and was set up just in time – the sun came out and it got very hot.  We were very blessed most of the day with cloud cover and a cool breeze. 

He is resting again.  He still isn’t eating but is drinking some.  The A/C unit cooled his stall down a few degrees – every degree helps! 

I was concerned that after the meds wore off today that he would get worse.  But he didn’t – he got up, met his A/C unit, and went for a walk.  He has not had anymore seizures which is a very good thing.  

I quickly scanned through some incoming emails and am blown away!  It looks like there is enough to pay for the A/C unit!  Thank you, thank you everyone!  Maybe I’ll get a little rest tonight.  We’ll be taking turns with Nick and we have his barn cam which I love.

I’m grabbing a bite to eat and then heading back to the barn to relieve hubby.  We don't leave Nick alone. 

Nick took a turn for the worse.  We called the vet back out and he received more fluids. 



07/21 - 22/07:  The last 2 days I was with him around the clock.  The last time he got up wanting to go for a walk was around 3 am, just after the vet had left.  I prayed it was the start of his recovery.  He got up and stood proud - it gave me hope.  I put on his halter and started to walk but he stopped just outside of his stall.  I looked at him and he looked down.  Then I realized he needed his slippers put on.  He raised each foot, with the right one first, as always, and welcomed them.  His walk had purpose and his eyes were as soft and gentle as ever.  You could see in them that he was a wise horse and had experienced many things in his life.  We walked the perimeter of the barn paddock where he looked for other horses.  Ruby and Chloe came over to him and they all touched noses.  But then he led me to the paddock behind the barn where he laid down in a big soft sandy spot – it was then that I realized we were really nearing the end.  In the days before when we went for a walk he always led me back to his stall.  Not this time.  I didn’t try to take him back in his stall – I thought it best to let him be out in the fresh air where he chose to be, with other horses close by.  It was dark and the air was cool. 

As dawn approached, his eyes grew faint and one last time he raised held his head high, looked at me, and gave me a whinny which was something I hadn’t heard in 3 days.  How my daughter managed to capture it on the camera I don’t know.  But it was the strongest whinny I’d ever heard from him. 

You can see in these pictures that he was weak and ready to be released from pain.  He’d fought hard and his eyes told me it was time.

I had to give him 2 treatments for pain during this time and at 7 am we made the decision to call the vet.  He crossed Rainbow Bridge at 8 am in my arms.  I never stopped telling him how much he was loved by so many people.  We buried him on Frosty’s Knoll next to Grandma.  What was different about his burial was that the person that we would normally call to bury a horse wasn’t available.  We were given another name.  When this guy arrived he used a front end loader that was brought in on a huge semi-trailer.  The guy dug a hole into the side of the knoll that he could drive in to and gently lay a horse to rest.  In the past, the person used a bucket to dig a hole and I always thought it cold how the horse was put into their grave.  In Nick’s case, he was gently picked up and cradled in a respectful manner.  He was slowly taken to his grave and gently laid to rest.  We watched and cried as the dirt filled his grave.  There were pretty white birds that flew around his grave for a long time before, during, and after his burial.  The rest of the day was a blur for me.

07/23/07 When I went to the barn to feed this morning my heart was heavy knowing Nick’s whinny wouldn’t be there to greet me.  Before going into the barn I went to the outside window of his stall and looked in.  In my heart, I’d hoped to find him standing there.  But instead there were the bags of shavings lined up against the walls to cushion them so that he wouldn’t hurt his head when he had a seizure.  His Rhythm Beads were still there, his camera and A/C, the bucket of water with a syringe that we used to keep his mouth wet and to try to get him to drink, the wet towel and spray bottle of water that we used to help keep him cool, fly spray, his special medallion, the chair I sat in for hours and hours, his special blue halter and special blue slippers.  My knees got weak and my chest caved in - just when I thought I couldn’t cry anymore tears came flooding.   

Horses that come to our rescue mean very much to me.  I take each one on personally, wrap my arms around them when they arrive, and put my heart and soul into bringing them back from poor health; clearing what I call “cobwebs” from their minds; and try to restore their dignity with the ultimate goal of finding them a forever home where they will be loved, respected, and cared for.  Some of the horses will likely be here for the rest of their life – like Nick would have been.  I can’t imagine him being anywhere else. 

Grandma’s loss not long ago took a huge toll on me and Chloe.  Grandma arrived in about the same condition as Nick did.  She was also 27 yrs old.  I never finished “Chloe’s Page” on our website because the pain of losing Grandma is still too great.  I still find it difficult and very emotional telling Grandma and Chloe’s story.  And now losing Nick, our innocent, brave, loving, and proud Arabian Prince, has taken another huge toll on me.  Nick came here for a reason and God called him home when he did for a reason.  Nick is a symbol of hope, courage, trust, and inner strength.  He is in a better place now, with Barbaro and Grandma, and many others that have gone before him, running free and without pain and I find comfort in that. 

We are having our next benefit horse show next Saturday.  I had already spoken with the sponsor and was proudly going to enter Nick in the halter class.  Now I’m dreading the show – it will be hard, especially when people ask where Nick is.  I’ll never forget how proudly he carried himself when, on the spur of the moment I decided to walk him through the arena during our last show - the way he held his head high and the weak, but forceful, whinny that he let out when we stopped in the middle of the arena for him to take a rest, and the look he gave me once we got back to his paddock.  It was awesome. 

I miss Nick, very much - his smell, his whinny, his eyes.  The first few days are the most critical and he did amazingly well – likely due to his strong will.  But he had so many things working against him.  During his last few days I was with him constantly - afraid to let him out of my sight.  Watching him get worse ripped my heart.  The heat and humidity took a toll on all of us, especially Nick.  When he took a big turn for the worse and started lying down for long periods of time, and exhibiting discomfort, we had to confine him to a stall except for short walks throughout the day.  Then the seizures started.  Seeing him when he had a seizure made me feel very small and helpless.  It was heartbreaking.  We had his sling ready to use but couldn’t because he could have hurt himself if he’d had a seizure while in it.  We lined the walls of his stall with bags of shavings so he wouldn’t hurt his head when a seizure hit and he started to thrash about.  The tumor in his brain was likely swollen or had grown so much it was causing neurological problems.  Still, I have to wonder if there was something I missed, something more that could have been done so that he would still be here with us today. 

The pain from losing Grandma, Cookie’s baby, and now Nick, runs very deep.  The pain I feel from losing the horses we work so hard at helping is indescribable.  To lose any horse is hard.  Many die alone, hungry, in pain, and in ways that are unimaginable.  The pain, loneliness, and suffering they must feel, their souls get battered and lost, they lose hope.  That is how I feel right now, battered and lost. 

I know so many cared about Nick and I am sorry he is gone – me and my family did our best to help him.  And when all the medical ways to help him ran out, the only thing left I could give him was prayers and love and companionship, which I gave him until long after he left us that morning; and to help him cross and release him from his pain. 

Nick was blessed to have so many angels on earth.  Now he is an angel watching over us.  He was pure, proud, magnificent, and strong.  He will always be loved and remembered. 

There have been so many kind emails about Nick.  The Fan's of Barbaro have been, and continue to be, so very supportive.  They provided him a sling in case his body got weak, special slippers for his tender feet, a very special medallion, an A/C to help battle the heat that took a toll on him, a barn cam so we could watch him 24/7, a healing set of Rhythm Beads, but most importantly, they sent love and prayers for Nick and to help keep us strong.  He will always be our "Proud Arabian Prince".  He hasn't really left us - he will always be in our hearts.  His job on earth isn't finished - he has an important role to play in helping other horses.  He has joined Barbaro to lead us on the "Road to Rescue".  We want to thank everyone for their emails, flowers, phone calls, cards, etc.  Like Nick, you have touched my heart deeply.  Hugs and love to you all.

R.C. El Dinero




My dear, sweet, loving Theresa
You've been my very best friend.
And I hope you know how much it meant to me
to have you there with me in the end.
I felt my time was growing short.
My pain had caused such strife.
Please don't feel guilty for your choice
To lovingly end my life.
In this decision that you have made
I asked that you not waver
for in the end you've set me free
to live eternally with my savior.
You ran you hands lovingly through my mane
and gently rubbed my belly.
You walked me round to all my friends
so I could say   goodbye.
You laid me down when my eyes were getting heavy.
I hated to see you cry.
My life was full of hardship
until you came and rescued me.
You loved and cared for a forgotten horse
and made me feel so proud,
and even made sure I was adored by the crowds
and for that unselfish  service
forever grateful I shall be.
My body was getting weaker
and my heartbeat, oh so slow.
But there was one more thing I had to say
To you,  my sweet Theresa
before you let me go...
Please never doubt my love for you
and all my Angels true.
I thank each and every one of them
for being by your side,
for never giving up on me
when the pain I tried to hide.
Though  I have left this mortal world
I will forever be with you.
I'll walk beside you every mile
to prove my love was true.
Know this, Dear Sweet Theresa
that when the day comes,
and your time on earth is through,
I'll come to you, I'll lead you home
and cross over that bridge with you.
Your "Arabian Prince"
with all the love in my heart, 

Written by: Doreen George

Grief is the price that we pay for love.

"With all our modern technology, I believe Nick, an Arabian Prince, took us back to the Essence of Horse, an elemental part of ourselves which we were privileged to touch for oh such a fleeting time.  In his magnificence and purity he has given us a rare moment to touch all that is good.  Nick will forever be a warrior for transcendence in my heart."

Shelley in CA, July 21st, 2007

  02/14/1980 - 07/21/2007
Click on his picture to watch a short tribute to this awesome horse that touch the hearts of many.


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