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May 2011

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All horses and humans of Beauty’s Haven wishes everyone a very blessed Memorial Day!





Your name has been selected as the winner of the
Beautiful Portrait of Armani.



Thank you all so much – we have enough to cover the $566!!!  Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow.  He was going to come this evening but was running behind. 

If any additional donations are received for Princess the funds will be applied to her vet bill for March and April which came to $1800+ and to her supplements.

Princess is also getting ProBiotics and supplements to boost her immune system, including a product called EquiSano, as recommended by our holistic vet.  Princess really needs lots of prayers and positive thoughts.  I can’t imagine losing her too.  I can’t tell you how much Momma Sue is missed - it just isn’t the same without her but I know she is running pain free now, looking down and watching over her babies. 

Princess deserves a chance and I’m very thankful that we are able to provide it to her thanks to help provided by others.  I pray that the new course of antibiotics takes care of the infection.  God bless and thank you all for your continued support. 


Yesterday was such a sad one, I’m sorry I didn’t share the results of Princess’ tests.  It wasn’t good news and it came at a bad time.  The PCR came back positive for Strep Equi while the culture grew Strep Zoo.  The culture was run again and it grew Strep Zoo again.  No matter what it is, the options are the same; 1) find a home for her where there are no other horses (which we’ve been trying to do with no luck); 2) put her on another antibiotic via IV for 10 – 14 days; or 3) help her cross Rainbow Bridge. 

Princess is a wonderful mare – very kind and she’ll do anything asked of her.  I can’t imagine having to help another cross now - especially if there is a chance she can get well.  She was put on antibiotics after her choke when infection was found in her gutteral pouches and the pouches have been flushed with antibiotics many times.  The cost of the K-Pen (antibiotic given IV) is expensive, about $100 per day.  A very kind and caring person that has met Princess has offered to cover the antibiotics.  However, we will still need help with 2 more flushes and another PCR/culture test in a few weeks.  Each flush (with antibiotics) is $192.  The PCR/culture is $182.  Therefore we need to raise a total of $566 to get this done.  I know it is a lot of money but you can’t put a price on a life.  Is there a guarantee that it will work?  No - but there is hope.  Princess deserves a chance and if we do the next round of antibiotics we will know that we gave her every opportunity that she deserves.  If we can clear this infection, Princess has many good and happy years ahead of her. 

The major expense, the course of antibiotics is covered, please help with the rest.  No amount is too small and all donations are tax deductible.  Donations can be called directly into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.  God bless – we’re not ready to lose another. 



Today we lost one of the most loving, kindest, and giving mares I’ve ever known.  Momma Sue will always be a part of this rescue – her presence here will be felt, always.  She raised not only her baby, Aaleyah Belle, but two orphans, Buttercup and Silver Belle as well.  She watched over them, loved them, and taught them how to be a horse.  

Momma Sue came to us along with her hours hold filly on May 3rd, 2008.  We picked them up after receiving a call that they were both going to be shot if we didn’t take them.  Aaleyah Belle had been born with a wry nose – you can read their story on the website.  http://beautysequinerescue.org/aaleyah_belle.htm.  Aaleyah Belle was named after Eight Belles, another brave and beautiful TB filly that lost her life that day in a race that will forever be etched in my mind. 

Momma Sue

Momma Sue was in deplorable shape when she arrived – she’d given all she had to her baby.  She was weak all over but her hind quarters and spine told an unknown story of injury.  Perhaps it happened during her racing career?  Her registered name is “Currently Sue” and she was born in 1992.  She had 2 wins in 15 starts and won 2 races which earned $14,636 for her owners.  Here, she won our hearts.



Momma Sue


Over time, Momma Sue put on weight and her condition improved but there was always a problem with right hip.




Momma Sue


Buttercup (orphan to a nurse mare) came to the rescue only a few days after Aaleyah and her mom arrived.  Aaleyah Belle and Buttercup became as sisters in no time.  And where they were, so was Momma Sue.


Momma Sue


Some weeks later Silver Belle (orphan to a mare that died from unknown causes – has the same sire as Aaleyah Belle) came to the rescue with life threatening injuries.  Momma Sue took her under her wings too.  Momma Sue and her three girls. 




Momma Sue



She watched over all three of them as though they were her own.  We’ll be forever grateful to her.  And when we see them, we see Momma Sue in all of them. 




Momma Sue


Momma Sue was proud of her babies.  And we will always be proud of all of them.




Momma Sue


Where ever the girls were, Momma Sue wasn’t far behind.  You could see and feel the love, wisdom, and warm light in her eyes – especially when she watched the girls as they grew.  Perhaps the recent return of Buttercup and Silver Belle in March were all part of God’s plan.  It was a blessing having all of them here together again, even if only for a few weeks. 


Momma Sue


Over time Momma Sue’s hindquarters became worse.  Last fall Dr. Ryan treated her with 2 different types of injections in her spine which helped quite a bit.  Dr. Das tried to work on her but Momma Sue was too uncomfortable.  We put her on a diet and tried to get her weight down be more mobile.  In December she was treated with one of the medications again and she did seem a bit more comfortable.  Within the last few weeks she started to decline and she began to have trouble getting up. 


Momma Sue


We had her treated again with the 2 types of medications on May 10th.  It was clear when Dr. Ryan administered them that Momma Sue was pretty uncomfortable.  After, she had one day she seemed better and we prayed for continued improvement but it wasn’t meant to be.  You can see how the muscles in her hindquarters were atrophied – and her chest muscles were large – her front legs and body worked overtime.  She got to the point where she would struggle to get up and you could see the anxiety in her face and the soreness in her body grew worse.  The light in her eyes was growing dim.



Momma Sue


This morning she was down again and it was clear that she was tired and ready to be released of her pain.  We loved her enough to let her go.




Momma Sue


She looked at all three of her babies, then she looked directly at Aaleyah Belle and nickered, and then she turned and walked me up to Frosty’s Knoll with her head high. 



Momma Sue


We stopped on the way up for some treats and extra TLC.  There is no doubt that Momma Sue knew she was loved here.  Everyone loved Momma Sue.




Momma Sue


Momma Sue was laid to rest just to the northeast of our dear sweet Nick.  She is at the top of Frosty’s Knoll overlooking down over the babies that have crossed Rainbow Bridge.




I share the story below every Christmas but now when I read it I will remember Momma Sue along with Grandma.  Grandma was another kind and giving TB mare that raised Chloe (a nurse mare foal).  Grandma crossed Rainbow Bridge due to similar issues as Momma Sue.

“Only for Love”

The young couple had made their usual hurried, pre-Christmas visit to the little farm where dwelt the elderly parents with their small herd of horses.  The farm had been named Lone Pine Farm because of the huge pine which topped the hill behind the farm, and through the years had become a talisman to the old man and his wife, and a landmark in the countryside.  The old folks no longer showed their horses, for the years had taken their toll, but they sold a few foals each year, and the horses were their reason for joy in the morning and contentment at day's end.
Crossly, as they prepared to leave, the young couple confronted the old folks.  "Why do you not at least dispose of "The Old One."  She is no longer of use to you.  It's been years since you've had foals from her.  You should cut corners and save where you can.  Why do you keep her anyway?"  The old man looked down as his worn boot scuffed at the barn floor and his arm stole defensively about the Old One's neck as he drew her to him and rubbed her gently behind the ears.  He replied softly, "We keep her because of love.  Only because of love."
Baffled and irritated, the young folks wished the old man and his wife a Merry Christmas and headed back toward the city as darkness stole through the valley.  So it was, that because of the leave-taking, no one noticed the insulation smoldering on the frayed wires in the old barn.  None saw the first spark fall.  None but the "Old One".
In a matter of minutes, the whole barn was ablaze and the hungry flames were licking at the loft full of hay.  With a cry of horror and despair, the old man shouted to his wife to call for help as he raced to the barn to save their beloved horses.  But the flames were roaring now, and the blazing heat drove him back.  He sank sobbing to the ground, helpless before the fire's fury.
By the time the fire department arrived, only smoking, glowing ruins were left, and the old man and his wife.  They thanked those who had come to their aid, and the old man turned to his wife, resting her white head upon his shoulders as he clumsily dried her tears with a frayed red bandana.  Brokenly he whispered, "We have lost much, but God has spared our home on this eve of Christmas.  Let us, therefore, climb the hill to the old pine where we have sought comfort in times of despair.  We will look down upon our home and give thanks to God that it has been spared."
And so, he took her by the hand and helped her up the snowy hill as he brushed aside his own tears with the back of his hand.  As they stepped over the little knoll at the crest of the hill, they looked up and gasped in amazement at the incredible beauty before them.  Seemingly, every glorious, brilliant star in the heavens was caught up in the glittering, snow-frosted branches of their beloved pine, and it was aglow with heavenly candles.  And poised on its top most bough, a crystal crescent moon glistened like spun glass.  Never had a mere mortal created a Christmas tree such as this.
Suddenly, the old man gave a cry of wonder and incredible joy as he pulled his wife forward.  There, beneath the tree, was their Christmas gift.  Bedded down about the "Old One" close to the trunk of the tree, was the entire herd, safe.  At the first hint of smoke, she had pushed the door ajar with her muzzle and had led the horses through it.  Slowly and with great dignity, never looking back, she had led them up the hill, stepping daintily through the snow.  The foals were frightened and dashed about. The skittish yearlings looked back at the crackling, hungry flames, and tucked their tails under them as they licked their lips and hopped like rabbits.  The mares pressed uneasily against the "Old One" as she moved calmly up the hill and to safety beneath the pine.  And now, she lay among them and gazed at the faces of those she loved.  Her body was brittle with years, but the golden eyes were filled with devotion as she offered her gift ---
Because of love.  Only because of love.
Author – Reverend David L. Griffith

Momma Sue raised three girls because of love.  We helped Momma Sue cross today because of love.  Only because of love. 

I can never express the love, respect, and gratitude felt for Momma Sue.  We had many talks on days when she had trouble getting up while waiting for medication to kick in and I will miss them.  It was hard watching her decline, we did all we could, but there was no magic potion to make her better.  We appreciate everyone for caring about her and to those that were her angels and helped with her care. 

Momma Sue


Run pain free Momma Sue.  Your girls will be in good hands.  You taught them well, they knew your love and always will, and we know you’ll be watching over them.  You are our new and brilliant star in the heavens tonight – we love you Momma Sue - always.



Momma Sue

Theresa called this morning - it is with great sadness to inform
you that Momma Sue crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 10:30am.
May she fly with the Angels forever free from pain.




We asked about Princess’ test results today and were told they hope to have them by tomorrow evening.  Waiting is hard to do – please keep the prayers coming for her.

Momma Sue


We’re taking it day by day with Momma Sue.  She seemed comfortable today – she needs continued prayers too.





We have some needs and every bit of help is greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small!


Sophie very kind with beautiful eyes.  She just needed some TLC – she’s filled out and is just a sweet, sweet mare.

  • Credits towards the vet bill can be called into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151. 
  • Credits towards O&A hay can be called into Berrittini Farms at 352-629-1447.
  • Credits towards large compressed bales of alfalpha can be called into Larson Farms at 352-867-8333.
  • Credits towards grain can be called into Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660.

If you do call a credit in somewhere, please send us an email to let us know to ensure we get you a tax receipt issued.

And don’t forget about our
“Through Armani’s Eyes – The Legend Lives On” Spring Fundraiser – click here and scroll down for more information
.Glicee Print



Just look at how big and beautiful Armani is – he’s doing great!




I don’t like having to ask for help but without your help we can’t help the horses - we truly appreciate any and all help.  All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.  God bless and have a wonderful day!


Good morning everyone!  We hope you had a great weekend. 
We'd like to ask for prayers for Momma Sue.  She is having a tough time getting up when she lays down.  Her backend is really weak and there is lots of muscle atrophy.  She came to us with this problem but it’s gotten worse over time.  Her latest treatment doesn't seem to have helped much.  We're trying to keep her comfortable but it's not a good situation.  We love momma Sue so much - so do her 3 girls.
Princess also needs prayers - prayers that her test results come back good today and that she has something we can treat.
I hope to put out a detailed update this evening.  Thank you - God bless and have a great day! 


Ebony is not pregnant!  She’s not going to be happy with her new feeding plan.  

We haven’t heard from the lab yet on Princess’ tests.  I’m praying hard that no news is good news.  I’ll update when I hear something.  Continued prayers for her would be greatly appreciated!


Just want to update before the day is over.  As usual, it’s been really busy here.  At least the weather has been much cooler – it would be nice if it were like this all year.

Mystical Magic is doing well and is such a love.  She really likes Faith and Indy being a paddock away from her – watching her watch them makes me think she’s had foals in her younger years.  When Indy gets out of sight she does whinny for him.  On the subject of pregnancy - Dr. Monroe will be out on Friday to check Ebony to see if she is pregnant - she sure does look it! 

One of the most important things in this update that I’d like to address is Princess - she needs prayers.  As most of you know we took her to the hospital in mid March where she was treated for choke and an infection was found in her guttural pouches.  She was put on antibiotics and was rechecked a week later and Dr. Ryan still found infection and treated her again.  We’ve done this 4 times now and yesterday Dr. Ryan scoped her again and there is a possibility that the infection has not resolved.  Dr. Ryan said the infection should have been cleared by at least the 3rd treatment.  There are no signs of illness – no snotty nose, no fever, she has a good appetite, etc.  In March she tested negative for Strep Equi - another test was done yesterday.  If it comes back positive we will have to address options for her – the treatments she’s had should have taken care of whatever it is.  She is a sweet, sweet mare and we love her dearly.  She actually has an approved adoptive home to go to that has been waiting for her since the week she choked. 

Indy is doing well but he’s not been as active these past few days as he had been.  Dr. Ryan pulled a CBC on him yesterday and it was fine.  He doesn’t drink water but he does nurse quite a bit.  He’s getting electrolytes and water via syringe which he seems to like. 

Cloud Dancer


Cloud Dancer is doing great – he’s a little stinker that is testing humans now.  He’s absolutely beautiful and he seems to know it!





Glory had a hooficure today and was very good about it.  The farrier worked on Classy too and we hope taking more toe off helps her – Classy is another sweet mare that could use prayers.  Casper and many of the mini’s also had hooficures today and they did very well.





We’re happy to report that Bouie appears to be doing much better.  He was treated by Dr. Das yesterday and totally enjoyed it!  He got body work and acupuncture.  He was up and about most of the day which was good to see. 







We visited with Lana and Cherokee yesterday – they are doing great!  Both have toned up and are as sweet as ever.




We would truly appreciate it if you would include Princess, Classy, and all of the horses here in your prayers.  God bless and thank you for your continued support.


We hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We finally got some much needed rain yesterday.  Violent storms hit throughout the night and the lightening was some of the worst I’ve ever seen.  Today was a picture perfect day.  There’s been much going on here, as usual! 

We appreciate the many name suggestions we received for the Friesian cross mare.  I like to spend time with a horse and get to know the horse a bit and let the name evolve from the horse’s personality.  This mare is lovely, wise, smart, very vocal, mischievous, kind, and there is something mystical about her and a light in her eyes that you can get lost in.  Her name is Mystical Magic. 

She was very good for her first hooficure on Friday morning.
Friesian Mare

Dr. Bess did her teeth on Friday evening – it was like spa day!  Her teeth had waves, hooks, and ramps.  She had lots of ulcerations in her mouth.  I’m sure she felt like she had a new mouth when Dr. Bess got done.  And I’m happy to report that she is eating well. 
Friesian Mare

Classy has had bone spurs at the tips of her coffin bones for a couple of years now.  Some days she walks well - other days aren’t so good but we try to keep her comfortable.  Lately she’s seemed a bit worse so we had another set of x-rays done - she has had quite a bit of remodeling in both front feet.  Based on the x-rays and her history the farrier is going to take off a bit more toe and we’ll see if that helps.

We found Bouie lame several days ago - Dr. Ryan examined him and thought he had an abscess in his toe.  We treated it but didn’t see any improvement, in fact, I noticed he became off on his left as well so I asked Dr. Ryan to do x-rays.  We didn’t like what we found.  There is slight rotation in both front feet with the right being a degree worse.  He’s wearing pads which seem to be helping.  Today he was in better spirits and he was moving around better.  We are very hopeful that we will work through this.  He doesn’t like his diet plan but it’s for his own good.

Magic is doing well and is as beautiful as ever.

Momma Sue is feeling better – she felt frisky enough to escape her paddock after feeding the day after her treatments!
Momma Sue

Silver Belle is doing great – she’s just a very sweet girl.  She always has been and always will be.
Silver Belle

And Buttercup is also as beautiful as ever!  Both girls have muscled up a bit and watching them run and play with Aaleyah Belle is just awesome.  Buttercup is still the “me first” filly at everything!

Legacy and Baby Ray keep us smiling – they’re always up to something!
Legacy and Baby Ray

And some bittersweet news - Kami has gone to live with her mom and dad.  This is something we’ve been considering for several weeks.  We wanted to let her spend a little time with them to make sure they would all be comfortable and happy.  We’re happy to report that they appear to be just that!  Rusty never met his Kami before this weekend.  Here are Kami’s mom and dad – Haley and Rusty.
Haley and Rusty

Kami left bright eyed and with bows in her hair – our little miss Kami Comet will always be our little Diva!

It wasn’t easy loading her to go home.  Well, she loaded right up but it was so very hard for me.  I know she is going to a good home where she’ll have lots of TLC and attention – and she’s with family.  I didn’t say good-bye but I did tell her how much I love her and how she will always be a part of our family.  I miss her already - we all miss her.  She’s only an hour away so we can visit with her and if, for any reason, she needs to come back – if any or all 3 of them need to come back, we are here for them.  We’ll send out updates so all of you that love her can keep up with her too. 

Indy is as sweet as ever.  Last evening, when trying to get him and his mom into the barn before the storms hit, I found him sleeping on the side of the barn.  He was in a deep sleep so I just sat next to him on the ground and rubbed him and listened to him snore.  I thought to myself how wonderful a feeling it is to see the babies born and grow – to watch them learn and explore.  To be able to have experiences like this one – watching him sleep so peacefully and content.  Then I looked around and it hit me.  Little Indy was laying in the very spot where his daddy had crossed Rainbow Bridge - I can’t explain how I felt.  Here was this young baby that has his daddy’s eyes sleeping so soundly.  An enormous feeling of sadness came over me.  I know Indy is running with the Heavenly herd – looking down at his son – and he is proud of him.  But it is so sad that we lost little Indy’s daddy to colitis - the neglect he, and others, endured was so wrong.  Perhaps if we had of gotten to him sooner he would still be with us – but we’ll never know.  I thank God everyday that the others are happy and healthy.  And I thank God for little Indy - with his daddy’s eyes.

Cloud Dancer is doing great.  He’s learned what his legs are for too – he’s all over the place!  Here he is with Classy in the background.
Cloud Dancer

Please keep Bouie, Classy, and all of the horses in your prayers.  We wish all of you a wonderful and blessed week - we thank you for your continued support and for caring!  God bless!


Dr. Ryan examined the new mare today and did some blood work. Quite a bit of noise was coming from her gut so she got something to help with gas.  I did a quick sand test and didn’t see any sand to be concerned about.  This evening she seemed much more at ease and has been munching on her hay.  Her blood work came back ok – nothing to be alarmed about.  Her immune system is a bit compromised, as to be expected, but we’ll be working on that and her refeeding program.  You have to go slow with horses that are in her condition.  Too much too soon could really do some damage.  We’ve brought back many but are always cautious and take it slow.  Dr. Bess will be out on Thursday to do her teeth. 
Friesian Mare

According to her teeth she’s about 20 years young.
Freisian Mare

I hope she knows she has nothing more to worry about.  She’ll be well cared for – her life has begun, again. 
Freisian Mare

Then Dr. Ryan worked on Momma Sue.  You could tell she didn’t feel well.  She’s been having a tough time getting up these past few days.  Dr. Ryan gave her injections again.  The last time she had them she did really well through the cold months.  We’re praying today’s treatments will help her to be comfortable.
Momma Sue

Momma Sue didn’t really like the treatments but she should be feeling some relief by tomorrow and hopefully will for awhile.  She’s a very sweet mare that has given so much to so many for so long.  Please keep her in your prayers. 
Momma Sue

Indy is doing well.  He wasn’t very happy with wearing the halter at first but he has become used to it.

Faith is a good momma.
Faith and Indy

Silver Belle, Buttercup, and a few others had their hooficures a few days ago and did well.  Bouie is slightly better.
Silver Belle

Kami and Val enjoy some hay.
Kami and Val

Cloud Dancer keeps us smiling.  He’s a little bundle of joy!  He and his mom stay in their stall under the fan much of the day when it is hot and humid.
Cloud Dancer

Sophie was turned out into the main paddock on Sunday and she loves it!  She’s doing great and is ready for a new home!

Many thanks to everyone for your prayers, good wishes, and continued support.  God bless and please keep the horses here in your prayers. 


Momma Sue isn’t doing very well.  She’s been having a tough time getting up again.  This morning it was really bad and she gave us quite the concern.  She likely will need the injections in her spine again.

The new mare has me worried.  She’s not eating much. 

The heat/humidity here is awful.

Dr. Ryan is on his way out.  I’ll update this afternoon.




We picked up a Friesian cross mare this evening that needed help - she walked right on the trailer.  Once here, she settled into the QT paddock and put her head down to graze.  She had been living in a sand lot.  Even though she is very thin she is very elegant.  She is beautiful – inside and out!





She got a good bath which she really needed.  Her mane had some really bad tangles in them.





We’ll give her a few days to settle in.  She will visit with the farrier, vet, and dentist. 






She has very kind eyes.




If anyone would like to help with her care it would be very much appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.  Donations for vetting can be called in directly to the vet’s office (Peterson & Smith) at 352-237-6151.  Donations can be made via snail mail or through our “Donate” page on the website. 

Thank you all for caring - I’ll have a more detailed update tomorrow evening.  But tonight, the mare is comfortable and content with hay, clean water, and shelter - I don’t have to worry about her – she’s here and tucked in.  Last night I couldn’t get her off my mind. 

God bless and have a wonderful night.  Happy Mother’s Day!


Glory’s baby has a name - meet “Cloud Dancer!”

Cloud Dancer 

He’s a darling little guy that flitters here and there – dancing all around without a care in the world – just as it should be!


We hope everyone had a good weekend. It’s been busy here and I meant to get an update out yesterday but the day was over before I knew it - and there was still much more to do when we called it a day. I promised some pictures so I want to get this update out tonight but it will be short – still much to do.

The babies are doing very well. Indy truly thinks he’s supposed to be competing in the Indy 500 – he runs and runs - his mom is getting in shape chasing after him! And Glory’s baby has found out what his legs can do as well. He doesn’t run as much as Indy but he does run and hop around. Watching them is something I could do all day long! Glory is feeling better which makes us all feel better.

What a precious bundle of joy – natural darling little golden and white curls!!
Glory's BabyGlory's BabyGlory's Baby



Indy is getting much better at laying down. He’s pretty quick at getting up though! He’s got a wonderful disposition and loves interacting with humans.





His legs are long but he’s really good at using them and is getting better each day!



Baby Ray and Legacy


Baby Ray and Legacy’s adoption didn’t work out so they are both are available again – preferably to a home together. They, along with many others, will be getting a hooficure tomorrow morning.


Amadeus and Jordan Blu


Amadeus and Jordan-Blu playing ball. Dr. Ryan took Amadeus’ stitches out today - the injury looks better but there will be a small scar.





Sophie, the Spotted Saddle horse mare, is doing well. Dr. Bess did her teeth and determined her to be about 15 years young. She is a sweetheart.





Dr. Ryan checked out Bouie’s front right foot today because he was lame on it. Bouie has an abscess in the toe and it is being treated. He does need to go on a diet – he’s a bit overweight which is not a good thing.




Aaleyah’s back ankle is doing well and after getting a trim tomorrow she will be able to go back out with the girls. It will be another long day tomorrow so I apologize for the short update tonight but I wanted to at least get some pictures out.

The Obstacle Challenge 3 day event fundraiser at Black Prong Equestrian Center was another success! Thanks so much to those that participated and/or donated and to everyone that worked to make it all happen! God bless all of you!

If anyone would like to help with a hooficure ($35) we would appreciate it. Also, any help with vet needs would be greatly appreciated – we’ve had the births, Amadeus’ injury, etc. Donations can be called directly into the vet’s office at Peterson & Smith: 352-237-6151. We also need to restock some needed medical supplies. We also need to buy hay which we can get for $400 a ton if we buy a minimum of 2 tons - if anyone would like to help with grain or hay, donations can be called directly into Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660. Believe me when I say that no donation amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated! Donations are tax deductible.

I am terribly far behind on emails but am working hard to get caught up. I was actually in the office today for several hours but only seemed to make a small dent in my “to do” list. But tomorrow will be busy at the barn all day.

Please don’t forget about our 2nd Annual Celebration of Life Day that is scheduled for May 29th starting at 11 am! If you plan on attending please RSVP – we need to make sure we have enough food – including birthday cake!

Thanks so much for your continued support and have a very blessed day tomorrow!


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