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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(May 2010)
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Celebration of Life Day 2010

Here are two of our three birthday babies.  Aaleyah Belle is now two and Amadeus turned one, but they are about the same size -- Amadeus was born a big boy!  They're both loved very much and they know it.  It's because of determination and a will to live that they are with us today.  Their lives mattered to us, as do many others that find their way to our little rescue.  Many people would have discarded them, but we didn't give up on them -- we felt that they deserved a chance.  Today, they are thriving.  They love life and it is such a rewarding feeling to see them run and play and to just "be."

And then there is Baby Ray:  we brought him to the rescue in the mini van, a skeleton of bones, depressed, and lost.  After arriving at the rescue, he paced the fence, calling and searching -- we knew he wanted his momma.  We were blessed to be able to find her and bring her to the rescue to be reunited with her baby.  We named her Sunshine and, once she arrived here, Baby Ray improved each day.  We will forever be grateful to her for accepting her baby back and nurturing him.  Today, Baby Ray thrives with his best friend, Legacy, another baby that almost didn't make it after his momma died from cancer. Legacy is yet another miracle.


Come over here, Legacy, check out my birthday cards!  And there's a tub of carrots!!  I'll share them with you!


Awww, thanks, Baby Ray, for being such a good friend -- happy birthday!


Tonka's cards were hung on Nicky's tree.  Tonka knows he is loved, and he will never be forgotten.



We had LOTS of wonderful food!





Peaches decided she wanted to come up to join in the party and meet the kids. She absolutely loved all the extra attention!


We had a great turnout but wish the rains had of held off a couple of more hours.


Kami took advantage of the crowd to show off her moves!



There was lots of laughter, a day of celebration for sure.



Aaleyah Belle still loves to stick her tongue out -- we warned everyone about her habit of sliming.  Many people that visited with Aaleyah came back to the barn with green slime on their shirt!



As it started to rain, we moved inside -- it didn't dampen our spirits.  We sang Happy Birthday and had a great time.


After the rains, Evan had a blast playing in the mud!

Reva's stall is decorated for a girl or boy; as long as the baby and momma are healthy, we will be very happy.  We're just waiting -- she's bagged up and was a bit grouchy today to the other horses.  Soon we'll be celebrating another new life as her baby enters into the world.  Without all of you and your support, it wouldn't be possible for us to do what we do.  We are, because of you.  God bless you all for helping us to help the horses.  Please don't forget that Reva is on MareStare!

To everyone that sent emails, cards, brought/sent gifts, called, helped in any way with our "Celebration of Life Day" at Beauty's Haven, and to those that travelled hundreds of miles to get here:  thank you!  And for those that couldn't make it, you were in our thoughts; and we appreciate you, too!  We're very blessed to have all of you in our life!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that the upcoming week brings many blessings!

05/28/10 The filly arrived late this evening.  While I believe she is older than two years young, it doesn't matter her age:  she is now safe and has the rest of her natural life ahead of her.  Thank you to everyone that helped this girl.  The vet that is to examine/X-ray the colt never returned my phone calls today.  I did speak with the AC Officer again this evening to make sure the colt will be safe until we are able to get a vet out there. I 'm sure it won�' be before Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

It meant a lot to me to get this girl here today.  I'm sure she'll get more attention then she ever dreamed of tomorrow during our "Celebration of Life Day" here at the rescue!

Reva is still very pregnant and will be tucked into her stall in a few minutes.

Have a great night, everyone -- I'll try to post an update, with pictures, tomorrow night after it quiets down.  We'll be thinking of all of you tomorrow at our Celebration of Life Day, wishing you could all be here!

05/23/10 We hope everyone had a great weekend.  It's been hectic and very hot here.  The horses are doing well -- they are all trying to stay cool in the hot and humid weather.  We've started cleaning and converting two stalls in the barn to the birthing stall for Reva.  She looks ready to pop!

Evan and Jedediah are doing really well.  They are so good together. and it's fun to watch them.  Evan is really filling out. and Jedediah is losing his baby fur -- he's going to be beautiful -- they both are!

Kitty Cat is doing better but is still very lame.  She wants to go out, but we just can't let her; there are too many things that she could reinjure herself doing. We let her out around the tack room at night.  We'll just have to continue to keep the harness on her and take her for short walks throughout the day.  When she does go out to get some fresh air and exercise, she seems to either tire easily or perhaps it's still a bit painful for her.  But getting out and getting exercise is good for her as long as we can restrict what she does.

We have an item listed on eBay to help the horses:

Kentucky Derby Barbie Doll

The "Celebration of Life Day -- 2010" will be here this coming Saturday, on May 29th!  If you plan to attend, please email me to let us know you're coming and how many people will be in your party -- we hope to see you all!  The "babies" have received some birthday cards, and they are looking forward to opening them!  If you haven't already, please consider sending our birthday babies -- Aaleyah Belle, Amadeus, and Baby Ray -- birthday cards, and if you'd like to include a donation to help them it would be most appreciated.  We will also be remembering Tonka on this day.  He left us on May 18th last year and is greatly missed.  We'll be taking lots of pictures on the 29th to share.

Here are a few pictures:  enjoy!

GMan:  isn't he gorgeous??  I thank God everyday that he is with us and is healthy and happy.


Kami trying to figure out how to get into the golf cart.


Kami is as spunky as ever:  forever running and running!



Evan and Jedediah playing ball. They're both doing very well.  We're very proud of both of them.



Baby Ray and Legacy:  do you say uncle yet, Legacy?  When Legacy lies down Baby Ray antagonizes Legacy terribly -- and walks all over him!



Max and puppy -- Max is a great dog.  Puppy is, well, a puppy that gets into everything!  He's my son's dog, but it seems we end up babysitting quite a bit.



Amadeus trying to get Aaleyah to play ball.



Little E running with Reva -- they are both absolutely beautiful.

Have a wonderful and blessed week, everyone!  I'll try to provide another update by mid-week.


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Thank You!  Jeanne

05/16/10 We hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  We've had a lot going on here.  I do have good news to share!  The weekend started out on Friday evening for us when we delivered Doc and Velvet to their new home.  Yes, they went to an awesome home together as pasture pals!  It was a perfect answer for both of them.  Doc doesn't do more then a trot now and then; and Velvet, because of her old knee injury, shouldn't be running around much.  Here, the others would get to running and playing, and she'd join in.  I was always concerned that she'd re-injure that knee.  She'll be much less tempted to run around now since Doc is so laid back.  They have lots of green grass and beautiful oak trees that provide lots of shade.

This was Velvet getting ready to leave.


And Doc.

Sunshine left today to go to Jennifer's for training.  Her cyst area has pretty much healed.  There's a scab and there will be a scar, but at least the cyst is taken care of.  Dr. Ryan saw her this past week and gave us the OK for her to go.  I explained to Sunshine that it's time for her to learn new things and find her own human.  I didn't say goodbye, but I did tell her how much I love her and that I'll see her again.  She loaded right up into the trailer.  As they were leaving I expected her to call out to Baby Ray or for him to call to her, but it didn't happen.  Casper whinnied "see ya" to Sunshine, but that was about it. Casper is still babysitting Baby Ray and Legacy and seems to take pride in his job.  After Sunshine left, I noticed that Jedediah had gotten his halter off or perhaps Evan took it off him, which is likely the case.  I wasn't sure how long it would take me to put the halter back on him and was pleasantly surprised that, when I went into his paddock, he came right over, asked for some rubs, dropped his head, and the halter went right back on.  I'm so proud of these boys -- they are adjusting to "life" incredibly well.  Dani will be picking them up at the end of the month.  She knows they've become attached and that it is in their best interest to keep them together for a while.  We're very grateful to her.  We're also very grateful to those that have/are donating to help with their care. Donations that were pledged for Sweet Pea and Jedediah are still needed -- I forward donations received for Sweet Pea to Jennifer and, once Jedediah leaves, I will forward his donations to Dani through July, as I'd asked for sponsors for four months, which will be up at the end of July.

Reva is still as sweet as the day she arrived, and she looks ready to pop!  Now that Sunshine is gone, we'll be starting to put the foaling stall together.  Kami and Haley will be moved across the aisle to another stall.  Both stalls have a camera so everyone will still be able to see Kami at night for now.  Here is Heart in the fly mask and Momma Sue, and Reva -- they have become good friends.

I'm very happy to report that Kitty Cat is doing better each day.  Yesterday, after speaking with the vet, we put a halter and leash on him; and he actually walked out of his cage and out of the workshop door.  He sat and lay in the grass for a few minutes, seemed to soak up the sunshine, and then we gently put him back in his cage.  We did the same this morning, and he walked a little bit further.  Today was his last day of pain meds.  He's eating and drinking fine. We're very amazed at how well he is doing.  I'm more of a believer now that "cats have 9 lives!"

I forgot to post a picture of Captain getting his trim a couple of weeks ago.  We used the sling, and he did awesome.  As soon as he realized he could let the sling support his weight, he literally relaxed all four legs and let the sling support him.

Valentine is doing well. We still have to manually clean her out each evening;  she can't push her poop out.  She got a good, much needed, bath from Marie yesterday.  Heart and Captain also got a bath.





LadyBug is doing great; here she is sporting her new fly mask.  She lives in the easy keepers paddock with Bud and Nash.



Here is Heart talking with Kami and Haley.




And Bouie is still as cute as a button.



So is his best friend Frodo.

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling a bit better.  I have more medical appointments/tests this coming week but, overall, I am better.  Hopefully, the last of my medical tests will be accomplished in the next week or so, and things will only continue to improve.  I truly appreciate the extra time the volunteers are putting in.  Two of our volunteers will be out for a while, and we wish them a speedy recovery -- Bernice (and John) and Lynda -- we miss you!

For those planning to attend Celebration Day here on the 29th, please contact Theresa at bhfer@earthlink.net so we can take a head count and can make sure to get enough food and beverages.  We hope to see lots of you here!

I'm also happy that I don't have to ask for anything in this update!  We have enough hay/grain and other necessities for the next week or so.  Thank you to everyone that called in credits to the stores or donated -- we appreciate your help so very much.  You enable us to keep going; it's because of all your help that we are able to help the horses.  God bless you all! 

We will be announcing a new fundraiser soon; while our needs are taken care of in the way of feed/grain for the next week or so, the week will be over before you know it -- the needs don't stop.  And we do have the tractor in the repair shop, and we have some other overhead costs to take care of.  The electric bill is going to be high as we keep sprinklers going for the horses and grass.  The insurance payment is coming up again.  There is always something but, as always, we keep the faith.  Again, thanks, everyone -- have a blessed week!



Congratulations to Sally, who is the winner of the lovely Equiglas Suncatcher!
And congratulations to Kate (klsyr1*), who received the lovely Breyer Cloud's Legacy Horse Gift Set!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our Spring Fundraiser.

Fondly, Jeanne

05/10/10 Hi, everyone!  We're staying very busy here at the rescue, but I wanted to get a few pictures out and update on some happenings.

Here is LadyBug with Beauty in the background.  LadyBug is doing wonderful -- she is a sweetheart!


Here is Kami meeting my son's new puppy.  Reva and Haley are in the background, and Momma Sue is in the far background.


And here are Chloe, Momma Sue, Aaleyah Belle, Kami, Haley, and Casper.


Like Momma Sue and Aaleyah Belle, Chloe loves the water, too!


I have some very good news to share!  Dani (Hope Equine Rescue) agreed to take Jedediah before we brought him here to the rescue with his mom.  Well, since Jedediah and Evan have become best of friends, Dani has agreed to take both of them!  It'll be near the end of the month before they leave.  We're sure going to miss them, but this is an answer to many prayers; keeping them together for now is the very best thing for them, I'm sure of it.  Evan is still healing from being gelded but is doing well.  Jedediah is doing awesome.  We're very proud of both of them!

Reva is doing well but looks like she is ready to pop any day!  She hasn't starting bagging yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if she waited until the last minute since we don't have the foaling stall ready yet.  Sunshine is still stalled but hopefully will be able to be turned out by the weekend.  Once she goes back out, we'll have room in the barn to covert the two stalls into the birthing stall and get Reva up on MareStare.  Otherwise we'd have to use Haley and Kami's stall, and I won't leave them out at night -- there are coyotes on the prowl around here.

Dr. Ryan came out and removed Sunshine's stitches on Saturday.  She will likely have a scar, but the area is healing nicely.

We had a truck load of dirt delivered on Friday and spent the weekend filling in dangerous holes that came about from rain erosion, and then we laid two pallets of sod.  Without the sod to cover the dirt, the dirt would have just washed away again during the next heavy rain.

Shhhh!!!!  We're planning a combined surprise birthday party for a few of the babies (including Baby Ray) in a couple of weekends!  Just look at how big and beautiful he is!  We're so proud of all of our babies (and no matter what their age is, they will always be our babies!).  We all wished Baby Ray a happy birthday today!

I'd like to thank everyone that helped with our last published needs list -- we still have some outstanding needs and a couple of new ones.

Sponsors are needed for this Wednesday's farrier visit; each horse is $35, and 10 horses are being trimmed but two are already covered.  ($280 needed)
Sunshine needs help for her May vet bill ($268)
GastroGuard ($35 a tube, RX only)
Apple-flavored bute (RX only) which is $10.65 per tube - we usually buy this at least 6 tubes at a time.
SMZ's (antibiotic) which is $55 for a bottle of 500 tabs.
A ton of alfalpha hay is needed by Thursday ($290)

Credits toward the vet bill (and RX items) can be called in to Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151

Credits toward much needed grain and alfalpha cubes can be called in to Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660

Credits toward hay can be called in to Berrettini Farms at 352-629-1447.

If you call a credit in somewhere, please send us an email to let us know to ensure we get you a tax receipt.

I hate to keep asking for help, but the needs are never-ending.  Saving a horse is only the beginning of a lifelong responsibility of care; we can't do this without help from others.  No amount is too small, and every donation is very much appreciated.  God bless, and have a great week!

05/05/10 We held a raffle at a couple of events, one in Orlando and one in Ocala, for a beautiful handmade plaque by artist Karla Smith.  The winner of the raffle is Jean Kovacs.  Congratulations, Jean!  And thanks for your support of Beauty's Haven!

Here is our darling little prima donna showing off her new "do" after her body clipping!


It took quite awhile for Bernel to get Kami clipped.  Kami liked to squirm quite a bit.  But, all in all, Kami did very well.



How do I look, Sunshine?  How do you like my new look?  It feels sort of funny, but it's a lot cooler!



Thanks, Auntie Bernel, for my new look!  Hey, Auntie Jenny, tell daddy Bob he can't call me fuzz butt any more!

05/03/10 A few days ago, we started the process of "weaning" Evan Almighty from Reva. Reva, an Arabian mare, is due to foal in a few weeks, and Evan has been growing stronger and is feeling great -- even wanting to go play with Baby Ray and Legacy at times.  Since Evan is smaller and not as strong as Baby Ray and Legacy, and Jedediah needed a friend, we decided to try to buddy them up.

First Evan and Jedediah met through the fence with Evan in between Reva and Jedediah.  Reva still keeps caring eyes on Evan but doesn't get upset being separated from Evan.  If he gets out of her sight, she will still whinny for him. They are in paddocks next to each other, and it is working out well.

The boys became interested in each other, and the playing over the fence began.

We took Evan into Jedediah's paddock and they met; it went very well.  They seemed interested in each other and in no time went about playing.

Ever since, they have become better friends.  Jedi has been doing very well since being weaned.  He hasn't run circles like he did when his mom, Sweet Pea, was here.  When she'd move around, he'd get anxious and start running circles around her, around and around.  He would even run into her at times, but he doesn't do that any more.  He and Evan play, they lay next to each other, and even share their feed buckets even though they each get their own.  It's amazing how God provides what is needed at just the right time.  Who would have thought that, when we brought Evan and Reva to the rescue, we'd receive yet another baby boy, blind even, that would need a friend?  And we weren't sure how we were going to "wean" Evan from Reva; we couldn't put him in with Baby Ray and Legacy, they are too big and much stronger then he is.  But Jedi was the answer.  And Evan was the answer to Jedi's needs at just the right time, a friend that he could trust and not pick on him.  We have seen only improvement in Jedi and are so very proud of him.  We do believe he is going to be just fine:  he has learned to trust.

Today Dr. Ryan came to repair Evan's umbilical hernia only to learn that, as Evan has grown and filled out, the hernia is almost gone!  So, instead of banding the hernia, he gelded Evan instead!  Ouch!  But Evan was a good boy and did fine. With the temps heating up, we felt it a good time to go ahead and get it done. Jedi needs to become stronger before he is gelded.  He's been through much this past month, and we are so very proud of him.  He now trusts humans and will meet us at the gate and ask for scratches.  When he first arrived here, you couldn't get within several feet of him; and he'd run away or run circles to the point he'd fall over.  It's amazing what time, consistency, patience, faith, kindness, and love can do.  These two little ones are quite a blessing to us and to each other!

Here is Evan just before being gelded; he's been clipped and is looking really handsome.  We're not sure what breed he is, but he is gaited.


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