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March 2011

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We hope everyone is having a great week.  We finally got some rain!  And more rain and more rain!!!  We had hail in the wee hours of the morning – I figured Glory would have her baby but nope, she’s still holding out for we have no clue what! 



Lush Cosmetics

We had visitors on Tuesday from LUSH Cosmetics and it was overcast but it stopped raining just before they arrived.  It was really nice to thank them in person for providing much needed shelters last year!  LUSH is an awesome company – they hand make fresh cosmetics and fragrances – none of their products are tested on animals!  Check them out at http://www.lushusa.com/shop.




Tomorrow we will be fixing areas that got washed out this week.  Damage from the heavy rains wasn’t as bad as it was before we recently laid some sod but we’ll have to bring in more sand to fill holes and pray it doesn’t get washed out again before we can get more sod.



Red and Tucker are doing much better.  Tucker has become pretty vocal and they act just like brothers!  It really is a blessing to watch horses that come to us in bad shape morph into healthy and happy horses.  It’s very rewarding!  Faith, Nickers, and Glory are all doing ok.  Faith is feeling better too - she even chases Little E around now and then!   Glory is still losing clumps of her tail from where the lice got her and she would rub against something.  This weekend we will try to clip Tucker again and treat his lice. 

Mystique and Prince


Mystique and Prince have become good friends.




Jordan-Blu, Aaleyah Belle, Silver Belle, Amadeus


Here’s Jordan-Blu, Aaleyah Belle, Silver Belle, and Amadeus.






Buttercup was under the shelter eating from the hay pile.






Jordan-Blu got a much needed bath this past weekend. 



She had a HUGE knot of tangles in her tail – I thought we’d have to cut it out.  But her tail is so beautiful – just like her!  J  With a lot of Cowboy Magic, time, and brushing we got the mess out!  Thanks Barbara – I know your arms must have been tired!




Baby-Ray and Legacy



Baby Ray and Legacy.




Asiya – isn’t she beautiful? 




Here is Faith before coming to the rescue…







Look at how beautiful Faith is now - her unhealthy winter rescue coat is almost shed!  It’s amazing what proper care will do!




Ria's Gold
This is Ria’s Gold - a 3 year old buckskin Appendix that will be available for adoption soon.


Here are some of our current needs - any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.


  • Credits towards the vet bill can be called into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.
  • Credits towards much needed grain, alfalpha cubes, and hay can be called into Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660.
  • Credits towards hay can be called into Berrittini Farms at 352-629-1447.
  • Credits towards hay can also be called into Larson Farms at 352-867-8333.
  • If you call a credit in somewhere please send us an email to let us know to ensure we get you a tax receipt issued.




This is Rebel - the flies really like him even when he’s wearing lots of flyspray. 




The Purina coupons that many of you are sending to us help a great deal – thank you very much! 

Have a blessed rest of the week everyone and thank you for your continued support!


Just a short update to let everyone know that the girls, Silver Belle and Buttercup, arrived back at the rescue early yesterday morning! They got lots of welcome hugs!

Momma Sue


They were turned out with Aaleyah Belle and Amadeus - they went nose to nose with Aaleyah and then they all 3 took running and playing - leaving Amadeus wondering "what just happened?" Momma Sue watched from the paddock across the aisle - they whinnied back and forth - it was a warm and fuzzy time!




They settled down after a bit and walked around checking out to see who was where.






Aaleyah Belle came walking after them making silly faces.





Amadeus moved into place to let them know he is in charge of the paddock.





After being run off they stopped and turned and stared at Amadeus - I don't think they could believe how big and handsome he is!




I thought it would be a little challenging at breakfast this morning but it wasn't - everyone stayed right where they were supposed to be.


Silver Belle









And here's Glory in her new flysheet which is waayyyy to big for her (the company shipped the wrong size). Even with the flysheet you can still see that baby belly! Another flysheet, the correct size, is on it's way. :



Have a blessed day tomorrow - I will try to update again tomorrow evening. My sciatica is acting up which is making things a bit difficult (and painful) but hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Sorry I didn’t get an update out yesterday – the day was over before I knew it and I was beat.  The weather has been nice – warm with a nice breeze.  We haven’t had to blanket at night now for a few days and hopefully will be able to pack up the blankets until the next cold season. 



Red is doing very well and was body clipped on Saturday (thanks Elisabeth and Diane!) and I’m happy to report there were no lice!  He’s put on a good amount of weight – as has Glory and Faith.





He was a really good boy and seemed happy to get rid of the thick winter coat. 





Tucker will get done as soon as he is feeling a bit better.  He is better but still has a ways to go. 




Lily is so cute – I have to share this picture of her in her fly mask.



Gentleman, Jake, Momma Sue


Here are Gentleman, Jake, and Momma Sue.




Here is Dixie – she really appreciated her body clipping.  Isn’t she beautiful?  We are trying our best to keep her comfortable – she has advanced COPD.



Classy is doing well.  Her front feet have been doing good (she has bony growths at the tips of her coffin bones).  Classy had a tracheotomy in 2007 after coming the rescue - she’s a very special little pony.  She can’t whinny but speaks with her beautiful big eyes.




Casper is doing well – still with the nickname “The Comeback Kid!”  The hair is growing back where he was clipped at the hospital when they did the liver biopsy.




Glory has put on some weight and is also doing well.  The baby does lots of playing in her tummy but just doesn’t want to come out yet. 


Legacy and Lana


Here are Legacy and Lana playing.

Aaleyah Belle


Aaleyah Belle telling me she doesn’t want to “play” anymore.




Bernice had a helper this past Friday when our farrier came – his son loved helping out!  I just love it when kids take interest in the horses and want to be involved!  They were going to feed Casper in this picture - Glory tried to sneak up on them to steal the food. 

Gman and Jake


GMan and Jake sharing an overhead mister today.


Mystique Belle and Jordan


These girls are simply breathtaking - Mystique Belle and Jordan - Mystique may have a home!

Beauty, Chloe, Dude


Speaking of breathtaking – here is beauty in motion!  Beauty, Chloe, and Dude - Dude may have a home!


Warrior went to Peterson & Smith today so that his locking stifle can be fixed tomorrow morning.  Ouija went with him – they are quite bonded.  We have an adoption application pending on them together and so far it’s looking good!  Captain’s Skywalker is going to his new home on Thursday!  We also have a pending application on Baby Ray and Legacy together – what a blessing it would be if they could stay together in a forever home!  We’ll know more about the status of these applications over the next couple of weeks.  It’s so hard think about them leaving but a good forever home is what we want for all of them - they all deserve their own human family. 

The farrier is coming tomorrow – would anyone like to help with a hooficure?  Even though the grass is growing we still need to buy hay and our vet bills have been high.  Any amount of a donation to help the horses would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be called directly into the vet’s office (Peterson & Smith) at 352-237-6151 or into the hay store, Berrittini at 352-352-629-1447.  All donations are tax deductible and are very much appreciated – no amount is too small!

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  I’m beat and the day isn’t over yet – lots to do.  God bless and thank all of you for your continued support.


Just a quick update to let everyone know how the "junkyard" horses are doing.

Red is feeling pretty good - even charging at Morning Star over the fence line sometimes and running along the fence line with him. Tucker is better but still has a ways to go. He plays now and then but tires easily. Neither have diarrhea any longer which is really good. Glory is doing well and her baby does some pretty amazing exercises in Glory's tummy! Faith is doing well and makes us smile - she's not shy at all - give her a little attention and she will be your best friend and shadow. She's losing a lot of her unhealthy coat and is looking better each day. Nickers is also doing very well.

Glory is on Marestare - you can check in on her at this link: http://www.marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=beautyshaven. She's in her stall at night but out and around the barn during the day if the weather is good.

I'll be posting an update with pictures over the weekend. I hope everyone had a great week!


A few pictures from the weekend…

Tucker and Red


A sight for sore eyes – Tucker and Red acted like kids on a playground this morning and it was so good to see!  It didn’t take long for them to tire out but it was really good to see them running and playing.  They are feeling a bit better each day and for that we are very thankful.


Mystique Belle


Mystique Belle is simply beautiful and a very smart girl.  She’s actually grown a bit since she’s been with us – she’s 4 years old.  Mystique Belle, Silver Belle, and Aaleyah Belle all have the same sire.



Mystique and Baby Ray



Mystique and Baby Ray – horse play.





Dixie is next in line to get body clipped.  She’s a very sweet girl with eyes that speak to the soul. 




Dixie hogged the sprinkler today and then rolled in the sand. 




She has Cushing’s and COPD.  We try to keep her as comfortable as possible - she is a happy mare.





This is Elizabeth and Jen clipping Glory yesterday.






Glory has put on quite a bit of needed weight in the short time she has been with us.




It was a very busy weekend here but it was nice.  We had visitors yesterday and today and fortunately, the weather was beautiful!  Some of our volunteers set up a table at HITS in Ocala again today – they’ve done a great job.  We truly appreciate our volunteers – without them we wouldn’t be able to care for the many horses here.  And to those that donate in various ways – we appreciate you all - very much.  It’s all of us coming together, giving in different ways, that makes this rescue a success.  God bless all of you!

We hope everyone has a good week - please keep Glory, Red, and Tucker in your prayers.  While they are doing better each day, they are still weak.  It will take time for them to overcome the damage done to their bodies before they came to the rescue.  The “junkyard” horses are very much loved and will never have to want for clean water or good food again. 

God bless and have a wonderful week!

3:00 PM
Theresa and Princess are on their way to the rescue.

Princess was scoped and thankfully her issue was resolved. She will be started on antibiotics for infection.

Thank you all for prayers and support.
We are hooking up the trailer and I'll be taking her to the hospital in just a few minutes.

I had hoped to not have to ask for more prayers for any new issues but I must. Princess is experiencing choke. She can breathe but not swallow. Dr. Ryan has tried to get the obstruction to clear but has had no success. She is sedated and we are letting her relax at this time but we may be taking her into the hospital.

Please keep her in your prayers. I need to ask for pledges to help with this situation. We've been hit hard lately, especially with the "junkyard" horses and their needs. I really have no idea how much this is going to cost but I have a bad feeling she will need to go to the hospital - Dr. Ryan can't get a tube down her throat to flush the obstruction out or to try to break it up. I'll update again when I know more. She may require surgery.



Nickers and TuckerIt’s been a very busy couple of days.  Dr. Bess came yesterday to do dental work on some of the mini’s and to examine Faith.  We brought Nickers in from his foster home – we learned he’s about 5 years old and really didn’t need anything done to his teeth.  Here’s Nickers with Tucker.





Ouija did very well – he needed quite a bit of work done.






Warrior was good too.  Next week he will be having the same stifle repair that Lily and Ebony had.  Ouija will be going to the hospital with him – they are very bonded.







Dr. Bess thinks that Apache had a broken jaw at some point.  Smile Apache!!







Dr. Bess check out Faith’s mouth and didn’t find anything that can’t wait until after the baby is born.






Dr. Bess thinks that Rebel likely received a kick from another horse in his past – he sports a broken tooth.







RebelRebel got a handsome body clipping yesterday.  Good thing he has a warm blanket tonight.  I checked tonight’s temps around 5 pm and it was to feel like in the mid 40’s.  I checked again and now it supposed to feel like 33 tonight!  The weather here is just nuts.  Warm days and cold, getting colder, nights.



Dixie, Mystique Belle, Baby Ray

Here are Dixie, Mystique Belle, and Baby Ray watching Classy when the farrier trimmed her feet yesterday.  The clouds were beautiful but we had horrible thunderstorms throughout the night into the morning.  We have more hooficures lined up – if anyone would like to help with these it would be greatly appreciated.




Mystique showing off her moves with Baby Ray trying to keep up.






Today was another busy day.  Dr. Das (holistic vet) examined and worked on Tucker.  She said he has a very depressed immune system and picked up issues with his liver, sounds in his left lung, his gums and tongue were pale.  He just doesn’t feel well all over. 





Red is a bit better but still isn’t feeling great.  His diarrhea is sporadic.  His immune system is also weak.  Dr. Das picked up issues with his liver/spleen – stagnation – colitis.  He has little energy and has become quite the pocket pony.  He truly seems to appreciate all human touch.




Lily was also worked on.  She has been pretty stiff even after her stifle surgery.  She moves better but just seemed “sore” all over but mostly in her front end and neck.  Her body is still adjusting to being able to use her back legs without the stifles getting locked up. 





Faith is a sweetie and was also very good for Dr. Das.  The weather has been changing drastically and the horses don’t know if they should shed or keep their winter coats!  Faith has gained some needed weight – I’ll try to tape her again tomorrow.




Shaker is doing very well and looks like she is going to pop! 




If I haven’t responded to your emails I apologize - please know that it’s only because I have had very little time in the office and it won’t be any better before next week.  We’ve got many things going on; follow-ups and we have some adoptions in the works.  The new arrivals are always being watched.  Glory really needs to have her baby – thank goodness for Marestare and those that keep eyes on her and the boys!  I know the cam quality has been poor but we’re trying to improve it.  We’re also trying to replace the current cam system.  Some of our volunteers have been setting up a table at HITS this week in Ocala.  The Obstacle Challenge is coming up – check the home page for more info.  We have a new volunteer – welcome Elizabeth!  Many thanks to everyone that makes this rescue a success – without you we wouldn’t be - God bless and have a good night! 


 It’s been a really busy day - the farrier and dentist were here.  I left for the barn this morning and didn’t get back in for anything until almost 5 pm.

I’m very happy to report that Legacy is fine and Tucker and Red are both slightly better.  Tucker was still running a slight temp today but both of their stools are better.  Glory is doing fine and is just a doll.  Dr. Bess looked at her teeth today and she is about 8 years old.  Faith is about 7 and Nickers is only about 5 years old.  He’s been quite a busy stud!  He went back to the foster home after Dr. Bess was done with him – he was causing too much ruckus with Red and Tucker and with them not feeling well I didn’t want him to cause them any stress.  Dr. Ryan will just go to Connie’s (foster mom) on Friday to geld him.

Rebel was clipped today and looks so much better.  He has a tooth that was knocked out in the front of his mouth some time ago and there wasn’t much Dr. Bess could do for him.  Apache needed quite a bit of dental work but we learned that his jaw had been broken at some point in time.  Ouch.  Pam (foster mom) brought in Ouija and Warrior for Dr. Bess to work on and they did great – they are really cute. 

I’m not sure what the issue was with MareStare early this am but Bob and Heather worked it out and at least got us back online around 5 am but our cam quality is so poor – it’s driving me nuts!  The folks at MareStare are awesome.  We’re having bad thunderstorms tonight that is causing some interference.

Glory is one stall. Tucker and Red are in the other stall  http://www.marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=beautyshaven

I’ll try to post pictures of today, tomorrow.  I’m beat and still have much to do.  Thanks!


Red PoopI’m sorry that updates aren’t getting out timely – there’s been a lot going on.  Blood work on the boys came back.  Surprisingly, Red’s isn’t bad but Tucker’s WBC is very high.  I know most people don’t want to see a picture of poop but this is an example of what we’ve been dealing with – and this is not as bad as it’s been.  Today, Tucker didn’t pass much poop at all – he seemed constipated and he clearly doesn’t feel well.  His temperature is higher than normal.  Red’s temp is fine.  We’ve haven’t seen any signs of oil in any of Red’s poop yet – he was oiled yesterday.  Fecal tests indicate the presence of strongyles.  They are the most dangerous type of worm and can kill.  It’s hard to know what these horses have been drinking and they’ve likely been ingesting their own poop.  We’ll be reviewing the boys condition with Dr. Ryan tomorrow.  He called today to check on them.




Red’s diarrhea is better today - Tucker hasn’t had diarrhea.  It’s clear that neither feel well - they pretty much just stood in the corner of the paddock today - they grazed very little.  Red was started on 2 antibiotics yesterday and all of the horses have been getting Pro-Bi since they arrived. 




Barbara and I went to visit Nickers today and he is doing well.  He’s being fostered with the family that adopted LadyBug – they are only about 3 miles from the rescue.  Nickers will be coming to the rescue this week for a few days.  He’ll be getting his teeth done on Wednesday along with Faith (if the dentist feels they are strong enough – Dr. Bess may want to wait on Faith until after she foals).  We have some others here that will be getting their teeth done too.  Nickers will also be gelded.




Here’s LadyBug – she’s doing great.





Glory today – still very much pregnant and keeping us waiting.



Valentine and Little E
I had to include the picture in tonight’s update of Valentine grazing around the house with Little E.  Val has been showing signs of increased discomfort over the last few weeks.  We still have to clean her out each night – she can’t push her poop out.  She was living with Frodo and Bouie but we thought perhaps letting her out into a bigger area may help her to get more exercise - which may help how she’s feeling.  She does appear to feel better which makes us all feel better – she even trots back and forth between Little E and Magic at times.  She’s a very sweet little pony.


M&M and Peaches


M&M and Peaches went to their new home yesterday - they loaded right up.  They settled in well and ran all around and played – checking out their new home.



Reva and Morning Star



Reva is as elegant and sweet as ever.  Moring Star is almost as big as she is!  They are both doing great.  I took this picture from the inside of the shelter in the paddock next to Reva.  She’s always looking for attention.



I have to get back to the barn to check on the boys, Faith, and Glory.  They will all be on MareStare for the night.  Please keep them in your prayers. 
God bless and thank you all for your support.


Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers.  The last couple of days have been rough.  We are all pretty tired – mentally and physically. 

Indy was a very kind soul – he appreciated everything done for him.  I truly believe that he knows we did all we could to help him and that a lot of love surrounded him.  He’s running pain free now with the heavenly heard. 

Indy and daughter


This is Indy with his 10 month old daughter before coming to the rescue.  The filly’s mom died a few months ago from a bullet to the head because she was colicing.



Indy with herd


Indy with some of his herd at the junkyard – all hoping for some hay out of the trailer.



Indy pond

Indy had severe colitis and it’s possible some of the others do too.  We knew their systems were already compromised when we picked them up and we have been going slow with them – trying to help their bodies detox and adjust. 



Indy in barn


Indy taking a walk down the aisle of the barn last night.  When Dr. Ryan left yesterday evening he was optimistic that Indy would get better – we had hope and we prayed.





Indy was a very kind soul – his eyes were soft and loving.  We wish he would have had more time to enjoy what he’d been deprived of but it wasn’t meant to be. 





Letting Go of Indy


Letting go is never easy.  God had plans for Indy - we’ll meet again someday on the other side of the Bridge.  It breaks my heart when one leaves us but we have to pick ourselves up and go on for others that need us.  And sadly, there are many others. 




Indy laid to rest


Indy was laid to rest on Frosty’s Knoll.



We love you Indy – you will be in our hearts, always.



And now we ask for prayers for Red.  We are still waiting on his blood work but Dr. Ryan oiled him again today.  He was doing ok but started with the diarrhea again.  He hasn’t got much of an appetite but he is drinking.  You can see that he just doesn’t feel well.





We are also waiting on blood work on little Tucker.  He doesn’t have diarrhea but he isn’t feeling well either.  He is drinking though.



The cameras will be going back and forth between Red and Glory tonight.  Glory is doing well – as is Faith.  Let’s pray they continue to do well and that Tucker and Red get better.  I believe in the prayer of prayer.  God bless and again, thank you for your support.


Theresa has just called with the heartbreaking news.

At 8 am Indy crossed Rainbow Bridge.  Indy seemed to improve through the night until early this morning.  He went out for a walk and took a turn for the worse.  He went down.  Theresa stayed with Indy, comforting him and had Dr. Ryan on the phone – he was on his way out.  Theresa asked Bob to get some medication from the tack room.  Indy crossed Rainbow Bridge within a matter of seconds - before Bob could get back with the meds.  Theresa, Bob, and Dr. Ryan were all heartbroken.   

    Upon angel wings you fly - free of pain beautiful Indy.



The blood work came back.  Indy has colitis. 

Indy has lots of life left in his eyes and isn’t ready to give up. 

It’s going to be a long night.  Please keep Indy in your prayers.

Indy, a 8 yr old stud, is one of the eight horses we removed from the junkyard – he needs prayers.  He is suffering from what appears to be colic.  He has been refluxed and oiled.  He received 12 bags of fluids.  He is currently in a stall and is on MareStare. 


We’re trying to keep him comfortable.  He is passing gas and has gone poop.  He may have a partial impaction.  We should have the blood work back in a couple of hours.  

I apologize that I can’t set the timing between cameras and they will be going back and forth between Indy and Glory tonight.

Please pray for Indy.  It doesn’t look good but there is hope.  But we won’t let him suffer.


I’m finally out of the bed and feeling a bit better but I’m moving pretty slow - this flu bug was a bad one!  Thought I’d better get a short update out while I’m able.

The latest arrivals are doing fine.  Everyone is still waiting, and watching, and waiting, for Glory to have her baby.  She’s full of milk but that’s to be expected since Tucker hasn’t been nursing on her.  He’s doing well and learning that he’ll be ok without his mom around all the time.  He stays with Red behind the barn during the days and Faith and Glory stay around the barn.  At night, Glory goes in her stall and we let the boys out around the barn.  That way Tucker can eat his hay outside of Glory’s door and they can talk.  Faith goes behind the barn at night. 




They all got their feet done today.  Faith went first.  She seemed uncomfortable having her back feet done but she’s not exactly in great shape – she’s pretty thin without much muscle yet she has baby belly.  We did get some colostrum just in case it is needed. 





Glory was good for her trim.  She’s also very, very bony with a big baby belly.







Red did great even though little Tucker kept pestering him.





This was a new experience for little Tucker and he didn’t really care for it.  He got his front feet done and we’ll continue to work on picking up the back feet.  We didn’t want it to be a bad experience for him.



All of the studs that were gelded on Monday are doing fine.  They don’t seem to know they are no longer studs yet.  It’ll take awhile.  They still prance along the fence trying to get the eye of any mare they can.  J

Have a good day!


Just want to let everyone know that the remaining junkyard horses (Appaloosa stud, the 2 almost yearlings (colt and filly), and pregnant Percheron cross) were all removed yesterday evening – they all have settled into their new homes.  We helped all 8 horses get out of this situation in less than a week after we got involved – it’s been pretty exhausting but very worth it.  Many thanks to all involved!



Meet the pregnant Percheron mare that we’ve named Faith...  She’s very sweet.  The vet will be out this afternoon to ultrasound her, and some of the mini mares.

Glory and Faith


Here are Glory and Faith this morning.





This is Dr. Ryan examining Glory on Sunday, the day after she arrived.  She was oiled that day, as was Red and Tucker.  Their diarrhea has cleared up and they are doing great.





Red let us know he wasn’t comfortable with the tube down his nose but he did fine.






Little Tucker didn’t like it either but he was pretty good too.  This was likely the first time he’d ever seen a vet for anything.






On Sunday, Red, Tucker, and Glory all got a much needed bath after Dr. Ryan’s visit.




Full of poop


They were all filthy and their tails were full of poop. 



Tucker and Glory


Tucker and Glory feeling better after a bath.





Glory is pretty thin yet full of baby - her top line, ribs, and hips are clearly visible. 





Yesterday, Rebel, Apache, and Red were all gelded and are all doing fine.  Here is Apache.












That’s Lynda trying to distract Tucker while Dr. Ryan worked on Red and Brittany assisted.  Tucker will be gelded soon too.  He was just weaned from his mom a couple of days ago so we thought we’d give him some time to adjust to this first.  The stud at our foster home will also be gelded, hopefully this week. 


Unfortunately, I am not feeling well (I think I have the flu) and have been in bed most of the day.  I hope to get up and out when the vet gets here.  Volunteers took care of the farm today.  We’re very blessed to have such dedicated and awesome volunteers.

Have a great day everyone.  I’ll try to update with today’s results from the Ultrasounds later this evening.




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