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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010


(March 2010)
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Just a quick update to let everyone know that the mare and baby will be here on Friday!  Thank you to everyone that has signed up to angel/sponsor them.  Dr. Ryan will examine the baby on Saturday or the following Monday, and we'll go from there with getting his eye fixed.

Kami still isn't feeling well.  She did go out for a bit today to get some exercise and fresh air. She's still up on MareStare, so if anyone sees her in discomfort please don't hesitate to call me.

Evan and Reva are doing well.  Evan is holding his head up now and looking more like a baby should.  He is slowly getting stronger, and it makes me smile to watch him.

Sarra is doing great -- she's put on quite a bit of weight but is shedding out all of her unhealthy coat and looks like a ragamuffin.  She's a very sweet girl.

Legacy is doing great:  he's absolutely beautiful, and more so as he is shedding out, and his disposition is as close to perfect as you could ask for.

We all miss Granny very much, especially Casper.  While he sticks close to Sunshine next to her in her paddock, she wants nothing to do with him.

I'm sorry to make this update so short.  I spent most of the day at the computer working and have developed quite a headache.  I need to go give Kami her meds and tuck her in.  Have a great night, everyone!

03/29/10 Check out this digi-stamp that was created because of Sammi, Joy's momma -- if you don't know their story, click here to learn about them.  Joy had her first birthday on March 26th -- she's grown so much, and she is beautiful like her mom!  Their human mom, Kara, keeps me updated about them; and what a blessing she is to these two girls!  Kara's sister made the stamp, which can be purchased at her online store; proceeds from the stamp will help the horses at Beauty's Haven!  Check it and others out at http://www.shophandmade.com/Item/6-758-H47G7YH!

And Jeri opened a new on-line Art Shop where prices are very reasonable.  Prints come fully matted and ready for a frame.  Jeri is generously donating all proceeds from two of the paintings to two rescue organizations:  Beauty's Haven and The WindChill Legacy.  Check out her website and the artwork at http://www.etsy.com/shop/jeriayoung.  I received the print "Crossing Over With Love, Always Remembering" today and it is just beautiful -- it was pretty emotional opening it with Granny having just crossed a few days ago.

Proceeds of the print titled "In Memory of Rain" will go to the Windchill Legacy (http://www.thewindchilllegacy.org/).

Proceeds from the print titled "Crossing Over With Love, Always Remembering" will go to Beauty's Haven (beautysequinerescue.org).

We'll be putting more items on eBay soon to try to raise funds to help cover vet and burial expenses and to help buy some needed hay.

Kami's blood work came back OK.  She's been grinding her teeth some today so she'll get some meds for ulcers, just in case.  She's got diarrhea and had to get a good butt washing.  Poor girl -- but she was very good for it.  Just before she got her washing, I let her and Haley out for just a few minutes -- Lynda came out for a couple of hours to help out (thanks Lynda!!!), and she was able to keep an eye on her for a bit while I cleaned stalls.  But when Kami went back to the sand pile, we reeled her in, gave her a good butt washing, and tucked her back into her stall after giving her meds to her.  If you see white on her backside, no worries:  she's wearing Desitin.  She naps but does get up to nurse now and then.  Her temp is normal and she is drinking water.

I'll have more of an update (with pictures) on Kami, Casper, and others either late tonight or tomorrow; things are very busy.  I will say that Granny is very much missed.  Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers -- they are very much appreciated.

03/27/10 When I let Kami and Haley out of their stall to go into the paddock behind the barn this morning, Kami didn’t take off running like she usually does.  Once she got to her paddock she went down a lot – rolling almost out of control.

She hadn’t gone poop through the night, and she seemed to have a really bad tummy ache.  She’d get up and then go down and roll, over and over.  It was difficult to get her up – in fact, I couldn’t.  I had to pick her up and carry her back to her stall.  Poor baby.  You can see she didn’t feel well.

After calling Dr. Ryan, I gave her some Banamine and within a few minutes she was up; but you could tell she didn’t feel well, so Dr. Ryan came out.

Dr. Ryan took some blood, and Kami got oiled and was a pretty good girl, considering.  Dr. Ryan thinks she has sand in her gut.  She’ll get oil three times a day for a couple of days.  We’ll have the report on the blood work later today.

Please keep Kami in prayers.  I’m alone today (Bob is working and Katie is off to a birthday party), but Kami is up on MareStare so many eyes can watch her; and I’ll be checking on her frequently as I’m back and forth to the barn and doing chores.  Here is the link to MareStare: http://www.marestare.com/cam.php?alias=beautyshaven.  I’ll update again after I hear from Dr. Ryan on the blood tests. Thanks, everyone!

Granny Jewels is a beautiful and magnificent mare, lovely inside and out.  She is a Tennuvian with a long flowing mane.

Casper is a 41-year-old pony that decided many months ago that Granny was “his” mare.  He stayed by her side and was very dedicated to her.

Casper had been glued to Granny more then usual over the last week.  I think he sensed her health was declining and that she may not be with us much longer.

Even as she prepared to cross the Bridge, Casper was right there beside her.

Dr. Ryan had to convince Casper that he needed to swap places with him. Casper complied, but it was a very sad time.  My last hug and kiss is always so very hard.  I hold on to the image of saying “hello” when we meet again on the other side – it’s the only way I can maintain sanity.

Like the elegant mare she was, Granny just quietly and softly laid down and went to sleep.  Just before crossing, her eyes got brighter in the loving look she shared with me, and I knew then we did the right thing.  Thanks to that last loving look from Granny, I also found relief with her crossing –- I thank her so much for that.  She had been in much discomfort, and we’d done all we could for her.  Releasing her was the greatest gift of love that we could give to her.

Casper has accepted Granny’s loss and moved on – he’s OK.  We think he’s decided that Sunshine will be his new mare.  But Sunshine isn’t very nice to him so we’re not sure how this will sort out – but it will.

While Granny was welcomed by Nick, Tonka, Abby, and all the others that went before her, she will always be in our hearts.  Her presence is still felt here, and it will be for a long time.  She was buried next to her dear friend, Abby.  Thank you all for your good thoughts, prayers, calls, emails, etc.  While I haven’t had much time to respond to emails, please know that they all mean a lot to me;  there seems to be one crisis after another here, and I just don’t have much time to be at the computer.

Fly with angel wings, Granny Jewels – we love you!

03/26/10 I'd like to ask everyone for prayers today for Granny Jewels.  Granny has earned her angel wings, and it is time to release her from her discomforts.  Her health has declined, and we feel it is time to help her cross.  We've tried to keep her comfortable and we succeeded for 3+ years; but her COPD is in its advanced stages, she has trouble walking, her arthritis is bad -- she is just having a tough time.  Her quality of life is failing.  This is going to be a very sad day here, tears started days ago.  We wish she could stay forever, but we love her too much to let her suffer.  Dr. Ryan is coming around noon.  I worry about her best friend, Casper. He has been by her side more these past few days -- I think he knows she has been getting worse.  Please say prayers for Granny, Casper, and even us humans that will be with her until even after she crosses.

We love you, Granny Jewels -- you'll remain forever in our hearts.  You're a grand mare that means so much to so many of us. Thank you for the time you gave to us.


03/24/10 Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days.  I'm sorry but I have to get the disposable camera developed that has the pictures of Baby Ray's surgery and stay at the hospital on it; so I'll have to post those later.

Here is Baby Ray right off the trailer today:  he got lots of welcome hugs!  He seemed glad to be home, and we are very glad to have him home!


Mommy, I'm home!


He settled right back in and is doing great!  He wasn't back in his paddock for five minutes before his momma had to put him in his place -- it's likely going to take a few weeks for his hormones to work their way out.


Yes, this is Kami's cute little butt sticking out of her blankie.  She's getting big! She entertains herself with the sprinkler quite a bit -- she's a blast to watch, and she tries to capture every bit of attention she can get.  We all love giving it to her.  Spoiled?  Yeah, I guess so.


Evan and Reva got some extra attention today from Xan and a neighbor.  It was great to see Xan again.  It's been a while since she'd seen Legacy and couldn't believe how big he's grown!  When we were watching Legacy 24/7, Xan came up and spent a couple of nights with him so I could get some much needed sleep.


Sarra and Legacy went out into the main paddock today and have become friends.  Legacy is finally shedding is baby/rescue coat.  He's gong to be dark and very beautiful.  Baby Ray and Legacy did play over the fence a little bit.


Princess and Katie went for a little ride today.  Lois, a potential new mom for Princess, visited and spent some time pampering Princess.  She also went for a ride on Princess, and they did great together.


Casper stays near Granny most of the time.  Granny isn't doing very well; we continue to say prayers for her.


Dr. Das worked on Reva yesterday.  She said Reva's had it rough for quite some time.  There wasn't a spot on her body that wasn't sore.  Dr. Das will be back in two weeks to work on Reva again.  She is gaining weight nicely and is just a sweet, sweet mare.  We'll forever be grateful to her for taking Evan Almighty to raise as her own.  Without her, I'm not sure he would have survived.  He's doing a little better with each passing day.

Evan has the cutest face -- and personality to match!

I had a really nice birthday yesterday and my daughter's birthday is tomorrow, so it's going to be another busy day!

Have a great night, everyone -- I've still got lots of chores to do, so I have to run!

03/23/10 Hi, everyone!  After a very long day in Ocala, I'm beat but wanted to thank everyone for your good thoughts and prayers for Baby Ray.  He was a real trouper and did well.  It was sad that the emergency colic case before him didn't make it -- I saw the horse as they brought it out and she was beautiful.  When they opened her up they found cancer, so very sad.  The emergency two-week-old baby bladder repair went well, and that baby came out looking like she was ready to play.  God bless her!

Thanks to everyone that has supported my birthday "Cause."  We're 75% the way to reaching the goal of $500 to help the horses for my birthday.  If you'd like to help, visit http://apps.facebook.com/causes/birthdays/294128 and thank you!   I did have a very good birthday today.

I will update tomorrow with pictures from today and Dr. Das' report; she worked on Reva today. I hope to have pictures, too.  I'm just beat and need to get to bed.

We're very busy here and have much in the way of updates to share -- I just need more time at the computer to get the info out.  We've been working for days on a case of another baby, three weeks old, which needs medical attention to his eye.  The eye is almost non-existent and it is non-visual.  It needs to be removed and the eye sewn shut to prevent infection.  We've been working hard on finding a safe place for the mom and baby to go, but the baby needs to have the eye repaired ASAP.  I'll have more of an update tomorrow.  How do these little baby boys keep finding me?  Where are all the girls?

Please keep Granny in your prayers -- she's had no improvement, even with the Dex.

Have a good night, everyone, and thanks for your continued support.  You all make a difference -- love you guys!

P.S.  If you've emailed me and I haven't responded, please don't think I'm ignoring you -- I'm very far behind at my desk and don't see any relief there anytime soon.


We have two new items on eBay! 

All of the funds will be used toward feed, hay, or vetting.



03/21/10 I apologize for just updating -- it's been a very hectic weekend and I'm still trying to get over my bronchitis, but I am better.  Diane was here Saturday morning to help, and Chris and Pat drove up to help out for the day.  Thank you, ladies!  The weather today was really horrible, and I've been at the barn all day. The below pictures were taken Friday and Saturday.  Enjoy!

Mommy Reva, isn't it nice to be here?  I like not being hungry, having good hay, and clean water!  And I like watching Baby Kami run around -- she's great entertainment!  And I really like the way the humans are nice to both of us, to all of us horses here.  And nobody is putting that thing on your head any more so they can ride you -- couldn't they see that your back was hurting you? Mommy Theresa said you're going to be having a baby in a few months -- I'm going to have a baby brother or sister!  You're a great mommy and I love you -- thank you for taking good care of me.  I miss my birth mommy, I didn't have her for very long, but I know she loved me and that she is very glad that I now have you.  Come on, let's watch little Kami some more; maybe one day I'll get to play with that green smiling ball of hers!

Dr. Ryan and I talked about Legacy on Saturday.  After I took him out of the paddock with Baby Ray on Thursday evening, he only improved!  I let him hang out at the barn after that.  I would sit on the bench to watch him for a bit at the front of the barn, and he'd come over and scoot up to me sideways, putting his tummy over my knees so I can love on him.  Watching him over the weekend, he has only continued to improve. I think Baby Ray was being such a bully to Legacy it was stressing him much -- the poor little guy!  They'd run and have a great time, but Legacy would run out of gas before Baby Ray but Baby Ray doesn't understand and keeps pushing Legacy around trying to get him to play. Stress can cause havoc to the body -- I know!  We're hoping that, after Baby Ray is gelded, he will calm down enough that Legacy will enjoy being back with him.  On Friday, Legacy was feeling good enough to explore the main paddock. He got to meet Nash and they became friends.

Legacy ran around a bit and made friends with Jake, too.

Baby Ray isn't too happy that Legacy isn't in his paddock, but they'll be back together soon, I hope.  But they do play over the fence.  Baby Ray will be going to the hospital tomorrow to be gelded and, if all goes well, he will be back on Wednesday.


And here is Little E smiling for the camera.  He's a hoot!

I'm off to the barn to finish up chores -- have a great week, everyone.  I would like to ask for continued prayers for Granny, Captain, and Evan.  Thanks, everyone!  Oh, and to those that donated to my Facebook "Cause" for my birthday:  thank you!

03/18/10 Sunshine was supposed to leave this coming weekend to go for training.  She's told us quite clearly she thinks Baby Ray and Legacy are ready to be on their own.  Well, I received a call from a local magazine, and they want to run a story on Baby Ray and Sunshine!  So, we've changed our plans a bit.  Layla will now be leaving on Saturday to go to Jennifer's for training and, if all goes well, and we expect it will, she will be adopted by Bernel for her new program in Jacksonville.  Mo was just a bit too hot for Bernel's program.

Sunshine will stick around for a while; the magazine will be sending a photographer out for pictures in a couple of weeks. I n the meantime, Baby Ray has been demonstrating to all of us his "machoness."  He has only dropped one testicle and isn't able to be gelded here.  He's becoming more difficult to handle and has been pushier with Legacy to the point where Legacy, when he sees me, says, "Let me out of here! This guy is nutso!"  LOL!  Yesterday, the farrier had a heck of a time with Baby Ray.  You'd have thought he was a wild mustang, bucking and kicking and just pushing his weight around!  Maybe we should have named him "Tank!"  He's built solid, like a tank!  Safety of the humans, and horses here, is paramount; and I spoke with Dr. Ryan again this morning, and we feel Baby Ray is definitely strong enough and ready to go to the hospital to have surgery to remove both testicles.

Both boys got their feet trimmed yesterday.  Baby Ray acted up so much that, once it was over and he was back in his paddock, he laid flat out and took a good long nap.  We were all exhausted!  Thirteen horses were done yesterday,  including little Kami!

The surgery will be done at Peterson & Smith.  He'll go in on Monday and, if all goes well, he will come home on Tuesday afternoon.  Surgery is going to cost an estimated $700 - $800.  We'll be looking for more items to go up on eBay to help with the cost.  While we were pretty much prepared for a routine gelding procedure, we aren't prepared for the cost of this surgery.  This really is a good time to do it, before it gets hot and the flies are in full force.  If anyone can help, it would be very much appreciated.  Credits can be called in to Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital directly at 352-237-6151 and tell them it is for Baby Ray's gelding procedure.  Or, donations to help can be snail-mailed to Beauty's Haven at PO Box 53, Morriston, FL 32668 or you can use PayPal (theresa@beautysequinerescue.org) or Google via our "Donate" webpage.  No amount is too small, and all donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!

I'm calling Dr. Ryan to come back out and pull blood on Legacy.  He's been looking like he's not feeling well for a couple of days.  His appetite is normal, he's eating and drinking, but something just isn't right.  He was very well behaved yesterday for his trim.

Thanks, everyone, have a blessed day!

03/16/10 I apologize I'm so long getting out yesterday's update.  I've got bronchitis and am having quite a hard time breathing and trying not to cough.  Tomorrow is a big day:  the farrier (Vince) will be here to do many of the horses, so I'm off to bed after this update.

Here is Dr. Ryan yesterday examining Reva.  She is a beautiful mare and much better (mentally) in such a short amount of time.  When we met her Saturday, she was so tense and looked ready to crawl out of her skin.  She did everything asked of her under tack even though she was in pain.  I had a feeling, a very strong feeling, that she was pregnant -- her breathing was labored and her ribs poked out, but her belly hung low and back.  I'm so glad she's here and won't have to worry about her own safety or that of her unborn baby.  She's glad to be here, I think, and seems to appreciate everything done for her.

Two of our volunteers, Haley and Jason, brought a present for little Evan:  his first very own halter.  He looks very handsome in it, too!  He's so cute -- we don't know what breed he is, but he appears to have some draft in him. He's got a very weak but cute whinny.

Evan was a good boy for Dr. Ryan, but he was nervous.  Reva was beside him the whole time.  His blood work came back last night, and it's about as bad as Baby Ray's was.  He is very weak, and we have to take it very slow with his worming and refeeding program.  Dr. Ryan helped to name Evan:  Evan Almighty!

Dr. Ryan checked Baby Ray's eyes but found nothing new.  He can't believe how much Baby Ray has filled out and how big and beautiful he is.  He did check him to see if he's dropped, and he is still retaining one testicle.  If he doesn't drop in the next few months, we'll take him into the hospital to see if they can find it and geld him.  But we'll give him more time first.

Here is Reva and her Evan Almighty.  They are really a sweet pair:  you can't help but to wonder how.  How could anyone go to sleep at night knowing their horses are hungry?  A pregnant mare and a baby, terribly neglected, how very sad.

Reva will always wear white scars down her back from years of working with ill fitting tack.  The day I met her, after watching her be ridden for a few minutes, I asked the person that was "test riding" Reva to take the saddle off; I could sense she was in much discomfort.  The rider seemed in shock that she was in such poor condition under the saddle and pad.  They had a tie down on her with a hackamore that pretty much pinned her position.  When I ran my finger down her spine and she got all bunched up and it was easy to see she was in pain.  I lifted her lip and found very sharp teeth and blisters and blood.  Her mouth is mess inside.  She has an appointment with Dr. Das (holistic vet) next Tuesday. We're waiting on Dr. Bess (dentist) to get back to us with a day when she can do her teeth.  Dr. Ryan looked at her teeth and thinks she's around 10 years old. Her mouth was so sore he didn't want to bother it for long.  Dr. Bess will be able to tell us.

Reva will never have to worry about being mistreated or going hungry again.  Neither of them will.  She will regain her dignity, and Evan will learn what it is all about.  Reva is a good role model for this little boy that has a whole life ahead of him if we can get him through the next few critical weeks.  And Reva is going to be a very good mom for her unborn baby.

Poor Evan looks like he is going to pop.  This is more then just worms you are seeing.  His tummy has excessive fluid buildup.  His body went without proper nutrients and protein for so long.  His immune system is very compromised.  It's a miracle he's alive.  Like Legacy, he must have a tremendous will for life.  He's far from being out the woods,but we have hope.

I find myself thinking about Zaynah quite often when I'm with Reva.  I did tell Reva and Evan all about Zaynah, and Nick, and many others.  She seems to listen and she talks back, in her own way, which I appreciate very much.


Little Kami loves to run the fence with Baby Ray and Legacy.  She's still a little spitfire!  People driving down the road stop to watch her play.  Yesterday someone stopped and took pictures of her running and playing.  She's a star!


Sarra is just a love -- she'll be getting her feet done tomorrow along with many others.



Legacy is getting taller and taller!



This is a picture that Lesley, one of our volunteers, took today after giving Ruby a good grooming.  Isn't she beautiful?  She is still on stall rest and adores every bit of attention she gets.

I'd like to ask for prayers for Granny Jewels:  she's having a hard time with her COPD.  Classy is doing better, which is such a relief.  She's out in the main paddock now, and Princess is getting more exercise trying to keep up with Classy!

Thanks, everyone, for caring about Reva and Evan and the yet to be born baby. We truly appreciate your donations, emails, calls, and prayers.  If you've emailed me and I haven't responded, I apologize -- I'm behind by many days. And being sick doesn't help.  I'd love to get well and feel good again.   started a Z-pack today, so hopefully by the end of the week I'll be much better. G od bless and have a great day tomorrow!



P.S. YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BE AUNTIES AND UNCLES IN 5 to 6 MONTHS!  Dr. Ryan has confirmed that Reva is pregnant.


03/14/10 The baby and mare had a good day today.  Thankfully, baby no longer has diarrhea; but he now has swelling in his hocks, which has me concerned.  Dr. Ryan will be coming out in the morning to do an exam, blood work, and to palpate the mare.  We are also planning to schedule an appointment for the mare with Dr. Das for a much needed chiropractic/acupuncture treatment.


You can tell he doesn't feel well.  His body is very weak.


And the mare wears scars.


I'm so glad she's here with him, and they'll never know anything but kindness and proper care for the rest of their lives.

We enjoyed our visit with Mich and Bernel today.  Thank you both so very much for coming out to the farm!

03/13/10 Last night I received a couple of emails from concerned people about an ad that was on Craig's List for a baby that was for sale for $100.  He looked very malnourished and depressed.  Well, today we bought him and brought him and his best friend to the rescue!  Welcome home, baby!  He appears to be about four months old, a really sweet little guy.  You can see in his eyes and the way he carries himself that he is weak, but there is also light in his eyes.  Where there is light, there is hope.  And we hold onto hope every minute of every day.

Under his very thick and unhealthy coat, he is extremely thin.  He doesn't stand upright, and he drags his legs/feet when he walks.  Like the mare, his hip bones poke out considerably; and you can put a finger between each rib.  He has no fat, no muscle mass.  He is loaded with rain rot.  He's also got diarrhea and will be monitored closely.

My biggest concern for him right now is colic from his condition and stress.  I hoped that bringing the mare would comfort him.  Like Baby Ray and Legacy, this little boy was on his own when only a few weeks old.  His body lacks nutrients that he should have gotten from his momma.  When I asked about her, I was told that she that she had been sick and wouldn't let him nurse. T e owner said he didn't know what happened to the baby's mom or if she is even alive -- he said he bought the baby almost three months ago.  So the baby may have been with his momma for about month before losing her or being taken away.

When I initially called about the baby, the man told me he also had a 5-year-old QH mare for sale for $300.  When we got there today, the first thing I noticed was an Arabian (not QH) mare being ridden around the yard, which is where the mare, baby, other several horses had lived.  This mare, the baby, and two minis are all that were left from the total of 15 horses.  The owners said they are moving to another state.  This mare has been the baby's friend and security blanket for the last three months, and I just couldn't leave her behind -- he'd already lost his momma.  We ended up paying $200 for her.

When we got there, the mare was being ridden by a man that had his two daughters with him.  He was riding the mare in a hackamore and tie down.  I could tell something wasn't right with the mare -- she wore a look of anxiety on her face, and her eyes emitted discomfort.  She was breathing heavily.  I asked the man if he'd looked at her without the saddle, and he hadn't.  When he took the saddle off, her condition was much more apparent.  Even if a horse looks under saddle it can be misleading:  the saddle and saddle pad can cover up how the horse really looks.  To get a better picture of the condition of the horse, the horse should be without saddle.  This mare is very thin -- you can put your finger between each rib.  But she is also has a low and wide belly, almost looking like she may be pregnant.  She has saddle sore scars around her withers and down her spine.  I ran a finger down her back and, when I got near her rump, she hunched up in discomfort.  We took off the tie down and she immediately started doing a strange thing with her nose and mouth, like something in her mouth was hurting.  She has very, very sharp teeth and blisters from the sharp points; and I have to assume the teeth in the back of her mouth are just as bad or worse.  She has a couple of scars on her face and around her ankle.  She appears sound, and she has good feet.  She has a chunk of flesh gone from the side of her mouth; the owner said she hurt it on the fencing.  Here you can see her low and wide belly.

It's going to be a long road to recovery for the baby.  His disposition and so much about him reminds me of Legacy when we first brought him home.  Like Legacy, when we picked him up, this baby walked right up into the trailer.  He is really too weak to offer any resistance, but he seemed relieved when the mare was also loaded.  I want to give both of them a day to settle in before stressing them with a vet exam.  But, if they appear to start to colic or be in distress, I'll have the vet out ASAP.  We'll have Dr. Ryan out on Monday to examine them and to palpate the mare.  She's a really sweet girl.  She was likely a hack horse and gave much in her life to humans.  It's time for humans to give back to her.  Once she has finished her rehab, she will make a lovely trail horse.  She is going to need treatments by Dr. Das, the holistic vet, but we'll schedule the first for next week or the week after.  Dr. Bess really needs to do her teeth, and we'll try to get her out next week.  After they settle in a couple of days, we'll deworm them -- slow and easy on everything.  Tomorrow we'll work on rain rot and just getting to know them.

To those that sent donations to help, thank you.  And God bless you all -- it's because of your support that it's possible for us to respond to situations such as this.  And I thank Diane for covering the rescue this morning so that Lynda (thank you Lynda!) and I could go to get the baby.  I was very glad I didn't have to go alone.  The 4-hour round trip really did my back and neck in, so I'm going to try to do chores a little early tonight and call it a day.  The winds are high but at least it isn't raining.  And I'm sure that tomorrow will be a good day. Barbara will be here, and Bernel is coming to visit and to meet Mo.  The 501(c)(3) organization she is in the process of establishing will likely adopt him; he will be used in their program to work with troubled kids. I f so, he will likely be going home next weekend.  Last night, sleep didn't come -- I was so worried about the baby.  Someday, I hope and pray, that he will be strong enough to go out and run and play with Baby Ray and Legacy.  Tonight I'll likely sleep some but will be up to check on the new arrivals every few hours.

Sarra is doing well -- she's such a sweet girl.  Kami got to go out for many hours today, so she is happy.  Classy got to go back into the main paddock today, so she is also happy.  And Princess is very happy to have Classy back!  Classy's feet are far from being good, but they are better and we are thankful.

Again, thank you all for your support and helping us to help those in need.

03/12/10 It was another busy and rainy day at the rescue; everything is soaked.  I had an eye appointment in Gainesville this morning that took a few hours; but Bernice (thanks so much, Bernice!) was here, and nobody even missed me!  Dr. Ryan came and examined Sarra, oiled her, and pulled a CBC.  She was a good girl and is just a love. She greets you at the gate and is a real talker!


Sarra absolutely loves human attention.  She got another good grooming this afternoon, and her hair came out in clumps -- she has so much rain rot.  And now that the temps are warmer, the flies were all over her.  We'll keep her brushed and sprayed and be treating her rain rot.

Ruby has seemed a bit down lately, and I thought letting her get out for a bit would help pick her up a bit.  Today Dr. Ryan said we could give Ruby some Ace and put her out in the round pen for a few minutes.  I did and she was a bit unsteady on her front right.  She didn't want to put weight on it and actually tucks her back legs up under her a lot to get the weight off her front legs.  She grazed for about 15 minutes and was ready to go back to her stall.  I sat with her the whole time.  I'm going to try to do this daily and see how she does (without the Ace).  She's been on stall rest for many months now.  She's such a love, a really sweet mare.

Baby Ray is looking more beautiful by the day if that is possible!  He and Legacy run and play and have a great time.  Yesterday, since it was raining, Baby Ray and Sunshine were around the barn -- I felt sorry for Sunshine standing in the rain watching Baby Ray at the front of the barn, so I let her in.  At a clear point in the day, Legacy was turned out with the both of them behind the barn.  They all got to running and we're really not sure what happened, but Legacy ran into the gate and bent it terribly -- better that the gate give than for the horse to be seriously hurt.  But now we do need to replace the gate.  Legacy was a bit sore today, but there was very little swelling.  Sunshine has mostly been out with the other horses for many days now and is doing great.  As hard as it may be (at least for me), it is time for Sunshine to move forward in finding a forever home.  She's been telling us for a few weeks now that she is ready to move on -- she's had enough of the boys pestering her.  I'm just a sucker for separating moms and babies, but we have to do what is in the best interest of the horse.  Sunshine is young and has a very good mind -- she will make someone a very nice horse.  She will be moved another paddock away from the boys this weekend and, if all goes well, next weekend she will leave to go to Jennifer's for training.  Her breeding days are over, and I'm so very thankful to her that she was willing to be there for Baby Ray, even though they'd been separated for almost two months, when we found her and brought her here.  She's been a good mom, and I know she's proud of her baby.  But it's time for her to have her own happy home and her own human.

And little Kami was SO happy to get out this afternoon to play!  She and her mom have been cooped up for two days now because of the weather.  She ran and played and had a blast.

Yippee!  We finally get out to play!  Watch me jump like a bunny, mommy!  Come on, let's go run so mommy Theresa can take pictures!

Kami absolutely loves it when someone watches her.  She will run and then stop to look at me to make sure I'm still watching or taking pictures.  Then she will run more.  When she plays with her ball, she'll stop and expect the same -- I'll clap and make a fuss, and she plays more.  People even stop in the road at times to watch her play.  She's just a cutie!

She's growing so fast; we treasure every moment with her.  Go Kami!  She ran through the barn and, when she came out the other side, she slid in the mud and scared me terribly -- but thankfully she got right up and kept going.  I checked her out and she was fine.  Being a "mommy" sometimes is unnerving!

We hope everyone has a great weekend.  We'll be busy cleaning up after the rain and storms; I probably won't post another update before Sunday.  More heavy storms came through tonight.  Everything is a soaking mess.  But all of the horses are tucked in and safe. They all have hay and are happy.

Oh, Heart ran around a lot this evening.  Not sure why; seemed he had a big burst of energy.  Maybe he was very thankful for the break between storms, too. But when he moved out, he was just beautiful, like he was running on air!  He's a very vocal horse, too -- another sweetie!

03/11/10 How do you all like my new halter from Auntie Margie?  Don't I look beautiful?? And look at how big I'm getting!


Oh, mommy Theresa, I think it's a little big!  Can you make it fit better?


After a few adjustments it was all great, but I'm not sure she cares to wear it.  She just wants to show it off along with her prissy self -- she's a cutie and she knows it!  It's hard to believe she's a month old already!

03/11/10 The filly has settled in nicely; she's a sweet little girl.  She's got a weak but very cute little whinny.  We've received enough in donations to get her vetted and oiled -- she's full of sand, and the farrier will be out next Wednesday if not before.

This is her hip bone sticking out.  How does anyone go to sleep at night knowing their animals are starving????

How did she feel after her bath?  A little frisky:  she actually scared me during her one and only sprint, but she stayed up.

We've named her Sarra, which means "My Princess."

It was tough yesterday talking with AC on this case -- the same officer who worked Tonka's case worked this case -- lots of memories came flooding back. They say time heals, well; I'm not too sure about that in all cases.  Tonka was heavy in my dreams last night.  I can't help but wonder how many others there are like Tonka and this little girl that we don't know about out there that don't have a chance.  I thank God this little filly is here and has been given a chance to start her life over again.  Thank you all for caring about her.

03/10/10 We had a visitor late yesterday; Dr. Ryan sent her to us.  She wanted to know if we could help a soon to be 3-year-old filly that is in a very bad way that belonged to someone she knows.  The filly's owner has been having personal issues, and the filly has not been properly cared for.  AC had been out and was going to seize the horse unless the owner could find a good place for her to go ASAP.  Having AC seize the horse would not have been a good thing.

The filly arrived this afternoon, and we had to give her a good bath; she was absolutely filthy!  She's emaciated -- maybe a 1.5 on the Henneke scale.  She has a thick but unhealthy coat, much rain rot, her feet have been neglected, she has swelling in her left jaw, and her tail was full of poop.  She has a very sweet disposition.  She's a little weak but, with proper care and time, I think she'll be OK.

We need angels to help with her initial care:  vetting, the farrier and the dentist, as well as monthly sponsors.  Would anyone like to help us to help her?  Any amount will help -- she's a sweetheart and didn't deserve this.  I don't know why people don't reach out for help before it gets to this.  In this case, the owner only did something because AC got involved.  Just think of the many we don't know about that don't get help.  At least this filly has been given the chance to start her life over again thanks to a caring person that got involved.

The filly looks so sad.

03/09/10 If you have just over two minutes to spare, our little Kami would like to share her ball with you!


03/07/10 Here are Casper and Sunshine today.  Poor Casper can't decide if he should stay near Granny Jewels or Sunshine, so he goes back and forth!


LadyBug has been off in her front right.  Ola came by and I asked her to check it out.  She didn't find anything, no obvious abscess or anything.  She took a little toe off and that seemed to help some.  The weather was so nice, I asked my daughter, Katie, to hop on LadyBug just a bit.  She has the kindest disposition you could ask for.  We tried to get a prosthetic ear for her, but there simply was no good way to attach it.  Even with one ear, isn't she just beautiful?


When Katie got the bridle out, LadyBug dropped her head and let Katie put it on without hesitation.  Katie hopped up, and off they went -- just at a walk.  LadyBug seemed to enjoy their short but nice ride.  She's on a die:  she's put on too much weight!  Dr. Ryan says she isn't pregnant, but she sure has a belly on her!


PEEK A BOO!!!  I bet you can't find me. mommy!


I tried to take video of Kami today, but she was like a shadow:  I'd walk away over and over, and she'd be right there at my feet.  I'll have to try it first thing in the morning when she goes out.  Then she has lots of stored up energy to burn off and is all over the place!


Come back here, Mommy Theresa, we're still playing peek-a-boo! How can I hide if you keep walking all over the place and I have to keep chasing you? That's more like playing tag, isn't it, except that you're always it -- 'cause I like to chase you!


I received an email tonight from Barbi:  Summer settled right in and is very comfortable.  She's next to her friend Lightening and, when Barbi arrived to visit with her today, she went right over to her.  I'm so relieved that she is comfortable and in a much safer place.

We have two new items on EBay:  Painted Ponies!  All of the funds will be used toward feed, hay, or vetting.



For those of you that know me, you know I have a hard time asking for anything.  I'm trying to get better at this:  I have to because of what we do! We are a non-profit organization that operates totally from donations made by the public.  We don't have any paid staff -- nope, not even me or my family -- we are all volunteer.  It's truly uncomfortable for me to keep asking for help but I must:  we're running short on hay for the lower paddocks.  A ton of O&A (three 700 lb compressed ˝ pasture bales) is $300, and they would last a week.  If anyone would like to call in any amount of a credit to the hay store to help, the number (Larson's Hay) is 352-867-8333.  We're also low on grain;  credit for this can be called in to Sanders Farms at 873-8660.  Grain is about $16 (average) per bag; we go through almost two bags a day.  We have enough hay cubes and beet pulp for a few days.  If anyone does call in a credit, please send me an email so I'll know who to send a tax receipt to. Thanks so much!

Oh, on the hooficures.  We have the initial 10 covered and two more (from a donation received yesterday), so that put us down to eight for the upcoming week but of those, three are already sponsored.  So we're down to needing angels for five.

We appreciate everyone's support -- very much -- have a blessed week!

03/06/10 Hello out there!  It's me, Layla!  Someone send some warmer weather to Florida -- we don't want to wear our blankets anymore!



It's a ball, Layla, remember?  Like the red and white one we used to have when Buttercup and Silver Belle were here.  Go ahead, you go first.



We had visitors yesterday and the horses loved the extra attention and carrots!


Classy loved her extra scratches so much!  She seems to be doing a little better.  We're still praying for her!



Oh, the sweet smell and taste of carrots!



Casper is a 41-year-young pony.  He's got eyes on Sunshine now that she is in the main paddock -- he even wanders away from Granny when Sunshine is around.


Summer loaded right up yesterday -- she was ready to go!  We told her she was going home to her friend, Lightening.



Here are the boys napping in the warm sunshine today.  Sunshine was out in the main paddock trying to get the attention of the stud across the street.



And little precious Kami, also napping.  She loves to run and play.  She gets the boys going or they get her going, and it's all mayhem!


Princess is doing well -- she's a very sweet girl.  She's never very far away from Classy.


And here are Doc and his Valentine.  alentine has been doing better these past few weeks.  She's out and about more and now, and then she's been seen to run across the yard back to Magic when he calls.  She usually hangs out near his house.


Jake is also doing well.  He and Mo like to play gelding games over the fence. Jake has been wearing a special wrap on his front left foot and it seems to be helping a lot - he's been much more active.


And then there's Meagan:  she loves to roll like the horses.


She got a good bath after this!

The farrier postponed until next week -- 8 out of 10 hooficures that were scheduled have been covered.  Our other farrier will be out on the 17th for 10 more horses at $35 each.  If anyone is interested in angeling a hooficure, they're $35 each; but any amount would help and be very much appreciated. With 30+ horses here, it adds up quickly!

We hope everyone has a nice weekend.

03/02/10 I can't believe it's March already!  My daughter and I will be another year older in just a few weeks -- Katie will be 16! Where did the years go?

It's been so busy here. We had another storm through the night and very high winds all day today.  I kept check of the fencing and prayed the bracing would hold, and it has so far.

Dr. Ryan was out yesterday to lance a hematoma that Chloe developed from a kick in the chest from Velvet a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, Chloe had on her blanket or it could have been much worse.  The injury improved at first, and Dr. Ryan wanted to just let it be. And it did go down in size but, a few days ago, it started to swell more again; so I called Dr. Ryan and he came out and looked at it again.

He decided to go ahead and lance it.

It drained quite a bit but had very little bleeding.  Chloe was a very good girl about it.  She stayed in the barn last night but went out today.  This morning it looked better, and she said she'd had enough of being inside.

Captain and Heart are so cute together.  Yesterday, Heart was standing at the gate looking like he wanted to go out to explore around the house; and he mumbled about it a bit so we let him out. Ten minutes later he was right back at the gate mumbling to get back in his paddock with Captain!  They are so good for each other.  Here they are sporting their matching thinner blankets. They have thick blankets for the cold nights, but they are heavy.  They like the lighter blankets during the days.  We don't spoil the horses, nope, not at all!

And here is Classy lying in her favorite spot around the barn with Princess next to her in the main paddock.  She seemed to have another semi-good day today.  She has been started on another supplement for her feet.  We continue to pray that she improves.  We had a family contact us yesterday that was so excited to read about her on the website as they were looking for a horse for a little girl.  I was sad to have to tell them that she currently isn't available for adoption due to her health issues.  I would love for Classy to have her own little girl to dote on her.  I'd love the same for Princess.  Perhaps someday they will find a home together!

Little Kami just loves to strut and pose for pictures!  She's a hoot!  Each morning when I peek in her stall, she looks like she's grown another 2 inches in the matter of just a few hours!  She and Haley weren't too happy today -- they had to stay in most of the day -- the winds were so strong they would have blown her away!

Have a wonderful night, everyone!  Oh, and Summer will be leaving for her forever home on Friday!


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