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This page last updated:  Monday, November 15, 2010

, a 9-year-old Arabian, arrived in March 2007.  You can tell he has a huge heart and is longing to trust humans again.

Sadly, Magic has been abused mentally and physically.  Beaten with a 2 x 4, used in the Mexican sport of "horse tripping," and used as a teaser stallion, he's had a very hard life.  Now that he's here, safe, his life will begin again.  He'll learn to know kindness and love, and he'll never know an unkind hand again.

He arrived with lumps, bumps, bruises, scars, and what appear to be rope burns.  But he is very much alive and vibrant at times.  At other times he retreats into his own world and looks very sad.  He will need quite a bit of time to learn to trust humans again, but we will work with him as long as it takes. 

Magic, a.k.a. "Sahir Pegasus"

Magic is quite the horse - I wish I could read his mind!  I do enjoy working with him, and he usually greets me with a loud whinny.  It's awesome when he stands tall and proud and lets out a huge whinny - the whole neighborhood stops and listens!  He wants to trust.  It's sad what has been done to him by humans.  His mental scars go very deep!

Click here to visit Magic's page where you can keep up with him and how he is progressing.


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