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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
2009 - 2010 Winter Hay Fundraiser

With many thanks to Kim McElroy’s Spirit of Horse Gallery,

we proudly present to you this set of 3 beautifully inspired prints
from The Expressions Series.

 “A strange stillness dwells in the eye of the horse…
a composure that appears to regard the world
from a measured distance…
It is a gaze from the depths of a dream.”
                         -    Hans-Heinrich Isenbart

 The eyes of horses reveal so much about their inner thoughts, as well as
reflecting their outer world.  In these paintings, Kim carefully chose titles
that conveyed her interpretation of the different expressions of the horses.
The titles often have two meanings, both conveying where their eye
is focusing as well as how they are feeling.

 The prints are 5” x 5”, with the image size of 4” x 4”.

 These 3 beautiful prints are lithographic reproductions of
the original pastel paintings, printed using archival lithographic
inks.  When you visit Kim’s website, you will notice that
this size in no longer available, which makes this set very unique!

Each set of 3 prints is just $39.50, and includes shipping. 


A lifelong horse lover, Kim McElroy portrays the inspiring emotional, spiritual, and dynamic presence of these magnificent creatures.  At times she portrays horses as ethereal spirits, symbolically blended with the forces of nature, while her more realistic portraits capture the emotional impressions these beings inspire in those who admire them.

 Her intuitive  understanding of the true nature of horses allows her to express the horse’s entire being rather than just a likeness.  Through her incredible mastery of pastels, and her talent in writing about her artistic insights, Kim McElroy conveys the power and beauty of the horse’s form…yet more than that, she offers us a timeless glimpse of its soul.

 To learn more about the beautiful and insightful artwork of Kim McElroy,
please visit www.spiritofhorse.com .
You may also wish to become a member of her Weekly E-Inspirations.

Order via snail mail:  PO Box 53, Morriston, FL  32668
or you may send payment via PayPal to:  theresa@beautysequinerescue.org.

Again, we would like to thank Kim for her thoughtful and generous
donation to help the horses at Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.



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