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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010


(June 2010)
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06/29/10 We hope everyone's week is going well.  Things have been very busy here, as usual!  I apologize for just getting an update out.

Some really good news:  Dr. Ryan was able to band Armani's hernia, and the leg injury is doing awesome!  He's a very sweet boy and is getting used to human touch.  We were very concerned about infection in the leg injury, but Dr. Ryan says we've done a good job treating it; it is healing nicely.  Armani will remain on antibiotics for a few days and we'll be checking his banding.  If it weren't for the broken bone in my foot and needing more help here onsite, I'd try to keep Armani until a forever home could be found.  But I can't do much with the horses due to my foot, and it's going to take many weeks to heal.  While I would love to keep all of them forever, we just can't; we wouldn't have any room for the next baby or other horses that may desperately need our help.  We have kind offers from a couple of other rescue organizations to take Armani, but we wanted to get him here (we were the closest to him) and treated before putting him on a trailer ride for an hour or two.  We'll make sure he's all healed before he goes anywhere.  Actually, I think we may have an adoption application for him -- I'll go through my emails tomorrow.  I have many emails in my inbox, believe me -- many!!!

This is Armani sharing the shade of the tree with Reva; he is a very tall boy. Baby Ray and Legacy are napping in the background.

Captain and Nuvita enjoy each other's company.  Heart is now in the main paddock, just across the fence from Captain.  He got to feeling so good he'd try to run Captain off his feed, so we had to move him out of Captain's paddock.

Nuvita continues to amaze us. Two of the three wounds on her face are healing nicely. The third one, which is closest to the middle of her face, still looks bad. We don't see swelling going down like we did the first week or so after she arrived, but she is stronger and brighter.  She even runs across the paddock at times with her tail held up in the air -- she seems very proud to be able to do this, and she holds her head high -- this is something that I'm not sure she thought she'd ever be able to do again -- we're so very proud of her.  Seeing it made me feel awesome; it was a reminder to me of why we do what we do.  She seems comfortable, and we're very thankful to have this time with her. We're still working on building her immune system and getting some weight on her.  Dr. Porter wants to do chemo injections versus implanting the beads to cause her less trauma.  No matter how much time she has left with us, I will always remember her running proudly; and I will remember her love for life and strength to go on, the light in her eyes.  Thank you to everyone that has helped us to help her.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Kami, Haley, and Val share a paddock now.  Kami has been bleached by the sun -- many of the horses have.  I miss having Kami at the barn, but when we brought Armani in we had to move her and her mom out of the barn area.  Haley was supposed to go to her new home a couple of weeks ago, but her respiration was up that day and it was so hot.  We decided to wait -- I didn't want her to be stressed on top of that due to being separated from Kami.  I don't do well at separating babies and moms.  Haley will be going to live with Rusty soon, and their human family has offered to take Kami, too, for a period of time, perhaps until the summer is over.  They have lots of shade there, which I know the girls would enjoy.  We'll figure out something soon.

I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor today to review some test results. While I am very thankful there is no new tumor growth or any additional herniated disks, I do have some things to work on; and I will be starting physical therapy a couple times a week.  For those that don�'t know, I am an incomplete quadriplegic; and I have no feeling or sensation from my neck down. Well, I can't feel things externally, but I do feel pain internally -- I feel pain from the broken bone in my foot and until, it is better, I am not able to do much at the barn.  Jenny went back home to Puerto Rico today, and we're short on volunteers for the next few weeks.  If anyone knows of any organization that would grant funds in a situation such as ours (we need to pay someone that is experienced handling horses to come in for about three hours each day to help until I can go back to work), please let me know.  My daughter is home for the summer, but she can't handle a couple of the horses; and I'd never put her or anyone else at risk for injury.  The farrier is coming on Thursday, and I'm going to have to pay a local handler to come in for this to bring up and return horses to their paddock -- there will be at least 10 horses being done -- it's a lot of work.

Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great week!

06/28/10 It was another busy weekend:  we picked up the TB baby and he is doing OK. We named him Armani.  He's very elegant and sweet.  He had little handling before coming here but is getting used to human hands.  Dr. Ryan plans to be out late this afternoon.


We've named the Arabian gelding that we brought in last week Sayan; it means "little king" (it's pronounced "cyan.")  He's doing very well and is quite the character!  He seems pretty happy and content.  Hopefully Dr. Bess will be out later this week to take care of his teeth. He did very well for his first trim.


Nuvita is still doing better by the day.  Friday evening she even ran across the paddock with her tail held high and proud!  She and Captain are now pasture buddies.  It's really cute:  she stands over him when he naps.  We just had two windows installed in their shelter to allow a breeze to come through.  The temps have been horrible.

We still need help with 7 out of 10 hooficures that will be done on Thursday. Each is $35.  Any amount would be appreciated, and all donations are tax-deductible and very much appreciated.

We hope everyone has a wonderful week!

What a sweet boy this Arabian gelding is!  He needs to gain a couple hundred pounds, but he has bright and beautiful eyes and a very warm and kind disposition.


The dark spots are dried blood:  the flies have been feeding off all of his legs terribly.


He seemed to enjoy his bath -- he's pretty handsome!

His feet and teeth have been neglected for a long time.  One of our farriers will be here tomorrow to trim him and Nuvita.  We don't have a name for him yet, we'll give him a few days to show us his personality -- a name will come.  To those that have donated to help with his care, thank you, very much.

We have another big farrier day coming up on July 1st:  10 horses at $35 each. Three hooficures are already covered by angel sponsorships, but we need help with 7 other hooficures -- would anyone like to help (total of $245 needed)?  No amount is too small, and all donations are tax-deductible and very much appreciated.

Please don't forget about our tile and personal portrait fundraisers! http://beautysequinerescue.org/events.htm

We are wading through emails and phone calls about the Arabians that need homes.  We have had an overwhelming response to helping these horses, which is awesome.  We have pending applications on Natasha, Rose, and Dude. Dajavu has likely found a home, and Dakota has found a home.  If you've called or emailed and we haven't responded, we will -- we appreciate your patience.

(early PM)
We've been so busy with the Arabians and many other things that I haven't had a chance to update until now -- this is going to be short, but I'll try to give a more detailed report later.

We are picking up the Arabian gelding today that has been living with cows for a long, long time.  He really needed to get out of where he was, and even though someone has been going to check on him and give him a little grain twice a day he's not gaining weight and isn't looking very good.  I just couldn't get him off my mind last night and felt our attention needed to be turned today to getting him here ASAP.

Please, if you can help, we need monthly sponsors for the Arabian gelding.  The first $300 needed for vetting, dental, feet has been donated; and we've received pledges to help totaling about $90 a month, not half of what is needed.  I'll provide more pictures tonight.

Nuvita is doing better each day.  Yesterday Dr. Das worked on her and said she definitely felt Nuvita had more energy and interest.  Nuvita now greets us at the gate and is becoming a talker.  Her whinny may be weak, but it is beautiful.  We have received some pledges for her cancer treatment with beads, but I haven't had a chance to total them up yet -- I've been super busy working on the Arabians that need homes.  I'm being pulled in quite a number of directions and am doing the best I can.  I appreciate all the interest and emails I've received on the Arabians; I am trying to get to the emails and phone calls as I can.

Dakota is doing great!  Her potential new human mom made a trip up late yesterday to visit with her, and they hit it off!  As soon as the Adoption Application is processed and we get her some vetting, she has a wonderful home to go to -- likely early next week.  This was a perfect match!

Thanks, everyone, for all your support; I have to go -- the Arabian gelding should be here in minute now.

06/18/10 We hope everyone had a great week.  It's been busy here, but I wanted to share an update on some of the horses.

Reva's baby is still keeping us waiting.  She's got a pretty good bag on her but no milk to run a test strip on yet.  Haley is still here -- the temps have just been so high and the humidity just horrible.  The day Haley was to leave, her respiration was up and I just didn't want to put her on a trailer for a hot trip, even if it is only about an hour away.  We haven't rescheduled her departure yet.

Kami is still a little Miss Priss.  She's cute as a button and just full of herself -- she makes everyone smile!

Nuvita is dealing with two main issues:  an infectious inflammatory process which has lingered, untreated, for a very long time.  And the second issue is that the biopsy was conclusive for squamous cell carcinoma.  It wasn't the news we'd hoped for, but we knew it was a possibility.  We regrouped with our caretaker team of professionals, including Dr. Porter from the University of Florida; and we have a planned course of action. 

The progress that Nuvita has made since she arrived here and has been receiving proper care is remarkable.  She has a will that is very, very strong; I know it may sound strange but, when you are with her, you can just feel her energy.  She has light in her eyes along with strong determination.  We have started her on an additional antibiotic; we are going to aggressively treat the infection over the course of the next couple of weeks and continue holistic treatment.  Hopefully during this time her body and immune system will become stronger.

We will then reassess her progress and, if we feel she is a good candidate for it, Dr. Porter will come to the rescue to insert cisplatin beads, a form of chemotherapy.  Dr. Porter is going to get back to us early next week with a cost for this procedure; we're anticipating it will run at least $2000.  At this time, pledges for this treatment would be greatly appreciated.  This mare has survived an incredible amount of neglect and abuse.  She is a survivor, and we want to give her a chance if she is up for it.  If it is determined, after giving her some time, that her condition is not improved and that living a good quality of life is unachievable, we will help her cross.  But we will find comfort in knowing that we did everything possible to give her a chance, that she knew proper care and lots of love for her last few weeks of life, and that she will never again know neglect abuse on the other side of the Bridge.  God bless this little mare:  she is truly an inspiration for me.  We've proved in the past that there is strength in prayer; please keep Nuvita, and her recovery, in your prayers.

You can see that the swelling has decreased as has the amount of drainage from her nose.  The pink goo is SWAT to help keep flies away.  I asked her to smile for the camera today, and here's what I got:



Anastasia went to her new home today and seemed very pleased to see Doc and Velvet again -- and she loves having trees!  Once she has had some time to settle into her new home, her training program will begin.  It's absolutely a wonderful and warm feeling to know that these three horses have it made!  Their new human family adores them, and we are very grateful to them.

The weather has been super hot and humid -- the horses love the sprinklers! Legacy has grown strong and is just a wonderful boy -- we are very proud of him.  As hard as it will be, there will be a day when he will leave for his forever home:  he is now available for adoption.  Here's Legacy hogging one of the sprinklers.  This sprinkler is mine '' it's ALL mine!  Baby Ray, you go use the other one!

I have to sort through some emails to figure out where we are with sponsorships for the Arabian gelding that has been neglected and living with a herd of cows for quite a long time.  We'd like to bring him in next weekend if we can raise enough support for his monthly care.  I'll try to figure out where we are with sponsors and update on him tomorrow evening.

We hope everyone has a really great weekend -- have fun but stay safe! Thanks, everyone, for your support!

06/15/10 Dr. Das worked on Nuvita this afternoon.  She agrees that this mare is just precious and has a tremendous will to live.  She pulled blood on her to run a full chemistry panel. We should have these results back on Thursday.

Nuvita was sore all over but more so on her right side.  She got "the works" today from Dr. Das and seemed to truly appreciate the TLC.  She's been started on some TCM and other supplements.


When giving her a bath a couple of days ago, I found something odd -- perhaps someone has seen something like this before?  I was washing her underbelly and noticed an old injury between her teats.  It looks like a long clean cut that didn't get sewn up.  Dr. Das and Dr. Bess looked at it, and neither has ever seen anything like it before.  Any ideas, anyone?

While we know Nuvita has a long way to go, and that she may have cancer, we are staying optimistic and saying prayers as we wait for the biopsy results.  Once we get the results, we'll regroup with our care team and define what our course should be.  In the meantime, we hope the antibiotics take care of the infection; and we'll keep her comfortable.  It's good to see the look on her face as she actually grinds up the food she eats, like it's almost too good to be true! Next on her "fix it" list will be a trim in the next few days.  We truly appreciate donations to help Nuvita:  thank you all, very much. Good thoughts and prayers are also very much appreciated.

Tomorrow will be another very busy day here.  Bud will be leaving for a foster home where he won't have so much grass to eat (he's huge!), and he'll get some much needed time under saddle.  Haley will be going to live with Rusty, Kami's daddy.  Reva's baby should be making an appearance soon -- we hope!

Please don't forget about the Arabian gelding we're trying to help.  He's been neglected for a long time and has been living with a herd of cows.  I've only seen pictures of him, but he looks pretty thin, wormy, and tired.  We have the first $300 needed to bring him here, but now we need angels/sponsors to help cover his monthly expenses once he arrives for at least 5 months (a total of $200 per month).  Just 20 people donating $10 per month would make this possible.

"Please, won't you help me to a better life?"

God bless and have a good night, everyone -- we appreciate you all!

Dr. Bess was able to provide a lot of relief to Nuvita today!  She was pretty amazed at how bright Nuvita is despite her issues.  In X-rays a couple of days ago, we saw that Nuvita's upper mouth had sustained trauma.  One top tooth was missing while one beside it was crooked.  A tooth on the bottom of her mouth, because it met no resistance from a top tooth, kept growing upward and actually punctured her top gum line where the top tooth should have been rooted.  The bottom tooth has been packing food and whatever else into her upper gum, causing infection.  Based on the length of the bottom tooth growing into the top toothless area, Dr. Bess says Nuvita's problems go back at least a couple of years!  Dr. Bess ground down the lower tooth and cleaned out the upper cavity.

Nuvita certainly seemed to understand that Dr. Bess was here to help her today. Dr. Bess agrees with Dr. Ryan:  this lovely mare has a huge will to live!  It was really awesome to see Nuvita actually grinding her food later in the day when she ate, and she seemed very pleased.  There was little motion to her chewing before Dr. Bess -- we're so happy for Nuvita!

Dr. Bess and Dr. Ryan spoke after Dr. Bess was done working on Nuvita to discuss our course of action.  We're going to give Nuvita time for the antibiotics to work and the hole in her upper mouth to heal now that the bottom tooth isn't poking it.  t may be necessary for Dr. Bess to go back in to do more work on the area of missing tooth (with Dr. Ryan's help) -- only time will tell.  Nuvita seems more content tonight; it may very well be the best she's felt in years!

Tomorrow Dr. Das will be here to treat Nuvita.  While she's come a long way in a short time, Nuvita has a very long road of recovery ahead of her.  We will continue to pray that the biopsy results are good.  Many thanks to everyone sending her good thoughts, prayers, and donations.  I'll try to update again tomorrow after Dr. Das leaves.

Champagne and Anastasia have made friends. Anastasia will be going to her new home on Friday.

Her new name is Nuvita, which is a twist on the Spanish words for "new life." We just gave her a bath, and her face is looking a bit better.  A new drain hole has opened up, and the swelling looks a tiny bit better.  Fortunately, the swelling around her eye has gone down.  Dr. Bess will be here soon -- not sure she can do a whole bunch, but we'll see.

Nuvita is a beautiful TWH mare that needs prayers and good thoughts.  She has a very long road to recovery but we have faith, she has the will and love for life, we have an awesome team of professionals helping her, and there are many people sending her good thoughts and prayers.  Put all of this together and hopefully the end result will be a mare that continues to thrive and will be able to live a good life.

Here she is getting a bath.  The picture below this one may be considered graphic, but it shows how really nice the wounds are healing.

You can see the new drain hole that opened up between the two larger areas.

Iíll update again tonight. Have a great day everyone!

06/13/10 Our latest arrival, Angel, had a pretty comfortable weekend.  She got hosed down, cleaned up, and her wounds were tended to.  She takes her medications without complaining and is becoming more trusting of humans.  We're still trying to think of a fitting name for her now that her life has begun again -- it will come.  She's such a sweet girl with lots of love and life in her beautiful eyes. We hope to have Dr. Das work on her this week.  Dr. Das is going to be a key player in her road to recovery.

Warning:  the picture below this one may be considered graphic.

I'm still trying to figure out how anyone could go to sleep at night with a horse in their care needing help like this mare did and doing nothing -- this mare has lived with this condition for a long, long time.  This was how she looked the day we brought her to the rescue.  Can you imagine the pressure and pain?  She is at least comfortable now; she is getting antibiotics and pain medication.  We are also being treated for ulcers, and we're working on strengthening her immune system.  She did a short sprint today, tail held high and proud; she has a lovely whinny.


Some really good news:  we're pleased to announce that Anastasia has been adopted!  She is leaving for her new home on Friday; she is going to live with Velvet and Doc!  We visited with Velvet and Doc today, and they look absolutely great -- and very happy!  Congratulations, Anastasia, and many thanks to RC and Ruth!

Dani says she and her volunteers have been working with Evan and Jedediah, and that they are both smart boys -- we're so proud of them!  They are doing well and have settled in at Dani's just fine.  She'll be sending me pictures that I'll make sure to share.  Here are the boys playing the day before Dani picked them up.

Jedediah was the more playful of the two.  We miss them and their antics! Jedediah was still shedding out his baby fur.  We couldn't keep a halter on Jedediah; Evan would always take it off of him.

Reva is still very much pregnant:  she so looks ready to pop!  Haley will be leaving this week to go to live with Rusty.  Kami is as prissy as ever.  She wants to go into the boys paddock to run and play with them, but she's just too little.  She'll have to stick to running the fence line with them.

Following Anastasia's departure, we hope to be able to bring in the 15-year-old Arabian gelding that has been living with a herd of cows for a very long time; but we need help from others to do this.  His needs have been terribly neglected -- he's going to need vetting, coggins, farrier, and dental work.  We initially need his first month's expenses covered ($300), and he needs monthly sponsors/angels.  If anyone would like to help us to help him, please LMK.  As soon as we have sponsorship, we'll make arrangements to bring him in.

Champagne is doing great:  she's now acting like a four year old running, bucking, and playing.  She is going to be very beautiful once she fills out.  She is gaining weight and toning up.

We hope everyone had a great weekend and that your upcoming week is full of blessings.  Thanks, everyone: I'll try to update again tomorrow.

11:00 PM
I apologize for not getting an update out earlier about Angel.  Dr. Ryan ran later today than expected, but X-rays were taken and there were no fractures.  There is a top tooth missing, and the teeth next to it are a bit out of place; her issues may have stemmed from an infection many, many months ago -- possibly as long as a year ago.  The X-rays did show an abscess or possibly a tumor, so a biopsy was done.  It will take 10 to 12 days to get the results back.  We've seen an improvement in Angel in the short time she's been here.  She held her head higher today and even trotted a bit.  She's beautiful and has a very sweet disposition.




Several X-rays were taken.



A biopsy was taken.


Angel is comfortable and seems at ease.  She is getting antibiotics and pain medication.  Her appetite is great, and she is drinking water.  Her temperature is within normal limits.  Her heart rate was elevated slightly today, but the "feels like" temp was over 100 -- it was very hot and humid.  Her poop is normal and regular now.  She no longer sounds like Darth Vader; her breathing is less labored, which is a very good thing.  While we wait for the biopsy results we will try to get Dr. Das (holistic vet) out to work on Angel.  Dr. Das works wonders.

We truly appreciate the donations, good thoughts, emails, and prayers.  Angel's will to live, obvious love for life, and the light in her eyes gives us hope.  She has suffered for a long time, and now it's her time -- time to get proper care and to know love.  How anyone could ignore her needs, and for such an extended period of time, I will never, ever understand -- it truly was cruel and inhumane. But that is in her past; she is just where she needs to be right now, and we will forever be grateful to the concerned person that DID something when seeing an ill horse in a paddock and realized nobody was doing anything to help the horse.

Dr. Ryan stated today, "She's a really tough mare with a huge will to live."  Then he looked around, smiled, and commented on how we really do experience miracles here.  Baby Ray and Legacy were running around playing, Casper was trying to keep up with the boys, Captain was lounging in the sand, Aaleyah Belle was running and playing with Amadeus -- the proof of miracles is all around us -- we have been very blessed.  While Angel has a long road ahead of her, and we pray for good results in the biopsy, we will keep the faith and continue to keep her comfortable -- we will appreciate our time with her.

Legacy and Baby Ray running and playing.  Casper could barely keep up with them!  He loves these boys and watches over them.

Please continue to keep Angel in your prayers.  Also, one of our Chihuahuas, Taco, is working through a seizure -- he could use prayers, too.  God bless, and I'll update again tomorrow.  Thank all of you for helping us to help the horses.

06/10/10 The TWH/Arabian cross mare has settled into the quarantine paddock.  You know, I truly believe God watches over us and has a hand in much of what we do -- had we got a call about this mare just a few days ago, we wouldn't have been able to help as the boys were living in the quarantine paddock.  They left on Monday, and we got the call about her last night.  It would have broken my heart to have turned this mare away.  She's been in a bad way for several weeks now; her name is Angel.

After we got her here today, I gave her prescribed medications; and she was very good about it.  It's obvious that she doesn't feel well and that is understandable as she's had this injury for over two months.  It went untreated all this time until this past Friday, when a caring human was able to take possession of Angel and start her on Penicillin.  I can't thank this person enough for getting involved and for calling us for help when realizing the mare needed care that she wasn't able to provide.  We won't know more until tomorrow when Dr. Ryan comes out with the X-ray machine.  Upon examining the injury this morning, he felt there may be a fracture (from blunt trauma) with bone chips and infection.  It also could possibly be cancer (I truly detest this word), but he feels it's more of an injury that went untreated.  Either way, I don't think it's good; but we hold onto hope that we'll be able to help her.

WARNING:  Pictures below the first two images
may be considered graphic by some.

She's pretty thin and has a "catch" in her left hip.

We cleaned the injury up and Angel tolerated it well.  She is having a tough time breathing and sounds like Darth Vader.

Can you imagine the pain and discomfort Angel has been dealing with?  How could the owner go to sleep at night knowing this horse was in obvious pain and nothing was being done to help her??  I just can't imagine!  Again, I'm very thankful to the person that did get Angel away from her previous owner and then called us to help.  There is another horse where Angel came from and that horse, while not displaying any injury, is very thin also.

Angel is as sweet as can be but leery of humans -- it's hard to tell what she's been through.  I am very concerned that she hasn't passed any poop all day.  I first saw her 12 hours ago and there has been no poop since then.  So, tonight we pray for poop, a peaceful night, and good results tomorrow when the X-rays are done.  I'll update tomorrow after Dr. Ryan leaves.  I think I overdid it a bit today with the broken bone in my foot -- it's reminding me all after that it's still trying to mend and it hurts!  But I have no right to complain; I'm sure what I'm feeling is not even close to what Angel is feeling.  I truly hope and pray we will be able to help her.

If anyone would like to help with Angel's vet bill, credits can be called in to Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.  Donations can also be made via various methods through our website at:  http://beautysequinerescue.org/donate.htm.
No amount is too small -- all donations are tax-deductible. Thank you, all; please keep Angel in your prayers.

06/09/10 I hope everyone is having a good week.  I wanted to get an update out before calling it a day -- tomorrow is going to be busy.  The boys have settled into Dani's and are doing well.  We miss them terribly!  The adoption for Champagne fell through so she is still looking for a home, and we are still looking for a safe haven for the 15-year-old Arabian gelding that has been living with cows for quite a while.  We have a few nice horses here ready for adoption -- spread the word -- maybe you can help find them a good forever home!

The vet went out yesterday to examine the Paint colt and it wasn't good news. He has a developmental orthopedic disorder.  His growth plates don't line up correctly, one leg is significantly shorter then the other, he's stiff in his movements and not able to flex at the knee -- he has advanced arthritis. Sadly, it was determined that the most humane to do was to help this baby cross.  The only good that I can get out of this is that he will no longer be in discomfort or pain, he will only know TLC on the other side of the Bridge.  Thank you all for caring about him.

I received a call tonight about a 10-year-old Arabian/TWH cross mare that is in desperate need of help.  The current owners took the mare out of a bad situation a few days ago, but they have no experience with horses and realize the mare needs care that they can't provide.  She's been on antibiotics for a couple of days but has not been seen by a vet.  The mare is very thin, and the right side of her face is terribly swollen, possibly an abscess that is now draining.  Even though it is now draining, the owner says that the swelling is getting worse, and this isn't good.  This mare needs to be seen and treated by a vet ASAP.  I will be going out in the morning to look at her.  She needs immediate help, and I just can't walk away.  I would have gone out tonight but the darkness had already settled in when I got the call.  If anyone would be willing to help sponsor her, please LMK.  She is in the same neighborhood that we brought Layla, Tonka, and Sienna out of.

The calls keep coming and it is so very frustrating.  We can't help them all and those we can't bring in or help place, well, I do say lots of prayers for them. Again, if anyone can take the Arabian gelding, help sponsor the black mare, or provide a home to one here that is ready for adoption, please contact me ASAP. Horses in need can't speak for themselves; they go without food, water, proper daily care, and needed vet care.  They suffer.  Please, help us to help them. Thank you all, God bless, and please include the horses that need help in your prayers.

Donate: http://beautysequinerescue.org/donate.htm


Alice Berkman Portrait of Magic on eBay

Alice Berkman has just listed a stunning new portrait of Magic on eBay!  A portion of the proceeds will support Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.


Thank you, Alice, for your continuing generosity, love, and support!

Fondly, Jeanne

06/07/10 I stuffed my foot into a tennis shoe and hobbled out to spend a little time with Jedediah and Evan today before Dani and Wayne arrived to take them to their new home.  Both boys have grown so much -- they've come a long, long way and I'm so proud of them.

We loaded Evan first; he walked right in and with a little encouragement.  Jedediah followed. Dani called me after they unloaded at her place.  Evan was quite and calm and seemed very comfortable.  Jedi was a little nervous, but that's to be expected.  I'm sure it didn't take long for Jedi to sense that Evan was OK, and he calmed down, too.  We'll be checking in with Dani again tonight to see how the boys are doing.  To those that helped us to help these boys:  thank you, very much!


Bud came up to the barn today, and Kami had a great time visiting with him.  He seemed very interested in our little Miss Priss.


Hey, Bud, come down here and let me bite your nose!  Bud is just an easy-going boy that will let the girls walk all over him!  And Kami:  she still knows no fear! She may be the smallest here, but she doesn't seem to know it -- and if she does, she couldn't care less!


Remember Bobbi and little Dillon?  Well, look at how much Dillon has grown! He's filled out and is soooo handsome!

I hate to put this back out here, but we still need help.  Any amount would help and be very much appreciated -- no amount is too small.  All donations are tax-deductible.  We had to buy vaccines ($300+) which we hadn't counted on, which cut into our hay/grain funds.  We had received some vaccines that were donated by the manufacturer based on a grant we applied for, but the vaccines were recalled. 

We need a load of shavings (60 bags) = $285.
We have to pay one of our farriers for May = $300.
We will need a ton of hay = $355.
We need help paying for repairs and maintenance on the big farm tractor; the bill is $704.
We always need grain and alfalpha cubes!

Credits toward the vet bill (and RX items) can be called into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.

Credits toward much needed grain and alfalpha cubes can be called into Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660.

Credits toward hay can be called into Berrettini Farms at 352-629-1447.

If you call a credit in somewhere, please send us an email to let us know to ensure we issue you a tax receipt.

06/05/10 Just a quick note to let everyone know that Dr. Bess did Champagne's teeth today; she needed it badly!  She had some pretty powerful hooks in there!  As I suspected, she is older than two years -- she is four.  She has had no training but is very sweet and willing to learn.



Champagne was great for Dr. Bess, and she let Jenny put her new flymask on her!  Someone said she looks like a bunny rabbit -- I think she's cute!



And here are Classy, Anastasia (in her new fly mask), and Princess:  our three Banditas!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



For our latest Fundraiser, Beauty's Haven is offering a set of four stunning ceramic tiles that were donated by a very generous supporter.  These lovely 41/4 x 41/4 borderless tiles would make wonderful coasters or could even be used as beautiful accents on a kitchen backsplash.  The winner may select the tiles pictured in the thumbnail on the right or choose images of other Beauty's Haven horses that appear on our website.

A suggested donation of $10 may be forwarded via "JustGive.com":


Please designate your donation, "Horse Tiles."

The winning name will be selected at 6:00 PM on June 30, 2010.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Fondly, Jeanne

06/04/10 Another week is winding down while the weekend is upon us.  I really don't know where time goes, but it goes by fast.  I've been forced to work at my desk these past few days due to the broken bone in my foot -- it's no fun!  But I am getting caught up on things at my desk, which is good.

Regarding the Paint colt:  the vet called this AM and said his associate had the X-ray machine and it wouldn't be available until Tuesday.  I called the AC Officer, and he said the colt will be fine until the vet examines him and then he'll give us a few days to try to find a home for him.

This one is urgent:  I am looking to place a 14-year-old Arabian gelding that has been living in a pasture with lots of cows for a long, long time.  He's thin and needs TLC but is reported to be a very nice boy that is good under saddle.  He survived the winter eating cow hay.  Even though there is green grass now, he is still losing weight.  He is wormy.  His teeth haven't been floated in years.  He hasn't seen a farrier in years.  He will need some immediate vetting.  We all know how much I love Arabians -- please, if you can help this horse, contact me ASAP. Without going into details, let me just say that the window of opportunity to get this horse out of his current situation may be a small one.  I do have pictures but am not able to release them at this time.

Also looking for a home is a 3/4 Babson Egyptian & 1/4 QH (Mr San Peppy) gelding.  He is 5 years old and has an "in your pocket" personality.  He's not spooky, has been handled routinely, is well mannered, and would make a great prospect for endurance/trail.  This horse is not a rescue.  He is in very good health and is bored -- he needs a home and a job!  Please contact me if interested.

The boys, Jedediah and Evan, will be leaving on Monday to go to Dani's at HOPE Rescue.  It's going to be hard to see them go, very hard.  They have come so far, and I know they're going to thrive in Dani's care; but still I'm going to miss them and their antics.  I know that rescue and rehab is what we do, and that when they are ready we need to let them go in order to make room for the next one in need; but it's hard.  It's an emotional roller coaster ride.  Thank you all for staying on the ride with us, for being there when we need you.  It's because of you we have been able to help these boys.  I think they both have awesome potential.  They know they are loved.  We've been very blessed to have time with them.

We have a few needs, and every bit of help is greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax-deductible ,and no amount is too small.

We need a load of shavings (60 bags) = $285.
We have to pay one of our farriers for May = $300.
We had to buy vaccines ($300+) which we hadn't counted on -- we had received some donated by the manufacturer, but they were recalled.
We will need a ton of hay by Tuesday = $355.
We need help paying for repairs and maintenance on the big farm tractor; the bill is $704.
We always need grain and alfalpha cubes!

Credits toward the vet bill (and RX items) can be called in to Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.

Credits toward much needed grain and alfalpha cubes can be called in to Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660.

Credits toward hay can be called into Berrettini Farms at 352-629-1447.

If you call a credit in somewhere, please send us an email to let us know to ensure we issue you a tax receipt.

Please don't forget about our ongoing fundraisers: http://beautysequinerescue.org/events.htm

Thanks, everyone, and we hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend!



Personalized Oil Painting Portrait, "Alert Arabians" by Karla Smith

Artist Karla Smith is offering one 16 x 20 inch oil painting of your horses and dogs to the winner of the "Summer Fundraiser" to benefit Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.  To see examples of Karla's artwork, please visit: www.sapphireartstudio.com.

The winner of the Summer Fundraiser will receive a beautiful oil painting, framed and ready to hang in your home.  You can have up to two horses, dogs and yourself in the painting.  The winner will supply the artist, Karla Smith, with  photos (which will be safely returned) for the painting.  The oil painting will take approximately two months to complete. The Summer Fundraiser will end at 6:00 pm on Labor Day, 6 September 2010, at which time a name will be selected.

A suggested donation of $10.00 may be forwarded via:


Thank you all for your love and support.

Fondly, Jeanne

06/02/10 Please be sure to check out our newest listing on eBay, Ariat Gem Baby Boots for Women:


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