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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

June 2009)

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Hi, all!  Please enjoy the photos.  Today was the first day Silver and Buttercup were separated from Aaleyah and Momma Sue.  No worries, they were just on opposite sides of the fence.  Thank you to all who donated to help horses get treatments from Dr. Das today.

We have a lovely, AWESOME print on eBay of Curlin signed by both his jockey and the artist, and number 20 of 150.  I will be adding a few more items tomorrow. Please view the items at:


Also, Theresa is taking the weekend off (from the computer anyway) and will return emails next week.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and I will do my best to get you an answer.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!  

Silver and Buttercup meeting the new boy -- he was moving his mouth to let them know he's just a baby!

Buttercup, looking gorgeous as always!

The girls ran and played; Aaleyah ran and bucked, too!

Aaleyah looks like such a big girl, tongue and all!

Dr. Das came out today to treat a few horses. The colt seemed very thankful for the treatment.

Zaynah also had her treatment as her friend Captain looked on.

Sienna left for her new home last night.  She arrived, settled in, and is doing just fine.

While the girls were running around, even Layla ran with her tail held high.  (That is Val looking at her).

Val is such a gorgeous pony, and a sweet girl, too.

silver-buttercup_062609.jpg (42876 bytes)

buttercup_062609.jpg (32671 bytes)

girls_062609.jpg (25736 bytes)

aaleyah1_062609.jpg (34808 bytes)

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das-zaynah_062609.jpg (51109 bytes)

sienna_062609.jpg (27064 bytes)

layla-val_062609.jpg (33089 bytes)

val_062609.jpg (40834 bytes)


Magic and the baby’s introduction yesterday.

The Port A Cool system works really well!  This is going to help a lot!  Thank you to everyone that helped us to procure it and to Bernel for picking it up!

Sienna today after a rain storm that cooled things off.

She was very relieved to get out for a bit.

Captain and Zaynah watching Sienna enjoy her “freedom” this evening.

magic-baby_062309.jpg (33673 bytes)

portacool_062309.jpg (45186 bytes)

sienna_062309.jpg (36208 bytes)

sienna2_062309.jpg (39528 bytes)

sienna3_062309.jpg (41988 bytes)

(late evening)

I would like to ask everyone for prayers for all the horses here, and we need cooler temps and overcast skies badly.  The horses are not handling the heat well -- some worse than others.  We hose them off throughout the day. 

Sienna was in a stall all day with three fans on her, but we still had to hose her (and others) off a lot throughout the day.  She got a few alcohol baths, too.  Her temp was normal today, but her breathing was way up there.  She was eating and drinking fine.  Tonight I put her out (it is cooler outside than inside) and, when I went to check on her, she was lying in the cool sand; but I felt something wasn't right.  I checked her temp and it was up to 103, so back in the barn she went. 

Now she is in a stall with four fans on her and a mister.  I spoke with Dr. Ryan again about an hour ago.  He is coming out in the morning to pull blood on her.  I gave her Bute as directed -- she had already had Banamine.  So, another long night it will be!  She's come so far and is such a sweetheart. 

And, some good news:  her adoption application is only a phone call away from being approved, and we have no doubt that this last call will seal it.  And her new family home has lots of shade, which she desperately needs.  But she won't go until Dr. Ryan gives us the OK.  We're very happy for her and her new human family.  She will have something she's never had before, all the love and TLC one could hope for thanks to Kathy and Jamie!

Dr. Ryan said he has five other cases like this since yesterday.  We have so very little shade.  The horses gather around the footprint of the new trees -- they have misters in them, but there is still too little shade.  The "feels like" temps have been over 110 degrees.

I'll update tomorrow after we get her blood work back.  Back to the barn for me.

06/22/09 Hi Folks!  Happy Monday!  We hope everyone had a great weekend and a nice Father's Day.  We are doing great on the Raffle, but we are still $185 short.  The raffle ends this weekend, so please help us out by getting your tickets now!  Just follow this link for more information.


Layla is doing very well.  She has gained over 100 lbs and is looking better each day.  Her spirits are good and she is a very sweet girl.

The little colt has settled in well.  He wants a friend really badly, but I can't let him roam with Captain and Zaynah for fear Zaynah may fall again if he gets too close to her.

He was very good getting his feet trimmed today.  He did a really high stepping thing after Ola was done trimming him like he had on new shoes and was showing them off! 

Come on mom!  I really want you to run and play with me!!!

Mom, its playtime.  I want someone to run and play with!  Please?  Mom!  You aren't listening to me!

I know how to get her attention!  Mom now will you please come and play?  Nothing worked.  It was just too hot for Velvet to want to do anything but graze.

Mystic:  she's absolutely beautiful and looking for a forever home.

We received word of a younger horse that was found as a stray that is going to be auctioned off this coming Tuesday morning at a private farm near us.  If the horse doesn't sell, he/she will go to the livestock auction.  I've had someone contact me that they will help bail the horse, but we need a safe place for the horse to go.  We are full -- more than full.  If anyone can help him, please contact me directly.  We have some nice horses up for adoption and adoption fees are half off until the end of July.  If we can get one adopted out, we can help this poor horse that apparently was loved so much the owner turned him lose to fend for himself.

layla_062109.jpg (60132 bytes)

paint_colt1_062109.jpg (44465 bytes)

paint_colt2_062109.jpg (28798 bytes)

velvet1_062109.jpg (35691 bytes)

velvet2_062109.jpg (38808 bytes)

velvet3_062109.jpg (54274 bytes)

mystic_062109.jpg (37203 bytes)

Hi all, as promised, here is the report from Dr. Ryan.  He feels this is an old pelvic fracture that has already healed.  From what we were told, this boy's momma was sold when he was pretty young, a similar situation to Sandstorm (AKA Golden Boy).  He was turned out with the adult horses and left to fend for himself.

Dr. Ryan said he must be a very special boy to have survived a pelvic fracture.  He also agreed, stating he weighs less than 300 pounds.  His breeder says he's 9 to 10 months old. which is hard to believe when you look at him.  It's amazing how their growth can be stunted without proper care.  The most likely reason for his recent issues is that he may have been kicked by one of the other horses he was turned out with.

It is not possible to square up his hips with his body.  His hind legs turn to the side from his hips down.  Dr. Ryan recommended chiropractic treatments, and they will likely be needed over an extended period of time.  We will discuss this with Dr. Das when she arrives on Friday.  He does not have to stay in a stall but can be turned out by himself only.  He is weak in the sense that he is malnourished, but his spirit is very strong.  Our hopes are that someday he will be strong enough to play with Amadeus.  Amadeus is only three months old but is much bigger and stronger then this baby.

Theresa spoke with the donor after Dr. Ryan left today to ask again about past injury.  She feels like these people did the best they could for him, and that they do care about him but they had limited resources.  They had only had him for a short period of time before he was reinjured.  Before they got him, he didn't receive proper care and lived a life where it was survival of the fittest.  Unfortunately, when he needed the best nutrition he didn't get it.  Fortunately, this boy has a lot of spirit in his eyes; he's also very vocal.  We will give him time and see how he does.  If anyone can help him, Dr. Das can.  Dr. Ryan pulled a CBC on him. and a full SuperChem will be done on Friday when Dr. Das comes.  Dr. Ryan called with the results. and his white cell count is high and so is his fibrinogen. Dr. Ryan didn't want to start him on antibiotics just yet, as he has a good appetite and is in good spirits.  We will give him 24 - 48 hours and do another blood test to see where his levels are.

He reminds Theresa of Sammi and Joy.  He has a heart on his butt like Sammi's.  His markings and face remind her of Joy.  We don't have a name for him yet, but it will come as we get to know him better.  We will update tomorrow after Ola trims his feet.

Thanks to everyone who have helped this little guy, including Jennifer for making sure this little one landed in a safe place where he will get the treatment and care he needs and for transporting him.  Little Terry Tonka is proud, were sure, that another little one was helped in honor of him.

colt1_062009.jpg (23915 bytes)

colt2_062909.jpg (25301 bytes)

colt3_062009.jpg (26750 bytes)

colt4_062009.jpg (32657 bytes)

06/19/09 Today Princess and Sienna got baths, and just look at those shiny “copper penny” coats! Sienna is filling out so nicely, she is just in need of some muscle tone now.

If you know of anyone looking for a nice walk/trot horse for pleasure and light showing, Princess is your girl.  She also canters nicely.  Remember, we have reduced our adoption fees by 50% until the end of July.

Princess is really beautiful after a bath!

Sienna is gorgeous too!

princess_061909.jpg (38585 bytes)

sienna_061909.jpg (49268 bytes)

06/19/09 Many thanks again to Vonda Sines for writing another wonderful article about our horses.  This one features Tonka:


06/19/09 Here he is!  The colt appears wormy, and he has a hay belly.  Pictures can sometimes be deceiving, but he doesn’t appear as small as I thought he would be.  I’m anxious for him to be examined tomorrow.  He is putting weight on the injured hip, but he is definitely off.  The vet that examined him where he was thinks the hip bone is likely chipped.

He definitely needs some good nutrition and special care for a while – he’ll get that here.  The vet advised the owners he needed to be stalled.  Currently, he is tucked in at Jennifer’s (Painted Star Equine Rescue).  Jennifer is bringing him here tomorrow -– should be here around 1:00 PM or so.  His markings remind me of Sammi and Joy.  It appears he has a white heart on his right butt cheek –- almost as big as Sammi’s!

Thank you all for caring and for helping.  In memory of Terry Tonka, this boy has a chance.

paint_colt_061909.jpg (36354 bytes)
06/18/09 On the news last night.  Krystal is one of the persons responsible for what happened to the horses.  More to follow.



With a great big THANK YOU, we are happy to inform you that the letters are being added to the file in the case against Krystal Knirsch.  YOU gave Tonka, Brooks Approval, and her stillborn foal a voice.  You also gave Dingolay (Layla) and Sienna a voice.

Krystal Knirsch entered a plea of not guilty.  A pretrial conference is scheduled for July 29, 2009, BUT THAT CAN CHANGE at a moment's notice. 


Just a few things before you get to see the pictures.  The Tastefully Simple Raffle ended this evening; Alli will have our winner tomorrow. And thank you, Alli, for donating the raffle items!  

The machine shop has not picked the tractor up yet, so we are extending the Raffle for the Photo Frame by one more week. The raffle will now end on Wednesday, June 24.

We have reduced our adoption fees by 50% through the end of July, so please pass this info on!  We are back up to 32 horses.  There are many in need, but we can't help them unless we adopt out some of our available horses.  While we hate to say it, both Buttercup and Silver Belle are at a stage in their life when a forever home would greatly benefit them.  They are ready to start their ground work, and having three yearlings at the rescue -- well, there is just not enough time in each day for Theresa to work with them.  Buttercup will make a lovely show horse that we will likely see go to the top, with the right trainer. Silve would be great for a child.  She is kind, gentle, calm, and willing.

Please enjoy the photos, and thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, and support.

Here is Zaynah getting worked on by Dr. Das yesterday.

Dr. Das, like Ryan, is amazed that Zaynah gets around as well as she does.  Dr. Das gave her some TCM for the fractures.  The blown tendons and ligaments don't seem to cause her pain. 

This is the knee with two fractures that have started to fuse.  There isn't anything we can do to fix it at this point but try to keep her comfortable.  The other leg has tendons and ligaments blown, and she also has foundered in that foot.  She's somehow managed to adapt.  She is an amazing horse with a huge love of life and will to survive.  Sometimes I can't talk about her without getting upset.  I went to the feed store today to collect donations in our donation jar and. when the lady at the register started talking about her.  I literally had to stop and compose myself.  Then the lady got all teary-eyed too.  I don't usually do that but, with what happened to Tonka and his mom, Sienna, and now this mare, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

Zaynah appears to have nerve damage to her lower lip which dangles all the time, and she has a small part of her lip missing -- it is still healing. 

Zaynah.  When you're around her, you can't help but to feel positive energy -- she has such a love for life and is very vocal.

Magic's new tree that was installed today.  He loves it!

The Volunteer Tree was also installed today.  There were four installed, and they are all beautiful. 

Bernice and her daughter, Katie, taking a ride on Jake and Gentleman.

Dr. Das also worked on Val yesterday compliments of Bernel!  Dr. Das is very happy with Val's progress.

G-man reporting for duty!

Bernel and grandbaby, Jonah.  He is such a doll! 

Jenny went for a ride too.  She loves to ride G-man.  He's like a big sofa.

zaynah1_061209.jpg (35029 bytes)

zaynah2_061209.jpg (25672 bytes)

zaynah3_061209.jpg (21136 bytes)

zaynah4_061209.jpg (14831 bytes)

zaynah5_061209.jpg (29656 bytes)

magic-tree_061209.jpg (16912 bytes)

volunteer-tree_061309.jpg (36600 bytes)

bernice-katie-gman_061309.jpg (36161 bytes)

val_061209.jpg (31864 bytes)

gman_061309.jpg (36599 bytes)

bernel-jonah_061309.jpg (31992 bytes)

jenny-gman_061309.jpg (33161 bytes)


Here are a few pictures from today.

Zaynah is just beautiful.  How anyone could cause her harm is something I will never understand.  To follow Zaynah's story in more detail, please visit her new diary page!

Zaynah was really good for Dr. Ryan today.  Some of the positions she had to stand in were not comfortable for her at times, but I think she knows we are only trying to help her.  It was especially hard for her to pick up her left leg and even harder for her to bend it.

Dr. Ryan taking more x-rays.

Here is Captain getting a bath by Robin and Blodwyn.  Layla wanted to join in -- she is doing really well.  She even kicked up her heels and charged Max, the dog, a couple of days ago.

Aaleyah getting a lesson in manners while all of her many moms watched.  Isn't she gorgeous?  Buttercup looked a little left out.

Jenny and GMan.  Jake wasn't far away -- that's him with Robin.

zaynah1_061109.jpg (29136 bytes)

zaynah2_061109.jpg (26189 bytes)

zaynah3_061109.jpg (25388 bytes)

captain-laylay_061109.jpg (28365 bytes)

aaleyah_061109.jpg (44183 bytes)

gman-jake_061109.jpg (46500 bytes)

06/11/09 We are holding a special raffle to raise funds to repair our much needed tractors!  The prize is the beautiful photo (on the right), "Baby's First Birthday," donated by Bernel and Jenny, that depicts Aaleyah Belle, Buttercup, and Silver Belle.

To learn more about the raffle and how to participate, please follow this link.  But hurry -- the winning name will be drawn on June 24th at 6:00 PM!

raffle_061909.jpg (25169 bytes)

06/10/09 Please enjoy this happy video of Amadeus at play today:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ_aqzmuLmE.


Zaynah has settled in and is doing OK.  She's a real sweetheart.  You can't help but feel much respect and admiration for her when you look at her legs and body and yet still see such spirit in her eyes.  

We won't ever know the true story of what happened to her, but her injuries tell a story.  There is a lot of calcification in her left knee; if there was a fracture in her left front leg, it has already fused; and there is likely ligament damage -- the leg points out to the left when she stands.  In her right leg, it appears that ligaments and tendons sustained heavy damage -- but she had to put her weight on the right leg when the left was injured -- she foundered in the right foot.  I don't think she has any fractures in her right leg, but I don't know. 

Can you imagine a 300 lb. man riding her??  We'll see what the x-rays and Dr. Ryan say tomorrow.  When she walks, the left leg bends inward from the knee down.  She has scars from being dragged by her front legs; I truly just can't imagine.

From observing her today, I think we should be able to manage her pain so she can live comfortably.  We gave her Previcox after she settled in today, and she moved around some.  When Anne saw her a few days ago, she pretty much stood in one place and wasn't active.  She is getting electrolytes and Pro-Bi.  

I saw her stumble a couple of times today when she was walking and turning -- one of her front legs appeared to give out, and it did scare me.  She doesn't have any fat or muscle tone.  She won't be able to be turned out with any of the other horses except for Captain.  If she is startled or has to move quickly and goes down, it would not be good.

She has bed sores on her hips and some rain rot.  She is very thin and has arthritis.  She definitely needs an appointment with Dr. Bess for her teeth.  Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow to examine her and do x-rays.  Dr. Das will be here on Friday to treat her.  She is drinking, eating, and pooping; and her urine looks OK.

Thank you all for caring.  We'll update more tomorrow after Dr. Ryan comes.  We're very glad that Zaynah is here.

zaynah1_061009.jpg (34089 bytes)

zaynah2_061009.jpg (26125 bytes)

zaynah3_061009.jpg (40370 bytes)

zaynah4_061009.jpg (28805 bytes)

zaynah5_061009.jpg (30752 bytes)

06/09/09 Meet Zaynah, the latest victim of human abuse that has found her way to Beauty's Haven.  Her story is horrifying.  We were told this Arabian mare is about 27 years old, the same age as Nick when he found his way to us.  

Early this year, she was very underweight but ridden into the ground routinely by her 300+ lb human.  One day, after about 45 minutes of galloping, both front legs snapped and she went down.  She lay where she landed for over a day and then somehow mustered up the strength and will to take small steps; then she'd go down and rest, and then get back up and take a few more small steps, in an effort to get back to the barn.  

A lady went to the property where this mare was to buy a horse and saw the mare down; she asked the owner what had happened to her, and they told her.  She told the owner something needed to be done -- the mare was suffering -- so the owner put straps around the mare's legs and began dragging her.  The lady asked what he was doing, and he said he was going to drag the mare to the back of the property and shoot her.  

So the lady called someone else to see if they could help.  They loaded the mare into the trailer again, and off she went to another home where people really cared for her.  She did improve to an extent, but they reached a point where they realized that more specialized care was needed.

During this time the mare foundered and gained little weight and, to date, no x-rays have been done.  The humans that have been caring for her tried for many weeks to help this mare get better.  Anne saw the mare this past weekend, learned her story, and offered our help.  I have a very soft spot for Arabians and older horses that have given so much only to be discarded like trash.  We are grateful that the folks that have been trying to help this mare cared so deeply to allow her to be transferred to Beauty's Haven.  Some people won't ask for, or accept, help; and the horse only suffers more.  Some, even though euthanasia may be best, just can't do it.

The look on this mare's face says it all, IMO.  Defeated?  No, I don't think so.  Uncomfortable, likely in pain, confused, and wondering what she did to deserve what she has been through after giving to humans what they asked of her for 27+ years?  Likely.  This mare has suffered a great deal and could have given up weeks ago, but she has not -- she has the will to live in her eyes -- Anne has seen it face to face, and I feel it in my heart.

I discussed the mare's case with Dr. Ryan and Dr. Das today.  She arrives tomorrow.  On Thursday, Dr. Ryan will do x-rays of her front legs and feet.  We'll discuss what is learned in the x-rays and, if Dr. Ryan feels she can live a good quality of life with help for pain, we will have Dr. Das treat her on Friday and blood work will be done.  

The farrier will assess her after her x-rays are done and do her feet.  We'll worry about her teeth after we get through all of this.  Dr. Bess is out of town for two weeks anyway.  Our team will assess the whole horse and, if it is decided she can have a good quality of life as a pasture pal, we will give that to her -- she deserves it.  If it is determined her quality of life will not be a good one and that euthanasia is in her best interest, we will give her a few days of TLC and manage her pain and help her cross.  But she won't leave this world without her dignity being restored, and she will know love.

Yes, those are the marks on her legs where straps were used to drag her to the rear of the property.  You can see on her right leg (the one to the left in the photo) that she has either a large bowed tendon, or it is possible that the tendon ruptured when she fell.  You can see the large knot on her other knee and notice the leg is twisted to the outside.  We will know more after she is examined by Dr. Ryan.

Can anyone help us to help this mare?  Cost of the x-rays for both front legs will be around $180.  X-rays for both front feet, $100.  Dr. Das will be no less than $135 (more if she gets B12 or other).  The total amount needed to help her with the above plan is $415.  She will likely need supplements or some TCM, but we won't know what until she is assessed.

Anne will be announcing a raffle to help with her feed and care later this evening.  Please help us give this mare love and care for her remaining days, however long they may be.  Thank you in advance.

zaynah1_060909.jpg (32464 bytes)

zaynah2_060909.jpg (50408 bytes)
06/08/09 Good evening, all.  Here are updated photos showing Sienna and Dingolay's (Layla's) weight gain. Their coats are looking healthy, their sadness is gone, and they are doing great.

For those of you that may be wondering what Tonka's Task Force is, here is Theresa's post that she sent out a few days ago:

We are moving forward with Tonka's Task Force and would like to ask anyone that is willing to participate to email either myself or Anne directly.  We want to change the way things are, or are not, done to prevent any other horses from suffering like Tonka, Dingolay, Sienna, Brooke, and her still born baby did. 

We are very proud that our first accomplishment was successful with the outcome of Todd Williams' day in court this past Monday.  But we have just begun, and we have a lot of work to do.  We need people to make calls, conduct research, send emails and letters, and do various other taskings. 

Again, if you have some free time and are willing to help, please contact Anne or myself.  I'd also like to ask that, if you email me,  also "cc" Anne and vice versa.  Thank you in advance. 


Tonka will not be forgotten.

We are still looking for volunteers that would like to join in.

sienna1_060809.jpg (38152 bytes)

sienna2_060809.jpg (17185 bytes)

layla1_060809.jpg (24542 bytes)

layla2_060809.jpg (22452 bytes)

layla3_060809.jpg (19002 bytes)

layla4_060809.jpg (20274 bytes)


Congratulations to Paula C., our raffle winner -- yay!!

We hope everyone had a nice weekend ; it's been a busy one for us.  We will have a detailed update on Tuesday with pictures.   Dr. Bess came today, and we thought it was going to be quite a task to get the minis done -- but they did very well, with sedation, of course.   Once the sedation wore off Frodo, you could hear him squeal for miles away:  he wanted out of his stall and to go back to his paddock, and he let everyone know it!

We have a meeting with an attorney regarding Dingolay's case on Tuesday.  We are still asking that anyone who is interested in being part of Tonka's Task Force please let us know by sending an email to both Theresa and Anne.  For those of you that have signed up, thank you.   We will be sending you a separate email by Wednesday mid-day.

Dingolay (Layla) is steadily gaining weight.   She and Captain have become quite a pair.   Sienna looks great and enjoys her turn out time with the other horses. 

Val is doing well and has made new friends with Magic and Little E.   We had to separate her from Captain because she can't have access to the amount of hay Captain gets; she's really got a belly on her!  Val is still being cleaned out once a day.

Abby is a little better, but we still need help with the medication Dr. Das wants her to take.   Dr. Das had to order it, and it should be here by mid-week -- the cost is $90.   To the two angels that covered her treatment by Dr. Das, thank you!

06/03/09 Hi Folks!  Well, it was another busy day at the rescue.  We had some very nice people out to the rescue today to try out Bud and Bobbi.  We hope it works out for them.  

Tomorrow Dr. Das will be at the rescue to treat a few horses, including Abby.  Thank you to those folks who donated for Abby's treatment!  We still need to raise the money for her blood tests, so we have extended the raffle.   Please follow this link to see the wonderful items we are offering!

Dingolay (Layla) and Sienna are steadily improving.  And Val has made a new friend:  Magic!!  I now have internet access, so please bear with me as it will take a few days to catch up on my emails.  We will try to get an update out tomorrow night with photos from Dr. Das's visit.  Have a great night!!

06/02/09 It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the letters made an impact on the judge! Monday morning, he handed a stack of letters to the defense and informed them that he would NOT accept the plea!  Instead, he ordered a Presentence Investigation (Wiki definition= A presentence investigation report (PSI) is a legal term referring to the investigation into the history of person convicted of a crime before sentencing to determine if there are extenuating circumstances which should ameliorate the sentence or a history of criminal behavior to increase the harshness of the sentence.) in order to gather all of Todd Shevan Williams' history.

We sincerely hope that this turn of events will increase his sentence, which will be on his record when charges are filed in Marion County for what he did to Dingolay, Tonka, Brooks Approval, and her stillborn foal.

Todd Williams is out on bond, and his next hearing is set for August 10, 2009.

This would not have been possible without the letters you all sent.  This is far from over, and we are still working on this.  Please keep your eyes open for an update asking you to send letters again, this time to the Marion County State Attorney and to Marion County Animal Control.  We are awaiting a phone call from Animal Control to confirm when charges will be filed against Todd Williams, and Joann and Krystal Knirsch, regarding Dingolay, Tonka, and Brook's Approval.  It is our understanding, based on public information from MCAS, that charges are being pursued as a Misdemeanor.   We disagree and need to push for felony charges as defined by Florida law (see below).   The pain and suffering Tonka, Dingolay, Brook, and her stillborn baby endured, which resulted in death for all but Dingolay, is nothing short of slow, intentional, and painful murder in our eyes.


We were disappointed that we didn't find out what Todd Williams' sentencing was today, but Anne will be back on the phone with the court in the morning.  Thank you to everyone that has faxed and/or emailed the Judge and Prosecutor.

Layla and Sienna are continuing to improve.  Dr. Das worked on Layla and Mystic last week, and she was impressed with the improvements in Layla:  her demeanor is so much better.  Her eyes have some sparkle in them, and she holds her head up higher.  She whinnies quite a bit and, tonight, she even trotted over to me when I went to take her out of the main paddock  I'm sure she was thinking about it being feeding time, but that's OK; watching her trot was awesome.  Her rain rot is better; she has lost a lot of her coat, but that's OK -- her skin is healthier and it provides for a new healthy coat to come in.

Sienna and Layla enjoy their turn-out time in the main paddock each day.  They are both getting stronger each day.  Sienna is just beautiful.

We do need prayers for Abby.  She has arthritis in her back legs and is very ouchy in her front feet.  We were very worried about her through the cold months but, compared to now, she did very well then.  She lies down a lot, and it is an effort for her to move around.  I doubled her Previcox a few days ago, but it hasn't made any difference.  Ola, the farrier, was here this evening; and we discussed what is going on with Abby.  We are both very concerned and have come up with a plan.  Dr. Das needs to come out to work on her and run a SuperChem on Abby.  Abby has lost weight but still has a very cresty neck.  Insulin-resistant?  Maybe we'll run those tests, too.  She is turned out, but there is very little grass and she doesn't graze much anyway, nor does she eat much of her timothy hay that we spread about -- so she'll have to walk to it.  She doesn't move much; she is too uncomfortable.  But, since Casper has been in the main paddock with her and Granny, she has been getting more exercise.  Anytime Casper gets near Granny, she tries to run him away.  We're putting the pads/boots back on Abby's feet tonight, and we'll see if that helps.

Would anyone like to be an angel to Abby in order for her to get necessary tests run and for her to be treated by Dr. Das?  She really is very uncomfortable, and we'd like to get on this as soon as possible.  Dr. Das' treatment will likely be $125, and the SuperChem is $90 (I think it may be $80) -- and I'll have to get a price on the other tests when I speak with Dr. Das.

Amadeus LUVS his new ball.  It's a little big for him, and sometimes he gets sort of stuck on it; but it's a riot to watch him.  He's still BIG!  Velvet is afraid of his new ball, but she's getting better about it each day.  Amadeus learned he could pick up his ball by his teeth this evening and toss it.  It scared his mom terribly!  He must have thought it was funny because he did it twice more.  Here's a little clip of him on YouTube.  If it doesn't come up just search for BHFERS Amadeus.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQHnKF-0O1k

Amadeus is built like a tank, and when he walks you can just see the power from head to toe!

And then there's Little E who likes to sneak his way into a box filled with the yummy horse cookies that Anne makes.  He had a little help from Jenny, just a little.  J

Captain is holding his own.  Val is still close by sticking her head in his stall window. 

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