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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

(July 2010)
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07/31/10 I picked up Trisha and Bandit this morning.  Bandit is doing well:  he's quite the little one that has no clue that he's "different."  The vet thinks his eye injury happened not long after birth; he suffered quite a bit, but he's on the road to recovery now.

Starla and her baby aren't doing well.  Starla isn't making much milk, and the baby and Starla are both frustrated.  We've tried giving the baby milk from a bottle and bowl, but she wants her momma!  She's getting fluids and meds, but she really wants her momma's milk.  Part of the problem is Starla had no handling and doesn't have a halter on.  We're working on that now, and as soon as we can get a halter on her and calm her some, we will start her on some medication that will help her make more milk.  I don't want her haltering exp-- it's just a tough situation.  She's not mean by far; she's just very afraid of human touch.


I hated to leave the hospital, but I had to get Trisha and Bandit home.  The baby is weak but has light in her eyes.  I told her how many people are pulling for her and that life will be only good from now on for her and her momma.



Momma warmed up to me enough to let me place my hand/arm under her nose and rub the other side of her face; that was progress!  She's pretty thin but is absolutely gorgeous with very kind eyes.



Please say prayers for this sweet mare and her baby.


They are both exhausted.






Trisha and Bandit are doing OK.  "Hi, everyone!  I'm Bandit!  How do you like my mask?  My human mommy says we're home now.  Staying at the hospital wasn't very fun.  It was hard to get some good sleep there, but the humans were really nice to me and my mommy."

Trisha still looks worn out -- the poor mare was stressed for so long.  I hope she can relax now and start enjoying her baby and life.

Thanks to everyone that has helped, and please keep the prayers coming. There's a lot going on here, and I need to get back to the hospital.  Blodwyn is there now.

07/30/10 It was another very hot and humid day at the rescue.  Most of the Lucky 10 had to be hosed off throughout the day -- their respiration was elevated.  Sapphire (she's a kicker!) is getting better about being handled.

Here Sapphire is getting hosed down with Tiny Belle standing tall next to her. Tiny Belle looks like she's grown a lot, but in reality she is stronger and standing taller.  I enjoy it so much when I see her and Paprika running and playing like healthy and happy babies should.

Here are Joy, Fancy, and Lana all getting hosed down by Bernice today.

Asiya is very thin, but she has quite a huge heart and is just a love.  She and Shaker and the baby are doing well.

Shaker, the baby's mom, is on the left and Asiya is on the right.  The baby is very blessed to have two mommies!  The baby wanted absolutely nothing to do with humans when she arrived.  Tonight she let me rub on her face and kept following me, coming up to the camera!  They learn pretty quickly here that life will only get better and that humans aren't a bad thing.  Asiya really isn't related to Shaker and her baby -- she's been their self-appointed guardian!

Sayan is doing very well, but he isn't gaining weight as well as I feel he should be.  We'll have blood pulled on him next week and see if we see anything odd. That's Benita and Armani on the other side of the fence.

Trisha and the baby are doing well and, if all goes well tonight, we will be picking them up in the morning.

While at the hospital in the morning, I'll be meeting another mare and baby that we got a call on today.  The baby, only three days old, is ill and needed vet care ASAP.  They are now en route and will be arriving at Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital around midnight.  I can't thank Jo enough for dropping everything to transport these two -- and Avonda and others that helped get the mare and baby out of where they were.  The momma doesn't like to be handled, and I'm sure mom and baby are both feeling a bit stressed -- they really need prayers and good, positive thoughts.

Now that I have to be at the hospital in the AM, watch Reva have her baby tonight in the wee hours!  As long as it's a smooth delivery that's OK.  We've been waiting for her baby for what seems to be forever.  Another test strip done today indicated foaling within 12 hours but so did one that I ran a couple of days ago.  There's a right time for everything, the baby will come when it's ready.

Please keep all the horses in your prayers.  We are all exhausted here, and I'm actually getting to bed soon.  I expect a call around midnight from Jo just before she gets to the hospital.  Please keep her in your prayers, too, that she has a safe trip to and from the hospital.  She was our angel today, and I can't thank her enough for taking the mare and baby to the hospital.

Thank all of you so much for your encouragement and support.  I have many emails to answer; if you've emailed me, please don't think your email isn't important -- it is, but believe me when I say my time is being taken up with the new arrivals as well as the others here.  The Lucky 10 need lots of handling each day; and keeping check on their temps and respiration and hosing them down and trying to keep them comfortable has been quite a task.  We will likely be transferring a couple of the Lucky 10 horses to Jeff and Christine's (Quality Care Equine Rescue) tomorrow to help ease the load here -- they are only five minutes away so it will be easy to keep check on them.  We will have the vet out next week to palpate all of the mares, including the ones that go to Jeff's. Next weekend Amadeus will be coming back from 30 days of ground training (he's doing great!) from Jennifer's at Painted Star Equine Rescue.  When Jennifer comes, she will be taking back with her Benita to train and place; and Aaleyah Belle will also be going for 30 days of ground training, which she really needs! We've been blessed in so many ways; networking and working together in the best interest of the horse helps everyone.

Good night, everyone -- more updates tomorrow!

07/30/10 I spoke with Dr. Hughes just a bit ago.  Mom and baby are doing OK but are having a tough time breathing.  Trisha isn't making much milk so the baby is eating milk pellets.  Dr. Hughes says the mom is in bad shape and gives her a lot of credit for trying to survive and care for her baby -- she has been under a lot of stress.  They are giving her meds to help her feel better.  The baby's eye injury is not new, in fact, it's been there for quite a while; and the pain he endured has been great.  He, like his momma, is a survivor.  Dr. Hughes will be removing what is left of the eye and sewing the eyelid shut.  Surgery is scheduled for around 11 am.  I'll update when I can.  If I can't make it to the hospital, one of our volunteers will be there.  I have much going on here today. Some of the Lucky 10 are having breathing issues.  Shaker, her baby, and Asiya have fevers and are being treated.  The baby's WBC is up a little -- we're keeping a close eye on all of them.  The day is going to feel like 110+ degrees again, so I'm off to get the sprinklers and misters going.  Reva is still miserably pregnant, poor girl.

The estimate I received from Dr. Hughes this morning for the surgery and after care (to include Trisha's needs) is $1600.  The initial quote was for $1200 for the surgery.  It makes me so angry that anyone could have allowed this baby to suffer as he has.  The momma almost seemed ashamed that she wasn't able to properly care for her baby.  I can't wait to get them back here to the rescue so their life can begin again.

Please keep all of the horses in your prayers, and us humans.  God bless, and thank you.

07/29/10 Pam delivered Trisha and her 4-week-old baby boy in the early afternoon.  The mom is not in good shape.  She's very thin and has severe rain rot and allergies gone untreated.  Her entire body looks like a big rash. A nd where she's scratched has been sunburned; she's just been miserable.  Dr. Evans felt badly for her, we all do.  It was a long hot trip and the baby was tired.

There is no saving the eye.  An injury gone untreated which left a baby blind in one eye, not to mention the pain he suffered.  If this isn't a case of abuse and neglect, I don't know what is.  It's a shame.

The mom is full or sores and rain rot but she is sweet, so very sweet.  She arrived looking very tired and anxious; Dr. Evans says she's been very uncomfortable for quite a while and even under more stress trying to care for the baby.  No horse deserves this.  As time went by, she seemed to settle a bit; I think she knows we're helping her and her baby.  She lived alone through the winter with no human intervention.  It was a bad winter, but she survived.  But she lost a lot of weight.  People complained and, when the owner brought her in from the pasture, he decided she was in too bad of shape and not worth putting the extra time and money into; so they gave her and her baby away.  This is no way for a mom to have to bring a baby into this world.  We hope to make their future much brighter.

The lady that gave her to us was told the baby had an eye drainage, not a serious injury.  They were delivered in the dark the night before last.  The next morning, she had the vet out; it was not just drainage but a serious eye injury.  And the rest is history.  They arrived today, Dr. Eric was here to examine them, and it was determined that there was no saving the eye.

The baby has bite marks on him.  They lived with two other mares for a short time right after the baby was born.  He also has a lot of scar tissue on his neck  -- not sure what the injury was from.

At least I got to hug on him and his momma for a little bit before Pam loaded them and took them to the hospital.  We opted not to wait; he is uncomfortable and, the sooner we can bring him relief so he can be a pain-free baby, the better.

Please keep mom and baby in your prayers.  Surgery to remove the right eye will be tomorrow.  If all goes well, they will come home on Saturday.  They have been through a lot.  The mom is truly a survivor:  she's only eight years old.  I'm looking forward to the days when they'll be here and comfortable and not know hunger and discomfort again.

The estimated cost to remove the eye and the hospital stay for both mom and baby is $1200.  This doesn't include today's exam and any medications he may need after they are released.  Donations can be called in directly to the vet's office at 352-237-6151.  No donation is too small, and all donations are appreciated.  If you call in a donation, please advise the hospital it is for "Trisha's baby" from Beauty's Haven.  God bless, and thank you all for your support.  I'll have an update on the three that arrived last night in a bit.

07/28/10 This afternoon I received yet another call about a baby in need.  His mom was put out to pasture after she was bred to an awesome degree toting stud that will only be bred to well bred mares.  After she was bred, she was left in a pasture and forgotten about.  This mare lived through the winter without any human intervention in a paddock off the beaten path.  I wonder how many are out there that we'll never know about -- it is a depressing thought.

A few weeks ago, the owners decided to check on her and found her and the baby; the baby had sustained an eye injury.  The owners decided they didn't want to deal with it.  A caring human took them in last night hoping she'd be able to help; she had been told the baby had a runny eye.  But in the morning light, she could tell it was much worse.  She had the vet out, and the report was not good; and she realized she could not provide what the baby needs.  I spoke with the examining vet this afternoon.  The baby has an infected and swollen eye with retina protruding.  He may lose this eye; he will lose it if it goes untreated.  Treatment is going to be time-consuming and expensive; we went through this with Princess many months ago but, by God's grace and many man hours and treatment, we did save her eye.  Can I turn this baby and his mom away?  No, I can't.  I simply can't.  Could you?  By many of us working together, can we help this mare and her baby?  Only with help from others can we make this happen:  this baby needs help ASAP.  It's going to cost $200 just to get them here; they are down near Ft. Myers, 3+ hours away.

The lady that contacted me said she did an Internet search and it was because of Baby Ray's story she contacted us.  She tried to find local rescues to help but had no luck.  We are this baby's future. Please help.

These two have not had it easy -- I feel horrible for the mom and how she lived alone for the past year.  She had her baby and did the best she could.  Here is the baby's eye -- it may be too late, but we don't know if we don't try.

Please, help us to help them.  No donation is too small; we need $200 for transport and help with vetting.  If we can get the transport funds tonight, I'll have them picked up tomorrow and the baby seen as soon as possible once they are here.

07/25/10 It's so very hot and humid!  Most of the horses stay under their misters, but there is just no escaping this heat.  Poor Reva is still ready to pop.  I really thought she would deliver last night.  She's out getting a little exercise with Kami right now.

Armani has been doing very well -- he's a big boy! Benita is a sweet girl, very smart and inquisitive.


Velvet will be treated by Dr. Das on Tuesday.  Here she is when Bernice and I visited with her on Friday.


And Doc is still as cute as ever!  He's always close by.


The Lucky 7 are doing well.  It's really nice to see the babies run and play.  Little Paprika is really getting spoiled!


Here are the two mares and baby that we are picking up on Wednesday.  This is a 28-year-old Arabian mare.  I'm told that the baby has bonded more to this mare than to his mom.

The baby is four months old.  She doesn't look very happy.  Neither does her mom.

The baby's mom likely isn't making milk.  Both mares have been exposed to studs.

We had a ton of hay and grain delivered to the remaining horses on Friday.  Once we remove these three on Wednesday, there will be no babies remaining but there are others that need homes, including some studs.  The studs are not in as bad shape as the mares -- they are very nice looking and just need to put on some weight.  A court date of August 2nd has been established and, if the court determines the owner can no longer have horses and awards the horses to DAS, they will go to auction unless the judge determines otherwise.

We hope everyone is having a great weekend. God bless and have a good week!

07/22/10 It was another very hot and humid day.  The mares and babies are doing well;  they look like they've gained a little weight, and the babies are stronger and standing taller.

They tend to stay in the shade most of the day, but there is sometimes more of a breeze just outside of it where Spice, Paprika, and Fancy were resting in this picture.  Fancy was hiding in the shelter.


All but Tiny Belle got their feet trimmed today.  Joy has something going on in her left hip; Dr. Das will be out next Tuesday afternoon to work on her.  She's a beautiful mare.


Spice did very well.


And little Paprika had her first ever trim:  she was wonderful!  She has really come to love human attention.



Tiny Belle just relaxed and watched the others get their trims.



Fancy did well also.  Her breathing was better today.



Lana is just a sweetheart.



Even Sapphire was a good girl, except for when it came time to do her back feet. She is a kicker!



As the evening came around and the temps cooled a little, they ventured out to try out their pedicures. All seemed happy!

We will be bringing in two mares and another baby in a few days from the same place these horses came from.  As far as we can tell, these are the worst of the remaining horses.  Jeff and Christine (Quality Care Equine Rescue) will be taking a couple from here to enable us to be able to help the two additional mares and babies; Jeff and Christine are neighbors and are only five minutes away.

A court date of August 2nd has been set:  Collier County Animal Services has filed a petition to take custody of the remaining horses.  But if the county takes them, they could end up at auction.  We'd like to see them all placed in good homes before the court date, but we just don't have the ability to take more at this time.  We are having a ton of hay delivered to the remaining horses tomorrow, and the owner is working on placing more and trying to get donations to help feed them until they are placed or the court seizes them.

I'd like to ask everyone to keep Velvet in your prayers.  Dr. Ryan went out today to draw blood and check on her.  She has an infection going on and is being treated with antibiotics.  Dr. Ryan says it is possible she has an impaction or twist, but we're praying this isn't the case.  I hope to visit with Velvet tomorrow if I can get away from here for a bit.

Have a good night, everyone, and thank you for your continued support.

07/21/10 Nuvita enjoyed a special bran mash/sweet feed combo meal this morning, which she relished.

She got lots of hugs and kisses:  she knows she was loved.

The last kiss and "I love you" is never easy.

Nuvita is in a better place now.  While we prayed for a miracle, it just wasn't meant to be.  We did our best, but I promised Nuvita from the beginning that we wouldn't allow her to suffer.  God had other plans for her, and I respect that. Bernice and John are here today; they've been here to help and walk beside us up Frosty's Knoll many times.  Dr. Ryan also shares our pain and sense of loss with us.

Run free, our sweet Nuvita:  we look forward to seeing you again someday.  We love you, forever.



It was three years ago today that Nicky left us.  I'd like to believe that he was leading our heavenly herd of horses to greet Nuvita on the other side of Rainbow Bridge today.  And what a beautiful herd it is:  I can just picture them in my mind!

Thank you all for your prayers, emails, kind posts, and phone calls.  Perhaps soon we will be blessed with the birth of Reva's baby; the circle of life continues.  God bless and, again, thank you to all that helped us to help Nuvita. She will never be forgotten.

07/20/10 I had hoped to report progress on Nuvita's condition, but I can't.  It's with a heavy heart that we have determined that it would be in her best interest to cross Rainbow Bridge.  Dr. Porter thinks we likely have been having such a hard time getting weight on her because the cancer has spread.  These past few days she's been eating less, she wants nothing to do with her medications any longer, the swelling has increased, her breathing is more labored -- she has become uncomfortable.  We gave it our best; Nuvita is a trooper, but she's letting us know she's uncomfortable.

Dr. Ryan will be out in the morning to help her cross.  It's a shame and I'm very disappointed and sad.  I'm also angry that she suffered for so long before she came here; I just can't imagine the pain she must have endured.  I wanted badly to give her some good years to enjoy life.  We were able to keep her comfortable for a while but unfortunately, I'm afraid the cancer has won.

It's heartbreaking to come to love one so much, to only have them with you for a short time, and then to have to let them go when you want so much to give them quality time.  At least in the few weeks she has been with us, she's been very much loved and cared for.  Maybe that is why God leads some to us:  so they don't die alone, in pain, or without knowing love or having their dignity restored before we help them cross.

Nuvita knows she is loved. After being here a few weeks, I saw her run with her tail and head held high; and for that I will forever be grateful to her.  I know I'm supposed to find comfort in knowing she'll no longer be uncomfortable, but it's hard -- it's very hard.  The emotional rollercoaster ride here lately has been extra tough.  Many thanks to everyone that helped Nuvita; she will never be forgotten, and she will always be loved and remembered.

Nuvita, we love you, pretty girl; and yes my dear sweet one, you are a beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse that will shine as a new star in the nightly sky.  You will live on, forever in our hearts.

07/20/10 Dr. Ryan came out yesterday to conduct exams on the girls and pull blood.  They all were pretty good; I was proud of all of them.  The worst is Sapphire (mom to Tiny Belle) and Lana, both scoring a 1 on the Henneke scale.

Tiny Belle's mom is making more milk, which makes us all happy.  Baby Belle and Paprika are both on Gastroguard.  They actually ran a little sprint together this morning; it was a wonderful thing to see.  Belle does have an umbilical hernia, but Dr. Ryan thinks it may be small enough that we may not have to worry about it; time will tell.  She really loves to be loved on.

Lana worried me the most after Sapphire and the babies.  She slipped her foal a couple of months ago.  She is very thin and weak but is improving daily. She's a very sweet girl.


Five-month-old Paprika is learning to like human touch.  She will now come up and ask for scratches.  She's pretty independent, and she doesn't spend much time with her mom, Spice.  Spice is a TB/Arabian cross.  Paprika only scored a 2 on the Henneke scale.


Joy is very beautiful and approaches anyone for attention.  I'm going to contact Dr. Das to make an appointment for Joy to be worked on; she has a catch in her hips.


Even Sapphire was pretty good -- she has a habit of kicking out.  She only tried to kick Dr. Ryan once.



Fancy has been having labored breathing, but her lungs are clear.  She has allergies, and we've started her on a supplement to help.


Tiny Belle is standing stronger, and the look of worry is diminishing.  The heat and humidity have been horrible, but they spend most of the day under the shelter eating hay.  They usually wander out in late evening to graze.

Aren't they just beautiful?

While it's going to take some time, we think all the girls will make it.  Their CBC results came back supporting what you see -- their bodies have taken a toll due to lack of proper feed and care.  But they are on the road to recovery; it will just take some time.  They have all been exposed to studs, so they could be bred again.  They've been through a lot these last few days.  They will be getting their hooficures on Thursday.  Next week they will get vaccines.  When they are stronger, Dr. Ryan will palpate them to see if any are pregnant; let's pray they are not.  Fancy is 20 years old and lost a baby last year, but she looks pregnant now.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow:  Nuvita will be crossing around 11 am.  She will be buried on Frosty's Knoll.  The walk up to the Knoll will be very hard. We've had so many losses.  But she will be rid of the cancer and know no more pain or discomfort.

I start physical therapy tomorrow afternoon in town and will be busy once I get back to the farm, so I likely won't post another update before Thursday.  Thank you all for your continued support.  Please keep Nuvita in your prayers; I know Captain and others will be there to welcome her.  She truly is a beautiful girl, and we're very blessed for the time we've had with her.

07/18/10 The new arrivals did OK today except for Fancy's labored breathing and little Tiny Belle.  Belle's momma wasn't making much milk and was getting discouraged with Belle's wanting to nurse.  I held mom to give Belle opportunity to nurse, but her mom would give a kick out to warn she wanted no part of it. Little Belle was getting weaker and dehydrated.  I gave her some Gastroguard, milk replacer via syringe, and some electrolytes; and her mom got some Banamine.  By this evening, both were better and baby was nursing.  I checked mom's bag and it's bigger, so that is good.  Here are a few pictures from this evening.

This is Spice and her five-month-old baby girl, Paprika.  Papi doesn't like being caught, so I was told.  Well, this evening, she told me that was just a rumor. She's a sweetie and so is her mom.  Spice likes to be right there in your pocket.

Tiny Belle has all of us wrapped around her little hooves.



She really enjoys being scratched.  I'm very glad she's feeling better.



All of the horses seemed to have a little bit more energy today -- they sure do love their hay!

Peaches and Heart left for their foster homes; I checked in on both of them tonight, and they're doing fine.  Peaches will be back as soon as we are able to place some of the new arrivals.  She is at foster mom Kathleen's; she and her husband adopted Pongo last year.  Heart is with Bud at foster mom Cheri's until Sayan puts on some weight; and then we may switch him out and bring Heart back -- we'll see how it all goes.  But Peaches and Heart are both in great places getting great care, and it frees up some time the new arrivals need from us right now.

Armani was moved into Nuvita's paddock; I thought he was becoming a bit too attached to Reva.  With her due to have her baby anytime, I thought it best to move him.  Plus, he's feeling much better now that his hernia is about healed. He's actually doing the cricket dance at times and gets to running around;  he's a big boy and you have to move fast to get out of his way -- I don't move as fast as I used to!  He paced a bit for Reva today after I moved him but, by evening when Nuvita came out of her shelter, he stopped pacing and started grazing with her.  Nuvita stays in her shelter looking out the window where there is usually a breeze almost all of the day, every day.

We hope everyone had a good weekend.  Thank you all for your support for our new arrivals.  I'm off to bed early tonight; it's been an exhausting weekend!  And to those of you that keep eyes on Reva:  thank you!!

07/17/10 What a busy day it was here!  I'm exhausted and I'm sure everyone that was here today is, too!  Jeff and Christine came over with their son and daughter and their two friends to help get the additional fencing up for the QT area, bathe horses, and to help out with Dr. Bess.  Xan and John drove up for the day and Barbara, Marie, and Laura were also here; everyone stayed busy all day long!

All of the new arrivals are doing well. Today, looking at their expressions and demeanor, you'd think they'd been here for a while; they seem very comfortable. They got a good bath, and four of the mares had a visit with Dr. Bess to get their teeth done -- Dr. Bess always does a great job.  The oldest, Fancy, didn't get her teeth done; Dr. Bess thought it best to wait because her breathing was a bit labored.  Oh, and we've named the tiny itty bitty baby.  She reminded some of Tiny Tim, and she reminded me of Aaleyah Belle when she first arrived; so now we have our "Tiny Belle."

There are over 20 remaining where these came from, and we will continue to try to get more out.  It's going to be tough because we are full and then some, but we have to try.  If anyone has any connections with any Cracker organizations that could help, please let me know -- there are three pregnant Cracker mares (have had minimal handling) that need to get out of there.  The thought of any more babies being lost to panther attacks just makes me cringe.  There is also an 18-year-old mare that recently lost a baby that is blind in one eye, and many more -- please keep all of these horses in your prayers.

Tiny Belle just loves to plop and lay in the grass.  She's a doll, and I so enjoy spending time with her.  While we were waiting on the additional fencing to be put up, Barbara carried around an umbrella to hold over Tiny Belle to keep her shaded.  Everyone doted on her for a bit today.

The additional fencing was up before the hottest part of the day, which allowed the horses access to the shelter for shade.

Most were hesitant at first about getting a bath but, once they realized it felt good, they enjoyed it.


They all enjoy the hay, and I love watching them.



This is Fancy, the eldest at 20 years old.

They've been without for so long; they seem appreciative of everything.

But their days of hunger are behind them now.



Look at how big Legacy has grown!  Xan, Marie, and Barbara gave him a much needed bath today.

At the yard sale in town today were Diane, Jessica, Ruth, Lynda, Brian, Cherri, Lucy, and Kathleen ; they had an awesome day!  It was hot, very hot!!  I'm sure it was a lot of work, and I can't tell all these wonderful people how very grateful we are for all their hard work and support!

Tomorrow will be another very busy day.  Heart and Peaches will be going to their foster homes for the summer.  I'm sure they will be happy; they'll have much more shade and get lots more one-on-one attention.  Katie will miss her afternoon rides on Heart, but there are others she can ride instead.

Reva has softened up quite a bit -- her baby has just got to come out soon, very soon!  I hope and pray someone is watching on MareStare tonight because I know I'm going to sleep tonight, which is very rare!

Nuvita is doing OK.  We haven't seen any improvement, but she's no worse.  Dr. Porter said it could take quite a few days to see any improvement.  We continue to pray that she gets better.

Thank you all so very much for the kind and encouraging emails and phone calls. I know I say this often, but it's true:  we couldn't do what we do without you! You make it possible for horses such as the new arrivals to be able to start their lives over again.  There is no way I can relate to you what it feels like to watch them arrive often weak and with their heads held down, hungry, and looking like they've about given up as they morph into the noble and beautiful creatures that they become with proper TLC.  While I don't get a paycheck for my 24/7/365 job of caring for the horses, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  No amount of money can compare to what the horses give back; I'm very blessed and it's because of your support this is possible.  And I'm even more blessed to have a family that supports my passion.  And our volunteers and BOD members:  they all make a difference, and we appreciate everyone and their hard work.  Thank you all for helping us to help horses -- God bless and have a wonderful Sunday!

The horses arrived and unloaded -- they had quite a long day.  Almost as soon as they were out of the trailer, their heads went straight down for the grass! Even the baby!  They are mostly all Welsh/Arabian crosses, and there is a Palomino.  As the next few days go by and we get to know them, we'll figure out names for them.

They are pretty thin, wormy, and look a little worn; most have terrible rain rot and some minor wounds, but they are OK -- they are survivors.  I've lots of pictures to share but have much to do to get ready for tomorrow, but here are a few for now.

As they were unloaded, they all got the BHFER official welcome hug, kiss, and promise of a new start of life with no worries before them.


This is the youngest at only one month old.

The eldest at 20 something.




This three-year-old lost her baby about two months ago.






This five-month-old filly was a bit unsure of what was going on today.  I'm sure they all must have felt that way.


A beautiful sunset.

I can't tell you how good it feels to have them here and tucked in.  We have lots more work to do in the morning running some more fencing to expand on the QT area.  Dr. Bess will be here, and we're having a fundraiser yard sale in town; I likely won't be able to update again until tomorrow afternoon or evening.

We are still working on homes for the remaining ones that will still be there after tomorrow; we want no horse left behind, so our job is not done yet.  Please keep all of them in your prayers.  A big thank you to everyone that has helped us these past few days:  there are some unnamed heroes that we owe much to.  God bless you all!

Thank all of you for your continued support -- God bless!

(late AM)
More positive thoughts and prayers are needed, please!  So far, the two babies and two mares have loaded.  The mom to one of the babies and the other mares refused to load.  It's a fragile situation, and I just reiterated my words to all on the site that under no circumstances do I want any human or horse injured.

Please send good thoughts and prayers to help these horses find the courage to get on that trailer so they can start their life over again.  And please, say prayers for those that will be left behind today.

How would you like for this to be your water source?

I mentioned in previous updates that I've been working on a case of 20+ horses which includes babies, pregnant mares, and studs.  We were contacted a few days ago to see to if we could take some of these horses, and it's been non-stop work here ever since.  Believe me when I say that these horses have been terribly neglected:  there has been much suffering.  What really got to me is the babies:  many have been lost -- prey to gators, panthers, etc.  Many of these horses haven't had vet care their whole life.  These horses have had it rough, but we hope to give them a new lease on life.  Many have never had a chance to know what it feels like to run across and graze on green grass in open fields;  but sadly, they've watched others die.

Based on the condition of these horses and the unsafe conditions they are living in, time is critical; and we are picking up seven of these horses right now -- including two mares -- each with a baby by their side -- and three more mares (all but one mare may be bred).  We're moving some of our horses into foster homes in order to make room for these that need help now, and we are networking to try to help even more.  Another rescue is taking six more on Saturday but there are many others, including pregnant mares and studs, that need homes.  I wish I could share more information, but at this time I can't. But if anyone can possibly provide a safe haven for one or more of these other horses, please contact me ASAP (but only if you are serious and able to care for a horse such as I've described).  Some of the horses have had very little, if any, handling.  They are in poor body condition and will need vetting, dental and farrier work, worming, etc., and lots of TLC and patience to adjust to a new way of living.  They are not used to having their needs tended to and food before them regularly.

I know I always ask for help and here I go again, but it is only because of help from others that we can help the horses.  If anyone can donate to help with this effort, we would truly appreciate it.  We need funds for vetting, dental needs, farrier needs, feed, vaccines, wormer, etc.; their rehab is going to be costly. Transportation to get the horses here is $300.  I'm asking everyone to please dig into your pocket, between your sofa cushions, etc., and help if you can.  We are applying for emergency grants but so far, no luck.  Any amount will help, and no amount is too small.  We committed to helping these horses on faith and prayer; once I got my first report, with pictures, there was no way I could walk away:  helping these horses became a priority.

God bless, thank you for any support you may be able to give, and please pray for these horses.

THIS IS HAPPENING NOW!  The task to load these horses just began; please send positive thoughts to these horses to help them find the courage to get on the trailer.  Pray for no injuries or mishaps (for humans and horses) and that all are safely loaded so they can start their road to recovery and to a new kind of life they've never known before.  We're scrambling here to get their quarantine area prepared to receive them.  I'll update when I can.

07/14/10 Dr. Porter treated Nuvita today with Cisplatin, her first chemo treatment.  Before he arrived, Nuvita was taken into a stall and Bernice noticed she had blood coming from her mouth.  Dr. Bess arrived and checked it out and removed a large blood clot, which continued to bleed for a bit.  The blood came from the empty socket of the tooth that had been knocked out over two years ago -- the bottom tooth had grown up into the empty area, puncturing the gum.  Dr. Bess took care of filing the lower tooth down a few weeks ago, but the area is still healing.  Today she said it has healed about 80%.

While Dr. Porter feels the cancer may have spread into bone, we remain positive and hopeful.  His recommendation is to assess Nuvita in two weeks and, if there is improvement, to repeat the treatment.  We are to continue her on antibiotics for 10 days.

She was very good today and had to have felt much better after Dr. Bess removed the large blood clot mess from her mouth.  We're hoping the remaining injury heals soon and this doesn't happen any more.

You can see light in Nuvita's eyes -- she's a tough girl and has a desire for life. We hope and pray today's treatment will help.  She's got a great team of professionals helping her.

Nuvita's bill today alone was $500.  If anyone would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated.  No amount is too small, and every donation is tax-deductible and very much appreciated.  We'll be keeping a close eye on Nuvita and keep her as comfortable as possible.  She did eat her late evening meal, so that is good.  Benita was moved to another paddock as Nuvita may be more comfortable alone for a few days.  Please keep Nuvita in your prayers.  We've seen miracles happen here, and we're praying for another one.  Thank you all.

07/12/10 Duncan gave us quite the scare this evening!  He did great for his castration procedure today.  This evening his foster mom, Donna, called and said he was bleeding a lot and, at the rate he was bleeding, he would be dead before night. I called Dr. Ryan, and we both headed over there -- I got there first.  When I got there, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be; and most of the blood had been washed away -- his foster mom had him tied by then so he couldn't move around.  Before this, he'd been pacing and calling out to the mares -- he is very vocal and loud when he calls out -- he puts a lot of energy into his whinnies! Once he was made to stand still, the bleeding decreased significantly.  Dr. Ryan didn't want to put him in the barn because he'd have been very uncomfortable there; he thought it best to leave him out in a small paddock next to the barn.

Dr. Ryan administered formalin and aminocaproic acid via IV catheter.  He advised the Donna what to do tonight, and she's a very good foster mom; I can bet that she won't sleep much tonight.  Duncan isn't feeling very well tonight but he should be feeling better by morning.

Duncan has already put on a good amount of weight and is simply stunning.  His teeth say he's about 3 years old, and he has likely had some training.  Our vet bill today for Duncan was $404.  This was for the castration, a coggins, tetanus, and this evening's emergency call and treatment.

If anyone would like to help with today's vetting, I can't tell you how much it would be appreciated.  No amount is too small, and every donation is greatly appreciated.  Please keep Duncan in your prayers and hopefully tomorrow I'll have a good report on him.

Dr. Porter called, and Nuvita is scheduled to receive her first chemo treatment on Wednesday.  Please also keep her in your prayers.  She's no better but no worse.  Reva is still very pregnant.  Armani is doing very well.  His leg injury is almost healed.  Casper still isn't himself -- Dr. Das will be here on Friday to work on him.  He could use prayers, too.

Thanks, everyone -- have a good night.  I'm off to bed early tonight -- have lots going on for the next few days.

07/12/10 Hi, everyone,

It's time to resupply our annual wormer stock!  This worked out very well last year and saved us a lot of worry and funds throughout the year.  Country Supply sells a one-year dewormer pack for $24.99 plus shipping, which totals $31.98 (see below).

Here is the link:  http://www.horse.com/Standard-1-Year-(6-tube)-Rotational-Dewormer-Pack-BBK10.html

If you would like to sponsor an annual dewormer kit for one of the horses listed below, please let me know.  If a horse's name is not listed, it is because they already have a sponsor for a kit.  We'd like to ask that the funds ($24.99) be sent to us along with the name of the horse you want to sponsor a kit for; and we'll place one big order -- this will save on overall shipping charges.  We need to order the kits by the August 14th in order to have the wormer here in time.

     Aaleyah Belle, Chloe, Jake, Peaches, Amadeus, Classy, Kami, Princess

     Armani, Dude, Legacy, Reva, Baby Ray, Duncan, Little E, Sayan, Benita

     Gentleman, Momma Sue, Ruby, Bud, Heart, Nash, Casper, LadyBug, Nuvita

Thank you!

I want to thank all of you for your kind and beautiful posts about the loss of our Captain.  He was quite the icon here -- everyone loved him.  I already miss sitting on the front porch of the cabin and talking to him. I  miss looking out the window and seeing him resting in his favorite sandy spot.  I just plain miss him and everything about him.  It's really strange not having to fix his special meals throughout the day.  He was dearly loved and doted on, and he appreciated it. Even though Captain has crossed Rainbow Bridge, his presence is still very strong:   he left his hoof prints on many hearts.

After Benita arrived today, she went to the area where Captain is buried -- she put her head down for about 10 seconds, turned and looked at me and gave a little whinny, and then she ran off like she felt really good to be here.  It was almost like she paid her respects and then said "thank you" before running off to check out her new surroundings.  This filly is going to be just fine -- her personality is bright, and she seems pretty happy.  She seemed really happy to see other horses -- Little E likes her a lot!

It's been a very busy day here.  After settling Benita in, I received a call about a young (maybe 2 years old, if that) colt -- we have another new and unexpected arrival -- but he will be staying at a foster home for now.  Monday, if Dr. Ryan feels the colt is healthy enough, he will be gelded.  If not, we'll give him some time.  Meet Duncan:  a beautiful paint colt that was abandoned in the night on vacant property.

Dr. Porter is planning to come out next week for Nuvita's first chemo treatment. Her blood work tests came back, and overall she is better.

Casper hasn't been feeling well lately:  he's a bit stiff all over and lame on his front, but it doesn't seem to be in his feet.  Dr. Das will be working on him soon.  He is 42 years old and has been babysitting Legacy and Baby Ray.  I'm starting to wonder if the boys are too much for him, but if I moved him into another paddock he would be sad (I tried it for a day); and after losing Granny Jewels, I just can't take the boys away from him.  He does herd them, and he acts as a protector from horses in adjoining paddocks.

Just before I got the call on Duncan today, I worked another call that is really troubling me.  It involves 30+ horses that need help; they include 2 or 3 studs, a couple pregnant mares, and a couple mares that each have a baby by their side.  I'll know more tomorrow and have pictures, I hope -- I'll update when I can.

It really has been a pretty overwhelming couple of days.  I'm off now for nightly rounds and to make sure Benita is comfortable.  God bless and have a great weekend, everyone -- thank you all for caring and participating in our ongoing journey to help horses in need -- we couldn't do it without you!

07/09/10 We picked up Benita, a 2-year-old QH filly this morning.  She loaded right up, looked at me, and then whinnied as if saying, "let's go mom!"  And once here, she really brightened up -- she's perky and happy!

She's trotting around checking out everything -- sort of reminds me of a happy kid in a toy store seeing all new and fun things!

Many thanks to everyone that made it possible for her to come here in memory of our dear Captain.  She's a bright and vibrant little girl; the look in her eyes is that of excitement and content.  I love it!  I named her Benita; it just came to me yesterday for some reason.  I looked up the meaning and thought it suited her well -- it means "blessed."

07/07/10 Captain had breakfast and then lay down for his morning rest with a full tummy.  He was still resting when Dr. Ryan arrived; the day was hot and muggy already.  I gave Captain a few more oatmeal cookies which he loved.  I brushed and hugged him, and we told him how much he will always be loved.  I will never forget the day he arrived at the rescue:  all bones.  But he had such light in his eyes -- you just knew he was a wise one and at one time was a very proud horse.  In the time he was with us, almost 1 years, we were blessed to be able to give him the love and care he so deserved.  He was fed many times throughout the day; he had no teeth to grind his food up with.  We took it slow but he did put on weight -- we had to be careful and not let him put on too much:  his body had been used and his legs had old injuries.  He became friends with many of the horses that passed through the rescue.  But his favorite was Zaynah.  I'm sure she was there to welcome him on the other side of the Bridge. They are best friends that are together again.

As Dr. Ryan helped Captain cross, I held Captain and kept talking to him. Captain quietly and gently laid down his head, like he just went to sleep.  It was very peaceful.  The breath was knocked out of me; I knew when he had slipped from us and gently landed on the other side of Rainbow Bridge where he was met by many of his friends.

It's so hard to let go.  I find comfort knowing that Captain is now holding his head and tail up high and running with the heavenly herd.  He won't have any more trouble getting up or down -- he can now graze with all of his teeth, and he will never know pain or discomfort again.

Captain wasn't buried on Frosty's Knoll; he was laid to rest in his favorite sandy spot.  The paddock that had become his home is now known as Captain's Place.  Nuvita was present the whole time.  She stayed under the shelter but watched as Captain crossed; she seemed to understand.

Thank you all for your emails, phone calls, thoughts, and prayers -- it's comforting to know that so many loved Captain and thought of him as he crossed today.  We miss him much already.

Shortly after Captain left us, I received a call about a QH filly, about 2 years old, that needs help.  While I wanted to curl up in bed and cry, I knew that Captain would be disappointed if I ignored the call.  According to the owner, the filly was a rescue when he got her over a year ago.  She originally came from a breeding farm where many horses died after being fed poison; somehow she survived.  The owner can't care for her because he recently had surgery and can't do anything for the next 6 months.  She's living in an unsafe environment:   barbed wire, glass, and other debris in her sandy paddock.  She's separated the wire fencing from the top board by putting her head through to get grass from the other side of the fence.  There were nails protruding from the top board she had separated from the wire, and I took a rock and hammered them up as best I could so she can't accidentally jab herself into a nail.  She hasn't had her feet done in months; she needs a coggins, vaccines, and to be wormed.  She's a petite, sweet girl.

I would like to help her in memory of Captain; I know he'd be proud.  Would anyone like to help by being an angel to her?  We need enough help to cover $175 per month for her care.  That's seven angels donating $25 each month,  but there is no minimum amount for monthly or a one-time donation.  Any amount would help us to reach our needed $175 per month total.  For now, we'd like to ask for pledges -- I can't bring her in without her care being sponsored. I'd love to remove her from where she is now before she sustains any sort of injury -- it's not a safe place, by far.

God bless, and thank you all for your support.

07/06/10 I'm sorry but this update is going to be a bit short.  It's been a sad day and tomorrow will be here before we know it.

Dr. Das visited yesterday and worked on Captain, Nuvita, and Momma Sue.







Dr. Das even worked on Taco.  His heart murmur is worse, and he has started to cough.  He still doesn't want to eat much and has been started on supplements to help his liver and overall condition.  When Dr. Wade called yesterday morning to check on Taco, he was surprised that Taco was still with us.  When Dr. Das looked over Taco's blood test results, she was amazed that he is doing as well as he is.  We hope and pray for much more time with Taco.  I don't know what Belle would do without him.  Belle is about a year younger than him.

Today Dr. Bess came to work on Chloe, Dude, and Sayan.  But the first thing she wanted to do was to visit with Nuvita!

Dr. Bess was happy to see that Nuvita has put on a little weight and is stronger now than when she arrived.




Dr. Bess has added a shade awning onto her awesome mobile unit.  When most horses get their teeth done, Dr. Bess loads them right onto the back of the trailer; and they walk out the right side door when they are done.  And if she wants, Dr. Bess can button up the doors and turn on the AC!


I don't want that thing in my itty bitty mouth, Dr. Bess!  My mouth is OK -- the little lump thing is gone -- no worries!


Chloe was a good girl and was pretty curious about all the neat things in Dr. Bess' trailer.  I think she would have walked in through the side people entry door if I'd have let her!  Chloe had a wolf tooth and a couple of caps removed.


Dude was good also.  His teeth needed a lot of work.


Sayan's mouth was a train wreck.  Dr. Bess pulled one tooth out with her hand. He had waves and hooks -- his mouth had been terribly neglected for quite a while.  We expect him to start putting on some weight now.  He was a very good boy and seemed to welcome Dr. Bess' work; he knew she was going to make him better.

I likely won't post tomorrow.  It's going to be a long and sad day; I'm not looking forward to it.  It won't be the same here without Captain -- he will be missed by many.  But I know that Zaynah and others that have gone before him will be on the other side of the Bridge to welcome him, and for that I'm very thankful.

07/06/10 With a very heavy heart, but with taking all things into consideration, most importantly Captain's quality of life, I want to let you all know that he will be crossing Rainbow Bridge tomorrow.  Dr. Ryan will be coming -- I'll have a time that Captain will cross in the morning and I'll post it as soon as I know.  The backhoe has been arranged. The temps tomorrow are going to feel like 105 degrees.  Thursday is supposed to feel like 110 -- he's having a tough time and is only getting worse.  Please know that this decision wasn't made lightly or quickly.  The light in his eyes has grown dim.  He didn't want to get up for his meals yesterday or today.  This is very hard for me, I can't tell you how hard it is or how much I've dreaded knowing a day of making this decision would come. I often hoped he would cross peacefully in his sleep but that was wrong of me. He should be with people that love and care for him as he crosses.  My family and I will be with him while he crosses, and I will stay with him for sometime after.  As much as it rips my heart, it is the right thing to do -- I love him that much.

Perhaps everyone can have a minute of silence at the time he is to cross tomorrow, to think of him and to send him good thoughts?  If I talk with any of you on the phone for the next couple of days, please, I can't talk about this -- I'll need some time.  I'm very far behind on emails; I'm not ignoring any of them, I just haven't had time at the computer.

Dr. Das worked on Captain yesterday. He lay down for most of his treatment.

He got up near the end of his treatment.  We weren't sure he'd get up at all.

When he is up, Nuvita is never far away.  She is holding her own as we await lab work results from blood drawn by Dr. Das yesterday.

Thank you all for caring and for all you do -- you're our extended family, and I know this isn't easy for you either.

Captain, Godspeed across the Bridge -- you will run like a young stud again only without pain and stiffness.  We will miss you terribly but know that you will be in our hearts, always.  You've earned your wings:  we're so very proud of you. We love you.

07/05/10 Just a quick update on Haley and Kami.  Haley left yesterday to go live with Rusty, Kami's dad. The separation between Kami and Haley went well.  Kami and Val are good friends, and during the days Kami will be at the barn with us humans a lot.  Neither Kami nor Haley cried out as Haley was loading or leaving, which helped me a lot!

Jennifer from Painted Star Equine Rescue transported Haley, and she said Haley seemed calm and did not seem to be in any distress for the trip.  They did go through some rain showers on the way to her new home.  Upon arrival, Haley and Rusty did some bucks and kicks and ran around; they were having a lot of fun!  When they got tired, they went to grazing.  Haley was not 100% sure what to think of the llama and goats, but they were very friendly and did not bother Haley -- they just stood still and looked at her and she did the same, then everyone went their own ways.  It all went very well!

Enjoy the pictures -- they made us smile!!  Remember the skinny little stud named Rusty that arrived here this time last year with Haley?  Just look at this adorable gelding now:  he looks great!



07/03/10 Thanks, everyone, for the good thoughts and prayers.

Nuvita isn't feeling very well today but she is no worse.  I'm anxious for Monday to come so Dr. Das will be here to treat her.

Captain is having a tough time.  We started him on another supplement a few days ago to hopefully help his arthritis.  The weather is being kinder with overhead clouds and a breeze.  Captain was supposed to get a trim this morning but we rescheduled it because they called for rain -- we have to put him in a sling at his shelter to trim him.

Kami is the same, no worse, so that is good.

I'd like to ask for continued prayers for Nuvita, and if you would include Captain it would be appreciated.  He was used and abused for so many years -- it is sad. I would have loved to have known him in his younger days -- I bet he was quite a spitfire!  He won over $700 in his racing career almost 30 years ago.  I am going to try to get Dr. Das to work on him a little when she is here on Monday to work on Nuvita and Momma Sue.  So far we've received $40 towards Momma Sue's treatment.  Any donations to help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great Fourth, everyone -- God bless and stay safe!

07/02/10 Just a quick update:  it's been a long day!  We think Kami may have a tooth giving her problems.  The swelling is still there.  Her temperature and appetite are normal; there is no sign of infection.  She's as prissy as ever.  If the swelling is no better tomorrow, Dr. Ryan will likely take X-rays.

Dr. Das has rearranged her schedule to allow her to be here on Monday to work on Nuvita and Momma Sue.  Nuvita has me a bit worried.  She's eating and drinking fine, but she just seems a bit down.  Dr. Das will run blood work on her on Monday.  We'll get those results and regroup with Dr. Porter and Dr. Ryan -- please keep her in your prayers.  We still need help with donations to have Momma Sue worked on by Dr. Das on Monday.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

One of our Chihuahuas (actually he's our daughter's dog) isn't doing well.  He had a seizure a few weeks ago and hasn't fully recovered.  He's down to just over 8 lbs., and we have a hard time getting him to eat.  Bob took Taco back to the vet today, and he has jaundice.  We no longer can give him is Phenobarbital for his seizures because of the liver issues.  We started him on milk thistle today, and Dr. Das will be bringing him some other treatment on Monday.  He is also on something prescribed by the vet today.

Reva is getting closer to having her baby.  She's softened up quite a bit.  Maybe we'll have an Independence Day baby!  Armani is doing well; he's a good boy. His leg injury is healing very nicely.

We've had a few things break down in the past couple of days:  the golf cart (we use it to pull the poop spreader) broke down, the AC in the truck doesn't work consistently, and the hinges on the emergency door of the horse trailer broke today.  We'll be coming up with an item or two to offer on eBay soon to help pay for these needed repairs; we'll update when we figure it out.  I just hope we don't need to use the trailer anytime soon.  I don't like being without it -- you never know when an emergency will arise.

We hope everyone has a blessed and safe Fourth of July weekend!

07/01/10 I want to share a few pictures from today's farrier visit.  All 10 horses behaved, well, almost all 10.  Baby Ray was a little pistol for some reason and absolutely refused to stand still!

Ladybug is such a sweet mare and loves attention.  She's gained a bit of weight since she's been here, so we're watching her diet.


Aaleyah Belle still likes to put her tongue on anything she comes across.  Kathy kept her busy with the lead rope so she didn't get slimed!


Momma Sue is having quite the time with her hindquarters.  We hope to have Dr. Das work on her next Friday when she comes to work on Nuvita.  Momma Sue has always been weak in her back end, but it's been getting progressively worse.  If anyone would like to donate towards a treatment for Momma Sue, it would be greatly appreciated.  The treatment will run $135 - $165.  She'll likely get chiropractic, acupuncture, and likely electrical stimulation.  We may have to start using the sling for her trims.


Kami is still such a little Miss Priss!  She seems to enjoy living in a good size paddock that she shares with her mom and Val.  She and Val have become friends, and this is what we hoped for -- sooner or later Haley will be going to her new home where Rusty lives.  Sayan likes Kami and even escorted her to the barn today for her trim.  That's Little E in the background.


At least this time Kami didn't get mad and throw herself down on the ground for her feet to be trimmed like she did last time!


Chloe is still growing:  she's a big girl!



Gentleman loves it when Vince comes:  he gets lots of belly rubs.  Just look at that cute face and smile!  He's is doing very well -- he's bleached out like most of the horses but he's still handsome!



And this is Dude.  Isn't he stunning?  He's looking for a forever home.  He's a 9-year-old Arabian that has some training but hasn't been ridden in about three years.  He's very sweet and easy to handle.  He was watching my mare, Beauty, being led past him today when I took this picture of him.  He was very interested in her.


And this is my mare, Beauty. She got some round pen work today with my daughter.

I will be calling Dr. Ryan to come out tomorrow.  Kami has swelling in her left jaw.  We don't see any bite mark -- perhaps it is an abscess?  It's no bigger tonight than it was this morning, but it's not gone down any either.  While Dr. Ryan is here we will review Nuvita's progress plan:  she's had more nasal discharge today than she has in awhile and wasn't as active today.  It was overcast most of the day so I don't think it was the heat that had her feeling a bit down.  Dr. Das is coming next Friday to work on Nuvita and run more blood tests.  We're hoping that Dr. Porter will be able to do her first chemo treatment soon.  It's a race against time, I know.  But we're keeping the faith and making sure Nuvita is comfortable while we try to boost her immune system.  Armani is doing well, and we're checking his banded hernia throughout the day.  He seems to be making friends, slowly, with Reva.  Reva is a bit grouchy at times with him and pins her ears at him, but she's so pregnant I can understand that.  She's bagged up, but I can't express any milk.  No waxing.  But she is huge!!

Kitty Cat is doing very well and is able to go on short walks outside now.  She hasn't wandered past the house yet, and we're hoping she won't.  She's lame but seems comfortable and is as talkative as ever.

My foot felt better today for the first time and hopefully will continue to get better.  I've been trying to stay off it, but it's hard with much going on here. Tomorrow we'll be getting out the sling to prepare for Saturday -- Captain has an appointment with the farrier along with Little E.  I've been working on trying to place several Arabians and one Morgan cross mare.  I think we have homes for all of them, but it's been exhausting work.

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support!  I'll try to update again tomorrow evening in order to share what Dr. Ryan finds with Kami.  Please don't forget that Reva is up on MareStare.  I hope to get some sleep tonight; I got absolutely none last night.


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