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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(July 2009)

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It's been very busy here but I thought I'd at least make time to share a few photos.  We don't have any medical crisis right now and that is really good!  Moxy is still stalled but healing.

Dr. Das working on Abby.

April of KC La Pierre Podiatry applying the Perfect Hoof Ware to Abby's front feet.  What a difference!  She's walking so much better.  It's really a relief to see her feeling better. 

Captain and Zaynah getting out of the rain.

Amadeus with his new beautiful halter from Aunt Jenny it matches his ball!

Katie on Princess and Ola on Bobbi going for a ride.

Layla still kicking up her heels.

It's really great to see Layla having fun.  She's doing very well now -- we just need to get her ears fixed up.

Val tries to run and play, too.  Layla is on the right. 

Captain and Zaynah.

Little Dillon really likes being with Captain, and Captain likes Dillon.  Captain even shares his meals with him.

Dr. Das worked on Dillon this past Friday too.

He was anxious to get back to Captain.

After the sun goes down, Moxy gets to walk about for a bit.

Miss Haley sporting her flysheet.

abby_072609.jpg (28961 bytes)

abby2_072609.jpg (17577 bytes)

captain-zaynah_072609.jpg (29978 bytes)

amadeus_072609.jpg (33350 bytes)

princess-bobbi_072609.jpg (32752 bytes)

layla_072609.jpg (42659 bytes)

layla2_072609.jpg (36723 bytes)

val-layla_072609.jpg (24502 bytes)

captain-zaynah2_072609.jpg (43789 bytes)

dillon-captain_072609.jpg (41986 bytes)

dillon1_072609.jpg (22440 bytes)

dillon2_072609.jpg (35183 bytes)

moxy_072609.jpg (31323 bytes)

haley_072609.jpg (33934 bytes)


We want to thank everyone for coming to the “rescue” so quickly to help bring Moxy here.  Her eye injury went untreated for about a week.  There is ulceration and hemorrhage to the eye, but Dr. Ryan feels she will retain her eyesight.  She must remain in the stall for the next 7-10 days, but she can be hand-walked.  If you would like to help out with shavings (she will use about 2 bags a day, at $4.95/bag), you can use any of the donation methods listed below, or call Sanders Feed directly at 352-873-8660 to leave a credit for our account.

Please don’t forget that we have three lovely items available for raffle:  Curlin print, handbag, Kentucky Derby Barbie.  Please visit our Events page to learn more about it.  This raffle ends on 7/31 and, if we have at least 100 participants, we will give away all three prizes -– visit the link for more info!!  

Also, to view the latest news about Dingolay and Tonka's case, visit 
http://www.wcjb.com/news/4473/equine-rescue-wants-justice-for-starved-horses. Please leave comments, and visit our Tonka's Task Force page to see more details about the case.

Upon arrival it was apparent that Moxy was in pain from her eye injury. 
She took her new surroundings in stride and was a very good girl.

Moxy is pictured here with Terry, our transporter.

While sedated, Dr. Ryan inserted the catheter to deliver the meds to her eye.

She is just gorgeous and is settling in well.

moxy1_072209.jpg (20320 bytes)

moxy2_072209.jpg (18422 bytes)

moxy3_072209.jpg (27262 bytes)

moxy4_072209.jpg (33812 bytes)

07/16/09 Please join in our latest raffle to help with veterinary expenses!  We are pleased to offer three lovely items -- just follow this link to learn more about them.

But please hurry:  the raffle ends on 07/31/09!


Today was LONG!  But it went well.  We are all tired and will likely sleep well tonight.

This is Rusty before being gelded prancing in his stall.  He is gaining weight.  We checked his teeth when he was out today; and there are many, many sharp points.  Dr. Bess is out of town but, as soon as she gets back, she will be out to work on him.  He and Haley have both gained weight are looking (and feeling) better.

Bernice waited with Rusty to make sure he woke up OK and stood and was stable.  Many humans checked on all of the boys throughout the day.  Rusty is very vocal and makes us all laugh. 

Velvet had several X-rays done of her knee today.  Her old injury is quite remarkable.  We were told that when she was under a year old when she was found in the pasture with a knee injury one morning.  No X-rays or anything were done; she had to have been in a lot of pain.  Today we learned that she has an old carpal fracture.  There were more X-rays done today, then Dr. Ryan had thought would need to be done, and the bill is going to be a couple of hundred higher then we expected.  Amazingly, Velvet has been sound since she has been here.  About three days ago, she ran around the main paddock for the first time, then became lame, and it was swelling.  Dr. Ryan says she needs down time, and she should be sound at a walk again; but she can't go back out with the others to run.  We are going to get her a knee boot like the one Zaynah is getting, which should help.  She isn't happy about not going out, but it is best for her.  She is one of the sweetest mares I've ever met.

Good news on Abby!  She has no rotation in her back feet.  There is some rotation in her front but, between Dr. Ryan, Ola (our farrier), and Dr. Das, we feel that we can help her be comfortable.  Dr. Ryan had to do more X-rays than he thought on her, too.  She does have metabolic issues -- we adjusted her diet last year to help with this, and she was started back on Thyroid L today.  She would really benefit from a treatment by Dr. Das. 

Abby had a putty wedge applied to each front foot, and they were wrapped.  She seemed somewhat comfortable after that and is in a stall for a few days.  Normally she gets very upset when she is not with Granny, but she is fine.  She was hand-walked around the barn for a bit this evening and seemed better then she has been in days.  Her eyes were brighter, too; it made me feel very good.  I've been really worried about her.

Captain is doing well.

Little Dillon was not a happy pony, but he also did well. 

Amadeus before his appointment with Dr. Ryan.

Dr. Ryan took the picture for this one!  One last picture with Amadeus before being gelded -- he's such a doll! 

But he was back up and doing well before Dr. Ryan left.  Dr. Ryan thought it best to let Amadeus have his choice of going into his stall or not.  His mom is on the other side of the property, and he couldn't see her.  By not locking him in his stall, he was able to at least visit over the fence with Little E and, later, with Captain and Zaynah, which he appreciated.

Amadeus this evening with Little E.

Tonight, all the boys are doing well.  All took their meds like good patients except for Amadeus.  He didn't like it, but he got the meds anyway.  None of them had any problems with bleeding or being sedated.  We're all very happy it is over.  Tomorrow Rusty and Dillon get to go back out.

rusty1_071509.jpg (19636 bytes)

rusty2_071509.jpg (18685 bytes)

velvet_071509.jpg (25889 bytes)

abby1_071509.jpg (29932 bytes)

abby2_071509.jpg (37876 bytes)

captain_071509.jpg (47269 bytes)

dillon_071509.jpg (34411 bytes)

amadeus1_071509.jpg (36277 bytes)

amadeus2_071509.jpg (17185 bytes)

amadeus3_071509.jpg (31517 bytes)

amadeus4_071509.jpg (25639 bytes)

amadeus5_071509.jpg (25715 bytes)


I had to call Dr. Ryan out today to examine Abby and Velvet.  Abby has had quite a time for at least the last year but has been worst these past couple of days.  She has history of founder in her front feet.  She has arthritis in her hind end and an old injury in her back right.  It is an effort for her to get around -- she doesn't want to put any weight on the front end or the back end.  Dr. Ryan thinks she may have also foundered in her back feet -- she needs x-rays of all feet.  Velvet came to the rescue, very pregnant, with an old injury to her knee.  She is only five years old.  She was lame in her injured her knee yesterday and is stall-bound at this time.  X-rays of her injured knee were never done at the time of the original injury when she was a baby.

While Dr. Ryan was here he checked Amadeus, Dillon, and Rusty and says they are all ready to be gelded!  They all feel good enough now to let us know they really are studs.  I'm sure everyone remembers Amadeus, our HUGE baby!  He was revived at birth through mouth-to-nose resuscitation.  Dillon is the 10-month-old paint pony whose mother was taken from him when he was very young -- he lacked proper nutrition, and his growth was somewhat stunted.  Dr. Ryan believes he sustained a fracture to his pelvis but managed to survive.  The fracture was recently reinjured, and he was brought to us in hopes that we could help him.  He is being treated by Dr. Das, our holistic vet, which includes chiropractic and acupuncture; and he is doing better.  The third stud, Rusty, is the 8-year-old mini-stud that recently came to us with a 4=year-old pregnant mini-mare.

We need help in raising $982 in order to have the three boys gelded ($250 each plus meds) and eight X-rays ($29) done on two horses as soon as possible.  Anne is on the road from Louisiana back to Florida and will be posting specifics by tomorrow about a fundraiser to help with these costs.  The raffle fundraiser will include many very nice items, and there will be a suggested donation of $10 per ticket. 

e have incurred many unexpected expenses lately.  The farm tractor is now running great, but the repair bill was over $1,000.  The small tractor is dead; the motor is shot.  We have nothing to use to mow the small paddocks or around the barn with; we actually had to hire someone to mow Amadeus' paddock today.  We do have snakes on the property, and the last thing we need is for one of the horses to get bitten.  They really like the tall grass.  Buttercup was bitten a few months ago and is very blessed to still be with us today.  The farrier bill in the past two weeks was over $800, and we need a ton of hay.  It all adds up so fast.  Please consider participating in the upcoming raffle -- thank you in advance.

As I was typing this, I received some good news!  Jeanne had success this evening finding some help form Front Range Equine Rescue: they have offered to pay 30% of the gelding costs from their Stop the Backyard Breeder Program.  Thank youm FRER!  With this, we still need $525 toward the geldings, funds for the meds, and funds for the X-rays.  This is a lot to hit us at one time.  Also, donations can be called in directly to our vet's office, Peterson & Smith, at 352-237-6151.  If you make a donation this way, please let us know so we can make sure you get a tax receipt.

Please say prayers for Abby -- all of them could use prayers, but Abby more so right now.

I'm not looking forward to this :gelding party" in the morning, but there are so many babies that there is no need to breed.

Thank you, everyone, for your support as always -- God bless you, and know that we appreciate you!

07/12/09 Hi everyone!  I apologize for the lack of communication lately.  Anne is away from home, and our satellite dish got hit by lightning, and my Internet connection comes and goes.  The company is supposed to be out tomorrow to fix it. Here's an update on some of the horses.

Dr. Munroe examined Haley, and she is about three months pregnant. Dr. Munroe feels Haley should be able to carry the baby to term.  Rusty is doing well and is slowly gaining weight.  Blood work should be back on Monday.  As soon as Rusty is healthy enough, Dr. Ryan will be gelding him.  He's one of the most hyper studs I've ever met, but he is so funny and fun to be around!

It's a little hard to see, but here is Haley's baby.

Zaynah is doing well; she and Captain are still best buds.  Dr. Das came this past Friday and worked on her and Dillon.  A special knee boot is being ordered for Zaynah, and it should arrive this coming week.  Captain had a massage by Maggie and absolutely loved it.  He felt much better after and even trotted to his next meal!

Dillon is such a doll!  He's grown a bit.  Dr. Ryan ran a fecal test which came back negative, but we wormed him once more and I'm glad we did!  He's passing more worms!  When Dr. Das worked on him a couple of days ago, she said his hips were a bit ouchy, but he is better.  She will be back to treat him again in a couple of weeks.

Val is doing OK. She and Little E are sharing a paddock during the nights.  During the day, Little E is turned out around the house where there is a lot of green grass.  Val is on a diet, and we just can't let her graze like she did.  She looks like a blimp!  We still have to clean her out once a day.

Amadeus is being weaned but is doing fine.  Velvet was in the paddock next to him for about a week but, a couple of days ago, I turned her into the main paddock with Layla and put Val next to Amadeus along with Little E.  Little E and Amadeus groom each other over the fence -- it's really cute.  Amadeus will be gelded within the next week or so. Velvet and Layla can usually be found grazing close to each other. I  think Velvet is a bit relieved that Amadeus is no longer nursing.  He's still huge!

Layla is doing wonderful.  She's full of life and runs and kicks up her heels at times.  She's such a sweet mare.  We will be holding a fundraiser soon to help cover the cost of the surgery to her ear.

Granny Jewels is doing OK but Abby, Granny's best friend, isn't doing very well and could use some prayers.  With the arthritis in her back legs and ouchy feet in the front, she has nowhere to shift her weight to help make her comfortable and has a tough time moving around.

Magic is doing awesome!  He will now let volunteers groom him -- to an extent.  One of our new volunteers, Diane, has been able to start working out some of the dreadlocks in his mane.  He keeps Amadeus company as they are right next to each other.

Momma Sue and the girls are doing great.  The girls are getting to be so big and even more beautiful!  Silver Belle still "talks" in her sleep.

We have two new volunteers:  Diane and her daughter, Jessica.  They are really nice and love working with the horses. It's a pleasure to have them here.  Jenny is here for a couple of more weeks to help care for and spoil the horses.  She and Bernel went to Ivory Pal's performance in Ocala this weekend.  We celebrated Blodwyn's birthday with a cake this past week. J enny and Bernice pulled all of the weeds (in the rain!) in the paddock that Valentine is staying in -- that was a lot of weeds!!  Now, only 17.25 acres to go!  Bernice and John's daughter, Katie, is here for the summer; and it's nice to have her back. My daughter, Katie, just got back from a week-long retreat with the church group.

I'm very pleased to announce that the big farm tractor is working better then ever!  Unfortunately, the engine in smaller tractor that we use in the small paddocks has bit the dust.  We are looking for a commercial grade, zero turn mower to replace it.  Even though the broken tractor is only good for some parts, we will be putting it on Craigs List for sale.  Money from its sale will be put towards the purchase of a replacement mower.  If anyone knows of any rental or other store that may sell one at a deep discount along with a tax write-off, please let us know.

We will be updating the webpage for TTF in the next day or so.  We have a couple of important announcements to make and will need support from all of you to help make sure justice is served for Tonka, Dingolay, and Brook and her stillborn foal.  A lot has been happening, but more is yet to come.

Anne is still away from home and has very limited access to the computer for the next several days.  Once she gets settled back home, we'll be announcing a new fundraiser to help with the costs of gelding three horses if Dr. Ryan says they are all up to it.  Also, we have some very beautiful and special note cards that we will be offering that were created by a very talented artist who lives in Sarasota, Kathryn Baker. She did a beautiful drawing of Sammi and Joy that she presented to me just after the girls left for their new home -- the tears did roll!  It is on the wall by my desk in the office and I look at it often.

Thanks everyone --have a blessed week!

haley-rusty_071209.jpg (47015 bytes)

haley-baby_071209.jpg (24121 bytes)

dillon_071209.jpg (28893 bytes)

amadeus_071209.jpg (34343 bytes)

magic_071209.jpg (30804 bytes)

momma-sue_071209.jpg (35277 bytes)

drawing_071209.jpg (22108 bytes)


We are happy to announce that the paint colt now has a name!

His official name is Dillon. Thank you to all who participated in the Name Game.

colt_070509.jpg (60380 bytes)


Here's the darling little stud.  I am told he is 7 years old.

mini-stud1_070309.jpg (43245 bytes)

mini-stud2_070309.jpg (45609 bytes)

mini-mare1_070309.jpg (40380 bytes)

mini-mare2_070309.jpg (36759 bytes)

terry-layla_070309.jpg (34784 bytes)

07/02/09 Dingolay (Layla) today:  She feels GOOD! layla1_070209.jpg (29778 bytes)

layla2_070209.jpg (21073 bytes)

layla3_070209.jpg (30719 bytes)

(later PM)

Please don't forget about our eBay items: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/tresa0323.  I personally LOVE the Curlin print!

Also, we are eagerly awaiting July 4th so we can choose a name for the colt.  If you haven't submitted your name, it's not too late!  Here is the original post about his Name Game:

We are still at a crossroads to find a name for the new Paint colt.  So, what better way to help find a name than to open up a name game!!  A suggested donation of $5.00 per name is appreciated.  Please be sure to email your name choice(s) to me so I can add them to the pot.  Donations can be sent to the rescue, or made at http://beautysequinerescue.org/donate.htm.  We will keep the Name Game open until July 4th.

The colt was feeling a bit frisky on Sunday.  He even ran around the house a bit.

The colt seems like he has grown a couple of inches already! 

Silver Belle is as beautiful as ever.  Surprisingly, she was the most misbehaved today for the farrier.  She and Amadeus have become good friends and, as soon as he left the barn, she started fussing. 

Layla, Velvet, and Amadeus.  Layla is doing very well.  Dr. Ryan wants her to put on more weight before admitting her to the hospital to get the dentitious (not sure how to spell it) tooth removed.

Amadeus' first trim.  He was a good big boy.

The baby has gone poop since Dr. Ryan came.  He's still got a bloated tummy, and we'll be keeping a close eye on him.  Dr. Ryan said his growth was stunted and his body isn't exactly proportionate but we'll see how he does over time.  We think he'll be just fine.

Zaynah is doing well, getting stronger each day.

Captain is handling the heat well, but is thankful for our new Porta Cool unit.

Captain and Zaynah are still great friends. They share their hay each day.

And little Val.  She's getting a special sweet potato mash meal a couple of times a day now as directed by Dr. Das.  She loves it!

Amadeus is maturing quite rapidly.  He has dropped and will be gelded in about two weeks.  Today was the first day he and his mom were separated by a fence.  He is in the right side of the barn peeking out.  He seems to like it in there!  Neither Amadeus nor Velvet has had any issues today being apart.  We'll see what the first night brings -- hopefully it will be a quiet one and all will sleep well.

paint-colt1_070109.jpg (44529 bytes)

paint-clt2_070109.jpg (36095 bytes)

silver_070109.jpg (43806 bytes)

layla_070109.jpg (46351 bytes)

amadeus_070109.jpg (28420 bytes)

paint-colt3_070109.jpg (43310 bytes)

zaynah_070109.jpg (41654 bytes)

captain_070109.jpg (37602 bytes)

captain-zaynah_070109.jpg (33424 bytes)

val_070109.jpg (38768 bytes)

amadeus2_070109.jpg (33707 bytes)

(early PM)

Dear All:  We will have a longer update later, but I wanted to let you know the paint colt is colicking.  It may be from the amount of worms he had/has, or gas, or both.  Dr. Ryan was called and has tubed and oiled him, along with giving him some meds.  Please keep him in your prayers.  It does appear to be a mild colic.

Please don't forget about his Name Game:
  We are still at a crossroads to find a name for the new paint colt.  So, what better way to help find a name than to open up a name game!!  A suggested donation of $5.00 per name is appreciated.  Please be sure to email your name choice(s) to me (anneboris@windstream.net) so I can add them to the pot.  Donations can be sent to the rescue, or made at http://beautysequinerescue.org/donate.htm.

We will keep the Name Game open until July 4th.

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