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January 2011

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Dr. Ryan called this am - the preliminary report from the nasal washes is that the girls have Strep Zoo but it is not yet definitive.  They want to continue to grow the culture for another 24 - 48 hours.  The girls had a rough few of days - temps up to 104+ but their fevers broke in the wee hours of yesterday morning.  They have since maintained within normal limits and neither has received any Banamine for 36+ hours now.  Both are eating and drinking and want out of their stalls!   

Kami was having such a hard time breathing we got her some pelleted bedding over the weekend to replace the dusty shavings and helped a lot.  I would recommend them to anyone with a horse that has respiratory issues that must be in a stall.  The problem is that they are very expensive. 

I'll update when we get more info from the lab.  The farrier should be here any minute to trim the mini's.  I came in to shower and change - we're taking all precautionary measures to keep whatever the girls have contained in the barn which means I get to shower/change clothes about 3 times a day.  Jessie and Ron are here visiting with the horses and I want to spend time with them - it’s always a pleasure to see them. 

Have a great day - more later!


Dr. Ryan came today and did nasal flushes on Kami and Kandi.  They are both tucked into their stalls munching on hay.  They are eating and drinking fine.  I’ve been trying to get MareStare up and working on my computer so everyone can watch Little Miss Kami Comet but will have to try again tomorrow - I’m computer challenged.  J The girls could use angels to help with their vetting – they’d appreciate it very much (so would we)!  We hope to have results from the flushes tomorrow so we know how to treat them.



Kandi wasn’t too happy with the nasal flush but she tolerated it.






Kami was actually pretty good (she wasn’t feeling well).






The new shelter in the QT paddock was finished just in time for the arrival of some of the herd of mini’s that we are helping - 7 mares and 7 studs (soon to be geldings!).  It’s only because of help from PetSmart Charities that we are able to help these little ones.  The owner loves this herd tremendously but due to changes in life these little ones need to find homes.  We are glad we are able to help - thank you PetSmart Charities!



MiniMiniThe mini’s unloaded and settled right into the QT paddock.  They are all very sweet.  They will be seeing Dr. Ryan in the morning and will be getting trims by Bo (farrier) in the next week.  One has locking stifles and will be evaluated for corrective surgery.  Over the next few weeks the mini’s will be getting vaccinations, getting their teeth done, studs will be gelded, and we will be learning their dispositions in order to help place them in just the right homes.








Vince (another farrier) has been rescheduled for February 9th - we have three hooficure ($35) covered, seven to go – does anyone want to help?  Time creeps up on me so it’s good that we have more time.  Gentleman, Lana, Legacy, Asiya, Shaker, Joy, Frodo, Bouie, Aaleyah, and Momma Sue are to be done.  Shaker, Frodo, and Bouie are covered. 

Please keep Kami and Kandi in your prayers.

Have a good night and a great weekend everyone - stay warm!


KandiKandi had a snotty nose this morning – I took her temp and it was up to 102.9 so then I took Kami’s which was up to 102.8.  Dr. Ryan examined them and pulled CBC’s – both girls were very good for him.  They both got Banamine.  Tonight their temps are within normal limits and they are munching on hay in their stalls. 




Morning Star

Morning Star looks rather handsome in his new blanket.  He wants Kandi to get better so they can run and play.






The floor was installed in the new shelter in the QT paddock today and the shelter is finished!  I’ll get a picture of it tomorrow – the day was over before I knew it.





I’m very glad to report that Beauty is ever so slightly better - she even smiled for the camera today!  She did move better today then she has since her injury.



Sky is doing very well and is scheduled to be gelded late next week.  We thought we had a home for him but it didn’t work out.  He will be available for adoption in just a few weeks.  If anyone is interested please let us know. 

Valentine’s blood work came back and indicates something going on with her adrenal glands.  She has been laying down a lot lately.  Val is still unable to push her poop out – we still clean her out every evening.  We’ve been doing this for over 1½ years now.  She’s a sweet little pony and has tolerated it well. 

We hope everyone had a good week.  We’ve really been busy but that’s nothing new.  We are trying to come up with fundraiser’s – if anyone has any ideas please let us know.  We’re still having to buy lots of hay – we’re going to make a hay run in the morning to get us through the weekend.  I was disappointed today to see that the cost of grain has gone up – everything is going up – it needs to stop!  Donations for hay can be called into Berrittini at 352-629-1447.

This month has been another month of costly vetting.  Any and all help would be so very much appreciated.  Donations can be called directly into the vet’s office (Peterson & Smith) at 352-237-6151. 

Also, the farrier will be coming to do 10 horses – would anyone like to cover a hooficure?  They’re $35 each – a quick expense of $350.

Believe me, no amount of a donation is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.  God bless and thank you. 

(Kami and Kandi)
Dr. Ryan is on his way out.  Both girls have temps and snotty noses.  The weather here has been really nuts – 65 degrees or so during the day (but sometimes really windy) and below freezing at night.  Blankets on, blankets off.  It’s nuts! 



Beauty is ever so slightly better.  Dr. Das worked on her this past Monday.  Casper is doing well.





I’ve been so busy I haven’t taken many pictures lately but hopefully things will slow down a bit and I will start.  I enjoy sharing the horses! 

TB Gelding


We’ve been receiving many calls to take horses – we can’t but we do network to try to help.  Here is one TB gelding that we aren’t able to take but we are providing feed and hay.  The owner left him on someone else’s property and for awhile the owner were taking the horse hay but then they stopped.  The person that owns the property can’t afford to feed him. 




MajorAnd here is a gaited QH (possibly Morgan cross) that needs a home ASAP.

“Major” desperately needed to get out of a situation where the main caretaker had to leave the home.  The Humane Society under normal situations deals with dogs and cats but does try to help those in need like Major’s case.  Currently, the Humane Society does not have a facility to take animals but we do network with rescues around the State of Florida to help save their lives.


MajorMajor’s past history includes riding in confederate reenactments.  He is a gaited Quarter Horse gelding that is approx. 20 years old.  He can be ridden and he is great with kids and dogs.  He has a wonderful, sweet personality.  His most recent caretaker rescued him and a companion from a situation where they were being neglected.  I was able to contact the main caretaker and was told that Major was the alpha in that situation, especially at feed time.

MajorMajor’s past history includes riding in confederate reenactments.  He is a gaited Quarter Horse gelding that is approx. 20 years old.  He can be ridden and he is great with kids and dogs.  He has a wonderful, sweet personality.  His most recent caretaker rescued him and a companion from a situation where they were being neglected.  I was able to contact the main caretaker and was told that Major was the alpha in that situation, especially at feed time.

Currently, he is being fed Alfalfa with Orchard grass.  He is also being fed Purina Senior Equine with Electrolytes.  The main caretaker did say that he is great on a pasture but should avoid Round Bales and Coastal because he gorges himself and has coliced.  We have been feeding him twice a day and have had no problems.  Also, he is used to wearing a horse blanket in the cold temperatures. 

He is also used to having a companion. If you can help, please contact Michelle at 352-486-5705.




The banner is hanging on!  We thought for sure the high winds were going to blow it away a couple of days ago!




We’re looking for good homes for Joy and Shaker.  They’re very pregnant and we’d like for them to have some weeks to settle into a new home before the babies are born.  If anyone knows anyone that may be interested – please have them contact us ASAP.  

I’ll update later about the girls.  Have a great day everyone!


Cali got her wings this evening and is now running pain free with the heavenly herd.  Her adoptive family was with her and Cali knows she was loved by many.  Until we see you again Cali girl, know that you are in our hearts and thoughts, always.  We love you.

Cali    Cali

Cali and Herd



Cali, healthy and happy, running with the BHFER herd.




First an update on Cali.  She had an impaction - we are not sure why but she is feeling better and her diet has been changed.  The vet thinks it may be because of the change of the weather and she may not have been drinking enough water.  The vet did oil her today.  Her adoptive family will be watching over her all night.  She will be closely monitored and I’ll get an update tomorrow.  She is due for her 2nd dose of the strangles vaccine next Friday.  Then she has to wait 2 weeks before she will come to us.  Her adoptive family and I talked at great length today and we all agree that Cali’s comfort level and quality of life are most important.  Her adoptive mom and I will be talking again tomorrow and I’ll update.



Skywalker had his teeth done yesterday by Dr. Bess - this was likely his first ever dental treatment but he was a very good boy.  Just look at how well he’s filled in – he’s looking great – far from the skinny horse that we picked up just before Christmas!






After stopping for a few seconds to think about it he loaded right up in Dr. Bess’ trailer.






He has an extra tooth on the top and it had really pushed others around - one is broken off at about the gum line.  Dr. Bess said this is one of the worst cases she has seen.  I can’t imagine anyone trying to put a bit in his mouth.






It’s hard to see in the picture but where the top tooth was broken off there is a hole the size of a quarter in his tongue.  There were many blisters from sharp points in his mouth – his teeth were in no position to actually grind his food.  Dr. Bess said he likely swallowed grain whole.  When he would eat he would tilt his head to the side – perhaps trying to keep food out of the broken off tooth pocket.







Dr. Bess did a great job.  She aged Skywalker at 7 vs. 4 years old.







He was still a little sleepy coming off the trailer and likely couldn’t believe how different his mouth felt.






We tucked him back into his stall for the night and he’s getting mash for a couple of days.  He’s a stunning horse and very sweet.  His foster mom, Pam, is going a great job with him.  His next appointment will be with Dr. Ryan in 2 weeks to be gelded.  If anyone needs a horse transported – give Pam a call at Double B Transport – she does a great job and her rates are very reasonable. 




Mini Horse



I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  It’s very cold here and we’ve been very busy with normal chores and we’re getting a lot of paperwork caught up in the office but have a lot more to do.  This past week we have also been busy working on a case of a herd of miniature horses that need homes.  I will have an announcement, likely tomorrow evening, about them.  Here’s a sneak peek of one of the cuties…



My mare, Beauty, is ever so slightly better.  She isn’t shaking her head like she was but is still very tender all over and is slow moving.  Dr. Das will likely come on Monday or Tuesday to work on her again.  It’s fun to watch Kandi around Beauty.  Even though Beauty pins her ears at Kandi - Kandi ignores it and continues to eat hay near Beauty – just outside of biting range.  But Beauty seems to be pinning her ears a little less each day.  I actually caught Beauty resting her head on Kandi yesterday – never thought I’d see that!

We appreciate everyone’s continued support and please keep Cali and Beauty in your prayers.  We are truly thankful for coupons to help with grain that some have been sending to us – they help a lot.  As always, we appreciate all donations – no amount is too small.  We will need to purchase more hay by next Saturday.  We’ve had some fence boards that we had to replace and need to resupply our stock.  One of the solar charges broke and we need to get it fixed.  We are still making monthly payments on the much needed zero turn mower that we purchased on credit some months ago.  One of the golf carts just came out of the shop for maintenance and a minor repair.  Overhead costs aren’t cheap – electricity, maintenance and repairs to farm equipment, insurance, etc.  It all adds up but without these things we can’t operate and help the horses.  We continue to apply for grants to help but for now we need help covering them.  Donations to help with hay can be called into Berrittini Feed at 352-629-1447.  Donations to help with the vet bill can be called directly into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151 and please remember – no amount is too small.  Donations can be made via the “Donate” page on our website

God bless and have a great weekend – stay warm!



On Saturday, February 5th and Saturday, February 12th, 2011 Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue will be holding a bake/horse treat sale to celebrate “Florida Week for the Animals!”  All proceeds will go towards feed and care of the horses at the rescue. 

Also, during the month of February we will be offering 50% off of our adoption fees!  Adoption applications will be available at the bake/horse treat sales along with information on horses that are available.

The bake/horse treat sale will be held at Publix Supermarket located at 2765 NW 49th Avenue in Ocala, FL on February 5th from 10 am until 4 pm.
Another bake/horse treat sale will be held at Tractor Supply, 7351 N US Hwy 441 in Ocala, FL on February 12th from 10 am until 4 pm.
Visit our website at beautysequinerescue.org and you’ll find information on some of the horses that are available.  Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue is located in Morriston, FL and the rescue is known for taking the abused, abandoned, and neglected horses of all breeds and ages that no one else will.  To learn more about Florida Animal Week click here:  http://www.floridaanimalweek.com

Please visit our website:  beautysequinerescue.org
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
PO Box 53
Morriston, FL 32668


We hope everyone is having a good week.  Today the weather is warmer and the sun is shining – it feels good!

Dr. Das worked on Casper this past Monday.  He’s amazed all of us how well he is recovering.  We will have blood work done on him in a few weeks.  He really is the “comeback kid!”  It’s so very good to see light in his eyes again.


Dr. Das also worked on Beauty.  Based on her exam and findings it is believed that Beauty reared and flipped over backwards.  Her neck and spine were out of alignment.  She is body sore from head to toe and she bruised both front feet.  I’m very relieved that Dr. Das believes she is not trying to get laminitis.  BeautySadly, this incident could have been prevented.  Someone doing court ordered community service hours (a retired jockey!) left wire on the ground next to her shelter the evening before the morning that I found her injured.  She likely stepped on the wire during the night which spooked her which caused her to rear up and go over backwards and then she likely got up and ran as hard and as fast as she could, bruising her front feet.  I heard the horses running around 5:30 that morning – that was likely when it happened.  The metal wire was pretty mangled and it’s a miracle she didn’t cut herself of injure herself worse.  It’s going to take some time for her to heal.  I hope and pray that she fully recovers soon.  Dr. Das will work on her again in a couple of weeks.  Beauty is around the barn spending time with Kami, Kandi, and Casper.  She doesn’t usually like many other horses but she’s tolerating the girls.  She pins her ears at them but doesn’t charge them like she normally would – she just feels too bad.   


SkywalkerCaptain’s Skywalker is doing great.  Look at how well he is filling out! 








When he came to us he had wounds to both sides of his face - I suspected he was ridden with a hackamore (rather harshly) and a tie down.  His teeth are really bad and he likely wouldn’t take a bit and I don’t blame him.  Dr. Bess will be working on his teeth within the week.







Sadly, while body clipping him, his foster mom found scars on him that confirmed our suspicions – here is a scar where a tie down would go – perhaps a cable tie down?  He also has scars where the girth would go.  Whatever training he had likely wasn’t a good experience for him.





New Shelter


Construction of a new shelter in the QT paddock started this week – it’s coming right along!  Weather permitting, it will be done by Monday – Tuesday at the latest.  This shelter replaced the fabric tent shelter that had been torn apart by the elements – it is much needed and we truly appreciate the donor that made this possible.




Beauty oversaw the unloading of 2 tons of hay – we truly appreciate the donor that made this possible too!


Isn’t she beautiful?!


Kandi and Beauty


Kandi has really taken to Beauty.  Beauty tolerates her – she doesn’t chase her off but does pin her ears at her sometimes.




The farrier came again yesterday and did 5 more horses – it’s just been really busy but at least the weather has been better.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 


Cali’s vet did her follow-up today and the melanoma’s are no better but they are no worse – without additional tests/treatment he could not give me a prognosis.  Her adopter has had a change in her job that requires her to work long hours and she is not able to provide the constant care that Cali needs.  Until we get Cali back here, and Dr. Ryan examines her and additional tests/treatments are accomplished, we won’t know to what extent we will be able to help her but we will do all we can.  I asked the vet to run a full chemistry panel on her today so that Dr. Ryan and Dr. Das will have a baseline to start with.  Cali’s immune system is already compromised and we want her to have the strangles vaccine before she returns (it’s 2 intranasal doses spaced 2 weeks apart) and we need the QT paddock to be empty.  Construction of a small shelter in the QT paddock will be accomplished next week (weather permitting) and she’ll return on the first weekend after her 2nd dose of the intranasal vaccine.

CaliThis is Cali the day we picked her up in 2007.  She and Casper came in together – both very underweight.







CaliThis is Cali in 2008.  She’s a beautiful girl with a heart of gold.  She and Casper were best of friends.






Please include Cali and Casper in your prayers.  Casper seems to be better each day - Dr. Das will be here on Monday afternoon to work on him.  Thank you!


Just a quick update – it’s COLD!  I know it’s colder in many places but this is Florida and it isn’t supposed to be this cold!  Here are a few pictures taken over the last week or so.  Enjoy…

CasperWe’re very happy to report that Casper is doing better each day.  Dr. Das will be here early next week to work on him.  He’d lost weight but appears to be putting it back on slowly.  He’s not out of the woods but he is better and for that we are thankful.  Here is something I want to share though.  Casper was on Previcox for arthritis and it made a big difference.  However, studies have shown that Previcox, in some cases, can damage the liver.  We switched Casper to Cetyl-M for his arthritis and put him on milk thistle and he started improving a few days after.  I don’t know if the Previcox had anything to do with his liver issues or not - I just know that a few days after we discontinued it he started to improve.  It’s something to think about and I will forever be in debt to the person that pointed this out to me and suggested that we discontinue the Previcox.  I really, truly, thought we were going to lose him.


Morning Star


Morning Star was gelded last week.




Morning StarHe was awake and back up looking for his mom in no time - he’s healing just fine.





Morning Star

Morning Star is an escape artist – he’s managed to wiggle his way out of, or rip apart, every blanket I’ve put on him.  Today I dug out the last one that is anywhere close to fitting him.  It’s pink but it will help him to stay warm if he doesn’t rip it off!  No sooner did I get it on him he started to try to get it off.  I just checked on him again, about 3 hours later, and he’s still got it on so maybe he now realizes it is a good thing.  If anyone has a spare size 60 waterproof blanket we could certainly use it.





Kathy came to visit last week and unfortunately it started raining about 5 minutes before she arrived - but she did get to say hello to the ones in the barn.

Little E


Little E loves his blanket.  He’s such a hoot!  How do you like that debonair smile?




I got some very troubling news today.  I called to order another ton of hay and learned that the price has now gone up to $460 per ton!!!!!  How will we get through the cold season with prices going up like this?  We paid $365 a ton just over a month ago and then it went up to $410 and now this – it’s outrageous!  This is our daughter, Katie, unloading some hay last weekend – the bales almost weighted more then she does!




Shaker and Joy are still very, very pregnant!  Joy loves to stay dirty – brush her up and in no time at all she’s in the dirt rolling again!






Dixie is doing great and is as sweet as ever.









Beauty is staying in the barn for now - she is having issues with her front feet.




The farrier trimmed her and found bruising in both feet.  When Dr. Ryan examined her on Monday her digital pulses were up.  X-rays were taken and there’s no rotation but she is being treated for laminitis.  She’s always been a healthy girl and we’re not sure what brought this about.  I hope and pray she recovers quickly – she has me worried.  Please keep her in your prayers.



Baby Ray


Baby Ray gave us quite the scare – he decided he wanted to lay down and hug a fence post but then got stuck!  We rolled him over and he was just fine.  I just hope he doesn’t try to do this again – especially at night.





Kandi seems to really like Beauty and spends a lot of time outside of her stall.  Kandi is Shaker’s baby girl - Shaker is due to foal again sometime in March based on an ultrasound that was done after she arrived here.  Joy is due about the same time.  We would love to find good homes for them really soon – in time for them to settle in with their own human families before the babies come.




I hope everyone is staying warm and is having a wonderful week.  Please keep Beauty, Casper, and Cali in your prayers.  And let’s all pray that the cold eases up soon! 

If anyone would like to help with hay for the horses, donations for alfalpha can be called directly into Berrittini Hay at 352-629-1447.  And we buy timothy for $407 per ton from Larson Farms and their number is 352-867-8333.  Any amount would help and would be greatly appreciated.  Figure $460 every 4 days and it’s downright expensive!  We’re trying to come up with some fundraisers to help.  And if anyone has any Purina coupons for grain we could certainly use them and thanks to everyone that has already sent us coupons – they help a lot!  God bless and thanks everyone for your continued support!


We hope everyone had a good weekend.  It’s so cold here – the winds are horrible.  We didn’t even take the blankets off of some of the horses today. 

Here’s an update on a few of the horses:

Kami and Prince are doing fine.  Momma Sue is doing better than she was before the latest treatment and is able to get up better now if she lays down (most of the time).  She’s walking well and trots around now and then.  GMan is doing very well – he’s such a sweetie! 

Princess has an approved home lined up but won’t be leaving yet.  We had a PCR test run on her late this past week and it came back yesterday as positive – this indicates the presence of strep equi bacteria - be it dead or alive.  The test could be a false positive - we’ll discuss it with Dr. Ryan in the morning and likely run a culture on her.  She has no symptoms at all and is doing really well.  She loves to talk and is such a sweet mare. 

I’m sorry to say that Cali likely won’t be coming back.  After seeing the pictures of where and how bad the melanomas are, and speaking with Dr. Ryan and Cali’s the current vet, and saying lots of prayers, we’ve decided that she should finish the full 2 week course of prescribed treatment that she started a week ago and then have her current vet examine her again.  If the melanomas are no better, she will cross Rainbow Bridge with those that she’s known as her family for the last two years.  There are also tumors in her mouth and likely internally throughout her body - she’s lost quite a bit of weight.  We won’t ask her to travel 2.5 hrs to come back to the rescue in order to be helped across Rainbow Bridge - it wouldn’t be fair to her, Casper, or to the humans that love her.  This wasn’t an easy decision - we can only hope for a miracle in the next week or so.  If there is an improvement, we will bring her back but it doesn’t look good. 

I’m very happy to report that Casper is doing remarkably better!  He’s getting his supplements and eating all of his 5 meals throughout the day, he isn’t hanging his head any longer, and he has interest in what is going on around him again.  It is very good to see him better – we hope he continues to improve.  Dr. Das will be coming out to work on him as soon as she can work him in to her schedule.

Beauty is having some problems and Dr. Das will be working on her too.  She’s weak in her right shoulder and her hindquarters seem a bit unsteady which could be because of how she is shifting her weight away from her shoulder.  There’s no swelling or apparent soreness. 

Kandi and Kami


Look at how big Kandi has grown!  Both girls have a fuzzy winter coat.




Kami Dancing


And here is Miss Kami doing her version of the Cricket Dance with all 4 off the ground…Kami Furry Belly




Just look at that furry tummy!  Both girls had hooficures on Friday.



Thank you to everyone that helped with our most recent needs list - I’m happy to report that we have shavings, a ton of hay was delivered yesterday morning, the farrier bill was covered, and much of the vet bill is covered – this helps to relieve much stress!  God bless and have a great week everyone!


Momma Sue

Hi Everyone,

Theresa is extremely exhausted this evening but asked that I update you regarding our current needs list. 
An anonymous Angel has generously covered the cost of one ton of Hay. 
The shavings and farrier expenses have also been covered. 
We have received $530 toward the vet bill with a remaining balance of $968.00 and
will be applying Barbara’s Match Game contributions toward such.
We received the results of Casper's blood work which revealed that he may have either chronic inflammation, an abscess or cancer.
The vets from both UF and Peterson & Smith believe that Casper most likely has a chronic inflammation coupled with old age and we
truly hope and pray that they are correct.  We started Casper on milk thistle earlier this week and we are happy to report that today,
he was much more alert, his bowel movements were normal, he ate all of his meals and showed interest in all the happenings around him.
Theresa will post an update tomorrow about Princess and Cali.

Thank you all for your continued generosity, love and support.




Good morning!  Just a quick update as we’ve had some unexpected things come up and we need help.  Cali, a Hanoverian mare that was adopted out in 2008 will be coming back in the next couple of days.  She has some really huge melanomas under her tail, some in her mouth, and likely some internally.  We won’t know how bad they are until she gets here and is examined.  I can tell you that by the pictures I received last night – they are bad.  Cali will be stall bound for an indefinite amount of time – she needs sponsors to help with her routine daily needs as well as upcoming vet care.  We just got our truck back out of the repair shop yesterday, the bill was almost $1800.  The vet bill from December needs to be paid and we need help with a few other things. 

We have some needs and every bit of help is greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.

  • We need a load of shavings ASAP (60 bags) = $285. 
  • We have a farrier coming on Friday and need $250 to cover the ten trims.  This is a different farrier than normally comes.
  • We will need a ton of hay by Saturday = $410
  • We always need grain and alfalpha cubes!
  • Cali needs sponsors for daily routine care (feed, hay, shavings) as well as upcoming vetting and treatment for her tumors
  • Casper needs sponsors to help with his medical care – we should have his test results from UF back today.
  • We need help with the December vet bill which is $1498.17 (this does not include Momma Sue’s treatment – that has been covered).


Credits towards the vet bill can be called into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.
Credits towards hay bales can be called into Berrittini Farms at 352-629-1447.
Credits towards large compressed bales of alfalpha can be called into Larson Farms at 352-867-8333.

If you do call a credit in somewhere please send us an email to let us know to ensure we get you a tax receipt issued.

Please don’t forget about our ongoing fundraisers:  http://beautysequinerescue.org/events.htm

I don’t like having to continuously come back to all of you to ask for help but without you we can’t help the horses.  We truly appreciate any and all help – we’ve just been hit hard with unexpected things lately.  All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.  God bless and have a wonderful day!

01/06/11 event

We hope everyone’s New Year has gotten off to a great start!  We’re staying very busy here but at least the weather has been better. 

HeartHeart settled into his new home just fine.  Here he is with his own young human, Sam.






Here are Heart and Sam taking a nap together – what a dream come true for this wonderful horse!




ArmaniArmani is doing great and was very proud to wear a holiday ribbon for his new human mom!  Our baby is growing up!






Watch Armani enjoy snow for the first time!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xi-0cBSXvg.  And here he is playing with one of his best friends in the snow:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORFTtEWEj0k&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL


Skywalker is doing well – he’s feeling good enough now to run and kick up his heels!  We’ll give him a few more weeks and he will be gelded. 



  Reva and Morning Star


And here aresome pictures of Reva and Morning Star playing – they are just gorgeous!



Reva and Morning Star

Like mother, like son!Reva and Morning Star



He’s got his mom’s awesome disposition. 








Another like mom, like son!






Casper is still not well.  Dr. Ryan advised yesterday that the tests being done at UF will be back this Thursday.  I don’t know why it takes so long and it’s been frustrating having to wait.  We are doing our best to keep him comfortable.  He had diarrhea for several days but made his first “normal” poop the day before yesterday which was really good to see.  He eats small meals throughout the day but he has lost weight.  There have been some days that he had us very, very worried.  We treasure each minute with him – he knows he is loved.  Please keep Casper in your prayers.  We found out something that may cheer him up a bit.  He lived with a Hanoverian mare named Cali for many years before they both came to BH in 2007.  Cali was adopted in 2008.  Well, it looks like she may be coming back.  She had melanoma under her tail when she was adopted that started oozing and bleeding about 2 weeks ago.  She has been seen by a vet and is being treated.  The adopter has asked if Cali can come back and of course, our doors are open for her.  I spoke with Cali’s current vet today and we believe that with treatment she’ll be ok.  He thinks it’s possible that she may have lifted her tail over a fence or something and rubbed it open. 

Casper and Cali


This was Casper and Cali in 2007 not long after they came to us.



Little E


I caught Little E nipping away at hay that was in the back of the truck that is on loan to us from a very generous and kind supporter (thanks Cheri!) while ours is in the repair shop.  Little E gave me a look that said “Hay, I’m busy now, can you please come back later?”  He’s a hoot!


Marie, Momma Sue, Gman


Here’s Marie grooming Momma Sue and GMan looking for a treat!




We hope everyone is having a good week.  We’re still going through a ton of hay about every 4 days which costs $410.  If anyone would like to help provide hay for the horses, a credit can be called into Berrittini at 352-629-1447.  No amount is too small!  All donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.  God bless and thanks everyone!


The cold crisp temperatures arrived early this year at Beauty's Haven!  The horses frolic and play during the cool winter days and at night you can find them snuggled in their warm blankets, hay before them, content and happy while we often have below freezing temperatures.  The lower temperatures remind us that yet another year is coming to an end finding us standing in wonderment as to where the time has gone.

The year was filled with great joy as we celebrated the births of Kami and Morning Star.  We still smile when we think about little miss Kami (aka Kami Comet) in her long version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” video which included pictures taken at, and shortly after, her birth, as well as her shorter, Part 2 verision!  It was also a year of great heartbreak as we witnessed Zaynah, Precious, Granny Jewels, Captain, Nuvita, Baby Passion, and most recently, Savannah, cross Rainbow Bridge to join the Heavenly Herd.   We are honored that these precious horses were a part of our lives, however brief; they will forever remain in our hearts and prayers.

The year was also filled with thankfulness for our wonderful supporters whose generosity has enabled us to help so many precious horses in need including 12 horses (mares and babies) from a neglect case which was a huge undertaking.  We are truly blessed that these magnificent horses have been granted a second chance at life that they so richly deserve.  Two of these mares are pregnant and are due to foal in the spring.

The year was also so very rewarding, albeit quite bittersweet, as many found their loving, forever human families.  The Beauty’s Haven family expands with each adoption!  Tomorrow, Heart leaves for his new home – what a way to end the current year and to start out the New Year!

The year was also filled with wonderful celebrations and fundraising events.  Memorial Day weekend brought together many friends who joined in the “Celebration of Life”, celebrating the birthdays of Aaleyah Belle, Baby Ray, and Amadeus.  It was also a day to honor all our beloved horses that have been laid to rest on Frosty’s Knoll.

The very hot summer months brought great joy to the horses as they happily frolicked in sprinklers.  Watching the horses compete for the cooling waters brought great laughter to all who watched. 

The Obstacle Challenge was a fun filled fall event where humans and horses alike, enjoyed one another’s company while fulfilling our mission of serving and educating the community and raising funds to help feed and care for the horses at the rescue.  We would like to thank each of our wonderful volunteers and to all who gave of themselves to ensure that the Obstacle Challenge was a great success, including the participants. 

We were most fortunate this year to be the recipient of grants which enabled us to build much needed shelters in four of the paddocks.  The shelters shield the horses from the hot summer sun while offering warmth and protection on cold winter days and nights.  We also received a grant to assist us in the replacement of some of the perimeter fence line which became structurally unsafe due to a microburst storm that we experienced in February. 

The year 2010 brought many blessings but there are many other things that we need to accomplish in 2011.  While some of the perimeter fencing was replaced this year there is still about 1300’ that needs to be replaced.  Because the large tractor is too large to fit into the smaller paddocks to mow we had to purchase a commercial grade mower on credit that needs to be paid off.  We have other overhead and maintenance expenses such as the electric bill, replacing fence boards, sod, sand, maintenance of farm equipment, etc.  The barn needs gutters to help prevent washout areas.  We want to implement a microchip and freeze branding program.   We have a big expense coming up in February having to pay the annual liability insurance premium.  We have many Sanctuary horses that will live out there days here that need sponsors.  With the end of 2010 upon us, please consider making a last minute donation to help – all donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. 

Sadly, The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503 and S.727) was not passed during this Congress.  These bills, when passed, will end the slaughter of our precious horses for human consumption and the domestic and international transport of live horses for human consumption.  We pray that both bills will be reintroduced and passed during the upcoming Congress. 

We wish to thank everyone for your continued support.  Your prayers, kindness, and generosity are our strength which enables us to do what we do – it just wouldn’t be possible without you.  Please continue into the New Year with us on our mission of showing each horse that enters through our gates, that here at Beauty’s Haven, because of the help from others, “Life begins again!”  As we go into the New Year we renew our commitment, on our road to rescue, to save more lives and to help those who cannot help themselves.
Kami Xmas        
We extend to each and everyone our eternal gratitude for being an integral part of our family - we wish you all a blessed New Year full of promise, hope, joy, and love! 

Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.



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