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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

(January 2010)

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It was another busy day at the rescue -- not unusual, huh?

Heart got a good grooming today and seemed to enjoy it. W e treated his rain rot, and he seemed to enjoy his warm coat.  We haven't moved horses around yet in order to put him in with Captain.  Tiger left today, but then I went to check on some TB mares not far from us and one was colicing.  By the time I got back to the rescue, it was late.  I went back to check on the mare, and she was no better; so we ended up bringing her here to be treated by the vet, and she will be staying in the QT paddock for now.  As soon as the QT paddock is available, we'll move Summer back over to the QT paddock and get Heart settled in with Captain.

In the meantime, Heart is behind or around the barn.


Here is LadyBug, smiling for the camera!


Isn't she beautiful?!  She's put on some weight and looks very good.



Mommy Theresa, I know that's you!  Can Legacy come out to play now?  I missed playing with him yesterday.  It rained almost all day yesterday and the boys didn't get to play.  Today was pretty cold, but at least it wasn't raining.


Sunshine and the babies enjoy their new paddock.  Now, we just need to get them a shelter!


Bernel visited today and brought her two little "kids" with her.  They're SO cute!  They sounded like little baby R2D2s -- you know, the squeaky robot in Star Wars?!


This is the mare that was/is colicing -- she was tubed and oiled tonight.  Dr. Jennifer feels there is an impaction that should clear.


She's a very sweet mare and, hopefully, she'll be feeling better soon.  While Dr. Jennifer was here, I encouraged Haley to HAVE THAT BABY!  Dr. Jennifer raises minis and is the vet that ultrasounded Haley.

Have a great week, everyone!

I was hoping to share pictures of Heart and Captain today, but the weather was horrible all day.  It rained and rained and didn't let up until late this evening.  Tiger will be leaving tomorrow instead -- it was just too messy to transport him today.  So after he leaves tomorrow, Summer will go back into the QT paddock and then we'll put Heart and Captain in the paddock where Captain and Zaynah used to stay.

I'm thinking we should change Heart's name to "Romeo!"  He's made friends with all the girls around or near the barn except Sunshine.  She keeps him at a distance from Baby Ray.  He and Casper have been both been trying to keep Granny Jewel's attention all day.  When you talk with Heart, he makes human faces -- really, he does!  He seems to be genuinely interested in what you're saying to him.  He's a hoot!  He does love to roll and stay dirty. Thanks so much to everyone for your emails, donations, and phone calls to help Heart.  It's truly a blessing to have him here.  There is so much kindness, caring, and wisdom in his eyes -- he's such a pleasure to be around.  He makes us smile and that is a very good thing.

Heart and Tiger met over the fence today.  Heart loves to "talk" to everyone,  horses and humans.  Heart rolled in just about every sand pit he could find today!  And Tiger has got to be one of the sweetest horses I've ever met.  I know I say that about many horses, but it's true!  Tiger adores attention and has such a calm disposition.  He will definitely make someone a very nice horse.

Baby Ray and Sunshine stayed in and around the barn much of the day due to the rain.  Legacy, Haley, Jake, and Ruby stayed tucked in their stalls.  When we had about an hour of no rain, the boys did get out to play some.  Dr. Ryan is scheduled to geld them both on Monday.

Haley's baby continues to make us wait.  Just after midnight last night, while working at my desk, I looked at the monitor and saw she had managed to cast herself in her stall.  I went down and, OMG, she is just so big!  I couldn't budge her, so I had Bob come down and we rolled her back over. She was so happy to get unstuck!

Here are some pictures taken over the last few days.

Here is Captain with his Rhythm Beads.

Dr. Bess has her "portable" office all set up now, and it's awesome!  A dental office on wheels!  This was Aaleyah's first office call and sort of new to her, so Dr. Bess let her stand outside of the office for her work to be done.  Look how big our baby girl is!


Dr. Bess fell in love with Tiger -- he's just a loveable horse and was a very good boy for his office visit.

We didn't ask the big guy to step into Dr. Bess' new office -- she checked him out and said he's good for another six months.


Precious is doing OK.  She's put on enough weight, and we've backed off some on what she was being fed.  With the bad front right, we don't want her to gain any more.  She's been on her new supplement for a couple of weeks now.  Her wrap is still on but will have to come off in a couple of weeks when it is time for her trim.


Here is Tiger shortly after arriving at the rescue a few days ago.  He's beautiful!


And here are Max, Doc, and Little E strolling around the farm.

Here are a few recent pictures of some of the horses that have been adopted out.  Enjoy!

Rusty, father to Haley's baby.

Riley and Midnight.




Oh, an up update on the 16 neglected horses.  The owner had someone clean out the 18" - 24' piled up waste that was in the stalls where many horses were living.  The baby (there was a 6-month-old baby living in one of the stalls) now has on a halter and gets exercised daily.  Since the waste is gone, he can't reach the hole he chewed through the side wall of wood; so hopefully he can't injure himself.  I was so worried he'd get his head stuck. Some of the horses went to new homes, some have been sold and are waiting to go to their new homes.  But there are at least nine still on the property.  They have big ˝ pasture bales of alfalpha now.  Authorities left the case open and will be checking in on them routinely.  We will be checking, too.  Am I still worried about them?  Yes, I am.  But the owner is currently complying with authorities, and there is nothing more we can do at this point but keep them in prayers.

Thanks, everyone, have a blessed Sunday tomorrow!

01/29/10 We received a call a few days ago from a concerned person about a horse that was living alone on a large piece of property without even a shelter.  This past Thursday, I went out to verify what the caller had told me and did, in fact, find the older horse.  I spoke to a neighbor next to the property he was on and learned that his human family moved out of state some time ago.  A neighbor threw him hay over the fence now and then, which is a good thing because the grass has been dormant for some time now.  And we've had some pretty cold weather:  some nights were sub-freezing, with rain.

On Friday I tracked down the out-of-state owner, and the horse was turned over to us.  When I arrived to pick him up, he was waiting at the gate!  He looked at me as if to say:  "What took you so long?"  He walked right on the trailer without hesitation.  We don't know what breed he is or what his name is.  We're calling him "Heart."  The first time I touched him, I felt warmth in the palm of my hand that radiated down my arm right into my heart.

Heart was a bit stiff unloading but got a warm reception from Jenny.

And I gave him a welcome kiss and hug -- they all get this when they arrive along with a promise of a lifetime of TLC.


After giving him some time to settle in, he got a little snack.  You see satisfaction and the look of relief in his eyes -- it made me feel very good. He has the kindest face; his eyes make you melt -- they are old and wise and very caring.


He has rain rot over most of his body, and his feet need to be done.  He likely needs to be power floated by our dentist, Dr. Bess, too.

Heart seems very appreciative for every little thing done for him.




After he finished his snack, he had a good roll in a sandy spot.  Jenny has been planting rye seed and it's coming up -- it's so nice to see green where there was all brown!  Heart looked so happy and content trying to roll around -- I couldn't help but to smile.


Heart is very thin:  his body condition is not good.  He has a thick winter coat, which hides how thin he really is.  But I think he will recover just fine; he has lots of light and love in his eyes.

Thank you, everybody, for caring about me.  I'm so glad to be here!  I was alone and there were times when I was cold and hungry.  I know I'm in a good place now and everything will be OK.  There is even a warm blanket here that the humans said belonged to a mare named Zaynah that they are going to let me use.  They told me about Zaynah, and I'm sorry Zaynah had to cross the Bridge -- she was very loved here, that's for sure! S omeday, when I see her on the other side of the Bridge, I will make sure to thank her for letting me use her blanket.  Soon, I'm going to meet her best friend, Captain.  I hear that he's an older fellow, too, and that he misses Zaynah a lot.   I'm going to try to cheer him up.  I was alone for quite a while, but I knew someone would come for me -- I just felt it.  And when Mommy Theresa and Jenny came to meet me, I felt sure they'd be back.  I thought about it all night long, and I prayed.  And this morning, when I saw a truck and trailer coming down the road, I went to the gate and waited.  Mommy Theresa was smiling as she pulled in and as I walked onto the trailer.  She was still smiling when I got off the trailer!  And here I am!  God bless you all!

Heart has truly captured my heart, and his soul just radiates goodness. It's a true blessing to have him here.  He is a pretty vocal horse, which is something that I just love.  He looks at you when you talk to him and seems very interested in what you are saying!

I can't think of a better way to honor Barbaro, Zaynah, or our Nicky than by helping another in need.  There is a reason for everything, always, and I believe there is a reason that Heart found his way to us.  While we dearly miss those that have already crossed, they will live on in our memories; and we will share our memories of them with those that are with us, including Heart.


01/27/10 Our baby boys are starting to act like big boys!  Dr. Ryan feels they are both ready to be gelded.  The weather is cooperating, and the appointment is scheduled for Monday, February 1st.  Sunshine is being weaned from the boys a little each day, and it is going well.

The boys enjoy each other's company, but Baby Ray knows his momma is close by.  For the past few weeks, Baby Ray would try to pick on his momma; but she'd sometimes get annoyed and run him off -- he can be a pesky little guy.

Baby Legacy has become too much for Haley.  Yesterday, during playtime, he came down on her; and his hoof hit her above the eye.  That was it:  no more playtime for them.  Now, they will have to be satisfied with running down opposite sides of the fence to play.

God really does know the "bigger" plans.  Baby Ray needed someone his size to help him learn to play and develop horsey skills.  Baby Legacy needed a playmate and friend.  They came together, and it has worked out to be awesome.

The boys are looking for angels to help with the cost of their gelding:  a total of $380 is needed to cover both.  This figure is minus the amount we hope to have donated by FRER (30% of the total cost for castration -- doesn't cover any of the necessary meds).

01/24/10 I just want to let everyone know that Captain is doing OK.  It wasn't the same here today without Zaynah -- no day will ever be the same.  I look in every paddock each morning when I first get up to make sure all are accounted for and look OK, and this morning it was sad, very sad.  There was an emptiness; Zaynah is greatly missed.  I spent more time with Captain today, and we talked about Zaynah.  There were smiles and tears.  After watching him through the morning, I decided to try to give him another friend.  I moved the minis into his paddock and moved him up to theirs, which is next to Magic.  I moved Summer in with Captain, and he wasn't too sure of her at first.  She walks circles a lot, small circles, around and around. She wasn't too sure of him, which is probably why she walked extra circles today.  I put a set of Rhythm Beads on Captain, and now he jingles wherever he goes; so Summer can better sense where he is.  Tonight, they are eating out of the hay rack under the roof of the shelter, and both appear content.  I left the light on there tonight so I can see them from the house.  Captain is pretty old, and he's had a tough life.  He's a tough cookie, though, another survivor.  I bet he could tell us all sorts of stories -- his life experiences. He's been here a year now.  I hope he sticks around for many more.

I found Max napping with Valentine today.  Max loves his herd; he's a great dog.  I couldn't put Val in with Captain because he gets alfalpha 24/7 and she can't have it.  She still can't push her poop out, and we have to clean her out daily.  She's been here a year now and is just the sweetest little pony -- she makes you smile!

We're still waiting on Haley's baby to arrive.  The weather was beautiful today, but it just wasn't time, I guess.


We had a visitor this morning and, while I was speaking with her, I noticed Zaynah go down –- it was like she just sort of lost all control and went down. Then I saw her legs go out straight up into the air.  After a few seconds, I saw her try to get up, and she rolled over.  Her legs went out and up straight again.  I knew where she landed was a soft depression, not far from where Captain likes to lay each day.  As weak as her front legs are, I was very concerned about her hurting herself if she struggled to get up; I figured she’d get stuck.  We went over to assess how to help her and realized that something just was not right.  I called Bob and had him bring the thermometer, stethoscope, etc., while we comforted her and tried to keep her calm.

We checked all her vitals.  Her heart rate and temperature were low, and her gums were pale, but her breathing was normal.  At first we thought she was trying to colic as she’d lift her head to look at her tummy, but there was more to it:  she also seemed incoherent.

We gave her time to rest.

After a while, once she was up, she went, very slowly, back to the shelter to be with Captain. S he was out of sorts and unsteady.  She didn’t want to put weight on her front left or her back right.  She really didn’t want to put weight on her front right either, but she had no choice -– it was the stronger of the two, which were both very weak.  She started doing a strange thing with her head, and her tongue dangled out of the side of her mouth as she turned her head sideways, almost like she was trying to choke.  She did this quite a few times, and she’d shake her head.  She walked into the side of the shelter a couple of times and rubbed her head against it.

I called Dr. Ryan.  He had the weekend off and was in Tampa.  We talked about what had happened, and he said it sounded like Zaynah had a stroke and, while trying to get up, or possibly when she went down, she injured her old injuries, making them worse.  He called Dr. Nathan (also from Peterson & Smith), and they spoke about what had happened.  When Dr. Nathan examined Zaynah, he also felt that she’d suffered a stroke.  We felt her prognosis was not good and, with her front legs already compromised, and now her back hip/leg not bearing weight, she was in danger of hurting herself even more.  What if she fell down again and nobody was there to help her?  If she were to go down and lay for even five seconds, struggling and alone, I would never forgive myself.  There were many scenarios, and none were good.  Before Dr. Nathan even arrived, Zaynah had already told me, very clearly, that she understood her body was failing her and that she was ready to cross.

As with the others, before we started our walk up to Frosty’s Knoll, I explained to Zaynah that she was about to start a journey to a life without pain and suffering:  a life where there would only be tears of happiness and joy.  I reminded her that many people love her and that she will never be forgotten.  I promised her that we’d meet again someday on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.  And as with the others with whom I’ve made that long walk up to Frosty’s Knoll, she held her head up high -- her pain seemed to go away, and her eyes got bright.  It was then that I was absolutely sure that we were doing the right thing.  She was ready, and she walked with determination and pride.  She was a dignified mare -– she was regal!  She’d lived a long life and humans had done very cruel things to her, and she suffered a great deal; but she survived.  She was truly a survivor and had my utmost respect.  In the end, she determined when she was ready to leave this earth; and she gave me comfort knowing what we had to do.  As she gazed at the Knoll and heavens above, she gave me a renewed faith that we will meet each other once again.  I do believe in my heart that horses are one of God’s most precious gifts to humans, gifts that are to be treasured. They give love and comfort that can’t be explained.  They forgive and accept. When Zaynah held her head high and looked up toward the Knoll and heavens above, I felt her strength to move forward; and it took my breath away. I  tried not to cry –- I didn’t want her to feel my pain -- but the tears flowed.  I am so proud of he, and she will be greatly missed.

As she left us, I could almost feel her life force and strength moving forward, across the Bridge.  She was a strong-willed mare who understood that her body was no longer able to sustain her.  I have every bit of faith that she is running joyously and without pain.  I can picture her tossing her head like Arabians do as she runs.  She is so beautiful in her angel wings that she rightfully earned.  She will be with us, always.

Some say horses don’t cry.  I believe they do.  They have feelings –- they love and care for other horses, and humans.  Zaynah left behind many humans who love her, and I know she felt our pain in letting her go.  I’d like to think that this is a tear of joy as she crossed the Bridge. Run with the Angels, Dear Zaynah –- you truly earned your wings.

Captain seems to be OK.  After Zaynah left us, he stood in a corner of his paddock where he doesn’t usually stand, for a long time; he seemed to be staring at something ahead of him.  Then he walked from his paddock and went under his shelter and stood in the corner where he could usually find Zaynah.  He’s also a strong-willed horse that has been through a lot, and now he has lost his best friend.  I bet the stories of what he has lived though would give you chills and tears.  Please say prayers that he finds the strength to accept the loss of Zaynah and that he’ll be OK.

We are so blessed, thanks to the help and support of others, to be able to offer TLC and a safehaven for these precious horses, if even for a short time.  But when God calls them home, I have to admit, it hurts like hell.

God bless and again, please keep Captain in your prayers.  Thank you all for caring.

Sincerely, Theresa

01/22/10 It was a beautiful day today.  Bernel drove down yesterday evening, and today Mercy and Frank drove up from Tampa.  It was Katie's last day before flying back to New York to go back to school.  Katie is John and Bernice's daughter.  We had pulled pork sandwiches and lots of goodies.  The weather was beautiful!


Here are Jen, Jenny, Bernel, and Mercy today.  Jen lives in Pennsylvania and Jenny lives in Puerto Rico!


Princess loves to smile for the camera!


Sunshine has pretty much accepted Baby Legacy, and the boys play quite a bit.  Now, we just need to get them their shelter!

Baby Ray initiates the play as much as Legacy does now -- look closely, Legacy is taller then Baby Ray!


Bud got to play games today with Debra.


Sorry it's taken me a few days but below are pictures taken earlier in the week.

Here are pictures from when Dr. Ryan gelded Tiger and took out the cap that was cutting into his gums.  Dr. Bess (the dentist) will be working on Tiger and a couple of others next Wednesday.  You can see the cap going straight out of his gums on the left side of the picture.

Yes!!!  Another successful gelding procedure accomplished!  Studly Tiger is now a gelding!


Dr. Ryan made sure Tiger got up and was OK before leaving for his next appointment.




Here is Aaleyah Belle getting sleepy so that Dr. Ryan could lay her all the way down for X-rays to see if the rod in her nose was trying to come out.


The rod was just where it was supposed to be which is a good thing.



Dr. Munroe checking out Haley.



Velvet getting a hooficure.



Summer, the blind pony mare, getting her hooficure.



GMan getting his hooficure.  GMan is stiff in his hindquarters, and Vince (the farrier) suggests he have an acupuncture treatment; so we'll try to get that arranged.  He had a massage about a month or so ago, and he was sore then, too.  Maybe he's chasing the girls too much?  He's in with Velvet and Chloe -- they are both beautiful so you can't blame him!

Amadeus getting a hooficure.  What a big boy he is!  We had a total of 10 done in one day:  it was exhausting because the barn is full, and we had to keep moving horses around.

I hope everyone has a really nice weekend!

01/22/10 Please don't forget about the wonderful items we have for sale on eBay to benefit Beauty's Haven.  Here's a link to the latest, a touching portrait of Theresa and Baby Legacy by Alice Berkman: 


01/15/10 It was another very busy day and lots of pictures follow.

When Dr. Ryan went down to look at Aaleyah's nose today, what did she do? She decided she'd lie all the way down and relax in the sun!


She finally got up but really didn't want Dr. Ryan poking around her boo boo. So, we took her up to the barn and put her in a stall.


With a little sedation, she cooperated.


Dr. Ryan believes one of the rods that was put in her nose at UF is working its way out, which is not uncommon.


Next Wednesday Dr. Ryan will be back to x-ray her nose and extract whatever it is that is in there -- and there is definitely something in there.


Summer was a very good girl for Dr. Ryan today.  He stained her right eye.  He said she has a cataract in her left eye, and the cornea in the right eye has mild edema. We're just to keep checking it and let him know if we see any change.  Summer would appreciate some angels to help with her vet bill today and to have her feet done -- they haven't been trimmed in a long, long time.  The farrier will also be coming next Wednesday.  Total needed:  $70.


Princess was a good girl for Dr. Ryan, too.  She had some tearing and squinting in her left eye.  He thinks it was irritated from something, and we're to keep check on it, too -- but she'll get Banamine for a couple of days.  We don't want her to reinjure that eye.  Angel need for today: $25.

And here are the boys playing baby games.  Baby Ray gets intimidated at times; Baby Legs will body slam him sure as looking at him, but I think it is going to help Baby Ray tune in his hearing better.  I watched him today and, the more they were together, the more Baby Ray "listened" and reacted before Legacy would reach him.

Come on, Baby Ray, get the lead out and let's go play in our new paddock -- it's finally done!  There's a gate right over here where there used to be a fence so just follow me, OK? Y our mom is already over there!

That's OK, Legs, I think I'll just run around in here for a bit first.  OK, I think I hear Mommy Theresa and Auntie Jenny clapping -- let's follow the clap!  I like it when humans watch me run and cheer me on.  Now don't cut in front of me, Legacy -- Mommy Theresa says we can't body slam!

The boys finally got to go with Sunshine into their new paddock late this evening.  The work to put up the new fencing took longer than expected, and the cost was a bit higher -- just over $1500.  But it was worth it -- the boys have much more room to run and play.  Sunshine grazed what little grass there is while the boys played.  Haley, well, she was a bit upset that she couldn't go with Legacy; and she paced the fence for a bit.

I'm sorry, but after Baby Ray entered the new paddock my battery camera battery died.  But the boys ran and played, and I think they'll both sleep well tonight.  Now they need a shelter!  I'll get more pictures tomorrow. After some play time, Baby Legacy got tucked in for the night; and Sunshine and Baby Ray are back around the barn.  Sunshine enjoyed exploring uncharted grounds, even if it was just next door to her paddock!  Thank you so much to everyone that made the fencing possible; the babies really needed it.

We have received $175 toward helping the TB colt; another $225 is still needed to have him gelded and his teeth done by Dr. Bess.  To those that have donated, thank you very, very much.  This boy is simply beautiful and very kind.  I can't imagine anyone taking his life away simply because he can't run fast enough.  He's got a lot of potential to do many other things. He deserves to live; with your help, we can help him.  We'd like to have him gelded next Wednesday after Dr. Ryan works on Aaleyah Belle.

We also still need to raise $300 for Aaleyah's X-rays and treatment scheduled for next Wednesday.  Her vet cost for today was covered (thank you Kathy!). Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, check out our Miss Aaleyah Belle; we're so proud of her!


Thank you, everyone -- have a great weekend!


01/14/10 Yesterday we took down a rather large limb off one of the few big oaks -- it was too low and a horse could have reared up been injured on it, and we couldn't get the tractor under it in order to drag.  As precious as shade is here, the limb had to go.


Baby Legacy tried hard to find some treats in the golf cart yesterday. Precious is doing about the same but her supplement arrived this evening along with Ruby's.  We hope they will help.

The fencing is complete except for the top board that needs to go up, and a gate needs to be installed between the paddock behind the barn and the new paddock.  This will be done tomorrow, and then the boys will get to go out and play!

Oh, come on, Auntie Bernice:  I just want a little bit of that sandwich -- it smells really good!  How about you, Katie, do you have anything good to eat that you'd like to share with me?

The weather has been better. Today all blankets came off, and the babies enjoyed lying in the sun.

Ohhhh, come on, Mommy Theresa -- pleassssse do something!!! Enough already!  These "contraction" things are no fun and I'm tired!  I feel like I'm carrying around a huge cement ball or something!  My little legs aren't built for this!

Not another "contraction" thing!  Here we go again! I'm exhausted!

LadyBug received a gift of a new blanket, and it fits her perfectly!  She seems to love to smile for the camera -- she's beautiful!

Come on, Haley, let's just run around for a few minutes.  The sun is out and it's a warm day. You can get grouchy later after we get tucked in. It'll make you feel good to get out, please???  I told you, Baby Legs :  I don't feel like playing right now.  Go find Baby Ray and play over the fence with him -- read my ears!!


Here is Chloe chatting with Haley and Legacy.  She's still growing!

Dr. Ryan will be out in the morning to look at Summer, Princess, and Aaleyah Belle.  Princess' left eye is a bit swollen.  I think it is just an allergy, but we want to be sure.  Aaleyah Belle has some sort of a sore in her nostril which is oozing a little blood and pus.  We don't want to take any chances and assume she bumped it or something.  She still has rods in her nose from her operation.  Sometimes, in other cases, the rods have worked their way out.  We'll update tomorrow.

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Then there are the eBay items that will be ending in three days.  One of the items is a beautiful one of a kind horsemanship and pleasure jacket with a unique crystal design. http://shop.ebay.com/skygod99/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340.  Take a minute and go check the items out!

Please visit the sites above, and you may find something of interest to you.  All proceeds go to the horses.  We are in need of hay -- with the cold weather, we have been going through a lot of hay.  We need a ton of O&A that costs $425 a ton.  We also have unexpected expenses to some farm equipment to cover.  No donation is too small, and all donations are appreciated.  Have a good night, everyone!

01/12/10 Summer has returned!  Summer, the blind pony mare that came close to being euthanized this past Saturday, was transported back to the rescue yesterday.  Here is Pam (the transporter) taking Summer for a walk around the quarantine paddock after arrival. She learned where the water is and her hay pile.


Summer didn't hesitate to go into the shelter -- she's a good girl.


Summer had a good night and, today, I was able to get a better look at her eyes and her right eye appears cloudier -- the left eye appears the same.  Dr. Ryan will be out this week to check her out.  There does not appear to be any flare up of Uveitis going on at this time.


The babies were playful today.  The temps were up a bit and the sun was out.  Sunshine seems to be more tolerant and interested in Baby Legacy each day -- this is a very good thing!


Installation of fencing for the new paddock was started today, and it should be done tomorrow.  The materials didn't arrive until about 2 pm today.


The new paddock is next to the main paddock and the paddock behind the barn.  We'll be installing a camera at the barn to allow us to see this area at all times.

There are more items listed on eBay to benefit the rescue -- check them out! There are matching saddle pads and T-shirts with beautiful crystals and more!


I wanted to get pictures of LadyBug today, but I'll have to try tomorrow.  I seem to be catching a cold or something -- I don't feel well and didn't get out much today.  I tried resting, but it's just too hard to do when there is so much that needs to be done -- so I worked at my desk most of the day.  I am going to try hard to get to bed early tonight, though.  With the weather being so cold, and so few hours of sleep, I think it's just catching up to me; so I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will take care of it.  Haley was a bit restless between 4:30 - 6:00 this morning, and I just couldn't get back to bed.  She was up and down and nipping and pacing and seemed very uncomfortable,which had me concerned.  I don't know what her baby is waiting for -- I hope it isn't spring!

I just want to finish my work and get to bed.  I do want to thank our volunteers and my family for their support; I don't know what I would do without them!  Have a good night, everyone, and stay warm!

01/11/10 We hope everyone had a great weekend.  It's still very cold here but, if the weather predictions are accurate, we should be getting warmer temps over the next few days (I hope!!).  The horses are doing well.  Haley is still looking like she's going to pop.  She and Legacy get out during the warm part of the days to get some exercise, which they enjoy, only now that Legacy is getting taller, Haley isn't able to boss him around as easily.  He's doing so well -- to think of the many days and nights we didn't know if he was going to make it or not, and to look at him now, well, he truly is a miracle! LadyBug's wounds are just about healed, and she now stays mostly in the main paddock with Casper and Granny Jewels.  Precious is doing OK --  she's no worse so that is a very good thing. S he and Ruby will start their TCM as soon as the order arrives.  Ruby is still stall-bound and will be for quite some time.

And here is our other little miracle that is getting bigger, too:  Baby Ray and his mom enjoyed some play time today.  They ran and ran and ran!  We all love watching them.  I only saw him almost run into the fence once, which was once too much, which scared me terribly.  He will really enjoy getting out into a bigger paddock when it's ready; so will Legacy. The materials for the fencing are being delivered tomorrow, and installation will start as soon as the materials arrive.

Sunshine and Baby Ray enjoying the sun. Here they come.

And there they go.

And here is Little E taking a siesta along with Max.  Both are bundled up for the cold weather.


Here are Midnight and Riley with part of their new human family. They settled into their new home wonderfully and are soaking up all of the attention and treats!  The boys now have there own 2-year-old little boy and 3-year-old little girl that just can't get enough of them!


Here are Rusty and Haley back in early July when they first arrived.  Rusty was the thinner of the two.  He was gelded once he grew healthy and is now enjoying life at his new home.  Haley has been invited to live with him once her baby is weaned, but at this rate it could be awhile!


Haley on the day she arrived (July 3rd, 2009).

Congratulations to the winning bidder of the bronze sculpture that was listed on eBay!  It's beautiful!  There are more items now listed on eBay to benefit the rescue:  check them out!  Many thanks to the donor of the items!  There are matching saddle pads and T-shirts with beautiful crystals and more!


Have a good night, everyone!  Tomorrow morning we're off to the hay store for yet another ton of hay -- we're going through a lot of it.  We have some good news:  our application with "Build a Bear" was approved, and they will be donating $1,000 toward our hay needs in the near future!  Stay warm!

01/08/10 I hope you enjoy the pictures taken today -- it was a sunny 58 degrees at the warmest part of the day, which didn't last long.  Even though I almost pleaded, Haley's baby just wasn't ready to come into the world today.  It's freezing here already tonight, another very cold one.

Legacy and Haley still rule the barn during the days.

Precious is also turned out around the barn -- the wrap is helping her some.  I don't want to put her out into the bigger paddocks for fear she'll run and injure herself even more.


Here are the little guys, Bouie and Frodo, running and playing with Valentine.



And here's Jake in his new blanket from FOBs -- he's so handsome (and warm!)!


How many people does it take to blanket Gentleman???  He's a big boy and is very much loved.


And here is Chloe, as beautiful as ever!

We have quite a few things going on -- we may have a horse coming back that we thought had gone to a forever home.  We will update as we know more.  Have a good night, everyone, and please don't forget that Haley is on MareStare!

01/04 - 05/10 On Sunday Ola came to trim Precious and applied the wrap to her front right.  I'm happy to report that she does seem more comfortable.  She's still lame and I'm sure the cold weather isn't helping, but we're going to give her some time and see how she does.


We don't know what Haley is waiting for to have her baby!  Two nights ago, the baby was doing summersaults -- I saw it!  Haley has been doing some rolling and getting up and down and all of the things mares do when the baby is trying to get into position.  Truly, I hope and pray she holds off until it warms up some.  We were supposed to get up to a "feels like" temp of 2 degrees this AM, but it was more like 10 degrees and I'm glad.  I don't like cold temps -- it makes me ache all over!


Dr. Ryan banded Baby Legacy's hernia yesterday.  First he gave Baby Legs some sleepy meds, which helped Legs lay down.  Then we flipped him over onto his back.


Next, the area around the hernia was shaved.

The intestines are pushed back into the body, the skin is pulled tightly over the hernia location, and then bands are applied.  They are almost like rubber bands but much heavier duty.  About eight bands were applied.


While Dr. Ryan was working, Jenny thought it would be a good time to stretch those long legs!


You can see the many bands around the excess skin above the hernia location.


Dr. Ryan stayed to make sure Legacy would get up and would be OK.  Here is a link to a website that explains the procedure in detail:



Aw, Dr. Ryan, I don't think I like this -- I'm sorta sleepy and I don't know why.  I had a good nap just before you got here.  After you got here, I don't know what happened!  Is everything OK?

Mommy Theresa, something is different but I don't know what it is -- my tummy feels funny.  Dr. Ryan is still here -- did he come just to visit with me?  I'm a little tired but want to go visit with Haley now, OK?


Ladybug had visitors yesterday -- she's doing really well.


Baby Ray loved some extra attention -- he's getting bigger and bigger!  Hi there, I'm Baby Ray!  Nice to meet you -- do you give scratches?


Dr. Das worked on LadyBug today.  She said LadyBug was very sore all down her right side.  LadyBug was very good and Dr. Das really likes her.  We are still working on trying to find a prosthetic ear for her.  She gets to go out into the main paddock during the days.  She likes her stall at night, though. She's not spoiled -- not at all.

Dr. Das also worked on Ruby today.  Ruby didn't just bow her tendon a few weeks ago; based on the x-rays, she obliterated it!  She's doing well considering the damage done.  You can see the swelling in the front right. She's anxious to get out with the other horses but, at this rate, it's going to be months before she's ready.  Ruby could use angels to help with her $120 treatment today.  Any amount would help, and no amount is too small.

Please don't forget about our item on eBay:  a beautiful bronze sculpture. Funds from this item will go 100% into building a shelter and paddock for Sunshine, Baby Ray, and Baby Legacy. We'll have more items posted soon:


I have lots of emails I haven't been able to answer yet -- please don't give up on me, and thanks for your patience!  Things are really super busy here, and I try each day to get caught up a little; but it seems I get more behind!

Have a good night, everyone!

01/02/10 We hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year!  We have been busy here getting ready for the harsh weather that is coming.  Yesterday morning we had lots of rain that finally cleared up after lunch.  Once it stopped raining, I went around to all of the horses and brushed them.  I made the rounds twice -- they were somewhat wet, and I needed to get them dry for blanketing as the temps were falling.  I did manage to get 30 blankets on -- but, boy, was I beat!  The temps have only gotten colder since.  And in a couple of nights we'll be down into the low teens.

I can't explain what is going on with my email, but I have been having problems.  My distribution list hasn't changed lately, but I have received emails from some asking why I haven't put out an update -- apparently the updates I have put out didn't make it to everyone on the list, and I don't know why.  To see if you've missed an update, please check out our daily blog at http://beautysequinerescue.org/daily_blog.htm.

Haley is still very pregnant and is keeping us up at all hours.  We expected baby's arrival with the full blue moon, but nope.  We're supposed to have meteor showers for the next couple of days, so maybe???  It is going to be getting colder and colder.  Temps will be in the low teens at night in a few days.  We got some heat lamps for Haley's stall today just in case they are needed.  She's well insulated, but we don't want the baby to get chilled. Legacy and Haley are best friends (most of the time).  He's really getting big! Haley's baby has dropped and shifted back a little bit.  She got a good grooming tonight, and her tail was rewrapped.  She's got such a fluffy natural winter coat:  when she rolls in the shavings, it can be hard to find her in the camera at times!

LadyBug is doing well.  She was turned out into the main paddock yesterday and seemed to enjoy her "expedition" and meeting the others.

After "socializing" for a bit, she decided to stop, drop, and roll.  Then she was ready to go back into the barn -- she really loves her stall.

And here are Gentleman, Velvet, and Chloe soaking up the sun yesterday. Velvet is still looking for a home where she can be a friend to an older horse, someplace where there isn't as much activity and she won't be so tempted to join in the running.  Amadeus, Layla, and Aaleyah Belle are in the paddock next to her, and when they get to playing she joins in.  Chloe gets her going a lot, too.

Midnight and Riley had visitors today, and what fun it was to watch the family interact with them!  A 3-year-old little girl and her 2-year-old brother (under mom's supervision) rode Midnight and had a blast -- neither wanted to get off!  Mom rode Riley and ponied Midnight with her daughter on him -- you could tell the horses enjoyed the attention, and the humans loved the horses!  If everything goes well, and we expect it will, these wonderful boys may be at their new forever home soon!  They just all "connected," and it was a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Precious is staying around the barn with Haley and Legacy for now.  The farrier comes tomorrow to put the wrap on Precious' front right.  We hope and pray it will give her some relief.

Have a good night, everyone. We've got quite a few things going on -- I hope to get a more detailed update out tomorrow night.  And hopefully, maybe, Haley will have her baby SOON!


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