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February 2011

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I have been trying to get an update out all day – it's been very busy with the new arrivals!  Our trip to pick up the mini's yesterday took a good part of the day.  This is the pregnant mini mare and her almost year old colt – this picture was taken from the place we picked them up from.

Mini Mares

The mini mare now has a name - we named her "Glory."  Her colt, now named “Tucker” is almost as big as she is and he was still nursing as of yesterday.  Glory is now up on MareStare (thanks Mel and Heather!).  Tucker is close by but the weaning has begun!  Volunteers came today and the mini's got a much needed bath.  Dr. Ryan came and oiled them.  Glory is very thin – bones and baby.  Her hip bones stick out quite a bit and her spine is very prominent – as is her baby belly.  After Dr. Ryan examined Glory today he suggested she go on cam tonight so she's all tucked in.  Here's the link for anyone that wants to check in on Glory.  http://www.marestare.com/cam.php?alias=beautyshaven

Glory Mini

This is one of the man made holes that they drank from.
water hole

There were lots of unsafe things where they lived – sharp metal objects, barb wire, rusty fencing, etc.  We were amazed that none of the horses had injuries.


The first thing the mini's did once in the trailer was go for the water.  This is likely the first clean water that they've had in who knows how long.

None of the 4 mini's had a name - I think that's pretty sad.  This is the sire to Tucker and the unborn baby.  He went to a foster home that will likely adopt him - he is with the same family that adopted LadyBug. 

No name

This is a pregnant draft cross mare.  We hope to bring her here soon - we just can't leave her there - it's too unsafe.  She is very thin too with a prominent spine and hips poking out.  She is very kind.

Pregnant draft cross mare

Looking at the below picture, to the right of the pregnant draft cross mare, is an orphan filly that is about 10 months old – she reminds me very much of Chloe.  Her mom was shot when she coliced a few months ago.  To the left of the mare is her 10 month old or so colt.  He was wearing a nylon rope around his neck when we got there – we quickly replaced it with a breakaway halter.  Behind the filly is the Appaloosa stud.  All are very nice horses.  They did have hay but we don't know how often they got it.

4 horses

The good news is that we've found a place for the colt and the filly to go.  We still need a place for the Appaloosa stud.  He's beautiful and very sweet – wasn't studdish at all when we were there.  He will be the only one left behind and that will make me feel horrible - but we are out of paddocks.  Is there anyone that can give him a safe home? 

The little guy in this picture we named “Red.”  He is about 3 yrs old and is likely Glory's son.  First we were told that Glory was 4, then we were told 5, and today Dr. Ryan said she's more like 10.  If Red is Glory's baby then she's been bred for the last 3 years.  I promised her today – no more babies!  Dr. Ryan will be out later in the week to geld 2 mini studs from the herd of 14 mini's that we recently took in along with the 3 mini studs that we brought in yesterday if he feels they are healthy enough. 


These horses were not receiving proper care and we are very thankful that the owner finally agreed to surrender them.  I'll post pictures that we took today, tomorrow - I need to call it a day soon and still have much to do. 

God bless and have a good night everyone – and thank you for your continued support.  Again, if you've emailed me and I haven't responded it's only because I'm very far behind in the office – I try to get caught up a little each day but there are not enough hours in a day.


Dr. Ryan is on his way out.  Mama mini, her son, and one of the other mini studs have diarrhea, mama mini being the worse.  Dr. Ryan will be doing a full evaluation to include oiling and blood work.

Mama mini's colt is still nursing and Theresa fears that she will have no colostrum for the new foal when he/she arrives.  Please if anyone in the area has colostrum, contact us.  We will be needing it - Mama is expected to foal any day now.

The camera on Marestare is already working:  http://www.marestare.com/cams.php  scroll down to click on Beautys Haven Equine Rescue.  Currently, mama mini is in and out of her stall.  She will be tucked in tonight.  Theresa is working on weaning the foal today but doesn't want to cause too much stress on either the mare or her babies.  They are on opposite sides of a fence right now.  The foal is with one of the studs that watches over him.  As soon as Dr. Ryan deems the 3 studs to be healthy they will be gelded.

Mama mini and son


Mama m ini (chestnut) and her son. 





safe at last



Safe at BHFER.




perchernon cross mareThis is a pregnant Percheron/cross mare.  The manmade holes that catch rain and runoff water have been their water source along with buckets that catch rain water.  The manmade holes have old fencing and other debris in them lots of algae and who knows what.  There are sharp metal objects all over the place, barb wire fence laying around, etc.  This mare is pregnant by the Appaloosa stud.  We would like to pick her up tomorrow if we can get sponsors.  She is skin on bones with baby - like the pregnant mini mare.  We don't think she is due for another month or so.  She has an estimated to be 10 month old colt that is there too.  The Appaloosa stud is very sweet.  We want to get them all out but will be starting with the pregnant Percheron.


10 month filly



And there is an estimated to be 10 month old filly that lost her mom to colic a few months ago.  She is a doll and reminds me of Chloe. 




Beauty's Haven would greatly appreciate donations to help cover these immediate emergency expenses.  We appreciate the pledges that were made please forward the funds when possible we truly appreciate them.  This rescue is a bit more then we counted on (we had planned on just getting the pregnant mini mare and her foal) so we are looking for more help.  Donations can also be called in to Peterson and Smith at: (352) 237-6151.  Their rehabilitation needs are great.

Our truck broke down yesterday while pulling out to get the mini's and we had to hire a transporter another expense we hadn't counted on.  We hope to have enough sponsorship to send a transporter back to get the pregnant Percheron mare tomorrow.  And she needs sponsors for vetting and care.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please say prayers for the mini mare she is so thin but so pregnant.  She has explosive diarrhea.  She is eating and drinking and she's very sweet they all are.


I know we were only supposed to bring back the pregnant mini mare and her baby but we also brought back 2 more studs.  We were going to put the mare on MareStare tonight but I don't think she's ever been in a barn and the stress from moving today was enough for one day.  Tomorrow they will get a much needed bath.  Her colt needs to be weaned which may be stressful for both her and the baby.  She is very thin but she has a big low belly. 

I will say I was heartbroken to have to leave behind the other pregnant mare but we're working on trying to place a couple here in order to bring her in.  She still has a 10 month colt by her side.  

This is one of the man made holes that they drank from.

There is also a 10 month old very sweet orphan filly there - her mother was shot (she coliced) a few months ago. 

Then there is a really sweet, and beautiful, Appaloosa stud.  I'll update more later, hopefully with pictures, it's been a very long day.


We will be picking the pregnant mini mare and her foal tomorrow.  While picking them up we will be assessing the others and taking pictures.  We hope to be able to find a safe  haven for the other pregnant mare ASAP. 

To those that have pledged your pledges can now morph into donations!  God bless and thank you!


living togetherIf you've emailed me and I haven't responded I apologize - it's been extremely busy here and we've been working a case of 8 horses that have been living in a junkyard without proper care.  Complaints have been made over the past year the media was out a year ago and the owner did clean up some.  But still, you can see in the pictures below that it isn't a safe place for horses and that they are not receiving proper care.  The owner has refused to give up the horses but wanted to sell them.  With the help of an awesome Deputy, we were able to get the owner to agree to surrender them.  There are at least 2 pregnant mares (a mini with a foal still nursing and a draft cross type mare), a 10 month old orphan filly, and the rest are studs all living together. 


Some good news - Joy and Nash are leaving tomorrow for the new home (yes, together!) which will free up a some room.  We would like to pick up 3 of these horses (the mini mare with a baby due to foal anytime and her almost year old son) on Saturday.  To do this we need help.  They need farrier and dental work - initial vetting will need to be done and we'd like to ultrasound the mare to help determine when she is due unless it's obvious that it could be any day.  We will need funds for their ongoing care until they can be placed into good homes after their rehab is complete.

I can't stand the thought of horses living in such conditions much less a baby being born in a junkyard with many studs!  If we find sponsors for the pregnant mare and her still nursing foal we would like to pick them up on Saturday.  If and when we pick them up we will evaluate all of the others to get more info on each and we will get pictures. 



Would anyone like to help make the difference to these little ones?  This is the pregnant mini mare.




water hole



This is their water source.  When it rains water runs from the junkyard into the stream it's hard to tell what they may be drinking. 



This Appaloosa stud is pretty thin.  There is just enough being done for them to meet the standard of the law.  The 10 month old filly in the background is also thin her mom was shot when she coliced a few months ago.

Appaloosa Stud Appaloosa Stud

There are hazards all over the property.


Our next priority is the draft cross pregnant mare.  We want to help all of the horses get out ASAP but the pregnant mares are priority.  If they have their babies, the foals are at risk of being injured by the other horses or from their living environment.  And we need homes for the others we will have more info on them when, and if, we pick up any this Saturday.  If anyone has room please contact us.

If anyone would like to sponsor, or help to sponsor, one or more of these horses that we want to pick up on Saturday please let me know as soon as possible.  We can't do this without help.  Please don't send funds yet - pledges are what we need at this time.  I'll send out an updated email tomorrow to let everyone know where we stand.  There has been a lot of time and effort put into this case but we couldn't ask for help until the right time the right time came late this evening.  And to the people that helped us, behind the scenes, to make this happen thank you!

Without help from others there would have been many horses lost since Beauty's Haven came to be.  We hope to be able to make a difference to these horses.  We are very thankful for any and all support.  Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.  Again, at this time we are asking for pledges only. 



Theresa received the results of Casper's biopsy….
The good news is that he does not have cancer.
He does have chronic hepatitis.
Tomorrow he will be started on another medication as well as additional supplements.


Volunteers needed !
Obstacle Challenge Planning Meeting and Covered Dish Supper
Tower of Terror Obstacle
WHAT: Volunteers needed to help with the Spring Obstacle Challenge. We are planning a three day event at Black Prong Equestrian Center April 29th and 30th and May 1st to benefit Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue. There will be a clinic on Friday and obstacle challenges on Saturday and Sunday. WOO HOO!! But we need your help!
WHEN: The initial volunteer planning meeting will be at Lucy Snook’s house on Wednesday, February 23rd at 6:00 p.m. Please RSVP which means call Lucy at 486-1872 to let us know you are coming. The main dish will be provided but please let Lucy know what food you are going to bring.
We need volunteers for the following:
Obstacle designer Obstacle construction workers
Food committee for volunteer lunches Judges Scribes Timers
Advertising assistant Registration assistant
All ‘round flunkies and gophers! Parking attendants
NOTE: This is not a regular Girls’ Night Out but a meeting for those
interested in helping at the obstacle challenge.
For more information call Lucy @ 486-1872 or Cheri @ 222-0127.

Download Flyer

We hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather has been so nice here.  We’ve been really busy with everyday chores and we’ve been keeping a close eye on little Magic.  She had a bag on her and was acting strange so we had Dr. Monroe out to ultrasound her a few days ago but she isn’t pregnant.  Some tests were done and Dr. Ryan and Dr. Monroe believe she’s got parasites.  This evening she seemed worse – almost like she was trying to colic.  She’s passing poop, drinking, and eating but she is still showing signs of discomfort.  We gave her some Banamine and she’s better for now.  I spoke with Dr. Ryan and depending on how she is in the morning he may be out.  Please keep her in your prayers. 
Mini mares
Here are some of the girls in the morning before getting their fly masks on.  They’re getting used to the routine now and pretty much form a line to get their masks put on! 
The Paint is little Magic – then there is Peaches and then Belle.
Aaleyah Belle Aaleyah Belle getting her hooficure – she still has her famous tongue…
Casper has been doing ok.  We’re anxious to get his biopsy results back. Casper
Princess Princess is doing very well – she got a good grooming yesterday and lost about 10 lbs. of winter coat!
“Come on Momma Sue – please get up and come play with me!”  Legacy worries her almost as much as Aaleyah Belle did.  Legs is doing very well and is quite beautiful.  Momma Sue has good days but there are some days that aren’t so good.  She got her feet trimmed last week while she was laying down.  She will likely need another treatment soon. Legacy and Momma Sue
Kami The weather has been warmer so we put out some sprinklers in hopes of growing some grass - Kami just had to get wet and roll in the sand - and she smiled the entire time!
Val is the cutest little pony.  She’s about the same and we still clean her out nightly.  She enjoyed her treatment by Dr. Das. Last week.  Today she got a much needed bath. Val
Joy Joy is getting huge!  It’s possible that she may have a home – and it’s only about 10 miles from the rescue!  She really is a very sweet mare.  Shaker is doing well and has settled into her new home nicely. 
Here are Ebony and Lily.  We’re hoping to have Dr. Das out next week to evaluate and work on Lily.  Her stifle surgery went well and she walks much better – she doesn’t have to do the bunny hop anymore!  But there seems to be a catch in her hips and she doesn’t plant her back feet as she should. 
Ebony and Lily
Ouija and Warrior Ouija and Warrior
Ouija and Warrior will be gelded on Wednesday.  Here they are playing.  Apache and Rebel will be gelded as soon as Rebel is a bit stronger. Ouija and Warrior played themselves out! 
Rebel Here is little Rebel.

I have been meaning to get an update out for a few days but it really has been busy here and the phone calls from people reporting horses in need or asking us to take their horse(s) has become overwhelming.  So many are losing their job and/or home – it’s so very sad.  I don’t get updates out as often as I’d like to and try to get them out at least twice a week – I like sharing what’s going on here – good or bad.  Life in the day (and night) of a rescuer is pretty exhausting but also very rewarding.  I just wish we could help them all. 

Anyone that knows me, knows it is hard for me to ask for help.  But donations are really down, worse than over the holidays and it’s a pretty uneasy feeling.  So here I go – we need help!  Below is a list of some of our needs if anyone would like to help – no amount is too small.  All donations are tax deductible and are very much appreciated.  And if you have any coupons for Purina Senior or Strategy we could certainly use them!

We need.

  • Hay – alfalpha bales - we have enough for 2 days max.  We usually buy this by the ton (less expensive this way) which is usually about 27 bales per ton but at this point any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Credits can be called into Berrittini at 352-629-1447.  We are going through a ton of hay now about every 5 days.
  • Hay – Larson Farms – 352-867-8333.  This is where we buy 700 lb. compressed pasture bales of alfalpha for our 4 larger paddocks.  One of these bales lasts for about a week.
  • Grain – credits can be called into Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660.  Grain is up to $19 a bag for Purina Sr. and $16 a bag for Purina Strategy!
  • Funds to help with the vet bill.  Donations can be called directly into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.
  • Funds to help with hooficures. 
  • Sand Clear
  • We need a load of shavings - $285

If you do call in a credit to the feed stores or vet’s office please let us know.  Again, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

The tractor and golf cart need to go in the shop for maintenance and the truck needs to go in for repair – these are all very valuable tools here.  And, the vet bills keep adding up.  Fortunately, the weather has been nice lately and grass is starting to grow which helps to cut back on hay a little.  The temps will be dipping back into the 30’s this week though. 

Thank all of you for taking time to read our updates.  And if you would, please pass our updates on to family and friends – perhaps through networking and sharing information about us others will want to help.  We can’t do what we do without support from others.  God bless and have a wonderful week.  I’ll likely get an update out again on Wednesday – hopefully we’ll have Casper’s biopsy results by then.  Please keep little Magic, Casper, Val, and all of the horses in your prayers.

Yesterday’s trip to the hospital with Casper went well.  Casper wasn’t too sure he wanted to go to the hospital but he loaded up ok.
The ultrasound. Casper
Casper Ultrasound
Casper has cholangitis with cholelithiasis - there are stones obstructing the bile ducts.  This is one issue.  The liver biopsy won’t be back for about a week.  His liver appeared normal in size but it has choleliths which could have been caused by bacterial infection of the biliary tracts.  He wasn’t happy being at the hospital but I stayed with him the entire time and Marie came up in the afternoon to visit.  The “stones” are the little white dots.
I wanna go home! Casper
Casper was glad when it was time to come home – he trotted to the trailer and loaded right up!   We were both happy to be back at the rescue.
He has been getting milk thistle but the vet also wants him to get natural Vitamin E (SAMe).  Casper may be put on antibiotics but we won’t know until the biopsy results are back.  Here he is grazing today.  He’s a gem! Casper
Mini Magic
Dr. Monroe palpated and ultra-sounded mini Magic today and she isn’t pregnant.  Whew!  A CBC was done but we haven’t received the results yet.  The other mares will be checked before being adopted out - Dr. Monroe didn’t have time to do them today. 
The weather here today was very nice – I wish it were like this all year!  Kandi was turned out to play with Morning Star today – they had a blast! Morning Star
Reva Reva ran and played too – they are all beautiful!

We hope everyone had a good day.  Thanks to everyone keeping Casper in prayers - we pray he will have lots of more time with us.  We appreciate so very much the Valentine’s Day cards and Kami’s birthday cards!



  Valentines portrait


I’m determined to get an update out today!  I know you’re tired of hearing me say it’s been busy here – but it has been!  Here are some highlights of the past few days…



Some of our awesome volunteers held a bake sale at Tractor Supply this past Saturday and did a great job!  To those that baked, donated, planned, and had any part of the past two Saturday’s events – thank you!  Great job!  And our many thanks to Publix and Tractor Supply for letting us set up in front of their stores!  These events were in recognition of the “3rd Annual Florida Week for the Animals” and 100% of funds raised will go towards care of the horses.





Armani is doing great - that’s him kicking up his heels the snow!  Here are some video’s of him playing in the snow – enjoy! 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBR6m6oc8JE and





Shaker left for her new home yesterday.  Seeing them off is always bittersweet.







Prince is doing great – he’s decided that Peaches is his girlfriend. 



Dixie, Mystique, Baby Ray


Dixie, Mystique, and Baby Ray – he’s not a baby anymore!  We’re talking about putting him on a diet. 



Little Lily



Little Lily showing off her blankie…




Mini Mares


Here are some of the other mini mares showing off their new blankies…  That’s Frodo and Bouie on the other side of the fence watching the girls – they are pretty well insulated without the help of a blanket. 




This is Ebony with all four feet in the air – she had her right stifle fixed the same day Lily had both of hers fixed.  Ebony enjoyed her little run – she and Lily are both doing very well.



Morning Star



Morning Star is getting to be a big boy! 





Casper has once again astounded us with a remarkable improvement.  He will be going to the hospital tomorrow for an ultrasound, liver biopsy, and some other tests – I’ll stay with him.  It will be an all day event.  Let’s all pray that whatever is causing his issues is discovered so that we can start a treatment and get well plan.



Dr. Das worked on Casper and Val.





Val did quite a bit of licking, chewing, and talking!  Andrea and Randy visited with Val on Saturday and Val really enjoyed the extra attention.






Sayan is doing very well and was actually put to a short work out, under saddle, over the weekend!




If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded, I apologize.  Things really have been busy but your emails are important to me.  I’m trying to get caught up!  Tomorrow I will be at the hospital with Casper all day.  We are leaving at around 9:45 and won’t be back before 4:30 pm. 

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I hope to have good news from the hospital tomorrow regarding Casper but it will take several days for the biopsy results to come back.  If anyone would like to help with tomorrows tests on Casper donations can be called directly into the vet’s office at 352-237-6151.  Please keep Casper, Val, and all of the horses at Beauty’s Haven in your prayers - God bless and thank all of you for your continued support!


Kami Birthday


Our little Kami Comet is growing up - here she is a year ago today.  She kept many of us glued to MareStare for so many weeks and when she arrived we all breathed a sigh of relief.  She captured hearts and still does!




Kami Birthday



She knows she’s pretty in pink - look at her in her new pink halter and lead – and just look at those pink tennis shoes!




Kami Birthday



“I know I can be a handful but I just like to play – they don’t call me Kami Comet for nothing!  Please tell all the humans that care about me and the other horses that we are very thankful that they care - without them, we may not be here.”




Kami Birthday



“Can we please be done with pictures now?  Come on Mommy Theresa – I just wanna have fun!  It’s my birthday!”




Kami Birthday


“I’m Kami (a.k.a. Kami Comet)!  My mom and dad came to Beauty’s Haven on July 3rd, 2009.  Mommy Theresa tells me that they were very thin except you could tell my mommy had a little extra tummy on her!  Once my daddy was healthy enough he was gelded (whatever that is) and went to live in a nice home not too far from the rescue.  A few months later, I was born!  After I was big enough my mommy went to live with my daddy – isn’t that a nice story?”




Kami BirthdayKami Birthday

“Here’s my mommy and daddy when they arrived at the rescue.  My mommy’s name is “Haley’s Comet” and my daddy’s name is “Rusty.”




Kami BirthdayKami Birthday


“And this is my mommy and daddy the day they were reunited – who do you think I look like?  The humans tell me I’m a lot like my mom.”



Kami Birthday


Our little girl is a bit bigger now – she’s still a spit fire and she does make us smile and laugh which is something we can never get enough of - what a blessing she is!



Thank you for all of the joy and smiles – we love you!


CasperCasperI apologize for not getting an update out last night – there was much going on and we were still absorbing what we learned about Casper’s test results.  He was oiled again yesterday but refused to eat.  This morning we found he’d passed poop through the night and you could tell he felt better!  Hopefully, the impaction has cleared.  However, we were very sad to learn that he likely has cancer.  We will do everything we can to keep him comfortable for as long as he wishes to remain with us.  Yesterday he felt really bad and it didn’t look good - this morning we found lots of poop and a horse with brighter eyes and an appetite - Casper never ceases to amaze us!  While we don’t know how much longer he will be with us - we will treasure the time we do have.  And should there come a point that we can’t keep him comfortable, we will do what is in his best interest - please keep him in your prayers.

ValentineAlso, Valentine, a little Hackney pony that’s been with us for about 2 years, could use prayers.  Since the day she arrived she could not pass her poop – she’d sustained blunt trauma to her back and sacrum area causing permanent damage.  Dr. Das has worked on her and we’ve tried many different treatments and remedies but the nerve damage is done and there is nothing more we can do but try to keep her comfortable.  Every evening she willingly stands and allows us to clean her out.  But for the past few weeks she’s been laying down more, looking back at her tummy, she gets up and down – like she is trying to colic.  She’s done this routinely since she first arrived but it’s gotten worse and she’s started to show discomfort when being cleaned out.  She hasn’t said she’s had enough yet but we can sense she is uncomfortable - we’re hoping it’s just a change in the weather.  She’s a very sweet little mare.  As with Casper, we will continue to try to keep her comfortable but should there come a point where her quality of life isn’t a good one we will do what is in her best interest.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.  If anyone would like to help with Casper vet bill it would be greatly appreciated.  Any amount would help – no amount would be too small.  Donations can be called directly into the vet’s office at 352-237-6151.


Lily and MomLily and her mom, Ebony, did very well for their stifle surgery at the hospital.  Here they are right off the trailer today – Lily seemed very proud to be able to walk down the ramp!  She and her mom walked down, side by side.  Until today, she has had to be carried onto and off the trailer.  Once she was on the ground she walked with a might about her - it was great to see!  Lily had both stifles fixed and her mom, Ebony, had the right one fixed.  It feels really good when you can see a horse experience something they’d never experienced before – watching Lily prance brought many (and much needed) smiles. 



Tucked into their stall for the night.  Tomorrow they can go out with the other mares.  Lily borrowed one of Max’s (the guard dog) blankets for the night.


We have all but one blanket covered for the mini’s - thanks to those that have donated!  If anyone would like to help with the last blanket please LMK.

Casper still isn’t eating but he is drinking.  He will eat a carrot but refuses mash.  He has lost weight in the past week.  He was oiled today and blood work was pulled.  He was doing much better – this is a setback but we hope it will be resolved soon.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Ouija and Warrior will be getting trims tomorrow (weather permitting) at their foster home.  M&M and Peaches will be getting their trims here too.  We held off on gelding Apache and Rebel today.  Rebel needs to put on some weight and get a bit stronger and healthier which I think will only take a few weeks.  Apache may be gelded tomorrow or we may just wait until Rebel is ready – we haven’t decided yet. 




This is Ouija.




This is Warrior.




We hope everyone had a great day.  Thank you for caring and for your continued support - God bless and have a good night.


Casper has an impaction and has been oiled by Dr. Ryan.  He may be oiled again tomorrow – we just need to give him some time and see how he does.

Dr. Hughes says Lily and Ebony did fine for their stifle procedure.  Lily had both sides fixed, Ebony only the right side.  Bob will be leaving shortly to pick them up.  We’re getting a stall ready for them – we got some of the same pelleted bedding that creates very little dust for their stall.  It’s worked well in Kami’s stall.  The mini’s are so close to the ground and just walking in the stall stirs up much dust.

Dr. Ryan says Kandi can stop taking her Doxycycline tomorrow.  Thursday is Kami’s 1st birthday and it looks like the girls will be able to come out of their stalls to celebrate!

Dr. Ryan will be returning tomorrow to geld Apache.  Rebel needs some time to get a bit healthier. 

I taped both Lily and Ebony once they arrived here.  Lily taped at 102 lbs. but actually weighed in at 95 lbs. at the hospital.  She’s a tiny little girl.  Rebel is even smaller.

We have received donations for waterproof blankets for some of the mini’s but still need more.  What we need are 6 more in sizes:  46, 46, 48, 34, 43, 43.  It’s going below freezing tonight for a few hours.

Thanks – will update again tonight.


I’d like to ask for prayers once again for Casper.  He isn’t well.  He’s not eating – he’s even refusing mash.  He isn’t drinking as much as he should - he’s getting electrolytes.  I’ve been in touch with Dr. Ryan and he will be out in the morning unless Casper gets worse tonight.  Casper has been given Banamine and is tucked in his stall.  His melanoma’s have slightly increased in size - he has been started on Cimetidine. 

I took Lily and her mom, Ebony, to the hospital today.  We were just able to beat a horrible rain/wind storm – it rained all afternoon into the night.  One of our volunteer’s, Marie, visited with them tonight and they are doing fine.  Laura, another volunteer that is participating in the Peterson & Smith Pre-Graduate Equine Working Student Program is working tonight and will be watching over our girls – we know they are in good hands.  Surgery will be done in the morning.  We asked that Ebony be assessed for her locking stifle too – it only happens some of the time.  I’ll update tomorrow when I can. 

Picking up Lily to go into the trailer today – she couldn’t walk up the ramp.  Her mom loaded just fine.

Ebony was checking out the horse across the hall.  Lily settled right in once she found the hay.

Lily’s locking stifle in action…

Please keep Casper, Lily, and Ebony in your prayers.  I’ll update tomorrow when I can.  I want to be at the hospital for the surgery in the morning but it depends on how Casper is.  Dr. Ryan will be coming out to treat Casper and to geld one, maybe two, of the mini studs.


We hope everyone had a great weekend.  This past week was very busy and I didn’t have much time to update – sorry about that.  Here are a few pictures though…



Captain’s Skywalker was gelded and did well.





He will be ready for adoption as soon as he is healed.  We are accepting adoption applications on him now.






Prince has filled out nicely and is a beautiful mover.  He was moved into Amadeus’ paddock today.




The herd

And they were off!  All of the horses need a good bath.  It’s drizzled and/or rained here for the past couple of days and they all love to roll in the wet sand!






Chloe is quite beautiful and she knows it!






Kami and Kandi were checked out by Dr. Ryan a few days ago and another CBC was pulled.  Kami is doing well and hopefully will be able to go out for her 1st birthday.  Kandi was put on Doxycycline and is doing much better.






Kathy visited on Thursday afternoon and for once it didn’t rain!  Asiya enjoyed the extra attention – and carrots!.  She is such a sweet mare.



Morning Star and Reva



Morning Star asks for his treat while Reva patiently waits for hers.





Casper has had some good days and some bad days.  On Friday he seemed like he was trying to colic.  After some Banamine he was up and about.  Yesterday he wasn’t feeling as well but in the afternoon perked up again.  Today he didn’t finish his meals and has only passed 2 piles of poop so far.  We treasure each day with him.  He will be 43 years young in April.  If he is not feeling better tomorrow we’ll have Dr. Ryan out.




It’s nice to know that Shaker isn’t the nervous and frightened mare she was when she arrived here.  She’s really a sweet girl and, like Joy, has come to like human attention.  Here she was following me into the cabin.  I caught her just in time – there wouldn’t have been room for her to turn around if she’d gotten in!




Mini Mare


Dr. Bess worked on the mini mare’s on Friday.  All of them needed a bit of work except for Cherokee and Belle.  Cherokee just needed a sharp point taken down and Belle’s were in pretty good shape.  All of the others should feel like they have a new mouth!






This is Magic getting tartar scraped off her teeth before being worked on.







After Dr. Bess was done working on her, Magic stared for quite awhile at the horse on the back of Dr. Bess’ trailer (actually, she was waking up!).




Little Lily

Little Lily had a baby tooth that had grown incredibly long and up into her top gum line.  She has an under shot jaw and will need a follow-up in 4 to 5 months.  She is such a sweet little girl.  She will be going to Peterson & Smith tomorrow with her mom, Ebony, to have stifle surgery.  Ebony will also be evaluated – her back right also locks up at times.





This is Ebony – you can see she had pretty sharp front teeth.  She had an overbite and a wave mouth with sharp points.



M & M


M&M had extra teeth that had to be removed and sharp points taken down.




Apache and Rebel

Apache and Rebel have eyes for the girls – Joy and Shaker!  Both girls let them know they have enough to worry about being that they’re both due to foal in March/April!  Rebel weighed in at 103 lbs. and is the cutest little guy!  Apache is beautiful.  They both have wonderful dispositions.





Here’s Barbara reining in Apache so we can tape him.  He weighed in the most at 246 lbs.  Little Rebel, in the background, weighed in at 103 lbs.



Shadow and Loco


Shadow and Lobo settled in well at Paula’s.





And this is Chico - he is also at Paula’s with his boys.  Warrior and Ouija are at foster mom Pam’s.  All boys will be gelded in the next couple of weeks except that we may need to give Rebel a bit of time to get a little healthier.





We’ve had another cold front move in.  Little Lily has a new blanket on the way – thanks to an angel!  If anyone has any waterproof mini blankets we could sure use them.  The mini’s range in size from 26” tall and weighing 103 lbs. up to 34” tall and weighing 243 lbs.  I have a list of sizes needed if anyone would like to help.

As always, we appreciate everyone for caring and helping when you can – it’s only because of you all that we are.  The cost of grain is up to almost $20 a bag – we go through a lot of grain!  If anyone has any extra Purina coupons for Strategy or Senior we could put them to good use – they make a difference!  Things break and overhead costs can’t be ignored – it’s not inexpensive to do what we do.  We need help to continue to help the horses.  We need to find good homes for many that are ready and we can’t take in anymore until we do.  Some of our awesome volunteers did set up an informational booth at Publix this past Saturday and raised almost enough for a ton of hay!  We’ll have another table set up next Saturday at Tractor Supply.  This past week Bernice, our volunteer coordinator, held orientation for new volunteers!  Caring for so many horses, some with special needs, is exhausting and we truly appreciate our volunteers.

Thank you all for helping in any way you can.  Please spread the word about us and what we do – invite people to our Daily Blog.  If you’re not on our email distribution list but would like to be, send me an email and I’ll add you.  Likewise, if you’re getting the updates and no longer wish to receive them, send me an email and your email address will be removed. 

Donations to help with hay can be called into Berrittini Feed at 352-629-1447.  Donations to help with the vet bill can be called directly into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151 and please remember – no amount is too small.  Donations can be made via the “Donate” page on our website.  God bless and have a great week!  Oh, and one more thing……



Hi Friends!

WOW!  On February 10th, I will be celebrating my very 
It has been a year filled with playing, running and bucking
And even being naughty - After all, I am Kami Comet!
My Birthday wish is to share with all my "brothers" and "sisters."
They are bigger than me and sure do like to eat.
So, for my Birthday Celebration, I need your help to get them
The yummy hay and grain that makes their tummy gay.
Grain and hay donations can be called into:

SPARR : 352-528-6177
SANDERS FARM: 352-873-8660
BERRETTINI FEED: 352-629-1447

Thank you for all your love and making my First Birthday 
So Very Special!


(AKA Kami Comet) 





I have some good news on the girls cultures - we know they do not have strangles!  Dr. Ryan will be out in the morning to pull a CBC on each of them again.  They both appear to be better except that Kandi did quite a bit of coughing today.  And Kami – today is the first day in days that she ran around in her stall wanting to play – it was good to see!





Kandi is a very beautiful girl – as soon as she is well she will be ready for her forever home.





The property behind us had a “controlled” burn this past Saturday – I sure wish they’d give us notice.  Magic did not like it – none of us did.  Fortunately, the winds changed direction just in time and blew north, away from the property – the smoke would have been very hard on Dixie.



Herd in Smoke


Val, Frodo, Bouie, Shaker, and Joy didn’t like the fire either – they were all at attention.




Here is Diane scratching Joy with a plastic rake – you can see Joy is just loving it!




Amadeus, Aaleyah Belle, and Nash in the morning mist.




Mini HorsesWe picked up the 2 remaining mini mares today.  M&M (Palomino) is to the left of the picture and Peaches is next one over.  Peaches is a beautiful cremello and rules the roost!  I’m glad Dr. Bess is coming on Friday.  While the girls were gathered around me tonight for a treat I smelled something foul – perhaps a tooth abscess?  I’ll be glad when they’re all current on everything and healthy.  Three of the studs loaded up today and settled in at Paula’s.  We’re looking for a foster home for the remaining 4 studs until we can bring them in which we will do when the QT paddock is available. 




This is Lily.  She will be going to the hospital next week (accompanied by her mom) to have stifle surgery. 




Sky is being gelded tomorrow - he will be available for adoption as soon as he recovers.  He’s such a beautiful boy and quick to learn.  If anyone is interested in Sky please let us know!  Please share the info that he will be available soon - let’s see if we can get him a good home!  His adoption fee is $500 but we are reducing our fees by 50% for most of the horses the month of February in support of the “3rd Annual Florida Week for the Animals”.  Also, we will have tables set up at different locations this coming Saturday and the following Saturday – we hope to raise awareness of horse abuse, slaughter, etc. and to remind humans that we need to be their voice.  We also hope to find homes for horses that are ready for forever homes. 



Captain’s Skywalker – he’s looking for a forever home!





Have a great week everyone and thank you for your continued caring and support.  It’s because of you that we are able to help the horses!

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