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(February 2010)

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02/28/10 We hope everyone had a great weekend.  It was busy here but we were able to snap a few pictures -- enjoy!

Hi, everybody!  Look at me -- I'm growing and growing!  I got to go outside today for a while, and I had a great time.  The humans all stop what they are doing and watch me play -- I feel special!  They laugh when I run so I run some more!  I've got them trained!

Even Dr. Bess took time out of her busy day to meet me today -- she's very nice!  I showed her my only tooth, but she promises I'll get more.  Dr. Bess says I'm going to have blue eyes -- where in the world are they coming from? My mom and dad both have brown eyes!  Oh no!!

Dr. Bess worked on Summer, Heart, and Mo; they all should be able to chew their food better now.  Dr. Bess is an awesome part of our team, and we appreciate her and her skills very much.  The horses behave for her and she does a great job!

OK, Dr. Bess, this is as wide as it's gonna get!

Heart's teeth definitely needed to be done, too.  Dr. Bess said he has all of his teeth, which are still in good shape, likely, she thinks, due to genetics. It's amazing -- she said the same thing we did after she met him -- that he's a wise old soul with a very kind heart.  When you talk to him, it seems he understands what you are saying and is genuinely interested!

Mo was a very good boy too and also hadn't seen a dentist in years.


After "waking up" from his dental appointment, we put a big play ball in with Mo.  So far, all he has done is stay far away and stare at it, intensely!

Kami wasn't happy when she got her much needed butt wash yesterday. She's had foal heat diarrhea for the last few days, but today it was much better.  It took Chris, Pat, and me to clean her up -- but, oh my goodness, did she need it!  This evening I was able to clean her up while she napped. She's such a doll!  Haley is better about humans being near Kami, but she is still always on guard.  She's a good mom.

Baby Ray and Legacy have a new play ball and seemed a bit more interested in it today.  Legacy is getting to be a big boy!  He's so handsome!  When I watched him and Baby Ray run today, it really seemed as though Baby Ray knew exactly where Legacy was -- he cut Legacy off a couple of times when they were running.  It was pretty amazing.  I'm praying that, as time goes by, his eyes are waking up.

Jake hovered over Kami and Haley yesterday.  He seemed like he really didn't know what to think of Kami -- she's so little!  But she is getting bigger every day.  Her blue blanket is getting smaller and smaller!

Barbara and I checked the perimeter fencing today and found more posts snapped at ground level.  The fencing is now leaning a lot.  We do have another electric line of fencing about 8' away inside the paddock; I have always been worried about cars coming off the highway, so we put up the inside electric fencing a couple of years ago.  There is a straight stretch right along our property, and cars like to go fast there.  While the posts along the highway were old, the microburst, and more winds since the microburst, weakened some of them more to the point of snapping.  Bob put some bracing up late this evening, but the fencing is going to have to be replaced. He did work on fencing up by Frosty's Knoll again today and reinforced the damaged areas there.  Since no horses live on Frosty's Knoll, we feel it is more important to replace the damaged fencing down by the main road, which contains 12 horses in four paddocks -- the fencing runs along the width of the property.  It's going to cost more, but it has to be done -- another bad storm and the fence likely won't survive.  We also found some places where the ground along the perimeter fencing washed away leaving a crawl space -- we are now vulnerable to coyotes or any other critter that wants to crawl under the fence.  We'll be contacting hardware and lumber stores tomorrow to see if they would be willing to donate any of the required materials.

Summer is getting up to date on things before her trip home. We still need to raise $125 towards building her shelter at her new home where she will be living next to her friend, Lightening, an Arabian blind gelding.  The initial estimate was $500 but, when the materials were purchased, the actual cost was $675 -- we understand completely how different estimates and actuals can be!  We forwarded $500 to Barbi and another $50 in donations was received by Barbi, so that still leaves a shortfall of $125.  Summer will be living off any main road where Barbi assures me there is peace and calm.  I can't help it, it is just my nature -- while Summer is here, I worry about her. It truly is devastating to me to find any animal in our care injured, especially by other humans; and we do believe rocks were intentionally thrown at her, which caused her to try to go through the fencing.  When they are blind, it is just unthinkable to me what goes through their minds when they feel fear. I'm just so thankful that Summer wasn't seriously injured.  She shook for hours after we found her that morning.  I'm so very grateful to Barbi and the couple that is offering Summer a safe forever home.  And I'm grateful to those that have donated to help and to those that have signed up to help with her monthly upkeep.  We've had her feet done, her teeth have been done, and she has received her vaccinations.  She will need to have her feet done again soon -- they were pretty bad when she arrived back here, and the farrier didn't want to do too much at once.

Classy seemed a little better today.  I spoke with Dr. Ryan about her yesterday.  He said he's seen horses with her condition, only worse, and they don't seem as uncomfortable as she does.  And he's seen horses with her condition, not as bad as hers, and they seemed worse.  Every horse and their pain tolerance levels are different.  It was good to see her up more today; yesterday she was down a lot.  Classy still needs prayers.

It's been a tiring few weeks here, and I'm praying hard for calmness for a while.  There is so much to do. It's been overwhelming lately, and I've been tired, very tired.  At times I've wondered how we can go on.  But then I wonder:  what would happen to the horses if we don't?  The horses need us-- they need you, too. Without you, we couldn't do what we do.  Please continue to help and know that you are very much appreciated.  Together, we all make a difference.  Thanks, everyone, for all your support and for caring -- have a great week.  I may not be able to get an update out for a couple of days; it's going to be busy here, and I need to spend some time at the computer working on grants and a few other things.  We have 10 horses due to be done by the farrier at the end of the week; each is $35.  If anyone would like to help with a hooficure, we would greatly appreciate it!

02/26/10 Here is Kami in her new camouflage blanket today, which arrived just in time! She had diarrhea, and her blue blanket had to be washed and dried.  She has more blankets then I do coats!  I can't believe how fast she is growing!

She runs and plays but, when she gets tired, just plops!

Haley is a very good mom. She's calmed down quite a bit with humans being around Kami.  We had a visitor from Delaware today, and Haley was very good for her.  It took three of us to get Kami cleaned up and her blanket changed!

But she still lets other horses know Kami is hers and not to be messed with.

Sunshine and the boys got a new ball today -- Sunshine was the most interested.  By the end of the day Legacy, was nosing it around.  It was pretty windy, and Baby Ray was more interested in his hay.

Classy isn't doing very well.  Some days are better than others, but she seems pretty uncomfortable most of the time -- especially in the right foot. We are going to be starting her on a new supplement that has been ordered. Please say prayers for Classy.

Ruby is still on stall rest.  I can't say she is any better, but she is no worse. She could also use prayers.

We hope everyone has a great weekend -- it's cold here, but no complaints -- at least we don't have ice and snow!

02/24/10 Yipee!!!  Playtime!  Mommy Theresa wants to put my thinner blanket on me but she's got to catch me first!



Awwww, come on, Auntie Jean, I want don't want to wear a blankie!  Oh, wait!  It's a new one -- I haven't worn this one before -- I like it!  Zip me up, please!


Let's go walking, mommy, so I can show off my new blankie!  I like being outside!


Check it out, mommy:  look how big I am now!  I used to be able to stand in one tub -- now it takes two!



This is my green water hose and you can't have it!  Auntie Bernice, I want you to watch me play!


Little E may be 30 years old, but he still moves out like a young one!

Baby Ray and Legacy are doing great. T hey run and play and have a good time -- they are fun to watch.  Sunshine has been a bit pushy with Baby Ray these past couple of weeks.  We've caught her running him away from the hay piles and just running him off for no apparent reason.  She seems to want to go out into the main paddock with the other horses.  I do believe Baby Ray's vision may be slightly improving.  He can see something; I don't know if it is shadows or that he can see, but he just can't focus very well. But he can see "something."  We continue to pray that, with time, he will see more.

We're having very cold temps again starting tonight, back down into the 20's. Most of the horses are blanketed.  It started to rain in the afternoon and we'd put blankets on just in time.  We filled in many ruts today from the storm, and more fencing was repaired.  Our neighbor is supposed to send someone tomorrow to clean up the debris (including many broken and downed fence boards with nails in them) on his property that is next to us. Roofing on one of his shelters came off and wrapped itself around a fence post.  If it hadn't, it could have severely injured Captain or Heart.  As bad as the storm was, I do believe we were protected by angel wings -- none of the horses or humans was injured, and for that we are very thankful.

Have a good night, everyone!

02/23/10 We hope everyone had a great day. The weather was nice here, no surprises from Mother Nature!  Jeff (the fencing guy) came today, and the immediate needs to secure the perimeter have been met temporarily. John, one of the volunteers, came, too, and worked on the electric top wire, which helped a lot.  Bob secured Magic's paddock last night so that is done.  Robin, Lynda, Sue Ann, and Marie all came; and the stalls were all cleaned out and fresh shavings put down.

There is about 300' of fencing along the roadside at Frosty's Knoll that needs to be replaced.  There are over a dozen posts in that section that broke in half; this is the area where the power line fell.  Some of the other older posts and are ready to break, and the no-climb wire is rusty and broken in some places.  We could replace the broken posts, but it would be difficult:  when pulling the nails from the posts the fabric, which is old, it is likely to snap.  We feel it would be best, for safety reasons, to replace the posts and the fencing fabric.  We are going to price out how much it will cost, but our initial estimate is just over $1,100 (top boards, posts, no-climb wire, labor, nails). J eff will be back to replace the fencing as soon as we're ready.  So far, I believe we've received $400 to help with the damages.  We used about $80 to replace all the shavings in the stalls today and spent another $60 to fill the generators back up.  We're also applying for emergency grants.

We will still have to tackle a permanent fix to the washed out areas, but we're going to take it one step at a time -- otherwise, it gets to feel pretty overwhelming and frustrating.  The ruts are being filled in with sand for now but, unless we put some sod over the sand, it will wash away again.  Bob fixed most damages to the house.  The garage is still a wreck, but the access doors in the overhead crawl space were put on today.  All debris, blankets, buckets, etc., were collected.  We do have to collect some metal roofing debris at the property next to us as it is a hazard -- the property owners live in Miami and could care less about removing the unsafe debris.  We are going to contact them anyway to see if they will at least remove many top boards that have nails in them that have broken and would put our horses at risk in a storm.  There are also many broken boards lying on the ground with nails in them that the winds could pick up.

All horses were calmer today; most looked tired.  We are very blessed that none was injured.  We got reports from other farms in our immediate area of fencing down, shelters blown away, power lines down, and other damages;  there were lots of stories to be heard.  Fortunately, I didn't hear of any deaths or serious injuries.

Haley and Kami got to spend quite a bit of time outside today; Kami had her first good roll in the dirt!  She had teeth come through about three days ago so she no longer gums -- she nibbles!  She's so funny; if you scratch her tummy while she's lying down, she'll roll over on her back to ask for more!

Kami is growing like a weed!  Haley is shedding out and looks a bit silly right now.

What a huge relief it was to learn today that Summer has a safe home to go to!  She still needs a couple of angels ($25 month) to help with her routine monthly feed and care.  We forwarded funds ($500 -- thank you, anonymous donor!) for her shelter to Barbi today so that can get started.  We still worry about her being injured here, and the sooner she can get back to her gelding friend, Lightening, the better I think we will all feel. I t really is a sick feeling when any in your care is injured, especially when the injuries are likely caused by something a human did.  Summer will also need transport once her shelter is done and she can go "home."

The farrier came and trimmed a bit more off Classy's toes this evening.  She was more ouchy today than yesterday, probably because of the dampness in the ground she stood on last night.  She didn't want to stay in a stall overnight for anything, and I didn't want to keep drugging her; so she got to stay out around the barn.  Her front right is really giving her a time.

Thanks, everyone, for caring and for your much appreciated support!

7:33 PM
We are still without power.  The well runs off electric, so we are very blessed to have the generator.  We have no heat tonight -- I'm very glad the temps are not down in the 30s or 40s. The baby has her heat lamps. I  finally spoke to our neighbor, and their horses are all accounted for but one was injured.  The neighbor said we had a "wet microburst," whatever that is.  I just know it came out of nowhere and was so strong -- it was one of the worst experiences ever.

We think when the power line snapped and hit the ground Magic was startled, and likely he got zapped by the top wire around his paddock.  He keeps shaking his head and seems a bit shaken.  There was just so much going on.  I gave him something to calm him this evening, and he does seem a bit better.  Because of his history of abuse, he likely was very afraid --  getting pelleted by the hail had to have been terrifying for him.  I rubbed on him a bit and spent some time observing him.  He is still unsure of what happened, and the cows next door to him were running all over the place upsetting him more.  We did get his paddock secured so that is a relief.  Part of the roof from our neighbors got wrapped around a fence post next door to Captain's paddock -- if it hadn't wrapped itself around the post, it could have injured Captain or Heart.  Heart is very upset and whinnies at every human he sees -- Captain seems a bit on edge, too.  I'm very thankful that Summer wasn't injured again.

I let Classy out of her stall.  Once the drugs wore off, she was just so anxious and upset. She can't whinny because of her tracheotomy, but you can tell when she tries because a noise comes out of the trach hole.  She was in Legacy's stall, and he seems happy to be in there now.  All stalls, except for Kami's, will have to be totally emptied and dried tomorrow. That means many bags of shavings will be needed.  The safest and least affected area of the whole property today was Haley and Kami's stall.  Hail hitting the metal roof was deafening. I  was at the barn alone and, with everything happening so fast, well, I'll just say I don't ever want to experience this again.  I was so worried about Bob and the volunteers and the baby boys.  I couldn't get to any of them.  All I could do was pray, and I did -- a lot.

After the storms, there were rainbows but the property looked like a mixed up puzzle.  We now have a pond in the center of the property.  We'll be cleaning up for days to come.  I'm afraid the fencing damage may be more than we thought, but we'll have to wait until morning light to assess it.  I'll be checking every horse from nose to tail in the morning. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, and we're already exhausted from today.  Thanks, everyone, for caring, for prayers, and donations to help. I'll update tomorrow when I can. God bless and have a good night.

6:23 PM
We are still without power.  A major power line is down and lying on our property.  The perimeter fencing is gone in a couple of places on the Knoll.  The perimeter electric line is above the top board is gone in many places.  Some of the horses are pretty upset -- mainly Summer, Magic, Classy, and Mo.  All the horses got pelted with a lot of hail except those in the barn, and I'm sure it was very traumatic for Magic and Summer the most.

We have many broken perimeter boards and posts that snapped in half.  One of Magic's new trees is leaning and may fall over -- we need to get it re-staked before it comes out of the ground.  The stalls in the barn are flooded -- the only dry stall is the one little Kami and Haley are in, thank God.  I had to sedate Classy.  The boys stayed out in the whole thing but are just fine.  I tried to get to the boys but the storm hit so fast; and when I realized what was upon us, I first made sure momma and baby were secure and then tried to get out of the back of the barn to the boys.  But I couldn't move the end barn doors for the winds and rains -- it was a pretty helpless feeling, and the rains/hail were so cold! I was so worried about the volunteers and Bob -- they were out in one of the paddocks -- fortunately under the shelters.  They commented when they got back to the barn how much they appreciate that we get the shelters built to withstand the storms; they are good and secure, although we still don't have lightning rods installed on two of the shelters.  The garage is flooded, and insulation and water came from above out of the crawl area, and everything in the garage is wet.  It's going to take a lot of work and time to fix things.  We had many areas wash out that need to be filled in before a horse steps in a rut and gets hurt.  We will need sand and sod; otherwise the sand just washes away.

We need to get someone in here ASAP to start fixing perimeter fencing.  Bob can't do this alone -- we had some minor damage to the house, too.  Right now I just want the property secured.  We'd like to try to raise at least $300 initially to get the fencing repaired -- we need posts and boards, and I hope to get the fencing guy to come first thing in the morning to continue with repairs that Bob is working on now.  The fence guy charges $20 per hour. He did get the fencing that Summer went through repaired today before the storm.  Fixing Magic's paddock is a priority, and Bob is working on that now.  I tried to get the fence guy here this evening, but he is busy with repairs at his place -- he just lives down the road. We also need more gas for the generators.

I don't want to do experience this again.  I'll update when I can. T hank you all for the prayers.

4:13 PM
We are now cleaning up in the aftermath of one of the worst storms I've ever had hit outside of a hurricane that came out of nowhere.  The winds, hail, and rain were horrible.  Horses and humans here are all accounted for, which is what matters.  We are without electricity and everything is a mess.  It's like picking up pieces to a puzzle -- stuff is everywhere.  Our neighbors lost their shelter and are looking for three horses.  I hope and pray everyone else is OK and that the worst is over.  And I hope the bus arrives in the next few minutes with our daughter safe and sound.  This was very scary to say the least.  Nature is powerful, no doubt at all.  I have to get back out and start cleaning up.
02/21/10 Portrait of Haley and Kamea on eBay:   Alice Berkman, an extremely talented artist, has listed an exquisite portrait of Haley and Kamea on eBay to assist Beauty’s Haven in raising funds for Sunshine and her Boys’ much needed shelter.  Please take a moment to visit eBay to view this magnificent portrait of "Mother & Child:"


Thank you, Jeanne

02/20/10 We hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  The weather here today was absolutely beautiful, a perfect day for the little one to get out and run and play.  And that she did!  And she loved the warmer temps and not having to wear a blanket.

She is very inquisitive and impatient.  She's getting a little big to climb onto my lap anymore.  She sometimes will turn and then back into my lap and sort of sit like a dog and then paw with her front feet.  She's a hoot!

She's growing like a weed!  Her tail has grown at least 3" in just a week.  Her eyes also have a tint of gray now where they were all brown.

We went back and forth and came up with a list of names for the baby that we liked, and we thought about having a name game -- but then we decided she should be named based on her personality.  So I spent a lot of time with her, observing (which I love to do!).  Her mom's name is "Haley's Blue Comet, " and her dad's name is Rusty.  Although, we're not 100% sure Rusty is the dad -- she doesn't really look like either of them!  She's like a little sprite that flutters everywhere leaving smiles as she goes, and she's a spitfire!  I kept calling her "spunkin" -- a combination of spunky and pumpkin. We considered those names, but they just didn't seem just right. 

Tonight as I was sitting, watching her, I thought of how blessed we are that she is with us; she seems so perfect and divine!  I prayed for the right name:  after all, she is over a week old!  Then I remembered the meaning of the name Kami:  divine!  So, we've decided to name her "Kamea," which means "the one and only (Hawaiian)" with a nickname of Kami, which means "divine."  We hope you all will like it!  I went down to help put her blanket on her and called her by her new name, and she took off!  I don't know if that is a good sign or not, or maybe she just didn't want her blanket on.  In any event, Haley's baby now has a name!

Dr. Ryan did X-rays of Classy's feet yesterday, and it isn't good news.  The good news is that, at this time, there was no further significant rotation from last week.  The bad news is that she will probably have chronic abscessing in both front feet and is susceptible to more rotation.  The bone spurs are at the tip of the coffin bone, which is causing her much discomfort.  The farrier has been back out to take some toe off, which made her a little more comfortable.  It's tough because Classy doesn't want to put weight on either foot for the trims.  We're going to do our best to keep her comfortable, keep her pads and boots on her, and keep her feet as balanced as possible.  She's going to need more frequent trims.  But compared to last week, the night we found her in such bad shape, she is significantly better, IMO.

I'd like to thank everyone who responded to help with hay and broken gate. The unsafe and broken gate was replaced, and we procured 3 tons of much needed hay that will last us through next weekend!  We have horses with different needs and were able to buy timothy, O&A, and alfalpha.  Thanks, everyone!

02/18/10 The baby boys got their new blankets today, gifts from Auntie Mel and Uncle Tim, and they both look so handsome!  What did Baby Ray think of exchanging his pink blanket for a macho blue blanket?  Well, he actually picked up the pink blanket and tossed it aside and then went trotting around!


Baby Legacy is getting so tall!  He's not "round" like Baby Ray and weighs less even though he is taller.  Baby Ray is very round and solid!


Here are Classy and Princess relaxing in the sun today.  Classy was a bit more mobile today although she is still uncomfortable.  Dr. Ryan didn't come today so we expect him tomorrow.


Isn't this the cutest little girl?  She had some visitors today including Auntie Kathy (KLB).  She reminds me of a little fairy that flitters all over the place, and she leaves lots of smiles wherever she goes.


And here is Haley teaching the little one where the grain is stored.  The baby has grown so much in just a week!


The baby loves to curl up next to her mom. She also likes to nurse when mommy is trying to rest.

I know this is a strange request, but it's a safety issue for the horses (and humans).  One of our main 16' paddock gates snapped and broke in the middle of the top of it, which left the gate very unstable; and it needed to be replaced.  There were sharp points where it snapped, and it was very weak.  So we had to buy another gate tonight; it is a stronger and a thicker metal  like the gates we bought for the baby boys' new paddock, which are proving to be very sturdy.  The cost to replace the gate is $186, and I had to use funds we were going to use for hay.  We don't have enough hay to get through the weekend. 

Would anyone like to help replace the $186 used from the hay funds?  Maintaining the farm isn't inexpensive, and things such as this must be addressed.  A horse could have easily cut his neck on the sharp edges where the metal snapped.  If anyone would like to call in a credit to the hay store, their phone number is 352-629-1447.

Thanks, everyone, have a great night.

02/18/10 Haley's baby enjoyed her playtime outside this morning.  She got her thick blue baby blankie dirty, so I put her thinner one on her and tucked her back into her stall with her heat lamps and her momma.  She's got quite the wardrobe:  just look at how cute she is, and she was so proud of it!!!  She's growing pretty fast -- too fast!  Her blue blankie is in the washer, and she'll have it back in time before the temps start dropping today.


Classy is doing about same -- she's no worse, so that is good news.  Dr. Ryan will be out to X-ray her again today or tomorrow.  We'll update once we know more.


02/16/10 Last Wednesday we were very blessed to have Karen Woodbury, a 2-star Parelli instructor, volunteer a few hours of her time to spend with us and our volunteers.  Some of our volunteers don't have a lot of horse experience, but they all want to learn.  They do a great job, and we are very appreciative of every one of them.  Safety is paramount here -- we haven't had any human injuries and want to keep it that way!

Karen did a great job and presented great information, and the volunteers had many questions.  Karen explained Pat's Love, Language, and Leadership in equal doses so they understood they could step up to be leaders and the horses would still love them and they would gain their respect.  While in the center aisle of the barn (it was too cold outside!), Debra simulated being a horse so that Karen could demonstrate safely leading, haltering, and grooming.  After, everyone moved to Baby Ray's paddock so Karen could demonstrate some things she had discussed.  Baby Ray's story is  http://beautysequinerescue.org/diary_august2009.htm for those that don't know him.  He is growing up fast and has been handled much, but truly benefited when Karen demonstrated Pat's Love, Language, and Leadership. The volunteers were in awe at the progress Karen made in such a short amount of time with Baby Ray.  One of our new volunteers was asked to go into the paddock with Karen and Baby Ray to build up her confidence with horses and in particular with the young ones.  They both did a great job, and I heard many good things stated by the volunteers at the end of the session.

You can learn more about Karen here: http://instructor.parelli.com/KarenWoodbury.

We appreciate our volunteers making the time to come, Debra for arranging for us to meet Karen and for the training session, and Karen for donating her valuable time and knowledge.

02/16/10 The video of Haley's baby is now on YouTube!  (The link is below the photo capture.) 


As for a name fitting for this little one - we've decided to publish a list of names and have a name game -- for a couple of bucks, you can vote on what her name will be, and the most votes will win!  We hope to have the list published by tomorrow.

I didn't have as much time as I wanted to work on the video, but I think her antics will leave you smiling.  If I could, I'd sit and watch her all day.



I am here
Waiting for you
My love is strong
Waiting for you

I stand in solitude
Waiting for you
Silent and patient
Waiting for you

I will dream it so

And so it was
Dreams come true
You came to me
My heart is yours

Penny Austin, www.onehorseatatimeinc.org,
written for Heart



Please check out our latest item up for bid on eBay, a stunning oil painting by Karla J. Smith entitled, "Ivy Dance."  100% of the final sale price will be applied toward our current veterinary bills.


Thank you!  Jeanne

02/14/10 Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, from all of us at Beauty's Haven!

Tomorrow I hope to publish a YouTube of Haley's baby -- you're going to love it!  She makes everyone smile and forget our troubles for a little while.  Today she went outside on her first big adventure, and we've got some really cute pics and video to share.  Just look how tiny she is!

02/13/10 Here are some pictures taken today -- to see them all, please visit the baby's diary page.  We had visitors, and the baby loved to show off for everyone.  Hopefully tomorrow she'll get to go outside for a little while. 


Classy is about the same -- no worse, so that is good.  Please keep up the prayers for her.  Thank you and have a great Sunday.  Enjoy the pictures...

Look how BIG Baby Legacy is!!!

To see all the pictures of Dr. Ryan's visit today with Haley's baby, please visit the baby's diary page.

Thank you all for caring about Haley and her baby and all the horses here at the rescue.


Precious has received her wings and is now pain free.  It is never easy to say "Goodnight."  Our hearts are broken.  She will always be loved and will forever remain in our hearts.

Precious was in a lot of pain caused from a severe chronic osteolysis / osteomyelitic condition in her coffin as shown on her X-ray of December 30th.

The following was our update from December 31st:

This morning, Dr. Ryan and the vets at Peterson & Smith reviewed, in detail, x-rays taken of Precious' right foot yesterday.  It isn't good news.  She has osteolysis in her coffin bone.  This isn't a new injury but an old one that is causing her increased discomfort.  Over time the bone has degenerated -- surgery is not an option and would bring her no relief.  We are going to try the "Perfect Hoof Ware System" on her right front to see if it will provide her some relief.  If we can manage her discomfort, she deserves a chance.  If we can't, we will have done our best.  Please say prayers for Precious and that the wrap brings her relief.

In regard to Classy, Dr. Ryan took X-rays of both front feet.  She has slight rotation on both sides with spurring found in each.  Also found were abscesses on both hooves that are presently draining.  Her hooves will be packed and wrapped.  We are hopeful that, once the abscesses have drained, she will once again be comfortable.  Dr. Ryan will be back next week to re-do the X-rays and evaluate the degree of rotation once again.

Haley's Baby is doing well.

More updates and pictures will be posted later this evening.

Please light a candle for Precious and keep Classy in your prayers.  Thank you all for your love and support. 

Sincerely, Jenny

02/11/10 I was in bed sick most all day but kept watch of Haley and her baby on the laptop by my bed.  Marie, Blodwyn, and Robin did a great job, as always, taking care of the horses today.  To see all the latest pictures, please visit the baby's diary page.

Tonight I noticed the baby seemed to be squatting a lot so I went down and sat in the stall and watched for a while.  She did go pee a few times but in between would squat and strain.  She seemed to try to poop and couldn't.  She had an enema yesterday and passed meconium.  But I went ahead and gave her half an enema again tonight.  She tried to nurse, and I noticed there was no milk so I checked Haley and nothing.  Haley was agitated and pawing.  I took temps and both were normal.  I called Dr. Ryan; he had me give Haley more meds to help her to relax.  Baby also got a little Banamine.  Haley is now munching and seems better.  Baby is still saying "yuck" to the Banamine.  It really does taste bad, poor little girl.  Dr. Ryan thinks the baby may have more meconium she's trying to pass. A fter all the poking I did to her, she still comes over for attention.  She weighed in at 25 lbs tonight.  She's a doll and she makes everyone smile.  She'll come up to you and stick her cute little nose in your face or start tugging at your pants legs.  She's a bundle of joy that we really need right now.

Yesterday evening when we brought Legacy in, I explained to him that he had grown so much he graduated to another stall.  I explained about the baby's needing all of his heat lamps and that we had to move Haley and her baby into his room.  I'm not sure he understood, but Haley talked to him for a bit and introduced him to her baby.  The baby didn't want anything to do with Legacy, but it's probably because he is so big compared to her and her mom.  He really has grown a lot.

Doesn't she look like a proud bundle of joy?

Weighing in at only 25 lbs. You can see she's a solid 25 lbs and her coat is a beautiful color.

Dr. Ryan asked about Classy tonight.  She is no better:  she refuses to even move even and is a lot of discomfort.  Dr. Ryan will be here around noon tomorrow to check on Haley and her baby and to help Precious cross Rainbow Bridge.  It's been a sad day knowing what tomorrow will bring.  Saying goodbye to Precious will be hard, but knowing she will be free of pain brings some comfort.  I told Dr. Ryan I don't want to lose Classy, too, but he couldn't make any promises and warned me that it doesn't look good.  Classy has been through so much and is such a sweet, sweet mare.

I'd really appreciate prayers for Classy, Precious, and Haley and her baby. This has been so unexpected for Classy -- please say extra prayers for her.  I really can't imagine having to say goodbye to her, too.  Thanks, everyone.

(late PM)
Haley and her baby are both are doing well.  Dr. Ryan called tonight, and the baby's IGG and blood work came back perfect!  Haley's motherly instincts have kicked in, and she is just doing a wonderful job.

Dr. Ryan feels Classy is trying to founder in her front feet, possibly the rear as well.  In the process of trying to get up last night, she likely pulled something in her hindquarters.  She is favoring using her right hip and taking the weight off the left.  He administered DMSO, and she is on medications and being treated as a founder case.  In a couple of days when she is better (we hope), Dr. Ryan will likely take X-rays.  She does have a bone spur in her front right, and that doesn't help -- that is a constant bother to her.  Her hindquarters are sore today but not nearly as unstable as they were last night.

Precious is not well, and I'm sorry that I don't have good news.  She has gotten progressively worse.  It pains us to see her in such constant discomfort.  I spoke with Dr. Das again yesterday, and our farrier, and Dr. Ryan many times over the past few weeks, about her condition.  And we agree that the most loving and kind thing we can do for her is to release her from her pain.  With a heavy heart, we will be making arrangements to help her cross.  Precious didn't know proper care before she came here, and it's taken a toll on her.  I wanted more for her, and we did all we could for her, but it wasn't enough.  But at least she did know love and kindness here.  I try to keep reminding myself that she will no longer be in pain, but the thought of losing her still hurts.  This is not easy, ever, and it makes the heart hurt.

I'd like to thank everyone for your good thoughts and prayers for Haley, her baby, Precious, Classy, and all the horses here.  I'll have more pictures and an update from today that I'll try to post tomorrow.

More pictures of Haley's baby -- enjoy!  And she now has her own "diary" page, too.


02/10/10 Please check out our latest item up for bid on eBay, a Sharper Image mini portable camcorder!  100% of the final sale price will go to support Beauty's Haven:


(later AM)
Haley's baby girl is just a spitfire!  She came into the world running at about 3:30 AM this morning!  I'm so thankful some of her aunties had sent her a special warm blanket.  It was very cold and she was shivering; she likes her blankie, but her momma keeps trying to take it off!  We moved them to a warmer stall (Legacy's) where she'll be more comfy.  She's likely about 30 lbs., if that.

She had a little trouble at first getting milk.  We did milk Haley and gave it to the baby to make sure she got her colostrum.  Haley really wasn't comfy about it but, with help from some drugs, she relaxed and the milk came; and now she's finally letting the baby nurse at will (most of the time).  Dr. Ryan will be here soon to run an IGG on her and to look at Classy.  Haley has figured out that the little bundle of joy belongs to her.  It's nothing short of a miracle.  Life is so precious.  Thank you all for being a part of this.

I thanked God for a smooth delivery and for the many people that watched Haley forever on MareStare.  God bless you all!


(early AM)
Haley has a baby girl, born around 3:35 AM this morning.  She's a little spitfire, and both are doing OK.  Mom is still not sure what it's all about but is getting better.

WHEW!!!  Thank God for baby miracles!

02/09/10 It's been a really cold, rainy, and busy day here; and everything is soaked.  The rains finally moved out this evening, and the stars are out now.

While we were out giving out nightly hay, Classy was lying down and, when she tried to get up, something happened:  she struggled for some time to get up and, once up, her entire body was quivering and her hindquarters were weak, very weak.  It seemed as though she didn't even know where her backend was, and then she refused to move.  After speaking with Dr. Ryan, I gave her Banamine via IV, and after about 15 minutes she finally tried to move forward but ended up looking like she was trying to sit down like a dog.  She did start pawing the ground with her front foot, and you could tell she was in pain.  We gave her more time, and Dr. Ryan then had me give her Bute.  After a bit we were able to get her to move with a bucket of grain in front of her nose to the barn, but she was extremely unstable.  It took about 30 minutes to make the walk to the barn.  It is apparent that she has done something to her hindquarters.  Dr. Ryan had me give her some Dex, too, and she is now in a stall for the night -- he will be out in the morning.  We will be checking her all through the night.

Precious is also not doing well. I spoke with Dr. Ryan and Dr. Das about her condition for quite a bit of time today.  We're trying to manage her discomfort, but I'm not sure we're doing a very good job.

Please include Classy and Precious in prayers. Thank you.

Here are Classy and LadyBug sharing their hay.

And here are Casper and Precious.

02/08/10 Here are a few pictures taken today at the farm. Enjoy! Also, read all the way to the bottom to see our new arrival.

Here is our darling Valentine lounging in the sun and looking as cute as ever.



Bouie, a little bear.


LadyBug makes faces for the humans behind the camera.



Haley:  she "pushes" all day and night!



Captain, a handsome 31-year-old that amazes us all.



Jake in his Cavello boots with his best friend, Gentleman.


And here is our latest arrival that we picked up late yesterday evening, a 10-year-old Arabian.  He has a history of past abuse:  shot with a 22, beaten with sticks by kids, whipped, and beaten in the face with a bucket.  He's very bright, kind, curious, alert, and vibrant.  His personality just beams; he is a pleasure to be around.  He needs to see Dr. Bess, our equine dentist, and his feet haven't been trimmed in long time. We�ll be taking care of all of these needs over the next few days.  He is a beautiful mover with his tail held high and his eyes bright and full of life.  If anyone would like to be an angel for Mo, please email Jeanne at jcb@beautysequinerescue.org. No amount is too small, and every donation is tax deductible and very much appreciated.

Today was Jenny's last day here on this trip (she lives in Puerto Rico) and we're all going to miss her.  I'll be at my desk less until she comes back, hopefully in April.  Thanks, Jenny, for all your hard work and everything you do!

We have a new volunteer:  welcome, Haley!  Haley contacted us a few weeks ago about an underweight pony and has since become a much needed volunteer.

Tomorrow we'll be busy getting ready for Wednesday.  One of our volunteers, Debra, has arranged for Karen Woodbury, a Level 2 Parelli instructor, to spend some time here on Wednesday with our volunteers to talk about safety around the horses.  The babies are like little Mack trucks, and it never hurts to be reminded about safety around our four-legged friends.  Parelli club members are also volunteering and will be here to help with the horses and to assist Karen.  Thanks, Debra and Karen!

Dr. Das will be here tomorrow to work on Gentleman.  The gutter company is returning to finish up the gutters on the shelters; I just hope they finish the job before the rain comes that is predicted.  It's going to be another busy day.

Have a good day tomorrow, everyone; I likely won't put out another update before Wednesday evening.  I have lots of emails to answer; please don't give up on me.  They are all important to me, and I'll get caught up on them when I can.  We've been swamped with phone calls to help horses, 27 last week alone.  I want to thank Kathy for taking precious time to do much research and to make phone calls to help those that we can.  I'm afraid that, as we move into foaling season, the calls are going to increase.  As babies are weaned this year, I predict the number of requests we get will increase a lot.  I hope and pray I'm wrong.

02/07/10 We were thrilled today to get an e-mail (pasted below) from Dawn Diovera, a FOB.  We so thank Dawn for her interest in Beauty's Haven plus her kind words about our work, and we're sure you'll want to visit Dawn's blog to read her entry about us.  Here's a link:


Subject:  YOU are on my blog site

Hi there! 

I am an FOB and follow all of your posts.  I have been so impressed with your Rescue that I wrote about you on my blog for today, Sunday Feb 7.  Please feel free to read it, and if you like it, link to it.

Keep up the great work! 

Dawn Diovera, Executive Producer
Itchy Fingers Films, Inc.
15224 Cottrell Road, Grass Valley, CA

02/06/10 Awww, come on Mommy Theresa -- can't I come out for just a little bit to play with Haley?  Legacy doesn't understand that his playfulness could hurt Haley or her baby.  Just look at how tall he is!  I remember when his nose couldn't even touch the bottom of the stall door window.  It's so hard to say "no" to him, but he got turn out time with Baby Ray; and they ran and played and had a good time.  Legacy still visits Haley through the door when she is in her stall.  Haley seems more then ready to have her baby.  Maybe the baby is holding out for Valentine's Day?  That is Nick's birthday.

Captain and Heart's shelter was the first to get gutters today.

Captain and Heart have become friends and seem to enjoy each other's company.  We've been worried about Captain, but today we actually saw some light in eyes again.  The farrier did Heart's feet a couple of days ago and commented on how humble and "human" he seems -- he seems to intently listen to everything said to him and seems to understand.  He's pretty remarkable, and everyone that meets him just loves him.

Heart is very much a gentleman and lets Captain have his choice of everything first -- he seems to respect Captain.  They share their hay and seem very much at ease with each other, which is very good to see.


We had to move the hay rack out from under their shelter because the heavy rains yesterday left a huge mucky mess under it that we didn't want them standing in.  The farrier trimmed Captain's feet a couple of days ago when he was lying down.  He's not able to hold any foot up long enough to have them trimmed when he is standing.

Whoops!!  Don't climb ladders on a windy day!  Much needed gutters were installed on two of the four shelters today.  The other two shelters will be done on Tuesday.


Legacy got to go on a field trip into the main paddock today.  He's getting tall and is just a doll.


Megan is doing awesome.  She's gained weight and has toned up.  She's a beautiful dog and we're glad she's here!

Baby Ray and Sunshine are doing great.  LadyBug is also doing great. Gentleman seems better in his hindquarters, but Dr. Das will be out on Tuesday to work on him.  Precious isn't doing well and could use prayers.  Ruby is still on stall rest.  Jake is better and was turned back out into the main paddock today wearing his Cavello boots.

We hope everyone is having a great weekend!

02/03/10 Here are some pictures of the boys playing today.  Baby Ray thinks he's "all that!" and he is!  Legacy wasn't as active but that's to be expected since he was gelded just a couple of days ago.  He's doing really well and healing nicely.

Baby Legs, come on -- let's play tag or something.  We haven't run and jumped since Monday morning right before Dr. Ryan got here.  I don't know what happened, but when he was here I felt a pinch in the neck, and then it seemed like I took a long nap.  It took me a while to wake up, and I heard the humans say Dr. Ryan will have to come back in a month or so; and it will be my turn.  My turn for what????

Come here, Baby Ray, and I'll tell you what Dr. Ryan did to me.  I felt the pinch in the neck like you did, and I then went to sleep, too.  Only when I woke up, I knew something was different!  Mommy Theresa said I was gelded!  I'm not 100% sure what that means, but you're going to be gelded, too, in a month or so!

No bucking and playing for me today, Baby Ray.  How about we just play ring around the tree?

But I want to run and jump, Legs, come on!  OK, you trot and I'll buck and hop around enough for both of us.  I love pretending I'm a wild mustang! Yipee!!

And Haley, along with the rest of us, is still waiting for her baby to decide it's time to come out.

Heart was finally moved in with Captain today.  Captain seemed very happy to be back in his paddock, and the minis seemed happy to go back into theirs.  Captain and Heart haven't mingled much, but they seem perfectly content.  We were going to leave Summer in with the minis -- once they were all together, Frodo quickly decided she was "his."  This was fine except that Magic was on the other side of the fence and thought Summer should be "his," too.  So, Summer is back in the quarantine paddock.  I'll get pictures of Captain and Heart tomorrow.  Heart looks like he's gained weight already!  He's a doll and is truly a "heart" horse.  Thank you to everyone that has helped him!

We have been busy here installing downspouts, drain pipes, and catch basins at each of the four shelters, which has proven to be a lot more work than we thought it would be!  A gutter company is coming on Saturday to install much needed gutters on these shelters.  When it rains, water runs right under the shelters; and the horses stand in muck for days, which leads to feet issues. This isn't an easy or inexpensive project, but we feel it will help the horses a lot.  Our next gutter project will be an "L" area at the barn where the water runs off the roof and puddles and stands -- it's in the highest traffic area there is, and we desperately need to divert it away from the barn.

If anyone would like to help with feed or vet bills, donations can be called in directly to the following:

Vet bills:  Peterson & Smith:  352-237-6151
Grain, shavings, hay, alfalpha cubes, beet pulp:  Sanders Feed: 352-873-8660
Hay:  Larson Farms:  352-867-8333 or Berrettini Hay: 352-629-1447

I'd like to ask everyone to take a minute to vote for us daily on the Animal Rescue Site. I  know we can win, at least in the state of Florida.  And if everyone would tell family and friends about us and ask them to vote, it would help a lot.  Vote more than once if you have more than one computer! http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3

We also have the raffle going on for the beautiful painting by Jan Braakman to help with the much needed shelter for the boys.

To help with hay funds, we still have the raffle going on for the beautiful 11" x 14" framed giclee print by Kathryn Baker entitled "Moonlight Magic" ...

... and a horsehair bracelet (pick the BHFER horse) made by Cameron.  You can see her work here:  http://www.cameronscause.net/

Thanks, everyone, have a great day tomorrow!

02/01/10 The Wild Ones!  Baby Ray and Baby Legs romping and having a good old time.  Little do they know what is in store for them!






Baby Legacy became a Little Man today!


But alas, Baby Ray was unable to join his little brother in achieving his manhood, as one of his testicles stayed in hiding from Dr. Ryan.



Blood work indicates that Heart is a bit anemic, likely due to improper nutrition.

After checking Heart's teeth, Dr. Ryan determined his age to be 25+ years.

Thank you all for your continued love and support for Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.

It will be another busy day here:  we got a call about seven more horses in need last night that I have to go check out. I t never stops.


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