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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome, Baby Ray -- And Now, Sunshine!
(Diary, September 2009)

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09/26/09 It was another busy day here -- this is a short update, but I wanted to share some pictures.

How CUTE is this little one???  VERY!  And look how tall he is getting!

And Sunshine is so very beautiful and a good mom.

Baby Ray ran and jumped around and played like a baby should this afternoon.  He makes us all smile when he acts like a little jumping bean!  We're counting down the days until his surgery.

And what is one of the most blessed things to find at the end of a rainbow?  Yep, Baby Ray!  And what could be even better?

Yep, Baby Ray with his mommy!

babyray1_092609.jpg (23218 bytes)

babyray2_092609.jpg (37467 bytes)

babyray3_092609.jpg (48478 bytes)

babyray4_092609.jpg (28554 bytes)

babyray5_092609.jpg (42093 bytes)

09/25/09 Baby Ray napped while waiting for his turn in line to be worked on by Dr. Das.  Sunshine is never far away.

Ouuuuu that feels SO good. Dr. Das!  You've got the touch!  See where Dr. Das is rubbing. Auntie Bernice?  Can you remember this spot and rub me there sometimes. too?  Baby Ray was so relaxed I thought he'd fall over!

Sunshine watched as Dr. Das worked on her baby. 

He's got the cutest little baby face -- I think we should make him a beanie baby!

Baby Ray is just so precious. and he really has grown.  He runs down the aisle when he hears a bucket of grain coming.  He still tries to get into the tack room.  It won't be long until he will be able to see his mom's beautiful and loving face and all around him.  I can't wait!

babyray1_092509.jpg (51858 bytes)

babyray2_092509.jpg (37564 bytes)

babyray3_092509.jpg (45218 bytes)

babyray4_092509.jpg (37728 bytes)

babyray5_092509.jpg (78583 bytes)

09/23/09 The countdown begins!  Baby Ray's surgery is scheduled for October 6, and we have about two weeks to raise the remaining funds (about $1,000) by his discharge date of October 7.

For each $10 donation received between now and October 5, we will drop your name in a hat.  On October 6, we will choose a name; and that person will get a very special Horse Hair Bracelet (like the example pictured on the right).  It is very special because the winner will get to choose an adult horse from Beauty's Haven: we will snip the hair from that horse's tail, and your bracelet will be handcrafted and mailed to you.

You can donate by using this link on our website:

Please be sure to send us an e-mail letting us know that you are helping with Baby Ray's upcoming surgery: 

bracelet.jpg (31706 bytes)

09/09/09 Baby Ray got a big hug from Auntie Eilene.

And then he decided he wanted to run and show off and play.  I'll put a video on YouTube later tonight.  He's definitely feeling better!

And then I dropped my camera, so it's toast.  But I did get one last picture, sort of.

babyray1_090909.jpg (57188 bytes)

babyray2_090909.jpg (50659 bytes)

babyray3_090909.jpg (21623 bytes)


Oh, Baby Ray, we need you to come and draw the name of the raffle winner!

Do I have to, Mommy Theresa?  My mommy and me just got done eating lots of hay, and I just want to take a nap.

OK, you don't have to do it now -- but if you're going to nap, please go nap in your stall -- there is a surprise!  Aunties Chris and Pat just got finished sanitizing it and putting all new fluffy shavings in it!  You''ll feel much better there under the fan.

Oh!  You're right!  Mommy, check it out!  All new soft shavings and no flies!  This is awesome!  Thanks, Aunties Chris and Pat!  Mommy Theresa, can I please pick a name after my nap?  I've never drawn a name before, and I don't know what it means.  I'm really too tired to learn right now.

He's awake and up!  OK, Baby Ray, it's time!  Just pick one!

I want this one!  Do I get to eat it?

Mommy Sunshine watched the whole thing and looked as us like we were aliens or something, but she knew we'd never do anything to hurt her baby.  She's a good mom.  I snatched the name out of his mouth just before he tried to munch on it and replaced it with a couple pieces of grain as a reward.

And the winner is:  JENNY N.!!  Thank you Jenny!  And to all of you that participated, thank you!  We'll let Nash know he helped to replace the broken pressure tank to the well pump.  Sammi and Joy's beautiful drawing by Kathy Baker is just beautiful!  Congratulations, Jenny N.!

That was easy, mommy Theresa -- if I do it again, do I get a little more grain? 

No worries, Baby Ray, it's feeding time anyway!  You're a good boy, and you did a great job! 

raffle1_090809.jpg (44546 bytes)

raffle2_090809.jpg (34187 bytes)

raffle3_090809.jpg (39871 bytes)

raffle4_090809.jpg (35406 bytes)

raffle5_090809.jpg (26818 bytes)
09/07/09 Baby Ray and his mom still munch on all the hay put before them.  Layla is in the background.  Sunshine is wearing Rhythm Beads in her mane to help Baby Ray find her.

Baby Ray is a bit more active.  On Sunday he actually ran back and forth from one side of the paddock to the other a few times, jumping around like a foal does -- it was great to see!  He is such a sweet boy, and he has started to put on a little weight -- and we're even seeing some muscling up in the shoulders.

babyray1_090809.jpg (35990 bytes)

babyray2_090809.jpg (44842 bytes)


A few pictures from today -- the heat and humidity were horrible!


Hi everyone!  I'm Baby Ray!  I like to eat and sleep most of the time.  Mommy Theresa takes lots of pictures and someday I'm going to be able to see them!  I'm going to go to the hospital as soon as I'm strong enough, and the doctors are going to fix my eyes so I can see -- I can't wait!


Mommy, I think I'm ready for another nap; but this hay is SO good!


There is usually a breeze that blows through the center aisle, so we try to put their hay in the breeze.  Sunshine is doing really well.  She's a bit more protective of Baby Ray with a couple of the other horses that have come through the barn.  She's OK with Granny.  Granny has been staying in under a fan to help keep cool during the days.


babyray1_090509.jpg (36021 bytes)

babyray2_090509.jpg (39636 bytes)

babyray3_090509.jpg (35373 bytes)

09/04/09 Please enjoy the photos below.  Theresa was wiped out tonight, so there are no captions.  We hope you all had a wonderful Friday, and please have a safe Labor Day weekend!

Momma Sunshine enjoying her hay while Baby Ray takes a siesta.  Casper is in the background.

Baby Ray…

Momma Sunshine and Baby Ray enjoying some alone time.

babyray1_090409.jpg (36608 bytes)

babyray2_090409.jpg (39264 bytes)

babyray3_090409.jpg (30328 bytes)

Oh, hi, Dr. Ryan, I was just taking a nap.  Dr. Porter was here earlier and did some strange things, nothing that hurt, though.  I'm just a little tired.  Did he tell you that I was born about a month earlier than I should have been?  I think he said that helps to explain some of the things going on with me.  He's pretty cool and I like him.  He said I'll be OK -- I just need protein, whatever that is.  You're going to give me some, right?  And it won't hurt, will it?  Will it take long?  I love you too, mommy.

Mommy Theresa!  What are they doing to me?  Somebody is hugging me and Dr. Ryan is sticking something in my neck!  I'm being brave, I know you and my mommy told me they will be gentle with me.  I'm just a little afraid ,but they are being gentle just like you said.  I guess this is one of the things I told you I was afraid of:  the unknown.  I don't know what they're doing to me, but I know it's supposed to help.

Ok, well, this is ok.  No problem.  I'd rather be out eating alfalpha or taking a nap but this isn't bad.  I can do this for awhile.  But I'm a baby, you know, and babies like to eat and sleep.  I took a nap and now I'd like to go eat, but I'll be patient.  Are you done yet?

What do you hear, Dr. Ryan?  Are my lungs ok?  I know my heart is beating and may be a little fast because this is all new to me.  I'm listening to you listening to my heart and lungs, and I'm trying to be still and quiet but I'm a baby and get bored easily, so please hurry, ok?  You're a great doc -- all the horses here like you and the humans, too.  Are you done yet?

What?  You're done?  No, its ok Dr. Ryan, you didn't hurt me, and I promise to be good and get better.  I want to get strong so I can have my eyes fixed so I can see.  You'll stay my doc, right?  We're buds now, you know.  I don't let just anyone poke me in the neck like that!  Thank you, Dr. Ryan.  Now I know why the humans say you're a good doctor that they trust with our lives.  I like Dr. Porter and Dr. Das, too, and I'm glad all of you talk and know what is going on with me -- otherwise my human mommy would be very worried.  She says were very blessed to have all of you and I think she's right!

Look at me, mommy Theresa!  I did it were DONE!  I told you I'd be good!  And Dr. Ryan is going to come back on Thursday to check on me.  He talks to Dr. Das and Dr. Porter, too, so all my docs know what is going on with me and they all agree on what to do.  I feel special!  Can I go out to eat with my mommy now?  Thanks again, Dr. Ryan!

Baby Ray, I'm so very proud of you!  I knew the humans would take good care of you.  I was right outside the whole time listening.  I heard them say you can have your eye surgery as soon as you get strong so let's work on that, ok?  No worries, just get strong and soon you'll have your eyes fixed and will be able to see all of the people that are helping you.  I love you baby. 

I love you too, mommy.

And so the day is just about over at Beauty's Haven.  The sun is setting earlier, and the nights are cooler.  Our prayers were answered, and Baby Ray is a candidate for cataract surgery.  Now, we need to get him strong.  His small intestine is inflamed, and he's not processing protein that his body desperately needs to build body tissue and muscle.  His temperature is normal tonight, so that makes me feel better.

Thank all of you for caring and helping.  I'm exhausted and hope to be in bed by 11 pm tonight.  I've tons of emails to answer and lots of paperwork to catch up on.  It was quite a blessing today to not have to worry about today's vet bills being paid.  That is always a huge stress but not today, thank you again.

babyray5_090109.jpg (39921 bytes)

babyray6_090109.jpg (45654 bytes)

babyray7_090109.jpg (45712 bytes)

babyray8_090109.jpg (33921 bytes)

babyray9_090109.jpg (45660 bytes)

babyray10_090109.jpg (57637 bytes)

babyray11_090109.jpg (60781 bytes)

Dr. Porter did a little more than ultrasound Baby Ray's eyes today -- he examined him from head to hoof and also did an abdominal ultrasound.  Baby Ray was a very good boy.  Dr. Porter says Baby Ray was likely a premie born about a month early.  Some of the signs include his domed head and weak carpus/tarsus.  He is generally weak all over.

The good news is there was no detachment of the retina was seen in either eye!  The cataract in his left eye is bigger then the one in the right.  Once Baby Ray is strong enough, he can undergo the surgery to remove the cataracts.  

There were areas of thickened pleural surface noted in both lungs.  On abdominal ultrasound, there were multiple loops of mildly distended and not thickened.

Baby Ray's poop has not been normal since he has been here, and he had been diagnosed with malabsorbtion syndrome.  There are days his poop is better than others, but it still isn't what it should be and his body hasn't been able to absorb the nutrients it needs.  Dr. Porter and Dr. Ryan discussed the findings and it has been determined that Baby Ray is now at the point where a plasma treatment may be of benefit to him.

Here is the awesome mobile unit -- it's very high tech!

Today's expenses, including the visit/exam by Dr. Porter and Dr. Ryan administering the plasma, will be a total of about $700.  We had $395 of this raised off board, and we would like to use some funds donated for his eye surgery for the balance as well as for additional blood work that will need to be done in a few days.  If this is not ok with anyone that has donated, please email me directly to advise. 

Dr. Porter and his team, as usual, did an outstanding job today, and we appreciate them very much.  Having them come here was much better for Baby Ray than if we had taken him up to the hospital.  It also decreased the risk of Baby Ray picking up anything while there, which happens quite often.  His immune system is just so weak, we don't want to take any chances. 

Thank you all, very much.  I'll update again tonight.  Dr. Ryan will be here in an hour or so to do the plasma treatment.  This is great news about his eyes.  But before we can schedule surgery we need him to grow much stronger.  We'll continue to work on this and keep saying prayers. 

babyray1_090109.jpg (45324 bytes)

babyray2_090109.jpg (35032 bytes)

babyray3_090109.jpg (39481 bytes)

babyray41_090109.jpg (32199 bytes)

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