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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome, Baby Ray -- And Now, Sunshine!
(Diary, November 2009)

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11/29/09 Today was a good day for Legacy!  He ate like a baby horse and drank more than usual. 

Mommy Theresa, I think Baby Ray is afraid I'm going to get the door to the feed room open before he does.  Please tell him I haven't even tried to open it -- it's nice outside, and I want him to go out with me.  His mommy is calling for him and pacing, and I don't want her worried.

Baby Ray, will you be my friend and go outside while it's sunny and warm and graze with me?  Besides, your mommy is looking for you.  I don't have a horsey mommy here -- my mommy died, but I know she still watches over me from heaven, and I know she loves me like your mommy loves you.  You're really blessed to have your mommy, and I don't want her to be worried about you, so please come outside.  I know you get worried when another horse gets near you because you can't see them but, if you come out with me, I promise I won't hurt you -- I can't move very fast anyway, I'm still weak.  How about if we go out and I'll be your eyes?  If Haley comes near us, I'll let you know, OK?  Come on, your mommy is getting worried.

Baby Ray had on his :thinking" face but looked like he wanted to give it a try.

I encouraged Baby Ray to go.  Go on, Baby Ray, little Legacy is a good boy. He misses his mommy, and it would really be nice if you would be his friend. Just try it, OK?  Here comes Legs, now go on outside with him for a bit.

OK, mommy Theresa. I'll go out for a little while.  Besides, I'm thirsty and want a drink of water. Come  on, Legs, let's go so my mommy calms down -- I hear her pacing the fence.  No fast moves though, OK?

The boys went out and, after Baby Ray got his water, they grazed for a while and Sunshine did calm down.  Then Baby Ray walked over to the gate to the paddock where his mom was, and we let him back in.  It was time for Legacy's meds, so he had to go in anyway and then he took a nap.  I think the boys may become pals, over time.  Sunshine doesn't like Legacy (or any horse) near Baby Ray; but I'm going to try to resolve that slowly and safely. Sorry the picture below has spots on it -- my camera is actually broken and the lens is exposed all the time.  I'm trying to hold off sending it to get fixed until after the New Year.

11/28/09 Baby Ray is as cute as ever!  Bernel said he looks like a Koala bear, and I think she's right!  He's getting muscular and has filled in nicely.  It's hard to believe he was all bones with no fat whatsoever when he arrived.


11/23/09 Baby Ray had on his natural “gotta luv me” face for a visit by one of the neighbors today.  Everybody loves Baby Ray!  Sunshine, being the good mom she is, wasn’t far away.

11/21/09 Baby Ray is doing well. He's got a healthy belly on him now along with a fuzzy winter coat.  He is brighter and more alert -- the change in diet has helped.  Unfortunately, his vision is no better.  He appears to still see shadows at times.  I'm hoping that, as Baby Legs grows, that he and Baby Ray will become friends.  Sunshine is doing great.



Please visit eBay to view and/or bid on a beautiful painting of Baby Ray and Sunshine by Alice Berkman (pictured at right)!  The link is below.  Please note that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue.

Thank you!



Finally -- the video of Baby Ray uploaded!  Here is the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70SaLa0e_6A.



Treatments from Dr. Das are very relaxing.  Yesterday I caught Sunshine trying to nap on Baby Ray as he was relaxing!   

He still does the Baby Ray dance.  Back and forth, and back and forth!  I've tried uploading a video to YouTube for a day now and just can't get it there.  Our Internet connection leaves a lot to be desired.  I'll try again later tonight. 

That feels soooo good, Dr. Das!  More, please!


Hi, Dr. Ryan!  Do you hear my heart?  It's bigger than the last time you saw me because I'm growing up!  Mommy Theresa says I look like I don't feel good and she's worried.  I think maybe the change in the weather is strange.  I'm still waiting to see my mommy and the trees and grass and other horses.  I'm not giving up -- maybe my eyes just need to learn how to work. 

Hey, mommy, what are they doing?  Classy, is that you?  I got to see Dr. Ryan first and I heard him say that he was going to look at your feet.  Don't be afraid, OK?  He's a nice doctor and it won't hurt.  He'll try to make you feel better. 

Baby Ray, there's a lot of important equipment out there -- be careful not to step on any of it or knock it over, OK?  Why don't you just come stand by my door and wait, OK? 


OK, mommy, I'm coming but what is this thing?  Oops!  I didn't mean to knock it over!  Is it OK?  Did I break it?  I'm sorry! 


No worries, baby, you didn't break it.  But stay here so you don't accidentally break something or hurt yourself.  They'll be done soon and then we can go graze.

Whew!  I'm glad I didn't break anything, mommy, I just like to explore, you know?  Classy has an ouchy in her foot but Dr. Ryan thinks she'll be OK.  Uh oh, I just heard mommy Theresa say that Momma Sue is down and looks sick!  Well, I guess if she had to get sick it's good that she did it while Dr. Ryan is here!  I hope she'll be OK.  

11/08/09 Baby Ray is still a doll!  His vision is the same -- he doesn't appear to be able to see up close and still runs into things.  I do think he can see objects from a distance, but his depth perception isn't great.  We're still praying for a miracle and holding onto hope.  I found him napping this morning, flymask long gone and buried in the sand.
babyray_110809.jpg (38381 bytes)

11/03/09 Baby Ray's vision seems unchanged, but we hold onto hope.  He was tired when Auntie Mel met him; it was nap time.  He's really growing up!  He's such a love.  I'd love to write a children's book about his story and have it come with a little stuffed toy that looks like Baby Ray; I think it would make a nice Christmas gift for kids. 
babyray_110309.jpg (66493 bytes)
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