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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome, Baby Ray -- And Now, Sunshine!
(Diary, August 2009)

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Just a quick update on Baby Ray tonight.  It's been a long day and I've much to do before the day is over', and I need to be up early in the morning to do chores before Dr. Porter arrives.

Baby Ray and his mom spent much of today outside.  It was overcast much of the day, but there really wasn't any breeze; it was hot and miserably humid.  Sunshine is doing really well.  She's learning she can trust humans here and isn't nearly as skittish.  When I looked at her and Baby Ray once today, she had her head lying on his little neck; it was really cute.  Of course by the time I got the camera out of my pocket, she'd gone back to eating. 

Auntie Blodwyn, like the rest of us, loves to spoil Baby Ray.  He ate all of his first three meals today but wasn't too interested in the fourth.  But he'll get another before bedtime, which is very soon as soon as I get this update out.

Thanks, Auntie Blodwyn, for talking to me while I eat.  Do you know Dr. is coming all the way from UF in the morning to do tests on my eyes?  I'm so happy I don't have to get in a trailer to make the trip there and back.  I don't think I'm strong enough for that -- but I will be soon.  I want to get strong so the doctors can work on my eyes so I can see.  My mommy keeps telling me I'm going to love seeing the sky, grass, birds, and other horses.  I want to see the faces of all of the people that take care of me and my mommy.  And most of all, I want to see my mommy.  She loves me, you know.  I'm trying to forget about all those weeks I was without her I was afraid.  But she's with me now and I know were both safe and don't have to worry.  My human mommy tells me many times a day how much we are loved.  Can I tell you a secret, Auntie Blodwyn?  I'm a little afraid of the tests tomorrow and the surgery they are going to do on my eyes.  I'm afraid it might hurt; I'm afraid of the unknown.  I keep reminding myself what mommy Theresa tells me many times a day:  to keep the faith and think positive.  We say prayers and do you know that we include you and Uncle Bill in them, too?  We do!  And we thank God for all of the people that care and we also pray for all of the horses that need help.  Thank you, Auntie Blodwyn, for caring about me and my mommy and for holding my feed bucket -- I think I'm full now!

I hear you, mommy Theresa!  I know you're using that camera thingy again.  After my surgery, when I can see, will you show me all the pictures that you've taken of me?  I know you must take a hundred a day!  My mommy says they tell a story, over time.  I like stories especially ones that have good endings like the one you told me of Aaleyah Belle.  She was a very lucky baby, too.  And don't forget to tell me Silver Belle's story, OK?  And what about Amadeus -- does he have a story?  He told me that he has a four-month-old birthday coming up this week.  I have one coming up, too, on Sept 10 -- then I'll be four months old!

We had a ceiling fan installed in Baby Ray's stall this evening.  The flies are horrible, and the overhead fan helps a lot.  Sunshine likes to stick her head out into the aisle way where there is a cool breeze at times.  The temps/humidity are still horrible during the day, but the nights are getting cooler.  Baby Ray must have realized the new fan; it didn't take him long after it was installed to lay down under it and take a nap.

We're anxiously waiting tomorrow morning's visit by Dr. Porter.  I'll post as soon as I can after he is gone.  He said the appointment will be either at 8:30 or at 10:30.

Princess had to come in for the day -- the no-see-ums irritated her eye again.  I gave her some Banamine and tonight the swelling was much better.  If it gets worse, Dr. Ryan will have to come out.

Thanks, everyone, for all you do.  I wish you could all experience, first hand, how special this little boy is and how good he makes you feel inside.  Watching him is something I could do all day long.  If you're ever in the Ocala area, give us a call and come visit meet the horses you help.  We couldn't do it without you.  God bless you all!

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We had quite a surprise today -- Diane brought Father Godinez out to meet Baby Ray!  She'd told him all about Baby Ray, so he knows that Baby Ray has cataracts and can't see.  He also knows that we are praying for a miracle of sight for him soon.  Father Godinez prayed for Baby Ray -- it was a very special time.  Thank you, Diane and Jessica!

Baby Ray was a good boy, as expected, and stayed in one spot and listened the whole time while munching on his alfalpha.  I have to admit I shed a tear or two.  All of us here have faith and know that, if God means for Baby Ray to see, he will.  If not, there is a reason; and we will accept that and help him adapt as he grows and we'll protect him.

Mommy, I feel good:  I have a full tummy and feel relaxed.  A very special Father came to visit me today.  He said very nice things to me and to mommy Theresa.  I hope I can see him someday -- do you think he'll come back to visit with me after my surgery?  I hope he knows I appreciate his taking the time to come.  It was nice to meet Auntie Grandma, too, Auntie Diane's mom.  I know you're a bit leery of humans, mommy, but here they are all good, I know it because I feel it in my heart.  Mommy Theresa and our Aunties wouldn't let any bad human near us. 

You're very special baby and, yes, I do think Father will come back to visit with you.  I've got many years of not so very good experiences with humans to work past.  I know we're safe here; it will just take me some time.  I was in our stall with my head sticking out -- watching you and listening the entire time.  And I lowered my head and said prayers, too.  I thank God for you everyday, baby, you're very special to many humans and to me.  I think we'll both sleep good tonight, don't you?

After everyone left, Sunshine came back up by Baby Ray; and they both seemed very relaxed.  He stood taller, I think, and held his head higher.  Don't you think?  Just look at that beautiful and peaceful face!  I'm so glad he is here.  I can't help but wonder what Sunshine felt when she saw Baby Ray here for the first time.  To think of what he has been through, as well as his mom, makes me sad.  But we are going to look to the future:  Tuesday is only two days away!!!

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It was a big day at the rescue:  Baby Ray got his first bath!  He was such a good boy -- he's always a good boy!  He had more energy today than he's had since he arrived and seemed interested in everything going on around him.  This evening his momma had a hard time keeping up with him!

My mommy said this would almost be like standing in the rain, but I think I like this better!  Please scrub a little lower, Auntie Jessica!  Is mommy Theresa around to take pictures of baby's first bath?  That's important, you know -- I want to show my kids the pictures someday!

Between the loss of some of his unhealthy coat and with him being wet, you can better see how thin he still is.  He's got a ways to go, but I'm happy to report that his poop is looking better today finally!  It's amazing how much poop means to us when we have horses.

Look, mommy!  I can pick my feet up to be cleaned out, too!  I'm balancing on three legs -- I can do it!  Yahoo!  I told you I'm getting stronger each day!  Does this mean I'm growing up?

Ouchie, Auntie Diane!  There's a little tangle there!  I have natural curls there, you know.  Maybe you can put some of that Cowboy Magic good smelly stuff on my mane to get out the tangles?  My mommy had some in her mane the other day, and she smelled so nice!

I don't know about this, my forelock and my tail at the same time?  I'm still a little bit, and I'm new at this -- can't you aunties do just one end of me at a time until I get to understand what is going on a bit better?  Mommy, is this allowed?  This is a lot to learn about all at once!

Baby Ray felt so special, and so tired, after his bath he went out and lay down in the warm sun.  It was the most peaceful sleep you could witness -- he's a little angel.  His mom was nearby the whole time.  Sunshine is a very good mom.

Mommy!  Mommy!  I'm awake now!  Look at me, am I handsome?  Aunties Diane and Jessica say I am!  I liked getting a bath -- it felt really good, and the nap made me feel even better!  Can we go find some alfalpha now?  Oh and mommy Theresa said she took lots of pictures to share with all my other aunties and uncles.  She said I'm going to be the talk of the town tonight on the Internet, whatever that is!  Are you proud of me?

It didn't take long for Baby Ray and Sunshine to find the alfalpha.  His nose does a great job!

Shhh, please!  Baby Ray has a tummy full, and now he wants to take another nap.  He had a busy day and is a bit more tired then usual.  I'm so proud of him.  He's learned his way all around the barn and hardly bumps into anything anymore.  He tilts his cute little head and tunes in with his ears to help him sense where he is and where others are -- isn't that smart?  I'm so glad he's my little boy and that I get to watch him grow up, thanks to all of you humans that gave us a chance.  We haven't had anyone care about us before like our new human family does.  It feels good to be loved and cared about.  I wish all horses could be as blessed as we are.  Baby Ray and I say our prayers every night and thank God for all of you.  I'm tired - I think I'm going to join Baby Ray and take a nap, too!

We hope all of you are having a great weekend.  We're one more day closer to Baby Ray's tests!  Tuesday will be here before we know it, I'm sure.  Good things come to those who wait so, we wait and we pray. 


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08/28/09 Sunshine is feeling more at home each day.  She has calmed quite a bit and approaches humans now.  She still won't accept a carrot.  She had a good roll in the sand pit behind the barn today and got filthy -- it made her happy, so that's what matters.  She does pay attention to where her baby is; he gets out of sight and sound, and the whinnying starts!  He has the cutest little whinny -- Ill try to capture it on video to share.

Hay, mommy, I think I hear mommy Theresa!  Is she walking around with that camera thing again?  OK, here goes, I'm SMILING!  Did you get a picture, mommy Theresa?  I can't wait until I can see what that camera thing is!

Baby Ray, isn't it great to be eating nice hay under the shade of the tree with a cool breeze blowing?  I'm so glad were together, and that we are here -- soon you're going to see all the beautiful colors around us.  Just wait until you see your first rainbow!  God really has been good to us, baby, and so have so many humans.  I hope they know how much we appreciate it.

Mommy, I hear you eating hay, and I know the golf cart thing is here -- I bumped into the back of it a second ago.  I think the hay back here is for Captain and Zaynah and we shouldn't eat it!

No worries, baby, there is more hay in that room there; and I know mommy Theresa wants you to have all the hay you want.  So eat to your heart's desire!

OK, mommy!  Ummmm.  This is so good!  I feel a bit better every day!  Do you think I'll start to grow to make up for the time when I didn't have much to eat?  I think I feel bigger, but I'm not sure.  Maybe after I can see I'll be able to run around and play like Amadeus does.  I can hear him when he runs -- and I can feel the ground shake!  And he whinnies and says it's fun.  I can't wait to find out what it's like!  Will you run and play with me, mommy?

Of course, baby - you don't think I'm going to let you go out with the others and not be right there with you, do you?  Once we get to go out with the others and we all get to know each other, then you'll be able to run and play with Amadeus.  He's really big for his age, and I need to lay some ground rules for you two before you run off to play.  But the day will come.

Here was a big group hug for Baby Ray.  Me, Jenny, Diane, and Robin and Baby Ray, of course.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend.  I don't know where the week went, but we're another day closer to getting Baby Ray's ultrasound done.  TUESDAY!!!  I can't wait -- we all need to say prayers that it goes OK.

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Dr. Das came again today to work on Baby Ray.  He sort of melts in her hands.  He's about the same, but today he only ate two out of four of his meals -- but he is eating hay around the clock.

He's so tiny -- Dr. Das works on him on her knees. 

How was your visit with Dr. Das today baby? 

It was really great, mommy -- Dr. Das knows how to make my body feel better and, before she's done, I'm ready to take a nap!

I'm glad, baby, I know it looked like it felt really good -- just watching made me feel sleepy.  Go ask mommy Theresa to let me out so we can go to take a nap together for a bit.

OK, mommy, I'd like that.  It's nice to have humans that care about us, mommy, that don't just turn us out into a pasture and we have to fend for ourselves.  I like it that I don't have to be afraid of other horses and that you don't have to worry about keeping them away from me.  I love you, mommy, and I love our humans too!

We are very blessed, baby, we'll be OK.  You need not to worry about anything -- just get strong so they can take you to get your eyes fixed.  I want you to see the beautiful sky and grass.

I am calling it a day.  A nice long hot shower is what I'm looking forward to.  Thanks, everyone, for keeping up with Baby Ray and keeping him in your thoughts and prayers and for your donations.  His gut still isn't working normally, but he'll be OK, he will.  He just has to be.  

Dr. Das' summary from today's treatment on Baby Ray:  stressed adrenals, anemic, malabsorbtion syndrome/malnutrition, immune issues, and possibly a low-grade virus.  She wants to come back the week after next (unless he gets worse and she'll come before then) and treat him again.


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08/25/09 Dr. Ryan checked out Sunshine today; we were all relieved that she is not pregnant.  She has a cyst on her right shoulder that we'll be keeping an eye on.  Sunshine seems more at ease each day.

Baby Ray was good for Dr. Ryan and didn't flinch when he had to give blood.

Sunshine and Baby are never very far apart.  Baby Ray is so much more at ease with his momma here.  He hasn't paced anymore.  Those first few days watching him pace, well, it was heart-breaking.  I'm so glad this worked out for them.  But I'm very sorry he was bounced around for two  months before finding his way here.

This was a jewel of a picture, but I was too close to get Baby Ray's face.  The were both napping with their eyes closed.

Sunshine holds her head higher and, when she whinnies for Baby Ray, we all know it!  She's a sweet girl, and I think she is very thankful to be here.

Dr. Das will be back tomorrow to work on Baby Ray, and we'll review his get-well plan again.  

Thanks, everyone, for the continued prayers and for helping Sunshine and her sweet Baby Ray.  They are truly a blessing, and this is a good, happy story.  He's going to be OK, he just has to be.  He is stronger each day, it seems.  And today, when he tried to buck, that was a sure sign he's feeling better.

sunshine1_082509.jpg (20177 bytes)

babyray1_082509.jpg (34352 bytes)

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sunshine2_082509.jpg (31054 bytes)


Baby Ray did OK today.  He has a good appetite and so does his mom.  I don't see any improvements from yesterday, but he wasn't worse so that is a good thing.  Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow to run another blood test on Baby Ray and to palpate Sunshine.  The other mares she was living with are pregnant. and there is a good chance she is. too.  Let's say prayers that she isn't; she has her hands full with Baby Ray and will for a long time to come.  There are so many babies that need homes already.  I don't understand the backyard breeding mentality.  I never will.

It was a very beautiful day clouds off and on and a slight breeze.  Sunshine and Baby Ray love to graze.  They don't wander too far away from each other around the barn.  If Baby Ray gets out of sight from Sunshine, she will whinny and hell whinny back.  It's a good thing to hear, a real blessing.

Sunshine got a bath today, but Baby Ray wanted some of whatever his mom was getting.  I don't know if he was making a face because he liked it or thought he was teasing his mom by getting into the middle of her bath time.

Baby Ray is so glad his mom is back by his side.  He's much more at ease, and he hasn't paced anymore. 

babyray-sunshine1_082309.jpg (39333 bytes)

babyray-sunshine2_082309.jpg (42331 bytes)

babyray-sunshine3_082309.jpg (52058 bytes)


Dr. Das and I just spent almost an hour on the phone this evening going over Baby Ray's blood work.  The readings are all over the place but, to sum it up, he is in a critical state.  He has chronic immune stress syndrome, malnutrition/mal-absorption syndrome, his adrenals are stressed, and the list goes on.  This isn't uncommon for a horse that has been starved, but Baby Ray's readings are to extremes.  His gut is isn't working right, which is about where Tonka was when we got to him -- only with Tonka, his gut had quit working, and there was no turning back.  Sadly, we didn't get to Tonka soon enough.  

In Baby Ray's case, we hope and pray we did.  We don't know how much colostrum he got from his momma after he was born.  We do know he was on his own at only four weeks old.  He doesn't try to nurse, and Sunshine is all dried up anyway.

Based on what we now know, we are making some changes in his feeding program and his supplements.  There has to be a positive balance -- we don't want to cause overload, which could make his organs shut down; and we have been very careful about this since his arrival.  Dr. Das will be back on Wednesday to treat him.  She agrees that he is not ready, and may not be ready for three to four weeks, to even make the trip to UF for the ultrasound to see if he is a candidate for cataract surgery.  First, we have to get him healthy and stable.

Bringing his mom here was a very good thing.  I think that, mentally, he needed her badly.  Before she came, we tried a couple of mares with him; but they scared him by nipping and kicking at him, even Layla.  He seemed mentally, at times, to be shutting down.  He was lethargic and confused.  His mom keeps watch over him, and he now knows that, so that puts him more at ease mentally.

I'm glad you're here, mommy.  Just knowing you're near me makes me feel better.  I love you, mommy.

I love you too, baby.  We're very blessed that so many humans made it possible for us to be together again.  I really never thought I'd see you again, and I was so worried about you.  But everything will be OK now -- the humans have promised us this, and I believe them.

Smile for the camera, Baby Ray -- the humans here sure do like to take pictures!

I've been very worried about Baby Ray since I first saw him -- whether his body could return to a normal function, and if mentally he was on the edge of giving up.  I knew his condition was iffy, and it still is.  He moves very slowly, and he is still weak.  But he does have will and determination, which is how he survived what he has been through.  He gives us hope.  We keep the faith and keep going.  We do whatever we have to in order to help him heal.  And we couldn't do it without help from others -- thank all of you.

I think there is supposed to be something in here.  Mommy what is this thing?  Baby Ray's new flymask is a little big on him, but it serves him well.  He's cute as cute as cute can be!

This morning I asked Jeff, a neighbor, to take June Bug home.  Sadly, she would scare Baby Ray at times because she wanted to play; she'd head-butt him, and a couple of times last night he ran into the wall and hit his head.  His whole body is stressed, and the more stress we can eliminate, the better.  June Bug was fine about it; she walked right to Jeff's truck and climbed in the back seat with his kids. 

Sunshine is a skittish mare but seems more at ease as time goes by.  I don't know if it is from not being handled, or being handled inappropriately.  She's not mean and wants to trust.  She reminds me of Magic in some ways.  We're very glad she is here and has accepted her baby back -- some mares wouldn't have. 

Please keep Baby Ray and Sunshine in your prayers.

baby-ray1_082209.jpg (42987 bytes)

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baby-ray-sunshine2_082209.jpg (26964 bytes)

baby-ray2_082209.jpg (28443 bytes)

june-bug_082209.jpg (26637 bytes)


Sunshine and Baby Ray had a good day today.  Sunshine let the others know she was the momma and wouldn't tolerate any of them getting too close to her baby unless she felt it was OK.  He truly is Sunshine's Baby Ray!

Mommy I hear someone!  My human mommy said someone named Dr. Das is coming today and is going to help me to feel better.  Maybe this is her -- I can't wait to meet her.  She comes to work on some of the other horses sometimes, and they like her.

June Bug!!!  Get out of there -- Dr. Das does NOT need a pygmy goat to help her!

Dr. Das immediately fell in love with Baby Ray.  Sunshine wasn't comfortable with Baby Ray being out of her sight, so I put her in his stall so she could watch Dr. Das work on him in the aisle way.

Oh, mommy, Dr. Das DOES make me feel good!

Arent they beautiful?  I am so happy that we were able to reunite them; it really is a blessing.  Dr. Das treated Baby Ray with acupuncture and chiropractic.  He got a little B12, and she ran some blood work on him.  He was really good for her and practically fell asleep a couple of times.  He's very trusting, and you just want to hug and hug him.  He has a way of wrapping himself around you like he's hugging you back.

Sunshine is a bit shy of humans and sudden noises.  She had been turned out as a broodmare for I don't know how long, but it is apparent that she needs some time to get used to being handled.  She's already coming around.  Tonight she stood, without a lead, and let me brush her all over.  Tomorrow we'd like to give her a bath.

Mommy, I hear another horse close by.

Don't worry, Baby Ray, I'm right here between you and another boy they call Amadeus.  The humans said Amadeus is only a couple of weeks older then you.  Maybe you can be friends and play together someday.

I'd like to have a friend to play with -- I've never had one before, except June Bug, but she's a goat.  I want a horsey friend to play with.

Sunshine and Baby Ray like to graze around the barn.  We leave his stall door open, and he wanders in there at times.  Sunshine is never far away.  And if he gets out of her sight, she whinnies and he whinnies back.  At night Baby Ray stays in his stall, and we put hay in the aisle way outside of his stall door for his mom. 

sunshine-ray1_082109.jpg (31139 bytes)

babyray1_082109.jpg (25853 bytes)

june-bug_082109.jpg (30299 bytes)

sunshine-ray2_082109.jpg (23568 bytes)

sunshine-ray3_082109.jpg (23450 bytes)

sunshine-ray5_082109.jpg (33100 bytes)

sunshine-ray6_082109.jpg (41533 bytes)

sunshine-ray7_082109.jpg (29352 bytes)


The mare arrived just after noon, shortly after Abby was buried.  Jeff, the transporter, said the man had a hard time catching her.  She lived in a field with many other mares.  In the field next to them were three studs.  There was a gate between the two fields that somehow allowed the studs access to the mares, a perfect example of backyard breeding.  So, all of the mares are likely pregnant.  We'll have this mare checked after she settles in a few days.  The man said kids had been riding her before he got her but he'd only used her as a broodmare.  I'm more than happy to say her broodmare days are over.  Her paperwork indicates she is a registered QH that was born in 1999, but her markings don't match the description on her papers.  I see Arabian in her.  One thing we first noticed is how Baby Ray favors her head and face.  We didn't know if this mare was his mom or not.  I said a million prayers that she would be.  We needed to smile; we needed some happiness to fill our hearts.

Getting off the trailer, she seemed tired.  She had lots of scratches on her hindquarters and a large knot on her right shoulder.  Her feet haven't seen a farrier in a long, long time.  She's skittish when you move your arms, or if she hears a strange noise she will jump.  Her tail and part of her mane appear to have been rubbed or chewed off.  She's a little underweight and out of shape.

She settled in a stall and started munching on hay.  Baby Ray was in a stall next to her.  I brushed her and rubbed a towel all over her.  I then brushed Baby Ray and rubbed the towel all over him.  I asked Jenny and Robin to cut off a few of her main hairs and to tie them in Baby Ray's main and tail.

And then we started.  They met -- Baby Ray was in his stall and the mare just outside while I kept control over her the whole time.  The mare was a bit shy at first and was still checking out her surroundings.

Baby Ray, we have a surprise for you.  Mommy is that you? 

I can't see you, but you smell like my mommy!  Oh, mommy, please let it be you!  Is this my mommy?  Somebody please tell me it's her!

We led them outside, and the mare seemed a little confused but showed interest in Baby Ray -- we had hope.  She smelled him and they shared some hay.  She nipped at him when he got too close a couple of times -- but I held onto hope and kept thinking positively.  I wanted this to be his momma so very badly.  It was a very, very hot and muggy day; but we took our time.  We wanted this to be a good experience, no pressure, and things had to happen in their own time.

After about an hour of social time, we put the mare back in a stall and let Baby Ray go to graze.  As soon as he got out of her sight, she got upset and let out a huge whinny -- and then Baby Ray whinnied back!  We all smiled, and I knew prayers had been answered.  Thank you God! 

She really is my mommy!  I have my mommy back!  I missed you so much, mommy; I've been too many places, and I was afraid.  The other horses didn't understand that I can't see, and I got pushed around.  But when these humans picked me up and brought me here in what they called a mini-van, they promised me they wouldn't let me get hurt anymore.  My human mommy promised me, after I got into my stall that night while she sat with me, that she would do everything she could to find you.  I love you mommy.

We let them back out together, and Baby Ray's mom finally felt relaxed enough to do what most horses do when they get here:  roll.  She seemed relieved and content.  Still a bit nervous about humans, but who knows what she has been through.  Baby Ray stood by and listened.

It didn't take long for Baby Ray to lie down and nap; he was exhausted.  His mom grazed by him.  Robin, Jenny, and I just stood back and watched and let them be.

This is my son and I'm so proud of him.  Born on May 10th, Mothers Day, he was a very special gift to me; and I love him very much.  He was different -- he bumped into things, others would push him around, and I did my best to protect him.  When he was a month old, a man was going to shoot him because he was different; but another man took him away -- at least it saved his life.  I was sad and very worried about what would happen to him.  I missed him so much and had given up hope of seeing him again.  Today, a kind man showed up and put me in a trailer.  He told me I was going home.  I didn't know what that meant, but I do now.  My home is with my baby in this safe place.  My baby and I have a new human mom and dad, too!  Our human mom told me that there are many good humans that care about us, and it was because of them that my baby and I are back together again.  She told me that my baby has been given the name of Baby Ray, and I like that.  She said that our reunion brought sunshine and good into her heart, and that my name is going to be Sunshine and I like that, too!  Tonight, while I was grazing with Baby Ray, she told me that he will be getting a very special gift -- humans will work on his eyes, and he will be able to see me for the first time in the near future.  I'm so happy to be his mom and that soon he will be able to see in my face how much I love him.  He's so small and thin; he needs to get strong, and I know he will.  We are surrounded by love here -- we've never felt this before, but it feels good.  God bless all of you that made this possible.

I can't tell you how relieved and happy we all were when we realized that this mare, in fact, is Baby Ray's mom.  He now has a protector and a teacher.  This is the beginning of a story with many more chapters to come.  Baby Ray has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but we have faith that it will all be OK.

While we feel emptiness in our hearts about losing Abby today, we feel goodness that this mare and her baby are together again.  This is something that rarely happens -- nothing short of a miracle.  God bless you all, and don't forget to look up into the sky tonight:  there is a new star shining down on us.  Abby is with Tonka, Tiny Tim, Frosty, My Girl, Nicky, and the others -- and they are all happy that this baby has been reunited with his mom.  I can't help but think that they had a part in leading them both to us.  I believe, and I always will.

sunshine1_082009.jpg (34967 bytes)

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sunshine4_082009.jpg (38480 bytes)

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sunshine9_082009.jpg (57102 bytes)

08/18/09 A quick update its been a VERY busy and stressful day! 

Baby Ray slept more today; he looked like a little angel.  I'm hoping he now feels comfy enough to know that he is home and is loved and that, because of this, he rests when he needs to.

June Bug wasn't happy that Baby Ray slept so much today and was very happy when he was out and about. 

Yipee!!!  Baby Ray is up!  Come on, Baby Ray, I'll teach you how to do the June Bug jump! 

Give me a few minutes to wake up, June Bug, OK?  I paced so much yesterday I was tired, but I feel better today.

Baby Ray was scheduled for tests at UF this coming Thursday, but we are going to move it back a week -- he is just too weak right now and needs more time to grow stronger. 

I can't thank you all enough for your support.  God bless you all, and tomorrow let's hope we can seal it that his mama will be coming here, too.  I have to sort through many e-mails and find out where we are with sponsorship for her.  She will need help with her monthly expenses by angels, and I know we have a couple of people willing to do this.  But I have to do the math and, if I try to do it tonight, I would likely overlook something or mess up.  We don't know what kind of shape she is in; and she may need vet care, too.  Anyway, please keep Abby and Baby Ray plus his mama in prayers.  We keep you all in ours; we thank God for you every day.  Without you, Baby Ray wouldn't be here and we couldn't do what we do.

baby-ray1_081809.jpg (51912 bytes)

baby-ray2_081809.jpg (39561 bytes)

baby-ray3_081809.jpg (25899 bytes)

baby-ray4_081809.jpg (31862 bytes)

baby-ray5_081809.jpg (35684 bytes)


Such a sweet and innocent face.  Baby Ray has been through too much in his short life.  I did a lot of research on him today and learned much that I need to think over and pray on.  I will have to share tomorrow -- I'm beat, but here are some pictures from today.

Baby Ray was a very good patient for Dr. Ryan today.

Such a beautiful blue eye -- it's too bad it isn't just the color of his eyes.  Congenital cataracts.  I spoke with UF this afternoon, and I'm expecting a phone call back in the morning.  I'll update then.  He's too weak for surgery right now but, the sooner both eyes are done, the better his chances are.  He's  really small and weak, and his system is vulnerable.  He looks bigger in pictures than he is for some reason.  I'll post a video on YouTube tomorrow so you can see how he moves.

Dr. Ryan got no reaction from Baby Ray's eyes when he held light to them.  Baby Ray was so good, he made us all proud.  Surgery is the only way Baby Ray stands a chance of ever seeing.

I will share this tonight.  From research today, I learned that Baby Ray is four months old.  I confirmed this after Dr. Ryan examined him.  I pointed out to Dr. Ryan Baby Ray's feet.  If you look at his hooves, they tell a story.  The bottom half of his foot is clearly consistent and about two months of growth.  Then you can see the many rings.  Believe it or not, this baby has been to five other homes before he found his way here.  You can see that the top half of his hoof has four other rings (about two months worth), likely one for each home.  How sad is this?  God bless him.

Dr. Ryan also examined Layla's ear today, and it is healing great.  She can start going out for short periods of time.

We laid another pallet of sod today.  We filled in some ruts in the days before and, if we hadn't put the sod down, it all would have washed away again.  Diane and Jessica surprised us with dinner, and it was SO good!  Jenny sings silly made up songs while work is going on that makes everyone laugh, which is a good thing. 

I'll update more tomorrow after I speak with the folks at UF.  Please pray for Baby Ray.  He's not out of the woods yet.  He isn't drinking much, and I'm giving him water via syringe.  He is getting electrolytes.  His appetite is good.  When he is out and about, he paces back and forth a lot.  We put him back in his stall every few hours so he will lie down and rest, which he does.  He has never lain down outside once.  If I go out and sit with him, he will stop pacing and graze around me.  You can't help but love this little guy.  He's embedded himself in our hearts.

Thanks, everyone, have a good night.

baby-ray11_081709.jpg (29597 bytes)

baby-ray12_081709.jpg (29675 bytes)

baby-ray13_081709.jpg (23301 bytes)

baby-ray14_081709.jpg (27244 bytes)

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baby-ray16_081709.jpg (22516 bytes)

sod_081709.jpg (20639 bytes)

08/17/09 Here's the promised update on Baby Ray from Dr. Ryan's visit today:

Baby Ray is a 1.5 on a 1 - 10 body condition score scale.
He is very malnourished.
Poor, unhealthy hair coat.
Weakness in hind end.
Estimated weight = 90 lbs.
Swelling in his jaw is gone, so that wasn't a concern.
Age:  estimated at 4 months, if that.

Baby Ray has congenital cataracts with possible lens luxation.  Surgery is the only answer.  Dr. Ryan will be speaking with Dr. Brooks from UF and his team at Peterson & Smith and will get back to me, today I hope, with a course of action and cost estimate.  I am working on a grant to help pay for the surgery.  It won't pay all, but every bit will help.

Before Baby Ray can have his surgery, he must be stronger and healthier.  He's still weak and should weigh quite a bit more then 90 lbs.  The younger a foal is at the time of surgery, the better the chances of success.

I'll update once I get more info from UF or Dr. Ryan.  I'll post pictures later, too.


OK, I have a full tummy and I wanna go outside!  Can someone please move this thing out of my way?  Please?

Ive never had so many hugs and scratches I could get used to this!

His backend is weak, but hes on the way to being a much healthier baby.  Im anxious for tomorrow to come so Dr. Ryan can examine him.

Wow!  Bright light ahead - I wanna go check it out!  I hear horses out there!  Maybe theyll be my friends.  My new human mom says they are all nice horses, and each one of them has a story about how they came to be here, too.  Im looking forward to meeting them.

Baby Ray enjoyed his first walk outside.  He is such a doll.  So petite and innocent - you cant help but to love him.

I think Im glad to be here.  I hear that I have lots of humans that care about me.  A doctor is going to see me tomorrow, and my new mom says my eyes maybe can be fixed - then Id be able to see the faces of all of the humans that care!  Please pray that this will be - I want to see the grass, sky, and the faces of my new human and horse friends.  Thank you all for caring!

baby-ray1_081609.jpg (37305 bytes)

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baby-ray4_081609.jpg (46119 bytes)

baby-ray5_081609.jpg (45823 bytes)

baby-ray6_081609.jpg (49484 bytes)

08/15/09 We got a call today about a baby that needed help.  Barbara, Jenny, Diane, and I went to check him out -- he wasn't very far from the rescue.   When we got there, I looked into the stall, and right then I knew there was no leaving this baby behind.  He looked so small and alone, huddled in a corner.  We all went in to meet him.  He has what appear to be cataracts in both eyes.  He had diarrhea.  He is thin, a 1 - 1.5 on the Henneke scale.  He is wormy and has places where he is missing his coat.  He appears to have an impacted tooth at his left jaw, and his backend is weak.  He is wearing unhealthy baby fur.

I hugged him and started scratching his neck and started humming to him.  He swayed to the left, to the right, to the left, back and forth to the scratches and humming.  I love to listen to Ray Charles; and this little boy, swaying back and forth to the humming, reminded me of him -- the name Baby Ray came to me.  So, meet Baby Ray.

Well, we were in the mini-van.  Bob had taken the truck and trailer to the feed store to buy boards and other things.  Like I said, we were not about to leave him.  We walked him out of his stall, and he stepped back as though the sunlight bothered him; so we put a towel over his face.  We walked him out and to the van.  We noticed his back left leg is weak and he doesn't pick it up as far as he does the other leg.  We got to the van, and I picked up one of his little hooves and put it on the floor board between the front and middle seats -- the ladies picked his hind end up, and he went right in.

He had loving arms holding him at both ends (Jenny and Diane).

And even from the front seat!  (Barbara)

He needed a little help unloading; he was just unsure, and it was raining.  He walked into a stall and settled right in.  You can see what appear to be cataracts in his eyes.

Without this unhealthy baby coat, you'd be able to see how thin he really is.

He got a good brushing; we checked him out from head to toe.  He was fly-sprayed, and some boo boos were cleaned up.  He took it all in stride and seemed to trust everything being done to him.  He seemed to be appreciative.  It was all new to him, but he was OK with it.  You can see his top line is very evident, and you can see his hip bones and ribs very well.

He is very petite.  He was likely pulled off of his mom too soon - we don't know what happened to her.

We know that everyone is being affected by the economy; we feel it, too, very much.  But this baby needs help, and we can't do it alone.  We could not leave him -- just look at him.  If the issue with his eyes is congenital cataracts, which is what I believe to be the case, there is hope for his regaining vision.  The success rate of correcting his vision, with surgery, is almost 80% in foals six months of age or less.  The sooner we can have him assessed and treated, the better his chances are.  The vet from UF is usually at Peterson & Smith on Wednesdays, I think.  Dr. Ryan will be out on Monday; he may be taking Layla's stitches out then.  We will have him examine Baby Ray and go from there.  If he needs to be seen before then, we won't hesitate to call.  But I think he's been through enough for such a little guy and needs to just relax for a day.  He's peeing and pooping, eating and drinking.  He is already more lively.

I ask all of you to please help us to help this baby.  We couldn't help Tonka in time, but we can help this little one -- he has a chance.  We had decided, as horses were adopted out, we would not take in any more until donations got better and things were looking up -- we have an obligation to the ones here.  But how could we walk away from this baby?  We just couldn't.  Please, help Baby Ray.  He will need vetting and likely will have to go into the clinic for his eyes to be evaluated.  He would definitely benefit by being treated by Dr. Das.  Any amount will be appreciated -- no amount is too small. 

Our PayPal address is:  theresa@beautysequinerescue.org.
Snail mail:  PO Box 53, Morriston, FL  32668
Feed / Foal-Lac:  Sanders Farms, 352-873-8660
Peterson & Smith (vet):  352-237-6151

Thank you all -- God bless you all.  And please keep Baby Ray in your prayers.

baby-ray1_081509.jpg (24646 bytes)

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