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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(December 2009)

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Precious Update -- Angels Needed, Please!

Seeking angels for Precious!  This morning, Dr. Ryan and the vets at Peterson & Smith reviewed, in detail, x-rays taken of Precious' right foot yesterday.  It isn't good news.  She has osteolysis in her coffin bone.  This isn't a new injury, but an old one that is causing her increased discomfort.  Over time the bone has degenerated -- surgery is not an option and would bring her no relief.  We are going to try the "Perfect Hoof Ware System" on her right front to see if it will provide her some relief.  If we can manage her discomfort, she deserves a chance.  If we can't, we will have done our best.  Please say prayers for Precious and that the wrap brings her relief.

Her x-rays yesterday were $195.  The wrap kit we're going to use on her is another $80 from a local store in Ocala, and the farrier cost to apply the wrap is another $30.

Would anyone please consider being an end-of-the-year, last-minute, angel to help Precious?  Her needs are $315.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

12/30/09 Dr. Bess worked on LadyBug's teeth this past Monday, and I just can't say enough good things about this mare.  It's like she senses that what you're doing to her is for her own good, and she just stands there.  She had sharp points and blisters from the sharp points in her mouth.  Dr. Bess thinks she's between 15 and 18 years young.  Her injuries are healing very nicely.

Here is Bouie coming in for a trim yesterday.  Kathy gave him a good grooming, which he enjoyed. Frodo wasn't in the mood, so he missed out on some good pampering; but he did get his trim done.  It was later in the day and getting cold.  These little guys are so much fun to watch!

Dr. Ryan came out today to x-ray Precious' right front.  She's been lame on it since she's been here.  We treated it as an abscess after the farrier first trimmed her.  We've put pads on her, and there have been a few days where she seemed better.  But overall she's not improved, and we thought it was time for x-rays. We didn't like what we saw.  There's an old injury to the coffin bone, which sustained damage.  Dr. Ryan is going to show the x-rays to others at Peterson & Smith and let us know what options, if any, there are.  We can help her to a degree by taking off more toe, which Ola will do on Saturday.  I received Precious' papers in the mail yesterday, and she is 23 years old, not 16. She's another really sweet mare but is still pretty untrusting of humans.  We will look for ways to make her more comfortable.

After Dr. Ryan was done with Precious, I opened the door to let Legacy out and, as usual, he came leaping out like he just can't wait to find out what's going on.  Dr. Ryan is amazed at how big Legacy is and how well he is doing. Over just a few days, it seems he's had another growth spurt.  Dr. Ryan feels that Legs is healthy enough to have his hernia repaired -- it's getting bigger. So, Dr. Ryan will be back tomorrow am to band Legacy's hernia.  He's not going to like it.

Linda (she was very active on Tonka's Task Force) and a couple of her friends and Laura, her mom, and some of their friends visited today.  I think both Haley and Legacy wanted to go home with Laura's mom!

Haley and Legs ran around and played more today -- actually I think she chases him at times because he can be a menace to her.  She gets grumpy, but I guess that is expected in her condition, the poor girl!  Dr. Ryan thinks Haley will deliver in the next 48 hours.  Tonight, I would be happy for a good night's sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow night's blue and full moon will shine the way to an easy delivery without any complications.  That would make us very happy!

I'll report on Legacy's banding tomorrow evening along with an update on Haley.  For all of you keeping an eye on her on MareStare, thank you!

Meagan is doing really well.  She's a doll, and I can't imagine her not being here!  She's put on a few pounds but still needs to muscle and tone up some. Marie gave her a new blanket, and Jeanne gave her a new leather collar -- she's being spoiled, but she deserves it!

Two of Bob's three sisters were here visiting for the last couple of days, which we really enjoyed.  I don't know where the time went, and the visit was over too soon.  But tonight we're going to try to get to bed early -- we're all tired.  Have a good night, everyone!

12/26/09 Everyone here is doing well.  Haley is doing OK but seems to be getting a little anxious, and I can't blame her!

We had a great time yesterday at the surprise party that Jenny pulled together!  There were lots of wonderful people, and the horses had lots of presents under the tree.  I'm trying to put together some pictures and video in a YouTube video that I'll have to finish tomorrow -- it will be another busy day -- the dentist will be here, and we have some visitors coming. Here's a sneak peak of a few pictures!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

P.S.  12/29/09:  Here is the link to the YouTube video:

12/24/09 It was a beautiful day today -- the temperature was just perfect.  Legacy and Haley got in some exercise.  Haley tuckers out in no time -- can you blame her?  Just look at that tummy!


OK, Legs, enough play for a bit.  It's time to get some water and graze and rest.  I bet you feel pretty good getting out of that blanket for a day!  Hey, you're getting pretty tall.  I'm glad you're healthy now.  You had us all worried for a few weeks.

Yipee, Haley, come on!!!  Let's go chase Mommy Theresa while she's got the camera thingy!  I've learned how to use my legs pretty good, don't ya think? OK, I know you're tired -- you rest, but I'm going to play for a bit.

I had to take Meagan to the vet today -- she's had diarrhea for a couple of days.  She loves being outside and she absolutely loves going for a ride in the car.  This was taken a couple of hours after we got back from the vet --  she decided to make herself at home in Jenny's car. This is what you call a "wish ride."  She stayed behind the wheel for over two hours!

It gives me a really good feeling inside when I see volunteers here, all working together because of their common love of helping horses.  This is Blodwyn, Jenny, Marie, and Robin.  Volunteers are vital to the rescue:  we couldn't do what we do without them. T hey work very hard, and their commitment is so very much appreciated.  Their love of horses shines bright;  we are very blessed.

Oh, come on Jenny, I don't wanna wear the hat.  Yeah, I know it matches my halter but I'm going to look silly!


OK, are you happy now?  Do I look silly?  Don't let Amadeus or Aaleyah see me with this thing on! T ime to take it off now, please?


LadyBug seems to be a very content girl; if you look closely, you can see she is actually smiling!  She's doing very well, and we're very proud of her and how well her injuries are healing.  Has anyone ever heard of a prosthetic ear for any animal?  We're on a mission to find one!


Just look at how big and beautiful Amadeus is!  He spent some time with Debra today in the round pen and was a very good boy.  He's only eight months old!  Can you believe it?



Mommy Theresa, can I wear the hat for a little bit and pretend I'm Santa?  I saw Layla wearing it today and she really looked cute, but Santa is a guy! Haley said she won't wear it, and she's trying to hide behind me -- but with that belly, that's just impossible!  No worries, Haley, I'm playing Santa Claus!  Now come out and tell me what you want for Christmas!


Baby Ray is getting big, in a compact kind of way. He's still cute and "plushy"!


Can I pretend you're Santa Claus, mommy Theresa, for a minute and ask you for a present?  What I want for Christmas is for Ruby's leg to be all better. She gets bored in her stall, and she wants to be well again.  Can Santa make her better, please?  And I want Haley to have her baby without any problems.  And I want for LadyBug to have her ear back -- can Santa find her one?  Oh, and one more thing.  Can Santa tell my mommy that I'm OK and I'm being a good boy?  I'm getting bigger and stronger, and I feel good!  I want her to be proud of me.  She loved me a lot and I miss her.  I wish she were here.

Baby Ray and his momma, Sunshine. What a beautiful sight they are.

LadyBug, do you like the Christmas lights?  Aren't they beautiful?  And they twinkle like the stars!  What do you want for Christmas?

Well, I want Haley to have her baby soon; and I want it to be an easy delivery.  I've had a few babies and know that nuzzling your newborn is an awesome experience that she'll treasure, always.  The poor girl looks like she's going to pop!  And I want all horses, everywhere, to know what it is like to be loved, cared for, respected, and to live without worry or fear.  I want the roundups of the mustangs to stop.  I want slaughter to be against the law, all over the world.  I want for a lot of things, Baby Legs; but mostly, for this Christmas, I want Haley to have that baby!

We wish everyone, everywhere, a very Merry Christmas!

12/23/09 Dr. Ryan came out this morning to see LadyBug.  He is very pleased with how the injuries are healing.  Cleaning and treating them daily is helping them to heal faster.  She is no longer on IV antibiotics.  We're still praying that she doesn't lose any more of what is left of her ear. We'd like to keep the canal protected as much as possible.



When LadyBug first arrived there was swelling, a foul odor, and a lot of dead and dying tissue which has since been removed.  Her many injuries are healing very nicely.  She's a very good girl about being treated, and I'm very thankful for this.  I have a titanium rod in my right arm which doesn't take pulling and tugging at it very well -- combine pulling and tugging with cold weather, and it makes it pretty uncomfortable.  But LadyBug puts her head down and really does cooperate wonderfully.



The hair loss on her face will grow back. To prevent this from happening with an open and draining wound, you can apply Vaseline to the area around and under the wound.




Haley is still very pregnant, but we have seen a change in the position of the baby these last couple of days.  Maybe it's moving into position!  But she hasn't had any more contractions.


Baby Legacy is getting so tall!  Dr. Ryan was watching him today and smiled over and over again.  Like us, he is very proud of Legacy and his recovery -- he's another miracle baby!  It was so touch and go with him for so many weeks.  He had a tremendous will to live, which I'm sure helped a great deal. There were three distinct times that I'll never forget when he was just a tiny hoof away from crossing the Bridge.  I thank God for him frequently throughout the days and nights.  He still has some places on his legs where he lost his hair that are healing.  I truly think he's going to be OK.

There's lots more to do tonight so I had to keep the update short but wanted to at least let you know how LadyBug did today.  It's hard to believe that Christmas is only two days away -- I'm not close to being ready!

The Arabian mare I mentioned in last night's update has an appointment with Dr. Bess on Monday, Dec 28, thanks to an anonymous angel.

We have several requests to take in horses looking for homes.  If anyone is looking for a horse and you don't see what you are looking for on our website, please email me.

Have a good night, everyone, and a blessed Christmas Eve tomorrow!

12/21/09 I'm sorry I haven't posted an update in a couple of days -- things are super busy. There's a lot of desk work that I'm trying to get caught up on while Jenny is here, and I haven't taken many pictures these last few days.  And some of the ones I did take I managed to accidentally delete. Oops!

Haley is still wider then she is tall!  She does chase Baby Legacy around the barn at times, and the exercise is good for both of them.

Legacy is doing well and apparently has been learning quite a few dance moves in his stall at night.  Sometimes, when we peek in on him, he rears up, jumps, bucks, and runs all around his stall like a baby with a lot of stored up energy!  He's feeling better, and we're very glad!  He does get out a lot in the day when the weather is good.


I think Haley is glad when Legacy tuckers out sometimes.  He enjoys being out in the warm sun.


We are very happy for Misty and her new mom, Sarah.  Misty settled in well at her new home and has made new friends.  What a wonderful Christmas present for her:  a new forever loving family!

I'd like to ask everyone for prayers for one of our volunteers and her family.  I learned tonight that Bernice's dad is not doing well, and she and her family are now headed to New York.  It will be a difficult time for them, I'm sure. They are wonderful people with hearts of gold.

Ruby could also use some prayers. She's been on stall rest for many weeks now for a pretty bad tendon injury and has many more weeks to go.

LadyBug is doing well. She's very good about being treated, and I don't even have to put a rope around her or have someone hold her -- she just stands there -- even for IV injections of medications.  I think she knows we're helping her.  I'll get some new pictures of her tomorrow.  She and Doc have become friends, and they "talk" a lot.  She's a really sweet girl.

Have a good night, everyone, and don't forget that Haley is on MareStare!  It looks like it's snowing in her stall through the camera.  It's pretty windy here, but she's buttoned up in the barn with Ruby, Legacy, and LadyBug.  I'm going to try hard to get to bed before midnight tonight, which I haven't done in days, so any eyes on her will be greatly appreciated.

12/16/09 For updates about LadyBug, our latest arrival, please visit her new diary pageWARNING:  GRAPHIC IMAGES!
12/15/09 Baby Ray didn't feel much like playing today.  It was quite foggy this morning.  The temps have been warmer, and Baby Ray has a wooly bear coat like Haley.  Legacy is doing well but was a little disappointed that Baby Ray didn't want to run and play much.  Baby Ray's temp, HR, etc., are all normal - he's eating and drinking and everything else is normal -- I guess he may have been just a bit lazy today.  It did get pretty hot.

Haley got a new stall door tonight.  Our stall doors don't have much ventilation at the bottom of them so we put a mesh door on her stall to give her more air.  For those keeping watch on MareStare:  thank you!  Someone called this morning just after 5 am to ask, "What happened?"  The camera went down -- we had a power loss for several hours, but Bob got the generators going in no time.  I slept through it all!


Chris and Pat were here today with their parents; Legs and Haley loved the extra attention.  It was a very busy day and having more volunteers really helped.  Robin was here today, too, and Jenny flew in from Puerto Rico and arrived not long before going with Bob to pick up LadyBug this afternoon. Welcome back Jenny!

Robin loves to spoil Legs -- we all do!


Laura came today, too, and we were very pleased (and proud) to learn she'll be attending UF next year!  Congratulations, Laura!  Here are Laura, Haley, and Pat.  I think Haley was after Laura's orange.


This was taken yesterday morning -- I was very proud of the Legs for minding his manners while Sue held Baby Ray's bucket for him to finish his grain. Baby Ray looks pretty big next to Legs, but Baby Legs has had a growth spurt -- seems likes he's about 3 feet taller then he was last week!

We'll have a post and pictures tomorrow on LadyBug, the mare that was viciously attacked by what was thought to be a dog over a week ago.  She has very deep puncture and laceration wounds on her neck and head and a couple of wounds in her flank area.  Please say prayers for her recovery - it's going to be a long and uncomfortable one.  This was the only picture I got this evening that, IMO, isn't too graphic to post:  you can see one of her beautiful eyes and her ear that she will likely lose.  This picture was taken just before unloading her upon arrival.  We are all praying she isn't pregnant, but it is possible.  We will post a link to pictures tomorrow -- I do believe that sharing her treatment and recovery process, even though it may be graphic, may help others in some way.

Have a good night, and good luck to everyone that participated in the raffle!

12/14/09 Here is the link to "Mare Stare" in case you'd like to peek in on Haley ... http://www.marestare.com/cam.php?alias=beautyshaven
12/14/09 Hi, everyone!  Just a quick update on the run -- Dr. Ryan just called, and Legacy's WBC is UP to 4.3!!!!  We're on the right track and I'm so glad!  This is something I've been waiting to learn for a week now.

We'll wait another week and run another CBC and, hopefully, all will be within the normal range!  God does answer prayers! 

The little guy is up and running around, playing tag with Haley.  How she can run around in her condition is beyond me!  If you're watching on MareStare, they are running in and out of her stall.  They're actually playing and having fun!

12/12/09 To say that it has been busy here would be an understatement!  Bernice and John were here on Friday and, after the morning feeding, I went back in the house and slept for almost two hours!  Haley had me up much of the night before, still practicing contractions.  The weather was rainy, and I just couldn't hold my eyes open!

Ms. Maggie was here on Friday and massaged Captain and Zaynah.  Maggie commented on how much weight Captain has put on since she last worked on him.  He really is doing well.

Zaynah had her head buried in her hay in the hay rack when Maggie arrived. She really enjoyed her treatment, too -- look at her mouth -- she's actually smiling!

The weather was so bad yesterday that Baby Legacy stayed in. Yes, his eyes are brighter!

Baby Legacy did get out today for a bit -- he runs with his tail held high! He's a stinker -- loves to pull anything down he can that is in the aisle way.  He gets pretty bored in his stall.  He has a ball but never plays with it.  We'll have to come up with some toys.  He has gained some much needed weight,  and some muscles!

Meagan is doing well.  She and Max are getting to know each other.  So far, they keep a distance between them.  Meagan gets along well with Taco and Belle (our Chihuahuas).  They all yjree went to the vet on Friday -- Taco seems to be doing better.  Meagan has a lot of muscle loss in her back and hind end.  She got out today and got a lot of exercise, which she seemed to enjoy.

It dawned on me today that Christmas is less than two weeks away -- I have to get busy!  There is so much to do!  We have a Holiday Storefront page that will be up on the website tomorrow with many, many nice items on it. We]re still adding items and will continue to add items for a few days.  There is still time to order and have them delivered before Christmas.

We hope everyone is having a very good weekend!

12/11/09 Hi, everyone!  Meagan's visit to the vet today shed a great deal of light on her condition.  As mentioned earlier, Meagan is not deaf ... she just has selective hearing.  Meagan's spine is out of alignment, and her muscles are atrophied because she was confined in a too small cage for such an extended period of time.  (She was brought to the Dog Pound on 9 November and did not depart for Beauty's Haven until 10 December.)  With chiropractic treatments and exercise, Meagan's body will hopefully, regain proper alignment and overall strength.  Meagan also does not have a thyroid condition as originally believed.  She does have a microchip, however, and is AKC registered.

Meagan is extremely sweet and has settled in nicely at Beauty's Haven.

Baby Legacy had another comfortable day although he could not go outdoors due to the extremely cold temperatures and rainy conditions.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Fondly, Jeanne


She arrived last night. She was very tired.  She's very thin but has a bright and calm spirit.  She seemed very appreciative of having a cozy bed to sleep in.  And she did sleep well all through the night.  It is possible that she has a hearing problem, but we will know more today when she goes to the vet with Taco.  Taco hasn't been eating much and isn't feeling well.  Thanks to everyone that made it possible for Meagan to come here.

12/10/09 Come on, Baby Ray, let's go play.  I feel better today and want to run around and get some exercise and play tag!

And they're off!  Let's go behind the barn Legs were my mommy can see me, OK?  I don't want her to get upset.  Then we can graze some and then play.  I heard mommy Theresa say Auntie Robin is going to be watching us and that you'll have to come back inside in a little bit -- the weather is going to get worse.

OK, Baby Ray, we ate our hay and now I'm ready to run -- come on!  TAG! You're IT!  Here I go -- you can't catch me!

Wow, Baby Ray!  You're pretty brave to run that fast without being able to see where you're going!  Great job!  Yipee!  Look at that giant leap!

I'm behind you now, Baby Ray!  OK, that's enough tag.  How about running and bucking and playing like we're wild and free like Cloud and his herd! Yahoo!!  Go, Baby Ray!  Go!  You look like a wild Mustang sometimes! Mommy Theresa has told me all about Cloud and the other horses that the government is rounding up -- it's terrible what is going on and it makes me sad.  We have to pray that the humans in charge come to their senses before it's too late.

Hey, mommy, look at us!  I like having a friend to play with!  Baby Legs is being nice, but he is full of himself and I can't keep up with him sometimes -- but he lets me know where he is and so far we haven't had any accidents! Whiipppeee!  Whew - I think I'm getting tired now!

That was a lot of fun, Baby Ray!  Thanks for being my friend.  Let's get some water and chill for a bit.  I think your mommy wants you to go home now anyway.

I wanted to get an update out early today because I may not be at the computer this evening.  We have very good news:  Meagan is on her way to the rescue!!!!!!!  She may be here tonight or at the latest, first thing in the morning.  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to welcome her -- I hope she will like it here.  I was so worried she wouldn't be here for the holidays.  Thank you, Jeanne, and everyone else that made this happen.

Bob is going to try to work on getting MareStare set up today.  I was up with Haley most of the night.  She's getting anxious to have her baby and looks ready to pop.  She's been "practicing" having contractions just like Velvet did. Like Velvet was, Haley is young (4) and small and seems afraid at times.  I am worried about her delivery, and the sooner we can get more eyes on her, the better.  Minis can have problems, and we don't know anything about her past.  Well, we do think Rusty was the dad.  Maybe we'll have a Christmas baby!!

Haley arrived with Rusty in early July, and they were both pretty thin.  But just look at her now -- she's wider then she is tall!

More good news:  Misty has found her forever home!  What a wonderful Christmas that will be for her and her human!  Starting the New Year out with her own new family -- what a blessing!  I wish we could give all of the ones in need a home for the holidays.

God bless you all, and have a wonderfully blessed day!


12/09/09 Legacy was happy to get out some more today.  I spoke with Dr. Adam this morning (Dr. Ryan is in Las Vegas!) to discuss a concern I had about a medication Legs had been started on a few days ago.  After starting the medication, Legs started losing patches of hair and was itchy almost all over. He lost quite a bit of hair on his legs and around his ears.  It's thought that it's likely from the medication, which has now been discontinued.  Today the weather was nice enough that Legs got a leg bath, and all of the places with hair loss were treated again.  He was really a very good boy about it.

He's got legs -- and he's learning how to use them!


Here is Amadeus waiting for his turn today with Vince, the farrier.  Love that wind blown look!  This boy is gorgeous all of the time and is still HUGE!

Aaleyah and that silly tongue of hers -- she still slimes everyone!  She's very beautiful and behaved very well today.

Sunshine and Baby Ray were both good for their hooficures; so was GMan and a few others.

Haley practiced her contractions again today, and I think we've finally got the camera working in her stall.  Baby Legs is in the stall we had planned on using for her birth.  Haley looks like she's ready to burst, the poor girl!


12/08/09 A few pictures to share.

Hi, Kitty Cat -- do you want to be my friend and play with me?

H,i Sunshine -- good morning!  Can Baby Ray and I be friends so we can play?  Babies are supposed to run and play and have fun, and I bet he wants a friend his size, too. I'm still not all the way well, and I don't really feel like I can run and jump around today; but I would really like to spend some time with Baby Ray just hanging out, OK?  I promise we'll stay behind the barn where you can see him.

Hey, Baby Ray!  Ask your mom if you can come out here to play for a little bit. I talked to her earlier this morning -- maybe she'll say it's OK!

Are there any other horses around there, Legs? If not, I'll ask my mom -- but I think I smell Layla -- is she there?

Well, Layla is here but I'll ask mommy Theresa to put her in her stall until after we play, OK?  I can't play much, I'm sorta tired; but we can eat some hay for a bit. And don't feel bad about Layla chasing you -- she does that to me sometimes. too. But when she's in her stall. she likes to talk with me. And I got her to smile again last night! OK, let me tell mommy Theresa about Layla -- you go ask your mom if you can come out for a bit.

OK. Baby Ray, Layla is in her stall now -- is it OK with your mom for you to come out?

Thanks, mommy Theresa, for putting Layla in while we hang out for a bit. Layla likes to chase me off sometimes, and it scares me and makes my mommy upset. It's OK, mommy, we're just going to stay here behind the barn where you can see us, OK?  Baby Legs is tired so we're just going to walk around a little and eat some hay. I'll come back to you soon, OK? Thanks, mommy!

It's kind of cool to have a friend my size, Legs.  You must be small but then again, you'e only a few weeks old.  But still, you seem to be almost as tall as me -- hey, maybe that means I'm pretty small -- but I'm a lot older than you are!  Maybe I'll just be a pony when I'm all grown up?

Let's try this, Baby Ray. You stand uphill and I'll stand downhill; that way you'll sense you're bigger than me.  You really are -- you have a lot of muscles and a much bigger belly!  But I'm gaining a little weight. I'm going to get muscles, too.  We have some things in common, you know.  Your mommy was taken from you when you were only about four weeks old.  My mommy was taken from me when I was only a couple of weeks.  My mommy had been sick for a long time.  But you got your mommy back -- my mommy died.  Do you think Sunshine would sort of let me be your little brother? Maybe just sometimes? The humans here love us all, and I know we're all family, but I'd like to have a horsey family, too. What do you think?

I don't know what secrets or conspiracies that the boys were whispering about when I snapped this picture of them with their mouths open wide!

I'm Baby Ray -- gotta luv me!  Baby Ray!  Please get back outside where your mommy can see you!  I promised her we'd stay behind the barn!


Baby Legacy was tuckered out after his time with Baby Ray. Being out in the sun was good for him. He'd been in pretty much all of the last couple of days because of the weather. He's still on antibiotics, he's eating and drinking well, his respiration is a bit up, his HR is normal.



Val is a cute as ever.


Gentleman got a good grooming today.


And a massage by Ms. Maggie!  He loved it!  Tomorrow he gets a hooficure!




Jean came up today and brought her driving gear.  We gave Doc a good bath, let him dry, and then she tacked him up.  He did really well!  We don't know what his background was before we bought him from auction over a year ago. He sort of looks like a mini Clyde!  Jean is babysitting Legacy tonight so we can get a good night's sleep. I t was a very busy day, and I'm beat!


Granny is doing well.  Her breathing and her arthritis seem to be doing better.  To watch her walk, you'd never guess she's rotated 25+ degrees in both front feet. She did a fast pace "gait" across the paddock a couple of days ago, and it was just beautiful!

Here is the driveway before the millings today.


And here is the driveway after the millings were put down.  It isn't extravagant, but it should cut down on lime rock dust around the barn; and the flow from rain water should take a different path now to flow out more evenly across the length of the driveway vs. all down by the QT paddock.  No more getting stuck trying to get out of the driveway!  The times we had to load or unload horses in the street -- it was scary.  The road is narrow, and one car usually pulls over for the other to pass.  As you look at the picture below, you can see the road goes up hill going to the right out of our driveway.  Sometimes, cars come over the hill very fast, which made it even more dangerous loading and unloading in the street.

To everyone that is keeping up with Baby Legs, Baby Ray, and others here:   thank you for caring!  We appreciate all support:  prayers, donations, emails, calls, etc.  I'm still behind on emails, but I'm trying to get caught up.

We are getting caught up with the November vet bill -- we're down to just about $200 short.

The driveway:  well, we're about 1/3rd of the way to having it paid off.

The hay fundraiser for the carpet is ongoing until December 15th.

The EBay item has about 16 hours left.

With the help of FOBs, a transport was found for Meagan today -- she'll be picked up by Thursday -- here no later than Friday!  We're told that she is eating and drinking but is pretty depressed.  I can't wait to get her here and hopefully work through her sadness so she'll be a happy girl.

I'm very tired and likely a bit cranky, so I'm going to call it a day a bit early since Jean is here to watch the baby tonight.  Have a wonderful night, everyone, and a blessed day tomorrow!  Again, thanks to all of you for your support!

Oh! I almost forgot to share something:  Haley started having her "practice" contractions this evening! J ean keeps telling her not to have her baby tonight since she's on duty at the barn!  I'm sure we're a few weeks away. This is Haley's first and she hasn't started to bag; and her muscles are all still tight.  We have to get a transceiver for the camera at her stall in order to get her stall up on MareStare.  We'll try to find one tomorrow -- the one we have broke.


12/05/09 I snapped this picture of Baby Legs before putting his "The cow jumped over the moon!" jammies last night -- he's gained some weight!  He's eating like a little horse should, and today his catheter removed.  He didn't get to go outside, though -- it was too cold and dreary.  But he did play in the aisleway, and he socialized with others.


Hey, Layla!  Don't be so sad that you have to be in a stall today -- look at me -- I'll make faces to cheer you up!  I heard mommy Theresa say that, if the sun comes out, you'll get to go out for a bit.  I wish I could, but it's pretty cold out there!  Baby Ray is all bundled up -- I can't wait until the day when we can play. If you see Sunshine, will you let her know I'm not a bad kid and that I won't hurt Baby Ray?  I just want him to be my friend.

Baby Legs, you're something else!  OK, I'm smiling!  Now go see if you can make Ruby smile!  She snorts and bites out at all of us horses that walk by her when she's in her stall -- maybe you can get her to lighten up some!


OK, I'll give it a try!  Ruby?  Are you sad about being stalled for so long?  You have a boo boo that has to heal, but it's only going to take a few weeks. Don't be grumpy -- laugh a little - I'll come make faces at you, OK?

Come on, Ruby -- stop snorting for a second and look at the silly faces I'm making just for you!  Come on, you can do it -- don't be such a grouch!  And look, you even have a Christmas wreath on your stall because you're special!

Princess is doing better.  Her eye will always have a scar, and she still has to wear the eye cup because she wants to rub it.  But her eyesight was saved, and for that we are very thankful.  Eye injuries should never be taken for granted for any amount of time.  Had we not stayed on top of treating it,  Princess would likely be blind in her left eye today.

Layla got to go out into the round pen when the sun came out for a little while today.  She enjoyed lying in the sun.  It was cool but, she enjoyed it much more than being in her stall.  Her injury is healing very nicely.  Barbara drove up today for the weekend, and she's got babysitting duty with Legacy tonight -- we get to sleep!

And now to announce a couple of really HUGE blessings!  To the anonymous donors that made these "wishes" become reality so that everyday needs could be met:  we can't thank you enough -- God bless you!

This is a new 24 x 24 shelter that was recently completed just in time for the cold season!  It's in the paddock next to the road, and the horses are very appreciative of it -- and so are we humans!

And here is the rescue's Ford F350 Lariat super duty pickup truck that was desperately needed!  It was delivered yesterday.  It carries a ton or two of hay and pulls the trailer with no hesitation!  We've nicknamed the truck "Big Red!"

To everyone, everywhere:  without you, we couldn't do what we do.  We have many worries on our plate, but we also have many things to be thankful for. We are thankful for all of you -- the support you provide by the way of prayers, donations of money, items, services, etc., volunteering time, and so much more.  Because of you,we are.  Because of you, Baby Legacy will grow up and live a wonderful life, and so many others have been given the chance to heal and to live. 

There are many that will live out their life here -- they need continued support and care.  There are many more that will find their way here and, without continued support, we wouldn't be able to help them.  There are many that have found their way here that were rehabilitated and are living in loving forever homes -- you made this possible. We've got a lot of faith that God won't put more on our plate than we can handle, but sometimes it gets very scary, I won't deny that.  We've worked very hard these past three years to build who we are, and we hope to be around for a long time to come -- the number in need is ever increasing.  I truly believe that we do make a difference, but we make a difference because of you -- God bless you all!

Please keep Baby Legs in your prayers, and Meagan, too. She hasn't been transported yet, but we hope to have her here soon.

Oh!  And one more bit of good news:  we're down to only being short about $500 to pay the vet bill ($3300+) for November!

Don't forget the e-Bay item, the beautiful 2008 Breyer Noelle horse!  There are only six days left to bid: 


Don't forget about the Persian carpet hay fundraiser -- we're going through a lot of hay now that the cold has arrived and the grass isn't growing.  Please visit our Events page for details.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Beauty's Haven Farm "Winter Hay Fundraiser!" 

As part of our Winter Hay Fundraiser this year, Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue is having a drawing for a stunning new Persian carpet!  And, for the first time ever, there will also be a wonderful second prize:  a beautiful print of Eight Belles!

Please follow this link to our Events page to read all the details.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to do some holiday shopping while helping Beauty's Haven and Farm.  Thank you for your continued love and support!



Fondly, Jeanne

12/03/09 Baby Legacy continues to amaze us. He's so small and delicate yet curious and brave!  While his blood tests leave us very concerned ,his will for life is very strong and encouraging.

Good morning Layla!  How's your boo boo?  It looks like it hurts, but you're not even limping on it!  Did you meet Auntie Jean?

Jean stayed with Baby Legacy last night so we could get some sleep.  Thanks so much, Jean!  The weather was horrible yesterday evening and into the night -- lots of rain.  The barn was full with Jake, Layla, Haley, Legacy, and Sunshine and Baby Ray.  But by morning the rains had gone.

It's wake up time???  But I'm so comfy!  Just a few more minutes, OK?

Today was mostly nice, but the winds were a bit cool; and the next couple of days are supposed to be bad.

Hey, the sun is out!  I'm going to go see Baby Ray and anybody else that's out there!  Maybe Sunshine will be nicer to me today.  I had a good night with Auntie Jean -- she's pretty cool.  She tried to teach me some dance steps!  OK, here I go -- off to practice using my legs again!

Good morning, Baby Ray, you're putting some weight on!  And you've got lots of muscles -- I hope that I'll be as strong as you someday.  I'm still learning how to use my legs -- I'm getting better!  I'm going to go practice running some now!


Yipeeee!!!  Look at me!  I can run and kick!  Am I getting better? Whaaahooooo!


I'm played out now!  Whew!  That took a lot of energy!  This sun feels sooooo good!


OK, time for a nap.  It feels really good to stretch out in the sun.  Can you sit with me for a while, mommy Theresa?


Dr. Ryan came by later in the morning and drew more blood.  Baby Legacy is always a good boy for him.

Legacy's body is either using (possible infection) or loosing a lot of its white blood cells, or it simply isn't making enough.  We're going to keep him on antibiotics at this time, treat symptoms as we have been, monitor him 24/7, and pray hard.  The fact that he is eating well and drinking is very good.  He has a huge will to live and love for life, which he really needs to get him through this.  And he has a lot of wonderful and caring people praying for him, and that helps incredibly!

We have bad weather on the way but hope to keep him toasty with his wonderful "cow jumped over the moon!" blanket, his weatherproof blanket, a heating pad to lie on that arrived today, and 15 heat lamps.  His stall has been sealed up pretty well.  Our hope is that his body will kick in and start making the needed cells as he gets stronger.

Please keep Baby Legacy in your prayers.  Thanks, everyone, and have a great night and a blessed day tomorrow!



LEGACY UPDATE:  Dr. Ryan pulled blood on Baby Legacy today.  The results came back this evening and we're all scratching our heads.  We expected it to be better.  Once again his WBC is very low.  His RBC is at the low end of normal.  The readings are almost identical to what they were the day he arrived.

Dr. Ryan will be reviewing everything with others at Peterson & Smith in the morning and will be out later in the morning.  Since Baby Legacy has been on antibiotics for over two weeks, Dr. Ryan's concern is that the baby isn't making enough bone marrow.

Please keep Legacy in your prayers.

12/02/09 The vet bill for November is $3,385.30!  Horses seen/treated included Granny Jewels, Baby Ray, Princess, Missy, Classy, Momma Sue, Kimba, Precious, Baby Legacy, and Jake.  But the majority of the bill is for Baby Legacy -- I'm happy to report that he is doing well.  They are all precious to us, and you can't put a price on a life.  All odds were against Legacy, but he has a strong will -- we're so proud of him!

We have some really nice items on eBay, and here is our first -- just in time for the holidays!  It's a stunning and beautiful Palomino horse from Breyer, the twelfth in a wonderful collector's series.  Please follow this link to our Events page for more information!

I'm very happy to report that Baby Legacy had another good day!  He got to go out a few times today, which he enjoyed.  He is eating like a little horse, which should which makes us very happy -- he's also drinking well.  He hasn't had IV fluids for a few days now.  I really think he took an upward turn this past weekend, and we're very happy about it -- but we're not letting our guard down.  Chris stayed last night to watch Baby Legs through the night.  What did I do to show our appreciation?  Overslept!  We woke up late this morning, and our daughter was almost late for school!  By the time I got to the barn, Chris said Baby Legs had been up and was anxiously waiting to get out and romp.  Thanks, Chris!  Xan and Chris have been great babysitters!

Just look at how high Legacy is holding his head up now!  He's a little stronger each day.  Chris said he had been a good boy all night but was more than ready to get outside this morning!

Look at this handsome and determined face!  Hay mommy Theresa!  Look, is that Auntie Bernice coming?  Come on, let's go see!  It is her!

Bernice and John had gone to New York for Thanksgiving, but they came back early.  Baby Legs greeted Bernice as Doc watched.  Awww ...

Baby Ray also greeted Bernice.

Auntie Bernice, I'm glad you're back -- we missed you and Uncle John!  Have I told you how much I care about you and appreciate you?  You and all of my aunties and uncles are family to me, and I'm a very blessed little boy!  Even though Baby Legs is here, I'm still "the baby" right?  Gotta luv me!  Will you please let me back in with my mommy now?  She gets upset if I'm gone for very long; and mommy Theresa has to give Legs his medicines, so we can't play right now.

Layla, Amadeus, Momma Sue, and Aaleyah were let out of their lower paddock today and got to run around and play in the main paddock.  Well, Layla had to come in but the others enjoyed some free time.  Here are (left to right) Little E, Captain -- Zaynah is beside and to the front of him but you can barely see her, Aaleyah Belle -- Layla is behind her, Amadeus, and there's Granny in the back with Casper.

Momma Sue wasn't far away keeping watchful eye, and Precious was under the shelter eating hay with Jake.


Amadeus is still HUGE!  He is such a sweet boy.


Baby Legacy got to meet Layla today.  He casually made his way over to her stall after her injury was treated.  She stuck her head over her door, and the conversation quickly started.

Hi, Layla!  I'm Legacy!  I'm just a baby and don't know many horses here yet. I met HighTower and he was nice to me -- will you be my friend and be nice to me, too?  Sometimes when I'm out, I see you running around with Amadeus -- do you think he would be my friend?  He's a BIG boy!  I lost my mommy and miss her a lot.  But the more friends I make, the better I feel.  Oh, I know Baby Ray, too -- his momma doesn't seem to like me, though, but she's getting better about him being near me.  She doesn't charge me at the fence anymore.  Do you know that Baby Ray can't see?  He's a pretty brave kid -- don't you think?  I think I'd be afraid if I couldn't see -- especially without my momma to help me and protect me.  The humans are really nice here, but they're not horses, you know?  I saw your boo boo, and it looks like it hurts!  I know mommy Theresa and the other humans here will take good care of it.  It's nice to meet you -- I'm a little tired and want to go take a nap now.  I'll be in the stall just across from you -- the one with all the warm lights in it.

A package arrived in the mail yesterday, and today I opened it and the contents took my breath away!  LOOK AT THIS DARLING BLANKET that was made with lots of TLC!!!

Look at me, mommy Theresa!  I'm wearing a special "the cat and the fiddle" blankie!  I remember you told me that nursery rhyme one of the first nights I was here.  You didn't think I'd remember -- did you!  It's so soft -- I love it!  I feel very special -- I hope my mommy knows I'm OK.  I'm going to be OK, I just know it.  I feel better -- I'm stronger every day!

OK, I'm smiling for the camera!  Thank you, everybody, for caring about me and helping me!  Have a good night -- I'm going to eat some more hay now. Oh, guess what!!??  I got a new feed holder put in my stall tonight -- this means I won't knock my feed dish over any more!

And so ends another day at Beauty's Haven.  We hope to have an arrival date for Meagan tomorrow.  We're anxious to get her here -- she's been losing weight, and she's pretty thin and sad.  We hope she will like it here and feel safe and loved.

Thank you, all, and we wish you all a blessed day tomorrow!

12/01/09 Legs had a very good night with Auntie Chris, and we got to sleep!  In fact, we overslept this morning!  He's eating and drinking well, and he enjoyed a frolic out and about this AM.  I about fell out of my chair yesterday when I learned that his vet bill, to date, is $2500+.  But you can't put a price on life and, if you were to see him running around with bright eyes, well -- it's priceless!  We have a long way to go to be able to pay that vet bill, which is due by the 11th.  And that is just for him -- the bill is higher due to others' needs such as Ruby, Princess, Casper, Granny, etc.  If anyone has any ideas for a good fundraiser, please let Jeanne or me know.  Thanks!

The bad news is that I found Layla with an injury above her front left fetlock -- it's ripped open, so I'm on my way down to clean that up.  This isn't going to be fun.  And, just two days ago, my mare came up with an injury to her knee and eye; but she is doing fine.  After Layla is treated, Amadeus is going to get cleaned up and bots will be removed -- they seem to love him.  And, if I have any energy left after that, Aaleyah will get a good grooming.  The kids wear me out!  If it wasn't such a cool day, Doc would get a bath; but that will have to wait.  Bernice is back early from her Thanksgiving trip home and came in today so, after we get boo boos treated, hopefully I'll get some work done at my desk.  Robin is also here.

Have a good day, everyone, and I'll post an update with pictures tonight.

For those that don't know:  we are expecting a new arrival.  There was a 5-year-old Dobie that was going to be put to sleep in a pound in AL.  Jeanne alerted me to her and, at the last minute, she was saved. She is in QT now and has been vetted.  I am told she is very thin and depressed.  It sounds like she was bounced around a bit before being taken to the pound.  We hope to get her here soon.  Her name is Meagan.  We will be fostering her until a good home is found -- but who knows, if she likes it here and gets along with the horses, Max, Taco, Belle, and the cats, maybe this will become her forever home?  If anyone would like to help sponsor Meagan, please let Jeanne know.  Thanks, everyone!

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