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June 2011

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Thank You!


AdmiralAdmiral gave us quite a scare today.  In the early afternoon he had trouble breathing and swallowing and he had tremors.  Upon moving his mane to examine his neck we found a line of hair that had come out and new swelling that was in the path of the line.  The hair loss appears to be a rope burn and the swelling is likely from trauma.  Admiral was given Banamine as prescribed by Dr. Ryan.  We took all hay away and he is getting mushy meals until the swelling subsides.  He improved after the Banamine started to work and we kept eyes on him the rest of the day.  A bit later his bottom lip was dangling as was his tongue – like a paralysis.  This improved after awhile too but I’m very concerned about nerve, soft tissue, spinal cord, and other damage from the trauma he experienced.  He’s far from being out of the woods.  Please keep him in your prayers.





Dr. Ryan examined Admiral this morning and did blood tests.  Admiral is still sore and his legs are still pretty swollen.  Dr. Ryan said there may be nerve damage and hopefully, as the swelling goes down, we will see improvements.  He recommended that Dr. Das (our holistic vet) treat him – she will be here on Tuesday to treat him and Itsuko.  Admiral  has been started on a refeeding program but until he is stronger we don’t want him gaining much.  We will better define his rehab program after we get the blood work back.  Admiral is such a sweet, sweet boy.  We’re glad he is here!





Itsuko is doing well and just loves her shelter, tree with shade, and the grass in her paddock - she loves her hay and she loves life!  And she likes to watch the other horses!




Both Admiral and Itsuko got lots of attention today from Jenny, Bernel, Diane, Connie, and Barbara.  Both of the horses are both truly appreciative of human kindness.  It amazes me that horses can be treated so cruelly by humans yet be so forgiving. 
I came across this quote and thought I’d share… To Err 

Horses really are a blessing and should, like all animals, be properly cared for and respected.  They really do give so - much yet ask for so little.

On a personal note – our daughter, Katie, attended the Florida FFA Foundation 2011 Convention in Orlando last week.  She was presented with 2 awards – one for making it to state finals and another for winning first place in the state for her Equine Science Proficiency accomplishments!  She will be going to Nationals!  We’re very proud of her!  

I apologize for the many emails I haven’t answered – I’m still typing with two fingers on my left hand which feels like it’s working overtime!  We wish everyone a wonderful and blessed weekend and again, thank you all for caring!


A little more on Admiral…

After assessing the situation this morning we called Pam, our transporter and foster mom, to take Admiral to the rescue.  His back legs were wrapped with rags and duct tape by a vet after authorities arrived at the scene last night.  We removed them to get a look at injuries, treated what we could, and rewrapped them  Pam wrapped the front legs before loading.  Admiral showed quite a bit of discomfort but stood still and let us do what we could.  He has a very tough time walking.

After refusing to load last night, and then living the terrifying experience of humans trying to winch and whip him into the trailer and getting cast under it, we didn’t know how he would feel about loading today.  Plus he is sore and we were told that after he was uncast from the trailer last night he got up after a bit but then he’d fall down.  He got up and went down a few times – he was just exhausted.  But today, once he got to the trailer, you could just sense him trying to muster up all of the courage and energy he had left to get in.  He knew he had to get in – he was very brave.

His back left hip and leg are the worst – he hobbled on that side and didn’t want to put weight on it.  Pam is the most patient, knowledgeable, and caring transporter you could hope for and her husband was there to help her.  She helped Admiral lift and move forward one foot at a time until he got both a good way into the trailer.  Then it was time for his rear feet to go in.  He did not want to put weight on his back left.  We let him stand there and I prayed hard that he would make it in.  Well, after a few minutes he figured how to best get in on his own – he leapt in with both rear feet at the same time – what a relief it was! 

You could see light in his eyes as we let him take his time to unload.  He became interested in everything around him.  He exchanged whinnies with Suko and off he came.  

Once in his stall Jenny made sure he was comfy.  She rubbed liniment on his sore muscles tonight, gave him his probiotics and bute.

After giving him some time to settle in he got a bath and wounds were treated.  More wounds became apparent.

He does have a lot of swelling that got cold hosed.

I am very concerned about the injuries that we can’t see that are on the inside.  He still doesn’t want to put weight on his back left but sometimes he will suddenly pick up his back right like he has a sharp pain.  His muscles must have worked overtime throughout his terrible ordeal. 

He is thin but actually, at this time, we won’t try to put weight on him too fast.  His entire body is sore but I am really worried about injuries in his back legs.

Both front legs have open wounds.

He has cuts and scrapes and halter burns on his head and under his jaw.  There is a knot and cut on his nose which he especially doesn’t like being touched.

We let him graze for a few minutes after his injuries were treated.  He really enjoyed the grass.
Admiral  Admiral

Admiral is tucked in and will be seen by Dr. Ryan in the morning.  I am very thankful for the call I got in the wee hours of the morning - God bless those that helped Admiral find his way here.  If that call hadn’t been made he would have been euthanized.  I can’t imagine the fear and pain that this horse endured – it was more than cruel.  God bless all of you for caring, donating, for your prayers, for posting updates, and for just being you.  I’ll update again tomorrow after Dr. Ryan leaves.  Have a good night everyone.


It’s been another very long day and I will share more details about today’s rescue later this evening.  But I want to show you the beautiful face of the TB gelding whose registered name is “KingOfTheAdmirality” that is now resting in a stall - a bit worn and battered.  Had we not taken him, he would have been euthanized.  He sustained multiple injuries when he refused to load into a trailer.  Humans hooked up to a winch, put a rope/cable around him, and tried to pull him into the trailer while also using a whip.  The horse tried to flee but couldn’t – instead he reared and hit his head, got tangled in the rope/cable, and went down and got his legs cast under the trailer.  He did get up but fell down – this happened multiple times.  I can’t imagine the fear and pain this precious boy endured.  There is still much to do today but I will post more later this evening - thank all of you for caring! 

Welcome home, Admiral!


Admiral is a 22 year old registered Thoroughbred gelding that raced a few times in his younger days.  He may not have won much money but I can bet that he did give all he had to try to win.  This certainly is no way


We got the call well after 1:00 AM this morning.  I answered the phone with my eyes closed but knew right away who it was by the voice—one of the AC officers in another county we work with that was on the scene of a case of a horse needing help.  To be calling this late, it must be serious and it is.  The horse didn’t want to load for the owner and/or transporter so they hooked him up to a winch and put a rope or cable around him in order to pull him into the trailer.  I’m sure the horse was terrified as he fought to flee - he struggled to get away, reared and hit his head, got tangled in the rope/wire, went down and ended up getting cast under the trailer.  After being uncast, he managed to get up but fell back down - he did this many times.  A vet was called by the owner to euthanize the horse but officials on the scene called us because they thought, with proper care, the horse has a chance for survival.  The vet wrapped both of the horses rear legs with rags and duct tape and gave the horse Banamine.  She said she thinks he can make the hour trip to BHFER.  He has abrasions, cuts, a couple puncture wounds, is very sore in his muscles, and there is a lot of swelling.  The gelding, a 20 year old OTTB, is also thin – about a 1.5 on the Henneke scale.

We are now on-site and have administered more Banamine – we are trying to keep the horse comfortable until we can get him to the rescue.  The transporter will be here soon.  When we arrived to the scene the horse looked so defeated.  When I met him, he put his head down and into my chest, and I promised we’d help him all we could.  This poor horse has been traumatized terribly by humans yet still welcomes a loving touch.  We don’t know if the horse will be able to load but we’re keeping the faith. 

We need pledges to help this horse.  Once at the rescue he will be examined by our vet - recommended tests will be accomplished.  After an exam, tests, and X-rays (if needed) at BHFER, we will determine if he can be saved and estimate the costs.  You can call Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital directly at (352) 237-6151.  No donation is too small!  Prayers are always welcome!  Thank you!


Sorry for the delay with yesterday’s pictures.  I still can’t type with my right hand and yesterday was very exhausting.  The heat and humidity are taking a toll on horses and humans.  We did get much needed rain last night with horrible storms – we lost a branch on one of the 5 large oak trees at the front of the property.  Fortunately, all of the horses are fine.  But now we need to repair some washed out areas, again.

Itsuko is doing well – she’s more alert and interested on what is going on around her. 




Itsuko’s feet hadn’t had proper care in a long, long time.  She has some swelling in her legs.






“What’s he doing to my feet???  It’s been a long, long time since anyone cared about my feet!  A trim – I’m getting a trim!  And here they call it a hooficure!”






“Wow!  My left front feels better already!”






“And he’s doing my back feet too!”







Her back feet were horrible too.






The farrier could only do so much in one trim.  When he was done Itsuko walked off in a silly way – sort of like a duck – still picking her feet up high in the air.  It didn’t take her long to figure out she didn’t have to do that anymore.  Her body will have to adjust to the new angles of her feet. 





I do think Itsuko is feeling better – her eyes are brighter, she carries herself better, and she holds her head higher.  We’re still awaiting her test results which hopefully will shed some light on a couple of concerns.  I know that I’ll feel better once we get the test results.




Again, thank you all for caring and have a blessed day!



Theresa has asked that I post an update on her behalf as she is totally exhausted and is experiencing much discomfort with her broken arm. 
Today was another really busy and extremely hot and humid day at Beauty’s Haven.   

Itsuko had her feet trimmed today.  She was very well behaved but quite comical afterward. 
She was so used to walking on her ‘paddles’ much like a duck, that she continued to walk in the same manner once her feet were trimmed! 
After a time, however, she finally realized that she could walk like a normal horse!   She seemed amazed and happy!
Itsuko’s blood work should be back by tomorrow.  She is in very good spirits and loves to ‘talk.’
Theresa mentioned that Itsuko has ‘Little E Syndrome’ with a dangling bottom lip. 

Theresa promises to remain indoors tomorrow to rest her arm, at which time she will work on an update with images.
She is so very thankful for your generosity, love, and support which has made it possible to bring Itsuko to Beauty’s Haven
where she will be granted a second chance at life that she so richly deserves.

Wishing you all a lovely evening!


What a day!  We met Dr. Yoho after feeding this morning to have the stud gelded and then headed out to meet Pam, our transporter and foster mom, to pickup Itsuko. 



We couldn’t get there fast enough!  When we got there Itsuko looked defeated and I felt an overwhelming sense of urgency to get her to the rescue. 





She didn’t look back as Pam walked her to the trailer.






She did have a tough time walking and tripped on her toes a bit – they are very long.  She slowly got into the trailer and off we were.







Arriving at the rescue.  It was hard not to handle her but I couldn’t because of my broken wrist.






But I did give her a quick welcome kiss. 








Jenny and Marsha got her settled into her paddock.






After a bit she got a much needed bath.  She’s 16 hh and skin and bones.






She seemed to really appreciate her bath.  She was really dirty and she has very unhealthy skin.






It was awesome to see her start to hold her head higher – she seemed to just come to life as the day went by.






Her feet will be trimmed tomorrow.





Dr. Das examined her, pulled blood and then treated her.  She is a 1 on the Henneke Scale.  Her gum color isn’t great and Dr. Das picked up on liver and kidney concerns.  Her blood work results will help us determine a more defined treatment plan.  Her feeding program will go slow - too much too soon can be detrimental.  We will be working on building her immune system.  I personally believe that by letting her know she is safe here and giving her lots of TLC that her healing will start within her heart and mind.  That will only help her physical healing process.  As the day went by the light in her eyes only got brighter.




By the end of the day Itsuko was comfortably munching on hay in her paddock.  It made all of us feel good – very good to see her there.  Her road to recovery has begun.  She will not race, be bred, know hunger, or be neglected again.  She had 99 starts in her racing career and had many babies – she gave so much.  She deserves, like they all do, love, proper care, and respect.



We pray for good blood work test results and that her organs haven’t been damaged.  And when I pray, I thank God for all of you and your support.  We are very blessed to be able to help Itsuko - thanks to others helping us to help her.  We’ll update more tomorrow – we’re all beat but will sleep better tonight now that Itsuko is here.  Have a blessed night everyone! 


We just arrived – more later – the vet will be here soon. 

I feel much better now – she’s safe!!


Good news – I don’t have to have surgery!  I do have a new cast and hope to have it off in 4 more weeks.  I can’t do much with my arm – can’t pick up anything but the new cast allows me to use my fingers to type.  This update will be short – my wrist/arm is a bit painful tonight.

More good news – we have enough in pledges, combined with a generous donation, to bring the TB mare, Itsuko, to the rescue!  However, we still need to cover some of her upcoming expenses – her rehab is going to be costly and will take awhile.  We’ll share her ongoing rescue and rehab story with all of you in updates and with pictures and we encourage you to share it with others.  Watching horses that come to us like this regain their strength and dignity is a powerful and moving experience.  If anyone would like for me to add your email address to my distribution list in order to receive my updates please let me know.




Itsuko – a great granddaughter of Native Dancer. 




We’re having a stud where Mystical came from gelded at 9:30 in the am and then we’ll meet the transporter to pick Itsuko up.  We would have had her picked up this evening but we had severe storms and lost power for awhile.  Dr. Das will be here around 1 pm to examine and treat her. 

To those that have pledged – please go ahead and send the funds and know that we are very grateful – Itsuko will get a new start on life tomorrow!  I’ll update after Dr. Das leaves tomorrow.  Please keep Itsuko in your prayers - we’re staying positive that she will be able to recover. 

God bless and thank you all for your support!


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I can’t say I’ve been very busy out at the barn because of my arm but I can say it’s been very busy at the rescue.  My arm and hand are still swollen and I have to keep my arm up.  Typing with a couple of fingers on my left hand is frustrating and slow but I think I’m getting better at it.  I have spent more time in the office these past couple of days working on grants and many other things. 

We are working on a case of a Thoroughbred mare that had 99 starts, won almost $100K, was a broodmare and then ended up in a bad way.  She needs help desperately.  In order to bring her in we need help.  We have applied for an Emergency Grant but it won’t cover all of her needs and we don’t know if it will be approved so we are asking for pledges at this point.  Her rehab will be costly and it will be awhile before she will be strong and healthy enough to go to a forever home.  If you would like to pledge any amount to help her please email me and put “TB PLEDGE” in the subject line.  I say this often but its true – no amount is too small and every donation is greatly appreciated.  Again – pledges only at this point. 

Pebbles is doing great.  It’s amazing how far she’s come in such a short time.  She seems very happy and content.

Mystical is doing very well.  She’s gained quite a bit of weight and is simply stunning.  She will be ready for a forever home soon,

Dr. Ryan flushed Princess’ pouches again last week and will do so again this week.  She’s still on antibiotics.  We’re keeping the faith and praying hard that she gets well.  Please keep her in your prayers.

I haven’t been able to work with, or handle, Indy since I broke my arm.  He has been getting a bit more feisty by the day.  I asked Stacy a few days ago if she could come over to work with him a bit.  She came today and Indy he showed her that he likes to be a bit nippy.  Little Cloud Dancer got some needed handling too. 

We will be having the stud where Mystical came from gelded this week.  Dr. Das will be here on Tuesday.  KC LaPierre and some students will be here on Wednesday.  It will be another busy week.

I will find out tomorrow if I will need surgery or not - I’d like to ask for prayers that I won’t.  I’d also like to ask for prayers for the mare that needs help.  We have been providing her food since we went to see her a couple of days ago.  She’s only a few minutes from the rescue.  This is the mare - her great grandfather is Native Dancer.


God bless, thank you all for caring - have a good week.

06/09/11 Pebbles is not pregnant!  Whew!  We’ve already started slowly working on deworming.



Pebbles coat hides how thin she really is. 






She had lots of manure caked in her tail and got a much needed bath today.  She does not have diarrhea any longer.   She got a much needed trim today.







I got to watch Jenny and Brittany give her a good bath.  My hand and arm are still pretty swollen and I’m supposed to be keeping it elevated but I wanted to see this little girl get a good bath – she really seemed appreciative and felt better as the dirt washed away.  However, she became very concerned when she thought something or someone was approaching her from behind – she would shake terribly.  I don’t think it is fear of dogs – she seems ok with our dogs.  Hopefully soon she will know she has nothing to fear.





Dr. Ryan examined Pebbles today and drew blood.  She is anemic and has some low values we’ll be working on.  I’ve called Dr. Das to come out to work on her.  She does have a large hard lump, about 5” around, at the base of her neck on the left side.  The wounds from the dog attack are healing nicely.



Hopefully we will have her pregnancy test results back by Friday.  Many thanks to everyone for making it possible for us to help Pebbles. 

I hope to put out an update tomorrow of other horses – the finger I use on my left hand to type gets tired easy.  L

PS:  Victor – also many thanks for making it possible for Jenny to be here and to stay longer - she works long hard days and we appreciate both of you and all you do very much!  If I had to break my arm I’m glad it happened while she’s here!








Theresa has no internet access this evening so I am posting on her behalf.  Once again, today was extremely busy at Beauty’s Haven.  A renowned equine podiatrist, KC La Pierre, visited today with several of his advanced students.  A few horses were most fortunate to have their hooves trimmed by KC and his students who really did a magnificent job!  To learn more about KC, please click on the link below:


Dr. Ryan was quite busy today and has rescheduled his visit for tomorrow.  Dr. Bess did come out, however, and was able to work on Pebbles’ teeth.  Pebbles’ front tooth, thankfully was not completely cracked nor was it loose.  Several of Pebbles’ teeth needed to be filed, however, as she was missing two teeth, one on the upper jaw and the other on the lower jaw, causing the corresponding teeth to erupt into the empty sockets. Dr. Bess also felt that a blood test was in order to determine if Pebbles is pregnant as her belly is quite large.  We should have the results in a few days.  Dr. Bess also determined that Pebbles is 20+ years old.  The farrier will be coming out tomorrow to trim Pebble’s feet as they are in absolutely horrible condition.

Pebbles was also groomed and clipped in the areas of her puncture wounds which she sustained during the dog attacks.  She still needs a full body clip, however, and tomorrow, she will be getting a much needed bath.  

Pebbles is really such a sweet, sweet mare that is in need of Angels. We estimate that her expenses will average approximately $100 per month.  We already have one Angel at $25 per month.  Please remember that no amount is ever too small…$5, $10, $15…it all adds up!

Thank you all for your continued love and support.



Pony Mare
We have been contacted about a pony mare that was recently attacked by dogs.  When the owner purchased the pony a few months ago for her two young children to ride, she was told that the little mare was fifteen years old.  When the vet went out to administer antibiotics for the pony’s wounds, however, he advised that she is at least forty years old!  The pony is underweight and in need of farrier, dental and veterinary care.  She also has a loose and infected tooth that needs to be resolved.  We were told that she just stands still when the dogs come around and is unable to protect herself during these attacks so getting her to safety is critical.

Since Ria’s Gold, Ouija and Warrior have recently been adopted out and two other adoptions are in the works, we can make room for this sweet little mare.  In order to help her however, we need sponsors for her initial vetting, dental and farrier care, which we estimate will be approximately $500.  She will also require monthly Angels to assist with her routine care – would anyone like to help to sponsor her care for a few months?  All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.  If you would like to call a donation in directly to the vet’s office the number is 352-237-6151.

Thank you all for your love and support.


Hi Everyone,

I just spoke with Theresa and she is doing as well as can be expected.
She had hoped to get an update posted this evening but due to Dr's orders to keep her wrist
immobile to prevent further damage, she was unable to do so. She wanted you to know
that the Beauty's Haven herd is doing well as we speak. She also is so very appreciative of your prayers
and well wishes and hopes to get an update out tomorrow.





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