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This page last updated:  Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome, Baby Ray -- And Now, Sunshine!

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Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days.  I'm sorry but I have to get the disposable camera developed that has the pictures of Baby Ray's surgery and stay at the hospital on it; so I'll have to post those later.

Here is Baby Ray right off the trailer today:  he got lots of welcome hugs!  He seemed glad to be home, and we are very glad to have him home!


Mommy, I'm home!


He settled right back in and is doing great!  He wasn't back in his paddock for five minutes before his momma had to put him in his place -- it's likely going to take a few weeks for his hormones to work their way out.

03/18/10 Sunshine was supposed to leave this coming weekend to go for training.  She's told us quite clearly she thinks Baby Ray and Legacy are ready to be on their own.  Well, I received a call from a local magazine, and they want to run a story on Baby Ray and Sunshine!  So, we've changed our plans a bit.  Layla will now be leaving on Saturday to go to Jennifer's for training and, if all goes well, and we expect it will, she will be adopted by Bernel for her new program in Jacksonville.  Mo was just a bit too hot for Bernel's program.

Sunshine will stick around for a while; the magazine will be sending a photographer out for pictures in a couple of weeks. I n the meantime, Baby Ray has been demonstrating to all of us his "machoness."  He has only dropped one testicle and isn't able to be gelded here.  He's becoming more difficult to handle and has been pushier with Legacy to the point where Legacy, when he sees me, says, "Let me out of here! This guy is nutso!"  LOL!  Yesterday, the farrier had a heck of a time with Baby Ray.  You'd have thought he was a wild mustang, bucking and kicking and just pushing his weight around!  Maybe we should have named him "Tank!"  He's built solid, like a tank!  Safety of the humans, and horses here, is paramount; and I spoke with Dr. Ryan again this morning, and we feel Baby Ray is definitely strong enough and ready to go to the hospital to have surgery to remove both testicles.

Both boys got their feet trimmed yesterday.  Baby Ray acted up so much that, once it was over and he was back in his paddock, he laid flat out and took a good long nap.  We were all exhausted!  Thirteen horses were done yesterday,  including little Kami!

The surgery will be done at Peterson & Smith.  He'll go in on Monday and, if all goes well, he will come home on Tuesday afternoon.  Surgery is going to cost an estimated $700 - $800.  We'll be looking for more items to go up on eBay to help with the cost.  While we were pretty much prepared for a routine gelding procedure, we aren't prepared for the cost of this surgery.  This really is a good time to do it, before it gets hot and the flies are in full force.  If anyone can help, it would be very much appreciated.  Credits can be called in to Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital directly at 352-237-6151 and tell them it is for Baby Ray's gelding procedure.  Or, donations to help can be snail-mailed to Beauty's Haven at PO Box 53, Morriston, FL 32668 or you can use PayPal (theresa@beautysequinerescue.org) or Google via our "Donate" webpage.  No amount is too small, and all donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!

I'm calling Dr. Ryan to come back out and pull blood on Legacy.  He's been looking like he's not feeling well for a couple of days.  His appetite is normal, he's eating and drinking, but something just isn't right.  He was very well behaved yesterday for his trim.

Thanks, everyone, have a blessed day!

03/16/10 Dr. Ryan checked Baby Ray's eyes but found nothing new.  He can't believe how much Baby Ray has filled out and how big and beautiful he is.  He did check him to see if he's dropped, and he is still retaining one testicle.  If he doesn't drop in the next few months, we'll take him into the hospital to see if they can find it and geld him.  But we'll give him more time first.

03/12/10 Baby Ray is looking more beautiful by the day if that is possible!  He and Legacy run and play and have a great time.  Yesterday, since it was raining, Baby Ray and Sunshine were around the barn -- I felt sorry for Sunshine standing in the rain watching Baby Ray at the front of the barn, so I let her in.  At a clear point in the day, Legacy was turned out with the both of them behind the barn.  They all got to running and we're really not sure what happened, but Legacy ran into the gate and bent it terribly -- better that the gate give than for the horse to be seriously hurt.  But now we do need to replace the gate.  Legacy was a bit sore today, but there was very little swelling.  Sunshine has mostly been out with the other horses for many days now and is doing great.  As hard as it may be (at least for me), it is time for Sunshine to move forward in finding a forever home.  She's been telling us for a few weeks now that she is ready to move on -- she's had enough of the boys pestering her.  I'm just a sucker for separating moms and babies, but we have to do what is in the best interest of the horse.  Sunshine is young and has a very good mind -- she will make someone a very nice horse.  She will be moved another paddock away from the boys this weekend and, if all goes well, next weekend she will leave to go to Jennifer's for training.  Her breeding days are over, and I'm so very thankful to her that she was willing to be there for Baby Ray, even though they'd been separated for almost two months, when we found her and brought her here.  She's been a good mom, and I know she's proud of her baby.  But it's time for her to have her own happy home and her own human.
02/18/10 The baby boys got their new blankets today, gifts from Auntie Mel and Uncle Tim, and they both look so handsome!  What did Baby Ray think of exchanging his pink blanket for a macho blue blanket?  Well, he actually picked up the pink blanket and tossed it aside and then went trotting around!


Baby Legacy is getting so tall!  He's not "round" like Baby Ray and weighs less even though he is taller.  Baby Ray is very round and solid!



Here are some pictures of the boys playing today.  Baby Ray thinks he's "all that!" and he is!  Legacy wasn't as active but that's to be expected since he was gelded just a couple of days ago.  He's doing really well and healing nicely.

Baby Legs, come on -- let's play tag or something.  We haven't run and jumped since Monday morning right before Dr. Ryan got here.  I don't know what happened, but when he was here I felt a pinch in the neck, and then it seemed like I took a long nap.  It took me a while to wake up, and I heard the humans say Dr. Ryan will have to come back in a month or so; and it will be my turn.  My turn for what????

Come here, Baby Ray, and I'll tell you what Dr. Ryan did to me.  I felt the pinch in the neck like you did, and I then went to sleep, too.  Only when I woke up, I knew something was different!  Mommy Theresa said I was gelded!  I'm not 100% sure what that means, but you're going to be gelded, too, in a month or so!

No bucking and playing for me today, Baby Ray.  How about we just play ring around the tree?

But I want to run and jump, Legs, come on!  OK, you trot and I'll buck and hop around enough for both of us.  I love pretending I'm a wild mustang! Yipee!!



The Wild Ones!  Baby Ray and Baby Legs romping and having a good old time.  Little do they know what is in store for them!






Baby Legacy became a Little Man today!


But alas, Baby Ray was unable to join his little brother in achieving his manhood, as one of his testicles stayed in hiding from Dr. Ryan.



Bernice and John had gone to New York for Thanksgiving, but they came back early. 

Baby Ray greeted Bernice:  Auntie Bernice, I'm glad you're back -- we missed you and Uncle John!  Have I told you how much I care about you and appreciate you?  You and all of my aunties and uncles are family to me, and I'm a very blessed little boy!  Even though Baby Legs is here, I'm still "the baby" right?  Gotta luv me!  Will you please let me back in with my mommy now?  She gets upset if I'm gone for very long; and mommy Theresa has to give Legs his medicines, so we can't play right now.

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