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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(August 2010)

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08/29/10 It was another busy weekend at the rescue.  We are so very blessed to have volunteers!  I had physical therapy on Friday and managed to injure my ankle,  on the same foot I broke a bone in not so very long ago.  Oh, and on Thursday night, Kami decided to do a toe dance on that broken, slow to heal but was getting better, broken bone of mine.  Since I can't feel anything below my neck, I have to be careful when doing things because I can injure myself and not know it until it's too late.  I can feel pain once it's at an extreme level.  I flexed my ankle way too much on one of my PT exercises -- that's what I get for not looking at my foot when it's working and talking instead.  I stayed on it the rest of Friday and yesterday, and it hurt terribly.  Today I kept it up on pillows but I'm not sure it helped.  But I know if I'd have been on it today, it would have been worse.  I just hope to wake up in the morning, and it's all better.  We have visitors tomorrow to meet Lana, and I simply can't afford another day with my foot up on a pillow!

Momma Sue had a bad day on Friday.  She finally lay down but then had a very hard time getting up, extremely hard.  She came up yesterday for a bath. We're going to start her on the Adequan shots again to see if they help.  We tried them last year and didn't see a difference, but we're going to try again.  Princess got a bath yesterday, too -- so did Val and Asiya.  And all of the south paddocks got mowed!

Asiya is putting on weight nicely:  she's a sweet, elderly, and wise mare.  She recently had a huge abscess blow in her front foot but is doing well.


Casper has a sore right front foot.  There are no signs of an abscess, but it was soaked today anyway.  There doesn't appear to be any damage in the leg.  He is 42 years young.  He doesn't run with the boys any more but does keep a watchful eye out on them -- they are "his boys."

Starla is doing well.  She's filling out nicely.  Fancy, Joy, and Lana finally let her in to their click.  For the first few days we put her in with them, they ran her off. Well, Lana didn't but the other two did.


Amadeus is still huge -- what a sweet horse he is!



And he really looks huge next to Starla!


Baby Ray and Legacy love to play with or tease any other horse that is on the other side of the fence.  They run the fence line and play with Kami even though Kami has Reva's baby to play with -- he loves to run and play, too.  Baby Ray can see something.  He runs all over the place and doesn't run into things (usually); but he can be standing still and, if you put something in front of him, he'll trip over it.  I think he just can't focus well, and he can see better at a distance.  Legacy is simply beautiful and has such an in your pocket attitude. The people that used to own him, and Armani's parents, have offered us to sell us Armani's parents; but we'd have to take both the mare and stud.  They want $750 for them both, and I'd love to get them; but we have no room.  The mare is pregnant -- again.

Kandi is doing much better -- we haven't heard her cough in a couple of days now.  Being at the barn has been very good for her.  She has come to love scratches and being loved on.  Her mom, Shaker, is doing well; but she does get grumpy now and then.  She's pregnant again, due in the spring.  Asiya is never far from either of them.

Have a great week, everyone - thank all of you for your continued support!

Kandi's blood work came back indicating that she is fighting something, so she'll be on antibiotics for a few days.  She's eating and drinking well, and she wants to run and play.  She just doesn't want anything to do with taking her meds!  I think her mom is ready to hang up nursing -- she gets upset sometimes when Kandi nurses.  It may be time to wean Kandi soon.

We appreciate the good thoughts and prayers for the baby mini zebu that came to us today so unexpectedly.  We did our best but he was so weak -- he crossed Rainbow Bridge while undergoing treatment at the vet's office. We love you, little guy!

08/26/10 Here I am arriving at the farm with our baby zebu about an hour ago.  He's only a few hours old.



Trying to get milk replacer into him, but he has no suckling reflex -- probably why his momma walked off and left him.



Mocha seemed very concerned about the baby and stayed by his side.



A few hugs and a prayer before leaving for the vet.  Dr. Ryan is still 45 minutes away -- this baby can't wait, so Bob is on the way to the hospital with him now -- should be arriving there any minute.

He has the sweetest eyes.  I pray he will make it.  What a terrible way to start life.  But at least he knows human kindness now and will get whatever care he needs.  Life is precious, all life.

Peaches' eye looks like it was inflamed (allergies maybe) and she rubbed it,  possibly scratched it.  I'll update when I know more.  Please keep both Peaches and our new arrival zebu baby in prayers.

08/25/10 It's been very rainy here these past few days; everything is saturated.  But by late morning, the rain stopped; and boy was it nice!  Here are some pictures from the last couple of days -- enjoy!

Why do babies like the golf cart so much?  Reva's baby kept looking at Mocha like she was thinking:  How come you fit in there and I don't?


Armani gets bigger each day.  He was moved today to the paddock where Trisha and Bandit stay.  He's healed nicely from being gelded and is still looking for a forever home.  He's a gorgeous and a sweet boy -- please spread the word and help us find him a forever home.


Bouie and Frodo will always pose for the camera.  Frodo loves the water, but I think even he was glad the rains finally stopped today.


Bandit and his coat of many colors:  he's losing his baby fur!


He's going to be a very nice horse.  He loves his Jolly ball -- he runs and plays with it every afternoon -- it's really fun to watch him entertain himself with it. I'm hoping a flysheet will help Trisha's itchies.



What is it about a dirt pile that attracts kids?  No, we still don't have a name for this beautiful baby yet.  It will come, soon I hope!


Armani settled in with Trisha and Bandit and, by late evening, the boys were running and playing.


Spice and Paprika are doing great.  Spice is one of the three mares from the Naples case that have been confirmed pregnant.



Sapphire and Tiny Belle are doing well, too; Jeff and Christine are doing a great job with them.

And this is how I spent all evening into the dark.  With rains come lots of tall grass -- this isn't my kind of an afternoon ride!  I was pleasantly surprised going into hour #3 that my asthma hadn't bothered me.  Why did I think of it???  By the time I made it to the next paddock, it hit and I was done for the day.  I think my body is going to be hurting from head to toe by morning.  Bob told me not to do it, but it needed to be done.  The long, hot shower after did feel very good; and I think I'll have to get out the heating pad tonight.  While this mower is easier on the body than the tractor is, it's still a rough ride!

When I spoke to Cheri last evening, she said over 40 people have signed up for the Obstacle Challenge -- that's incredible!  She said Sayan's foot is doing OK, but we have a smaller pair of Cavello boots on the way for him.  A size 1 was a little too big for him.

Have a good night, everyone.  I hope my updates are now making it out to everyone.  I did have a period of about a week when I didn't get some emails that I was told were sent to me -- if you've sent me something and I haven't responded, you may want to send it again.  And I did send emails that never made it to their destination.  Hopefully my email account is now working properly.

08/22/10 It was another very busy weekend here, and it was over before I knew it!  We had lots of rain yesterday morning; but Diane, Jessica, and Connie came out and cleaned those dreaded cob webs and spider webs in the barn -- they did a great job!  They even took apart the fans to clean them, and it looked like a new barn it was so nice!

Starla and Armani have become good over-the-fence friends.  Armani is doing very well.  By the end of next week, he'll be ready for his forever home:  isn't there someone out there that would love for this beautiful boy to be their very own?

Can you believe how well Lana has filled out?  She's absolutely beautiful!  She's a Welsh/Arabian cross and is ready for a forever home.  She's just turned 4 years old and would make an awesome project pony.  She's very smart, willing, and has come to really enjoy human attention.


This was Lana a few days before arriving at the rescue -- what a difference!



Randy and Andrea visited yesterday, and they are going to try to start coming out a couple of Saturdays a month, which will be very much appreciated!  They enjoyed visiting all the horses, but I think especially seeing Reva's baby.

We had new volunteers start today.  Ruth brought out Kelli and Vicki this morning, and they helped with chores and they gave Joy, Fancy, and Little E all a bath.  After, Little E showed off his handsome shiny self to Shaker and Asiya. He's quite a character -- everybody loves E!


Joy and Fancy are looking great!  All of the horses from the Naples case have come to really enjoy human interaction -- I'm very proud of all of them.  They have filled out nicely and seem truly appreciative for human kindness.

Brittany drove from Jacksonville to help out today; it was her first day.  She'll be starting school at UF in January and will be coming out when she can.  She and Barbara gave Reva and Ruby a bath.  We truly appreciated everyone's hard work this weekend.  The temps were horrible, but the rains helped.  And after working all weekend at the rescue, Barbara had a 2+-hour drive back to her home late this evening.

Chloe also got a much needed bath.



Duncan arrived yesterday.  His foster mom and dad brought him over -- we truly appreciate all they did for him.  Duncan is very beautiful and flashy. Unfortunately, this isn't a good place for him to be since we have very little shade.  He's got a lot of pink skin and will have to spend days in the barn with Ruby so he doesn't burn.

Very close in height to Legacy, Duncan is just a tad taller then Baby Ray.  The boys made friends and ran around had a good time late this evening after the storm.  Casper had to wait around the barn -- the boys were just too much for him to keep up with.  Duncan is spending the night with Chloe and Amadeus.

Momma Sue still is still having a tough time.  Ruby still puts most of her weight on her good front leg and you can see changes, and not good ones, in the foot of her bad leg.  We keep them both as comfortable was possible.  One of Jake's wraps came off a couple of days ago, but the farrier will be here in the morning to put another on.  Sayan is looking great, but he blew an abscess yesterday in his front foot.  Cheri is taking great care of him and Heart.

I hope everyone gets this update - my email has been failing and EarthLink says there is no problem.  It's been very frustrating.

Thank all of you for caring and for your support.  I'm going to be extra busy these next few days.  School starts tomorrow, so it's a new morning routine without our daughter here to help.  The farrier will be out in the morning, and I have lots of horses to move around before she gets here.  Have a wonderful week, everyone -- God bless, and I'll update again at least by Tuesday.

08/19/10 These last couple of days have been very busy - here are a few pictures:

Ladybug is always good for the farrier.  She needs to find a home where there isn't so much grass!  If we hadn't had her palpated, I'd think she was pregnant!


Armani did extremely well.  His gelding was uneventful and he's doing great.



Shaker and Kandi got their first trim, and they did very well.



Asiya stayed outside the door while Shaker and Kandi were trimmed.


Momma Sue had her trim, too.  Her hindquarters are getting worse.  She tries to put most of her weight on her front feet, and the farrier said she is at risk for founder.  Dr. Das worked on her a few weeks ago, and there just isn't a fix for her issues; we will continue to try to keep her comfortable, but the damage was done long ago and is progressively getting worse with time.

Legacy is getting to be a very big boy.  He and Baby Ray are never far apart.  And Casper gets upset if Baby Ray isn't within sight.  The barn seemed pretty small yesterday!

GMan was a perfect Gentleman, as always.

A total of 10 horses were trimmed; it went more smoothly than it ever has for some reason.  Wait a minute, it just dawned on me, Aaleyah Belle wasn't here! Hum, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?  LOL.


Kami loves to play in the sprinklers.  She's a hoot!


Bandit likes to try to get Mocha to play with him.  Bandit is doing very well.

I'm still having trouble with my email.  EarthLink says they fixed the problem this evening, but I know some of you still are not getting my email.  I don't know what else to do, but I'll continue to try to work on getting it fixed.  I've wasted several hours on it, and it's pretty frustrating.

Have a good evening, and thanks to those that helped with hooficures!

08/16/10 Shaker and Kandi enjoy their first meal of the day:  Asiya is never far away. Kandi goes back and forth between feed tubs.  If all goes well, she'll get her first hooficure on Wednesday.


Bandit and his mom are doing well.  We think we may have a home for them. Bandit's eye healed nicely:  you'd never know he is blind in one eye.  He runs around and plays and has a great time!


We're happy to report that Reva and her baby boy are doing great.



He's quite the looker:  he's beautiful and seems to know it!  His mom is very proud of him -- and we're proud of both of them!


I think I caught the boys telling Armani that he is going to be gelded tomorrow -- they were huddled talking about something.  It's amazing how tall Armani is:   he's only half the age of Legacy, but he's just about as tall.  Armani is still looking for a good home.  Did I mention he's got Secretariat in him?  His mom and dad are both registered TBs.  His damn's name is Beautiful Wonder, and his sire is Mega Dreamer.


Starla rolling after being hosed off -- the heat and humidity here have been horrible.  She follows me around now -- she�s a good girl.

Bud left for his new home; he settled in well.  We're happy for him -- he's such a sweetie.  Cheri did a great job as foster mom; thanks, Cheri!  Duncan will be arriving at the rescue on Saturday; he has been at a different foster home.

I apologize for not having more pictures and for being late in updating.  Things are super busy here.  Tomorrow Dr. Ryan will be here to geld Armani.  We're working on some erosion issues, and the shelters are coming along -- the floor mats will be installed in three of them over the next couple of days.  On Wednesday, the farrier will be coming to do 10 horses -- would anyone like to sponsor a hooficure or part of one (they're $35 each)?



Please click on the icon to see all the details about this exciting event!
All proceeds will benefit the horses at Beauty's Haven!


08/11/10 Here's Dude getting a bath yesterday -- he needed it!  Dude is a stunning Arabian that is looking for a forever home.  That's Robin with the Cowboy Magic and Tory, a new volunteer, holding Dude.  He's a big and beautiful boy, very stunning!


Bandit got the stitches taken out of his eye today.  I was at physical therapy when Dr. Ryan came, but I was told Bandit was a good boy.


Dr. Bess came and worked on Starla, Trisha, Asiya, and Shaker today.  Her trailer with all its dental tools is simply awesome!  We couldn't take Asiya and Shaker into the barn -- they're still in QT -- but Dr. Bess' trailer has an awning, which allowed her to continue to work in the pouring rain.

Asiya seemed very appreciative of her new mouth after Dr. Bess was done.  Dr. Bess really liked her; she said you can just see in her eyes her years and how wise she is.


While Asiya and Shaker got their teeth done, Shaker's baby ran and played. These three were recently wormed again and, oh my goodness, Asiya was loaded with worms, the poor girl.  I'd post a picture, but it may gross some out.


Trisha was also a good girl for Dr. Bess, and Bandit enjoyed the time outside of his paddock to explore.


Even Starla was a good girl.  All of the mares had teeth issues that needed to be corrected.  All three Naples horses had canine teeth.



I finally got to give Starla that much needed bath.  She seemed to enjoy it once she got used to it.


She is going to fill out to be a beautiful girl.



Reva and her baby are doing really well.  The baby is into everything!

Passion may not physically with us, but she has been with me around the clock -- I just can't stop thinking about her.  I watch the other babies run and play, and I picture her among them -- it just doesn't seem fair that her life was cut so short.  I miss her tremendously and I still cry.

When I sat down at my desk yesterday, I looked out and saw a big bird swoop into a tree in front of the office.  The bird stole a baby bird from its nest, and the mother went frantic:  she flew and tried pecking at the big bird trying hard to get her baby back with no success.  In a bit, the mom came back to the nest and then the second baby walked out of the nest and climbed down the tree.  When he got to the last, bottom branch on the tree, he hopped to the ground and ran off into the grass.  The mom stayed nearby, and I watched for a few minutes as he tried to fly but couldn't.  He finally hopped up Frosty's Knoll while the mom sat on the fence near him.  I don't know what happened to the baby, but I prayed that he would be OK.  I have to wonder why that baby left its nest when it did.  Did the mother encourage it to after having the big bird swoop and steal her other baby?  I guess it's all part of nature, but it made me very sad.  Here is the baby bird.  His poor mom was so small compared to the big bird that took away her baby -- the determination she had trying to get her baby back was just amazing -- I felt so badly for her.  And not long after, I saw the daddy bird come with food; but the nest was empty.  He flew all around chirping and looking.  I felt badly for him, too. I didn't see any of them today.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.  We hope everyone is having a good week.  I can't believe it's Wednesday already.  I haven't been feeling very well and have been moving slower these last few days.  I don't know where time goes, but it goes too fast.  Take care, everyone, God bless, and thank you for caring!

08/09/10 Even though I've been in a very low mood today, I wanted to share these pictures -- I hope they make you smile.

These girls have only been here a short time ,and look how nice they are filling out.  And their personalities are coming out more each day.


Lana "escaped" from their area today and wanted to play "catch me if you can."  I got a good work out.

Starla ran the fence line with the boys today.  She's going to be OK.  I tried to spend extra time with her this afternoon, and she seemed to appreciate the company. I t was nice watching her run and enjoy being a horse.


She's learning that human touch isn't all that bad.  In a few days she will join her friends that are only a paddock away.  Tomorrow I hope to feel up to giving her a good bath.


Bandit and his mom are doing well.  The stitches in his sewn-up eye will be taken out later this week.

Reva and baby are doing very well, which is a true blessing.  Baby's feet are in the air more then they are on the ground!  It's a pure joy to watch him running and playing. I  wish Passion would have had the chance to run and play like a baby should, but I hold on to my belief that she is, only in a different place where there is no pain or hunger.  I miss her and still cry.

Sayan is finally gaining weight and is looking better.  He has been stocking up in his back feet some.  We try to keep the grass short in his paddock, but it didn't seem to help.  Yesterday he left to stay at Cheri's for a while.  Cheri has been fostering Bud and Heart but. some good (bittersweet) news:  Bud has an adoption pending!  He may be in his new home by the weekend!  Thanks, Cheri, for being such a wonderful foster mom!

Amadeus came back from 30 days of ground training at Jennifer's.  It looks like he's grown more in the short time he's been gone!  It's great to have him back at the rescue.


Aaleyah Belle has now gone off to school -- Jennifer really has her hands full with this one!


Amadeus is almost as tall as GMan!



Bandit got into whatever he could while Trisha got her feet trimmed yesterday. He's such a cutie!


And Kami still loves her ball, even if it does have a slow leak somewhere.

While the mood here has been quite low, we still have to go on.  Passion is on my mind constantly, and I still cry.  I'm very thankful that Starla wasn't bred again -- she got out before coming into foal heat.  Thank all of you for your prayers and encouraging emails and posts.  I'm sorry if I haven't responded;  it's hard for me to sit at the computer and concentrate.  I just want to be out with the horses, either that or curl up under the covers and cry -- being out with the horses is better.  I know I'm far behind on things at my desk, but I'll try to get back into the routine in a couple of days.  I hope and pray that justice does come about for Passion and others that have died and suffered.  What a waste of a beautiful life; her life and death have had quite an impact on those of us that came to know and love her.  I love you, baby girl, I always will.  I really can picture her with custom-made angel wings -- what a glorious sight!



In loving memory of Passion, and in honor of her mom, Starla, we are offering a lovely and very unique sterling silver ring with a mare and foal motif, which symbolizes the forever love and bond between them.  The ring bears the mark "925" and is size 6.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.  Please visit this link:


Thank you!


08/08/10 Our brave little girl, Passion, and her final hours...

Starla knew her baby was sick.  She was a very good mom that loved her baby tremendously.

Tired from the walk back inside and getting ready to lie down.  You can't see them in most pictures, but Passion had bed sores from the day she was born. When we picked Shaker and her baby and Asiya up in Naples, Passion was only a few hours old and the sores were already there -- bloody and raw -- a clear indication she'd struggled much already.  Once at the hospital, they were treated and we continued to treat them here.  They all got better except for one on her chest -- it was open all the way to her sternum.  We had to be careful picking her up because we didn't want to hurt her there, or anywhere.  She had many things working against her fight for life, but anyone that was here when she crossed can tell you she had a strong will to live and didn't want to let go. Like Tiny Tim, her heart was strong; and I'll never forget those heartbeats.  Had she received proper care right after she was born, perhaps she would still be with us -- we'll never know.

Dr. Ryan always shares our pain with us.  This baby touched many hearts; it's a shame.  I just hope and pray that, during the time she was with us, she knew she was loved.  I hope we made a difference to her and her mom.  I wish we could have done more for her.

Praying for Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge.  Passion was loved; I wish we could have given her a long, happy, and carefree life.  But that was not up to us -- we did our best, but God had other plans for her.  God bless her little soul.  She is now running with Tiny Tim, Tonka, and so many others.  She has the cutest set of angel wings one can imagine.  I miss her.  And I cry, still.

Starla stood over her baby for a while -- she knew.


We gave her time to say her own goodbyes.  The look on her face says it all.  After we took Passion from the stall, upon my return and letting Starla have a walk outside, and after whinnying for a bit, she walked up to me at a fast pace like she had a purpose:  she put her face against my chest.  We cried again, together.  There is nobody in this world that can ever convince me that horses don't have feelings.  They feel hurt and pain and joy and a wide range of emotions.  Starla was better today, and I know she'll be OK.  She's a survivor.

Our baby Passion was laid to rest as a dove flew over.  She is next to Tiny Tim and Tonka.  The babies are in a line right next to Nicky.

We love you, Passion, always.  Your life on this earth was short, but you will forever be in our hearts.  I can picture you now in darling little angel wings specially made with TLC for a 65-lb. baby girl.  Fly pain free, little one, I miss you more than I can say.  The tears still flow.

Thank all of you for your emails, calls, etc.  This one is really taking a toll.  I miss helping Passion to get up.  I miss her little weak whinnies.  I miss giving her meds to her.  I just miss her.  I always will, and so will her momma and many other humans that came to know her.

08/07/10 Dearest BHFER Family,

Sadly the news is not good.  Dr. Ryan has called Theresa with the cytology report.

Unfortunately our sweet little Passion has septicemia.  At 4:30 PM, she will be going home to God's loving hands.  She and her mama Starla are outside sharing time and grazing.

A little angel of God ascends; please keep her, Starla, Theresa, and all those who cared for her in your prayers.

MareStare will be going down shortly before.

Passion, we will always love you, precious one...


08/06/10 Another very busy day here at the rescue!  Dr. Ryan palpated the mares today. At right are pictured Joy, Lana, and Fancy.  Joy is three to four months pregnant.  Lana slipped a baby a couple of months ago.


Trying to sedate and palpate mares that haven't had much handling can be quite a task, but Dr. Ryan had them all done (and ultra-sounded) in just over an hour.  Surprisingly, Joy was the most anxious.


Paprika and Tiny Belle are growing:  they are doing really well.


Asiya isn't pregnant, which is a big relief; she is 28 yrs old.  However, Shaker is pregnant.  Her baby is about four months old, so she's likely about 3- months pregnant.  We still need to name her four-month-old; it will come.  I just haven't had as much time spend with them as I'd like to get to know the baby better.  All three of these girls whinny when they see you approaching their paddock; they are all very sweet.


Here is a picture of Shaker's baby; I could clearly make out the cute little head.


Bandit was a very brave boy today and got his bandages off.  His eye looks great and is healing nicely.  He's quite the stinker -- a bundle of joy!

The highlight of the day was welcoming home Reva and her baby!  It felt so good; I couldn't help but to laugh and cry tears of joy.  Reva looks so much better, and they both seemed so happy to be home.  Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers -- they worked!  Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow to flush Reva out again and reassess her condition but, so far, she and baby are doing well!  I can't tell you how happy this makes me!


Trisha and Bandit love the new shelter behind the barn; it's almost completed.  The shelter in Baby Ray and Legacy's area will be done early next week.  Then we'll be putting down special mats that let water/urine drain through them -- it will cut down on the dust under the shelters.  Then we'll have to get lightning rods installed.

I don't have good news on Passion.  Her blood work came back and it isn't good. She definitely has an infection going on.  It could be an internal infection or something going on in her joints.  She has been up more today but hasn't been able to get up on her own.  We are going to give her a few more days on the antibiotics, run blood work again on Monday, and go from there.  I can't stress enough how hard this baby is trying -- she wants to run and play.  She deserves a normal life.  When I looked at her blood work this afternoon, I saw numbers and a trend that reminded me so much of Legacy.  We worked a miracle with him; let's all pray that this baby, too, will be OK.  The difference between the two is that Legacy likely got the colostrum he needed after birth; Passion likely didn't.  Please pray for Passion.  Her momma loves her so much,and so do we.  I have to go now to help her up again.  I was very proud of her through the night last night -- she got up twice without assistance.

God bless, and we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Again, please keep Passion, Reva, and all of the horses in prayers.

It was another hot and busy day here.  Of course the great news is that Reva and her baby will be coming home tomorrow!  And more good news:  Blodwyn just reported from the hospital that Reva is making more milk!  The baby is feeling great, jumping all around the stall.  I can't wait to get them back here and settled in.  We hope to pick them up by noon, as soon as the hospital releases them.

Dr. Das worked on Trisha today.  She's been started on supplements and homeopathies.

Bandit is a little stinker!  He and Kami play throughout the day.  Kami now knows what it is like to have someone nudging her constantly for attention!  Dr. Ryan will be checking out Bandit's eye in the morning, but he seems to be doing very well.

Passion is no stronger, and we still have to help her up most of the time.  She was better at getting up, at about 50% of the time, but today it was worse.  Dr. Ryan will be examining her tomorrow, too.  Her back right hock is still swollen.  I know the heat takes a toll on her.  We have overhead ceiling fans in the birthing stall as well as fans on the bottoms of the doors and fans on the window grill. Please keep Passion in your prayers; she has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

Passion is pretty good about taking her meds.  She's still getting IV fluids.  I just wish I could do something to help her get strong enough to get up on her own.  We've seen how the power of prayer can work; please pray for this little one.  She had such a hard start in life.  Her mom, Starla, is getting better about being around humans.  We let them out for a few minutes a few times throughout the day, and Starla seems to really enjoy grazing on the grass.  It's sad to think about what these horses endured in their lives.  This little girl watches Bandit and Kami run and play, and I have to wonder what she thinks. She gets lots of extra hugs and kisses -- she loves her ears to be scratched.

Shaker and her baby, Asiya, Sapphire, Tiny Belle, Spice, and all of the others are doing well.  Some are still having respiratory issues, but they are better.  If there is time when Dr. Ryan is here in the morning, the mares will be palpated.  I'll try to get more pictures of more of the horses tomorrow.  I'm very far behind on many things at my desk -- please forgive me if you've sent me an email and I haven't responded.

God bless, and thank you all for your continued support.  Have a good night, everyone -- tomorrow Reva and her baby come home!!!  I'm going to try to get to bed soon -- have to get up in a few hours and get Passion up to nurse and give her meds.

Dr. Lynch just called with good news:  Reva passed poop many times through the night, and the oil is coming through!  She's doing much better and, if she continues to do so, she'll come home tomorrow!  She's being weaned from the meds yet continues to improve.  She still has very little milk, but the baby gets what he can and is supplemented with milk replacer.  His vitals are all good;  he's jumping around wanting to play.

THANK YOU, GOD, AND EVERYONE THAT HAS SENT GOOD THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!  I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, and this is yet one more case which proves it works, IMO.  I'm so happy -- I have to go tell everyone at the barn! Yeehhaaaaa!!!

08/04/10 The last 30+ hours have been a heck of a rollercoaster ride with Reva and her baby boy.  It started yesterday evening and, following Dr. Ryan's orders, we tried keeping Reva comfortable through the night.  Dr. Ryan came out first thing this morning and tubed and oiled her -- we medicated her throughout the day for her discomfort, but it was not enough.  After speaking with Dr. Ryan again, it was determined it would be best to take her to the hospital.  She isn't making nearly enough milk for the baby, and he was getting frustrated.  I was able to get a few ounces of milk replacer in him before leaving for the hospital.

Both Reva and her baby cooperated loading onto the trailer, baby's first adventure; too bad it was to the hospital.

Dr. Lynch and hospital staff were waiting for our arrival.  After being examined and ultra-sounded, Dr. Lynch believes (and is hoping) that Reva has gas colic and some displacement -- possibly an impaction but not a twist, which we are very thankful for.  She's far from being out of the woods.  She has not passed any poop since about 10 AM this morning.  She isn't drinking.  She's on an IV drip with medications for her discomfort.

While the baby tries to nurse, there just is very little milk.  Dr. Lynch thinks this is likely Reva's first baby.  She's getting a medication to help her increase her milk supply.  The baby is being offered milk replacer but really doesn't want anything to do with it.  I hope to be at the hospital in the morning.  If Reva does get any worse, the hospital is prepared to perform surgery.

I can't tell you how much Reva means to so many of us.  The first time I saw her, I knew she had a heart of gold.  She mothered Evan Almighty and continues to play a mother role with Kami.  Reva's baby and Kami have become friends. Reva welcomes new arrivals (horses and humans) -- she is just a wonderful and sweet mare that had lived a horrible life before finding her way to us.  She will always wear scars down her back, which prove that she provided a service to man for quite awhile.  I love her so much -- I cried many tears today at the thought of possibly losing her.  I've prayed to God, many times, to ease her pain and help her to heal and have asked that, if he needs her in heaven, to please reconsider:  we just aren't ready to let her go.  Her baby loves and needs her, and she is so very much loved by us humans.

As I cried into her mane before loading her to go to the hospital, I promised her we will do all we can for her -- I didn't give her a choice and told her she has to get better and that she will make it through this.  Reva's eyes speak clear through to her soul; she is a strong mare, and I have faith in her.  She loves her baby and isn't ready to leave us.  Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. She is beautiful inside and out and has a way of making you feel better just by being around her.  There is a big void tonight without her and her baby here; I miss them very much.

I am happy to report that Passion is doing better.  We are still giving her IV fluids as needed, and it seems to be helping.  She is a little bit stronger, and the light in her eyes is brighter.  We have wonderful volunteers here tonight to help out, which will enable me to get a few hours of sleep that I desperately need.  I don't think I've had more than seven hours of total sleep in the last three nights, and I feel it -- I'm very tired and worried.

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and support.  I'll update tomorrow when I can.  God bless and have a good night.

08/04/10 We were up with Reva throughout the night.  Dr. Ryan is on his way out.  He thinks she's possibly twisted her gut, has a prolapsed uterus, or there may be other things.  Let's just pray it's only gas colic.  God help me because if we lose her, well, it just CAN'T happen.  Dr. Ryan will tube her, run fluids, do whatever it takes.  This girl has a baby depending on her.

Please pray for her, for us trying to help her.  We're going to try to get the baby to start nursing from a bottle or bucket.  Reva needs prayers big time -- this is really not looking good.  I'm very upset, to say the least.  We're doing all we can.

08/03/10 The blood work results came back on Reva's baby late this evening.  His IGG was fine, but he has a low white blood cell count.  We'll be monitoring him and he's getting antibiotics.  Reva isn't feeling very well, but I can't blame her after these past couple of days.  We don't have a name for the baby yet, but it will come.  Look at those beautiful Arabian ears!


Starla seems a little more relaxed, but she is terribly protective of her baby.


Passion got IV fluids today and, after a nap, she was able to get up on her own! I'm praying really hard she gets stronger soon because my back isn't strong enough to keep picking her up.


Kami loves having new friends -- Reva tolerates her.



Baby knows he is very handsome!  Reva and her baby get to go out for short periods throughout the day.

Reva is very proud of her beautiful baby boy.  We are, too:  our first-born Arabian!



Bandit is full of himself!  His momma's eyes seem a bit brighter.  She's such a sweet, sweet mare.


Bandit is very good about taking his medications.

Asiya and Shaker and her baby are doing well as are all of the others.  Some are still having high respiration, but overall they are better.

I have to get to bed for a couple of hours.  It's like an ICU ward here --  seriously! Taking temps every few hours, monitoring the moms and babies, giving meds, etc. -- it's quite an exhausting job.  And then there are the horses that need to be hosed down throughout the day and routine chores.  Our volunteers are awesome, and we're very appreciative of the extra hours they're putting in.  Tomorrow night Diane and Lynda have offered to come and do the 2 AM meds and housecleaning -- I'm looking forward to it!  I have to admit, I'm sore from head to toe -- I ache all over and am looking forward to a long hot shower.  The broken bone in my foot keeps pounding, reminding me it's still healing; and I keep telling it, I know -- quit reminding me!  Have a good night, everyone; please keep all the horses and babies in your prayers.  To everyone that has donated and helped in some way:  thank you so much!  This has proven to be quite a challenge in every respect, but we keep the faith; and please know that we appreciate all of you!

08/02/10 Well, it has been an extremely busy day at Beauty's Haven!  The day began with Passion getting up on her own at about 1:45 AM, which was great to see.  At 2 AM, she got her meds and I did general stall housekeeping duties.  I got back to bed around 3:30 only to be back up again shortly after 5 AM for Reva's birthing.  She did very well and didn't need any help (thank God!) until it came time for baby to nurse, which she refused to let baby do.  I had to milk Reva and give it to the baby -- Reva was just so tense and uncomfortable.  After a 6:30 AM call to Dr. Meeks, he came out:  what a gift for him on his first day at work after a very well deserved vacation!  He gave the baby another 14 ounces of mom's milk through a tube and helped Reva dispel her placenta.  She was flushed, and Dr. Ryan will be back again tomorrow to check on them and run some blood work on the baby.  Reva was very bagged and sore, but once she realized that the baby nursing her helped -- she got better around noon.  She was also given Resurpine.  She now lets the baby milk, and he comes up from nursing with milk all over his face! Reminds me of the "Got Milk?" ads!


Reva and baby went out for their first outing this afternoon.  Baby played and they both enjoyed it:  he is full of himself, very spunky and inquisitive.  He ran the fence line with Kami; I know Kami must be wondering what is going on with all the little ones arriving.


He had a very good nap after his playtime.

Passion is doing a little better today but her condition is still guarded. Yesterday when they arrived, we started her on Transfer Factor [http://www.4life.com/shopping/productdetail.aspx?mode=0&iid=271&cid=74], which was generously donated by the company 4Life.  This product does wonders for their depressed/compromised immune system.  Passion got up on her own at 1:45 AM this morning and has had a 50% success rate in getting up on her own ever since.  She continues to be monitored closely and gets her meds every 6 hours.  Her joints are still swollen, and her temperature averages 102.6, a little high, but she is stronger.  She's far from being out of the woods and continues to need prayers, please.

Passion's mama, Starla, is doing better.  She is producing more milk and being much better about letting Passion nurse.  They, too, went out for a walk around the barn today.  The light in Starla's eyes is returning; and she saw Shaker, Asiya, and filly across the fence...the ladies had a chat.

Trisha's milk supply has decreased, making Bandit a little antsy as he was not getting enough.  Trisha has also been started on Resurpine and Transfer Factor. We would like to thank Jupiter Vet Products for their generous donation of his eye saver fly mask, which will be put to use once his bandage comes off [http://jupitervetproducts.com/eyesaver.aspx].  He will be able to run and play with no fear of re-injury while he finishes healing.  Trisha got a good bath today with medicated shampoo, and her skin was treated.  Due to her breathing issues she was referred Banamine and Ventipulmin.  They, too, went out today for a little while around the barn.  Bandit enjoys running and kicking up his heels.

All three mamas are in stalls with their babies.  Ruby stays in her stall during the day and oversees the baby commotion.  The cameras will continue to be focused on Reva and Starla's stalls.

As for the rest of the fortunate ones, they are all doing well.


Shaker kicked up her heels running alongside her daughter today:  it's amazing what good food and TLC will do!


Dr. Das was out last Thursday, July 29th, and gave Joy a chiropractic treatment. She will be returning for another treatment that may include acupuncture.  Dr. Das says Joy's body is out of alignment and that she's been under a lot of stress for quite a while -- she feels the treatments will correct hip issues Joy has been experiencing.  Dr. Das will also treat Trisha for her general health and immune system, including her skin issues.

Time and weather permitting, Dr. Ryan will be palpating seven mares tomorrow; there is a strong possibility they are bred back again.

We would like to thank Dawn Diovera for kindly writing about Beauty's Haven latest events on her blog:  http://horseandman.com/bucket-fund-stories/quadruple-whammy-bhfers-14-new-emergency-rescue-horses-our-bucket-fund-for-august/.  Thank you, Dawn!

Baby Ray and Sunshine's story also made a local magazine.  Go here and scroll down:  http://www.ocalastyle.com/styleadmin/newsadmin/templates/style-template.asp?articleid=2020&zoneid=34.  Many thanks to Cynthia McFarland for writing the story and to Ocala Style for publishing it.  There was also a really nice almost one-page article in our local newspaper this past week about the Lucky 12.

Thanks to the support and encouraging words of all, these mares and their babies are on their way to recovery and happy lives.  Thank you!  Now I am off for a few hours of sleep -- I hope!  We're having some serious storms, but I'm going to shower and get some sleep while Bob does barn and baby duty for a couple of hours.

08/01/10 Little Passion at the hospital this morning.


Her mom was sedated in order to get a halter on her; she's afraid but not mean. She just needs to learn to trust -- it's going to take some time, but she'll come around.

It is very nice to have Passion and her mom here.  Passion's eyes are brighter already.  She still can't get up on her own.  Mom doesn't like Passion nursing much of the time, so we distract mom with a little grain to let the baby nurse after we get her up.  Mom does have a bigger bag today.

I have to get back down to the barn and get Passion up again and give meds. What a cutie!  And Bandit -- he's a stinker!



I can't tell you how warm and wonderful it feels to see a baby run and play!



Trisha enjoyed some outside time today.  She looks better and more relaxed, which is really good to see.


And we can't forget about our little Miss Kami!  She doesn't know what to think of all these babies!

Have a great week, everyone.  We're in for some long nights here, but no complaints!  Please keep Passion, Bandit, and all the babies and their mommas in your prayers.  I have to get back down to the barn:  time to get Passion up again.  She tries, but she just can't manage it yet.


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