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This page last updated:  Saturday, November 20, 2010

(August 2009)

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08/30/09 To read the latest about Baby Ray and Sunshine, please visit their page.

This is my mommy, Velvet.  I know -- I'm big for my age.  But I'm still a baby -- I'm only four months old!  I told my mom about Baby Ray, and she hopes he will be able to see, too.  I'm looking forward to when we can run and play together.  I know I'll have to be careful with him; he's much smaller, but we'll still have fun.  See you later, mommy, I'm going to visit with Zaynah -- we were playing over the fence earlier today, and she asked me to come back. 

And our Aaleyah Belle is as beautiful as ever.  The other two girls were busy playing in the water tub.

Zaynah is peeking out over Captain.  What a special old couple they are.  We love them terribly!

velvet_083009.jpg (32096 bytes)

aaleyah_083009.jpg (43387 bytes)

zaynah-captain_083009.jpg (45350 bytes)

08/29/09 To see today's update about Sunshine and Baby Ray, including photos from the baby's first bath, please visit their page.

Haley didn't really care for her bath today.  She's got her little baby belly, which is getting bigger each day.  She and Val hang out together.

Look at how big and beautiful little Chloe is!  She got bit by ants today, so I brought her up and gave her a good bath and treated the bites.  We're so proud of her; she has a huge heart and just loves people.  She loves to smile, too!

Chloe has the kindest face.

Layla is doing great!  She's another one that loves to roll in one of the sand pits!  She's happy, and it shows, and we're so very proud of her, too.  She's been through so much more then any horse should ever have to endure.  I wish Tonka were here with her, but she knows we did our best to help him.  She knows he was loved.  She knows that she is loved -- and she knows she'll never be in harm's way again.

It was another very hot and humid day today:  most of the horses stayed under or near the sprinklers.

Casper is doing very well.

We hope all of you are having a great weekend.

haley_082909.jpg (41759 bytes)

chloe_082909.jpg (31258 bytes)

chloe2_082909.jpg (18922 bytes)

layla_082909.jpg (50845 bytes)

sprinklers_082909.jpg (41994 bytes)

casper_082909.jpg (53804 bytes)

08/28/09 We have extended our "Hooficure" raffle until September 6 -- to see all the wonderful prizes, please follow this link.

To read today's update about Sunshine and Baby Ray, please visit their page.

Granny is beautiful.  I still feel a void when I look out and see Granny -- Abby was always close by her.  We miss Abby a lot but know that she is no longer in pain.  Casper keeps constant watch over Granny.

Captain and Zaynah are still sharing one of the smaller paddocks.  They are holding their own and seem comfortable.  We are trying to maintain them at the weight they are now.  The heavier they are, the more their bodies could work against them.  Z's knee is holding up, and Captain isn't lying down quite as much since his feet were trimmed.  We just love the older, wise horses and are so glad they are here.  Amadeus visits with them over the fence a lot.  He's become a social butterfly.  But most of the time he can be found grazing with Layla.

I had to include a picture of how nice the outside wall looks as you go into the tack room -- it looks brand new!  John worked hard on getting the wall clean while Bernice was out and about, very busy, taking care of the horses.  Now, if we could only find a way to keep it looking so nice!

OK, the other day I mentioned pictures from the BBQ -- here you go.  Robin brought a four-person T-shirt we fit into.  Here we are:  me, Jenny, Blodwyn, and Robin!  Hubby was doing some of the cooking.

Here was a big group hug for Baby Ray.  Me, Jenny, Diane, and Robin and Baby Ray, of course.

It was a nice get together.  We had great food and great company!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend.  I don't know where the week went, but we're another day closer to getting Baby Ray's ultrasound done.  TUESDAY!!!  I can't wait -- we all need to say prayers that it goes OK.

granny_082809.jpg (37482 bytes)

captain-zaynah_082809.jpg (41276 bytes)

tackroom_082809.jpg (20986 bytes)

bbq1_082809.jpg (31424 bytes)

bbq2_082809.jpg (46826 bytes)

bbq3_082809.jpg (32408 bytes)

bbq4_082809.jpg (35562 bytes)

08/26/09 For the latest news about Baby Ray and Sunshine, please visit their page.

Amadeus did wonderful for Vince today.  He is still HUGE!  It's hard to believe he is only two weeks older than Baby Ray.

Classy got her back feet done.  It took a little twitching and sedation, but she got through it OK.

Gentleman was a perfect gentleman, as usual.  Everyone loves GMan.  Dr. Ryan and Vince talked about GMan for a bit and how healthy he is compared to when we brought him back over a year ago.  He has such a huge heart -- he makes everyone smile and feel warm.

I am calling it a day.  A nice long hot shower is what I'm looking forward to.  Thanks, everyone, for keeping up with Baby Ray and keeping him in your thoughts and prayers and for your donations.  His gut still isn't working normally, but he'll be OK, he will.  He just has to be.  

Dr. Das' summary from today's treatment on Baby Ray:  stressed adrenals, anemic, malabsorbtion syndrome/malnutrition, immune issues, and possibly a low-grade virus.  She wants to come back the week after next (unless he gets worse and she'll come before then) and treat him again.

baby-ray3_082609.jpg (36445 bytes)

amadeus_082609.jpg (32179 bytes)

classy_082609.jpg (35241 bytes)

gentleman_082609.jpg (30664 bytes)


For today's update about Baby Ray and Sunshine, please visit their page.

Layla got her "get out of the barn pass" from Dr. Ryan today.  Her ear is doing well, and she was very happy to go out into the main paddock.

We had a downpour today that cooled everything off.  Layla and Amadeus have buddied up.

Ola trimmed the minis this evening and Peaches.  Sunshine and Baby Ray just munched on hay outside his stall.  His stall is his safe cubby.  He knows, in there, no other horse will be near him.  Sometimes, we let his mom in for a few minutes; but he is still getting used to her being close by again and, sometimes when she moves quickly, he jumps and runs into something.  But this is happening less and less each day.

Dr. Das will be back tomorrow to work on Baby Ray, and we'll review his get-well plan again.  Vince will be coming tomorrow, too, to trim about 10 of the horses, which include all the tweens and Amadeus.  It's going to be a LONG and exhausting day.

Thanks, everyone, for the continued prayers and for helping Sunshine and her sweet Baby Ray.  They are truly a blessing, and this is a good, happy story.  He's going to be OK, he just has to be.  He is stronger each day, it seems.  And today, when he tried to buck, that was a sure sign he's feeling better.

We had a BBQ get together for Jenny last night, and I'll post pictures tomorrow -- you'll get a kick out of a couple of them.

sunshine-babyray_082509.jpg (30790 bytes)

layla_082509.jpg (33943 bytes)

layla-amadeus_082509.jpg (26204 bytes)

trimming_082509.jpg (39854 bytes)


To read the latest about Baby Ray and Sunshine, please visit their page.

The girls borrowed Amadeus' ball today.  Of course, they all wanted to be first to play with it, but in the end Silver Belle was the one that enjoyed it the most. 

Mama Sue, please tell Aaleyah that I was here first and she has to wait her turn in line!

This isn't fair!  Aaleyah got to kick the ball first!  I wanted to be first!  Some things never change!  Our baby girls are growing up, but they'll always be our baby girls.  After Aaleyah kicked the ball, Buttercup stomped off, and then Aaleyah followed her to rub it in.

This left the ball all for Silver!  She kicked, bit, pawed, and really enjoyed rolling the ball around.  I think we're going to have to get another one.  The play balls really entertain the horses, and the horses entertain us when they play with them.

I don't know if Silver was trying to mentally move the ball, or if she was trying to figure out why it kept moving when she wasn't touching it.

Buttercup came back over and gave it a good kick away from Silver Belle just to save face, I guess. 

Rusty chased Ruby around a bit today.  He's really like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going, and going, and going!  Rusty is now available for adoption. 

Amadeus is almost as big as Buttercup!

We hope everyone had a nice weekend.  It was over before I knew it.  It's been a pretty tiring few days -- I think all of us here are a bit exhausted.  Hopefully Baby Ray will start to improve more.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I'll update tomorrow after Dr. Ryan leaves.

babyray-sunshine1_082309.jpg (39333 bytes)

girls_082309.jpg (34757 bytes)

girls2_082309.jpg (31079 bytes)

silver_082309.jpg (38677 bytes)

rusty-ruby_082309.jpg (30984 bytes)

amadeus_082309.jpg (41285 bytes)

08/21/09 For an update about Baby Ray's condition today, and to read about how he and his mom are getting along, please visit their webpage.

baby-ray-sunshine_082209.jpg (47693 bytes)

08/21/09 To see more pictures of Baby Ray and Sunshine, please visit the new page that they now share.

It was overcast much of today.  Captain likes to rest a lot, and Zaynah is always close by.  Zaynah is doing better in the paddock with just Captain.  There are no others for her to run away when they get close to Captain.

You must be Amadeus!  I'm Frodo and I may not look like it to you, but I'm just as big as you are!  I believe it, so therefore I am! 

Amadeus was turned out into the main paddock today.  He had been staying up by Magic, but it was time for him to come down and socialize more.

Come on, Uncle E, let's go run and get the girls all spun up!  They don't know that I know it, but they like to watch me! 

Amadeus is right they do like to watch him.  They line up along the fence line -- they are getting so big!

It wasn't the same without Abby today.  I got up and looked out the window like I do every morning, and there was Granny and Casper but no Abby -- and I felt so very sad.  I made morning feed and, when I got to Abby's bucket, I cried.  I know she isn't in pain any longer, but I miss her -- all of us here miss her.  I didn't have any ambition to do anything today.  Maybe I just needed a day to adjust.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

sunshine-ray4_082109.jpg (27946 bytes)

captain-zaynah_082109.jpg (32318 bytes)

frodo-amadeus_082109.jpg (39609 bytes)

amadeus_082109.jpg (36380 bytes)

amadeus2_082109.jpg (36036 bytes)

To read the touching story of Baby Ray's reunion this afternoon with his mother, Sunshine, please visit the new page that they now share.

sunshine9_082009.jpg (57102 bytes)

(late PM)

Our dear sweet Abby – she is loved and greatly missed.  Below are a few photos we want to share with you. 

Abby knows she was loved and that she was going to a better place where there would be no more pain -- there is no doubt in my mind.  We had a wonderful team on her side, Dr. Das, Dr. Ryan, Ola, Keith Seeley, Dr. Bess, and there was nothing we wouldn’t have done for her to make her better.  We all gave it our all but, like with Barbaro, some things money, and love, can’t buy. 

I asked Abby to find Tonka on the other side of the Bridge, and the others that have gone before her, and to tell them how much we love and miss them.  We have a heavenly herd that will always be in our heart.

Abby got to graze on good green grass before Dr. Ryan arrived.  It meant a lot to me that she got to do this.  She had been given some meds so that she could walk with less pain up to Frosty’s Knoll.

Saying goodbye is never, ever easy.  Even though you know they will be in a better place with no more pain.  It hurts, it hurts like hell.  Some say horses don’t have feelings.  I wiped a tear from Abby’s eye as we were saying goodbye. 

Abby had been on a special diet but as we were waiting for Dr. Ryan she got some grain and carrots which she truly appreciated. 

We love you Abby – you will forever be in our hearts.  Run in peace with the herd sweet girl, run pain free.

abby1_082009.jpg (31758 bytes)

abby2_082009.jpg (54947 bytes)

abby3_082009.jpg (37209 bytes)

abby4_082009.jpg (31585 bytes)

abby5_082009.jpg (24163 bytes)
08/20/09 I'd like to ask everyone to have a minute of silence and to say a prayer for Abby at 12:00 noon.  At that time, we will be walking her up to Frosty's Knoll.  She will graze for a bit and have a few carrots.  Then Dr. Ryan will help her cross Rainbow Bridge, and we will be with her. 


A quick update -- it's been a VERY busy and stressful day! 

Baby Ray slept more today; he looked like a little angel.  I'm hoping he now feels comfy enough to know that he is home and is loved and that, because of this, he rests when he needs to.

June Bug wasn't happy that Baby Ray slept so much today and was very happy when he was out and about. 

Yipee!!!  Baby Ray is up!  Come on, Baby Ray, I'll teach you how to do the June Bug jump! 

Give me a few minutes to wake up, June Bug, OK?  I paced so much yesterday I was tired, but I feel better today.

Baby Ray was scheduled for tests at UF this coming Thursday, but we are going to move it back a week -- he is just too weak right now and needs more time to grow stronger. 

I can't thank you all enough for your support.  God bless you all, and tomorrow let's hope we can seal it that his mama will be coming here, too.  I have to sort through many e-mails and find out where we are with sponsorship for her.  She will need help with her monthly expenses by angels, and I know we have a couple of people willing to do this.  But I have to do the math and, if I try to do it tonight, I would likely overlook something or mess up.  We don't know what kind of shape she is in; and she may need vet care, too.  Anyway, please keep Abby and Baby Ray plus his mama in prayers.  We keep you all in ours; we thank God for you every day.  Without you, Baby Ray wouldn't be here and we couldn't do what we do.


baby-ray1_081809.jpg (51912 bytes)

baby-ray2_081809.jpg (39561 bytes)

baby-ray3_081809.jpg (25899 bytes)

baby-ray4_081809.jpg (31862 bytes)

baby-ray5_081809.jpg (35684 bytes)

bobbi-dillon_081809.jpg (39021 bytes)

08/17/09 Dr. Ryan examined Baby Ray today.  To read about his diagnosis and recommendations, plus to see more pictures, please visit Baby Ray's page.

08/16/09 To see more pictures of Baby Ray from this morning, please follow this link to his new page.

baby-ray2_081609.jpg (36840 bytes)


We got a call today about a baby that needed help.  Barbara, Jenny, Diane, and I went to check him out -- he wasn't very far from the rescue.   

When we got there, I looked into the stall, and right then I knew there was no leaving this baby behind.  He looked so small and alone, huddled in a corner.  We all went in to meet him.  He has what appear to be cataracts in both eyes.  He had diarrhea.  He is thin, a 1 - 1.5 on the Henneke scale.  He is wormy and has places where he is missing his coat.  He appears to have an impacted tooth at his left jaw, and his backend is weak.  He is wearing unhealthy baby fur.  

To read more about this little guy, whom I decided to name Baby Ray, please follow this link to his new page.

baby-ray1_081509.jpg (24646 bytes)

baby-ray2_081509.jpg (16289 bytes)

Hi All,

I have missed being in touch with everyone!!  I am almost settled back into my home, and happy that this move is almost over with!  Theresa has been flooded with e-mails, calls, and of course caring for the horses! Thankfully, Jenny is still at BHFER helping out each day.  We are very blessed to have such wonderful volunteers and supporters.

So, without further adieu, we are pleased to offer our next raffle, a "Hooficure" to cover our next farrier bill.  We hope you enjoy the four wonderful prizes!!  Please follow this link to read all about them -- and remember, the drawing ends on August 29, so please hurry!

curlin-portrait_082909.jpg (13303 bytes)          barbie_082909.jpg (16344 bytes)          quilted-bag_082909.jpg (29650 bytes)          spirit-stallion_082909.jpg (25519 bytes)


Just a quick update to let everyone know that Bobbi and Dillon went to their new home today.  Each got a good bath first.  These two have a way of getting dirty in no time.  They loaded fine, and it was a teary farewell.  We don't say goodbye because we'll see them again soon, and they'll always be part of the BHFER family.  They are less than an hour away.

Bobbi waiting after her bath for her ride to her new home.

Dillon has grown a bit since he has been here, and he is stronger.  He now runs and bucks and plays like a little one should.  He's a sweet boy.

They unloaded just fine, met their new human family again, and went right out to check out their new home.  They are going to be spoiled, and we are very happy for them. 

Ola came this evening and trimmed Captain.  He has been having a hard time getting around these past few days but was better after Ola worked on him.  He can't stand on three legs to be trimmed, so he gets the manicure while he rests.

We're still $602 short paying for Layla's surgery.  We also have a massive farrier bill coming up.  Any help will be appreciated -- no amount is too small.

Thanks, everyone -- have a blessed night!

bobbi_081309.jpg (21210 bytes)

dillon_081309.jpg (28187 bytes)

bobbi-dillon_081309.jpg (47353 bytes)

captain_081309.jpg (51148 bytes)

08/10/09 A quick update to let everyone know what's going on here and that Layla is doing well.  Dr. Ryan was out this morning to look at her ear.  It's doing well.  She is such a sweet mare.  We appreciate the support with her vet bills and shavings.  I'll have a balance on her vet bill tomorrow.

Meet our latest arrival:  this is June Bug, a 1-½-year-old pygmy goat that thinks she is a dog!

Ruby smiling for the camera.

Momma Sue under her tree and mister.

Stormy and Chloe having fun.

Gentleman and Jake peeking in at Layla.

Moxy was transferred to Painted Star Equine Rescue.  Jennifer picked her up on Saturday.  Jennifer's place offers Moxy a shady paddock which we don't have, and she thinks she may have a home for Moxy.  Stormy also went to PSER where Jennifer can continue in her training.  We enjoy working with Jennifer -- we rehab, and she trains, and it works out great! Jennifer brought little Dillon to us some weeks ago.  She was happy to see him on Saturday and how he has grown.  He's doing much better and has become a little speed demon!

Dillon and Rusty running down the fence line playing.

Rusty and Amadeus meeting each other over the fence.  Once Rusty was gelded, he calmed down a bit and finally started to gain some weight.  He and Haley are doing great.

We have some good news -- Bobbi and Dillon have found a home together!  We haven't finished processing the application yet but have done a site check and, so far, everything looks good.  They will have a 16-year-old girl to dote on them.  If all goes well, and we expect it will, they will be in their new home by the weekend. 

Granny and Abby are now back out in the main paddock.  We moved Captain and Zaynah into the paddock that Granny and Abby were in -- it isn't very big.  Zaynah feels best when she is with Captain.  Dillon really likes Captain, too, but he's just on the other side of the fence.  Bobbi has been turned out into the main paddock so she and Dillon can get better acquainted.

We still have many more to place.  I hope to spend tomorrow working on updates to the website, answering some emails and projects that are due.  We are also looking for grants to help pay for some routine maintenance that is due on some of the farm equipment.

Court was held for the dog fighting charges in the Todd Williams case today.  There was a plea deal that included no jail time.  Six months probation and fines isn't enough, IMO.  It added another felony conviction to his long record, but we'd hoped for more.  There are still no charges for those responsible for the starvation deaths of Tonka, Brook's Approval, and her baby.

june-bug_081009.jpg (27396 bytes)

ruby_081009.jpg (25459 bytes)

momma-sue_081009.jpg (46926 bytes)

stormy-chloe_081009.jpg (36594 bytes)

gman-jake_081009.jpg (31851 bytes)

moxy_081009.jpg (39170 bytes)

dillon-rusty_081009.jpg (35184 bytes)

rusty-amadeus_081009.jpg (31870 bytes)


08/06/09 Layla had her surgery today, and the doctor didn't find a tooth but rather a small bony growth attached to the skull that he felt it best to leave.  By trying to remove it, he could have fractured her skull.  He did remove the "thing" where the pus had been coming from, which looked rather gross.  Click here to see a picture, but be warned -- it is graphic.  The doctor thinks she'll be fine and that she should have the other ear done in the fall unless it opens or bothers her before then.

To see more pictures from Layla's surgery, please follow this link to visit her page.

It took over an hour for Layla to decide she was ready to get up in the recovery room.  I have to admit that the inflatable "pillow" she was laying against looked inviting -- I wanted to curl right up with her.  It was very cold in there -- she was shaking all over.  Once she was up, it didn't take long for her to gather herself to go back to her stall.  After she settled in and munched on some hay, we opted to grab a bite to eat.  I think Layla wanted to leave with us, but she was reassured that Aunties Jenny and Blodwyn would be back this evening to visit with her and to bring some green gel to rub on her muscles that are going to be sore.

While at the hospital, people asked if she was Tonka's mom.  Of course, that only brought tears.  We had a picture of what Layla looked like on 4/15, and they couldn't believe how bad she had been and how good she looks now.  They also couldn't believe that there have been no charges to those responsible for the cold and heartless deaths of Tonka, Brook's Approval, and her baby.  We assured them we're not giving up yet -- Marion County and the state of Florida haven't heard the last from us!

We appreciate prayers and support and, in addition to asking for continued prayers for Layla, I'd like to ask that you include a couple of others that we met today.  There was baby in the stall next to Layla with his mom.  He had a bad front right leg, and it was wrapped like Tiny Tim's had been wrapped.  Like Tiny Tim, he couldn't put weight on it; and the knee was very swollen.  We asked if he would be OK, and nobody could answer that question.  And while we were waiting for Layla to wake up, my heart stopped when, around the corner, came a gray dappled TB that reminded me of Point to Ponder -- he was wearing a splint and was going in for surgery.  He'd broken his leg racing -- he is only 2 years old.
08/04/09 Update on Sienna's case:  The court date for Krystal Knirsch has been moved to September 14.

We would like to ask for prayers for Zaynah; she is not doing well.  Three days ago, we noticed that she was limping and was brought up to the barn paddock for rest and to prevent further injury from other horses in the main paddock. This morning she was worse.  She had no appetite for her soaked alfalfa cubes or hay, but did munch on her grain a bit; and she was showing signs of colic to include foaming at the mouth with a decrease in temperature.  She had no interest in drinking.  Dr. Ryan was called; he recommended Banamine for her and electrolytes.  Throughout the day, she did start drinking; and she ate all her lunch and dinner and did at times did much on her hay.  Zaynah is very lame on her front and back legs, and today she showed some signs of improvement; but tonight she seems more robotic.  Her legs continue to get rubbed with liniment, and she wears her knee boot.  Zaynah remains in a "guarded" status tonight.  She is no longer foaming at the mouth, but her respiration is still three times the normal, at rest.  She has been drinking more water.  Her mood is better, and she is more alert.  She stood all day at the barn aisle in front of the Port-A-Cool.

Captain is in the main paddock with Dillon.  Dillon and he are always together, and Captain will share his food with him.  Every one loves Captain.

Yesterday morning we pulled Momma Sue out of the girls’ paddock, and she had a pleasant day and seemed to enjoy it.  The girls did fine.  Last night she was fine.  By 5:00 AM this morning, she wanted back in with the girls and woke up the neighborhood!  She is now back in with the girls but will spend the days in the main paddock so she can get the amount of hay/grain she needs.

Chloe, Silver Belle, and Buttercup

Casper has had diarrhea for two days but is doing better.  He is always keeping a close eye on Granny and Abby.

Magic’s shelter was redesigned in order to keep the water off of his big hay bale when it rains.  We will be working on the footing and drainage under his porch next week.

Stormy and Layla.

Layla will be going to Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital tomorrow afternoon.  Her ear surgery is scheduled for some time on Thursday; we will keep you posted.  Please keep her in prayers.  We do not know if she will require a two-night stay at the hospital.  Any help toward her medical costs will be greatly appreciated.  Expected cost is $850.  She is in their computer as “Dingolay.”  Donations can also be made directly to Peterson and Smith and any amount will be appreciated and is tax deductible: 

Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital

4747 SW 60th Avenue
Ocala, FL  34474
Tel: (352) 237-6151 

Haley and Rusty are gaining weight and doing well.  

Abby continues to be doing well.  Tomorrow we will be letting her and Granny into the main paddock so they can get more exercise.

Amadeus is always making us laugh.  He simply loves his shelter next to Magic.  As soon as he hears someone coming with hay, he will put his head out the door and whinny.

Velvet is progressively doing better.  She remains in the paddock behind the barn to prevent her from running with the others.  Her knee gets rubbed with liniment before her knee boot is placed.

Yesterday Dr. Ryan removed the catheter from Moxy's eye and has recommended she remain in her stall during the day for three more days.  She is a very sweet mare and is very happy when she can come out at sunset. 

sienna_080409.jpg (27152 bytes)

captain-dillon_080409.jpg (28772 bytes)

chloe-silver-buttercup_080409.jpg (43623 bytes)

stormy-layla_080409.jpg (39679 bytes)

08/01/09 I'm sorry it's been so long since we've issued an update - to try to make up for it, I'm including many pictures. Things have been very busy. We're getting many calls from people asking us to take their horse(s) because of the economy - they don't want to part with their horses, but they have no choice. It's hard turning any away. We try to network to try to help as many as we can. We are currently looking for a good home for two HQ mares, 9 and 10 years old.

Here is our latest rescue - Petrie. He's a mockingbird that jumped out of his nest, which was way at the top of the tree by the barn. We found him hopping around the pasture. The cats would have made history of him, so we took him into the tack room and let him stay in the shower with a tree branch for a perch for a couple of days. He got stronger and flew from my hand to the counter in the feed room, and we knew it wouldn't be much longer before he'd be ready to fly away. Bernice, John, and Katie took him home, and he is living on their lanai until he is ready to go. His brothers and sisters were not as lucky. We found feathers but no birds. There was another family nested in Nicky's bottle brush, but they disappeared one night, too. Poor babies.

Dr. Bess working on Rusty - his mouth is much better now, and he is gaining weight.

Magic is doing great other then seasonal allergies. Jenny cleaned his "house" from top to bottom, and it looks really nice. We will be working on our next project - laying a new matt under the front porch that lets water through. Sometimes the rains blow and get under his porch roof and it gets all mucky. We don't want him getting thrush. We hope to have this project completed this coming week.

Diane and Jenny worked on getting out his dreadlocks today. Jenny fed him small pieces of carrots Diane worked on the mane. They did it!

And here's GMan sporting a new flymask.

Gman and his best friend, Jake. Misty is in the background.

Mystic and Bobbi - both are very sweet mares and are available for adoption.

Stormy and Layla in their new masks. Layla will be having her surgery soon to her one of her ears. Stormy is available for adoption. She's a sweet, smaller TB that is 4 years old.

Frodo getting a bath by Jenny and Diane. He really didn't want a bath today, but he really needed one!

Bouie was next. He was quite the little gentleman.

Both were quite happy afterwards to go out to play in the arena.

Amadeus looking very handsome in his new flymask.

Magic and Little E.

Some new water lines were installed today.

Jenny sharing her drink with Ruby. Ruby stays in on sunny days and, yes, she is spoiled! Everyone loves Ruby!

Stormy in the lead and Layla behind. They love to run and play together.

Moxy gets to come out when the sun goes down. Dr. Ryan will be out on Monday to examine her eye.

Little E and Amadeus playing ball. If it looks like Amadeus is almost as big as Little E, it's because he is!

We hope everyone is having a great weekend. Anne is still in the process of moving from LA and will be getting caught up on tax receipts and other things in a couple of weeks. We're glad she'll be back in FL - only about an hour away.

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