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April 2011

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We were very happy when Glory passed poop in the wee hours this morning! And then one more little pile before dawn. It's a start! She was oiled yesterday by Dr. Ryan. She wasn't too happy about it but I wouldn't be either if someone stuck an oil tube through my nose. She was actually pretty good about it. She knows we were trying to help her.



Glory Baby


The baby was examined and blood work was done which came back with everything being normal.




Glory Baby



Dr. Ryan made sure the little one wasn't upset with him before he left.




Glory Baby


This little boy is as cute as a button and shines like the morning light. We're very blessed to be part of his life.





Aaleyah's ankle is better. It's getting cold hosed and poulticed.

Thanks everyone for caring and for the good thoughts and prayers. We're having another busy day here so I have to get going. Have a great day!


It's been quite a day and it's not over yet but I wanted to let everyone know what they were seeing on MareStare. Dr. Ryan left a few minutes ago. Glory hadn't passed any manure since early this am so she's been oiled. Dr. Ryan examined her baby and did blood work. Baby is a precious little boy. Curly mane and forelock. Pink around his little eyes. I'll try to post pictures later.

This am Aaleyah was found with a swollen ankle. Dr. Ryan checked her out too. She's ok but is being poulticed and cold hosed throughout the day.

Faith and Indy are doing great - someone must have told him he's supposed to be a race horse because he runs and runs. His mom's likely shed many pounds trying to keep up with him!

I did get off the farm for a few minutes today to go to the Black Prong Equestrian Center where the three day Obstacle Challenge fundraiser is being held. What an awesome group of people (and horses)! Will have pictures in my next post too. A lot of people have put in a lot of time to make this Obstacle Challenge fundraiser happen - we are truly blessed and appreciate everyone.

We also did a site inspection for Rebel's new home and all is well. He's got lots of shade, grass, and a huge stall. And, he's only 1.5 miles from one of our feed stores.

To say it's been a busy day would be an understatement.
Please keep Glory in your prayers. Thanks and more later…

04/29/11 Glory's baby boy was born early this morning. Mom and baby are doing well. Whew! He finally found his way to the milk bar and it took awhile but he latched on. He did get an enema and I gave him a bit more colostrum just in case. Will post pictures later.

Indy and Faith's baby has a name. Meet…

"Indy's Rising Son"


Indy and Faith


Just as the baby came into the world in the early morning hours - the name came to me as the morning sun rose. He will be called "Indy."





He is a legacy of his daddy who passed on to him a beautiful white blanket of love and eyes that are deep, proud, and true.

Indy lives on.


Faith's son


We were greeted this morning with the surprise and blessing of Faith and Indy’s baby boy.  He’s healthy and happy – very inquisitive and full of energy!  Dr. Ryan examined him and everything was good.  His lab work came back tonight and that is good too.




Faith's Son


While many noticed first that the baby has his dad’s Appaloosa coat, the first thing I noticed were his eyes.  He has his father’s eyes.  I’ve always felt that eyes are a pathway to the soul and I felt that with this baby when he greeted me this morning.  I saw Indy in those eyes – proud and strong.  And his momma – she is so proud of him too!



Faith's son


He and his mom enjoyed some time outside.  I’m always amazed with babies exploring the new world.  I could watch them learn, explore, and play forever.



When Dr. Ryan was here today he x-rayed Justin’s back left foot and, sadly, it was not good.  It was significantly underdeveloped – there was only a small fragment of bone where there should have been a coffin bone.  There was nothing we could have done to fix it and the deformity affected his entire body.  As he would grow, so would his discomfort.  His quality of life would not have been good.  While he had beautiful eyes he wore a look of uneasiness, always.  With a heavy heart Dr. Ryan helped our little Justin to cross Rainbow Bridge today. 

JustinJustin was loved and he knows that – he was a very brave boy.  I’m trying hard to find comfort in knowing he is no longer be in pain, he no longer has to worry about being able to move out of the way of a pasture mate, he will have no more abscesses in his foot and there will be no more body soreness – but the comfort that I’m searching for isn’t there right now but I pray it will come.  He is etched into my heart forever.  He was only 10 months old.  Letting go is never easy.  But with the babies, well, I can’t describe the overwhelming feeling of my breath being taken away from me when they cross.  It hurts the heart, so much. 

We have another beautiful star in the sky tonight.  Justin, while you were only with us a short time, know that we will love you, always.  Fly with Angel Wings and the others that have gone before you.  You were a very brave boy and we will never forget you.  Fly with your new wings baby boy - fly pain free. 


And tonight we pray hard for an uneventful delivery of Glory’s baby.  We pray that mom and baby will be healthy and happy. 

Thank you all for caring.  Tomorrow I will share more pictures of Faith and Indy’s baby boy.  But tonight I’m tired and need to get to bed and try to get some sleep.  Glory may need us during the night.  Sleep doesn’t come easy but I’m praying some will come.  We’re very grateful for those keeping watch on MareStare.  God bless and have a good night everyone. 


Meet Faith and Indy’s son.
 Faith's new son

We give thanks this morning for a healthy boy and his mom. 

Faith and SonFaith's SonFaith's son




I’m sure Indy is looking down on him – he’s a happy and proud daddy.  We love you Indy – always. 




As for Glory, well, we’re still waiting!  I showed her the test strip with 5 red squares last night and explained that it meant she was to foal within 12 hours from yesterday morning but I guess baby is just not ready.


We bought a new Predict-A-Foal Kit this am and did another milk test and got 5 red squares!  She should be foaling anytime.  Prayers for a smooth delivery would be greatly appreciated.  You can watch her at:  http://www.marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=beautyshaven

Faith has bagged up a lot.  Hopefully she will wait a couple of weeks, at least.

Have a good night everyone!

Theresa found GLORY waxing this morning and now she is producing milk!
PS - the new colt's name is "Justin". Theresa named the Paint mare "Sophie Blue Eyes"!

It was a VERY busy day here today and the day isn't over yet!  I thought I better get out an update before going back down to the barn. 

The new colt had quite the day.  The farrier, Fabio, did as much as he could in one visit - didn't want to do too much too quick.  The baby's body has to adjust to the trim which will take some time. 

This is the back left - it was pretty long and there was no way he could walk correctly.  His foot is just part of the problem.  He doesn't want to put weight on this leg and he sort of drags it at times. 


Fabio discovered a bad case of thrush and abscesses - a couple of them he opened up.  We'll be cleaning and treating it daily.  Fabio will check him again on Wednesday when he comes to trim others.




Dr. Das examined him and tried manipulating his leg/foot some and advised that x-rays should be done.  We don't want to stress him by doing too much too soon so Dr. Ryan will be out next week on a day that the x-ray machine is available and blood work will also be done.  Once he has some time to adjust to the changes, and we find out what is wrong with him, Dr. Das will come back out to work on him. 





His back left leg definitely has issues.  We hope and pray it is something that can be fixed and, if not, we hope that it is something that he can comfortably live with.  For now, he is home for Easter and seems quite content.  What a blessing it is to be able to help him - thanks to the help of others!  We hope to be able to watch him grow strong and become a stable and healthy boy.


Red and Tucker

Seeing Red and Tucker off today was bittersweet - I miss them already.  I felt bad for Glory as they pranced to the trailer - she watched them from the back of the barn but she didn't call out to them.  I went back and spent time with her after they left.  I can't tell you how much it meant to be that they went to a home together.  And I hope that Glory understood when I explained to her that the boys were going to a new home with their own human family and that they will remain together. 

Taco arrived back from the hospital about an hour ago.  He's slowly coming around.  The hospital doesn't have someone there all night and I didn't want to leave him there.  We'll being keeping a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't seizure again and that he doesn't pull out or damage the catheter he has in just case he needs more meds.

We truly thank everyone for caring and for helping.  I apologize if I haven't responded to emails - I didn't have much time in the office today and won't tomorrow either.  Please keep Taco and the new colt in your prayers.  I'll likely update again on Sunday. 

God bless and have a wonderful weekend!  Happy Easter everyone and know that we appreciate you very much!



Good Morning, Everyone,

Theresa just called about a yearling colt that she visited last night. He has an injury in his back right hip/leg and can't bare full weight on it. The owner asked us if we could take him and help him. We would like to bring the colt to Beauty's Haven ASAP to be assessed by Dr. Das (she's coming today) and if she deems it necessary, we will schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan next week for further evaluation.

Colt needs helpAt the present time, we are seeking donations to cover the costs of Dr. Das’ fee of $125 as well as $30 for the farrier which is desperately needed.  If additional blood work is needed that will be an addition fee.  He will also need help with routine care.  It is with great hope that this special boy’s injury is not life threatening and that he will be able to live a long and happy life.  This colt is this year’s “Easter Save.”  After seeing him, Theresa felt the need to get him to the rescue ASAP.  Tucker and Red are going to their new home today so that frees up their paddock behind the barn.


Please consider helping us to help this boy.  He’s supposed to be about 11 months old but looks more like a stunted 6 month old.  Any amount of a donation would be greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible – God bless and thank you!

Thank you all for your love and support.



Amadeus got a few stitches and will be spending a couple of days in a stall.  He was a good boy for Dr. Eric but he is not happy about staying in a stall - I explained to him that we have to follow doctors orders.  Besides, he’s in the big birthing stall – we call it the “suite” – let’s hope Faith doesn’t need it!

Amadeus and Dr. Eric


This is Dr. Eric cleaning up the injury.





The injury after being cleaned up.



After stitches – almost as good as new.  Now we pray that Amadeus doesn’t find a way to get the stitches out in the next couple of weeks.  Since he was sedated we took advantage of the situation and one of our volunteers (Elisabeth) taught another volunteer (Brittany) how to clean a sheath and remove a bean!  Thanks ladies!





Dr. Eric couldn’t believe that Glory hasn’t foaled yet.  He said he touched a mare last night at another client’s farm and the mare foaled this morning.  We made sure he went in and rubbed on Glory before he left!






Fancy got a bath today thanks to Brittany and Bernice.





And this is Bernice and John giving Reva a bath. 





Gentleman got a bath too. 





We’re very thankful that Amadeus’ injury wasn’t as bad as it first looked.  Maybe Glory will foal tonight…. I know, we’ve been saying that for weeks now!  J

If anyone would like to help with Amadeus’ vet bill from today, donations can be called directly into Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital, 352-237-6151.  No amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you all – God bless and have a good night!


Amadeus somehow managed to rip open the area just above his lip.  Dr. Eric is on his way out – Dr. Ryan is working the 2 yr old sale this week. 




Please say a prayer that a couple of stitches is all he’ll need.  He’s not a happy boy.  Here’s Amadeus grazing yesterday.


Morning Star and Kandi


We hope everyone is having a great week.  The farrier came on Saturday and trimmed 8 of the horses.  Here are Morning Star and Kandi (both available for adoption).  We have more hooficures scheduled – if anyone would like to help ($35 each) we’d greatly appreciate it. 






GMan is still a big teddy bear.




Joy and Valentine


Here’s Joy and Valentine smiling for the camera. 






Joy had a runny eye that she didn’t want to open all the way so Dr. Ryan stained it and found a tiny ulceration.  She’s being treated and has been stalled for a couple of days but will be going back out tomorrow. 






Jordan munching on some hay.




Baby Ray and Jordan



Baby Ray and Jordan.






Classy – she’s still a sweetheart.






Glory and her still to be born baby…  What is the baby is waiting for???




Red and Tucker


Unless something changes Red and Tucker will be going to their new home on Friday.  They are very bonded – it’s a joy to watch them run and play together.  We’re going to miss them but they’ll only be just over an hour away.




Paint Mare


The Paint mare is doing well.  She’s is very vocal and loves attention.  We’re still working on just the right name for her.  She weighed in at about 780 lbs when she arrived.  She’s about 800 lbs now and is looking better each day.




Faith and Little E


Faith and Little E.  Faith is quite beautiful and has a super pleasant disposition.




It’s another busy week.  I try to get updates out more often than I have been but the days are over before I know it.  There’s a lot of work to do each day in the office along with the daily routine chores outside.  I hope to spend several hours this week updating information for our website.  I don’t know what we’d do without our awesome volunteers – we appreciate all of them!  We are looking for afternoon/evening volunteers - if anyone is in the Ocala area and wants to help out please let us know. 

Dr. Das will be coming out on Friday to work on a couple of the horses.  The farrier will be coming back.  Let’s all “think baby” and perhaps Glory will deliver – that tail of hers seems to never stop swishing! 

Thanks everyone for caring and for your continued support.  Have a blessed week!



Guess who?? Yep, it's Haley - Kami's mom!



Haley and Rusty

And here are Rusty and Haley - still quite a pair!





Kami's disposition is a combination of her mom and dad. She'll always be a Diva!


Paint Mare


Some good news - the Paint mare is not pregnant!  Dr. Ryan rated her a 1.5 on the HS and said she has a grade 3 heart murmur.  Dr. Ryan aged her at about 15 years old - he thinks she's really a nice mare (and she is!).  We'll see what her blood work says this evening.  She's eating, drinking, talking (a lot), and seems really content.




He looked at Glory again today and said “anytime.”  Ugh!


Paint Mare



The Paint mare loaded right up today and, once here, settled right in.  She’s very, very sweet.  Before she was out of the trailer her head went down to meet the grass.  J  It’s always nice to see them settle right in here and to see the look that comes over their face.  I’m glad she’s here.



Paint Mare


Her mane had been cut before we picked her up today. 



Paint Mare



She’s pretty thin but has a big belly under her. 






Paint Mare


She’s got very beautiful blue eyes.




Paint Mare


Her feet haven’t been trimmed in a long, long time.  Her teeth definitely need to be done.



She’s getting a hooficure on Saturday.  I have a call in to Dr. Bess to do her teeth.  We’re letting her settle in today and tomorrow Dr. Ryan will be out to examine her.  I’ll update tomorrow after Dr. Ryan comes.  

She still needs sponsor’s to help with her monthly care – any amount would be appreciated.  If you would like to donate directly to the vet’s office (Peterson & Smith) the number is 352-237-6151. 

Thank you all for caring!


I apologize for not updating for awhile – it really has been busy here!



Joy is doing very well.  I turned her out with Fancy, Asiya, and Mystique this afternoon and oh my gosh she is a beautiful mover!  She used to stay in a smaller paddock with Shaker – it was big enough for them to run around in but really big enough for them to open up and go.




Joy and Mystique


Well, today, after reuniting with Asiya and Fancy, and getting to meet Mystique, Joy took off!  Mystique did a few fancy moves and they ran around and had a good time.  It’s really nice to see Joy happy and doing well.





Joy is going to make someone a very nice horse.






Glory’s bagging up – still not sure what the baby is waiting for.  I know our camera system leaves a lot to be desired but we’re working on getting a new system that provides a clear picture without all the “noise” of interference which can be maddening.  I do believe Glory will be foaling in the next few days.  She usually stays out during the day when we’re at the barn and does go in at night and stays under the camera.

I did see some activity going on in her belly today – maybe the baby is trying to get into position?


Red and Tucker


Red and Tucker are happy and content boys.  




Ria's Gold


Ria’s Gold is doing very well with foster mom, Pam.  She came for a visit a couple of days ago – unloaded and loaded like a champ!  She’s a 3 yr old Appendix buckskin that is looking for a home.






Faith is also doing well – she’s beautiful and healthy.  We’re hoping for a few more weeks before she decides to foal. 




Paint Mare


This mare is being picked up and transported here tomorrow – we’re received $310 to help with her initial vetting, dental, and farrier.  She has 2 sponsors signed up for $25 each a month.  We are estimating that we need another $250 (per month) for the first few months to cover her basic care. 



Paint MarePaint MareWe hope to find out tomorrow or Thursday is she is pregnant - Dr. Ryan is aware of her arrival tomorrow.

She is thin but she does have a belly.  She doesn’t look very happy but we hope to change that.




Tucker was gelded a few days ago – it went very well and he’s healing nicely.  Gentleman, Jake, Momma Sue, Aaleyah Belle, Silver Belle, Buttercup, Morning Star, Kandi, Reva, Jordan-Blu, Baby Ray, Legacy – they’re all doing well.  I hope to get more pictures this week.  My pocket camera broke and I’m not comfortable toting around the better camera – I’d hate to break it too. 

We had a heavy rain a few days ago and we’ve been moving sand to fill in washed out areas and laying some sod to try to keep it from washing out again.  We still have much more to do but we can only do a little at a time. 

Please don’t forget about our upcoming Obstacle Challenge Fundraiser – click here to go to our website and download a flyer and registration.  We had a blast at the last one – everyone had a great time – humans and horses!

Obstacle Horse Trail Challenge !!!!

Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue, Inc.

Friday, April 29th through Sunday May 1st 2011

At Black Prong Equestrian Center
Levy County Florida
Located 8 miles south of Bronson on CR 337

All proceeds will go to Beauty’s Haven in Morriston Florida

Download Flyer                                  Download Registration



And don’t forget about our “Through Armani’s Eyes – The Legend Lives On” Spring Fundraiser – click here and scroll down for more information. 

For our Spring Fundraiser, we are offering a beautiful 12" x 16" Giclee Print (framed) entitled,
"Through Armani's Eyes - The Legend Lives On" created by Kateri Bechard.  (Armani's human mom is the artist.)
The giclee is printed on canvas and that it looks exactly like the oil original
Armani is a great, great grandson of the legendary "Secretariat" and was adopted out in 2010.
See pictures of Armani taken at his adoptive home by clicking here.
His adopted family keeps us updated of his childhood adventures and we're very proud of him!
For each suggested donation of $10.00, you will become eligible for a chance to win this lovely portrait.
The ticket will be selected on May 29th, 2011 at 3 pm during the "Celebration of Life"
gathering at Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc., in Morriston, Florida.
Donations may be forwarded via Just Give, PayPal, or Network for Good - links can be found on our website.
All proceeds will be applied to BHFER's feed and veterinary expenses.
Mark it on your calendars – make your hotel, airline, and rental car reservations now!  Our “Celebration of Life” is taking place on May 29th starting at 11 am.  It will be a day of love, laughter, and joining together to celebrate birthdays and to remember those that have crossed Rainbow Bridge.  It is a time for gathering, remembering, and giving thanks – to the horses that have touched our hearts and souls in many ways and to the humans that help them.  Hotel recommendation: Ramada Inn, 3810 NW Blitchton Road, Ocala, FL, phone 352-732-3131.

I’ll try to update tomorrow after the Paint mare arrives.  Again, any and all help for her initial needs and routine care would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the link to our webpage where you can make a one time or recurring donation via various methods.  All donations are tax deductible.  Please say a prayer for her too – I’ve been worried that if she is pregnant she may foal where she is now – in a small dirt paddock enclosed by barb wire fencing. 

Thank you all for taking time to read this update and for your continued support.  I’m really tired this evening and hope to call it a day early just in case Glory decides to foal in the wee early morning hours.  Please keep her and her unborn baby in your prayers – we really need a smooth and uneventful birth. 

We are an all volunteer organization and are always looking for more volunteers.  If you are in the Ocala area and would like to help out – give us a call or send an email!


This mare needs help - the owner is willing to surrender her.  I’ve been told that she is about 13 years old.  She is thin even though she has a noticeable under belly - I am concerned that she may be pregnant. 

Paint MarePaint MarePaint Mare

I don’t know if she is pregnant or has a wormy hay belly, or both.  But we won’t know until we can get her here and have her examined.  In order to help this mare, we need sponsors to cover the initial vetting, dental, farrier, etc. and she needs sponsors for her routine care.  Would anyone like to help us to help this mare?  All donations are tax deductible and are very much appreciated.  If you would like to help please contact Theresa at bhfer@earthlink.net or visit our “Donate” page on the website to make a donation.  Any amount would help – no amount is too small.  God bless and thank you for your continued support.



(Click on image for larger view)

For our Spring Fundraiser, we are offering a beautiful 12" x 16" Giclee Print (framed) entitled,
"Through Armani's Eyes - The Legend Lives On" created by Kateri Bechard. (Armani's human mom is the artist.)

The giclee is printed on canvas and that it looks exactly like the oil original

Armani is a great, great grandson of the legendary "Secretariat" and was adopted out in 2010.
See pictures of Armani taken at his adoptive home by clicking here.
His adopted family keeps us updated of his childhood adventures and we're very proud of him!
For each suggested donation of $10.00, you will become eligible for a chance to win this lovely portrait.
The ticket will be selected on May 29th, 2011 at 3 pm during the "Celebration of Life"
gathering at Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc., in Morriston, Florida.
Donations may be forwarded via Just Give, PayPal, or Network for Good - links can be found on our website.
All proceeds will be applied to BHFER's feed and veterinary expenses.

Thank you all for your love and support!


I hope this brings a smile to everyone's face. This is Shaker's baby girl, Phoenix.Phoenix

04/08/11 Dixie

While I was very happy to start the day out yesterday with the good news of Shaker's baby, the day turned into tears - Dixie crossed Rainbow Bridge. Her breathing had been getting progressively worse - she had advanced COPD. She'd gone for years before coming here without treatment and we kept her as comfortable as we could over the winter months.

We'd hoped to have her with us longer but the Florida heat and humidity have been rising and Dixie has been increasingly uncomfortable. Dixie was becoming more uncomfortable to the point where she was refusing food and laying down a lot. Temps over the weekend are going into the 90's and seeing how uncomfortable Dixie was becoming, we reviewed her condition and quality of life with Dr. Ryan, and it was decided that helping her cross was the most humane thing to do - there was no cure. We promised her when she came here that we would not let her suffer.

Run with the angels Dixie - we love you, always.

God bless all of you for caring and supporting our efforts. Without you, Dixie would have been alone, cold, and hungry throughout the cold months. We thank everyone that supported Dixie and helped her to have and know love and proper care these past few months.


Here's some great news to start the day - Shaker had her baby just after 7 am this morning! Mom and baby girl are doing fine! Shaker was the 3rd pregnant mare in the Naples case - the place that Joy came from. This news answered many prayers - I'll post pictures later.

Now, come on Glory - have that baby!

Have a blessed day everyone!


The loss of Joy’s baby was hard – it was an experience that I’ll never forget.  Dr. Ryan said the baby died in utero in the hours before Joy went into labor - the baby’s head and front right leg were misaligned and the cord was compromised.  I have to say that Joy’s trust, even when very uncomfortable, helped a lot throughout the entire ordeal.  Even though we lost the baby we are very thankful that Joy made it ok - she’s been through a lot in her life and I promised her she’ll never have to worry about foaling again. 

Joy Before Joy After

Joy is a very sweet mare that has come a long way since she came to us last July - this is Joy a few days before arriving at the rescue.

Joy is doing well.  We thank you all for caring and sending good thoughts and prayers.




If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded, I apologize.  I hope to get caught up with emails and some office work soon. 


I'm so sorry to have to report that Joy's baby didn't make it.  I will have more detailed post later in the day but to say the loss of Joy's baby girl is devastating would be an understatement.  Joy will be ok and for that I am very grateful - it was a long and exhausting ordeal but Dr. Ryan did a great job. 

Thank you all for watching and for caring - thank you for your prayers too.  Glory is now on cam.

Joy will likely foal tonight. She didn't want to eat today - not interested. She was waxed this am. She's bagged, dripping, pawing, making cow patties, and she's a bit anxious.

She's in the foaling stall and someone will be with her all night. She appreciates human company and doesn't want to be alone.

Watch her at: http://www.marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=beautyshaven

Please pray that delivery is uneventful and mare and baby will be healthy and happy. Dr. Ryan is aware and is on call.

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