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This page last updated:  Friday, November 19, 2010

(April 2010)
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04/30/10 I know it's been too long since I've sent out an update, but I was determined to get one out tonight before calling it a day.  I appreciate everyone's understanding that things are a bit crazy here, and I hope to get back to routine updates in the next couple of weeks.  I have had some medical appointments I've had to take care of, and there are more to come.  It's been rather tiring; the offices are about 45 minutes away, and the trips back and forth are tiring.  I truly appreciate Jenny and all of the volunteers and my family that have been putting in extra hours to cover for me.

Here are some pictures from the last week:

Last weekend Bernel visited and clipped some of the horses.  She'll be back tomorrow to finish up.

Even Kami was introduced to the clippers.  She's still "all that!"  It looks like her mom, Haley, has morphed into a chocolate Palomino; her new coat is beautiful!


Evan looks very spiffy without his shaggy coat.  His rain rot has healed very nicely.  He is much stronger and actually runs around and kicks up his heels now.  He and Kami go at a couple of times a day -- they're great entertainment!


Sunshine is still stall bound but is healing nicely.  The vet bill for her cyst removal is $385, and that does not include the medications she is on or the follow-up to have the stitches removed.  We have received a donation of $50 towards this; if anyone would like to help, a credit can be called directly in to the vet's office at 352-237-6151 and tell them it is for Sunshine.  Any amount would help and be very much appreciated.  We hadn't counted on this expense and could really use some help.

We followed Dr. Porter's and Dr. Meeks' advice on separating Jedediah from his mom and it is going OK -- we're very proud of our little guy.  He was weaned from his mom a couple of days ago.  Sweet Pea handled it very well; she almost seemed relieved.  She seemed tired of him bumping into her and circling her constantly.  She is at Jennifer's and will start training soon.  Jennifer said Sweet Pea settled right in as though she'd been there for a while.  When Jedediah and his mom arrived at the rescue, he'd had very little human handling and didn't care for any human contact -- you couldn't get near him without him running the other way.  We put a lot of time and effort into calming him before separating him from his mom.  Weaning is always heartbreaking to me, but this one was harder because of his lack of vision.  After his mom left, Jedediah remained in a stall for about 24 hours; and humans stayed with him to comfort him.  He walked circles but calmed as time went by.  I took him out for a walk yesterday afternoon and he did well.  By evening, we felt he was ready to go back to his paddock.  We've started the process of letting him and Evan get to know each other through the fence.  Reva is going to have a baby in a few weeks, and Evan needs to learn his independence from her.  Our hope is that Evan and Jedi will become friends.

When Jedediah was in Kami's stall for about 24 hours, she was a bit put out -- to say the least!  She and her mom got to use a different stall at night.  But Kami was very happy to be back in her own stall last night.  Here is Kami looking in on Jedi in her stall -- she wasn't very happy about it!

Anastasia is huge, especially when next to Kami!  We think we have found a home for Anastasia but won't know for sure until late next week.  It would be an awesome place for her.


Meagan is doing wonderfully in her new home.  She is happy and has adjusted well.  We get frequent updates on her, but we do miss her.



These past few weeks have been really hard on us financially, and it has been a very stressful time for me.  We had to get a new insurance policy, and the premium was much higher than what we were paying -- but we have to have it.  We also had to pay for repairs on the truck.  The farm tractor is due for maintenance but, until we get the funds, it will have to wait.  Please know that all donations, no matter the amount, make a difference and are tax-deductible.

I'd like to share some of our needs with you, and perhaps you can help:

Evan's umbilical hernia needs to be repaired; he needs sponsors ($150).  Dr. Ryan would like to do this on Monday.
Sunshine needs sponsors for her vet bills ($335 still needed to date as well as upcoming suture removal).
We need Sand Clear for Kami and Amadeus.  This is available online from various sources.
We need Thyro-L (RX only); Jedediah needs GastroGuard ($35 a tube, RX only). 
We need to buy apple-flavored bute (RX only) which is $10.65 per tube.  We usually buy this at least six tubes at a time.
We need to buy a bottle of SMZs (antibiotic), which is $55 for a bottle of 500 tabs.
We need to get a load of shavings (60 bags) = $285.  We will need a ton of hay by Wednesday = $290.
We need a set of body clippers; both of our sets broke last weekend, and the repair shop said they can't be fixed.

Credits towards the vet bill (and RX items) can be called in to Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151.

Credits towards much-needed grain and alfalpha cubes can be called in to Sanders Farms at 352-873-8660.

Credits towards hay can be called in to Berrettini Farms at 352-629-1447

If you call a credit in somewhere, please send us an email to let us know to ensure we issue you a tax receipt.

I'd like everyone to know that we appreciate you:  your support makes a difference, and it's because of your support that we are able to help the horses. Thank you all for the emails, prayers, good thoughts, and phone calls.  These next few weeks are going to be a little tougher then usual, but we keep the faith and keep going.  We hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful weekend!

04/29/10 We have reached the final phase of our $1,000 match game offered by a very caring sponsor.  The offering for Phase IV is a new in box, Breyer Cloud's Legacy Horse Gift Set that was donated by a wonderful supporter.  (Please see the photo on the right.)

Once again, we are requesting a suggested donation of $10 to be forwarded via "JustGive.com:"  https://www.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=20-4783950.

Please designate your contribution, "Breyer Cloud's Legacy Horse Gift Set."  The sponsor will match each donation until we reach $250.00.

Thank you all for your love and support.  Fondly, Jeanne

04/27/10 Hi, everyone,

I spoke to Theresa earlier this evening and she, once again, wishes to apologize for not providing updates and photographs for the past several days -- she has been working on some personal issues which must be taken care of.  As soon as she is able, photographs of her beloved horses as well as updates will be forthcoming.

Dr. Ryan was at Beauty's Haven yesterday to ultrasound the mass on Sunshine's shoulder, which he drained late last week and has since returned.  After over two hours, the cyst was removed, a drain was inserted, and almost 30 stitches were applied to close the wound. Sunshine is receiving antibiotics twice daily and is on stall rest 24/7.  Dr. Ryan will return in three weeks to remove her stitches.  Needless to say, Sunshine's training with Jennifer has been significantly delayed.  Theresa estimates that the cost of this procedure will be several hundred dollars.  Since donations are way down, any contributions to help with Sunshine's procedure would be greatly appreciated.

On a happier note, Meagan has been placed in a wonderful home where she is the only pet, a home where she is greatly doted upon and truly loved.  Her new human keeps Theresa apprised daily of Meagan's adventures and reports that she is, thankfully, adjusting beautifully!  Theresa, of course, misses Meagan terribly but is comforted with the knowledge that Meagan has found a perfect home.

Layla is doing extremely well with her training and will be going to Bernel's in mid-May.  Sarra was transported to Jennifer's today where she, too, will begin her training.

Several horses were body clipped this past weekend to rid them of their shaggy winter coats. Theresa noted that Evan looks truly adorable since receiving his "haircut."

Please keep Theresa and her family in your prayers, and thank you all for your continued love and devotion.

Fondly, Jeanne

04/20/10 I hope this update finds everyone having a great week!  We've been very busy here these last few days.  Jenny arrived on Friday from Puerto Rico, and it's great to have her back.  And Tina arrived on Saturday from Canada -- it's great to finally put a face to a name!  Both ladies have been working non-stop, and the horses enjoy being spoiled even more!

This is Eilene and Tina saying hello to Haley and Kami.  Eilene and her brother, Jr., brought Tina to the rescue from the airport on Saturday -- they live near Orlando.

The weather has been nice:  the temps have been warmer, but we've had cloudy days.  Casper is still babysitting Legacy and Baby Ray.  We're still working on raising funds for a shelter for them.


Eilene meeting Anastasia.


Kami still demands to be the center of attention. She is still a pistol!


Jr., come and play with me!  Let's show Auntie Eilene that we can run and have a blast, OK?  Come on now!  Please!!


After a fun and filling BBQ lunch (thanks, Pat and Chris!), everyone went to work pulling weeds!  Here are Chris, Eilene, Tina, Pat, Jr., and Jenny.  They filled up bags and bags -- the weeds are taking over the grass!  Chris and Pat drive up a couple of times a month from 3+ hrs away to help out!


I did take a few minutes out for a short ride yesterday.  Princess is the perfect "first horse" and is such a sweet girl.


Tina exercised Princess for a while and they did great.  I think they both had a good time!


Dr. Porter came today and better defined for us what is going on with Jedediah's eyes. His left eye has severe micro-ophthalmia (a tiny undeveloped eye).  And while he has "some" vision in his right eye (not enough to speak of), he has positional strabismus (misalignment of the eyeball) and rapid involuntary movement.  Dr. Porter feels there is evidence of neurologic abnormality.  His recommendation:  wean Jedediah and buddy him up with another horse similar in size and close to his age, and give him some time -- and then consider having an MRI done to see if there are lesions within the brain or if the blindness is limited to the eye.

There have been many close calls with his mom where he could have been injured; he's come close to being stepped on by her several times, he runs into her, she pins her ears and shoos him at times, he often runs circles around her,  gets confused and runs into her and bounces off.  He was eating mare and foal feed before he came here and continues to eat from his mom's plate.  He doesn't nurse very often.  He drinks water just fine.  When Jedediah's mom gets to running around, it can make him very nervous; and these are times he is more at risk for injury.  We are going to give consideration to all we learned today, speak with Dr. Meeks, and determine a course of action.

Oh, Dr. Porter, you found my ticklish spot!

And then came Reva's ultrasound.  Is everyone ready for MareStare????  We don't have four to five months to go with Reva.  Dr. Porter feels, based on the ultrasound, that she is six to eight weeks from foaling!  Evan Almighty was so good today; he stayed right near his "mom's" side and made sure she was OK. We have to wonder how he will take to having a baby brother or sister.  This will be our first Arabian born at the rescue-- I'm so excited!

We discussed Ruby's condition with Dr. Porter today, and he agrees with Dr. Ryan that Ruby is ready to be turned back out; we have been letting her out at night.  But during the day, she comes in when it is sunny as she has pink skin that burns easily.  On overcast days, though, she can start staying out.  We're sure this will pick her spirits up.

The UF MEDS unit is simply awesome.  Dr. Porter and his staff are very knowledgeable, and it's really nice to have an option of them coming here vs. stressing a horse to go to the hospital.

Please don't forget the current raffle that is Phase III of the $1,000 match game.  The offering is a lovely sun catcher (approximately 7" x 8") made and donated by Diane of Equiglas.  The winner can send a picture of their (or any) horse to Diane, and she will make an imaged based on the picture.  The pictures below are examples, not the actual sun catcher.

We're just over half way to reaching our goal in a generous $1,000 match game. For each donation made, the sponsor will match it until we reach $1,000!  We are requesting a suggested donation of $10 be forwarded via "JustGive.com:"  https://www.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=20-4783950.  Please designate your contribution, "Sun catcher."

I apologize for not getting updates out lately and being out of touch -- I'll try to do better.  I have a ton of emails to answer, and I'm not ignoring any of them -- they are all important to me -- there are just not enough hours in a day.  We have 34 horses here, and my time is consumed with them and their care.  With the arrival of the spring weather, we're cleaning up tack, the tack and feed room, garage, etc.  Many of the horses need to be clipped, bathed, etc. -- there is just always much to do!  But even though I may be out of touch, please remember that we need your help to continue to do what we do for the horses. We need help with vet bills and overhead costs:  insurance is due, farm equipment needs maintenance, etc.  Any amount helps and is very much appreciated.

We so very much appreciate all of our volunteers and all of you that support us on our mission to help horses -- God bless you all!

Tomorrow the Ocala magazine is coming to take pictures of Baby Ray and Sunshine, and Dr. Das comes also -- another busy day!

04/18/10 We encourage you to read significant new scientific research that identifies an important public health risk:  the association of phenylbutazone ("bute") usage with horses bought for slaughter.  Just click on the icon at the right.

Sixty-seven million pounds of horsemeat derived from American horses were sent abroad for human consumption last year.  Although horses are not raised as food animals in the United States, mechanisms to ensure the removal of horses treated with banned substances -- like "bute" -- from the food chain are inadequate at best.

The FDA has forbidden the use of "bute" in animals intended for human consumption (including horses) because "bute" produces serious, and often fatal, effects in humans.  The number of horses that received this drug before being sent to slaughter for human consumption is unknown, but its presence in some is highly likely.  Thus, people are eating contaminated horse meat without even knowing it!

Please also consider downloading and printing this short paper -- it's only five pages -- and sending it to your Congressional Representative and both your Senators along with a brief letter summarizing the paper's findings.  Just follow this link to our Abuse/Neglect page for some suggestions.  Thank you!



Due to the overwhelming response to Phase I of our Match Game fundraiser, we felt that it was only fair to hold two separate drawings for Kami's pillow.  We entered the names of the first 25 participants in the order received in our first drawing, and Beverly's name was selected.  We then held a second drawing containing the names of the second 25 participants, again in the order received, and Robin's name was selected.  So Beverly and Robin will each receive a beautiful pillow containing a portrait of Haley and Kami!  Since we have received $500 thus far, which led to the selection of two winners, we have completed Phases I & II of our fundraiser.

Thank you to all who have participated.  Details of Phase III will be forthcoming.

Fondly, Jeanne

04/16/10 Well, Dr. Porter got behind and had to reschedule for next Tuesday morning.  We were disappointed, but we understand; and Tuesday will be here before we know it, I'm sure!

Haley and Jason gave Peaches a much needed bath today and Peaches loved it! Thanks, Haley and Jason!  Heart enjoyed his bath, too!


Evan Almighty decided that he was going to be the overseer of today's hay delivery.  The delivery guys rubbed on him, and he was a very good boy. He's come a long way and is looking better with each passing day.


Reva has got to be one of the kindest mares I've ever met, and a very patient and good "mom."  She is a great teacher for Evan.  She has a wonderful disposition, and he learns from her.



Remember very thin Sarra?  She's not so thin anymore!



Amadeus is still huge!  We did some work in the round pen this afternoon. He's a good boy and wants to please.  Aaleyah was a bit upset that she didn't get to "play" with us.

The fencing project by the main highway is finished!  Many thanks to the SPCAI, Petfinder.com Foundation, and individuals that donated to make this possible!

Phase 1 of the match game raffle is officially closed, and the winner of the pillow will be announced tomorrow -- a big thanks to everyone that participated! Jeanne will be announcing Phase 2 tomorrow also.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

04/15/10 I wanted to get a quick update out before the day was up -- I tried to get one out yesterday but ran out of time.  I had my day wrong for Dr. Porter's visit:  he comes tomorrow.

Most of the horses are doing well.  Ruby and Classy are still working through their issues.  Jedediah's leg injury is healing nicely.  Anastasia is doing very well: she's settled in great, and everyone loves her.  She adores attention and will stand forever to be brushed.

Here are Sunshine and Doc.  We're going to ask Dr. Porter if he can look at the lump on Sunshine's right shoulder tomorrow.  Dr. Ryan looked at it months ago and said to just keep an eye on it.  In the last couple of weeks, it has increased in size.  We want to make sure she is all checked out and healthy when she leaves for training.

Reva and Evan are doing great:  Evan had a little growth spurt and is looking better.  Kami is shedding out dark -- she's such a spitfire, still!

I'll update tomorrow after Dr. Porter comes.  It's going to be another busy day! We'll have a much better idea tomorrow when Reva is expecting her baby!  And we're very anxious to learn more about Jedediah's "good" eye.  After watching him these past several days, sometimes I think he can see something, not much but something -- sort of like Baby Ray does.  Oh, Casper has spent the last few days babysitting the boys and seems much happier.  He holds his head up now, and his eyes are brighter.  I know he still misses Granny Jewels, but he is better and for that I'm very thankful.  He even shares his meals with Baby Ray!

Thanks to everyone participating in the pillow raffle.  It truly is a beautiful pillow: you just want to hug it!  We're at $180 in the first phase of the match game with a $250 goal.  Once we reach $250, a winner will be drawn and we'll move on to the second phase, which has another awesome prize.  If you missed the info on the first phase, here you go.


A wonderful supporter is offering a $1,000 Match Game for Beauty's Haven, which will have four stages.

After we reach a total of $250 for each stage, we will have a drawing for a beautiful gift.  The first gift will be a lovely pillow featuring a portrait of Haley & Kami.

A suggested donation of $10 would help with the daily care of the Beauty's Haven horses.

In a match game, for every donation amount received, the match game sponsor will match the amount of the donation!  For example:  donate $50 and the sponsor will also donate $50, up until $1,000 is met!  This means, once we reach $1,000, it's really $2,000!!!

We are requesting that donations be made via 'JustGive.com' -- just click on this link:  https://www.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=20-4783950.

Please designate your donation "Kamea Pillow."

Thank you all for your love and support!

04/12/10 The new camera arrived and I finally figured out how to use it!  Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today.  I didn't get any of LadyBug or Legacy -- will try to get them tomorrow.  It was another really busy day.

I called Dr. Ryan out this AM to examine Jedediah.  Yesterday evening Sweet Pea managed to get the gate open, and she took off.  Jedi tried to follow but got "lost" in no time.  His mom was running around the house and up on Frosty's Knoll.  Jedi ran circles, ran into fencing, and ran more circles.  Once I was able to get Sweet Pea by the halter, we were able to get close enough to Jedi so he could sense his mom -- he stopped running and stayed by her side to go back into their paddock.  I looked but didn't notice any injuries.  But this morning he seemed reluctant to get up for breakfast.  I found his rear right leg swollen and he was nipping at it, so I called Dr. Ryan out.  Here is Dr. Ryan cleaning up the boo boo.

There wasn't any major damage, just some minor cuts from the fencing and a little swelling.

Jedi and his mom were fine the rest of today.  Sweet Pea is a big girl and truly appreciates anything done for her.


Classy has more abscessing; Dr. Ryan warned us that, because of the bone spurs at the tips of her coffin bones, this is going to be chronic.


Captain is doing OK, but we need to get his feet better trimmed and balanced. To do this, we're going to have to hook him up in the sling under his shelter -- he can't hold any one foot up long enough for a good trim -- we usually do it when he is lying down.  But he doesn't like having his back feet trimmed while lying down.  To do it better, we will try the sling.  We won't actually "sling" him, but he will be in it and, if he decides to rest his weight in it, he will be able to do that without risking falling.  Here is Captain and in the background our two little fuzzy bears that will be getting clipped in a couple of weeks, Bouie and Frodo.

Here is little Kami talking with Sunshine.  I think she may end up being dark bay after shedding out her baby fur.


Baby Ray, as handsome as ever!



Jedediah borrowed one of Kami's balls yesterday and he loves it!  He really is a sweet boy.  I try to work with him at least three times a day, and he is getting better about being around humans.  His hearing is very good as is his sense of smell.

We are looking forward to Dr. Porter's evaluation of Jedi on Wednesday.  We hope and pray that he can see something out of his "good" eye.  Dr. Ryan looked in it again today but still couldn't find a retina or optic nerve.


Casper hasn't been happy since Granny Jewels left us.  He has been staying in a paddock with Momma Sue and Sarra, right next to the boys' paddock.  I can't put him in the main paddock because Sunshine picks on him.  Today I moved him into the boys' paddock, and he seems to be happier -- and the boys seem to enjoy having him there.  I'm very glad Casper has a job now; he always enjoyed having his "herd" even if it was one mare that he claimed all his own.  Now he's got the two boys -- we want all of the horses to be happy.  Once Sunshine leaves, he can go back into the main paddock if he wants to.  Or maybe he'll stay where he is.  Eventually, Legacy will find his own home; and Baby Ray will need someone to keep him company. We'll see how it all works out.

The weather has been really nice even if the winds have been a bit high.  The fencing project is still underway and should be done in the next couple of days, depending on the weather.

Here are a few of our current needs:

Thyro-L, which is available at many online stores; but here is the price at www.kvsupply.com.

Cowboy Magic Detangler, also available at www.kvsupply.com but I'm sure it's available at many online stores.  We use a lot of this!

Hay: credits can be called in to Larson's Farms at 352-867-8333 or Berrettini at 352-629-1447.  If you call in a credit, please send me an email to let me know so I can make sure you get a tax receipt for it.  And, sometimes the hay store forgets to call and tell us that we have a credit on file.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated -- no amount is too small.  Donations can also be made via our website or snail mail.

Even though the grass is green, we will continue to buy hay so the paddocks don't get over grazed; we'd like to keep as much grass as possible.  We just won't have to continue to buy as much has as we did through the winter months.  Now we are fighting the weeds, which seem to be taking over what little grass there is.  And then there are the flies and fire ants that are back now that the weather is warmer.

Doc's next treatment by Dr. Das has been covered -- thank you to the two angels that are taking care of this!

We continue to look for a good home for Meagan.  We're going to miss her; she settled in so well with our human family, and she's such a sweet dog.  But we just can't run any risk with the horses, especially the babies.  If anyone could offer her a good home, please let us know.  I'll be contacting a Doberman rescue organization in Florida tomorrow to see if they can help us place her.

Thanks, everyone, have a great week.  I likely won't update again until Wednesday after Dr. Porter's visit.  The Ocala magazine is supposed to be sending a camera crew out this week to take pictures of Sunshine and Baby Ray. Jenny is flying in from Puerto Rico on Friday for a few weeks, and on Saturday Tina will be arriving from Canada to spend a week!

04/12/10  We have just posted a wonderful new item on eBay!  Please follow the link below for more information ...



04/10/10 Hi, all!  Just a quick update.  Someone asked how LadyBug is doing.  She's doing great -- I'll try to get pictures of her tomorrow.  She had some days that she was lame on her front left.  We soaked her foot for a few days hoping an abscess would pop, but nothing.  But she seems better now.  She is in the "diet" paddock with the easy keepers.  I think all the others are doing OK except for Classy and Ruby.

Ruby has been on stall rest for over 6+ months.  A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Ryan said we could start putting her out some; so we put her out for an hour or two, increasing a little each night.  Now, she stays out at night in a small paddock by herself.  She's glad to get out of her stall for a bit and, in the spring and summer months, she is used to staying in during the days because of the sun -- she has pink skin and burns easily.

Classy she has abscesses again in her front feet.

Anastasia is doing great -- what a big and sweet girl she is!

Kami is doing well -- she really loves to tease Evan!  It's so funny:  she'll run up to Evan and touch him with her nose or run circles around him (even run under him!), and he'll just run away or back off.  Then she'll run back up to him and pin her ears at him, and then Reva runs over to get between them.  Then Kami pins her ears at Reva, too!  Reva will just "collect" Evan and shoo him off with her. Kami knows NO fear!  Girl power!  Haley has mellowed out quite a bit.  I think she has come to the conclusion that Kami can take care of herself!  We're looking forward to Wednesday when Dr. Porter will ultrasound Reva and give us a better foaling estimate -- I don't think she'll go another five months!

The magazine company is coming out this week to take pictures of Sunshine for the article they are doing on her and Baby Ray.  She will be leaving in May for training; she's ready for her own human family, and the boys are doing great on their own.  If we put her in the paddock with them, it doesn't take long before she's asking to come out!

More of an update hopefully tomorrow -- it was another busy day here and, with the weather so nice, I try to spend some time with each of the babies doing some ground work.  And today I pulled weeds for almost four hours!  I won't be able to stand up straight for weeks now!

04/08/10 It's been a very busy week here, and more to come!  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

Evan got a treatment with Healing Tree Products for his rain rot; he didn't care for it at first, but he mellowed out and enjoyed the extra attention.  We treated Sarra, too, and she is looking better each day!  She's put on quite a bit of weight and is doing really well -- she's got such a great disposition -- she is going to make someone a very nice horse.

Captain and Heart enjoy an afternoon nap.


Captain got a massage (thanks to his angel!) by Molly and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Doc was treated by Dr. Das.  He got quite a few "kinks" worked out but really needs a follow-up treatment in two weeks if we can raise the funds for it.  Doc came from auction two years ago.  He was adopted out but, following a routine site check, it was determined it would be in his best interest to be returned to the rescue. Doc would be suitable for a small child on a lead line.

Sweet Pea and Jedediah are doing well.  The baby is still afraid of many things. The paddock he is in is right by the road, and there are so many noises there.  I try to work with him at least three times a day for at least 30 minutes.  He's slowly learning humans will not hurt him and he has no reason to fear them, but it is going to take time.  Dr. Porter will be out next Wednesday to examine him.


Dr. Bess worked on Sweat Pea.  Her teeth weren't too bad, and she was a good girl.



Dr. Bess said Anastasia's mouth was one of the worst she's ever seen, especially for a 7-year-old.


Today Sweet Pea got her feet trimmed; they were overdue.  She was good considering Jedediah was whinnying for her the whole time.


Doing Anastasia's feet took some time and patience.  I don't think I've ever seen a horse shake as much as she did at first.  Her feet hadn't been worked on in a very long time.  There's a lot of weight on these feet -- I'm very glad they are now trimmed and balanced and that they are healthy.


It took some time to get all four feet done, but it was worth it.  Larry was very patient and gentle with Anastasia, and she got lots of positive attention and praise from Robin and Diane -- and me, too!



Legacy is shedding out and is going to be just stunning once the baby coat is gone!


Reva has just about shed out her unhealthy rescue coat and is just beautiful, inside and out!  She does a wonderful job being a mom to Evan Almighty. Evan's little tummy is better, and he has had a growth spurt!  He sort of reminds us of Doc.  When Dr. Porter comes out next Wednesday to examine Jedediah, he is going to ultrasound Reva to better determine a foaling date.


Kami is, well, still "all that" and all girl!  She loves to run and run and run!

Katie and I took some time today to ride.  Princess and Peaches seemed to enjoy it as much as we humans did.  After our ride, Katie hopped up on Heart bareback for a few minutes, and he seemed to enjoy it, too!  She just walked him around Captain's paddock, but he seemed a bit energized and looked happy!

Installation of the new fencing that runs along the highway is halfway done.  I feel better already and hope and pray we never have to experience a microburst again!  We're still working on funds for a shelter for Baby Ray and Legacy.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your continued support -- without you we couldn't do what we do.  We have 30+ horses here, and they all thank you!  We have a new, easy way for donations to be made:  JustGive.org!  If you go to our "Donate" page, you'll see a "JustGive.org" picture to click on.

Here is the direct link:  https://www.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=20-4783950.  You can sign up for a recurring donation or make a one-time donation, and a receipt is sent right back to you!  The fees are not as high as PayPal, so that is a plus!

Have a great day tomorrow!

04/07/10 I hope everyone is having a great week!  I know I'm behind on updates and hope to get one out later tonight with pictures -- there just aren't enough hours in a day.  We're very busy with vet appointments, ground work with the babies, routine chores, other cases of horses needing help, and much, much more.

But I want to share a couple of pictures of Misty before I forget.  She's doing great and loving life with her new human family.  I just love to see them with their new family.  Misty was Tiny Tim's mom.  Tiny Tim was a baby that came to us with a broken leg that just couldn't be mended despite all efforts.  He now lives on the other side of Rainbow Bridge, but forever he is a part of me, a part of our family. I'll never, ever forget the day he left us; his heartbeat was so strong.  He was a beautiful baby, full of spunk and charm.

You can learn about Tiny Tim here: http://beautysequinerescue.org/tiny_tim_diary.htm.  We're very proud of his mom and very grateful to her human family.

04/04/10 I want to share a few pictures from the last couple of days.

Here is little Miss Kami:  she loves strutting her stuff -- she loves the camera!  I think we finally worked through her tummy issues.

Hi, everyone, look at me!  I'm getting big!  Guess what!!!  I got to play with Evan today!  He's feeling better and I'm so glad.  He actually ran and kicked up his heels!  The new baby, Jedediah, do you know that he can't see?  I can't imagine what that must be like.  I try to talk to him, but he doesn't know me. He gets confused and scared when he hears things like Max barking or a truck go by.  I hope he will be OK.  OK, I have to go run and play some more!


It was good to see Evan run and have fun.


Jedediah is very slightly better about being touched.  He's got to get used to the fact that here we won't "tackle" him to catch him.  A little grain, a lot of time and patience, soothing and encouraging words, and a rub on the side of the head and then to the halter -- he's getting better about it.  We're calling his mom "Sweet Pea" because she is such a sweet mare, very good about letting humans work with her baby.


Mommy, I think I hear that camera thingy you told me about -- is Mommy Theresa taking my picture again?


When Dr. Ryan examined Jedediah's eye yesterday, he didn't really find an eye -- the third eye but that was about it.  And in the good eye Dr. Ryan could not see a retina or optic nerve.  As I suspected since the first few minutes I spent with the baby, he can't see.  Dr. Ryan didn't have a slit lamp to look into the eye with, though.  We're going to call UF tomorrow and speak with the vet there.  I don't think there is anything we can do, but I want to make sure and it can't hurt to get another opinion.

Sweet Pea's right ear won't stand up -- the cartilage is damaged.  She's such a sweet girl; it's just cosmetic.  She's still beautiful and will make someone a very nice horse.  She's a big girl and will be getting her feet done this week.


Sunshine and the boys are doing great!  Baby Ray seems to have mellowed some, which is very good.  We need to get to back to work on trying to raise funds for their shelter -- we're still applying for grants.  The new fencing is going up this week to replace the fence that broke during the horrid microburst.  I'll feel better when it's done.

We hope everyone had a great weekend.  Thanks for your support, know that we appreciate you very much.  Without you we couldn't do what we do -- you all make a difference!  Happy Easter!

04/03/10 12:00 pm:  I followed up on a call that I got last night about a Clydesdale that needed help; she was at risk of being shot.  I was told she has been a nurse mare for a few years. She spent years raising other mom's babies only to be thanked like this.  I know we've asked for a lot of help lately, but it appears we are the last hope for this mare -- can anyone help us to help her?  We have one horse that has an adoption pending; this would free up a spot for this mare, but we need help with her care, ASAP.

3:00 pm:  We are back at the rescue; the mare is Percheron, not a Clyde!  The mare's feet haven't seen a farrier in a long time, and she doesn't seem to have had much handling, but she is kind.  She has the most beautiful eyes and appears to be seven to eight years old.

This mare is going to cost a bit to feed and get up to date on feet, teeth, and vaccinations; but with your help we can do this.  Thanks, everyone -- another one safe! She's our Easter mare, what a blessing!  We've named her Anastasia, which means "resurrection."  She now has a new start on life and tomorrow is Easter, so the name Anastasia seemed very fitting!

To those that pledged to help:  thank you! You can send your pledge in via snail mail or PayPal – she’s a big girl who's going to eat a lot -- no donation is too small, all donations are tax-deductible and very much appreciated.  We'll get her scheduled to have her feet and teeth done and whatever else she needs.

God bless you all, and thank you again, very much. We wish everyone a very Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend!

04/02/10 We have just posted two wonderful new items on eBay!  Please follow the links below for more information ...




04/02/10 Just a quick update to let everyone know that the mare and baby with one eye arrived and have settled in.  This baby hasn't had much handling and is pretty nervous -- when he got off the trailer, he almost fell and then he started going in circles.  He fell down a couple of times going in circles but eventually stopped.  He's grinding his teeth; we've started him on GastroGuard already.  I spoke with Dr. Ryan, and he will be out in the morning.  My observations could be wrong (and I hope I am), but I'm not sure this baby has a good eye -- I feel very badly for him.  His momma is a sweetie and trusts humans with her little one, which is a true blessing.  She's a very big and beautiful girl with very kind eyes!

I'd really appreciate it if those that pledged to help would go ahead and send in their pledges for April.  The GastroGuard was unexpected and is $35 a tube!


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