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This page last updated:  Monday, November 15, 2010


It was a wonderful day, a day we've been looking forward to for many months.  Magic, an Arabian stallion that had been abused before coming to Beauty's Haven, tasted "freedom" for the first time in a LONG time! 

After arriving at Beauty's Haven, he lived in a pen made from round pen panels attached to a run-in stall and overhang.  I worked with him daily and, as time went by, as he progressed in learning to trust, he'd be rewarded with another panel being added, making his area larger and larger.  It got to the point where there were no more round pen panels to add!

By this time, Magic would approach me when I entered into his area; he'd let me groom him back as far as his withers.  He'd follow me like a shadow.  I'd ask him to "go home," and he'd go into the stall in his run-in.  He started accepting treats from others, even without me being in his pen with him.

One of the Friends of Barbaro (FOB's), Bernel Kress, visited our rescue and learned that we'd had plans to move Magic to a one-acre paddock with an attached run-in as soon as we could after modifying the fence posts, raising them 12" and installing electric tape. 

Bernel put plans in motion to hold a Magic work/play day at the rescue in order for Magic's new paddock to be prepared.  And the reward at the end of the day would be to watch him be turned out into his new paddock. 

A fundraiser started only a few days before the work day, and enough funds were received for the materials needed for Magic's paddock -- and even some extra to put in our Hay Fund! 

On September 29th, many gathered at the rescue to make Magic's Day possible.  We worked hard pulling weeds, modifying fencing, installing electrical wire, cleaning cobwebs from stalls, and doing other chores. 

We got to see friends and meet new ones.  It was truly a blessed day, and we can't thank everyone enough for their support. 

We had a great lunch, courtesy of Bernel and her husband.  Blodwyn cooked the chicken and ribs, which were very tasty! 

Mitch and Kevin worked in the hot sun modifying the fencing while many others pulled peanut weeds that were taking over the grass in Magic's new paddock.  Ruthie, Bonnie, Barbara, Beth, Lisa, Susan, Sylvia, Bernel, Blodwyn, and Jenny probably had nightmares about peanut weeds after this! 

Folks helped out where needed -- it was a great example of how much can be accomplished by people working together for a great cause. 

We were all exhausted, but excited, when the paddock was finished and it was time to move him.  Magic was very hesitant when I first opened up the gate from his pen into his new paddock.  He slowly inched his way into his new digs and walked around, nibbled at the grass and then started doing the Arabian strut!

He was BEAUTIFUL!  After taking some time to explore his new paddock and learning how to use his legs, he started running and jumping around.  We could sense Barbaro and Nick there, running along side of him.

Magic has endured much in his life but he holds nothing against humans.  There isn't a mean bone in his body.  He is afraid but wants to trust.  He wants to share feelings and love -- it was obvious.  I don't know how long it will take Magic to trust others enough to let them handle him, but it will take as long as it takes.  We're very proud of the progress he has made.

There were lots of teary eyes that witnessed what the feeling of freedom looks like - and the appreciation he showed when he stopped running for a minute, looked at all of us humans standing along the fence line watching him, as if to say, "Thank You." 

A beautiful stallion running like the wind.  Words cannot describe the way he looked, the way he moved.  It was a heart-warming experience.  Humans had treated him so badly yet he, like so many other horses that have been abused and/or neglected, chose to forgive and is well on his way to learning to trust again.

Since he has been in his new paddock, a new Magic is coming about.  He approaches the fence when a human stops by to say hello instead of turning and walking the other way.  He takes treats from others and is just simply more more at ease.

Our first rescue was an Arabian mare named Beauty.  Her background was similar to Magic's.  She is the reason our rescue got started, and she will be with me always.  She is my "heart horse," and we share a wonderful relationship. 

Arabians have their own way of communicating, IMO.  They are very loving and intelligent.  Sometimes I believe that they think and reason like humans.  They do understand emotions.

On Magic's Day, Beauty's Haven was truly Magic's Kingdom, and we were all in awe of his glory.

"This is what freedom looks like!"

A statement made by one FOB who can once again call her life her own, through the lessons given by Barbaro.  (C.S.)

Here are most of the wonderful people that helped make Magic's day a huge success. 

Thank you to everyone that helped to make the day possible and a success.

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