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This page last updated:  Monday, November 15, 2010

The Story of Dingolay (Layla)

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09/14/09 The case against Krystal Knirsch was heard in court today.  She was found guilty and sentenced to one year's probation, 50 hours community service with Salvation Army, 30 days on the Sheriff's Work Gang, $2,500.00 fine, and approximately $500.00 in court costs; and she cannot own or shelter animals for one year, with the exception of "Choppy," her mother's cat.  We are very thankful that justice was served in Red's (Sienna's) case -- thank you, Marion County!  Now, that precedence has been set, the court itself has determined that Red was abused; we expect more charges for the other horses.  Red was in bad shape but Dingolay (Layla) was even worse, and Tonka died.  Brook and her baby died.  It's more than apparent that there is a case for the others that suffered.  What do you think?


09/12/09 We are so happy to say that Layla is now available for adoption!  The fee is $325.

Layla had her surgery today, and the doctor didn't find a tooth but rather a small bony growth attached to the skull that he felt it best to leave.  By trying to remove it, he could have fractured her skull.  He did remove the "thing" where the pus had been coming from, which looked rather gross.  Click here to see a picture, but be warned -- it is graphic.  The doctor thinks she'll be fine and that she should have the other ear done in the fall unless it opens or bothers her before then.

It took over an hour for Layla to decide she was ready to get up in the recovery room.  I have to admit that the inflatable "pillow" she was laying against looked inviting -- I wanted to curl right up with her.  It was very cold in there -- she was shaking all over.  Once she was up, it didn't take long for her to gather herself to go back to her stall.  After she settled in and munched on some hay, we opted to grab a bite to eat.  I think Layla wanted to leave with us, but she was reassured that Aunties Jenny and Blodwyn would be back this evening to visit with her and to bring some green gel to rub on her muscles that are going to be sore.

While at the hospital, people asked if she was Tonka's mom.  Of course, that only brought tears.  We had a picture of what Layla looked like on 4/15, and they couldn't believe how bad she had been and how good she looks now.  They also couldn't believe that there have been no charges to those responsible for the cold and heartless deaths of Tonka, Brook's Approval, and her baby.  We assured them we're not giving up yet -- Marion County and the state of Florida haven't heard the last from us!

We appreciate prayers and support and, in addition to asking for continued prayers for Layla, I'd like to ask that you include a couple of others that we met today.  There was baby in the stall next to Layla with his mom.  He had a bad front right leg, and it was wrapped like Tiny Tim's had been wrapped.  Like Tiny Tim, he couldn't put weight on it; and the knee was very swollen.  We asked if he would be OK, and nobody could answer that question.  And while we were waiting for Layla to wake up, my heart stopped when, around the corner, came a gray dappled TB that reminded me of Point to Ponder -- he was wearing a splint and was going in for surgery.  He'd broken his leg racing -- he is only 2 years old.

Here are a few pictures from today, as promised.  Here is the thing below her right ear all cleaned up.  It would get cleaned and doctored daily and then, as the pus would build up again, she'd shake her head a lot and the pus would go everywhere, which was a real fly magnet.  She's going to be much more comfortable now.

Thinking about getting on the trailer.  I always wonder what they are thinking when we ask them to load.

Walking to her stall at the hospital.  Isn't she just beautiful? 

Settled into her stall at the hospital.

On the way to be prep'ed for surgery this morning.

Can you imagine being in this position for over two hours if you were a horse? 

This is Layla's Aaleyah impression with her tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth during recovery.

On her feet again.

Back in her stall after surgery.

And this is the thing below her left ear that will be removed in the fall.  Dr. Lynch explained the things as cells that somehow got misplaced when she was in the womb.  It would have been too much on her for Dr. Lynch to have worked on the left ear today, too.  She was under anesthesia for over two hours just for the right ear.  We'll have a picture of the thing that was removed from below her right ear on her page on the website accessible by a link -- it's sort of gross, so you'll have to click on a button to get to it.  It'll be on her webpage by morning.

Layla has been through so much; she's a fighter, that's for sure.  We want her to be as comfortable, healthy, and normal as possible -- she's young and has a whole lifetime ahead of her.  Thanks to everyone for the prayers, donations, emails, and for caring.  God bless you all!

layla1_080609.jpg (16815 bytes)

layla2_080609.jpg (31277 bytes)

layla3_080609.jpg (39522 bytes)

layla4_080609.jpg (17917 bytes)

layla5_080609.jpg (35259 bytes)

layla6_080609.jpg (31009 bytes)

layla7_080609.jpg (13569 bytes)

layla8_080609.jpg (22313 bytes)

layla9_080609.jpg (18197 bytes)

layla10_080609.jpg (12207 bytes)

08/04/09 Stormy and Layla.

stormy-layla_080409.jpg (39679 bytes)

08/01/09 Stormy and Layla in their new masks.  Layla will be having her surgery soon to her one of her ears.  

layla-stormy_080109.jpg (30500 bytes)

layla-stormy2_080109.jpg (25850 bytes)

07/26/09 Layla still kicking up her heels.

It's really great to see Layla having fun.  She's doing very well now -- we just need to get her ears fixed up.

Val tries to run and play, too.  Layla is on the right. 

layla_072609.jpg (42659 bytes)

layla2_072609.jpg (36723 bytes)

val-layla_072609.jpg (24502 bytes)

07/03/09 While Terry was here dropping off the minis, he visited with Layla and was very happy to see her progress.  Thank you, Terry, for taking such good care of our precious cargo!

terry-layla_070309.jpg (34784 bytes)

07/02/09 Dingolay (Layla) today:  She feels GOOD!

layla1_070209.jpg (29778 bytes)

layla2_070209.jpg (21073 bytes)

layla3_070209.jpg (30719 bytes)

06/26/09 While the girls were running around, even Layla ran with her tail held high.  (That is Val looking at her).

layla-val_062609.jpg (33089 bytes)

06/21/09 Layla is doing very well.  She has gained over 100 lbs and is looking better each day.  Her spirits are good and she is a very sweet girl.

layla_062109.jpg (60132 bytes)

06/19/09 Many thanks again to Vonda Sines for writing another wonderful article about our horses.  This one features Tonka:



With a great big THANK YOU, we are happy to inform you that the letters are being added to the file in the case against Krystal Knirsch.  YOU gave Tonka, Brook's Approval, and her stillborn foal a voice.  You also gave Dingolay (Layla) and Sienna a voice.

For more information about Tonka's Task Force, please visit this page.

06/11/09 Here is Layla wanting to join in on the bath that Captain is getting from Robin and Blodwyn.  Layla is doing really well.  She even kicked up her heels and charged Max, the dog, a couple of days ago.

captain-laylay_061109.jpg (28365 bytes)


Good evening, all.  Here are updated photos showing Sienna and Dingolay's (Layla's) weight gain. Their coats are looking healthy, their sadness is gone, and they are doing great.

For those of you that may be wondering what Tonka's Task Force is, here is Theresa's post that she sent out a few days ago:

We are moving forward with Tonka's Task Force and would like to ask anyone that is willing to participate to email either myself or Anne directly.  We want to change the way things are, or are not, done to prevent any other horses from suffering like Tonka, Dingolay, Sienna, Brook;s Approval, and her stillborn baby did. 

We are very proud that our first accomplishment was successful with the outcome of Todd Williams' day in court this past Monday.  But we have just begun, and we have a lot of work to do.  We need people to make calls, conduct research, send emails and letters, and do various other taskings. 

Again, if you have some free time and are willing to help, please contact Anne or myself.  I'd also like to ask that, if you email me,  also "cc" Anne and vice versa.  Thank you in advance. 


Tonka will not be forgotten.

We are still looking for volunteers that would like to join in.

sienna1_060809.jpg (38152 bytes)

sienna2_060809.jpg (17185 bytes)

layla1_060809.jpg (24542 bytes)

layla2_060809.jpg (22452 bytes)

layla3_060809.jpg (19002 bytes)

layla4_060809.jpg (20274 bytes)

06/07/09 Congratulations to Paula C., our raffle winner -- yay!!

We have a meeting with an attorney regarding Dingolay's case on Tuesday.  We are still asking that anyone who is interested in being part of Tonka's Task Force please let us know by sending an email to both Theresa and Anne.  For those of you that have signed up, thank you.   We will be sending you a separate email by Wednesday mid-day.

Dingolay (Layla) is steadily gaining weight.   She and Captain have become quite a pair.   Sienna looks great and enjoys her turn out time with the other horses. 

06/03/09 Hi, Folks!  Dingolay (Layla) and Sienna are steadily improving.  We will try to get an update out tomorrow night with photos from Dr. Das's visit tomorrow to care for them.  Don't forget our special raffle to raise money for these expenses -- please follow this link to see the wonderful items we are offering.  Have a great night!!


It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the letters made an impact on the judge! Monday morning, he handed a stack of letters to the defense and informed them that he would NOT accept the plea!  Instead, he ordered a Presentence Investigation (Wiki definition= A presentence investigation report (PSI) is a legal term referring to the investigation into the history of person convicted of a crime before sentencing to determine if there are extenuating circumstances which should ameliorate the sentence or a history of criminal behavior to increase the harshness of the sentence.) in order to gather all of Todd Shevan Williams' history.

We sincerely hope that this turn of events will increase his sentence, which will be on his record when charges are filed in Marion County for what he did to Dingolay, Tonka, Brook's Approval, and her stillborn foal.

Todd Williams is out on bond, and his next hearing is set for August 10, 2009.

This would not have been possible without the letters you all sent.  This is far from over, and we are still working on this.  Please keep your eyes open for an update asking you to send letters again, this time to the Marion County State Attorney and to Marion County Animal Control.  We are awaiting a phone call from Animal Control to confirm when charges will be filed against Todd Williams, and Joann and Krystal Knirsch, regarding Dingolay, Tonka, and Brook's Approval.  It is our understanding, based on public information from MCAS, that charges are being pursued as a Misdemeanor.   We disagree and need to push for felony charges as defined by Florida law (see below).   The pain and suffering Tonka, Dingolay, Brook, and her stillborn baby endured, which resulted in death for all but Dingolay, is nothing short of slow, intentional, and painful murder in our eyes.

05/27/09 Thank all of you for the poems, kind and encouraging words, donations, emails, phone calls, and for caring.

We're working hard to make sure justice is served for Tonka, Dingolay (Layla), and Sienna Rachel; but I will tell you that it is exhausting.  We learned more today about the case that sent me into orbit, and emotions are still high. 

Anne and I have been busy at our desks while the volunteers care for the horses during the day.  I try to get away from my desk and to the barn for a bit throughout the day, and I'm back at the barn after they leave.  Then I'm back here at my desk for a bit, then back to the barn.  Getting to bed around 1:00 am, but there is no sleep.  I have had nightmares since Tonka died.  With others, like Nicky, most of my dreams were comforting.  But not with Tonka.  He didn't know a good day in his life.  He never got to run and play in green grass, carefree, like all babies should.  We didn't have much time together to make good memories with.  His whole life was full of hunger and pain.

Tonka even had to watch another TB mare, Brooke's Approval, give birth to a stillborn foal.  She was euthanized because she was in such poor condition from neglect.  Can you imagine Dingolay (Layla) and Tonka seeing all of this happen?  The mare looked as bad as Dingolay.  And this mare also belonged to the same person Dingolay belonged to!  And this happened only a couple of weeks before Tonka died.  Something is wrong with the way things are done or not done, and we have to push for change.  For Tonka, Dingolay, Sienna Rachel, and all those we don't know about -- and those that we did and it was too late.

Starvation is an absolutely horrible way to die.  Reading the AC report today brought many, many tears.  And anger.  This isn't a new case -- it has been going on since March!  We will be asking for you all to send letters, make phone calls, etc. -- but we have to get the facts first.

Again, thank you all for your support.


Theresa put together a touching video tribute for Tonka and Layla (AKA Dingolay):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF6sNQrZCZc&feature=channel_page.   Please take a few minutes, make sure a box of tissues is nearby, and view the video. (If the video will not come up, search BHFERS.)

We hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend.


Life has been extremely busy here at the rescue -- around the clock -- but I had to take time out to say thank you to all of you.  These last several days have been one of the most emotional (and physical) roller-coaster rides of my life. 

05/21/09 As you've all heard recently, Tonka has lost his battle to overcome his starvation.  But, thanks to Theresa and the volunteers at Beauty's Haven, plus the rest of us saying prayers for him.

Unfortunately, prayers won't cover the huge vet bill for his care, so we're raffling off two wonderful gift baskets -- donated by Alli -- in honor of Tonka so we can cover these expenses.  Please follow this link to join in!  But hurry, the raffle ends on June 12, 2009!


We have been working tirelessly to get a press release ready, answer phone calls and emails, and of course care for the horses. Please bear with us.  Theresa's internet has been down, and she has been very busy at the barn as well.  Both Dr. Das and Dr. Ryan were at the farm today, and they agreed that the mares will begin gaining weight and getting strong -- they have no underlying health issues that were detected upon physical exams or in blood test results.

Please follow this link to read our press release!

Please go to http://www.wcjb.com/news/3840/starving-horses-recovering and view the latest newscast.  The reporter met with Theresa again today and did an awesome job. 

Thank you all for your wonderful support, your many prayers, the many condolences we received, and the donations you have sent to help these lucky souls.

Dr. Das worked on both mares this afternoon.  She was greatly saddened to see their condition, especially Layla's.  She is depressed.  There are times when she grazes and seems content, but then there are many times when you find her with her head down wearing a look of worry and despair on her face.  It breaks my heart.  Dr. Ryan and Dr. Das both feel that she will recover; it will just take some time.  Layla will be treated again in a week or so by Dr. Das.

Sienna has a great personality and is perking up more each day.  She seemed to totally enjoy her spa treatment today by Dr. Das.  She is doing well.  Dr. Ryan came by today, and he and Dr. Das both feel she will be just fine with time and good food.  If all continues to go well with her, she may be made available for adoption in five to six weeks.  She seems happy to be here. 

Sienna is healthier and perkier then Layla, not nearly as thin -- but she didn't have a foal nursing, or trying to nurse on her, for the past few months.  Sienna wanders away from Layla when they are out grazing together, but they usually find their way back to each other.  Sienna is the dominate one.  They've been through a lot together.  This afternoon I saw Sienna actually out kicking up her heels.  She tried to get Layla to join in, but Layla continued grazing.

layla1_052009.jpg (39899 bytes)

layla2_052009.jpg (50465 bytes)

sienna_052009.jpg (64329 bytes)

layla_sienna_052009.jpg (44765 bytes)


Good morning!  It has been a very busy few days, and it will only get busier.  Sienna is doing well.  She is eating her small meals and is in good spirits.  Layla is still depressed.  We ran more blood work, and we also have a call in to Dr. Das, our homeopathic vet, for her to come and begin treating Layla.

The news crew will be back out again today.  They say there has been an overwhelming response to this story.  This is a wonderful thing!  If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can view it here: http://www.wcjb.com/news/3811/starving-horses-in-ocala.  Please leave your comments after watching.  Keep in mind that Todd Williams, mentioned in the video, is not the only person involved in neglecting these horses.  The property owners also need to be charged.

A recent newspaper article reported that the same Todd Williams who owned these horses was arrested and charged in December 2007 in connection with a cruel pit bull fighting operation.  Williams will be sentenced on June 1, 2009, at 9:00 am in Columbia County FL.  We need to let people know dog fighting is not the only thing he is involved in.  I will send out a list of addresses.  If you wish to help us by sending a letter to county and state officials, we welcome it.  They need to be made aware of what is going on and that we will not stand for it any longer.


It is with much sorrow that I pass along the terrible news.  I received the tearful call from Theresa that Tonka has lost his fight. Please continue to keep Layla in your prayers and she continues her fight.  Please also hold Theresa in your prayers as she needs the strength to stay well and help the others still waiting for her at the farm.

We will always love you precious boy, and you will forever remain in our hearts.

tonka13_051809.jpg (55645 bytes)

(early evening)
News channel 20 WCJB of Gainesville/Ocala met Theresa at the hospital this afternoon to cover the story of Tonka, Layla, and Sienna.  After meeting at the hospital, she followed Theresa to the rescue, while Jenny went to the hospital to sit with Tonka. The story will air tonight at 10 and 11 and then again tomorrow morning.

As I was preparing this update, Theresa got a call from the hospital that they had to put Tonka on oxygen – she is on her way back to the hospital. I will put out another update later, hopefully before 9, and hopefully it won’t be bad news.  Thank you all for following the updates, praying, and sending donations to help with his care.  We are certainly not alone on this mission and we thank you for standing by Tonka as he fights for his life.  One more note – Tonka was born in late January.

In preparation of getting Tonka into the trailer, Dr. Ryan and his assistant Tyler, used a makeshift sling to get him up.

Once at the hospital, the team unloaded the entire air bed to get Tonka into the emergency room.

What a poor, pitiful soul.  Without your support we wouldn’t be able to help him.

As Theresa sits with him, she comforts him with prayers and tells him to be strong and hold on.

After receiving the bags of plasma and the slow IV drip of proteins and medications, Tonka made the effort to stand.

His temperature is still low, and he needs the blanket to keep him warm.

But he can’t stand for long, and needs to rest.  Please continue to pray for him. Donations are greatly appreciated.

tonka_051809.jpg (70218 bytes)

tonka9_051809.jpg (55105 bytes)

tonka10_051809.jpg (59093 bytes)

tonka11_051809.jpg (63406 bytes)

tonka12_051809.jpg (70563 bytes)

(early PM)

I just spoke to Theresa again.  I have to ask that you, please bear with me because Theresa didn’t have time to elaborate -- but here is what I know:

Tonka’s white cell count is BELOW 1,000.  He is getting plasma right now.  They couldn’t scope him because there was too much hay.  Right now, everything we are looking at indicates starvation, not another health issue.  The bill for today will be between $2,000 and $2,500, approximately.  Tomorrow (God willing) will be another $800-$1,000.  By day 3 or 4, we will know more.

Donations are tax-deductible and can be called directly in to the hospital (352-237-6151, ask for Linda in accounting); made through PayPal (Theresa@beautysequinerescue.org); or mailed by check to:   BHFER, PO Box 53, Morriston, FL 32668.  

We cannot help horses like Tonka alone.  Please consider helping Tonka today, and other horses like him in the future -– their lives depend on it!

tonka_layla2_05189.jpg (45530 bytes)

layla_051809.jpg (38124 bytes)

We are almost ready to leave to take Tonka to the hospital.  The trailer is hooked up; the airbed is in the trailer and, it is secured.  Tonka will be transported momentarily.  Please continue to pray for him.  No horse should ever have to endure this, especially a baby. Tonka knows he is loved by all of you.  Thank you for your continued support.

tonka1_051809.jpg (49625 bytes)    tonka2_051809.jpg (75392 bytes)    tonka3_051809.jpg (41735 bytes)   tonka4_051809.jpg (76522 bytes)

(early AM)

Early this morning, Tonka's temperature decreased, and he started going downhill.  Theresa has been with him, and Dr. Ryan has been out to treat him.  He is receiving more IV fluids and medications.  Blodwyn and Jenny are there feeding.  SueAnn is there assisting Theresa.  They have Tonka propped up a bit and are trying to keep him warm. We really need lots and lots of prayers.

Dr. Ryan had to leave but will be back in an hour.  We have the trailer hooked up and are ready to take Tonka to the hospital for round-the-clock treatment.  It does not look good. The investigating officer has been called and is expected at the farm within the hour. Here is Tonka's candle thread -- please light candles and say prayers.



Here are a few pictures from today.  Please keep them in your prayers. 

Tonka gets milk replacer via syringe throughout the days and nights -- he won't drink it from a bottle or bucket, and he has not demonstrated a suckling reflex even though he appears to try to nurse from his mom.  He also gets electrolytes and ProBios.

Getting them out of their stall to get some exercise after the sun starts to go down is good for them, and they enjoy it.

Sharing some sloppy soaked alfalfa cubes.

Tonka isn't well but we're sure he feels somewhat better.  Getting the milk replacer in him is helping a great deal.  But you can still see a look of pain, anxiety, and depression in his face.  It is truly heartbreaking.  

Spoiled?  No, not our babies!  Tonka loves to be scratched between his front legs.  He comes over and parks himself.  He has us humans trained.

Tired and weak, but standing.

Sienna is doing well.  She had her feet trimmed today and was a good girl.

We are all just exhausted tonight.  Tomorrow we will share some background information and hopefully address some of the questions we have been getting.

tonka_layla2_051709.jpg (40105 bytes)

tonka_layla3_051709.jpg (44574 bytes)

tonka_layla4_051709.jpg (42165 bytes)

tonka_layla5_051709.jpg (53562 bytes)

tonka2_051709.jpg (39701 bytes)

tonka3_051709.jpg (22421 bytes)

sienna_051709.jpg (36644 bytes)


Early this morning, around sunup, I let Tonka and Layla out of their stall to graze and get some exercise.  They seemed to enjoy that.  After the sun came out and the temps went up, they went into their stall.  It's a really hot day, very hot.  We have four fans going in the birthing stall, but it seems they provide little relief.  Both are still a bit lethargic, and they both are weak.

The rain rot on Tonka is just all over him.  When I brush him, clumps of hair will come out such as this.  We were going to shave him but will wait.  I don't want to stress his body any more then it has been but would rather give him a few days to get stronger.

Layla isn't finishing her meals, which are pretty small; and she started chewing on the stall wood walls today.  She's eating very little hay, so she's also on the Gastroguard now.  Tonka picks up a little leaf of hay now and then, and it takes forever for him to chew it.  He is drinking very little.  We are giving him milk and electrolytes via syringe many times throughout the day.  Tonka lies down a lot, and his mom just stands near him. 

I still keep asking myself:  how?  How can this happen?  How can people let this happen?  I would starve before I'd let my horses go without.  This is just unthinkable.  Please keep the horses in your prayers.  Thanks everyone, we appreciate you all very much.


tonka_layla_051709.jpg (30417 bytes)

tonka_051709.jpg (21098 bytes)

05/17/09 Just a short update to let you know:  so far, so good with Tonka.  He is drinking a little water and is out grazing right now around the barn.  We will send out another update later this afternoon.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.  Here is Tonka's candle page if you would like to light a candle for him:  


(early PM)
This is another short update with some photos from this morning. Tonka is in the barn, and he is up. He is being bottle-fed and making the effort to munch on some hay.  He is grinding his teeth, and Dr. Ryan believes he has ulcers.  I dread it when Theresa calls me, but after I said "Hello?" and she said "Hi," with that one word I could hear the relief in her voice -- and I knew Tonka was better.  

Although Tonka has improved somewhat now, we know better than to assume he is OK.  He has a long road to recover but, God willing, he will be running around with Amadeus soon.  Thank you all for your prayers and support.  

If anyone would like to sign up to be an angel to Tonka, Layla, or the chestnut filly (soon to be named), please let me know.  We cannot do this alone, and the rehab for these lucky horses is going to be costly.  Any and all donations are immensely appreciated. 

God Bless You all!

Dr. Ryan arrived and immediately inserted a catheter to start an IV.

Tonka's vitals were assessed. Everyone is very concerned about him.

He finally made the effort to raise his head, but how sad this baby looks.

Tonka was on his left side for a couple of hours, so Dr. Ryan and Tyler rolled him over.

As Tonka lay there, Layla came over to check on him -- and perhaps thank Dr. Ryan for helping her son.

Theresa gave him a bottle, which he took willingly.

Dr. Ryan also treated Layla's ears.  You can see the pus came from her ear and is running down the side of her face.

tonka_doctor_051609.jpg (54408 bytes)

rescues_051609.JPG (92739 bytes)

tonka4_051609.jpg (58487 bytes)

tonka5_051609.jpg (47342 bytes)

tonka6_051609.jpg (54207 bytes)

tonka7_051609.jpg (40060 bytes)

layla_ears_051609.jpg (22406 bytes)

(later AM)
Dr. Ryan said Tonka wouldn't have made it until noon.  He is still down, but they have already started IV fluids, meds, and other treatments.  They are making a sling to get him into the barn to further treat him.  I will keep you updated as I learn more.  Please continue to pray for him.  I apologize for not responding to emails yet, but please bear with us.

(early AM)

I just got off the phone with Theresa.  Tonka is down and has been down for a while.  It's worse than when he was down yesterday.  His eyes are glassed over, and he appears comatose.  Dr. Ryan just arrived to treat Tonka. 

This is far from over with all three horses. Please send lots of prayers for Tonka. 

I have also started a candle thread for him.  Please take a few moments to light a candle for each horse.  Prayer is a powerful thing.  It helped get them to our rescue; now let's use it to help continue their lives


05/15/09 We would like to say thank you to all of you for your support  As you view these pictures, please keep in mind that, if it were not for your support, we would not have been able to save these horses today.  Please consider signing on to help support them through their rehabilitation.  We are asking for only $10.00 a month.  Although this amount may seem small, with a collaboration of donors the amount will add up and help with their recovery.

We are very thankful to introduce our latest arrivals.  Please meet Layla and her son Tonka.  Layla's registered name is Dingolay.  She is a 6-year-old TB mare sired by Archer's Bay, out of Little Bay. Tonka had no name yet, and we decided to name him Terry Tonka because our transporter came out on a moment's notice, not once, but twice, to help with this rescue.  Tonka is sired by Payne's Bay, which makes Tonka's grandpa on his daddy's side Mr. Prospector. We don't know his foaling date, but we are looking into it.

It pains all of us to see any horse with this look in their eyes.  Layla's demeanor has been one of sadness like she was ready to give up.

They are extremely thin, and the first thing they did when they got off the trailer was start eating the grass.  They had been eating bark on the trees because there was nothing else to eat.

The chestnut mare is a 3-year-old TB filly sired by Skip to the Stone.  She is out of Explosive Secret.  Her grandpa on her mothers side is Secretariat.  She began training as a 2-year-old and sustained an injury, and so was either sold or given away we are not sure which.  She was never given a name.  The lady at the place was calling her Red, but that's not a good name for a lady!

You can see that Tonka's midline sticks out like his mom's.  It is sickening that people can do this to an animal.

Tonka is full of rain rot.  He has places where the skin is just raw mostly on his hips and shoulders. He was pretty lethargic but after getting some fluids and electrolytes he perked up a little. 

Jenny cleaned up Layla's ear injuries; they were full of flies and gnats.  There are two places in one ear and one place in the other ear that are painful to Layla and look almost ready to pop.  One place is oozing pus.  Dr. Ryan will examine them tomorrow and a course of treatment will be determined. In the meantime, they are clean and fly-free.  This evening, after Dr. Jeremy left, we just wanted to give them time to relax and settle in.  They've been through some pretty rough times.

Terry, an awesome transporter, came to help on a moment's notice not once, but twice today.  We trust Terry implicitly and are thankful for his help.  We also entrusted Terry with Sammi and Joy to take them safely to their new home.

Theresa's welcome kiss -- they all get one along with a promise of never knowing hunger or pain again.  She also tells them how many people care about them and are praying for them and helping them.

Bernice and John gave the chestnut filly a bath, and they said she really enjoyed it.  As stated before, she us unnamed.  She was born in February 2006.

What a sad look for a baby to have.  It is heartbreaking, but we are confident that his expression will change as he now has hope.  He sways when he walks; he's still weak and moves in very slow motion.  His mom is making some milk, not much, but as she improves she will make more.  He does eat milk replacer pellets and hay. 

At one point today, before the horses came to the rescue, when the baby was down, we were afraid we were too late.  Layla and the other filly were busy eating the bark off of a tree while Theresa took the baby's vitals.  It reminded her of little Tiny Tim and brought back painful memories.  Tears flowed but that was the breaking point and wheels went into motion that had been dragging.  Being Friday, and we knew getting authorities to do anything over the weekend would be next to impossible and we knew the baby wouldn't likely last that long.  It was a delicate situation but we said our prayers and they were answered. 

After getting the mom and baby settled in at the rescue, Dr. Jeremy called to check on them and to let us know that Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow late morning.  We will update once he leaves to let you know how the new arrivals are doing.  It is a huge relief to have these horses at the rescue where they are safe and will be properly cared for and loved very much.

Theresa is exhausted and will be off-line for a few days but truly appreciates all of you working together to help horses such as these.  This renews our spirits and reminds us that we are not alone and have much to be thankful for.

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